Rangers-Flames tonight


Calgary. The other Alberta meat.

Once upon a time, this was a deadly double-stop. I actually kept track of stuff like this.

In the 1980s through ’90, for a span of eight years, either Edmonton or Calgary was in the Stanley Cup final.

And back then, most seasons, every team played in every city twice. And also, pretty much every trip out West by every team from the East included the Alberta twinbill.

So that’s why it was so stunning that in the 1980s, only six teams — SIX!  — went through Edmonton and Calgary, or Calgary and Edmonton, and swept both games. SIX!

In the 1990s, at least until the point at which I stopped counting, it happened 32 times. I have no idea how often it has happened in this decade, but teams don’t do the Alberta two-step as often as they used to do it. And it sure isn’t as daunting a task, even though both franchises have been to Cup finals in recent years.

Which reminds me, that MSG promo for tonight’s game is kind of disrespectful … the one that brags about the Rangers being an Original Six team and mocks the Flames’ logo because it has fire coming off it. Especially since both franchises have won the same number of Stanley Cups in the last 69 years (and counting).

And MSG doesn’t see it fit that this proud Original Six franchise go on its regular station tonight, but rather gets bumped to MSG+, and probably with backup play-by-play guys on TV and radio because it’s a football weekend.


I’m going to be working and away from the laptop pretty much all day and night. I will try to put up a pregame thread. Not sure if I will be able to do it.

Lundqvist, no doubt, will be back in goal. Not sure if Brashear will play. But you can certainly expect more resistance and belligerence from the Flames than you saw from the Oilers two nights ago.

Here are the pregame notes.

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  1. That was a great post Rick. I was in Edmonton to see one of my best friends 3 years ago. I went late January when there was 2 feet of snow and 20 below. Caught a Oilers game, went to the West Edmonton Mall. There’s actually was a bill board on one of the major highways out there that had all 5 Stanley Cup rings on it. It was pretty sweet and mostly every road is named after Gretzky LOL.

    The flames jersey is one of my favorite jerseys in the league and loved the fact they threw the Atlanta flame logo on it for the alternate captain letters. Calgary is a beautiful city too. I landed there for my lay over seeing the saddledome with the mountains behind it was beautiful.

  2. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I wonder who approves the MSG promo’s?
    original six is history long, long ago, MSG and the rangers seem to living in the past,
    They were a dreadful original six team.

  3. MSG + or MSG2 the point is that we get no HD.

    That promo was pretty bad. It’s another example of people being in jobs who have no clue what they’re doing.

    Tonight’s gonna be a very physical rock em sock em game. Everybody better come out hitting.

    Kinda like this:

  4. Anyone read Zips report on Brashear? Hmmmm I think there is a conflict there. How do you say that he is a step behind everyone… which clearly he is we all see it. And Torts defends him by saying he’s in great condition. I dont think the booboo on his hand or wrist is the reason why he looks like he’s skating though molasses. Come on Torts :)

  5. Rick, totally agree with you on the promo, i thought it was pretty disrespectful also, and what made it worse was the way the guy said it. Another attempt to be ‘hip and cool’ that just sounds ignorant i guess.

    Mako, thanks for making me check my email yesterday morning! LMAO~

  6. Good morning, Carp!

    I’m guessing I’ll be super burnt out on homework by 10, so I might actually get to watch this game! That is, if they’re airing it at all in Buffalo.

    Lets go Rangers!

  7. Oh and RE: Forsberg, if the guy wants to play for under $3million I say Sather should get him, even if he puts up 1.5 points a game, which he is capable of he’d be worth it if it was for 20-30 games at the end of the season. There is nothing wrong with his skills, its just his damn foot!
    I was watching some highlights on youtube of him. The guy was/is just an absolute monster. I’d venture to wonder how many MORE points he would have had if he was healthy.

  8. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Oh, my head. No, I wasn’t drinking last night, I was eating frogs legs. What you smell are the hops…

    So you think you’re more rabid then ME?

  9. “A perfect example of marketing fools going with what a boardroom full of old men think young people think is cool. Lame promo.”

    There’s a total disconnect between true Ranger fans and the audience that MSG is going for in this promo. They aren’t going for knowledgeable hockey fans – they’re going for kids who don’t know anything about hockey or its’ history, and are trying to get them fired up with a rivalry that doesn’t exist. My bet is that the idiots who came up with the promo are not hockey fans either.

    The Dolan family are Islander fans from way back. They have no true regard for the Rangers beside making money from the team. They will say or do or promote anything that they think will generate money.

    The day that the Dolans relinquish control over the Rangers will be the best day in Ranger history. Even better than 6/14/94 in my opinion.

  10. ILL BE BACK….

    Dun dun dun duh dun……dun dun dun duh dun.

    Do do dooooooo, do do dooo, do do dooooo do do dooooooo doooooooooo

    Dun dun dun duh dun…..dun dun dun duh dun !

  11. I didn’t even realize about Avery in Calgary tonight…I think it will help us because you know Torts is gonna have a big long talk with him and he could get Calgary to commit some stupid penalties.

    I also think Avery is pretty banged up – he doesn’t have the same jump in his step as usual…the light week next week will help them all.

  12. NYRGuy- I agree, he might be able to get the Flames to do something stupid. But, I can see it going the other way also. He steps on the ice and goes overboard even with fourth line minutes.

  13. No way Avery does something stupid. Are you kidding me…. Everyone is going to be watching this game to see what happens between those two.

  14. excellent post rocket! The days the Dolans no longer have anything to do with the Rangers will be right up there with the greatest days of my life!

    I think brastrap still has a booboo and will not be in the lineup tonight.

    tried to read Zip this morning but there’s a black box covering it, sometimes I get to read it, sometimes i dont. Oh well.

  15. Here’s an unpopular opinion. At least the Dolans have been stable. With the NHL’s ownership woes, I’d prefer a bad owner that sinks money into the team.

  16. is rocket nyr
    for this part

    The day that the Dolans relinquish control over the Rangers will be the best day in Ranger history. Even better than 6/14/94 in my opinion.

    AMEN brother

  17. I have been hearing from my sources that Brashear is suffering from Migraines that surfaced from the fight against Orr early this season . The Migraines stem from concussion he got when he got KO’ed by Wade Belak when Brashear was a Capital last year.

    I got a chance to talk to Ranger greats Ron Greschner and Gilles Villemure at a Book signing in NYC and ask them what was their fave MSG moment was. Check it Out


  18. totally agree about the ad campaign Carp

    whoever does marketing/advertising for the NYR is terrible. between bobby granger a couple seasons ago and these terrible commercials, i dont know, somebody should probably be fired. also the drury ass kissing needs to stop. sometimes i wish the NYR were on a channel unaffiliated with the team.

    November 7th, 2009 at 1:15 pm
    totally agree about the ad campaign Carp

    whoever does marketing/advertising for the NYR is terrible. between bobby granger a couple seasons ago and these terrible commercials, i dont know, somebody should probably be fired. also the drury ass kissing needs to stop. sometimes i wish the NYR were on a channel unaffiliated with the team.

    ah the good old days, when they actually told the truth about the team! WAHAHAHAHA NEVERMORE! Maybe all those driveby fans they are trying to attract with their horrible game promos are the same ones who actually believe the Drury propaganda! I’d rather hear Rick and Mouth do play by play and color for the team. Holy Carp that’d be freakin hilarious!

  20. via rocketnyr
    actually I think the Dolan’s know exactly what they are doing. They are not making these promos for Ranger fans, they are making them for would-be-ranger fans.

    The dolan’s have long ago figured out that us “true’ fans will put up with anything for the love of the team/game

    So they are marketing to non-fans to try to woo them in. Not to keep us here.

    makes sense in a sick way

  21. TR

    Thanks for that. Hmmmm would any of you complain Forsberg for Rozi? Getting rid of Rozi to make cap space for Forsberg? Anyone? Anyone?

  22. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    Lundqvust out, vally starting tongiht per zipay

    Plus Voros and Brashear are the scrathces

  23. There you go. We were lucky last year with injuries, not this one. So lay it off with Forsberg. He gets injured by trying new shoes on…

  24. Where is good ol’ bush-league Kamensky? Can we get him back?

    Then we could have an unstoppable first line of: Kamensky – Forsberg – Fleury

  25. Actually, I’m really glad to see Hank sit out. Let the guy rest.

    This should help Vali too. He’s looked shaky at times in the last two starts and a little more game action can only help.

  26. Speaking of the great Kamensky…does anyone recall a game in Calgary in the 2000/01 season (I’ve tried to forget those years too…) in which Kamensky scored the OT winner?

    I only remember it because of some brutal home-town refereeing, including the Flames being given a goal that actually passed above the crossbar. Did that really happen, or I am delusional?

  27. Hope everyone has an “anti-rozy” d man day!!! Hope there is a lot of scrumage and fights tonight!


  28. I really liked the lighting at Northlands Collesium (a.k.a. – Rexall Place) while watching the Rangers kick Oiler butt. Unlike most other arenas where there is a bright glare, it was really easy on the eyes and made watching the game even more enjoyable.

  29. forget dawes. he is a little coward who was a big flop in NY and Phoenix because he has to have a big tough team protecting him so he doesn’t cough up the puck along the boards to cost his team a game like he did vs the Bruins, or the playoff game vs the sabres that he cost the rangers 2 goals by not backchecking properly.

    sure, he will do a little better in calgary with that tough team making room for him, but he is useless on his own to be anything but an opportunist type player who shies away from real contact and is a poor backchecker.

  30. The Flames logo goes back to when the franchise was located in Atlanta, a reference to the burning of Atlanta during the Civil War.
    Wouldn’t that have been a negative thing?

  31. Good afternoon Staal and all! See, CCCP, I said goodbye and stayed away for two whole days!!!
    If you want to know what I’m doing today (hence why I’m even bothering being online with you heads on my timeoff) check out sister blog (where, btw, you all got Mandlebaum’d last night).

    If Carp can’t pop in with a new thread pre-game, blogmama will make sure you have your clean slate. Of course, if he does pop in you may have two clean slates, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to filthy them all up :)

    Gotta go feed Spike! Bye Staal and all….

  32. Crunch time, folks. Our star goalie isn’t a 100%. Our $ 1.4 mil fist is cranky. Sean’s mouth is on strike. And Forsberg’s golden foot hasn’t even stepped on our soil yet. But don’t you worry, that’s when our Captain steps in…

  33. ilb, funny…

    hey, just catching up from a quick rewind over past two days. Quick thoughts”
    • Carp, Mandlebaum Cup, excellent! But didn’t I say something to that effect already? Hmmmm.
    • TR, not tonight, sorry…I thought we were talking the 21st v. cats? Anyway, we’ll reconoiter. Think some other folks were talking about that night, too.
    • Chat on the Forsberg thread continued to make me LMAO…ilb, no apologies, I laughed! I said to send to you know who, too (does anybody listen to me here!?)
    • Linda, Carp and The Mouth calling the game….Great idea! Oh boy, I’d pay money to listen to that on radio. Wait, who’s Sam and who’s JD? None of them can be Joe.

    I think that’s it. What, you wanted game commentary? You’ve all been there done that….it’s a clean rink tonight my friends. LGR!

  34. Bill C-That video is great. I’ve showed it to younger Flames fans and their jaws just dropped. Mike Vernon was hilarious in that video.

  35. ” See, CCCP, I said goodbye and stayed away for two whole days!!!”



    So? You want to tell me you’re less Jewish now?! :P

  36. I hear Valiquette is the ultimate backup and all, but I have zero confidence in him. He’s proven, time and time again, that he’s always one bad goal away from total collapse. I also hope the defence can keeping getting to his delicious rebounds first.

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Late night feels alright for the Rangers !!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Hope Hank is gonna be ok . He tweaked his groin and could start the next game. Alright Vally …it’s show time!!!

  38. sorry but vally did not have a good game against edmonton..how many easy glove catches did he flub? luckily, renney’s taint has effected the oilers to the point where they was never anyone in front to slam them home

    valli is going to get victimized bigtime tonight.

  39. i don’t want to be blindly positive…calgary is a 10x better team than edmonton…i hope we score some goals because their physical forwards will annihilate our soft d and be scoring their own

  40. remember, micheletti calls it THE GROINS!!!! never forget

    Mako, that email was absolutely awesome, you are my freakin IDOL!!!

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  42. vally in net again?? is hank hurt?? i dont have a good feeling tonight against the flames. hank should be playin this one. i would think avery will get bumped back upto the 2nd or 3rd line. lisin should go back to the 4th. hes been kinda crappy lately.

  43. thanks TR! we have two of those at work. Hopefully can find one in my price range, and amazon has sales frequently!

  44. And with the first overall pick the Carolina Hurricanes select… Ward just got his knee slashed by Nash’s skate.

  45. man this 10pm start time is just going to kill me it’s sooo……….wait only 8pm here, nevermind!

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