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From the Rangers:

November 7, 2009 – New York Rangers 1, Calgary Flames 3 (Game #18, Road #10)

* The Blueshirts were defeated by the Calgary Flames, 3-1, tonight at Pengrowth Saddledome to conclude their three-game road trip through Western Canada.
* The Rangers are now 10-7-1 overall, including a 4-5-1 mark on the road.
* New York out-shot Calgary, 33-22, including a 13-5 advantage in the third period.
* Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi tallied the team’s only goal of the contest at 17:16 of the first period; he finished the contest with a Rangers season-high, seven blocked shots in 20:56 of icetime.
* Vinny Prospal recorded an assist and led all skaters with 25:59 of icetime; he is currently tied for third in the NHL in assists (16) and eighth in points (20).
* Marian Gaborik registered one assist in 24:49 of icetime; he has posted a point in 14 of his 16 appearances this season.
* Michael Del Zotto and Ales Kotalik tied for the game-high with four shots.
* Steve Valiquette made 19 saves in net for the Rangers.
* The Blueshirts next practice is scheduled for Monday, November 9 (11:00 a.m.) at the MSG Training Center.
* The Rangers return to action on Thursday, November 12, when they will face-off against the Atlanta Thrashers at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.).

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  1. From Zip:

    The Rangers fly back to New York Sunday carrying the knowledge that they had ground out a strong game against Calgary, (“We outplayed them,” said Vinny Prospal) but facing the prospect of playing without two centers, Chris Drury and Brandon Dubinsky, for some time.

    “I thought we played one of our best road games,” said head coach John Tortorella. “The difference was Kiprusoff.”….

    He said the training staff said Dubinsky’s right arm “was opened up (on the Jay Bouwmeester shot in the second period), I’m not sure whether it’s broken or not…he’ll be out for awhile.”

    As for Curtis Glencross’ blindside shoulder hit to the jaw/face in open ice that left Chris Drury “concussed”, Tortorella said: “It’s a missed call. It should have been a five-minute major.”

  2. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Rangers are slowly sinking through the standings. Give my regards to the earth’s core…

  3. Everyone who thinks we are better off without Drury are going to get their wish. He’s struggled with concussions for a while now, and I doubt he’ll be back anytime soon. Dubi is in a hard cast, so he’s out for a while as well. Paging Peter Forsberg!

    I’m ticked that no one stepped up to take Glencross on. Torts suggested that most of the guys didn’t even know what (or who) had happened to Drury and that it was early and they were trying to win a hockey game. I have a feeling that having Valli in net made us a little less willing to take penalties trying to avenge Drury.

  4. MAKO
    Feel obligated to re-post:
    Sorry MAKO if I hurt your feeling. It wasn’t intentional sarcasm, just light reactional joke to easy tensions after lost game. Again, sorry for obvious underachievement.

  5. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    The gripe against Drury is that he’s not worth anywhere near what he’s making, and he cannot be moved.

    Thanks, Glen. At the risk of repeating from the last thread:

    “You got to admit it, Sather has brains. Trouble is, his brains are in his head, and his head is up his ass.”

  6. I missed most of the game but here’s the answer. Grachev and maybe Paranteau come up. Cally is going to be playing center for a few weeks.

    The lines will look something like:

    Maybe Paranteau and maybe Crowder gets a crack.



    We were right. Ramsey did say something about Dubinsky when he came back to the bench and passed Torts.

  8. Huh…..What…..Who am I? Where am I? Who won the Little League World Series in 1989??? What is clutch???????

    Ha-Ha! Just kidding guys! Captain Clutch is gonna be ok!!! Everyone can stop worrying now!

    I bet you guys couldn’t believe how much DIFFERENT this team looked without Captain Clutch!!! The game was over as soon as Captain Clutch left! No intangibles! No clutchness! No LITTLE THINGS! And of course, we lost! You guys were probably saying to yourselves, “we could sure use Captain Clutch in this spot” all throughout the game! And you guys thought $7 million just bought some leadership and penalty killing!

    Speaking of leadership, nice to see that even though none of my teammates stuck up for me, at least Joe Micheletti did! Ha-Ha! What’s with this weirdo and his mancrush on Captain Clutch???

    And to all you guys calling me Captain Invisible- let’s see what you have to say when we don’t win another game until Captain Clutch returns and brings clutchness, intangibles and the LITTLE THINGS back to this team with me!

    Captain Clutch is not gonna let this loss ruin my X-Ray Discovery Day!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  9. morons the guy got a concussion on a cheap shot…

    the officiating is ajoke. glencorss and the after the fact call on kotalik………..

    stall sent a pass out to the point on his rush instead of getting it deep and the flames took the turnover and scored, is the concept get it deep really that complicate?????

    del zotto and gilroy are legit…. do not put that worthless piece of cr-p voros back in the lineup he is a piece of junk…..

    yea all the shrewd talent evaluators on this site have there wish with drury……..

  10. wicky229(this team is spineless) on

    I not mad we lost, it happens in an 82 game schedule. This team disgusts me to no end with it’s lack of courage. Girardi’s “run” at glencross on the next shift was it? really? that’s all? It’s shameful! You do not have to like the guy to stand up for him (from what you hear everyone on the team likes and respects drury), he is your frakking teammate and you stand up for him no matter what. If adam graves was on the team, glencross would have answered, or bueke or ulfie, PATHETIC! Cally does not deserve his A, hell I’d give it to boyle, cally gets rag dolled by j bow and does nothing. This team is a spineless shame! Memo to sather, bring in some players with courage!

  11. the 1 thing i find amazing is rangers fans always hate numerous guys on the team and spend most of there time complaining about the team. this goes on year after year. if it is to painful to watch , don’t and pick a new team to root for….

    they whine about players, management, everything and most of the time……….they are all experts on all the prospects even though they have never see any of them play or have the accumen for talent evaluation that i do, which is almost zilch..

    man the experts on these blogs are know it alls of the highest degree……..

  12. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    So stuart- what do YOU do, just sit back and sing “Everything is Beautiful” until something snaps in your head?

  13. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Everything is beautiful
    In its’ own way
    Like a starry summer night
    Or a snow covered winter’s day
    Everybody’s beautiful
    In their own way
    Under God’s heaven
    The world’s gonna find a way.

    Naaaahhhhh! I’d rather complain than hear that trash.

  14. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Aren’t you a little confused?

    10-7-1. No sense making it worse than it already is.

  15. I cannot figure out Torts tendency to send Roszival out there in key dangerous situations. He almost invariably does something sloppy or stupid. And I sure hope we’ve seen the last of Voros.

  16. Suspension for Glencross? I think it’s definitely worthy, but let’s use the criteria/justification set out by the league for assessing no suspension on Mike Richards:

    He did not target the head:
    Open to debate, but less clear than Richards’ intent to me, so I can’t believe the league will view Glencross’s hit that way

    He did not leave his feet to deliver the blow:
    OK, Glencross clearly stayed on his feet (as if you can’t put your shoulder through someone’s brain regardless…)

    He did not hit an unsuspecting player:
    Clearly guilty on this count. But as it’s completely unfathomable how Richards wasn’t thought to be guilty of the same, presumably the league will make the same call here.

    He is not a repeat offender:
    No previous suspensions for Glencross. And no doubt the Sutter mafia will explain that “he’s not that kind of player”…

    He did not hit the player late, as it was determined the blow was delivered less than a half-second after the player passed the puck:
    The Glencross hit was probably not as “late” as Richards’, but at least the player Richards hit actually touched the puck, rather than make no effort to play a puck intended for someone else that sailed two feet behind him.

    I’m not holding my breath waiting for a suspension (or for the league to even review the hit), put it that way.

  17. The Hockey News predicted the Rangers to finish 13th in the conference. They are still overall not a tough team. That is why no one stood up for Drury.

  18. You guys are all babies. That hit on drury was pretty soft. Glenncross Barely touched him. The Rangers can’t win unless Gabby scores. Evergame literaly lies on his hands. That is not how you build a winning team..unless your GLEN SATHER.

  19. By the way..has anybody seen the Devils record lately? They are 11-4! They have won their last 5 games.
    This is all without Elias(he did play one game), Martin, Oduya,Pandolfo and Niedermayer. Wow. Lou really is amazing! How does he do it year in and year out? ALl you guys made fun..saying we would be TERRIBLE with out Gionta and Madden. hahahah

  20. That’s the kind of crap that goes on when your goon is a little delicate flower who sits out with “soreness.” I was sure I’d like him by now, but he really has been a disaster. Contributed nothing so far.

  21. The lack of grit on this team is what will keep us from going anywhere in the post-season IF we make the PO’s.

    I don’t understand… no one steps up to make a statement after someone takes your Captain out with a clear cheap shot? This spineless mentality has become part of this team’s identity for the past decade. I remember Prucha (remember him…the small, feisty, 170 lb. dynamo?) getting SLAMMED night after night and NO ONE doing jack about it.

    What has happened to Avery? He’s like a toothless mutt out there. Seems to be watching more than actually playing. Torts needs to loosen the leash!

    I wish I had a gizmo so I could put Callahan’s brain in Boyle’s body. WHAM! BANG! SLAM! The team needs to hire Beukeboom as a consultant to teach these BOYS (please, don’t call them men) how to stand up for each other and on the blueline.

    This team looks and acts totally neutered!

  22. Local Fan,

    I’m actually surprised myself. Didn’t see the Devils doing as well as they are right now.

    You have a good team, for sure.

    Wish I could say the same right now for my team.

  23. last night’s game was a disgrace. For the coach to worry about 2 points instead of having his TEAM stick up for their Captain is inexcusable. What if it was Del Zotto or Gaborik? Same non-reaction? I’m not a fan of ‘turn the other cheek hockey’ during the regular season.

  24. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The old stinking ranger teams of the 60’s thru 80’s usually stuck up for one another, today’s players are castrated by suspensions and fines $$.

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