Leetch memories


* Did you know that when Brian Leetch first showed up to join the Rangers as a teenager, his teammates — I think Ron Greschner might have been behind it — nicknamed him “Norm” after the Cheers character? I think it was because he had a fat little face when he was young. But that chubby mug turned into one of the most fit, aerobic, durable athletes in any sport ever.

leetch* When Leetch signed his first big contract, it was soon followed by the arrival of Mark Messier and his own heftier contract. Somebody asked Leetch if he was going to ask to renegotiate. Leetch didn’t think that was a joke. But he answered: “I would really have to mess up for this (contract) not to be enough.”

* Does anybody remember the late-1980s end-to-end rush against the Flyers (not the one they showed during the induction ceremony)? He went through every one of them once, and one of them twice, before scoring on Ron Hextall. The last guy he faked out of his skates was a kid named Mark Freer. John Vanbiesbrouck said, “That kid must have thought he was in a Michael Jackson video.” (I can’t believe I wrote Vanbiesbrouck’s name in three different posts the last 24 hours).

* The other goal I’ll never forget is the one he scored against the Devils in Game 7 in ’94, the spin move on Bill Guerin and the shot past Martin Brodeur. But it was the stop and spin, and the noise that Leetch’s skates used to make when he made that hard stop or hard spin, that stands out in my memory.

* Perhaps his greatest assist was the one in Vancouver during the Stanley Cup final, when he came through the middle. His shoulder was wrecked by then, frozen by the trainers and doctors about every game. He came across the blue line and two Canucks — and, boy did they target him for punishment — hacked him on the way in. Leetch still made the play and sent Alexei Kovalev in for a huge goal, breaking a 2-2 tie with under five minutes left in Game 4. He was slashed so hard, and because his shoulder was so bad, Leetch couldn’t raise either arm to celebrate the goal. By the way, he had a goal and three assists in that game, and pulled down Pavel Bure for a penalty shot that you might recall.

* There are so many memories. Some of them, I have no idea why they come to the forefront. But one is Phil Esposito — I don’t know why or how, if he was disillusioned of if he’d had a a couple of drinks or if he was just lying — claimed he drafted Leetch. It was Craig Patrick who drafted Leetch, of course.

*Nobody, nobody, nobody ever kept the puck in at the point like Leetch. Did I say nobody?

* On a personal note, when I wrote my book about Mark Messier, I asked Brian to write the foreword. I told him that I couldn’t possibly pay him to do it, and my publisher was way too cheap to pay him. Not only did he say he would do it, but he did a great job, and on the day we did it he first treated me to a round of golf with him at his club, and lunch at a nice restaurant.

I could go on for hours. Adam Graves is the nicest person I’ve ever met in sports. But Brian is probably the player I know best, from the moment he arrived to now, and probably my favorite Ranger ever.


I owe the Rangers an apology. I always get on them for their supersecrecy regarding injuries … and I must have missed it Monday, but they did indeed announce that Dubinsky has a broken hand. Sorry. My bad.

Still hoping to get to the game Thursday, but not guaranteed.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Brian Leetch , a class act!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    GoodMorning Mr Carp and sassy Sally, I did get “Carped” on the last thread…awww it’s ok , I’m first today and thats all that matters!!!

    That pass from Leetch to Kovalev made me jump out of my seat!!!! We won the cup and I cried that day, ahhh the chants of 1994 gave me goosebumps at the end, awsome!!

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Brian Leetch , a class act!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    awww Gravey , no fair!!! So my 3rd ,3rd isn’t really my 3rd? It is kinda cheating , ok your 2nd dude , good job…now to watch yer utube link , cool. I’m still first and that all that matters today!!!

  3. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Great Post.

    Leetch is the greatest actual New York Ranger of all time (so far), and one of the top 10 NHL defenseman of all time.

  4. Someone had an argument last night that maybe Chelios and Hull should be mentioned as the best American-born NHL players along with Leetch. Combination of skills and class, there is no comparison.

  5. awesome post carp!! dont remember too much anymore of the early 90’s and playoffs series, so thanks for some of those stories. i actually havent seen any games(playoff or non playoff) except game 6 in jersey, and the cup final game 7 since they happened,(ohh wait, i saw a playoff game from 86 against montreal too). i used to have a whole crap-ton of vhs tapes from ranger games when i was a kid. and had the whole playoffs from 94 taped!!! but all got ruined. i used to tape every game(my dad suggested it, because when i couldnt go out and play hockey, i would watch old games in the summer or in between games that year). if anybody knows if i can get the whole 94 playoffs on dvd please let me know. id love to have all the games back. not just the finals. all 4 series.

    on a different note, i had to say something because i cant resist. sry guys but i laughed hard as ever and it could be one of the “dumbest posts” of the year award, when local fan wrote-” the rock even has the jersey logo on the seats”!! damn, i wonder what those jersey logos smells like after 3 hours of stinky hineys farting on them all night!! mmm beer n nachos baby!!

  6. yea ilb, they were all household names id hear all the time in my house and my buddies would always talk about getting some or all on the rangers at some point. man we used to love trying to be little ranger gm’s in the school cafeteria. i remember we all came to the conclusion that we should trade anyr young prospect at the time to make a mini ranger all star team. but we didnt take into account that most of the stars we wanted on the rangers were in early mid 30’s lol. there was no cap then so we thought it was even remotely possible. but my one friend who was a few grades higher than me used to mess with us and tell us that leetch was traded for chelios and at the time that was almost grounds to get jumpedand beat up by us hooligans, but then he would make up stupid trades that actually could have been made and were plausible, so wed try to find a teacher with newsday or some newspaper and look for it in the sports section. of course he was always messin with us.

  7. Greschner probably was behind the Norm nickname. He was named Patty by his teammates cause he looked like Patty Hearst. Probably the most overlooked talent that I remember from Leetch, and boy do we miss it today, was that for a defenseman that wasn’t too big, he used his body in front of the net. Not big blows, just enough to tie up the guy in front of the crease. All of our defensemen now don’t tie anybody up but look for the puck with 2 hands on their stick instead of roughing up the guy in front.

  8. Carp, first of all, such a great post! It is rare that we get to see the “Fan” side of you, and you can definitely see the “fan” in you of Leetch.

    I love that Leetch ALWAYS thanks Beuk. Every single time he speaks, he mentions Mess, Graves, Richter. The other “Jersey retirement” guys. But he makes sure that he mentions his defense partner the Beeeeeeeuuuuuk. Without Beuk, Leetch would have still been a great player, but having that reliable bodyguard type big bodied stay at home defenseman back there, gave him much more freedom.

  9. Someone had an argument last night that maybe Chelios and Hull should be mentioned as the best American-born NHL players along with Leetch. Combination of skills and class, there is no comparison.


    That was me. I said that Chelios might not be better, but in his prime he was regarded every bit as a top D as Leetch was. In terms of offense Leetch was better, but Chelios had a mean streak that Leetch couldn’t match.

    Leetch was certainly a better all around player than Hull, but Hull got paid to score goals and as a pure goal scorer (not like Gretzky or Lemieux who were also set up men),
    Hull might be the best there ever was. And while he had 3 monster seasons in a row early in his career, which were in the middle of 5 straight years of 54 goals or more, he was still a 30 goal scorer well into his late 30’s. Up until the mid 90’s when ESPN started showing more Western/Campbell conference games I never understood the big deal about Hull, but after watching him in a World Cup of hockey game at MSG in 1996 there was little doubt that the guy was put on this planet to score goals.

  10. “Nobody, nobody, nobody ever kept the puck in at the point like Leetch. Did I say nobody?”

    ain’t it the truth? He was ridiculously good at that. Watching games you felt like the other team couldn’t clear the puck past the left point on the power play. I remember playing hockey as a kid, when someone kept the puck in at the point we’d say “he did a Leetch!”

    A classy, humble guy, we were lucky to have seen his brilliant career.

  11. Don’t get me wrong I was a huge Leetch fan. The jersey he’s wearing in that picture is the first customized jersey I ever got (Christmas present in 1994). I switched from wing to D most likely because of him in the playoffs that year.

    Now granted I didn’t follow the playoffs religiously the years the Rangers weren’t in them and I know there’s been some great individual performances that have been worthy of the Conn Smythe, but Leetch’s run in 1994 was one for the ages.

    Every round he made his mark. He set up and scored a few goals that set off the demolition of the Isles in the first round, to be honest the 2nd round vs the Caps is a blur all I remember is Tik trying to kiss one of the Caps players in an after the whistle scrum and then of course his goal in regulation in Game 7 vs the Devils. His SCF performance needs no mention.

  12. Gotta give it up to Brian Leetch. Amazing player. Seems like an even better person. I would have loved him to be on the Devils.

  13. Blueshirt in Paris on


    You can get it on DVD, look on Amazon. The did cut out some parts but most of what you need to see is there.

  14. I can remember when Chelios was traded to the Black Hawks for Denni Savard. The guys were saying how the habs got the best of the deal, and the Hawks must be crazy, Savard was so talented. I thought it was a pretty smart move for the Hawks. Chelios was young, and If you needed a D man who would play with an edge he was the guy. Plus he would score you some goals. He was a smart player that feared no one at that time.

  15. Carp, thanks for the post about Leetch memories!! It gives us fans some insight into our favorite players that we can never get anywhere else!! When your job becomes drudgery & you get tired of saying how “I’m not a fan” because its just a job, just remember how we fans can never get close to our team and how much of a service you are doing for us, relating your personal interactions with our heroes!! Thanks Carp!! Leetch is my favorite Ranger as well and like most, marveled at his almost supernatural ability to keep the puck in at the point!!! How he never seemed to get beat one-on-one and how he always seemed to get back on D after an offensive rush up ice!! One other thing, that points to his professionalism, I NEVER saw Leetch argue with a referee after getting a penalty!! He just skated to the penalty box, never turning back to give the ref any lip!! Such a classy player and from what you see in videos about his family, a pretty classy family too! Thanks again, Carp!

  16. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Great POst about Leetch Carp

    And We all knew you were a ranger fan at heart

    By the way, Did you guys/gals hear last nights news about Fatso?

    Per TSN: Brodeur to miss 2-3 months.

    Supposedly he tripped last night trying to sneak into his other sister in laws bedroom and tore his ACL, and has a groin tear.


  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Brian Leetch , a class act!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Fatso is hurt ,as a Canadian wanting him as our starting goalie…yeah it sucks Broduer is hurt BUT as a Ranger fan , AWSOME NEWS!!! Too bad no one in NJ knows about it cuz thats the last place hockey news is told. Everytime I sit down on a seat in the meadowlands I can fart on the NJ logo?…ahh sweet!!

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Brian Leetch , a class act!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Yeah Laurel , Wicky pulled a “you” , it was good.

  19. I love Ranger fans. If you can’t be winners..just talk about Marty Being a Fatso and the fact that the Rangers average 2,000 more fans a game!

    Total Ranger Mentality there!
    1994 Forever! This one will last a life time! Just like the last one!!!

    Ha how pathetic.

  20. Thanks Carp – Brian Leetch will always be my favorite Ranger – I’m loving all your memories – keep them coming!

  21. Leetch has been my favorite hockey player for as long as i can remember. I knew the names of players before him, I knew the teams they played for. I watched and cheered for their sick moves and brutal defensive play. Goals Finess and Brutality. I never got behind a player or asociated with a player like #2. I hope that it happens again for the sake of hockey in general. #99, #10, #9, all have meaning.. but #2 fully embodied my dedication and enthusiasm for the game. BRAVO to all inductee’s. Very happy for the NHL today, they truly got it right this year.

    Wicky, USN 20+ on Submarines.

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    No Ranger held the puck at the point like Leetch… pre-Rozsival era! Rozsival’s skills on the PP are so unique, almost mythical! That could never be said of Leetch’s skills.

  23. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Man, I wish Leetch could’ve played forever. He was and will always be my favorite hockey player ever and is the reason that to this day I am still a Rangers fan.

  24. Great memories of the greatest Ranger and American born player, Brian Leetch. I remember him not being able to raise his arms. I miss watching him play.

    “I owe the Rangers an apology. I always get on them for their supersecrecy regarding injuries … and I must have missed it Monday, but they did indeed announce that Dubinsky has a broken hand. Sorry. My bad.”

    Carp I think you owe almost every team in the NHL an apology because pretty much all of them do it (unless a serious injury like Hossa or Dubinsky).

  25. “My time in Toronto and Boston was short,” Leetch said. “But wearing the maple leaf and spoked B on my jersey, I was proud of that.”

  26. I couldn’t find anything about Fatso on TSN. Anyone have a link to the news that he’s out 2-3 months?

  27. AFLY,

    the poster said marty was out 2-3 months tripping over himself trying to have an affair with his other sister in law. You really believe that? C’mon.

  28. I realize that I am in an extreme minority of Ranger fans when I say that I believe Brian Leetch is overrated. I saw him play way too mediocre in the post-Cup years (think ’97 – ’03) to consider him a God among defensemen.

    However, during the ’94 playoffs Leetch was an absolute beast on the ice and the Rangers wouldn’t have won the Cup without him.

  29. Wannabe- in fact, during those “dark” years I was always looking forward to seeing Leetch play. The team behind him was awful, but he was always a bright spot.

  30. Carp:

    What was the deal with that Beezer using the n-word story a few years back? I always loved him and that incident soured me on him, which I’m still bummed about. Any insight there? The MSG team never really addressed it head on (shocker). Stupid moment? Less amicable guy than we thought as fans?



  31. I have to admit, when the Rangers drafted Leetch in 1986 I said Oh no! Another small finesse player who was then listed at about 5’10 170. Remember we had just come out of the smurf era with Herb Brooks, and small players were the last thing we wanted to see.I had said we should have tried to take George Pelawa a power forward who was huge at the time, and who was picked by the Flames. He died tragically in a car accident not long after the draft.But Leetch came into the NHL, grew some more, and well, the rest is history. Congrats Brian, the best home grown Ranger ever!

  32. Didn’t hear Leetch mention Sather — good for him. Of Sather’s many disgraceful actions as GM, the cold, classless and callous dumping of Brian Leetch ranks as one of his worst.

  33. Morning carp, zzzzz, grabs, laurel, and all!!


    Yes I “laureled” last night!


    Morning bubblehead!

    Great post carp! Hope everyone has an anti-rozy and anti-cally day!

  34. Sather let Leetch know about the trade to Toronto by phone and gave him the news on Leetchy’s birthday. Sather’s a real piece of work.

    1983 Playoff “Smurf” Sweep Of Flyers Video


    Tonight I talk to Ex- Ranger Kevin Miller on the Radio.
    Tomorrow I talk to Ex- Ranger Carey Wilson
    Friday – I talk To Theo Fleury

  35. Speaking of Theo Fleury, I’m about halfway through his autobiography…it is an unbelievable read, to say the least. Has anyone else read it?

  36. Nasty the seats are section 413 row G (which is the last row)

    what I would do if I were you (and what we have done) is buy a third ticket for the cheapest price possible and then one of you stand behind the seats (people do this all the time. Actually Jo stands sometimes even when its just the two of us) It actually helps you get a better view of the closer net. So don’t try to get one close to the section just be willing to stand behind the seats (it makes it easier for beer/soda/popcorn runs as well :)

  37. Carp I remember that goal like it was yesterday…the on against the Flyers and hextall..My friend and I had season tix from 89-97 and we were at that game and still talk about…I think that is the greatest 1 on 6 goal I have ever seen…I have a huge framed artwork of that goal\picture on my wall signed by leetch and the artist…I HAD to buy it when I saw it. great memories, hopefully we will be saying the same thing about DZ 20 years from know.

  38. Leetch is the man, it’s too bad that I only saw him play as a Leaf, and Bruin. I loved watching those old clips of him though. Seems like we all thought Staal would be the closest thing to Leetch, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen. Maybe Del Z can be half the player he was.

    Anyway, how much is Adam Mair making ? He’s a physical forward who’ll stick up for his teammates. Pop him on the 4th line, and dump Brash*t in the dumpster he was born in.

  39. TSN reports:

    Veteran Buffalo Sabres forward Adam Mair has been placed on waivers, with the other 29 NHL teams given until noon Tuesday to put a claim on him.

    Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier said the team has a glut of forwards with the addition of Tim Kennedy and Mike Grier, and he tried trading the 30-year-old Mair but couldn’t find any takers.

    If Mair isn’t claimed, the Sabres could either keep him or send him and his US$775,000 salary to the Portland Pirates of the American Hockey League. Mair has played just three games this season, missing the first four after undergoing arthroscopic hip surgery.

    The Hamilton native played 72 or more games each of the past three seasons. He has played in more than 10 NHL seasons, including seven with the Sabres.

  40. Leetch really exceled his first full year in the NHL under Michel Bergeron. They played the umbrella power play that year, that is why Leetch scored so many goals. He was high man up so he was able to load the gun on his slapshots.

  41. fleury’s book sucks..all the book is is a venue to take shots at almost everyone that has affected his life

    he’s really really full of himself and it really shows in the book…i had to put it down halfway through because i couldn’t take it anymore…plus it’s written like a gorilla was dictating

  42. I tend to not get attached to players nowadays; Brian Leetch was the last one. I still sometimes wear #2 when I play soccer. I remember how devastated I was when he crashed into the boards and broke his ankle.

  43. Grabs, I recorded all of the series in ’94, And game 5 against Washington with my un-used ticket for that game, I bought it from a friend who couldn’t go, but I didn’t want to jinx them so the tkt is in the VHS box. Pre-game, and Post game, all commercials skiped. They are on new tapes sitting in a box in my bedroom. I should get them transferred to DVD before they go bad, and I don’t have a VHS player anymore. Anyone know a place to get them transferred?

  44. Oh, any by the way, I gained 20lbs throughout the playoffs because I ate the game meal every night! Franks and beans with french fries. Nah I’m not supersticious.

  45. Ag,
    Thank you so much for the info and for thinking of me when it came to the tix. Very much appreciated. I got a single in section 411 for 48 bucks off the ticket exchange. Now I can bring my wife and daughter. She has been wanting to go to a game since the season started.

    Quick funny story. My daughter woke up from her nap on Sunday, and comes downstairs in her Rangers jersey. She wipes her eyes and says, “Daddy, Rangers on tonight?”
    I said, “No baby, not until Thursday night.”
    She responds, “Yankees on tonight?”
    I said, “No, the Yankees are done for the season, they are the Champs and baseball is over now.”
    She shrugged her shoulders and said, “Hmmm, so what is on tonight then?”

    HAHA, HILARIOUS. That’s my girl! I am raising her the right way. My wife just looked at me and shook her head.

  46. It’s OK, Laurel. Carp has been a verb for awhile. He’s been carping people so often, it looks like he enjoys being a verb.

  47. Nasty, Great story but I have one question for you. How do you get a 4 year old to take a nap? I’ve got 2 of them and they haven’t napped in about 2 years. I’m jealous!!

  48. You slip ’em some beer while watching football on Sunday. You gotta start sports fandom early…lest they become a Islanders/Devils/Red Sox/Phillies/Patriots/Cowboys/Eagles fan.

  49. My son stopped napping at 3 1/2 and my daughter at 18 months…I’d kill for a nap these days (theyr 7 1/2 and 5 respectively).

  50. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    So if I’m reading this right… Slats and Torts are saying there’s no need to recall someone from HFD and no need to sign anyone.

    That means:

    Lisin – Prospal – Gabby
    Avery – AA – Callahan
    Kotalik – Higgins – Brash/Voros
    Brash – Boyle – Voros


    1st two lines as above and
    Higgins – Boyle – Kotalik
    with an above center with Brash/Voros on the 4th

    Talk about shortening your bench.

  51. You gotta be careful with girls though CT, eventually they grow up and become engaged to, and later marry, guys who are fans from other teams and for some reason unbeknownst to humanity, convert to the dark side and pretty much stick a knife in their mom’s heart and twist it until it hurts so badly you can’t feel anymore….

    No, I am NOT bitter!!!

  52. Linda: Gotta raise the girls strong so they don’t drift to the dark side! My daughter can name every team and tells her Grandparents who to root for (they are dark side).

  53. I put a little Southern Comfort in her juice. Just kidding. She has a 2 year old brother, and she usually goes down for a nap when he does. Some days she doesn’t, but more often than not she still will take one. It is very nice for Mrs. Nasty and myself.

  54. I’m sure CCCP and Carp would disagree, but naps are overrated.

    Kidding aside, I’ll tell you since I do this for a living, despite many books saying otherwise, kids don’t always need to nap during the day. Let them choose, some will, some won’t

  55. Here is some hockey news for ya: Luongo is coming back to the Canucks! It’s a good thing they didn’t have him when we played them.

  56. Does anyone else have any issues viewing the videos on the Rangers On Demand site? I cant seem to view any of the videos from home or work. Work probably blocks it, but home I should be able to view it. I run Vista on what i used to use as a gaming machine. It has been about a year since this issue has started. Maybe it was about the time that they changed their format. Just wondering if there was some patch/workaround that I should have or install.

    Bubblehead and proud of it.

  57. CCCP,

    Its crazy the devils have a fatty in goal. He has more wins. A better GAA and a a better save percentage then your goalie. So I guess i would rather have a “fatty” in goal.
    ha you loser.

  58. CCCP,

    I forgot to mention Marty is a three time stanley cup winner, is the all-time winningist goalie in NHL History, one shutout away from the NHL all time mark as well..
    not to shabby for a fatty.

    what has your queen accomplished in his Ranger career? absolutely NOTHING!

    seriously, Once the quenn does anything other then win a lot of shoot out victories, then open your mouth. I wonder why he is so good during the shoot out? Maybe because he looks like the michellin man with all of those pads. Have him and Marty stand next to eachother and then look for yourselves how huge the queen is compared to MARTY BRODEUR THE BEST GOALIE IN NHL HISTORY.

  59. no problem viewing rangers on demand for me…watching the videos right now through IE… try cleaning browser cookies or try using Firefox browser.

  60. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I thought Leetch pinched a nerve in his neck going into boards head first? (not ankle). I think local fan is right, leetch twisted his ankle getting out of a cab at the end of the first or second round series in 92 or 95 (I think he was out celebrating their victory).

    Leetch, post-97, lost his defensive ability. I don’t know why, but he just couldn’t play defense anymore and would get caught out of position and perhaps was too aged to catch up whereas when he was young he’d make up for his mistakes (similar to how Gilroy takes chances but still gets back). Leetch was great, but I also understand wannabe’s comments about him being over-rated.

  61. Rick

    That was a fantastic post!! Thank you so much! It brought back some great memories. I have a VHS of Leetch’s rookie year & boy you knew he was going to be something special. So many great memories of him. He is a class act all the way and one of my favorite Rangers of all time. I actually went out & bought the gold Easton aluminum shaft he used to play with when I was younger & easton Rangers red white &
    blue gloves lol he wore those into the ground.

    hmmmm last I checked Lundqvist broke an NHL record that no other goalie in history did. 4 consecutive 30 win seasons. Fatty never did that did he? ;) ;) ;)

  62. It was something like he slipped on ice getting out of a cab, rumor at the time was he was drunk coming home from night club.

  63. CCCP

    nope. Just answering “it” back with out directly answering shim ;)

    I was speaking “through” you lol

  64. True Fan,

    Isn’t it amazing how I know more about Rangers history then some posters here?


    Are you joking?

    hmmmm last I checked Lundqvist broke an NHL record that no other goalie in history did. 4 consecutive 30 win seasons. Fatty never did that did he? ;) ;) ;)

    Some of Brodeurs Records,

    Most Consecutive 30 Win Seasons – 12 – 1995-96 through 2007-08
    Most consecutive 35-win seasons (11)
    Most 40 Win Seasons – 7 – 1997-98, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2002-03, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08
    Most Consecutive 40 Win Seasons – 3 – 2005-06 through 2007-08

    haha its such a joke that you think the queen has a record that Marty Actually has! Some “fan” you are.

  65. jlone

    yep, you guys are ok in my book, gave us rides every once in a while.

    I’m not trying to get too involved in any dicussion about marty, but his wins are products of the system he played in and the league rules at the time. Roy was a 100 times better than marty will ever be and I would take Roy over marty in any game!

  66. All of you guys say I know nothing.

    One of you posted you cried when Leetch broke his ankle going into the boards. Thats an odd memory to have since it never happened! SO i was right…he hurt it getting out of a cab..

    and then Mako says something as dumb as;

    “hmmmm last I checked Lundqvist broke an NHL record that no other goalie in history did. 4 consecutive 30 win seasons. Fatty never did that did he? ;) ;) ;)”

    When Marty at 12 Consecutive 30 win Seasons!!!!


  67. I figured i would educate you guys a little bit:

    Martin Brodeur – NHL All Time Records Held

    Minutes Played in a Single Season – 4,697 – 2006-07
    Most Wins in a Single Season- 48 – 2006-07
    Most Consecutive 30 Win Seasons – 12 – 1995-96 through 2007-08
    Most consecutive 35-win seasons (11)
    Most 40 Win Seasons – 7 – 1997-98, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2002-03, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08
    Most Consecutive 40 Win Seasons – 3 – 2005-06 through 2007-08
    Most All-Time OT Wins – 52
    Most All-Time Shootout Wins – 26
    Most Shootout Shots Against in a Single Seasons – 60 – 2006-07
    Most All-Time Shootout Shots Against – 141
    Most Consecutive Post-Season Starts – 158
    Best Post-Season Goals-Against Average All-Time – 1.96
    Most Shutouts in a Post-Season Series – 3 (tie), 2003 Stanley Cup Finals vs. Anaheim
    Most shutouts in a Post Season (7, in 2002-03)
    Most Combined Shutouts (Regular & Post-Season) – 96, 22
    Only NHL goaltender to score a game-winning goal
    One of only two NHL goalies to score a goal in both the regular season and the playoffs
    First goaltender in history to have 3 shutouts in 2 different playoff series. (1995 against Boston Bruins, 2003 against Anaheim Ducks )

    Most consecutive opening night starts with one team (15)

    Most Wins All Time – 566

    Possibly Set soon
    Most Regular Season Shutouts – 102, current; T. Sawchuk, 103
    Most Games Played All Time by a Goaltender -1,012, current; P. Roy, 1,029
    Most 30 Win Seasons – 12, current; P. Roy, 12
    Most Minutes All Time – 59,811 current; P. Roy, 60,225
    Most Post-Season Shutouts – 23, current ; P. Roy, 23

    First Game/First Win – March 26, 1992, Bos. 2 @ NJ 4 (24 saves)
    100th Win – January 14, 1997, Bos. 2 @ NJ 4 (21 saves)
    200th Win – April 14, 1999, NJ 2 @ Buf. 1 (29 saves)
    300th Win – December 15, 2001, NJ 2 @ Ott. 0 (39 saves)
    400th Win – March 23, 2004, NJ 4 @ Fla. 3 (OT) (21 saves)
    500th Win – November 17, 2007, NJ 6 @ Phi. 2 (26 saves)
    First Shutout – October 20, 1993, Ana. 0 @ NJ 4 (18 saves)
    Most Shots Against – 47, April 10, 1994, NJ 2 @ Fla. 2
    Most Saves – 45, April 10, 1994, NJ 2 @ Fla. 2
    First Goal – April 17, 1997, Montreal 2 @ NJ 5
    First Assist – January 31, 1995, Buf. 1 @ NJ 2

  68. Whatever..This was about Brian Leetch. And even I can admit how great he was..and it sounds like he was a better person. I loved Leetch and wish he was a Devil.

  69. hahahah MAKO!! Great job, dude!

    see if you know what im saying:

    Mestniy Fanat ne prosto mudak… on koncheniy mudak! lol

  70. I’d spell it mudische. But close enough.

    Carp, we need a good, old fashioned CARPING here. Someone really doesn’t belong on this great post about Leetch.

  71. If you all read, I have constantly stated how much I love Leetch..
    but i went on my Marty tantrum have CCCP had to make his comments about marty for no reason other then he is obviously obessed with marty and he’s is bored so thats all he can write about.

  72. To be fair Local Fan was playing nice today and did give respect to Leetch.

    It wasn’t until someone brought up Marty that he went back to the snide comments.

  73. Leetch broke his ankle twice. Once falling into the boards in Toronto, and once slipping on ice. The time in Toronto was in a game (1989 I believe) that clinched the Patrick division for the Rangers. There first division title in quite some time. 1993 is when he slipped on the ice, a season in which they failed to make the playoffs.

  74. a local fan is 1 of the about 5000 devils fans. they have no fan base and marty the king adulterer is a great goalie but one lousy dude……….

  75. Stuart,

    Congrats. The Rangers have more fans. Shall I go on to explain my theory why? It has something to do with their daddys being ranger fans…and their daddys daddy being ranger fans..it takes generations..which the DEVILS do not have yet..but what we do have is 3 stanley cups and success every year.

  76. Hey *LOCO* FAN,

    Leetch broke both ankles, in separate occasions; you’re obviously too young to know that. If you’re questioning the validity of the info, feel free to verify it on your own. You are on the Internet after all, no?

  77. 5000? That’s more than the whole population of Newark. It looks so empty when you drive by at night.

  78. JBytes,

    I have to apologize. But even people on this board though I was right. I apologize again.

  79. Local fan,
    Like most guys here, I try to ignore you. But I think it is time you go away. You bring nothing to the table that shows you have any kind of hockey knowledge. Yes you know Marty stats, and the Devils record. Truth be told, nobody here cares about the Devils, so there for nobody cares about you. We already have a Ranger fan here that has no hockey knowledge, and there can only be one Orr.

  80. looks like i didnt miss much while i was working either.

    you missed a ton of fun last night.

    there was someone @ the bar last night from here. identify yourself! you were sitting right next to me w/ your friend.

  81. Bulldog,

    If nobody cares about the devils, even when im not here why do always see comments about marty and the attendence in newark?

    Could it be Jealously?

    the answer


    But its ok I get it. If i were in your shoes i would be even more jealous. Think about it…growing up watching a team grow and become the untimate model for an NHL team..win 3 stanley cups…build our own tradtition..you guys just have tradtion your daddys told you about…and a tradtition of mediocre play.

    Its great to be me and one of the few Devils fans!

  82. “”””””””””””””If nobody cares about the devils, even when im not here why do always see comments about marty and the attendence in newark?”””””””””””

    if you werent here how would you know what was being said?

    oh snap kid!\\

    suck on that! 8O <========8

  83. just what kind of guy do you think i am. it was not my wifes sister. it was my step bros wife. sheesh.

  84. Thrashers bench boss John Anderson says he’s “95 percent sure” Kovalchuk (foot) will return Thursday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

    Spin: As we reported earlier, Kovlachuk practiced Tuesday for the first time since breaking a bone in his right foot nearly three weeks ago. The Thrashers captain has missed six games with the injury, originally expected to keep him out four to six weeks. Kovalchuk said he would wait to see how his foot responded to the full practice on Wednesday before declaring himself ready to return.

  85. shoryuken, i requested you on live. my gamertag is ranger909. i dont have COD though. We could play halo or nhl 10.

  86. That Leetch ankle injury that happened in Toronto towards the end of the 89-90 season. He went hard into the boards and smashed it, and needed a few screws put in.

    It’s a shame because if he was available during that Caps series, maybe John Druce never becomes a cult legend in Landover. They had good records against the Bruins and Oilers that season too, what a shame.

    I kinda took Leetch for granted growing up because he was as constant as air and water. He was an mainstay in my youth and I’ll always appreciate what the guy did. I miss him on the ice now, he’d be great in a Torts system.

    During the lockout some Sports Memorabilia store in The Westchester in White Plains had a Leetch Liberty T-shirt jersey on clearance and I snatched that up. I remember some people who weren’t Rangers fans I worked with giving me crap about how I’m wearing an “old player’s” shirt on casual Fridays, to which I always said that his number is going up to the rafters of MSG soon enough.

    And now he’s in The Hall….well done!

  87. Mike A- thanks. We all forgot that this post is called Leetch memories. When and if the blogpapa decides to call it Marty memories, we will all jump in, I’m sure.

  88. Versus promised me Crosby vs Chara, but who are all these other people wearing similar clothing? They’re just getting in the way.


    I guess Carpinello had his nose so far up Leetch’s butt he forgot that selfish clown getting wrecked and breaking his ankle in 93 or trashing the hotel rooms in Nagano or missing the playoffs with Messier and Richter on hockey’s most expensive teams with the least character and chemistry with Leetch too worried about his points to bother playing defense.

    Leetch never signed for any discounts. Meanwhile Yashin, Kvasha and Milbury kept beating out Leetch-ME-$$IER and Mellon head Richter for playoff after playoff before they all crawled away in disgrace or ME-$$IER had to have more cash bailouts from Dolan or Daddy Doug ME-$$IER would not let his son shill for Msg.

    Laughingstock player for a laughingstock franchise who has no business in the Hall of Fame and needed to buy a ticket to attend a playoff game for almost a decade before his -6 in one game with Toronto.

    Denis Potvin, New York’s greatest captain, champion, leader and never needed a writer or a guarantee.

    Rags even tried to bribe Potvin to bail out Leetch in 94 and come back, he does not play for joke franchises.

  90. Brian Leetch wouldn’t be in the hall of fame, if he didn’t deserve to be there, and he certainly deserved to be there. He was one of the best American born players period. Without him the Rangers would not have won their last cup, no question about that. He was an all star defenceman pretty well his entire career. There are lots more reasons he’s there. I just don’t have the stats in front of me right now. Long story short he was great.

  91. All Yashin and Kvasha kept eating out was home made vodka at Russian Samovar in Manhattan. Poor guys were so bored, they couldn’t even find a decent place to eat on LI.

  92. Shor, i’ve tried other COD games. I’m just awful at them. I dont know why but the only “shooter” i’m decent at is halo.

  93. Ah just got home.

    Ummm where did the uniondale-hole come from? Gosh you know there must not be much going on on those other blogs that they have to come here and tell us how great their teams are or (cough cough) were LOL We are honored to have your company. We all know that in by coming here, you are just showing how insecure & jealous you are about our original six team. Because if you were perfectly fine with your fellow bloggers and team. You wouldnt waste your time and energy coming onto a Ranger Blog …. wasting your time & energy LOL But really as Rangers fans we all know better and really… just pity you. Both your teams are the butt end off all our jokes. ALL of them. And still chant that your mighty captain sucks 30 years later. We are Rangers fans and we dont forget. We all honor a tradition you will NEVER know good and bad. Maybe your great grand kid …. whoops wait…. maybe you’ll be in Kansas City or moved from there to barefoot bay, florida in the years that follow damn they dont know… So really we know how mediocre you all are that you have to come to our Festivus Blog to stir the pot. Maybe mommy didnt hug you all enough & didnt keep your closet door open enough, maybe you need the attention to feel good about yourself…. Who Knows.. Enjoy the rest of the season.

  94. Pens shut out by B’s 3-0. Orpik with injury, didn’t return. I think it’s lower or upper body. Boy, they look lost without Malkin. Good game Calgay against Montreal.

  95. defenceman Mike Komisarek left the game with a lower-body injury…….

    Is it just me or is this lower body – upper body garbage getting old already.

    Why in tarnation do they not just say where the player is injured.

  96. Carp,
    Leetch is also my all time favorite Ranger. I grew up watching him…and you writing about those memories was awesome! As I read, I remembered each of those plays like it happened last night.

  97. Carp, Rag is gone. One and done, typical…

    Leetch also scored very similar goal against the Florida. A game winner, don’t remember the year.


    Your damn right Clark Gillies is a hall of famer and unlike the Edmonton-Blackhawks 94 seven game crawl to a win against a 35-34 mediocre Vancouver team he was a true leader and champion on the greatest American dynasty in league history who transcended his position.

    Leetch who may be the only hockey player in NHL history who got hurt on ice in a street falling in a gutter because he was wrecked in 93 and needed Edmonton’s best players like Beukeboom, Lowe after legendary Denis Potvin would never bother with a bribe to play for a laughingstock.

    ME-$$-IER was such a pathetic leader he had to get rid of all his enemies or any coach who was a threat to him which is why the 94 team had to be gutted at the trade deadline.

    Leetch needed a ticket to see a playoff game after 97 because he was too busy mentoring 80m dollar payrolls loaded with imported cup winners into oblivion or early retirement.

    What’s next, the peanut vendors who worked in 94 get voted in by life long Rag fans.

    Leetch was a team cancer and the minute he was sent packing the Rags returned to the playoffs. No coach could work with his ego, ME-$$-IER’S or Mellon head Richter.

  99. mako- that was brilliant mate. its true though. i have no desire, or ever had any to go to isles or devil blogs, sites, 12 step denial meetings, ranger bashing parties,ahole anonymous meetings or there little peaceful gatherings at the mausoleum and pebble to watch hockey in a peaceful, quiet setting, not like us loud crazy ranger fans!!

  100. Who is this Gillies guy you folks keep talking about? Does he have anything to do with inventing the shaving blade? Thought it was Gillette. I didn’t know you can get in HOF for creating a device used to shave someone’s butt.

    All of a sudden, the East doesn’t look as close as everyone predicted. At least for now.

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Brian Leetch , a class act!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Pstttt …psssstt is he/she/it gone? Don’t see anyone…ahhh looks safe to come out!!! How can anyone be jelous of the New Jersey Devils!!??? My daddy and his daddy and his daddy were NEVER fans of any american team.So why am I a fan of the Rangers and not the Devils?

    Devils couldn’t even “buy” fans so they had no other choice but to hire good people like Lou to make the franchise something other than just an expansion team that used to be the pathetic Colorado Rockies. Ranger fans have an original six team and that my friends …is the greatest thing to be proud and loyal about. Ranger fans could only envie a team like Detroit , never a team like NJ.

  102. Wow Orpik and Komisarek hurt. The injuries are getting ridiculous this year. Since when did the Mets join the NHL?

    I think the NHL is going to strongly consider not participating in The Olympics in 2014 after this season. It’s been a disaster so far.

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Brian Leetch , a class act!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Clark Gillies is a Hall of Famer………omg NOWAY!!! He is the bearded guy from the Amittyville horror shows!!

    Gillies is a joke , good grinder but heck if Lindros don’t make it…Gillies making it would be a complete discrace.
    Islanders fans are all morons with Devil fans taking a close second.

  104. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    Speaking of that great mtl-cgy game, man calgary plays physical as hell and gets in your face. I know I have said this before, but we need a big time physical d man like phaneuf badly (i know they do not come around a lot)!! Guy can flat out hit! Props to mara for sticking up for his guy after mcgatton leveled him!

  105. Leetch hurt his neck during the 92-93 season around Dec.in St. Louis. He was out awhile, came back, then broke his ankle right after the March 13 1993 Blizzard superstorm. I know, I was married that day annd on my honeymoon when I heard Leetch busted his ankle on black ice.

  106. off topic but important

    With today being Veterans Day, lets make sure we take the time to THANK the men and women serving in our military, and take a moment to thank those who have served in the past and are no longer with us. Thanks to all of you guys here who have served!

  107. Having served and retired from the military I would like to Thank all veterans past and present. I would also like to especially thank those veterans families and friends. Without the support of family and friends, it is impossible to serve. Above all else, a soldier needs to know what he is doing his job for. To all who honor our veterans, Thank you.

  108. wick- we have 4 “puck moving, offensive” defenseman in gilroy,redden,rozy and dz. i know rozy isnt much of anything these days except an utter disgrace on ice, and redden hasnt had offense in since 2005(thats 4 years and 2,000 lines ago). we have a great defensive d man in staal that they are forcing offense down his throat, and now hes lost a bit of his game, making way more mistakes than he used to, in a much quicker paced, risky style of play. then we have danny boy. idk what hes supposed to be. hes got 4 goals which is tied for first on the team, but hes not an offensive guy really, and he is ok in his own end, but hasnt been able to really stand out in any particular area of his game. we couldve had semenov pretty cheap. hes big, tougher than the rest of the d men we have in the farm, but whatever happened to mclaren? he was injured before camp but thats almost 2 months ago. it cant be that hard to find a 7th d man for under a mill.but now sathers gonna be focusing just on a center to replace duby and dru. imagine if staal goes down or dz. and yea is all these injuries just a by-product of the condensed schedule?? theres way too many right now

  109. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Brian Leetch , a class act!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    ummmm…not so fast Gravey , I started this thread today and now im ending it…ahhh sweeet moosic!!!

  110. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Our Superstar is playing!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    ummm , guys ..I was first in this thread and now im Last!!!!!!!!!!

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