Parenteau recalled, Byers demoted


From the NYR:

New York, November 13, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward P.A. Parenteau has been recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL), and forward Dane Byers has been assigned to Hartford.
Parenteau, 26, has skated in two games with the Rangers this season and tallied his first career NHL goal on October 28 against the Islanders.  He is currently tied for the AHL lead in goals (10) and ranks second in the league in points (20).  In addition, Parenteau ranks second in the league with six power play goals and is tied for third with six power play assists.  He has registered at least one point in each of his four games since returning to Hartford on October 31, tallying two goals and six points over the span, and is in the midst of a seven-game AHL point streak dating back to October 23 (six goals and 13 points).  Parenteau has registered seven multi-point efforts this season, including his first hat trick as a Wolf Pack player on October 10 against Springfield. Last season, he finished ninth in the AHL in points with 29 goals and 78 points, and was named a First-Team AHL All-Star.
The Hull, Quebec native was acquired by the Rangers from the Chicago Blackhawks on October 11, 2007, in exchange for a conditional draft pick.  He was originally Anaheim’s ninth round selection, 264th overall, in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft.
Byers, 23, skated in five games with the Rangers and recorded his first career NHL point with a goal on October 30 at Minnesota.  He returns to Hartford where he has registered two goals and five points, along with 26 penalty minutes in nine games this season.  He ranked second on the team in penalty minutes, was tied for fourth in goals and eighth in points at the time of his recall on October 30.  Prior to his recall, Byers was riding a three-game point streak, recording two goals and four points over the span.  Last season, Byers tied for the team lead in playoff goals (three) and finished second on Hartford in playoff points (four).
The Nipawin, Saskatchewan native was originally the Rangers second round selection, 48th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.
The Blueshirts return to action tomorrow, November 14, when they will face off against the Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place (2:00 p.m.), in a matinee matchup. Last season, the Rangers penalty kill registered a 93.8% (15-16) success rate in four games vs. the Senators.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.


My Thrashers-Rangers game in review is in the thread below.

And here’s my column from The Journal News and today.

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  1. An interesting comment on the 2010 draft class from Allan Muir at (its being compared to another 2003):

    So, how do they stack up in the early going? It’s still tough to say. With so much talent to choose from, there’s an added emphasis on not blowing a pick. “No one wants to be the guy who is remembered for taking Hugh Jessiman,” said one Western Conference scout, referencing the Rangers draft pick infamous for being the only flop from that 2003 first round.

  2. Huh, I would think that Brian Boyle is also considered a flop.

    Nathan Horton while talented isn’t close to what some of the other players have been. How about Robert Nilsson with his career of 26 goals? Marc-Andre Pouliot, I had to look him up just to remember he was taken as a 1st rounder. Tambellini goes in and out of the Islanders line up. Shawn Belle (11 career GP) has been used a lot as trade bait and nothing more.

    There were some great hits in that draft, but like every draft there were a fair share of misses too. And Sather isn’t the only one.

  3. Matteauonov ,

    While you LYAO…i will sit and admire Zach Parise for years to come!!!
    How good is Parise..honestly???
    He is an organization changer..too bad the rangers couldnt change the fate of their pathetic organization.

  4. I have to go back to this….CARP: Are you really suggesting if Gabby gets checked then the entire Rangers team should Jump the player who hit Gabby or Brash go out their and injure the other teams top player?? Are you serious? IS this what the organization is about? And you guys call yourselves and the organization Classy???

    I know you used the word “run” but it was a good hockey hit!

    1994 Forever
    Pathetic organization forever and ever and ever!

  5. Izzy- is your age catching up?

    Byers has been uneffective since that suspension.

    I said it last night, MDZ dove, it was very close to me. Like dancing bachata. Someone needs to talk to him about that. He’s 19, and here for long time. The team doesn’t need that. Not to mention, it would’ve been 5 on 3.

    Did someone count how many times the defense left their man open. Is Mike Sullivan on vacation?

  6. Did someone count how many times the defense left their man open. Is Mike Sullivan on vacation?

    Nah, he’s always there to answer Giannone’s interview questions at the end of the period.

  7. Morning all

    I still think this team is spineless! I still think rozy’s contract is the worst by far (volchenkov from ott. is a FA at the end of the year, in case I never mentioned that before)! We still need help down the middle. Our D is as soft as the stay puff marshmallow dude! Now I have to worry about PAP getting smeared again!


    That is what you get for riding the trains so late! Thought I told you to be home by 10pm young man?!?!

    Yes, someone should have jumped in for cally (familiar theme), but torts has just nutted this team (sorry ladies)!

  8. Speaking of ruutu, I think Tuomo from carolina would be a good fit on this team…they suck right now, cmon slats do something, get the man!!!

  9. I’m not defending Sather by any means but he certainly has some company with bad GMs and bad drafts. Look at Phoenix. They might have something going for them this year, but given their financial restrictions they have to put a premium on drafting and they’ve done miserably. Daniel Briere was their last bona fide good NHL player they got in the 1st round and that was 10 years ago.

    The Leafs have gone about the same time without drafting a player worthy of a 1st round pick, except for Brad Boyes who they traded for an over the hill Owen Nolan and didn’t fully develop his game until he was with the Blues.

    Similar story with the Kings, they seem to be coming together now but they were laughable for so many years. Eventually if you get enough of those high end picks, some are going to work out.

    The problem is that in a market like NY there is going to be constant pressure to spend big to win big. And Sather has gotten too caught up in that.

  10. Seemed to me the Rangers finally found there game in the third period.
    I am convinced this team is still learning Torts system. There are times that the players who played under Renney still revert to his system.
    They are also young, very young…and I am fine with watching young players grow and mature and make young mistakes.
    The one thing that really bothers me is this whole mess of not sticking up for teammates…That just pisses me off…
    I don’t care what anyone says…Brashear is pathetic, and anyone who says this moron brings more to the table than a Colton Orr please pass me the pipe…This goon, supposedly skates better than Orr, but I have yet to see him do anything that Orr couldn’t do. He is fragile, yes fragile, he had a fight last night soooo…he should be “sore” for the next few games.
    What an absolute waste. If we had just kept Orr we’d have definitely have more room under the cap. Brashear fights like an old goon. He looks slow and last night he proved he serves no, none, nada purpose on this team.

  11. Good morning to you all.

    No one can blame either the Kane goal or Kovy goal on LQ. We all know kovy has a laser-beam of a wrist shot. I don’t think any goalie would have stopped that. The Kane goal is just as much the forwards fault as it was the D. NO ONE picked him

    Still not a time to worry. Only 20 games in. What I do worry about is Avery. He is completely ineffective not playing his game & Torts needs to let him go & be Avery. He’s really holding him
    back & so what… He’s still getting bs calls against him… What would be the difference if e let him off of the leash?!?!

  12. Olga Folkyerself on

    CTB- You condemn Sather just by who you compare him to Phoenix, Leafs, Kings (All 3 combined for No Cups going back to 1967). If he were any good, you’d be comparing him to Detroit, Pittsburg, Anaheim. All recent Cup winners, I’m led to believe.

    Sather stinks as a GM. And his draft picks as well. Kick him to the curb.

  13. You have to blame the coach when it comes to sticking up for team mates.It helps if the players have a little nastiness in them but if a coach tells them if they don’t stick up for there team mate you won’t be playing here. It’s has to be a system wide culture and the only culture the Rangers seem to have is they sign all wussies.When a player goes to those a****** flyers they know they better back there team mates or they won’t be there. Just about every other team does this, even the bottom feeding asslanders so this team and org should be asamed of itself.

  14. Staal

    you are absolutely right with your last post. I think that’s the reason why Torts hasn’t gone postal. He knew they were young & will make mistakes. With the exception of few players, the remaining players are in their 2 & 3rd years. What I don’t understand is why don’t they play with urgency 90% of the time, leave it all out on the ice type of play.

    Brashear is a complete waste. I wish we had Orr back :(

  15. The reason Cally has an A; if one of HIS teammates was hit from behind, he would have been in there to challenge that player. Two Rangers skated by and did nothing, not even push Bogosian lightly.

    If Boulton hits Gaborik (the only hope we have to score) we need to protect him. For god sakes he collided with Prucha and got hurt.

    That is unacceptable not to send someone out to take care of that. Why not an eye for an eye???? Why not send Brash out to get in Kovalchuk’s face? Why not Byers? Why not Avery who has a history at pissing off Kovalchuk. Why are these guys on such short leases.

    Same thing when Lundqvist gets run, no retribution. Our puny defenseman just sit back and let people take runs. Someone has to pay a price for these actions. Let’s be honest, if we are going anywhere this year it will be riding Gaborik and Lundqvist. If they are injured we will be in the bottom 5 of the league hoping for a lottery pick at year’s end.

  16. Olga,

    In the past 20 years, after the end of the Islanders and Oilers dynasties there’s been a handful of teams that have consistently gotten to the conference finals/Cup finals and become Cup winners. And only one has done it in the pre-salary cap era as well as the the current salary cap era, Detroit.

    The Devils and Avalanche would rank as the next tier since they won multiple times but haven’t won in the salary cap era. The Penguins are right behind them and should remain there for the foreseeable future.

    After that you have some one off winners like Dallas, Carolina, Anaheim, Tampa.

    Essentially 4 or 5 teams have remained consistent winners and the rest have had brief periods of being competitive.

    I was using LA/PHX/TOR as examples of teams that have not drafted well when given multiple chances to pick cornerstone players. Again, I’m not defending Sather but he is part of a larger pool of executives that haven’t found the Cup winning formula either.

  17. the game may have sucked but i had a really good night afterwards. lol.

    thats the first game ive been to since 1989 that they lost. very upset about that. very long streak. almost as good as not throwing up for 7 years.

  18. Guys I also have to add this…and don’t take this the wrong way.
    I do not like, at all, how Torts rides certain players and gives them so much ice time. Its November, and I felt like the only line I saw last night especially in the 3rd was Gaborik and Prospal. Torts is going to burn these guys out. Coming from the health field, there is no way these guys are going to be able to play at the same level over a condensed 82 game schedule and olympics…it ain’t happening. I don’t care how “fit” they are… At some point there will be no gas in the tank.

  19. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather has had 10 years in NY to find a winning formula. Teams like Carolina, Anaheim, Tampa, and Pittsburg, were league doormats during those 10 years, yet even just once they managed to put it all together.

    In 10 years, Sather teams have managed to win a grand total of two playoff rounds. 10 YEARS! Sather not only can’t find a winning formula, he can’t find his own azz with both hands.

  20. Olga Folkyerself on

    CTB, I’m not arguing with you, we are both kinda saying the same thing. Sather is not getting it done. The difference is you are polishing the turd, and I’m trying to push it down a plugged toilet with the plunger.


    CTB, “I’m not arguing with you, we are both kinda saying the same thing. Sather is not getting it done. The difference is you are polishing the turd, and I’m trying to push it down a plugged toilet with the plunger.”

    I LOVE IT!

  22. Hi ya’ll
    That was a fun game to watch despite the loss. Duby and Drury would have helped. They lost a lot of faceoffs. I thought the refs did a lousey job. The Rangers are starting to get the so called Torts system. If anyone wants to see the system executed well just watch Buffalo. They play the quick transaction system, from defence to offence very well. Their D men pinch and move the puck quickly. They also are prone to two on ones ect, but they recover well. I guess Lindy must have stolen the safe is death system from Torts. If he did he must teach it better, because they got it. The Rangers will get it as soon as they stop going brain dead in the neutral zone, and they get healthy again. I still say they are a good team with lots of potential.

  23. Staal Wart,100%,guys are gonna start dropping like flys as the year goes on 26 27 mins for Prospal and Gabby?,are we trying to get them banged up and on IR?

  24. Greg_Section_403 on

    Staal Wart is right.

    Torts was riding the 1st line last night in the 3rd period. No way he should be doing that in November. Maybe you do that in late march when you are fighting for the 8th playoff spot (which it looks like we’ll be doing again this year, if we are lucky). It’s a long season!

    And, where the hell has Avery been? Invisible, along with the rest of the team, except for MDZ, Gabby and Vinny.

  25. I’m not trying polish up the mistakes the organization has made. If it wasn’t for the fact that hockey is the 4th most important sport in the tri-state area and there are other embarrassingly run teams (Islanders, Mets, Knicks), the Rangers would be getting taken out to the woodshed more than the Larry Brooks-es of the world already do.

    What am I trying to demonstrate however is that in the current era, the league has been an oligopoly when it comes to winners with a few outsiders winning the Cup.

    I would love for nothing more, and if you recall I wrote a guest blog about the issue, for the Rangers to have a sustainable successful team. But until the franchise changes its mind about roster construction, or is at leaset willing to eat a lot of the bad deals it has on the books, it will take a league wide epidemic of swine flu proportions, to which only the Rangers are immune, to see them lifting the Cup any time soon.

  26. rob E

    i actually thought i had never been to a game where they lost. my dad had to remind me about that game. eddie giacomin night. rangers/jets. think they lost 3-1.

  27. CT and UES,


  28. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    All I can say is THANK GOD all of us here are not fans of that piece of crap organization called the NJ Devils.


  29. The Real,

    Even more pathetic then the Rangers Organization is you calling the Devils Pathetic..success is pathetic in your book? 3 Stanley cups is pathetic in your book? Constant contenders is pathetic in your book? Having a brand new arena of our own (with our logo on the seats) is pathetic in your book.

    Your envy is PATHETIC.

    How is Jersey Treating you friend?

  30. And now you know Morg, and knowing is half the battle.

    Cally not on the ice at practice per Gross Twitter.

  31. Its ok Mikeyboy! I would be envious too. your team is always in shambles..has the worst GM in hockey…has terrible drafting skills..signs free agents to horribly long expensive contracts..plays in a dump they call MSG…
    have you seen the Devils Record? I believe they are on a 7 game winning streak..are 9-0 on the road and are tops in the East..WITH GAMES IN HAND.
    the Rangers? we all can give a giant LOL with that one.


    1994 FOERVER!!!!


    i could always count on Mikeyfrom NEWJERSEY to get me going!!!!!


  32. I think the fans should start chanting “We Want Avery” while he’s on the ice…maybe that would get it into Torts’ head that we need the old Sean back. After that cross-checking call, he definitely pulled back because he started off the game with an edge.

  33. come trade deadline time which over the hill player will Sather and Co gonna give up our picks and prospects for?
    it will likely be a center,over 32…hmmm Brind amour for Sangs and a 3rd rounder in2012?perfect.

  34. Cally probably got hurt on that hit he took..he had to defend himself…
    this team truly has no heart.

  35. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    What’s that Local?

    Cant hear you over the LETS GO RANGERS chant!

    Go bang your wife’s sister in your half empty arena and get your shinebox

    AND PS, Im not the pathetic one on a devil blog trying to piss off there fans and defecating useless facts about YOUR Horrible nad pathetic organization.

    seriously your one of the most pathetic people (in real life or blog world) I’ve ever come across

    And I aitn your friend Sonny boy


  36. Please let’s not mention the team on the opposite side of the Hudson. You’re asking for “it” to show up & run “it’s” mouth.





  38. Let’s not waste time dreaming up excuses for Sather. His idea of planning is trying to remember who had a good game against the Rangers in the previous season and then signing them. Sometimes it works out — Gaborik, Jagr. But most of the time it doesn’t. And that’s not how to build a team in the first place.
    Not to mention that he has been the GM here for eons — how many other GMs were fired for less, and after they went much farther in the playoffs?
    He is feeble and elderly and has been a laughingstock for years in the NHL. Does that mean there are no other jokes in the NHL? Of course not. If no one has the guts to fire him, why can’t he just retire?

  39. mikey baby!
    go bang my wife’s sister in my half empty arena?
    we average 88% capacity FRIEND!
    and if you are referring to marty with banging my wife’s sister..FIRST get the facts straight because that is not what happened..secondly who an athlete had sex….this is HUGE NEWS….
    let me go ahead and post all of Marty’s all time records for you Mikeybaby!

  40. the real –

    Maybe someones never been to the pebble bc the logo is on some of the seats. I only know this because on tv you can see it from all of the empty seats in the arena. Some of them have it, some of them don’t :)

    Sorry, I just had to lol

  41. Martin Brodeur – NHL All Time Records Held

    Minutes Played in a Single Season – 4,697 – 2006-07
    Most Wins in a Single Season- 48 – 2006-07
    Most Consecutive 30 Win Seasons – 12 – 1995-96 through 2007-08
    Most consecutive 35-win seasons (11)
    Most 40 Win Seasons – 7 – 1997-98, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2002-03, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08
    Most Consecutive 40 Win Seasons – 3 – 2005-06 through 2007-08
    Most All-Time OT Wins – 52
    Most All-Time Shootout Wins – 26
    Most Shootout Shots Against in a Single Seasons – 60 – 2006-07
    Most All-Time Shootout Shots Against – 141
    Most Consecutive Post-Season Starts – 158
    Best Post-Season Goals-Against Average All-Time – 1.96
    Most Shutouts in a Post-Season Series – 3 (tie), 2003 Stanley Cup Finals vs. Anaheim
    Most shutouts in a Post Season (7, in 2002-03)
    Most Combined Shutouts (Regular & Post-Season) – 96, 22
    Only NHL goaltender to score a game-winning goal
    One of only two NHL goalies to score a goal in both the regular season and the playoffs
    First goaltender in history to have 3 shutouts in 2 different playoff series. (1995 against Boston Bruins, 2003 against Anaheim Ducks )

    Most consecutive opening night starts with one team (15)

    Most Wins All Time – 568

    Possibly Set soon
    Most Regular Season Shutouts – 102, current; T. Sawchuk, 103
    Most Games Played All Time by a Goaltender -1,014, current; P. Roy, 1,029
    Most 30 Win Seasons – 12, current; P. Roy, 12
    Most Minutes All Time – 59,931 current; P. Roy, 60,225
    Most Post-Season Shutouts – 23, current ; P. Roy, 23

    First Game/First Win – March 26, 1992, Bos. 2 @ NJ 4 (24 saves)
    100th Win – January 14, 1997, Bos. 2 @ NJ 4 (21 saves)
    200th Win – April 14, 1999, NJ 2 @ Buf. 1 (29 saves)
    300th Win – December 15, 2001, NJ 2 @ Ott. 0 (39 saves)
    400th Win – March 23, 2004, NJ 4 @ Fla. 3 (OT) (21 saves)
    500th Win – November 17, 2007, NJ 6 @ Phi. 2 (26 saves)
    First Shutout – October 20, 1993, Ana. 0 @ NJ 4 (18 saves)
    Most Shots Against – 47, April 10, 1994, NJ 2 @ Fla. 2
    Most Saves – 45, April 10, 1994, NJ 2 @ Fla. 2
    First Goal – April 17, 1997, Montreal 2 @ NJ 5
    First Assist – January 31, 1995, Buf. 1 @ NJ 2

    also please find his awards:

    1990: QMJHL Rookie All-Star Team
    1992: QMJHL Second All-Star Team
    1994: Calder Trophy as Rookie of the Year
    1994: NHL Rookie All-Star Team
    2003, 2004 and 2007: Three times NHL All-Star Team
    1997, 1998, 2006 and 2008: Four times NHL Second All-Star Team
    1995, 2000 and 2003: Three times Stanley Cup winner
    2002: Won the Olympic Games Gold Medal
    1996: Won the Silver Medal at the World Cup; 2004: Won the Gold Medal.
    1996: Won the Silver Medal at the World Hockey Championship: 2005: Won the Silver Medal World Hockey Championship
    1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008: Ten times participated in the NHL All-Star Game
    1997, 1998,2003 and 2004: Awarded the Williams M. Jennings Trophy as the goalkeeper with the least number of goals scored against during the regular season
    2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008: Has won the Vezina Trophy as the best goalkeeper in the NHL

    i would like to highlight:

    2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008: Has won the Vezina Trophy as the best goalkeeper in the NHL

  42. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    HAha Mako your right, my apologies

    What Local, still cant hear you? get your shinebox and speak into it more clearly.

    Go post your crap teams stats til your blue in the face sonny boy, we wil all care even less.

    I’d love to try and get a blog meet and booze at Warren 77 with Local invited of course, he would never show casue he’s too pathetic, but we could all cheers the pic avery has hanging in there of him waiving the stick in Fatso’s face.

    Tony from AZ you’d HAVE to come East for that one

  43. just cant see this team making the playoffs this year and it really has nothing to do with last night’s loss.. the things that we’ve been clamoring over for years now still haven’t been fixed.

    we still don’t have a physical dman that can clear the crease and bang some bodies.
    we still don’t have a number 1 center.
    we still don’t have enough secondary scoring… do we even have scoring beyond gabby?

    lousy. just lousy. the only hole that’s been filled is the pp qb role. thank god for mdz.

    blow it up.

  44. wheres Sundin? someone wheel his old ass out of retirment Sather got a bag of money he wants to throw away.cap whats that sonny,speak up i dont hear so well.

  45. Mikey,

    For somebody who could care less you seem pretty into my comements.

    From now on lets Call mikey what he really is


    The Real JERSEY BOY!!!!

    as in NEW JERSEY BOY!!!

  46. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    In Hank: I actually dont mind him here anymore

    Seriously, such a HUGE devil fan wasting there time on a RANGER blog trying to convince us our team is worse than his?

    it’s just funny. Pathetic, and sad, but still very very funny.

    CARP; again, jsut want to throw out a huge show of thanks for keeping this blog the best RANGERS blog on the web.


    Oh and NAsty1, you still going to the Ranger/Caps game next week, I might be going. Finding out on Monday if I get the tix.

  47. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Im just bored, practice updates arent in yet from todays skate, and no game til tomorrow afternoon

    And Local, your such a easy target, its like sleeping with your wife’s sister

  48. people come to the blog for to read about the rangers and to see what other people have to say about the rangers, how they’re playing, who should be traded, who sucks, who’s worth a bag of pucks, etc…people don’t come to this blog and want to read 45 posts from a lowlife idiot talking about brodeur’s 1990 qmjhl rookie of the year award. this is getting out of hand

  49. Carp has told you all a million types to ignore him, but some of you still won’t…(mikey, down boy)…you engage, then get mad….can’t have the cake and eat it.

  50. HNIC on saturday will be a goody,Leafs Flames could be an ER special.look for Orr to smack McGrats around.

  51. We can all Blame Jersey boy for another thread down the drain.


  52. laurel i agree with you but it’s hard to ignore him when half of the posts are by him…

  53. The East looks pretty weak this year. No clear runaway teams. Washington has goalie issues, Pittsburgh and Boston are a mess with injuries. The Devils can ride Brodeur to all the 2-1 wins they want in the regular season, but at some point they’ll need to give him rest since he doesn’t seem to have any gas left for the playoffs.

    Flyers have their usual consistency issues. The Sabres could be darkhorse, but they’ll only go as far as Ryan Miller takes them and who knows how he holds up if he’s the USA goalie. Rangers should be able to get in as a lower seed again. Maybe catch a wobbly top seed and then get bounced by whatever team is fighting for the East title.

  54. Yeah, I will definitely be there. section 413. I am taking my wife and 4 year old daughter. She is a big ranger fan :)

  55. Seriously Carp this makes it hard to read actual comments from people lol.

    When are the Rangers going to put Dubi on IR? He’s sittin on my bench and I can’t pick someone else up!

  56. Sorry obviously late to the party here.. but missed last nights game and just watched the brashear and cally fights.. brashear absolutely worked boulton… pathetic the rangers just stood there after cally got hit

  57. Lines from today’s practice from Andrew Gross’ twitter:

    Lisin-Prospal-Gaborik, Parenteau-Higgins-Kotalik, Brashear-Boyle-Voros, Avery-Anisimov

    yes, Higgins is centering Parenteau and Kotalik.
    Callahn is the only player not on the ice.

  58. Jay,

    you don’t really post much here. We all are in understanding to IGNORE “it” some of us do, but some of us give into temptation. I suggest you not give Laurel a hard time as she and the blogfather always remind us to IGNORE. :)

    have a nice Friday the 13th

  59. But Laurel, I think you have to look at it that asking everyone to ignore him is not going to happen. You can put that up with every new post and someone will still take the bait. Rather than asking a few dozen people to constantly be on their best behavior, it seems that it’s easier to remove the root of the problem.

    Carp himself said he’s deliberated banning him because all he does is come here to rile people up and generally act disruptive. He’s admitted that is the reason why he comes here. He used to say he wanted to discuss hockey, but baiting people with making fun of the team, which I think we do a good enough job of anyway, is not talking hockey.

    I imagine it makes your jobs harder if you have to police a blog that you’re doing out of charity rather than it being fully part of your job description.

    We were told not to discuss fantasy teams because they were not in the “spirit” of the blog, I’d take a slew of fantasy team discussion versus the name calling and sandbox banter to which these threads inevitably digress.

  60. Do what I do!!! When scrolling down to read your fellow ranger fans post and you come to a name “A Local fan”, skip, don’t read his garbage and this way “it” won’t bother you and eventually he will get bored with himself and go on to other low life things.

  61. MAKO – I know.

    And I don’t post often but I read every POST by Carp and all of the comments without fail.

    The last few weeks with the heavy TROLL posting have really diminished the comments and conversation. There is no doubt of that.

    I don’t think it is fair for me to be critized – at all. So, I’m done. That is the last I will speak of it.

  62. CT

    Thank you for that post. Maybe we can all vote on it :)

    And yes we have to keep “fantasy talk” to a minimum but this JO has full run of the blog to say whatever it wants.

  63. Cally didnt mention being hurt,Stan Fischler didnt ask,instead he asked where he lived(upper west).Cally said dive on DZ was a bad call,and was a back breaker.

  64. Jay

    I really wasn’t trying to critize but the blogfather & mother do their best. I agree it is getting out of control. Here & there was ok, especially after NJ beats the Rangers. That’s fine by me. But this constant trolling is getting out of hand. I’d really like to see where they are going to be when fatty hangs up his girdle…

  65. Carp,

    This team is in trouble! You were right about Avery. He is a shadow out there. Not creating havoc and letting the other players feed off his emotion.

    Roszival is just lost. Can’t believe were stuck with him!

    Tortorella is going to burn out his first line. You have to play 4 lines. He should give Parenteau and Grachev a shot.

    they can’t play this reckless game anymore. Not saying go back to a trap, but have to be more careful with the puck and get back on defense.

  66. MAKO-
    he’ll go into sumo wrestling and having affairs, and the devils will go down the toilet.

  67. Local Fan, want to go down to my favorite frozen lake to play a game of pick up? Could be a good time. My buddy Jay will be playing goalie, he wears this awesome old school looking mask. One of the old white ones that have all the little holes to breath out of. He is an absolute monster. I might be a little late getting there, but Jay should be there waiting for you. If nobody is there yet, just introduce yourself to Jay and he will take care of you.

    If you need directions just go to Mapquest, and map it from your house to Camp Crystal Lake. It shouldn’t be too long of a drive for you.

  68. Mako,

    I seem to remember Scott Clemenson Dominating when “fatty” (the best goaltender of all-time) went down for 50 games last year?

    Clemmer and Weeks put up better numbers in every category over that 50 game span then the “QUEEN” you have in goal!

    Ahhh its great to be a Devils Fan!

  69. repost from last night:

    let’s face it guys- this team will NEVER be a real contender for anything when you have 2 players who are dead weight (Drury, Rozsival) and an average D-Man making elite money (Redden) taking up $18.5 million of a $56 million salary cap

    think about it: after you take out the cap space for those 3 clowns, it’s basically like we have a $37.5 million payroll…then take away the $14.5 million for Gaborik and Henrik (who are both worth it) and YOU ONLY HAVE $23 MILLION to put together the rest of a NHL roster

    and we expect that roster to contend for something?

    as long as we have the Drury/Rozsival/Redden contracts killing our cap space, we will be stuck in an endless cycle of mediocrity…a more offensive and entertaining version under Torts, but still mediocre nontheless

  70. Gang,
    since the local idiot is now “out to lunch” ie starring at a pic of Marty in the janitor closet, I’m going to make one last comment. All you need to know about the Debbie fan base is shown in his “participation” here. There is no debbie blog that is as widely read and has as many people commenting as this one…so here the moron has an audience. No Debbie blog even compares, so he comes here to spew his nonsense. And his nonsense is laughable. I mean histerical. Please please please just ignore him…he will go away if no one responds. Over the past few days I just skip over his posts…they don’t include anything worth reading anyway.

  71. The Hockey News said it best in their season preview, the Rangers are in rebuilding stage and refuse to say it or admit it.

  72. since we are talking about Jersey

    if anyone is interested (hint hint) id be willing to play some ice hockey @ Wall Sports Arena (gold coast arena) or Ocean Ice Palace.

    or if you want to play roller id be willing to go to Goodsports or Tab Ramos.

    if anyone from jersey is interested let me know. i have a house down there i visit on weekends so… yeah just putting it out there.

  73. Local

    Agreed, but they tossed back into the minors after the great job he did. Some thanks the kid gets after doing such a great job eh? Oh & btw I was talking about the FUTURE. last I checked he isn’t on the NJ roster anymore lol

  74. Some interesting facts about Nasty:

    – He’s a ten-foot tall beast man, who showers in vodka, and feeds his baby shrimp scampi.
    – We once had a bachelor party for Nasty. He ate the entire cake, before we could tell him there was a stripper in it.
    – Nasty’s family crest is a picture of a barracuda, eating Neil Armstrong.
    – I once saw him scissor kick Angela Lansberry.

    …Oh wait that’s Bill Brasky.

  75. MAKO,

    The point is they didn’t miss a beat without Marty.

    so when you say:

    “I’d really like to see where they are going to be when fatty hangs up his girdle…”

    I laugh at you.

    I’d be more worried when Lou retires.
    Its nice to have a general manager like Lou.

    you guys want your General Manager to Die.

  76. My vote for quote of the week (speaking from a woman’s perspective): From Wicky I think:

    “Now I have to worry about PAP getting smeared again! “

  77. Let it be known I was trying to pay a compliment to a player who used to play for the team across the Hudson. Yet this person can’t see it as such.

    Lol I should have know better than to respond to this idiot, even with my best intentions.

  78. Interesting take on things in that article Jason. But the Leafs and the Rangers as top 5? Barnett didn’t do that great in Phoenix and just because Messier was a great player doesn’t mean he’ll be a great exec.

    I wonder if the Devils absence means they think their FO is too heavily centered around LouLam? I find it hard to believe they would skip over a guy that just got inducted into the HOF.

  79. Waste. Passing up Grach yet again.

    The only good thing aboot Renney was he knew the prospects well, and he knew who to play> The bad thing aboot Renney, he would call them up, and play them for like 3 minutes a night, even if they were playing good.

    This team is garbage though. They need a make over on D. Besides Gilly, and Del Z, everyone else is pathetic.

    Have fun playing your hearts out in the Olympics, and leaving nothing for the team that’s paying your god damn bills.

  80. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Hey Laurel, I’ve always disliked the saying “can’t have the cake and eat it”

    Why not??? If I have it, I am going to eat it. I have a sandwich, why can’t I have it for lunch? Do I have to share it? Do I have to give it away?

    If I have it, I will do with it as I please.

    Thank you……I am here all week.

  81. And yeah, i miss Orr too.

    I was hoping for that retard Boulton to destroy Brash*t last night, but he couldn’t even land a solid punch.

    Funny thing is, Boulton kept trying to pick fights with all of our important players, and he didn’t do a thing. Douche bag. So much for sticking up for your teammates. Orr stuck up for everyone.

  82. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    where was he in support of drury when he got hit (on the ice perhaps)?? Maybe that is why no one stood up for him, because he didn’t for drury!

    John Doe Jersey

    If you are going to post here, fine, it is your right (as long as Carp is ok with it) free country and all, but would you mind refraining from posting everyone’s least favorite adulterer’s lifelong stats every stinking thread! Thanks, appreciate it!

  83. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Nasty 1 – Sounds good

    The tix I may or may not have are in the 300’s so I’ll let you know, I’ll be there with the wife as well. Im finding out on Monday morning if I have them.

    Laurel – Your right. I know. sometimes its just fun to feed the douche and get him going. He bothers everyon eelse waaaay more than me, but I’ll do whats best for hte blog and ingnore him again.

    Oh and DEVILS SUCK!!!!

    So what does everyone think about Higgins playing center?

    3rd line of Avery -AA- Cally – Lets see how she rolls


  84. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    This team needs new blood, starting with a new GM. Slats is too comfortable and his track record here is horrible. This team has too many missing pieces and we cannot retool because of salary cap issues. That issue fall all on his lap and no one else.

    Unfortunately, Dolan will not do anything and I have a feeling that Messier is going to take over, as soon as Slats retires.

    I have mix emotion about Messier, as he was a great leader, but that alone does not qualify a person to be a GM of a team.

  85. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    I’m not shocked at all that torts still plays voros (like him or not, he and boyle are the best “team” guys we have and they are the only two I routinely see scruming it up for teammates) and at this point to me he has earned his spot. Rozy on the other hand….OMFG…..I would rather see valli on D than him!

  86. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    well, lunch is over so back to the test track!!I will try not to “laurel”. Have an anti-rozy d man day to all!

  87. Jersey Boy,

    How could the Devils suck if they are in first place in the Eastern Conference? If the Devils Suck what does that make the rangers… oh yeah



    1994 FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  88. I loved it when the fans booed Brassiere for going right away into his huggy bear act.

    he is garbage. he is a prime example of sather overpaying for nothing, and bringing in guys who want to retire with a NYR golden parachute at the expense of ranger fans

    this team is another bubble team, with garbage like rosival and redden making their d slow and soft

    and cap’n Drury is no bargain.

    that is $20 mill just for the 4 guys I mentioned in this post

    Sather has hamstrung this team with unwanted players given outlandish contracts

  89. Carp

    when enough is enough? it just not fun anymore to have the “it” idiot around… ignore “it” isnt working… I think it is very disrespectful for someone to come in here and talk shit about something we care aboot and we supposed to ignore that… honestly, ill just stop coming here until the idiot is gone. sorry… i think I and all of us have heard all we need to hear aboot his man crush and the wonderful organization in Newark. thnx.

  90. This team will never win with Slats at the helm. Sure, he has made some good moves, but he shouldn’t be commended for them because by the law of averages a few would work out. His track record as far as drafting/trading/FAs would be just as good or bad if he threw darts a board. The roster gets blown up every year and every year it’s the same mediocrity.

    Vinnie is a great addition though. I like that guy more every game. The C should be on his chest

  91. voros brings the wu tang clan


    The only C.R.E.A.M Voros knows is the cream inside a donut.

  92. CCCP,

    Cheer up Friend! We are brothers. We are both Jewish! We just like different Hockey Clubs!

    Enjoy Friend.

  93. “CCCP:


    when enough is enough? it just not fun anymore to have the “it” idiot around… ignore “it” isnt working… I think it is very disrespectful for someone to come in here and talk shit about something we care aboot and we supposed to ignore that… honestly, ill just stop coming here until the idiot is gone. sorry… i think I and all of us have heard all we need to hear aboot his man crush and the wonderful organization in Newark. thnx.”

    100% agree. I used to read the comments section religiously here. Now, all I do is read the main post made by carp or whoever, and I generally don’t even bother going to the comments because its just littered with “it” and all that comes along with “it.” how did sam avoid having “it” infiltrate the blog? i’ll always read the main post made by carp or whoever, but the comments section has turned into a joke now which is sad.

  94. a non-local fan on

    I agree CCCP. it is like the MSG pregame and postgame shows where they have to include Goring and Daneyko and make everybody who is a Ranger fan bite their tongue and sing kumbaya while the intruders use the Ranger facilities to crap on them.

  95. This season could get out of hand in a hurry. I hope Sather is exploring options as we speak. Redden does not have a no movement clause. It might serve us well to send him down to the minors and save the salary cap space, and try to get an expiring contract of a decent to good player on a team that is already out of it.

  96. CR9

    any team that is out of it? There’s 60+ games in the season left. So really there aren’t any teams “technically” out of it, any celler dweller can turn their season around. But, I like the point you’re trying to make. I wish Sather had the cojones to do that.

  97. CCCP,

    Just so you know, my presence here on a daily basis can be put on you. You my friend are the original agitator when I was here in the begining, being repectful I may add. And you go on and on about Marty being fat and the devils not having as may fans as the rangers (i know this is all any of you can say).

    So we all can thank you! Thanks CCCP…

    everybody say a big warm thank you to CCCP!

  98. MAKO

    I agree that no team is out of it this early. But Carolina, has 7 points through 17 games. That is pretty bad.

  99. CCCP and Jeff M.
    I totally agree with both of you, the comments section has turned into a joke.

  100. A local fan

    The Devils have more Stanley Cups than fans. For that matter, so do the Rangers in the last 16 years.

  101. ***respectful

    Thanks CCCP for showing me the light!
    where is my JERSEY BOY mikey?
    Does mikey need me to show him “fatty’s” all time records again??

  102. Dont let one guy disallow you from venting or cheering your team among other fans.

    There is probably nothing Carp can do about it. The guy probably has many IP addresses or proxies.

  103. TR

    Yep. It’s funny how Sather hangs onto players who decline on a yearly basis but players like Betts & Sjostrom & a select few other have a pretty good upside to them, get cut loose too quickly.

  104. CR9,

    Really? The devils only have 2 fans?? Thats pretty crazy man!
    1) Yogi Berra
    2) Myself
    3) Kevin Smith
    4) Ken Daneyko

    Once again A ranger fan is wrong!
    once again a ranger fan cares that they have more fans then the devils which makes their own mediocracy ok!!



  105. can’t we do what washington did and waive Redden and Rozy and send em to Europe or Russia or whoever will take em? We can afford to pay em, we just need the cap space…

  106. A Local fan

    It’s just a joke. Lighten up. Nobody here dislikes the Devils. The Devs are always a good team, well coached, great goalie.

    Further joking, you can’t count a former player as a fan. And how many “true” fans of the Devils besides yourself do you think exist?

    Anyway, maybe you can drop all the Rangers hate, and let the Rangers fans enjoy the blog. Why not hate on the Bruins.

    The Bruins are scumbags, their city is racist, Bostonians act inhumane, start hating on their sites.

  107. CR,

    Thank you.
    I honestly come here always talking about the rangers…and not as negatively as all of you I may add.
    Then you guys talk about the Devils not having fans and marty being fat and I defend myself and my team.
    Dano Is the biggest Devils fan though! I have to count him! haha

  108. I really liked Tyuts, Dawes didn’t really care about, but I’m glad he’s playing well in Calgary.

  109. Sjo and Betts did not have much upside, but they did the same job as Drury for about $6MM cheaper.

  110. quality is out the window on

    folks quality posts stopped being the norm way before the troll (it) appeared. i can’t stand it either but we are lucky if 10% of the posts here are worth reading.

  111. Mako,

    Trading Tyuts for Zherdev had disaster written all over it from day one. These are the types of moves that has brough the rangers down. They are just to risky…along with all the Huge money contracts Sather gives to UFA’s, who nobody knows how will fit in with thre rangers are the reasons why the rangers are where they are today.

  112. I think the jokes about the Devils fan are made because there are always more Rangers fans in their stadium than Devils fans.

    In New York and New Jersey, you’ve got many teams. Unless a person is a hockey fan first, how many New York/ New Jersey fans do you think live and die by the Devils like you?

    You have to admit, Marty, while being great, can act like a scumbag. Did he not cheat on his wife with his wife’s sister? I may be wrong, it could be somebody else.

    Sean Avery plays a certain way, like many others in hockey. A bit like Jarkko Ruutu, except Avery is not a cheap shot artist. Avery waving his stick in front of Marty’s face was thinking outside the box, triyng to help his team. Avery tried to be classy and shake his hand, etc.

  113. jim

    it isn’t just rozy and redden that are soft, the whole group of blueliners we have is soft!

  114. CR,

    I don’t know many, but I am hockey first.
    And to educate you: Marty was separated with his wife. He then started dating his wife’s brothers EX wife. He is now happily married to this woman. I mean does this make him a scumbag? Athletes do a lot worse then this. We all know that. So first of all Marty did not cheat..and secondly it was no where near his wife’s sister.

  115. Again an Imposter. I guess the Imposter does not realize others would not belive i called myself a douche bag. Pretty smart and savy imposter.

    to finish..

    Avery did a lot of other things that series. Marty did not not shake his had because avery waived his stick in his face.
    Avery also ran his mouth the entire washington series calling the opposing coach fat… i mean we know he is into fashion but all he can do is call other players and other coaches fat?? shouldnt he have been concerned about the series and not getting suspended for being undisciplined but he concentrates on calling the opposing coach fat? and your trying to say he is not a scumbag?

  116. CR

    look it up. It’s says “affair” last time I checked affair meant you cheated on someone lol

  117. M - A - R - T - Y ++ M - A - R - T - Y on news services

    The wife of New Jersey goaltender Martin Brodeur is filing for divorce, and is seeking custody of the couple’s four children, according to newspaper reports Wednesday.

    Melanie Brodeur is seeking support for her and the children and an equitable distribution of all property and payment of all legal fees, according to her divorce complaint filed in Essex County Family Court and obtained by The Star-Ledger of New Jersey.

    Melanie Brodeur charges her husband committed adultery “on numerous occasions at a variety of locations.” She alleges the adultery has been “ongoing and continuous for a period from the fall of 2002 to present date.” The two had been separated before the filing for divorce. Melanie Brodeur alleges that her husband committed adultry with his sister-in-law.


    His four children (now neices and nephews) were ages 7 and under.

  118. all you guys crying to me about the troll, blame the people who can’t just ignore him or her. because if you do, he/she shuts up and goes away. when you come back at him/her, he/she posts more.

    i am not going to ban him just because you don’t like him. IGNORE HIM (OR HER).

  119. Right, Carpie,

    and you did a great job “ignoring him” when you included him in the post!

    The only thing that will work is a ban! grow a pair!

  120. even if everyone ignored, and we all know that is not possible, it would still post here. we could not get everyone to agree on what day of the week it is nevermind ignore the troll.

    get your IT department to develop an ignore this user, so we, if we so chose, could enable that and not even see his useless drivel. even out of the corner of our eyes.

  121. Things are said in a Divorce filing. She wants Money. I already explained it to you. it was his wife’s broters x wife..who marty is married to now…

    what about Greschner?

  122. Sean Avery may come across as a scumbag, but in reality, he just wants to help his team win any way he can. If that means getting in the heads of opposing goalies, or even opposing coaches, then so be it. Aside from his speed and decent scoring skill, what makes Avery, Avery, is his getting in people’s heads. It’s not like he takes cheap shots at other players. Jarkko Ruutu, that dirtbag and inhuman POS, tried to end Jagr’s career in the Olympics, an eent that is supposed to be about sportsmanship.

    In the end, it has only hurt him, as he did not realize wearing the Rangers jersey was not conducive to getting treated fairly.

    If he wore the Bruins jersey, he would be revered and talked positively about as Loser Lucic.

  123. The Rangers would have won the game last night had Drury and Dubi played. They lost because of a couple of bonehead plays. Hank made a stupid mistake playing the puck, and the thrashers scored a powerplay goal they likely wouldn’t have scored if drury and dobinsky are playing. They also had to use the first line more than they should have. The second powerplay line was not effective at all, because they were just throwing guys out there. This team is going to loss until they get healthy. They were missing two key players. What I don’t understand is why Torts decides to go with what he has with out any callups. He said he wanted to see what these guys can do.
    Is he telling us he doesn’t know what these guys can do? He needed some help and he didn’t know it. I know that Drury and Dubi have not been filling the net but Dane Biars is not going to fill their shoes or skates, not by a long shot. Parenteau should have been called up, he plays soft but at least he will play smart. He is a goal scorer and a good playmaker. Voros and Brashear were on the ice to often last night. How much help are they going to be , they are as soft as the rest of them. Every Ranger with the exception of Callihan needs to reach down inside themselves and call up some guts. They have been playing gutless for a while now, and every team knows it. Now is the time them as a team to stand up for each other.

  124. Forget about Marty, what about that scumbag on NBC (yes, I know all of them are scumbags) that, I’m pretty sure, ran into the stands in MSG, Bruins Mike Milbury to attack Rangers fans. That piece of garbage insults Avery as a classless player. What a hypocrite, that swine is.

  125. Avery has been playing like a little girl. He is letting the no calls get to him. If he would stop diving and laying on the ice crying like a little girl he would be a lot better off. In his own mind he makes a differance on this team just being there. He should be playing with a better attitude instead of a poor me attitude like he is now. He can be a good player but right now he is not effective at all.

  126. Folks, who really cares about Marty’s extramarital affairs? His problem. Things sound so confusing, I doubt even he knows which one of them to call sloppy seconds. He should ask Sean for help next time they meet “face to face”

  127. Gravey, that was funny…i always hated that saying too, but you can’t have it after you’ve eaten it, or, or, ah, what is it good for :)

    Wicky, I think you’re still lurking :)

    hey tr, if sister blog follows warren, will warren follow in return!

    Good night Staal and all….

  128. laurel

    i dont run the twitter but ill let someone know at some point today im sure. i think its probably going to be more for posting the tv schedule and drinks and such. maybe some photos. contests? i dont know for sure what they will do with it.

    i do however have some google wave invites if anyone is interested.

  129. Every time I watch a Rangers game, or should I say many times I watch a Rangers game, all you hear is how quick the other team is, or how good the other teams players are. Heck Sam and Joe were in love with that forward that Atlanta picked off from waivers from Nashville.

    At one point Joe actually said “you can’t fall asleep against this team”.. and I’m like “What? As opposed to some other teams you can?”

    The Rangers look slow, hesitant and don’t hit nearly enough. Marc Staal looks terrible, and Higgins should be playing in a beer league, the guy is a joke and should be scratched.

    Get Grachev, Sanguetti and Dale Weiss in the lineup for all I care.

  130. Priceless:

    Some interesting facts about Nasty:

    – He’s a ten-foot tall beast man, who showers in vodka, and feeds his baby shrimp scampi. – We once had a bachelor party for Nasty. He ate the entire cake, before we could tell him there was a stripper in it. – Nasty’s family crest is a picture of a barracuda, eating Neil Armstrong. – I once saw him scissor kick Angela Lansberry.

    …Oh wait that’s Bill Brasky.

  131. Hockeymon… i hate to break it to you, but Chris Drury has 6 points on the season, he’s brutal.

    The game should have been 7-4 Atlanta if not for Hank and his heroics.

    I don’t care what the SOG’s were, the Rangers were outplayed all game.

  132. Carp

    i figured it out…the way to ignore “it”

    ill ignore “it” by ignoring the blog from now on… yeah, that should work. thnks

  133. I think it would be wrong if you were not in love with Olivia Munn. Orr’s favorite site has a ton of pics of her.

  134. Vogs

    It’s been that way every year with our commentators. I gave JD a break because he was a Ranger, and I give Sam a break because he is a NY guy.

    Joe M. is disgraceful. All he does is gush about the other team. I think his favorite guy is Matt (or Jeff, whatever his name is) Dagostini. If I ever hear the name Dagostini again, I might go insane.

  135. Torts is not as advertised = he won’t give Voros or Boyle much ice time = but he’ll keep them and send down Dane Byers, hmm = He won’t even look at Cory Locke because of his height. Torts Cory knows where the net is. cut Avery loose, so he gets a penalty= he’s getting them being a woose. WAKE UP TORTS

  136. Torts looks at the wolfpack roster and doesn’t believe that any one is ready = He keeps Voros, Boyle & Brashear = they wouldn’t be any better than 3rd line in Hartford, if that

  137. VOros is the biggest waste of space on this planet.

    If someone can imagine this, Voros is not the poor man’s, but the bum’s Nik Antropov.

    He is as big, and slower than Nik, but absolutely no off. skill whatsoever.

  138. I’ve been saying this since July 2nd that Voros is safe on this team because he’s Gaborik’s best friend from Minnesota so if they send him down, Gaborik could get all mopey. It’s pretty sad, but the Rangers have a history of being too nice and bringing in players to make other players feel comfortable going back to the days of Ken Hodge.

    All of this Avery love needs to stop. 3rd liner energy guy. There’s a reason Detroit let him go. He’s 29 not 19, he’s not gonna all of a sudden blossom into a top 6 winger. Torts needs to get a reality check. He’s 75% style, 25% substance.

    (sorry, crappy week so if I sound bitter I apologize, but I’m being honest)

  139. Rich, I totally agree with the post you made about all the dead weight they have and how they will never be a serious contender, etc. Just to make a comparison to the NBA, the Rangers are a team like the 76ers or Bulls that make the playoffs but really have a very little chance of winning the whole thing. Although I would say it is much easier in hockey as opposed to b-ball to be that 6, 7, 8 seed and make a run. Lundqvist almost carried the Rangers to the 2nd round last year when they clearly were not as good as the Caps.

  140. Too much dead weight is right.

    So I guess Voros will be on this team for the foreseeable future. Why can he not be a healthy scratch and still be around to be Gabby’s best friend.

  141. CR9-The problem with Voros is that he’s too much of a cap hit for being a healthy scratch or playing 6 minutes a night. That job should go to a 500K players like Byers/Owens. If you take Voros and Brashear off the roster, that’s enough for another cheap scoring winger and a veteran 7th dman.

    It’s ok if the Islanders win some games this year. Do you peeps really want them to get Taylor Hall, Kurill Kabanov or another lottery pick?

  142. Rob E

    lol he’s off to a great start. Not fair though, Captain Clutch is injured… But you would be right…

  143. Local-
    That was a pretty impressive list of Marty’s accomplishments. However, you left one off your list….
    Marty holds the record for the most White Castles downed in a single sitting by a professional Adulterer uh…. I mean Athelete.

  144. Ahhh. I love when you all get back to it!

    TR, I was kidding but thanks. Your answer is why I love ya! Besides, I would never go to warren without you. Nov. 21 no good right, but Dec. 12 OK v. Buffalo? Sally, come on down!) There were supposed to be a bunch of heads on one night (with me as special guest!) but I forget which one.

    Keep on talking sticks on ice Staal and all :)

  145. TR-Wouldn’t it be cool if Kabanov could fall into the Rangers laps because of more transfer agreement nonsense kinda like Cherry did? I think that’s less realistic then me dating the main alien girl from the new V. :)P

  146. I don’t know why Voros is still up with the Rangers. Im sure that its not because he’s Gaborik’s buddy, but I do wonder if it’s because he stayed around all summer and worked so hard to make the team that Torts wants to give him a chance. If that is the case, he has had his chance now it’s time to send him down. Avery has been all show and no go for a while now. He has been diving to much and complaining about no calls to much. He has the it’s everybodys fault but mine syndrome.

  147. Striet scored again for the same price as rosival and less $ than redden(not to say redden has been terrible this year)

    but still ;_;

  148. Streit had Ranger bust written all over him. We’d all be comparing him to Poti. I know he’s improved defensively but I just can’t see him being good on the Rangers.

  149. i think rearranging their defensive pairings may not be a bad idea. they have two good young offensive minded defensemen in gilroy and mdz. put staal with one and giardi with the other. let staal be a stay at home guy, giardi already is a stay at home guy.

    everyone in this equation is young, so you might as well let them learn to play with one another and get comfortable with each other.

    the whole staal-giardi combination doesnt seem to be working out that well so far this season. i dont know why they are trying to get staal to be a more offensive defensemen (maybe trying to make him happy with the management when his contract comes up?). just put him mdz or gilroy and have him refocus his game on the defensive side of things. maybe even convince him to be the crease clearer that they desperately need. from the little i have seen of him, it seems like he could flourish in this role.

    as for rozi and redden…keep one or the other rotating in as 6-7th defensemen and bring up a kid to play with them. i feel they are way too comfortable knowing that they will be on the ice every night. it wouldnt hurt to have an extra defensemen up anyways. encourage the entire defense to play better or see the pressbox.

  150. laurel

    either game is fine w/ me.
    the buffalo game i wount be as rushed to leave (long drive to jersey on 21st). the atlanta game after that may be a better night as well. mondays seem to empty out early, its nice and quiet. should get a couple people from here to go.

  151. Torts is to the Rangers what Rex Ryan is to the Jets; both under achieving egotistical coaches who have misused players. It’s a shame how Avery’s been treated by both coach and the referees. It’s a dam shame that I’m a fan of both teams. The emphasis on an all out attacking style of hockey has taken it’s toll on the team. Hockey’s played from the goal out: great goaltending, solid defense in three zones and offensive opportunities by turnovers. The Devils have won this way for many years. Less talented teams have won this way. Also, what’s Tort’s adversion to having a tougher team. Nobody defends one another. We need a kick ass defenseman and abig forward with leadership qualities to guide this young team over the ensuing weeks. I’m slowly feeling that Tort’s may not be the right coach for this team. I hope I’m wrong. In addition you need to play (4) lines over a full season to be successful. This team badly needs to have an identity before it’s too late.

  152. The following players are not needed on this team: Rozsival, Reddin, Drury, Boyle, Voros, Brashear, Girardi. I may have second thoughts about Drury when he’s healthy because a lot of things he does defensively that’s never noticed. Speaking of defense, isn’t Gaborik the complete package. What a defensive play deflecting a definate empty net goal. Could be a long season; even the Islanders are starting to look good.

  153. That’s the difference between us and a great team like Detroit…Detroit doesn’t have any goons (pre Bertuzzi), they roll 4 lines pretty much and while they don’t come off as “tough” they will always be the first ones in the opponents face if something happens to one of their teammates. It can’t be taught…it just has to happen, and with this group of guys, it doesn’t seem like it will.

  154. *all you guys crying to Carp about the troll, blame the people who can’t just ignore him or her. because if you do, he/she shuts up and goes away. when you come back at him/her, he/she posts more.*

    MikeNJ… this means YOU.

  155. Honestly, I would never believe to see it – how one pathetic, openly manipulative, with a clear proclaimed destructive goal, moron, whose name we are not even allowed to mentioned,(much less to give so deserved epithets) can so easily and effectively achieve it to his pleasure. CARP, first amendment protects ALL sides, not just a black sheep. You definitely are loosing loyal blogers. I’m personally absolutely disgusted and kind of humiliated by way it was handled (or should I say mishandled) and stopped posted in a while just b/c of that. The moment of this waste appeared, I had a bad feeling about further escalation and try to confront it. A false sense of political correctness prevailed. All the appeals to ignore are just appeasement – you can’t do that without changing very essence and definition of blogging… Too much of a dense trash is populated comments part now – hard to follow and not a fun, like it use to be.
    Very sad. I definitely will miss wonderful bunch of RR people.

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