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Drury had been a near-zero some nights, and Dubinsky maybe a 3 or 4 on a scale of 1-10 so far. … and yet now we will see how much they mean to the Rangers. We will also see how thin this roster actually is. And we’ve had an idea of that right from the start of the season, because some nights they barely have 20 bodies to put in uniforms.

Can they recall a Grachev and a Parenteau? Yeah, sure they can. But can they count on those guys to play serious minutes at this level, or will that  just mean more minutes for Voros, Boyle and Brashear (if he ever plays again)?

The one potential positive is that Anisimov should get more playing time, and he has deserved more so far.

Drury’s probably going to be a while. Concussions are a nasty thing, and they get more severe with each one, and each one makes the next one more likely, or cause by a lesser collision. We know that from many experiences here with LaFontaine, Richter, Beukeboom and Lindros. Drury’s had some (upper body) concussions. This will be tricky.

Dubinsky, we don’t know what he has, but we know it’s his (upper body) hand or arm. And Tortorella seems to think he will be out for some length of time, too.

As for retribution … I don’t think it would have proven much, but you still have to stick up for a teammate — especially your captain, for God’s sake — in a situation like that. It’s hockey, for crying out loud. Somebody brashears your captain and you let it slide in a November game in Calgary because the two points are too important? Not. Not.

And then you make it worse by not getting the two points? Or one? Sorry. You have to act there.

As for a suspension, well, that does the Rangers no good whatsoever. If they suspend the guy one game, it’s not enough. If they suspend him 15 (they won’t), so what?

And I’ve been saying this for years: The NHL has to make hits to the head illegal, whether they are delivered with the elbow, forearm, shoulder, whatever. Clear-cut. And suspensions need to follow, especially in the cases where there is no injury. If you let the lucky ones off the hook because nobody got hurt, then you’re just begging for somebody to get hurt.


I’m off for two more football games. With the Yankees out of the way, my week looks light until Friday. Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time with your favorite hockey club. What’s left of it.

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  1. Nylander is on waivers. Bring him back. Drury might go on long term injury so the cap space wouldn’t be an issue.

    I know the consensus is he’s half the player without Jagr, but he can still skate and pass. He’d be fine on the 3rd line with guys like Cally who cycle.

    He’s also teach Anisimov a great deal as those two have somewhat similar games.

    Do that and bring up Grachev.

  2. agreed on all fronts Rick.

    Someone should have put a stick through someones face – i mean what else is a voros/byers for?

    the league is a joke on this stuff- they’ve been retroactive for ever and it’s not an “intent to injure” unless someone is injured. Duh – read it – Intent to Injure !!

    I agree – maybe this frees up some of that $7 million if drury is on the long term disabled list? be careful what you ask for!

  3. ok, now that is out of the way…..Carp, I agree with you 182%, someone should have responded to the hit on Drury.

    I am tired of this softie (dare I say pansy) team. I believe one of the reason Henrik is out, is because he has been run into way too much this searson. We need to send a clear message to the other teams not to mess with our best players. Drury is not our best, but he still dons the “C” on his jersey.

    Slats needs to put down the cigar and get us a player that can put the fear of god into any opponent that messes with our boys.

    I cannot wait to see what does Slats and Co. do now that 2 are down for the count.

  4. no excuse for not sticking up for drury, thats on tortorela,his players are afraid to take a penalty good or bad, or they could be riding the pine!

  5. Good (?) morning, Carp.

    Excuse me while I kvetch for a minute. I have a big paper to write, woke up with a fever, and now my little man’s gonna be out for a while. What’s next? You gonna tell me Santa doesn’t exist???

  6. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    I’m appalled that nobody did anything. If i’m Drury, and i see tape of that incident and after, i’m pissed, and calling guys out. I don’t care how good or bad you’ve been playing…. you have a ‘C’ on your chest, and you get laid out like that in a dirty way, somebody should have IMMEDIATELY bashed that guys face.

    I feel like the team is a joke after that. Glencross probably chuckled on the bench afterwards. I’m sick to my stomach.
    That’s a statement game…. it says we’re a bunch of Crosby’s…. Brashear has been useless…. nice signing. Can we borrow Orr for a game?

    Everyone here knows Orr would have went off the handle if he were on the team, and somebody would be in a Calgary hospital.

  7. btw – no real coverage of ANOTHER concussion with an off the play head hit — nothing on,, slam – nada —

    media blackout? or just too early on a sunday?

  8. well, we’ve been bitchin an moaning about drury for the almost year I’ve been posting here, and now we pretty much got a whole chunk of the season ahead of us without him. I know NONE of us wanted him to get hurt like this, especially with his concussion history. I wish him as speedy a recovery as is possible, for himself and his family.

    Now we’ll either get to see AA get more minutes, Grachev get called up, or Forsberg signed. I’d rather go with the first two, as Forsberg is not exactly the picture of health either, as a matter of fact, he’s pretty freakin fragile. We definitely need a BIG tough guy. Brassierre is a total BUST, a total waste of money/space. Do any of you feel Nylander may get a 2nd go round?

  9. Anisimov is playing well. His development should be a priority for the Rangers future.
    And as much as it would have been nice to see retribution for the Drury hit, in the end it wouldn’t have meant much. The NHL management, owners and GMs are responsible for not doing anything about dirty plays. Funny how fast they were to react by writing the so-called Avery rule and also by banning him from the game for being obnoxious, yet the ongoing issue of head shots is too tough for them to handle. They don’t even try to throw in a couple of new regulations — they do nothing. Yet Bettman always has time to make snide remarks about the Players Union and defend his owners when they get indicted.

  10. im sorry to say, but u cant have brashear stickin up for teammates if hes not playing. im sure he wouldve if he would get in the games. not sure if hes out of shape or not, but if hes got a broken hand from hitting orrs helmet, hes not gonna go out and start beatin guys up. someone who was on the ice when it happened shouldve “brasheared” glencross. blame rozy or redden, or his t fwd linemates. whoever they were last night at th given time cuz ya never know who torts is gonna move around. freakin avery on the 4th line?? yea, that will get him scoring

  11. what time did the injury to drury take place? I am gonna bring up the archive of the game to see, unfortunately, because it’s a membership site, i dont think i can link you guys to it.

  12. Rick, I agree with you. But who is going to step in and protect? This team is so soft, other than Byers last night, Who was going to send a message?

  13. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    It’s not so much for retribution,BUT you have to send a message to other teams ,that cheap shots won’t be tolerated , otherwise , the net will be crashed, guys will run into and cheap shots allowed because the rangers are pansies.

    Obviously they are pansies.

  14. the odd thing is, everyone was pretty ‘calm’ about the hit, most just looking on with concerned looks, but NOONE, not even Torts, was very animated, or even complaining about the hit. Usually when its a dirty hit, or it looks like it was intent to injure, arent people hot under the collar about it. It’s so weird how the whole thing played out. And then the first line was out on the ice right after the hit, so who exactly was gonna do anything?

  15. Linda,

    It’s unfortunate to say but I had the same reaction. I never want to see any of the members of my favorite team get hurt, but when I saw Drury get carried off the ice, all I said was, “Oh. Hope he feels better.”

  16. The players need to go back to policing the league. The NHL isn’t or won’t, police the league. A hit like that needs a major response, but with the league the way it is now, the player who responds is more likely to be suspended. Players need to be held accountable by other players. When that starts to happen again, you will see less hits like the one on Drury.

  17. Carp — agree on hits to the head. NFL has mandated against it, OHL and USA Hockey have as well and so should NHL. But neanderthals like Shoeboy Milbury on CBC who saw no problem with the hit run the NHL. If Crosby gets hit with one of those, maybe things will change…that’s what it’s going to take, IMO.

    Nylander, even at half his contract on re-entry waivers is still too much of a cap hit, unless Drury is long term.

  18. Honestly Duker, when it first happened and they showed the first replay of it on HNIC, i honestly didnt think it was that bad. It looked like they hit shoulders, but I guess Drurys head whiplashed and he went down. I’m usually going crazy with hits I think are questionable, and my blood pressure really didn’t go up. I hope he gets well soon.

  19. twin’s comment is key, and 100% correct..

    if crosby is laid out like that, the hits to the head will cease.

  20. Honestly, i don’t care that Dreary is injured. He doesn’t do anything for this team, besides block shots, and clear, and dump pucks. Big deal. This is Grachev’s moment to steal a spot on this team.

    As for Dubi, in a way, i really don’t care. He’s been the biggest disappointment in the beginning of the season this year.

    Should have packaged him and sent him away for Heatley.

    I have a horrible feeling that this will end up just like Prucha. Could have gotten Pronger for him, but 2 years later we settle for packaging him with two other players for Morris.

    And i hate to say it, but the days of thinking Marc Staal will be one of our top offensive d-men of the future are long gone. This guy blows offensively. How many times has he given up the puck in the neutral zone trying to make a fancy play, all by himself, that led straight to a goal against ? That pass last night was beyond retarded. He’s just not good enough to make that pass.

    It pisses me off that, Gilroy, and Del Z are the ones playing Vet hockey, and Staal, and Danny G are the ones making rookie mistakes. Doesn’t make sense.

  21. Drury got the Prucha treatment. This team does not stick up for one another , and the coach with the BIG MOUTH bravado didn’t either. What if it was Gaborik? Then it’s different? BS on the entire NYR organization and buttman’s nhl. It has nothing to do with hits to the head. It was dirty intent to injure hockey, and everyone responded with a handkerchief. Which is a small White Flag of surrender. And they did, including little big man behind the bench. He and they played what he thought was their best game of hockey. That’s not my definition of hockey. Beating them on the scoreboard would have accomplished little.This is not win one for the gipper. They will pay for not sticking up for each-other until they do.

  22. Uploading a video to youtube of the hit —

    check on user: septemous in about 20 minutes (uploading the 35mb now).

    or search drury, rangers, etc …


  23. i agree bk blue. torts said they played a great game and you know they kinda did, if they wouldve won, it wouldve been great, but a bigger loss than the 1 L in the standings is the team just totally being a sack-less bunch of pansies. rob f said it best few days ago. the team has no balls. i guess since it was so early in the game and it was very fast maybe nobody really did see it, but its hard to imagine. i mean it happened right in front of the bench.

  24. wicky229(this team is spineless) on

    SPINELESS, just like I said last night. Some of you will not want to hear this, but voros would ahve stood up for drury (probably not very well, but he would have). I would rather have voros with the “A” than cally. This just makes me sick. If letters do not mean anything to some of you and you think that they are overrated, then drury should not catch the heat he does on this blog (salary aside folks). If they do mean something, then NO WAY cally deserves one. You are on the ice when your captain gets leveled and do nothing, you never go back at the guy later. You get rag dolled by J bou in front of the net and do nothing…JOKE! I hope everyone has an anti rozy and an anti cally day!

  25. Game is supposed to be for entertainment,enjoyment .That is what the fans are paying for.The NHL does not know how to build on revenues. Bergeron,Gagne,,Kaberle and possibly Drury.Good players. Out for long durations.By whom?Cam Jansen,Glencross and lesser knowns..
    If I had the talent of some of these 3rd or 4th liners -Include Brashear) I would be doing the same thing. They are just trying to stay in the league and will continue the same until more stringent rules are developed.
    A possible solution -Glencross should stay out at least as long as Drury.
    No hits to the head or you pay big time.(Unless accidental)

  26. wicky229(this team is spineless) on

    I think cally is a worse leader than drury! This team will get nowhere IF they make the playoff, it is soooo freaking soft it is sad, oh excuse me most of the players we have are “positionally sound” players (hockey speak for SOFT btw). This is why i loved the 2003 2004 team, no one (NO ONE) would have got away with that garbage! I would rather a team show COURAGE and stand up for one another and NOT make the playoffs, than sulk into the playoffs with a panified roster and get eliminated. Guess it is put up or shut up time for all the drury haters out there! Hell, at least the dark year teams had spines!

  27. i dont know if this is a double post or not. first one never went through but i basically said losing duby is a big loss just for the fact that he can drive the net with consistency and sustain a forecheck for more than a few seconds. hes got little production but is a guy who gives alot of effort. sounds like drury but its true. and also the penalties.we always seem to take penalties at the worst part of the game. blocking shots is a big aprt of the game, but thats why u play blair betts on them, not dubinsky or gabby. boyles pretty good, but we need to keep our good players off the pk.

  28. wicky229(this team is spineless) on

    Two quick things

    Would the family who let the 12 year old wearing the #16 jersey who is playing in the rangers’ games, please come claim him, we need to get the MAN sean avery back on the ice!

    Suspending players for the duration the injured player is out is silly to me. Just let the players police themselves!! Get rid of the stupid instigator rule, I have been saying that since they made the stupid rule. If players have to be physically accountable on the ice for their actions, things will change, period!

  29. Agreed on Voros, Wicky. He would have stood up for Drury. No doubt. And I expected Beyers to do it, but nope. It’s amazing that the only person on this team that our guys want to stick up for is Gabby. No sticking up for Hank, no sticking up for the captain. Unreal. I have seen intramural guys stick up for a 4th line player more than the Rangers stick up for their players. That is pathetic. I don’t think the season is lost by any means, and we did play well last night. We could have won. There are times you say, we could have won, and it is more like a, maybe we could have won, but last night’s game we definitely could have won. And it has been said, but the difference was Kippur. A fews days rest will do this team some good, then we throw some “crap” to the wall and see what sticks.

  30. ya wick. well if one team has no players on it or very few who actually have balls and stick up for each other then it would be ok, but our team doesnt have anybody like that, so we have to play by the rules. and our star goalie has to be out for some extra games because of it, and now 2 of our core players now too. were gonna be the new york wolfpack by seasons end

  31. wicky the nhl started and tortorella is in the process of d-balling Avery, and the rest of the nyr. If they don’t grow a set along with their coach, they will be road kill. And the coach was proud of the game. Talk about denial.

  32. 4 or 5 mill per season i think russ. not sure how many years left. i know thats about how much the caps first signed him for.

  33. maybe aves is just goin with it to prove how valuable he really was. i mean, for the nhl, it was a good thing having avery the way he was. bring some life to the game and they have to put him down and turn him into a choir boy

  34. julio had it right. it is partly Torts fault. he is too unwilling to have his players set the tone in toughness, and not enough into retribution. it is worth a few shorthanded situations to send the message to the opponent, all opponenrs, that we will have our players’ backs, we will respond immediately in kind if our guys are run or cheapshotted.

    Torts is so worried about Avery doing something negative, and meanwhile his own players get Avery-ed and Glencross-ed, and McGratton-ed, and they worry about responding because Torts might bench them for taking penalties. ridiculous.

  35. I not a fan of Drury but Im kinda put off by the way Torts fluffed it off. “Were here to win a hockey game” What about the respect of your team around the league? What about the respect for the Captain of the team? That would NEVER happen to the Flyers or Ducks!!!

    I would rather Sather went out and signed Ruutu in stead of Brashear or Ott. Brashear has been an absolute BUST.

    And like you are all saying. The player to hits Cindy like that and damaged his career – Look for that player to get a minimum 15 game suspension. OOOHH BOOHOO Avery made an off-color remark about his ex-gf meanwhile 2 players every week are getting injured because of dirty head shots.

  36. Just more proof Drury is a poor leader, his team mates weren’t even compelled to back him up. That hit also didn’t look THAT bad…

    Sorry he got hurt, but I will enjoy watching more with him out.

  37. wicky229(this team is spineless) on

    Gift of GAB

    I disagree, we are not a bunch of crosbys, we are a bunch of callys or dubis. Crosby at least has 1 fight this season. Those two spineless douche bags don’t have any!

  38. to clarify… not a clean hit by any means, but didn’t look like it would put Drury out long term… whatever, good riddance… I pray we’ll get cap relief out of this somehow

  39. From Zip:

    The Forsberg Option

    ….sounds like a spy novel, right?

    Anyway, greetings from Calgary Airport, waiting for flight and keenly looking forward to arriving home. I see that Finland is hammering Sweden 7-0 in the Karjala tourney (which Russia won), so it appears that 36-year-old comeback boy Peter Forsberg remains pointless in three games.

    But the scouts from numerous NHL teams are watching, including a Rangers contingent, and the Rangers could use a center with Drury and Dubinsky out for the time being. The Rangers wanted another playmaker even before those two went down Saturday night.

    Problem is, how much dough does Forsberg want, and does he want to play in New York or elsewhere? Rangers are less than a million under the cap, and could clear some more, but…And then there’s the risk of Forsberg’s surgically-repaired foot acting up again…

  40. Against Vancouver, when Gaborik defended himself against slashing by Kesler, Prospal and others jumped in. Then Byers got suspended and Tortorella got fined.
    The NHL doesn’t let Canadian teams get in trouble. Gary Bettman will only stand up for the virtue of hockey groupies or trying to get more money for his owners. He will even throw Gretzky under the bus. The last thing he has time for is the safety of his players.

  41. it is not about Drury. everyone, except Ranger mgmt, knows he has been awful, and the team played better without him

    but Hank has already been run numerous times, and gabby is vulnerable to this kind of cheapshot too.

    it is mainly about protecting THEM. other teams know they can cheapshot ANY Ranger without a peep of response from TEAM TIMID.

  42. wicky229(this team is spineless) on


    excellent point about staal, goes back to my statement, if staal is our “physical” dman, we are in trouble!!


    I agree, you wouldn’t want to come out of retirement would you!?!?!

  43. the NHL needs to get rid of the instigator penalty, and let the players police themselves.

    letting the refs and Colie C do it has been a disaster

    there are more star players out of the lineup with injuries in the NHL right now than at any time I can ever recall.

    time to go back to the days of jungle justice.

  44. wicky229(this team is spineless) on


    yep, agree. Not like the MMA and other “violent” type sports are popular right now, I mean no one would want to watch an extra scrum or fight or two in a game anyhow….right!?!?

  45. I agree with everyone who is disappointed that this team did not respond. This team will never be a contender if they let their captain get hit like that with no retribution at all. Would the Penguins have no response if Crosby had to be helped off the ice after a dirty hit? I don’t think so, and [unfortunately] they know what it takes to win. It’s no excuse that Brashear is out – someone else should’ve stepped up. And Torts takes a big chunk of the blame too because (as has been said above) he has made players afraid of taking “bad” penalties, and he clearly didn’t give the OK for any retribution here.

  46. This is the first time I’ll criticize Torts. He is way too worried about what may happen IF Avery does this or that. He is neutering Avery and by extension, the rest of the team. I was disgusted that no one responded to that cheap shot. In the 70’s,80’s, Glenncross would not have made it out of that building in one piece! As for who should be brought in? I don’t want to see a half a crippled like Forsberg or a forty year old Nylander in here. They should call up Grachev and maybe Dale Weise who is big and takes the body and can make some plays on the fourth line. This is AA’s time to sieze the mometn and show what he can do. I also thought that the Rangers rather handily outplyed Calgary even without Dubi and Drury. The difference was that Kiprussof is a real goalie and Valli is nothing more than a minor leaguer.

  47. I’d love to see Grachev in the line up. But again, the softness of this team needs to be addressed and it SHOULDNT wait until the deadline. And whoever said Voros would have stuck up for Drury is right. The kid may not be that good of a player and or fighter, but he has changed his game this hear and is playing (when he plays) with heart.

  48. Wasn’t it just a few games ago that Torts commented that we’re too easy to play against? Now the coach is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

    Last night’s hit and the non-reaction (sfx…wind blowing through the leafless tress as the sun sets on another season) sent a deafening roar of silence to every other team in the league. Go ahead, take cheap shots, we’ll get out of the way as you drive into our goalie. Go ahead, hack, slash, elbow, trip, or do whatever you want to anybody wearing our jersey… but don’t step on the logo in our locker room!

    Every single player should be hanging their heads in shame today for what they didn’t do last night! They should be passionately booed the next time they step out onto the Garden ice! These guys are NOT A TEAM!

    Nylander? Absolutely NOT! We don’t need another expensive, soft, aging ‘just playing for the money’ ‘rent-a-player’! What happened to the youth movement?

  49. If Brash was in the lineup last night, he would’ve either tried to kill Glencross or break Iginla’s neck. He did that last year to Shane Hnidy when he tried to challenge him after Brashear went after a rebound. Hnidy shoved him, then stuck his face out, and Brash just punched him right in the jaw with his glove on and Hnidy fell like a ton of bricks (and was cut open).

    I think it’s on youtube and it’s hilarious and one of the few times I thought Brash did something awesome. I’m sorry, but somebody should’ve tried taking out Glencross and at least decking (and maybe injuring) Iginla. Drury’s suck this year, but nobody should do that to any teammate of yours and get away with it, especially the Captain.

  50. Also Torts had to be careful because of the Byers suspension. So he risked being suspended himself if he sent Dane or someone else out there to take care of the situation.

  51. For those calling for Marc Staal to have “done something” about the hit… what exactly do you expect this kid to do? He’s not tough or threatening, he’s fought maybe twice. He’s not the only one who saw what happened and it’s not his job to get involved in that situation. Yes, it would be nice to see something like that happen, but I would never expect Staal to step into that situation, nothing about his history would lead me to believe he’d be doing anything about that.

  52. right. I notice the fighting was even on CBS last night. brilliant of the NHL to go the opposite way and try to be the Gandhi league

    and Bettman won’t do squat about the TV problems of the league, i.e. Versus not on Directv, Ranger HD feeds not on Center Ice, NHL Live now a small screen with dumb graphics repeated ad nauseum taking up most of the screen, etc etc

    but that is what happens when a basketball bozo becomes commish of a hockey league.

    now they had on CBC last night a new helmet that has a second helmet liner inside that the player can take off the visor helmet and still have a goofy looking old style football like helmet on. maybe they can have the linesmen put pillows down where the fighters fall too. it is getting ridiculous.

  53. Salty

    I dont think that we are all asking the guy to fight like May or Probert. But if he DID see Drury blindsided – do effin SOMETHING, ANYTHING to stick up for your Captain. Its not about history or whether or not he can or cant fight. But, if you see ANY other team who’s players get hit like that… rest assured 1 or 2 players goes after the guy who lays the hit down. Even the hit on Booth, the Panther players who were on the ice went after Richards. Its not trying to win the fight, its supposed to make a statement. It shows heart and loyalty. Look at the big picture…

  54. Rumor has it that DeePee is set to return in a few weeks and that the Islanders are looking to move Biron. Hmmmmmm Does anyone think he will be a better back up for The King?

  55. Slightly off-topic, but can anyone fire Bettman? Who is higher up on the chain that can step up on this, or is a commissioner there till he chooses to leave?

  56. wicky229(this team is spineless) on


    how many fights did karel rachunek (sp) have? He dove right in after chris simon…Chris frakking Simon…from half way across the ice when he sticked hollweg a few years ago! I’ve been saying all along staal is not a “tough” d man, but neither is rachunek. It is your captain and a brutal hit, don’t just sit there and wait to see if someone else on the ice does anything, MAN UP! Wasn’t it dru who dropped the gloves when someone put a cheap shot on staal or mara maybe a couple of seasons ago? I’ve said it before, SPINELESS, I have lost a whole lot of respect for alot of guys on this roster staal and cally most of all. NO LEADERSHIP AT ALL FROM CORE PLAYERS!!!

  57. Bettman is hired by the owners. as long as he can line their pockets, they will keep him in charge

  58. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    I just want to say that who ever was “glad” or Happy” to see Drury hurt is a real piece os sheet,period.

    If you call yourself a fan of the Rangers, then no matter who the player is (even Voros) your never glad to see them hurt especially with a concussion.

  59. wicky229(this team is spineless) on

    bettman is an idiot, pure and simple. Milbury would be a better commish than him. Did anyone else notice avery’s comment in LBs article? Sounded like total torts speak to me!!! Love the pic in the brooks article as well, J bou rag dolling the greatest hockey player and team leader ever in cally (who of course did nothing).

  60. i think as ranger fans collectively, we boo the living carp outta them like danny said. the whole team. forget what they think. they are representing nyc man. were tuff by nature and dont want pansies representing us, and exactly what danny said. u can destroy the people wearing the uni but dont ever step on the logo!!! pout the carpin thing on the wall then!!!

  61. “Just more proof Drury is a poor leader, his team mates weren’t even compelled to back him up. That hit also didn’t look THAT bad…

    Sorry he got hurt, but I will enjoy watching more with him out.”


    I guarantee there’s a good amount of Rangers fans who feel this way, but just wouldn’t say it out loud

    I don’t wish any harm on Drury, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this team play without him…this injury could definitely be the last bit of evidence that cements his worthlessness to this team…they’ll throw another body out there on the PK in his spot, and other than that, who will even notice Captain Invisible isn’t playing?

    yesterday they played arguably their best 60 minute game of the year against a tough, defensive squad (on the road no less) with Drury only playing what? 19 seconds?

    Ooooooo they hit our CAPTAIN!!! OMG! I’m more pissed when they let guys run Lundqvist…and in real time the hit barely looked like anything, most guys didn’t even see it, you want the team to start a war over that? anyway, you’re either instinctively a tough-minded team that fights/sticks up for teammates or you’re not, and the Rangers haven’t been that for years

    it’s just too bad Dubi got hurt too, I really like these Top 3 lines without Drury:


  62. Thanks dlb. I was hoping it would be easier to get rid of him than that.

    According to, the players on the ice when Drury was injured were Avery, Callahan, Redden, and Gilroy. Redden gave Glencross a push but not much else, I’ll be nice and give Gilroy a pass as a rookie coming out of college hockey, and Avery and Callahan, who have stood up for teammates in the past, didn’t do anything. The more I think about it, I blame Torts as the reason for players not responding, and particularly for the lack of response of Avery and Cally, who have shown a willingness to respond in the past. Torts’ quote re: winning the hockey game confirms that.

    Also, we’re talking like it is necessary to take a penalty to stand up for teammates. We could have challenged Glencross to a fight (he has fought before) and had no loss of manpower on the ice. However, I didn’t see a single player challenge him at any point during the game. Really pathetic showing. And this is not the first instance we’re we’ve been soft either…

  63. WICKY

    Yeah, that was the game where i lost all my respect for Betts. He just yelled at Simon as he skated by him, but Racoon stood up to him like a man. Pretty sad.

    It’s not all on Staal though, he’s not the only one that could have stuck up for Dreary. There were 16 other guys that could have done that, but they didn’t.

    And if Brash*t was in the lineup, he would do d*ck. Talk aboot spineless, this guy is the Captain of Team Spineless.

    And i agree that Voros would have stuck up for him. Maybe he would have got a beat down, or he would have fell down while taking off his gloves, but he would have done something.

    I don’t like Dreary, Blowzy, and others, and don’t wish cheap shots to the skull on them, but id love it if Glencross did that to Brash*t. That would be great !

  64. Staal Wart gives the NHL suits a big FU on

    I am so disgusted with the league. This is maddening!
    There was an official watching the entire hit on Drury.
    I am happy there is no game for awhile, I don’t think I can watch this crap.
    Bettman and the league are an embarrassment to professional sports. All I wanted to see after the hit was retaliation. I didn’t care who won the contest… I don’t care which Ranger did it, something needed to be done, and it wasn’t.
    The League in general is a disgrace…
    Players are injured all over the place, some because of legit injuries, others from cheap shot hits to the head.
    I need a break from hockey and we are only 1 month into the season.

  65. Staal Wart gives the NHL suits a big FU on

    and some of you are clueless and totally missing the point!
    A player got blindsided last night by a cheap F***ing hit to the head…it doesn’t matter who that player was. They are human beings with families and how well they play or don’t play isn’t even a factor…Wake the F*** up!

  66. just saw the hit for the first time now, and it looks like the only one on the ice who saw it was Redden. Callahan was already up ice, Avery had just turned up ice, and Gilroy was watching the pass to Cally. I absolutely wish someone stood up for Dru, but I’m sure they didn’t know what happened. Redden stepped in after the whistle, but it was 3 on 1 at the point.

  67. Done with this team. Can watch a bunch of homos on ice. You protect your captain, this team failed to do that. I rather root for that team on long island.

  68. Maybe you’re right Cody, and there did seem to be confusion afterwards as to what actually happened to Drury. However, the team had 59 minutes after that to respond and did nothing.

  69. Orr, have you ever watched Brash play? I’m telling you he would’ve handled business yesterday. he might be old, but he straight knocked Hnidy right in the jaw last year and it was the most hilarious/awesome thing I’ve ever seen him do (and I hated him up until we got him). Brash doesn’t play around with that stuff, he would’ve either taken out Glencross or tried to knock out Iginla.

    Staal isn’t a tough guy. Staal isn’t even a hitting d-man. He’s a decent defensive d-man who needs to learn he can’t skate through people. I can think of at least 4 games this year that he gave away the puck and the other team scored the game winning goal solely based off his turnover. I actually wouldn’t mind trading him and Dubi and some others for Lecavalier at this point and just training up the young d-men to lead the squad. This was we have a true #1 center and a star winger locked up for this year and at least 4 more.

  70. If we are all in agreement about hits to the head, then we as fans should say something:

    1185 Avenue of the Americas, 12th Fl.
    New York, NY 10020
    Phone: 212-789-2000
    Fax: 212-789-2020

  71. based on Aves quote in Brooks’ article, it seems like he was afraid to do something. saying that you can’t retaliate b/c the game was close. The sean avery of old would have torn glencross a new backside.

  72. “don’t we play the flames again on thursday at the garden?”

    Lol, yeah, we’re playing the Atlanta Flames, with their superstar Jason “Frrog Face” Krog


    Nobody is saying they’re happy that Dreary got hit, and nobody wishes that anyone got hit like that, unless it’s Brash*t like i said. I just don’t really care that he’s missing games, and i wont miss him. That being said, like i already mentioned, im not happy he took a cheap shot like that, and it pisses me off that nobody had the balls to step up for the Captain.


    Have you seen Brash*t play, this year, not last ??? He wouldn’t do a thing, especially since he knows he’s in Torts’ dog house.

    He wouldn’t do a thing, and that’s why he’s not in the lineup. He’s a puss, who got into one fight with Orr, and has been sore every since. How pathetic.

  73. Im sure if it was any ranger taking out iginla,he would have been phaneufed,and if it was avery add a second time as well.

  74. You guys are all babies. The guy barely touched drury… The Rangers organization obviously accepts hits like that because they go out and sign Donald Brashear, who as you all remember hit Blaire Betts in his last game before becoming a ranger, way later and harder then drury got hit, and yet sign him to a two year contract for the richest per year contract Brash has every gotten. So what goes around comes around. Also, Drury went knee on knee with Paul Martin on Purpose in the beginning of the year, so again what goes around comes around.

  75. Has anybody seen the Devils record? 11-4! All from a team you all said was a joke because we lost Madden and Gionta. Ha! How does Lou always do this? He is amazing, always very very competitive. Without Elias (he played one game), Martin, Oduya, Niedermayer and Pandolfo!!!! Somebody always steps up. It is truly amazing. 11-4! 8-0 on the road! 5 Game winning streak with 30 Percent of our line-up out! With Danis starting 2 games! Lets go DEVILS!!

  76. I thought this was rangers report, who really gives a shat about the devils!! Anyway its not about accepting a cheap,dirty or blinsideded hit,those have and always will be a part of hockey, its about how you respond thats important.

  77. wicky229(this team is spineless) on


    I agree about avery’s comments!

    I am not suggesting this or that anything is on the horizon, but does anyone else get the sense that keenan might be the next rangers coach (whenever that might be)?

  78. wicky229(this team is spineless) on


    just listen to mako on the advice!

    Yes, i would trade dubi (maybe not staal) sangs, rozy, lisin, girardi, higgy, on and on for lecavalier and his big fat contract.

    This team needs an infusion of “edgy and rugged” veteran leadership. Needed it forever on the blueline, but we need it up front as well. A ryan smyth, shane doan, vinny lecav, tomas holmstrom type guy!

  79. About the hit:
    Drury was the victim of a similar hit in Buffalo. Almost the entire team responded. It was a bench clearing brawl if I am thinking of the right hit.

    About dicipline:
    I heard Colin Campbell on HNIC a week or two ago talking about dicipline and how the fines/suspensions are determined. He pretty much said that it depends on who it is, and IF there is and injury.

    So all you guys saying if it were Crosby are totally correct. It also matters if the person throwing the hit has a reputation or not.

  80. Avery isn’t 100% still either. It’s so obvious. He’s not throwing hits, not going into the corners, and that’s why he’s playing 4th line. You know Torts wouldn’t keep him there if he thought he could go out and be a difference on the ice with his physical presence.

  81. Also I watched the video again, believe it or not, WADE REDDEN tried to get at Glencross right after the play. He was the only one and because he was the only one, three Flames players protected Glencross and wouldn’t let Wade get at him. He skated right over to him as soon as the whistle blew, and Glencross his behind his teammates. Gilroy tried to help out Drury while the other two forwards just stood in the neutral zone.

  82. If you considered Drury a leaderless leader (which I don’t btw)… who steps up now? I ask this coming off the hit to Drury and the reactionless reaction to the hit that BEGGED for a response.

    Okay, most of the team missed it when it happened… BUT, between periods the team learned that Chris wouldn’t be back and why. Still, Glencross didn’t see a response in the 2nd or 3rd periods.

    This team needs a ballectomy. Personally, I would have sacrificed the 2 points to send a message to the rest of the league… “take out one of mine and I’ll cut the hamstings on two of yours!”

  83. Prospal will step up. Almost like it was destiny for Drury to go down and open up this opportunity for VP to make good…





  85. wicky229(this team is spineless) on


    you are correct about the drury buffalo thing, i think chris neil hit him and yes, everyone on the ice for buffalo jumped in fighter or not!

    daniel j

    I agree, i pretty much would have said the same thing!

  86. wicky229(this team is spineless) on

    I just hope drury is ok. I’m not a hater like most people here are (i do think he is overpaid), but there are a lot of things about hockey that are not measurable or fall into a statistical category, I think those are the things drury brings to the table. But whatever happens, I hope drury comes back. I have had 12 concussions over my career and nothing, absolutely NOTHING sucks worse than PCS and trying to come back after each one gets harder and harder!

    Interesting to see what the organization does next roster wise!

  87. Dubinsky has a broken right hand. He is expected to miss 3 weeks. That sucks, but in the grand scheme, 3 weeks is not that bad.

  88. So Dubi gets a big raise to do nothing, and get have a vacation for 3 weeks. Great.

    Should have dumped him for Heatley !!

    And i agree with that trade for Vinny L. Even though it’s semi hard to let go of Staal. As long as Del Z is the real deal for the rest of his career, and same with Gilroy, and maybe Sangs, and McDonagh can surprise us.

  89. yeah, Vinny L, who has all of 2 goals, a pace of about 11 goals for the season, and is minus 5.

    and is under fire from the coach for dogging it again. and for $10 million bucks a year to boot

  90. absolutely NOTHING sucks worse than PCS and trying to come back after each one gets harder and harder!


    This is why I’m hardly even fazed by losing Drury. The guy was virtually invisible prior to the hit, and now he’ll most likely be coming back even less of a player than he was previously.

    With any luck, this will offer us some cap relief and maybe Forsberg will actually be a positive alternative.

  91. This is a team that is now playing verry soft.. There is no paybacks.. And the one player that has the. balls Avery Torts only gives 8 min …. Torts is starting to look more and more like Billy Martin… One year and done.. Team burn out… This would never happened to a mike kennen team

  92. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I thought the rangers were bad, I just came back from Giant stadium ,I left with 6 minutes and a 3 pt lead, by the time I got to the car they lost.

  93. Yeah, Vinny L, the guy who had his best years under Tortellini.

    Put him on a team that actually has a shot at making the playoffs, and see how he does.

    Eric Staal is off to a pretty bad start, i guess he’s worthless too, huh ??

  94. Any way you slice it, things are about to get interesting in Rangerland… it’s kind of exciting, except for the fact that we already know how “exciting” usually turns out for us.

  95. one cup

    Yep. I was watching the game and the chargers just blew down the field. On that TD the Giants D coverage just sucked. With 23 seconds left they could have gotten in FG range but the douche dropped the ball as he was running out of bounds. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  96. Well they have 4 days to figure it out. I doubt Torts would want to go into the next games with out a plan. I wonder what they are brainstorming….

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Avery wears a skirt !!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Bad penalty…you lose a few shifts. Players love shifts ,our coach is Laying down the hammer. We all wanted this… what have we got our selfs into? Tort’s started all this in the playoffs last year and I think hes just about did what he said he would do..ruin Avery.

    Rangers are pussies? ..maybe so ,or they just more displined? Being displine is a good thing. Why take a bad penalty just to justfy the actions on Drury? This team is growing and to act like Philthy Philly , is just ridiculas.

    Rangers have Delzotto ,Gaborik and Hank …life is still good!!

  98. Forsberg, I don’t know when he could actually become available… but if DRury is going to be out long term and this was already being considered, I think there is no question the trigger will be pulled.

  99. It sucks that Drury and Dubi are hurt, but neither of them are irreplaceable. I’m more concerned about the lack of nards this team shows time and time again. Hopefully, Darth Sather won’t panic and sign Forsberg. Bring up some kids and see what they can do.

  100. Why take a bad penalty just to justfy the actions on Drury?


    “It’s not about treating, it’s about prevention.”

    We’re *lucky* it was Drury on the receiving end of that shoulder. Next time it could be Gaborik, or Hank (already run WAY too many). Things like this need to be addressed *immediately*… but only a few players on our team, if any, can make that kind of statement. Brashear has been yet another complete BUST in NY.

  101. Greg, I am very impressed! Ha. Excellent job getting that one! Great movie of our childhood. I actually got it on DVD a few years ago. Man, it took me back.

    Also, if you switch your browser on your blackberry from Blackberry to Firefox in the Options for internet settings, it will allow you to get more posts through on this site, than if you are using the regular BB browser.

  102. 3 weeks for Dubi is not too bad. They only play four games over the next two weeks against some weaker opponents and Wash is very banged up with Ovechkin and Green.

    The first power play unit is still intact.

    I really hope they give Grachev a shot.

    And for those curious, Forsberg did not have a good tournament as per Andrew Gross. No points in 3 games. The guy is done.

  103. Do you guys think it is good or bad that we have such few games in the time during which Dubi and Dru are sidelined? Maybe if we had more, the team would rally and play harder? Who knows. What do you all think? I’m going to the game on the 17 against the Caps. Anyone else going?

  104. ThisYearsModel on

    Gutless no-response from the team last night. It is unreal that Glencross was allowed to remain upright the entire game. They should be as ashamed of themselves as we are of them.

  105. disciplined??
    This team has had a total of 98 penalties. Only Anh, Pitts and Car have more. How is this team more disciplined??

    Sorry, but there is no excuse too allow someone to blindside your Captain. I mean our starting goalie is hurt. No one here can not tell me that him getting run into constantly, has not played a part in it.

    I for one am not bothered by the loses of Dubi or Drury. They have not really played to the level where they are needed.

  106. wicky229(this team is spineless) on

    just got a twitter update that dubi is actually going to be out 4 to 6 weeks

  107. wicky229(this team is spineless) on

    I agree with gravey, don’t really think this team is disciplined at all and they take the wrong kind of penalties. There are good penalties to take and the rangers should have taken a few of those last night after the drury hit and should have been taking them when hank has been run as well!

  108. THE REAL Mikeynj
    November 8th, 2009 at 3:23 pm
    I just want to say that who ever was “glad” or Happy” to see Drury hurt is a real piece os sheet,period.

    If you call yourself a fan of the Rangers, then no matter who the player is (even Voros) your never glad to see them hurt especially with a concussion.

    this is better than the one from the earlier thread. best post of the week

  109. i see orr posts and i think he is the worst poster here. then salty posts and he is. then orr. its like last one to post is the winner of worst poster here.

  110. RE: Head injuries

    First thing that the NHL should do, is get rid of the pads that have the hard plastic caps. Don Cherry had a great segment (that I couldn’t find on YouTube) showing how unnecessary those caps were. I couldn’t agree more. Head injuries will never be eliminated from the game, but that would be a great start for sure.

  111. RE: Retaliation

    That has nothing to do with Torts. If someone is bullying your brother on the playground, you don’t wait for Dad to tell you to stick up for him. Either you have balls or you don’t. Now if Brashear (who has a hand injury that may be serious), can’t dress for every game, then the NYR better get someone like him. Renney learned that lesson the hard way by scratching Orr back in the Jagr days. We all remember that. You need at least one healthy goon.

  112. RE: Salary cap/ Forsberg or Vinny L. etc.

    The salary cap is nothing more than a way for the NHL to maintain a mediocre product in markets that don’t even deserve franchises. Any league that has an Arron Voros in it, and no Jaromir Jagr is a disgrace anyway.

  113. sheeet everybody knows monster squad except maybe orr!! he knows barney the friendly dinosaur. the big fluffy tyranna-soreass. j/k orr. hey, remember when frankenstein made buddies with that little girl at teh end? funny ass moment.and the wolfmans got nards bit.

  114. I, like most of you, are extremely disappointed in our team for their lack of heart!!! Are they really afraid of being benched for taking a penalty? DOes that really matter when one of your own, is not silly, with a dirty, blind side hit? Who cares if Staal isn’t a fighter or Calli is too small; doesn’t it get your motor running when you see a teammate knocked out like that? Instigator rule? Give me a break, Avery! No one defends or stands up for dirty hits or the running of Hank! Really, so many other teams would have settled thinigs right there!!! BUt our pansy-a’s players did nothing because of the instigator rule & Torts taking away their ice time?? No heart!

  115. Hey NY
    Can’t believe there was no retaliation to that hit on Drury. I know you guys aren’t as happy with him, but we still wish he was here even now… for some reason he clicked with our group. Thought you might like to see what happened in 2007 when Drury got blindsided by Chris Neil (Ottawa) … how the Sabres responded. It was a wild game after the incident!

  116. cwgatti
    November 9th, 2009 at 6:55 am
    RE: Salary cap/ Forsberg or Vinny L. etc.
    The salary cap is nothing more than a way for the NHL to maintain a mediocre product in markets that don’t even deserve franchises. Any league that has an Arron Voros in it, and no Jaromir Jagr is a disgrace anyway.


    fantastic point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo!!

  117. For those knocking Staal for not responding to the hit on Drury – he wasn’t on the ice when it occurred. Now flash back to 2 years ago when that ass Kaleta gooned Paul Mara – remember who immediately retaliated to the point where Kaleta needed stitches? It was Staal – he drilled Kaleta hard into the boards. What Staal isn’t is a goon who’d come off the bench later in the game to take out a Flame. The Rangers should have responded immediately – meaning someone on the ice. Gilroy’s a rookie who’s come out of the college ranks where fighting never occurs. Redden’s a wimp. That leaves Cally or Avery. I’m appalled and dismayed neither responded, especially Avery. I also think it’s a guarantee that if Brashear had been dressed, he would have addressed that hit bigtime later in the game. In fact, I suspect he’s itching to be in a game where he can feel justified in handing out one of his viscious cheapshots. Do the Flames play in MSG this year??? Probably not.

  118. It’s not about Drury, it’s about the team. The referees should’ve been peeling the whole Rangers team off this Glencross guy. Period. Whoever was on the ice. Everybody! I’ll tell you more, if that happened, maybe zebras would look differently on that hit too. Brashear wouldn’t matter, until everybody is ready to stand up, things like that will happen. But this team doesn’t have it in them, not yet…

  119. jim, redden is anything but a wimp. he is not a hitting d man, but ive seen him stick up for teammates before. he was the only one who attempted to go after glencross.

  120. Did Sean Avery Really say that about the instigator rule? The man who won’t fight and hides behind the instigator rule himself? What a loser!

    “You can’t; you can’t,” Sean Avery, who was on the ice after opening on a line with Drury and Ryan Callahan, told The Post. “If the game had become lopsided, there’s no question something would have been done [to Glencross].

    “It [bleeps]; it [bleeps] that’s what happens with the instigator rule. It protects guys who are cowards.”

    Drury really deserved this…after that bs knee on knee atempt against Paul Martin.
    Plus these kind of hits are obviously condoned in the Rangers organization. They sign Donald Brashear after what he did in his last game as a Capital. Brash’s hit was obviously alot worse then Glencross’s…way later and way harder.

  121. Grabs: Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a Redden hater like so many (although I’ll readily admit he was horrible last year) – I just think he’s a 2nd pairing d-man with a first team All-Star contract. But, for me he’s a wimp. He’s not small (6’2″ and 200) but when it comes to the physical side of the game, he plays small. His attempt to address the Drury hit wasn’t exactly malicious – although it was better than anything his teammates attempted….

  122. I think you guys are forgetting what happened in Vancouver already. A Ranger player retaliates on that then he’s fined and suspended as well as Torts. So we’d lose another player and our coach for at least 1 game. If the Vancouver incident doesn’t happen and still nobody stepped up, then I’d be even more pissed about it than I am now.

  123. Where's Pavelich? on

    agreed on most comments.. the team is S-O-F-T.. Two shifts after the Drury hit, Giradi hit Glencross and Glencross pushed him back harder than the initial hit.. that was the retribution? Carp is right: this is HOCKEY.. do ANYTHING, jump on his back, slash him. punch him…take the instigator and get on with it!!

    Look at how skilled and tough Calgary is (full disclosure: I am a fan.. I believe you can be a Rangers fan and still have a West Coast team).. the Flames didnt even dress their goon (McGrattan) and they intimidated the Rangers all around the ice…the Rangers played okay, overall, but still when it comes to toughness – sad to watch.

    Without Prospal this year, the Rangers would be hoovering/below .500.. and Sather gets no credit for that signing, IMO.

  124. Good point JohnyD, but the Drury hit happened in the first minute of the game. So, fines, suspensions are not an issue with the instigator.

    Does anyone follow Hartford? Is there any potential replacement for Brash down there?

  125. exactly, “attempted”. means he at least tried to do something. i give him a little credit for that. but yea ur right in the fact that he does play small. he has gotten a little better with his defensive approach and will now take some hits to make plays, but he does need to be the leader on D for these kids. if they see him do nothing then they will do the same thing. if they see him shy away from physicality, it will rub off. they’ll think, well, he makes tons more than i do, so why should i goout and do more than he does. as the vet leader on d, hes responsible for not only teaching these kids but leading by example, and youre right, he still shouldve went after glencross later in the game. or somebody shouldve. not fight, but hit him hard. hit him with a big open ice hit and knock him on his butt. thres other ways to get even.

  126. man i wish we could get someone like a corey perry type player. tough n can score goals. dustin penner would be awesome too

  127. And what the Rangers are missing is team toughness. Calgary seemed to ice players with tougher profiles than the Rangers. I see Cally, Avery, and even Voros with that toughness. Prospal and Gabby aren’t wussies, but the rest of the guys have no mean streak whatsoever.

    When Torts took over this team he said only one guy had any balls and that was Avery.

    So, I guess I am saying that the Rangers need to profile tougher players in the future.

  128. yea, and freakin dawes with 3 assists. the little smurf killed us. shouldve went out and creamed him and iginla. they remind me of dr evil and mini me. little nigel iginla

  129. “Drury really deserved this…after that bs knee on knee atempt against Paul Martin.
    Plus these kind of hits are obviously condoned in the Rangers organization. They sign Donald Brashear after what he did in his last game as a Capital. Brash’s hit was obviously alot worse then Glencross’s…way later and way harder.”


    You’re serious about this? Oduya jumped in, gave the appropriate amount of justice at the time. Martin was not injured on the play. And it’s one thing to land a few punches and maybe rock the guy with a hard hit but a headshot and concussion is much more serious matter. And in a great instance of the pot calling the kettle black, any organization that employed a cheap shot artist like Claude Lemieux and a head hunter like Scott Stevens has no authority to talk about playing a “clean” game.

  130. so does anybody know if forsberg wants to come here? he really would be great replacement for duby or drury. but then again, our top 2 fwds would both be one wrong hit or twisted ankle from being out for the season. too many injury issues but if we have no other choice, it would be good to try out

  131. gatti- then whny is tortaweenie he de-balling avery? i hope this doesnt continue because hes been a non factor in any of the wins except his first game with his 2 goals

  132. It’s one thing to talk about the futility of an organization. That’s part of the banter back and forth between fans…but to claim that someone deserved a blindsided hit to the head?

  133. Dawes did not kill the Rangers. he was a non-factor except for the weak goals allowed by Vally, and the great goaltending by Kipper, which was what really killed the rangers. they outplayed the Flames by plenty, but as someone posted earlier, it was the great goaltending of Kipper and the poor goaltending of Vally that doomed the rangers.

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