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The NHLPA e-mailed me about its Goals and Dreams world tour to celebrate the program’s 10th anniversary. Former players will donate $180,00 worth of hockey equipment to grassroots hockey programs in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia, Germany, the U.S. and Canada starting Friday.

Those who will make the entire 10-day trek across the globe are Rob Zamuner and P.J. Stock, ambassadors for Goals and Dreams, and Devin Smith and Matt Langen, who oversee the program for the NHLPA. Also participating: Pavel Bure, Adam Graves, Arturs Irbe, Jyrki Lumme, Jaroslav Modry, Markus Naslund, Martin Rucinsky, Martin Straka, Esa Tikkanen, John Vanbiesbrouck and Kevin Weekes.

I guess the reason this caught my eye is the number of ex-Rangers involved (including Devin Smith, who was around the Rangers as a young man when his father, Ron, was an assistant coach, then the team’s minor-league coach, and ultimately the interim coach between Roger Neilson and Mike Keenan).

It’s no coincidence that guys who come through the Rangers organization do things like this. For all the whining and complaining we all do about the on-ice team, the Rangers have long been the model franchise for off-ice good deeds, not just among hockey teams but among all sports teams at any level.


Also, in another belated bit of housekeeping, I forgot to tell you that NYRangerscast.com has an interview with Rangers’ first-rounder Chris Kreider. Click on this link: You can hear it here.

I’ll see youse later.

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  1. At practice today, Carp? No Lundqvist on ice. Maybe our favorite Manhattanville goalie is out there, as Sam would say, unless of course he has graduated.

  2. so any news on what the rangers are planning to do about the 2 vacant positions? wait, let me guess, voros and PAP!! slats better get some help for this team. they need some serious help at center now and they needed it already with both of them healthy. i just hope if he does get forsberg it isnt for too much. 3 million tops

  3. Forsberg doesnt deserve 3 mil and quite frankly isnt worth it. He has a whole lot to proove before he can earn a 3 mil contract. IF he is interested in returning to the NHL, more importantly our Rangers, our offer should be no more than what we have given Prospal. How long has it been since Forsberg has been an impact player anyway? The only thing i can remember him doing for the past 5ish years is get himself injured and repaired. The biggest story on him was when he found someone to custom make his skates. I’m all for letting him play and prove himself on our roster. Howeverm I’m strongly opposed to an inflated salary due to a gaping hole on our roster. If he wants to prove to the world that he can be a difference maker in the NHL, NYR is a perfect fit. If he only wants to coast out the rest of the season with an NHL team so that he can retire from an NHL team and write a book about his comback’S…. Go back to Colorado!

  4. i agree with CCCP for agreeing with Salty agreeing with Jlone … although I had to go back and see what we were all agreeing about.

  5. So long as we all agree that we are agreeing that no agreement be reached with Fosberg, then I agree.

    Slide Vinny over to center and put Lisin on the wing
    Anisimov moves up to center the the second line
    Bring up Grachev to center the third line
    Boyle centers the fourth

  6. i agree with all that in no way in disagreeing with myself have i disagreed to re agree with everyone else. lets all just agree to agree ok. 1.1 million for forsturd. no, he wont agree to that, so hopefully sather disagrees with that and agrees to let him come to an agreement with another team with more agreeable terms and conditions. but i do disagree with agreeing with me for the afforementioned proposed 3 million potential contractual agreement. man, this chili is not agreeing with the vodka i drank last night

  7. Big night for Leetch…Carp, how about a good insider story about #2 in honor of his HHOF induction?

  8. Wicky – inregards to your post about the Drury hit being in the 1st minute, it doesn’t matter. The NHL has the Rangers on a close watch after what happened in Vancouver, so if the refs gave someone an instigator or even if the league thought someone was going after Glencross in a cheap way, no matter what time of the game it was in, they’d try to fine/suspend someone and Torts.

    It happened to the Flyers a few years ago when they had Downie suspended in the preseason and it just led to more and more fines/suspensions, some of which that weren’t really deserved (Jones hit on Bergeron maybe and a few others).

  9. Let’s agree not to panic. We don’t need another Sundin saga. Especially with iffy foot at 36. No thanks. Avery can center 3rd line, Grachev comes in. I’ll tell you, this one was a very good game. They did outplay Calgary. And they did mathch them physically for the most part. Yes, Glencross should’ve been difficult to scrape off the ice after that hit, but something tells me that it’s already been discussed in the locker room today.

  10. disagree Carp. those good deeds are counterweighed by the shabby treatment MSG gives its fans like no HD feeds, games on secondary stations, Ranger coverage intermingled with Debbies and Isles on hockey night live coverage, mostly cut out coach post game comments

    etc etc

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