Game night … finally


God, I hate these long stretches with no games. I’m sure the teams need them with the condensed schedule … but you have to wonder why a team (the Rangers) plays just three games in 13 days, then crams in five in the next eight days.

Apparently, Ilya Kovalchuk was set to skip the trip to New York after feeling pain in his healing broken foot Wednesday. But a weather delay of the team flight gave him enough time to reconsider. So he’s on the trip and will decide today whether to play according to

Here’s the game preview on

And here are tonight’s pregame notes.


With a lot going on at GMs meetings regarding rules, etc., Gary Bettman’s radio show with guest Colin Campbell might be a good listen today at 3 p.m. on and Sirius XM radio (XM channel 204 and Sirius channel 208). You can call with questions at 1-877-645-6696.

I’m off to the Garden. See youse tonight.

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  1. Rick !

    I have a question : With so much time between games, you wonder away to some other sports…Over here we are still mourning the death of the goal keeper of our national soccer team Robert Enke who committed suicide on Tuesday because of depression.

    Can you recall a case in the NHL, where such a tragedy happened as well ?

    It was such a shocker because nobody really exspected to happen to such an athlete, who was a good man on and off the pitch to any media, sports or fans..

    I know it is a sad thema on this predominantly positive forum, but once in a while there are stories, which are not positive…

  2. Torts talked to Coach Bombay, and I hear they are finally gicing Charlie Conway his big break tonight. We will be centering Aves and Higgy.

  3. Triple deke Charlie!!!

    Don’t let Aver(y)man distract you. Is Fulton Reed Brashear going to be in the lineup?

  4. Bob,

    That is why your a ranger fan. You would rather loose a game 6-5 and be “excited”.
    Devils fans would rather win a game 1-0 and be “excited” that we won!

  5. It is so schocking because even his personal goal keeper coach who trained him for five years, didn´t even know about his problems.

    He was treated by a psychologist and live two side live, one the huge sportsfigure for the fans and on the other side sick husband two a woman who lost their only child two years ago because of a tough heart disease..

    What is that for a society, where the human beeing don´t allow to show a weakness only beeing afraid to loose his postion in the sports world…

    But I stop it is just so sad a story…

  6. Koala,

    Very sad story. I mean you wonder what’s behind it. There is a lot of pressure these guys go through though…and I am honestly surprised you dont see more of this in professional sport.

  7. why don’t you simply ban the troll? Then there will no need for spontaneous necessary ad hominem (ad nauseam new jerseum) attacks!

    Actually, just go ahead and ban me if you want to allow the scum here. This used to be a Ranger blog once upon a time. As a Ranger fan, I will be courteous to other Ranger fans. But asking me to be courteous to a Devils fan is beyond my sensitivity.

  8. So back to business

    So, Dubi and Drury out indefitely…but Henrik should play tonight like Rangers Rant is reporting from morning skate..

    I hope Rangers return to winning ways tonight…

  9. Bob,

    Allow a devil fan here? What does that mean? We are on a blog. Last I heard it was a free country. I guess you werent brought up to just keep it clean or be curteous to others. For that I apologize. Nobody will miss you dont worry. Bye Bobert!

  10. The Rangers can surely get healthy winning wise against the next two opponents Atlanta and Ottawa.

    I talked to Ex-Ranger Carey Wilson on the radio last night he had some great stories about Lanny Mcdonald,Bob Froese. The Podcast is on my site as well as this new video

    Trifecta of Disgrace : Flames Curtis Glencross Dastardly Headshot of Rangers Captain

  11. I never like to see anyone get injured. But in all honesty, I could care less if Drury is playing. Chris Drury has 6 points in 18 games and is a -3… he’s a terrible offensive player.

    He should be traded to a team where his talents can be utilized, like Jersey, Boston or back to Buffalo. Another brilliant signing by Sather, who somehow still has a job, because daddy’s boy Dolan is running the company.

    I would rather see Callahan, Gaborik, Anisimov, Avery, Byers, Boyle, Prospal, Kotalik and Grachev or Parentau playing each night, guys that actually do something when they are out on the ice.

    Higgins, Drury, Voros can sit.

  12. Vogs,

    Why could his talent be utilized better on Jersey? Do they have a better system them the Rangers?

    FYI Fact: The Devils and Rangers have Never made a trade.

  13. carp,
    I’ve never read a blog where the blog leader allows trolls to post and telling the loyal posters to ignore. That is even worse than A Local Fan coming on here to post because his team has no fans or a blog to post on and getting under ranger fans skin. The proper way in handling this is to ban the trolls not to ban the loyal ranger poster. This is a ranger blog, yes, no. This blog has really gone down from the old days. This blog needs a new leader, sorry man, your lame.

  14. TR-808
    Carp can do whatever he wants. It is odd that he allows ALF to post. ALF is not here to be a part of the community – only to stir the pot.

  15. Chrism,

    I was at the Devils Ducks game last night and there were 4 large women there with Rangers jersey’s chanting lets go rangers..hmm the rangers werent even playing..
    They were chanting to get under the Devils fans skin..
    did they get thrown out? NO
    It’s a free you realize that?

  16. Well the TOS does mention something about obscene material, I thought we had all agreed that Brodeur was lumped in with Crosby/Malkin/Byufglien as an obscenity.

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I was at the Devils Ducks game last night and there were 4 large women there with Rangers jersey’s chanting lets go rangers..hmm the rangers werent even playing..
    They were chanting to get under the Devils fans skin..
    did they get thrown out? NO
    It’s a free you realize that?

    I’m glad you got to stay for the rest of the game!

  18. The Devils play a defensive game. Every game I watch them play they trap. Let Drury play defense, but on some other team.

    The object of the game is to put the puck in the other teams net. If we’re going to play a run and gun game with forechecking and goal scoring, then how come our captain has 6 points? And 2 goals!

    Your captain has to lead on the ice and off the ice. But I would say scoring goals on the ice is more important than giving sage advice off the ice.

  19. Greg_Section_403 on

    remember, as Carp said:


    Eventually, the troll will starve and crawl under a rock (or The Rock?) in Newark to die.

    One can only hope, right?

  20. Vogs,
    I’ve posted on this blog several times that the rangers don’t have the personnel to play Tort’s system except for gaborik and prospal that is pretty much it. I hope I am still alive the day Chubsie-Ubsie (Dolan) sells the rangers and/or sather is replaced with a GM that has a clue.


    for once i would like to see the NYR answer the bell for one of their teammates who is hit hard. I dont care if they get their butts kicked in the fights afterward (ex. voros), but betts last year in the playoffs, now drury this season. come on! someone has to do something! your a team! stick up for one another!

    what is it going to take? gabbie getting knocked out of a game? or henrik getting hurt?

    i read the locker room is very close and guys all get along, but until they respond to an injury like BUF did in this game, i will be skeptical.

    i do have to add, i think the BUF play by play announcer has one of the most annoying voices in all of hockey.

  22. You want freedom of speech? start your own blog. You don’t have freedom of speech on someone else’s blog.

  23. goodbye, chrism.

    bob, you can do or say whatever you want, as long as it’s not obscene, threatening … the fine print below kind of spells it out.

  24. Doesn’t it seem that most players want to come back from injuries when their teams play the Rangers?

  25. the more I think about the excuses,it makes me sick,that type of softness comes from the top down,first Torts then the CPTN,they should have been fighting on the bench to see who gets to lambast ol glencross.
    btw do you think Drury was disapointed that his team didnt try and send a message or stick up for him?
    or does he know everyone resents his over inflated contract?

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The only thing that disappointed Drury that night was his driver who brought him home, they were much slower than what the Captain’s use to when he drives himself home in the Clutchmobile.

  27. Does anybody know how to get a webcast of the game tonight (live or delayed)? I’m out of town and subscribing to game center live for a couple games is not worth it.

  28. as long as Rick is more concerned with blog hits than doing what is right by banning me I am here boys and girls so get used to me. If you run to another blog I will find you and ruin your conversations there. see it is about me and my needs, and of course hits to line Rick’s wallet.

  29. Good afternoon, all. Didn’t miss much, it seems.. We still can’t stop feeding the troll.

    They better protect Hank tonight

  30. laurel what is with your constant references to the sister blog. you are just trying to capitalize on the popularity of this blog. pretty sad.

  31. People just can’t stop hating… pretty sad.

    Also, the day Carp banns the troll is the day the troll will commit suicide because there will be nobody to listen to “it” anymore.

  32. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Hey, there is a game tonight, so let us all get back on track.

    I hope to see AA shows us his true abilities and scores some goals tonight. I will say he will score 2 goals tonight.

  33. I am having a discussion with a friend who’s a Drury apologist. Some of my quick search of his stats from last year:

    5 times he went without scoring for 4 games
    5 times he went without scoring for 5 games
    4 times he went without socring for 6 games
    3 times he went without scoring for 10 games
    His longest scoring drought was 17 games.

    To paraphrase what Lundqvist said about Gaborik earlier this year, he brings it every game. Every game he’s creating something. That’s why you get paid the large salaries. Going almost a quarter of the season without scoring is tragically and comically bad when you’re getting paid what Drury is, let alone the team captain in a position that demands that you generate offense.

    I told him that given the salary cap constraints now in effect, Drury is as bad if not worse signing than Holik.

  34. Koala, sad story. Clint Marlachuk attempted suicide last year. Well, that is if you don’t believe the “cleaning the gun after hunting” story. I guess he never recovered mentally from his injury. Thankfully his attempt was unsuccessful and he is getting the help he needs.

  35. CTblueshirt your right about that. Some people were saying Gaborik dogs it some times but I think its because until he gets to the offensive zone hes relatively under the radar(which isnt a bad thing)and he seems like kind of a quiet guy.

    Boy am I glad I didnt feed into the drury BS when he was signed and pick up his jersey like half the garden did

  36. looking forward to a Ranger team with a chip on the shoulder attitude.finishing all checks at speed,and sending a message to the league that you cant run our goalie and take cheap shots on us anymore.
    Lets Go Rangers!

  37. thanks, ilb.

    note that many of the troll’s posts are now imposters. I’m telling you, if you ignore him he will go away. And no his ugly presence doesn’t help my wallet by one penny. sadly.

    November 12th, 2009 at 3:22 pm
    as long as Rick is more concerned with blog hits than doing what is right by banning me I am here boys and girls so get used to me. If you run to another blog I will find you and ruin your conversations there. see it is about me and my needs, and of course hits to line Rick’s wallet.


    Imposters imposters..i wonder why you do it? it just ruins the blog and are worse then me. It’s fine I dont care, but other people know that imposters are actually worse then me!

  39. Carp
    November 12th, 2009 at 3:51 pm
    ilb, seltzer. no alcohol, no sugar. dammit.

    No fun :(

    I’ll be there tonight too.

  40. wrong rick. the troll is like a bad rash. ignoring it does not make it go away. only medicine will make it go away. this one is here for the duration until you do the right thing.

    the year is 2009. have your IT dept figure out a way to “ignore this user” so it’s comments do not even reach peoples screens.

  41. Carp- dammit is right. Geez… Is that what came up your nose the other day after “Giannone box” comment? Don’t listen to your bosses.. And doctors.

  42. PJ – I’m with you broseph.
    I posted a very similar post in the last entry. Being close in the clubhouse means SQUAT if you don’t stand up for one another on the ice. I’m afraid it’s going to take a serious Hank or Gabby injury for the team to realize enough is enough.

    This team is too soft, and unfortunately, its not something you can teach or coach.

  43. Carp,
    You and I are from the same hockey era. I was wondering what your thoughts are on hits to the head. Do you think it is time players start policing them selves, and start handing out there own form of justice after cheap shots. Like back in the 70’s and 80’s. I do not think Campbell’s suspensions are a deterrent any more.

  44. Oh. by the way. Nigel Dawes has 10 points playing in Calgary.

    Drury has 6, making $5 million per season.

  45. bull dog- there is no reason the NHL can’t get it right with the head shots. They got it right with the sticks to the face. Is it overdoing it? Yes. But unless you’re low down to the ice-it’s a penalty. Now, we are talking a few stiches versus possible serious head injury. They need to eliminate that even if initially it looks like too many calls.

  46. im concerned with this 3 center setup,gabbys gonna end up with 24 25 minutes,well the whole first line really.
    not having a fourth line that can play 6-8 minutes a game is gonna have an impact towards the tail end of the regular season.

  47. Vogs – truthfully I’d rather have Dreary than Dawes. That smurf cant stay on his feet and will no doubt be worn down by the 2nd half of the season.

  48. It’s not even Drury’s salary that hurts, it’s his cap hit.

    I’d rather have Dawes, his cap hit is less ruinous and you don’t feel about about giving him the best seats in the scratched players box.

  49. Carp, why don’t you just post Local Idiot’s e mail address. That way we can talk to him directly without the risk of getting “Carped”
    I have a few words for him that I can’t say on our blog because of my respect for you, but I’d love to e mail him directly !

  50. Looking for a big game from a newly confident Higgins.
    1g1a for Higgy tonight and a 5-2 win for the good guys.
    finish those checks boys,take out you western road frustrations on these dudes.

  51. Tony,

    Im sure all you would have to do is ask ALF for it. He might just give it to you. Sounds to me that it would be a line of dialogue that would keep both of you busy. Dont ask Carp for something he cannot and will not provide.

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I agree with Tony, please ban him or post his email address.

    BTW: someone said Drury makes $5million? haha, and has fewer points than Dawes. I’ll make a slight correction… Drury makes 8.05million this year (and 8 million next year). That’s right. Drury is being paid more than Gabby and Lundqvist this year!

  53. I smell a blow out…

    Scoring from all lines tonight boys! Feel bad for their goalie, he is going to get worked over tonight.

  54. When I told Torts I could play tonight he asked me what I bring to the table. I told him I have intangibles and I am one hell of a shot blocker for 1/1,000,000 of the price.

  55. Anybody want a pair for tonight’s game? I’m out of town and I don’t want my pair to go unused.

  56. Staal.

    I think if i were you i would be asking for more than $6.00 a year to play in the NHL. Your choice though.. we will be rooting for you.

  57. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    poster named hey

    Lay off laurel, that’s all I’m saying!!!!


    belated thanks!

    With all this troll talk, “sometimes it feels like someone took a knife baby edgy and dull and cut a six inch valley through the middle of my skull”!

    Have an anti-rozy d man evening and LGR!!!

  58. intangible asset

    An asset…that has no physical properties. Since intangible assets are often difficult to value accurately, such assets when included on a corporate balance sheet may have a true value significantly different from the dollar amounts indicated there.


    So Drury must just be some sort of accountancy trick.

  59. It’s amazing what an impossible task it is for this group of people to just go one thread without responding to the troll. At this point I just want to see it happen one time, it’d be like seeing a perfect game.

  60. so this year the hate is off redden and on drury.

    ranger fans cannot go a year without having a whippping boy.

    i guess it is drury and then roszival most disliked…

    dawes may have 10 points but last year he coughed the puck up in his own zone to often and back checked like a girl……….

  61. TedSheckler
    November 12th, 2009 at 5:01 pm
    It’s amazing what an impossible task it is for this group of people to just go one thread without responding to the troll. At this point I just want to see it happen one time, it’d be like seeing a perfect game.

    I know what you mean – and I am guilty of responding. But it really is a question of pride. We all have too much pride to just let it go.

  62. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    So Stuart is a Drury fan or Drury family… well, not everyone can join the movement.

  63. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    thought that might get your attention, just listened to the song as I head out back to work!

  64. Boy, there are a lot of people that don’t understand that freedom of speech means that the GOVERNMENT can’t arrest you for something you say.

    In the private sector, the owner of the business, blog, etc. can do whatever they want to do.

    Yes, you can say whatever you want, but be prepared to suffer the consequences.

    Oh yeah….Go Rangers.

  65. Drury is the captain of the team. The captain needs to lead his team. Drury has 6 points.

    I guess it’s at this point the Ranger shills will begin to start touting his intangibles, his attitude or how he brings along the young guys.

    Guys who make $5 million per and eat up 1/10th of the salary cap on a team that requires a 23 man roster better do more ON the ice and have more of an impact on the team than 6 points.

    I am so tired of hearing how it’s “more difficult” in New York, blah blah blah, or how a player needs to “settle in”, there’s always some excuse.

    These guys are professionals. An excuse is an injury, that’s a good excuse, anything else is nonsense, especially being an Olympian and Cup winner.

  66. Cross,

    Of course you are right, but us Americans live with the knowledge we have freedom of speach. Obviously alot of you wimps can’t take it and think I ruin the blog because I think the Devils are better then the Rangers.

  67. Avery Brash Byers and Cally better play with a pissed off attitude tonight,we need the little bit of grit on this team to play gritty.

  68. Tony, why don’t you ask the moron for his email address. he’s got the big yapper. maybe he’d like to hear from you guys.

  69. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Vogs… you said 5million earlier too and I don’t know where you’re gettin that number. Drury commands $8.05mil this year, 8mil next year, and is a $7+ million cap hit. He’s making a heck lot more than $5mil (and chewing up more cap space too) for these next two seasons.

  70. Its about time for Brashear to do something that makes opposing teams fans hate him,(instead of the sh..stuff he does that makes HIS teams fans hate him.
    come on sucker punch slew foot hit from behind,fight a MW.
    for the love of god DO SOMETHING!

  71. “Its about time for Brashear to do something that makes opposing teams fans hate him”


    Yeah… he can wear scary “Grinch” costume… maybe that will make other teams be “afraid” of him!

    So far D-Bro has been useless… how many games did Orr miss while being a Ranger? I cant remember him being outta the line-up at all. So what if D-Bro can skate better than Orr… I can skate pretty good too but that doesn’t make me useful.

  72. I would drive up to t dot to get Colton,but we have Brash now,and dangit i want him to cheap shot someone!

  73. goals;Higgins,Artie,Aves,DZ,Gabby.
    Brash vs Bolts.
    voros with 4min in penaltys resulting in the 2 Thrasher goals.

  74. CCCP- Colton Orr played all 82 games last year for us (and 74 the year before). And, man, are we missing him this year, especially with Brashear missing most of the games so far, and being utterly useless even when he’s around.

  75. those four large women at the devils game last night were the reason the “crowd” was 3500 short of a sellout…good team,yes…good fans,no….if they moved nobody would care…just the way it is……

  76. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    There were a couple games Orr even played with the flu! I forget when, but maybe ’05 or ’06 Jagr got run by someone and Orr was out of the lineup so Dolan mandated Renney and Sather to keep Orr in every game that he could physically play… a few of those were even when Orr had flu symptoms.

    How bout this for Brashear though, he runs a player then takes out a goalie and gets suspended for… 6 games? No loss because he probably wouldn’t be playing those games to begin with right?

  77. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    November 12th, 2009 at 6:15 pm
    those four large women at the devils game last night were the reason the “crowd” was 3500 short of a sellout…good team,yes…good fans,no….if they moved nobody would care…just the way it is……

    If Brodeur scored a hat trick, would it still be a hat trick if nobody was there to see it?

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Our Superstar is playing!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Rangers win tonight , gonna be a Gaborik day!!

  79. Shoreyuken- spasibo, bro.
    Nothing appears to be wrong with Ilya- I think he is in.
    Carp- ain’t it your job?

  80. HockeymanRangers on

    Kovalchuck is bound to have a good game, they better put a hold on it early. Lets see how we do with a limp team. We can do it, Go Rangers.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Our Superstar is playing!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    how much wood could a Kovalchuk chuck if a kovalchuk could chuck wood?

  82. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    CCCP… you ask as if there’s normally someone wearing the C? I don’t believe so…

  83. CCCP- didn’t look. It hasn’t made a difference so far, why bother?
    Carp- where are you. I think now you owe me a beer!

  84. Not trying to feed Trolls but, Local dude, jersey has had success in the past decade yes, but, imho they ruined hockey with the trap, something I would never be proud of as a franchise, don’t you relize the nhl when’t on strike because of this, the league turned into a hold and harrass brand of hockey, started by the devil’s and Lou. The fans hated it, and hockey is nothing without its fans, so having more fans is a good thing for a franchise.

  85. Oh mazio, great point, but even if weren’t trying, you just em a snack!

    OK heads, off to watch the festivusities. I’ll come back one more time just for wicky and Greg.

  86. Did you know? For the price of one shot of Absolute at MSG you can spend two nights in 5star hotel in Peru.
    Kovalchuk is on the bench. He’s in. LGR!!!

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Our Superstar is playing!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Great skating ,awsome chances on both ends and wide open plays …great hockey !!! Hank is playing like a star , Gaborik is flying ….even Atlanta’s Kovachuk ,Antro and Afinagenov are exciting to watch as well. Teams like New Jersey should take note…this is how you get fans !!! Playing exciting hockey , get fans outta there seats !!!

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