Some hockey news


It was reported in different places yesterday:

Ilya Kovalchuk is expected to return from a broken foot tomorrow against the Rangers.

Don Maloney and Phoenix are considering talking to Chris Chelios about playing for the Coyotes.

Buffalo decided to keep Adam Mair after he cleared waivers.

The NHL will keep the trapezoid behind the goals, and is discussing hits to the head at GM meetings.

The Flyers have interest in Peter Forsberg if he’s healthy.

Michael Nylander may go play in Russia.


I’m getting in the car and going upstate (Shenendehowa, in Clifton Park) for assignments today. I may not be able to update at all. So if you guys see some scoops on Drury, etc., elsewhere go for it. But please credit the source. If it’s from Zipay or Gross, for example, say so.

I still hope to get to the Garden tomorrow.

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  1. Sweet!
    Like a weight off my chest hearing that Chelios may end up in Phoenix, Forsberg in Philthy, and Nylander in Russia…It just slightly lessens Sathers ability to make a knee jerk move.

  2. And Mair should stay in Bufallo. Also, I’m at the game tomorrow, so Kovalchuk’s return is good news too.

    Carp, let me know if you’re going, maybe I’ll buy you a beer. Sorry, soda, you’ll be working.

  3. That flow chart is brilliant, and pretty dead on!

    I am going to the game on Tuesday against the Caps. Anyone else going? I was going to do Warren 77 also, but I am bringing my wife and daughter, so that is not going to happen now.

  4. Went to Warren 77 for the parade the other day. First time there…very cool place. My favorite part is the picture of Avery scoring on Fatso.

  5. OK so who has some NHL 10 pointers for me?

    I’m getting decent on D (problems are usually when I over-commit and skate past the puck handler – so it’s a matter of fixing a known mistake), but I have trouble generating offense. I can get my best chances by skating up the wing, then finding a man in the middle for a centering pass and one-timer, but I can’t do that every time up the ice. How else to gain the zone? Establish offense? Set up decent shots?

  6. Jay Greenburg at the Post today was obviously a bit short of material so decided to write about the blatantly obvious:

    I think a lot of teams are built the same way under the salary cap – you can’t carry more than 2 or 3 of those big contracts – look at the strain we are under because we have 4 players earning $6.5m+, unfortunately 2 of those 4 on our roster aren’t as good at winning or saving games as the other 2.

  7. SCX – not got 10 yet, but i used to use the same as you – up the wing, centre pass, on-timer.

    The other methods used to be, up the wing, cut inside and drop pass to trailing forward or d-man for one-timer


    up the wing round the net, pass across front to man crashing net, or pass to blue line for one timer…..

    can’t think of any others just now..

  8. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Lines from PRactice today per Gross:


    Not terrible considering dru and Dubi are still out
    And 4th line ownt see that much ice time anyway

    First line has already been together for a game or two
    Second line will be interesting to see, Kotalik with more Ice time will be good to see as well as Artie

    3rd line is the most interesting to me. Boyle in the middle creating space for Aves and Cally. Could be a nice surprise if they play well together

  9. Morning Laurel!
    Any news about tomorrow or is it going to be a last minute call on whether captain concussion plays?
    How’s Henriks groin? (…….is the question on the lips of the female population of the state of NY!)

  10. The problem is…besides Prospal and Gabby, who is a first or second liner on this team?

    We need to sacrifice some of our beloved energy players (meaning Dubi, Cally, or Avery) for some real talent. Someone that can put the puck in the twine.

    I hope Sather is looking for a trade right now because this team will not make it far. Unless you all think this is a rebuilding year.

    In which I say, screw worry about the playoffs then. Lets get a good first round draft pick.

  11. Not that it is important, but I want to know about the Tyler Arnason situation. I read somewhere that he was suspended. I saw on NHL Network last night on the ticker, that he was placed on waivers. Is it a failure to report to the team or something more personal.

  12. Boyle is too slow to keep up with Avery and Cally. Wow, that fourth line is tough, but can they play hockey? LOL

  13. What the heck,
    I didn’t see this season as a rebuilding one but seriously did anyone thing we were going to compete with the Pens/Caps of the league? We are in a state of rebuilding. We have a very young team.

  14. I agree. I hate long breaks in between games. Ugh. Anyway, I know we have talked about Sharp before, but Chicago is going to have to make some moves. They will not be able to afford their core. Unfortunately for them, Sharp is a very good player that they most likely will have to cut ties with. I wonder if there is any way that we could get him. They are not going to want money going back, so what can we do here?

  15. Nasty- not much flexibility for us to afford him. I believe he makes upwards of 4 million per year. Rangers are pretty much handcuffed. Plus we need room to resign some younger players.

  16. Greenburg’s articles often change depending on his mood. Yes, we are built this way, but so are a lot of teams. What he didn’t mention is that we have a premier goalie, and a lot of young, promising guys who already are showing that they belong.

  17. Rob L- expected. In fact, it would be pretty dumb to rush him in. With multiple concussions, no matter how well he felt right after, it might range from a few games to an end of a career.

  18. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    According to Jim Cerny on twitter:

    Torts says that Drury “did not have a good day today” and does not foresee him playing Thursday or Saturday

    Torts says that the plan now is “to keep (Drury) away from the rink” and let him get better

    Torts says he advised mgmt that there were enough NHL-caliber players and that no call-ups were needed

    Anisimov tells me that he is ready for more responsibility with Dubi and Dru out, says he feels more comfortable and confident

    Dubinsky’s explanation of his injury was that his hand basically exploded when hit by the puck

  19. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    Just wanted to take a sec to thank all of the other vets on this blog (jlone for sure, thank you) and all the vets of the US and Canada for all their sacrifices and courage day in and day out so we can sit around and talk/blog rangers hockey! And the past heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free! You will not be forgotten (the only true heroes are dead!!!) Thanks to you all!!!

    Happy Remembrance Day/Veterans Day

  20. wicky229, wonderful sentiments!!! It is indeed up to all of us to extend a hand and our thanks to all veterans!!! One day in November hardly seems adequate, but since it’s on the calendar, thank you to Americas (and Canadian) veterans!

  21. Just curious – Has anyone decided to just stop going to the Newsday site? I cannot believe that even the blogs are pay now. Zipay is great and I don’t mean any disrespect at all.

  22. Staal,

    I didn’t really think of it that way either. Until all of these injuries. So I started to make excuses for them because I can’t even imagine my Rangers playing the way they have been unless they knew this wasnt the year

  23. Sather please call the kings and try to do frolov for drury. i wouldnt mind if we signed forsberg cause drury isnt doing anything any way and we would get rid of him sooner.

  24. I can’t understand how anyone on the team thought Drury would be good to go after suffering a concussion, let alone a repeat concussion.

    Jeez, all you have to look at it is the Mets to see how that is not a good idea letting someone resume physical activity. Even “light” activity for a professional athlete is pretty rigorous for a normal person, let alone anything that involves contact.

  25. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And Lisin is playin w ith a broken bone in his foot and has a shield placed on his skate to protect it.

    THIS is what I totally don’t understand.

    Why would you play him with a broken bone? its jsut goign to get worse, and he’s not goign to be able to skate.
    Even he said so to Gross.

    If I were Torts, Sulli and SHoney, I’d sit Lisin, move someone else up to the top line to wing Prospal and Gabby, and get Grachev up to play wing on the 2nd or 3rd line.

    There’s NO REASON to start a player with a broken anything.

    With no call ups,Dru & Dubi hurt, how many guys do we have on the roster right now?
    20 including Hank and Vally right?

  26. Yeah Matt R.
    The Kings should gobble Drury right up right? I mean who can resist a concussed Captain who has done nothing this season.
    oh wait…he blocks lots of shots right?

  27. Good afternoon, Carp!

    Wicky, I like what you did there :)

    So the cold meds are wearing off and Dubi’s injury is finally hitting me. Man, I’m bummed. I hope the little man isn’t in any pain. I bet he’s really bored, too, cause it’s super hard to play Burger Time on NES with just one hand.

  28. stall,

    la hates frolov, he doesnt play. yes i know its wishful thinking, but id like it to happen

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hey all, been busy with exams but I have another update on Drury…

    He said he didn’t have a great day, but he’s not going to let it ruin his week! LLWS hilights everynight with the his sons, Drew and Dru!

    Atta Captain.

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    A Nylander, Zherdev, Jagr line doesn’t seem too bad right about now? I don’t care who’s hurt or who goes home to cry about working too hard… if only we had the money. Oh well (now maybe some of you get our B’s and M’s from 2-3 years ago signing these guys to super-inflated contracts).

  31. I think this team is going to be good. They played well against Calgary despite the loss. They ran into a hot goalie simple as that. The team is coming together, and when the injured guys get back, they will be hard to beat. Hopefully they stay healthy, it all depends on that. If this team is healthy they got the make up of a good team. They have a young defense that is getting better every game. Even Rozi and Redden have been good so far. Higgins , Cally, and Dubi have yet to start scoreing, and they will for sure, so will Drury. This team isn’t there yet they have been making to many mistakes, but they are improving.

  32. True Fans Bleed RW&B
    November 11th, 2009 at 3:37 pm
    A Nylander, Zherdev, Jagr line doesn’t seem too bad right about now? I don’t care who’s hurt or who goes home to cry about working too hard… if only we had the money. Oh well (now maybe some of you get our B’s and M’s from 2-3 years ago signing these guys to super-inflated contracts).

    So does a Hull, Yzerman, & Robitaille with Leetch on D

  33. from Zipay..
    Now reports are trickling out that All-Star Ilya Kovalchuk may not play until the weekend, so the Rangers could dodge a Thrasher bullet tomorrow…

  34. Just liked they dodged the bullet with Luongo and a host of other Canucks being out…oh wait.

    The long break came at the right time, just hope they’re not too rusty.

  35. Per Zipay @ Newsday:

    Dubinsky said he immediately knew his block of a slap shot from Calgary’s Jay Boumeester on the penalty-kill caused damage. “I put my stick in my left hand because I couldn’t hold onto it,” he said. “Basically, it blew my hand up. It was a compression cut, so I was bleeding pretty badly …”


  36. STAAL

    You never know, LA makes some retarded trades, and some teams actually think Dreary is worth his contract but just doesn’t fit in. I’d definitely take Frolov, he’s not exactly like Nicky Z, but he’s talented and could be the guy to complete that top line.

    Wishful thinking is right though.

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Our Superstar is playing!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Yeah Gaborik is soo injury prone , thats why Malkin ,Kovalchuk and a handfull of NHL stars are outta action. Anyone can get hurt anytime..period. So why give Gaborik so much slack?

    This is a funny tidbit from yesterdays thread :

    * ZzZz at 7:39 am ” First!!!!!! ahhh sweeet mooosic!!”

    ZzZz at 7:44 am “3rd ,3rd!!! ( I couldn’t resist!!)”

    Gravey at 7:48 am “New rule, you can not do consecutive post and count them separately. So, I am 2nd :)”

    ZzZz at 7:56 am “awww Gravey , no fair!!! So my 3rd ,3rd isn’t really my 3rd? It is kinda cheating , ok your 2nd dude , good job…now to watch yer utube link , cool. I’m still first and that all that matters today!!!

    Gravey -at 10:14 am(12 hours later) “Last….again!!!!!!!”

    ZzZz at 3:38 pm ” ummmm…not so fast Gravey , I started this thread today and now im ending it…ahhh sweeet moosic!!!”

  38. Thanks Wicky

    I have always said. No one can Serve in the military without the support of their friends and family. To our Vets past and present, Thank You for your sacrifice.

    To all that honor our vets.. Thank You

  39. Hey Guys and Girls.

    I dont understand the purpose of Drury rushing back to play? I understand he wants to “help” the team and I use that word loosely….but….he will damage himself more. Why is this even a question from him… stay home and get better!?!?!?!?

  40. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    MAKO, have you not been following the Rangers this year???

    We need his clutchiness, without it, we could never win a game.

  41. I’ve been looking through the posts and I’VE BEEN CARPED!!! LOL

    Again, I want to thank the Men & Women of the Armed forces past and present for their sacrifices they have made for this great Country. Thank you ALL for keeping us safe from tyranny all over. Thank you. God Bless You & Come home safe.

  42. Gravey

    Sorry man, I havent… Drury is the man!!! He helps so much with his offensive abilities, its the LITTLE THINGS!!!! LOL ;)

  43. Getting Frolov is going to take at minimum a 2nd rounder, one of the better D prospects like Sangs or Ryan McD, and maybe Higgins, so it’s a long shot. I still say he wears Ranger Blue but at the trade deadline for a 2nd and Sauer and then Sauer goes on to become Aaron Miller the 2nd coming.

    I don’t know about Lisin playing with a broken foot. Would rather see Grachev up, but if they play well tomorrow, who knows.

    Carey Wilson Mouth? I remember he was injured for a very long time and got traded back to Hartford to make room for (drumroll please)….Ray Sheppard!

  44. guppy, err i mean mako, dont u know that drury won the LLWS?????? and hes scored more clutch goals than rozsival!!!!!!!!! cmon man wake up and smell the clutchness straight outta the exhaust from the clutchmobile itself. mmmm smells like freedom and 8 million daddy-dolan-dollars

  45. i just joshin mako. ur not a guppy. hey, did u peep that clutch transaction i sent u? 2 for 1 baby!! cmon boobs i want abba on my team!! i got 2 swedes and i need 2 more for some funky sweish disco inferno!

  46. per

    TORONTO — Thrashers star Ilya Kovalchuk will not play Thursday night against the New York Rangers, according to Atlanta General Manager Don Waddell.

  47. hey mouth! when am i gonna be a special guest on ya show? im comin to ny next spring and im pickin greg zz and wick up and were takin a road trip eastward and hooo!! the 3 blog stooges are gonna crash tr’s and cccp’s barmitsvahs and then hit up warrens(aqka tr’s house) for some bush light and babes!!!

  48. Hey Staal and all, had a busy day today so couldn’t play much (ha, I just realized my own untended pun. I didn’t too well today, so couldn’t play….seriously tho, concussions ain’t funny. I’ve had one.)

    OK, now that I’ve amused only me, two things: I love this blog for many reasons. Here’s one: we often get chided for going off topic but, again this year, I love how you all saluted the vets (kudos to wicky for getting it started, again I think). Even in headland it’s important to pause for what matters. Good job! And any vets here, I, Stanley and Cup salute you.

    Second….this seems trite in comparison, but what the?! Was going through e-mail, got one from Optimum rewards. Explain this please…Optimum=Cablevision=Dolans=Rangers….so why are they offering me a VIP package for the frigging FISHSTICKS!!!! Is it me or is something amiss?

  49. Grabs..”hey mouth! when am i gonna be a special guest on ya show? im comin to ny next spring and im pickin greg zz and wick up and were takin a road trip eastward and hooo!! the 3 blog stooges are gonna crash tr’s and cccp’s barmitsvahs and then hit up warrens(aqka tr’s house) for some bush light and babes!!!”

    are you serious? I’m going to have to alert the authorities just to keep my city safe.

  50. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    we’re still stopping at every tim hortons on the way right?!

    I’m bringing the funyuns!

  51. grabs

    one day theyll name a sandwich after me. hopefully its a fluffernutter or something weird.

    oh my god bring me some timbis or a maple glazed!

  52. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    DEAL!!! (only if we get to use your personal booth at w77)

  53. tr- i bought a half dozen jars of fluff for my pb n fluff sandwiches. i love the stuff!! i also sometimes make pb+j+fluff!!! mmmmm good. “mama and papa were layin in bed, mama rolled over this is what she said, PT!! PT!!! GOOD FOR U! AND GOOD FOR ME!!!” name that flick

  54. Babs, I wouldn’t be flattered. They can’t sell the tickets for fifth of the face value. My guess is, knowing your second passion, they hope you’ll bring some animals to fill up the place. I can offer Casey. Very cute Yorkie, not very big, but he produces so much crap, man. That’ll fill the place up real fast!

  55. wicky

    you let me know when you are comin here and ill make sure we have a table. dyin for some wings now, lol.


    my fave – eggos + nutella + fluff + choc. brownie ice cream + syrup.

    maybe that could be my dessert there? ill have to bring it up this weekend, lol.

  56. no wuckin furries laurel. the city will be saved!! captain clutch will come in and save the day dont u worry. us hooligans wont stand a chance vs the clutchmaster himself. he’ll start talking and after a few minutes we’ll all either be in a coma or die from boredom

  57. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    I think so, they used to have them in st louis when I was in grad school a few years ago!

  58. wll, bones and bonettes, im gonna eat and crash. anybody seen somerset lately??? mako- shes still in our league right? i havent heard or seen her here in awhile.

  59. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    Night laurel!

    I loved the staals and ginger kids comparison on that link earlier!

  60. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    so i received a twitter message earlier that said bobby granger is now a wrestler!

  61. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    That was funny stuff, thanks tomb (or is it tom b???)!

    Well, i’m frakking exhausted from taking happy remembrance/vets day calls from the family all day (really cool that they do it though) so i’m going to bed! Night all and have an anti-rozy d man night!

  62. how long is too long w/o Rangers hockey? i say, 1 day! And i am being reasonable here…

    Cant wait for the game tonight!

    Happy Belated Veterans Day!

  63. happy thursday!! i wont be here tonight guys. gotta work a split. cccp, dont cry buddy, i’ll be back. hope hank is ok to play. message to AA- this is your time now buddy!! i predicted you would step up and be our top center this year, so dont let me down, or gregs gonna remind me of it 5 years from now!! haha greg, hows duby doin?? lol j/k buddy. i had to after all the fuss over him this offseason.

  64. anybody see at the bottom of the screen it says ”
    Bad Behavior has blocked 3981 access attempts in the last 7 days.” dayumm!! we got sooo many trolls here or a few trolls who keep tryin to post. but carp has cleaned the blog up and its better than ever now. anybody remember the guy who would post” i finally got into legitimate business!! thru the roof!! or chimney. lol stupid trolls.

  65. I remember a few years ago somebody from the Caps ran into LQ( Morrison or Bradley). He was jumped right away by Ryan Hollweg. Who, in fact got his butt kicked. But that wasn’t the point. How many times do you guys think it should’ve been done this season?

  66. hey everybody! Long time no talk. I haven’t watched any hockey at all since the game vs. the Oilers. Going through withdrawal here.

  67. Grabachev: I see that bad behavior thing too…but it’s almost blacked out. What’s the deal with that?

    Hockey tonight!!! Let’s get this one guys!

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Our Superstar is playing!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    mmmmm Tims Double ,double!!! Happy late goodnight Laurel ~~~~come back…

    Whooohoo crash NY !!!?? Im in!! Im there!!! with a coke slurpee too!!! 3 stooges gonna get tanked and laid…ooops can I say that? Gonna get laid out drunk is all I ment ;)

  69. Does anybody here think it would be a good idea to make a push for Kovalchuk at the deadline? Atlanta is probably not going to make the playoffs, and if they keep Kovy, it’s going to be Panthers syndrome come the end of the season. I would have NO problem shipping Drury, Dubinsky/Lisin, a defensive prospect and a draft pick to get him. That would trim a lot of fat off the roster and could give us 2 bona-fide scoring lines. It would take some wrangling to fill in the rest, namely at center, but I think it’s something to consider

  70. That’s funny stuff. I knew Lisin was a comical guy, but didn’t know he had that good a sense of humor. Hopefully he keeps playing well too. Boyle is a beast. Cool guy too (although can be a d-bag at times, but thats everyone that I know that went to BC haha).

  71. Good hockey morning to you all!!!

    Finally a game tonight!

    Mike your trade proposals are pure comedy! And I sank because the NHL schedule sucks big Malkins!!! Most of my players were injured & or never played! Grrrrrrrrrrr

  72. SO,
    Pens lose its 3rd in a row and has NJ tonight?
    Caps Squeek by Isles in a SO last night. Host Minny Tmw.
    And Philly has a gimme game vs the Sens tonight..
    Isles have a gimme game vs the Canes Tmw.

    I’m not stressing yet, but with the Pens deflated with injuries and the Isles / Philly coming on strong, Coupled with NJ’s snoozer style tranquilizing opponents into letting their ambition as well as a goal slip away. It might be a good time to start racking up some points again.

    The rest of the month looks pretty good to do just that. Out of 18 pts, I say we come away with 13-14. yeah thats pretty optomistic. We finish the month with a pens home and home. I think we beat the Caps and grab at least one pt from the pens. the rest, barring a meltdown, we should string along nicely. I cant wait to see nash play on the 23rd. I want him wearing Ranger Blue BAD…

  73. My bad – included an old link somehow.
    (how did i do that? – thanks for the heads up Johnny D)

    here are the new valuations, Rangers are #2:

    “The most valuable team was the Toronto Maple Leafs, which saw its estimated value rise 5 percent to $470 million, Forbes said. It was followed by the New York Rangers (up 1 percent to $416 million), Montreal Canadiens (up 2 percent to $339 million) and the Detroit Red Wings (up 11 percent to $337 million).”

  74. Glad to see that these guys get along off the ice, and as a non season tickets subscriber, its nice to get at least some insight into their personal lives & personality.

    However, after watching the on-ice product, you could have fooled me that these guys are “close” and good friends. When was the last time they stood up for one another ON THE ICE? I’ve seen Hank get run at least 20 times in the past 15 games. Other than the token shove, when was the last time someone really STOOD UP for him? Never.

    Re: the Drury cheap shot, I find it hard to believe that these guys dont watch replays in between periods, or get word from an announcer or insider, etc. about those kinds of plays.

    IMHO, This team is the most frustrating team to watch since the lockout. They have significantly more skill (and size, believe it or not) then they’ve had in some time, yet they show no heart or emotion on the ice.

  75. The Devils have 5 regulars out with injuries but yet have found a way to win 6 in a row and maintain the best winning percentage in the Entire NHL!
    Boy I love being a Devils fan. Always success.
    Lou is a God.

  76. I may be a fecal fan..but somebody please look at the NHL Standings!!!!!!!

    1994 FOREVER!

  77. Of course I love Marty! Check out all of the NHL alltime records he has!!!

    Martin Brodeur – NHL All Time Records Held

    Minutes Played in a Single Season – 4,697 – 2006-07
    Most Wins in a Single Season- 48 – 2006-07
    Most Consecutive 30 Win Seasons – 12 – 1995-96 through 2007-08
    Most consecutive 35-win seasons (11)
    Most 40 Win Seasons – 7 – 1997-98, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2002-03, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08
    Most Consecutive 40 Win Seasons – 3 – 2005-06 through 2007-08
    Most All-Time OT Wins – 52
    Most All-Time Shootout Wins – 26
    Most Shootout Shots Against in a Single Seasons – 60 – 2006-07
    Most All-Time Shootout Shots Against – 141
    Most Consecutive Post-Season Starts – 158
    Best Post-Season Goals-Against Average All-Time – 1.96
    Most Shutouts in a Post-Season Series – 3 (tie), 2003 Stanley Cup Finals vs. Anaheim
    Most shutouts in a Post Season (7, in 2002-03)
    Most Combined Shutouts (Regular & Post-Season) – 96, 22
    Only NHL goaltender to score a game-winning goal
    One of only two NHL goalies to score a goal in both the regular season and the playoffs
    First goaltender in history to have 3 shutouts in 2 different playoff series. (1995 against Boston Bruins, 2003 against Anaheim Ducks )

    Most consecutive opening night starts with one team (15)

    Most Wins All Time – 566

    Possibly Set soon
    Most Regular Season Shutouts – 102, current; T. Sawchuk, 103
    Most Games Played All Time by a Goaltender -1,012, current; P. Roy, 1,029
    Most 30 Win Seasons – 12, current; P. Roy, 12
    Most Minutes All Time – 59,811 current; P. Roy, 60,225
    Most Post-Season Shutouts – 23, current ; P. Roy, 23

    First Game/First Win – March 26, 1992, Bos. 2 @ NJ 4 (24 saves)
    100th Win – January 14, 1997, Bos. 2 @ NJ 4 (21 saves)
    200th Win – April 14, 1999, NJ 2 @ Buf. 1 (29 saves)
    300th Win – December 15, 2001, NJ 2 @ Ott. 0 (39 saves)
    400th Win – March 23, 2004, NJ 4 @ Fla. 3 (OT) (21 saves)
    500th Win – November 17, 2007, NJ 6 @ Phi. 2 (26 saves)
    First Shutout – October 20, 1993, Ana. 0 @ NJ 4 (18 saves)
    Most Shots Against – 47, April 10, 1994, NJ 2 @ Fla. 2
    Most Saves – 45, April 10, 1994, NJ 2 @ Fla. 2
    First Goal – April 17, 1997, Montreal 2 @ NJ 5
    First Assist – January 31, 1995, Buf. 1 @ NJ 2



    Can’t wait for the Rags to get THRASHED TONIGHT.
    And wow..look at those DEVILS BABY!!!!! LOU IS JUST AWESOME.

    by the way i was at the devils ducks game last night..and there was a great crowd…16,500!!!!! not bad for a wed night vs. the Ducks.

  78. Those records are meaningless when you have 5 goalies in front of you. Gump Worsley was a better goaltender

  79. Imposter again! Carp said he knew who the imposter was and would ban him the next time!

    Why are the rangers always in shambles??? seriously. answer me that question and then I will be done.

    The devils always are competitive and are just good. There can’t be a single answer buy I would like to know how a team can always be in shambles and another team always solid…

  80. I’m a big fan of Marty’s.

    Without him, “Matteau!, Matteau!, Matteau!, Stephane Matteau!” isn’t as sweet.

    Warms my heart, and I think of Marty every time i hear see or hear it.

    It’s at about the 1:08 mark in this cup run video:

  81. Bob,

    so why doesn’t every team employ the devils system in order to produce such a good goalie?

    He didnt have 5 goalies in front of him when he won the Olympic gold medal my friend!

  82. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    you forgot a few:

    Most Doughnuts eaten in a week – 5,000 bear-claws, downed with 200 gallons of yoohoo

    Given the “Most Pathetic Person” award for sleeping with his sister in-law.

    “Golden Pacifier” Award for being a big fat cry baby. 15 years in a row, had to share it last year with Crosby.

    Oh yeah, it is quite bright to compare someone who is close to the end of their career to someone who is just starting their career.

    Compare the first 4 – 5 years of each and you will be surprise how close they are both in numbers. I believe Henrik has better numbers in some categories. Also, this is without the need to play the boring trap system with him in net.

    This is breaking my own rule of actually acknowledging the troll, but this is the only time I will.

  83. Why is it everybody bashes the Devils “system” (even though there were 7 coaches)..but yet say the devils success and marty’s is all because of the system?? it just makes no sense.

  84. Thanks Gravey. You guys are all so creative. If Avery didn’t call marty a fatty none of you would have nothing to say!
    You like all ranger fans and the entire organization are followers…not leaders..

    Headlined by your coach and captain!

    i hope you all enjoy mediocracy year after year… to be a ranger fan.

  85. Gravey,

    By this time in the queens career Marty already won a Stanley cup, was the calder trophy winner, and had more wins, more shutouts, more play off victories, better GAA, better save percentage and on and on..
    so whats your point? the comparissons lean heavily at Martin “the best goaltender of all time” Brodeur.

  86. Oh good, they can pull the goalie when Kovalchuk’s on the ice. He has problems with those empty-netters.

  87. I thought we weren’t going to respond to the attention queen. C’mon guys. Leave the pathetic kid alone. Clearly he has problems…if we let him be, he can get out of his chair, finally out of his house, and maybe get a friend or two and interact with people face to face instead of through the interwebs. I know it’s hard not to respond to such a moron, but responding gives him pleasure since he never ever gets attention anywhere else.
    When we’ve ignored him in the past he gets very testy…its quite fun to watch. Like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum.

  88. Heyo-

    I just read this blog but I would like to jump in the ring for a bit. I guess there’s some rule or something that I can’t talk to local fun, but whatever.

    so yeah, this whole marty thing. Yeah I’ll be honest, he’s a freak of nature. Great goalie who was able to start playing that way at a really young age. I think that is his most amazing feat. Lundqvist probably can have an equal track record for the rest of his career, but he didn’t start playing they way at 18.

    Now with Mart being in our division, I vividly remember the years of going what seemed for infinity trying to get a win against the devils. And marty didn’t stop reminding of us about that. The sweep in 2004-2005 wasn’t so great of a feeling either.

    But what Avery did was show his weakness: that players and fans can easily get in his head. Standing up to brodeur after so many years is exactly what every fan was looking for. Looking over the past 5 years of rangers and devils games, you can find many times that brodeur let a softie in (Especially game 1 to callahan two years ago) because players (Like avery) have gotten to him.

    I think this is why the fatso talk continues. He gets raged up when people poke at him and it throws him off his game.

    On top of this, he hasn’t done anything to hide his agitation. He has called avery alot of bad things and I do specificly remember a very jealous moment when he mentioned lundqvist’s playing style was weird.

    Finally, and this is the most important point for me, he isn’t the most stellar human being off the ice. I’ll leave it at that.

    Therefore, the fatso chants continue .

    By the way local fan, I just enjoy coming here and having some fun. why do you have to come here every day and ruin it? can’t you try to have a more positive impact on life and do something like community service instead of trash talk some people on a website? just curious…

  89. I have no problem whatsoever ignoring the little troll I just scroll past when I see him have no interest of what he has to say I wish everyone would try to do the same

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