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I’ve got nuthin’ but frozen fingers… just finished my second of three football games. So I have no idea what happened today, if anything. No idea what you guys have been talking about. No idea about anything except where the heat button is on my dashboard as I attempt to get this post up for your game-time pleasure before trudging back out to the frozen tundra (or artificial tundra).

Have fun and be careful. And behave. I’ll check in around 10 or so, so please let me know what the score is around then.


Laurel here! Hey Staal and all, slow here so far for late Saturday game. Understood. Until Carp gets back, respect MAKO as the substitute bloguncle, as assigned by me….LGR! and have fun.

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  1. I got a whole case of Pabst, hopefully that lasts me…

    I got a good feeling about tonight. I know you all think we’ll get walloped though.

  2. CALGARY they will play tough, but if they give the Rangers any time and room, like Edmonton did the Rangers will be hard to beat.

  3. No, I think because it’s a game involving Avery on Hockey Night in Canada, the Rangers have to start the game 1-0 down. League rules.

  4. Repost- And with the first overall pick the Carolina Hurricanes select… Ward just got his knee slashed by Nash’s skate.

  5. pfft 5 – 2 Islanders.

    I dont know if I wanna call the game LOL last time I called Rangers win 6 – 2 against Vancouver they lost 4 – 1 :(

  6. Watching Leafs-Wings right now. 3-0 Leafs less than halfway through the game! Colton Orr got his first point of the year in the first period.

  7. behave? that’s good advice? How about:

    Don’t skate through the neutral zone with you head down.

    Don’t screen the goalie. Redden.

    Don’t be a spectator out there Drury, EVER.

    Don’t watch hockey on Saturday night with only two beers in the fridge.

  8. I bet the game doesn’t even start at 10pm. the TOR-DET game still has 5 mins left in the second period.

  9. Laurel- behave isn’ t going to happen. And you know it.

    Carp- I didn’t know you played football.
    Well, kidding, I know you are covering it. But three games in a row? You deserve Pulitzer just for covering one. I saw one game live. Couldn’t tell the ball from someone’s tuhes. Especially 20+ in the same area.

    Tomb- and don’t waste a single second on the ice given by Torts. If your seconds are sloppy, you’re playing on the fourth line.


  10. Ilb – that’s hillarious. No sloppy seconds with Torts, how appropriate.

    I don’t mind west coast games if they’re on Saturday nights. I’ll be fired up here by game time.

    I think Calgary will try the same forecheck that has been successful against us so far this season. I think this team is growing and improving gradually.

    Tonight however, I think we will handle the forecheck better, with our young defense. R&R is always a crap shoot though, literally. I predict a Rangers victory though.

  11. Since most Rangers fans are about to go to sleep, I will do my part to keep the post count up for the Reporting team.

    Go Rangers! I’ve been waiting for this game all day today, less than an hour (hopefully).

  12. CR9..outstanding! What a great pooch! Can’t download from the link here, (though you heads should check it out…Staal and all…) CR9, maybe send to my work e-mail…

    Ok heads, LGR, see ya tomorrow. Seriously CCCP…gone. Have a great night, hope we win, but I’ve gotta get sleep for Bruce tomorrow! Last NY stand with The River!


  13. No way! Saturday night doesnt matter if the game was on at 2am!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. No special beverages for me tonight so no worries there ;) That’s up to you blogmother. It will be a honor & privilege again if you need to keep the fellas & ladies in check cough cough coat check ;)

  15. Ha! Coat check….and Cup does another kick save on the treats!

    Staal and all. Until Carp or I get back, MAKO is hereby bequeathed in charge…..use your power well son, or you shall feel the force against you….Carp, OK? Let’s see how he does….MAKO, blogmama and Stanley are watching….it’s go time!

  16. what, has there been some bad/dirty/language or something im missing lately with the behavior? or was it the “ethnic” talk? idk what was so bad about it. nobdy was calling names.

  17. Leafs-Wings has finished in good time (5-1 in the end), giving CBC a whole nine minutes to tut and shake their collective head at the existence of Sean Avery.

  18. i got the HNIC crew again….damnit missin dumb and dumber again tonight! keep me posted on the quips

  19. so is Brashear playing or no? i really wonder who would step up in a fight for the rangers… sad to say that Byers would be the one id have most confidence in, considering he’s played 2 games so far…

  20. Linda -Hockey streams only has 82 users. Its working great for me. when I ever have trouble I just restart the stream and get a different server. Hope you get it worked out before the puck drops.

  21. Kevin Weekes is doing the game on HNIC. Will he be bitter towards Vally (and Hank before that) for stealing his old job?

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Late night feels alright for the Rangers !!!!"... says Greg L. on


  23. Linda

    Until his booboo on his wrist/hand is healed. According to Torts until he’s 100% healthy…

    See now this is why they need someone in the line-up like Brashear or a Brashear type since he hasnt done his job yet.

  24. gregm-section_403 on

    Great. No HD. On MSG plus (more like minus). Channel 72 on cablevision in north jersey.

  25. Redden still hasn’t learnt how to make a breakout pass?

    It looks like Captain Clutch needed crutches to get off the ice. It doesn’t look good.

  26. Speaking of goalies, no Hank. He vaguely tells MSG he has a little problem. Good luck Vally, hope you’re ready to go.

  27. Hank a little sore upper body I think. He’d be in if it were playoffs. Just gettin some time off. Man Higgins almost with a goal.

  28. Weekes sure is a natural. As the Captain was being led off the ice, Weekes gave the obligatory “He’s a player that does all the little things” speech…

  29. We are in trouble. This is a game we need hank against Kippersoff.

    Is it said that not 1 true ranger fan cringed or gave a second thought to Drury getting hurt

  30. i think it’s mandatory that they all say that about him LW. someone PLEASE put down the clutchaid…..


  31. Hank’ll be in if need be… If Vally keeps letting in soft goals Torts said Hank’ll play, nicer than that of course…

  32. Chris

    Easy … its a long night and they are matching the flames energy. They arent getting outplayed.

    As much as I cant stand him… I wouldnt ever want to see a player of ours seriously hurt.

  33. this is exactly the game we pay Bro-shmir to be in… to go after their best player and blindside him into the next year… so far Bro-shmir has been a bust

  34. just wanted to make sure Chris, thanks for the clarification

    ok, someone needs to start takin the body

  35. Chris

    I know…I think we all said it in our heads but didnt want to be the first person to say it LOL

  36. MAKO,,,,blogmama/yoda says yes, is doing good job, son..:) y’all enjoy, see youse tomorrow. pray, as bloguncle says, is early. Me now go watch and then Greg….ZZZZZ

  37. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    When Drury was face down on the ice, I thought he was looking to see if there were any perch under the ice.

  38. if sather gets any bigger, they’re gonna put ropes on him and parade him down the avenue for Thanksgiving Day parade

  39. one of the best goalie coaches in the world, yet hank is still weak high on the glove side…hmmmmmmmm

  40. At least Sather has had 30+ years to put weight on. Did you see Brett Hull earlier? Now built like a tank. A flabby tank.

  41. Rangers starting to get into the game. I think they are realizing that they can’t rely on the goalie to save their collective asses tonight.

  42. ooooops Mako,lmao! i’ve only done it in Nashville. I am hoping he scores in Atlanta. It could be special for each goal, all I know is I thank God my fiancee is big and full of muscles so noone messes with me in enemy territory!

  43. Mako, original one was a bit of me jumpin up and down screamin like a damned fool, with a bit of Axl Rose and Jeff Spicoli tossed in!

  44. Solid period, should be 2 – 1 us, should have a PP goal from Gaborik assisted by DZ and Kotalik but we got screwed outta a PP.

    LW3H hahaha, poor Weekes.

  45. strange none of the rangers players looked upset when their captain took a cheap shot….the guy is a bum

  46. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    The captain gets buried with a cheap shot and nobody drops that guy? That’s disgusting, not to mention disrespectful. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO STEP UP AND MAKE THAT GUY BLEED.

    I’m sick of watching guys get knocked around with no regard for consequences. It’s sad to watch.

  47. Linda

    Hopefully minus the bad botox & gross cornrows.

    Anyone going to watch Fedor vs. PUDDIN 2.0 on CBS? LOL

  48. CR9, great pic of your dog!!!

    Yes, Salty is still here

    hey did you guys get an update on Captain Supercalafragalistic yet?

  49. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    It sends a poor message to let your captain get run like that and not retaliate.

  50. they haven’t shown a replay of that here! HOLY COW KELLY HRUDEY! I met him at an Islanders game after he first signed with them. He was sitting two rows behind us.

  51. Thanks Linda.

    I decided to look for who called Jaromir “Yommy Yogger” about 5 minutes ago, and easily found it.

    I’m namin’ names!!!!! It was Salty Season’d!!!

    Salty Season’d
    May 7th, 2008 at 9:31 am

    Absolutely. People don’t realize how much Jagr held teh team down this season.


    Blind to the fact that the “leading scorer” had what, 27 goals? We can’t revolve around Jagr. You take Jagr off this team, everyone else LEARNS HOW TO STEP IT UP.

    Listen if you’ve got a Jagr netting 50 goals and 65 assists, you let him do whatever he wants, I understand that. But he’s NOT putting up those numbers, and still demanding control and minutes and people are still deferring to him when they have their own opportunities.

    This team needs to now be centered around Scott Gomez and his ability to move the puck from point A to point Y, and that means we have to find someone who can move the puck from point Y to point Z. That person is not Yommy Yogger.


    The best line is about Gomez and his ability….and how Jagr held the team down.


  52. ok they just showed it, at first i thought he got hit in the face with a stick or the puck, that didnt look like he got hit in the head though, it looked like he hit him in the shoulder

  53. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    I hope the Rangers see video of that hit between periods… and then come out and BURY that no talent clown.

  54. Hmm, innocent play on Drury according to Milbury the neanderthal. The breakout pass went a couple of feet behind Drury, who made no attempt to play the puck.

  55. Chris, that was an interesting post! I laughed at the Gomez thing, I saw in my minds eye, Gomez turning the puck over at center ice with that stupid poopy eating smirk on his face

  56. it says something about the team, but also says something about the crapstain (ooopps….I mean, “captain”)

  57. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Milbury is a total eh-hole if he thinks that play was innocent. No puck near Drury, and he wasn’t looking. Milbury is a total crosby-bag.

  58. Anisimov seems to be centering Gaborik and Prospal now — good to see Tortorella giving him more ice time.
    Wish Prospal had come to center Jagr 3 years ago!

  59. Milbury will always be an eh-hole. I hated him commentary whenever the Rangers were on NBC and he was a BIGGER eh-hole talking about Jagr.

  60. >>so… is anyone gonna do anything aboot GlenGross?
    >>This is our CAPTAIN for god’s sake!!

    I’m thinking of sending him a fruit basket or something to show my appreciation.

  61. is that hit on youtube yet because i swear it looked like their shoulders hit on the replay i saw. you guys are making it sound like he had his head ripped off.

  62. These refs are a joke. They miss a clear cut cheap shot to the head when the puck was nowhere near drury but yet the give calgary a 5 on 3, typical canadian garbage.

  63. ok I want to know why the ref infront of the play didnt call the blatant interference but the ref behind the play did

  64. chester heights on

    any free live streams available? if not, any avery phaneuf confrontations im missing? lgrrr!

  65. Something I asked on the last thread…

    Does anyone remember a game in Calgary in 2000/01 (5-4 win, Kamensky scored in OT) where the Flames were given a goal from a shot that actually passed over the crossbar?

  66. linda, no but a shot to the head is pretty much going to give you a concussion. The question is what grade concussion will it be.

  67. linda how can it be a bad call, the defender has to stay in his lane on a dump in he cant impede the progress of the offensive skater

    what bs with the canadian teams as usual

  68. >>anyone have a report on drury

    Last I heard, he was comfortably watching LLWS highlights in the dressing room.

  69. Drury’s fine. He just heard that NHLers get priority H1N1 vaccinations in Alberta, so he left early (Captains and LLWS winners being the biggest priority).

  70. thanks guys, they are not updating anything on here. Hopefully he’s not seriously hurt, ya never want to see someone badly hurt.

    LMAO @ Magic!

    Chris, I’m just tellin ya what the canadian dudes are saying. Its like we sit here and watch the games and see things with our own eyes, and the announcers describe something different, or try to tell you you did NOT see what you saw…hmmmmmm

  71. How is that a HIGH STICK! You can tell it wasnt because the crowd didnt even react to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Gee, did they go to the video replay to call that high stick penalty, thirty seconds later??? Such a joke!

  73. OH MY GOD, these refs are brutal. I can’t belive what I’m hearing. They decide now that the rangers high sticked a calgary player 3 minutes ago when the raqngers had the puck but because a calgary player complains about a cross check they decide because they blew that high stick call now they will call it to give calgary a power play. I thought I’ve seen bad officiating until tonight’s game. This is by far the worse.

  74. How can they go back and call that? I thought linesmen could only call major penalties?

    CCCP – Langkow did say the Flames had been “sloppy in their own end” after the first period. Well chosen words.

  75. I like Freddie Shoes….But Nigel Dawes is the biggest loser. How is he playing on a PP line with Iginla on a 9-4-1 team. And the pass was extraordinary.

  76. who said iginla was invisible.

    wow, this is the worst officiated game we’ve seen this season i believe

  77. Get used to it. Referees make their decisions very carefully based on one logic: Screw the New York team.

    I’m not sure why one would screw the Rangers, they are not elite as of yet.

    I understand the HP umpires in the playoffs cheating the Yankees. The referees understood the only way the Yanks would lose was to affect at bats with their cheap garbage. And the Yanks were good enough to win 11 games against the opposing team and the umpires.

  78. ya know, all any fan wants is a game that is called properly. i honestly think that is NOT too much to ask. Freakin frustrating crap.

  79. Sorry for the length

    How’d they end up with a PP for Kotalik’s first two minutes? Does that make any sense

    Rene Bourque : Cross checking – 2 min
    Ales Kotalik served by Enver Lisin : Hi-sticking – 2 min
    Ales Kotalik : Hi-sticking – 2 min

    Shouldn’t Kotalik just have been in the box for 4, and it been 4 on 4 for 2 minutes until Rene Bourque left the box, then 2 minutes till Kotalik left the box? That makes no sense what they did… So Lisin leaves the box after 2 and then Kotalik is still in the box for 2 more and Rene Bourque has to wait in the box bceause his team already has 5? What a mistake…

  80. That 4 minute call to Kotalik was just awful. Yeah, he high sticked him, but play continued and to go back and make a call like that is simply ridiculous. Is it Hockey Night in Canada? Ha

  81. They’ll usually call coincidental penalties, so the first of Kotalik’s cancelled out with Bourque’s penalty. Of course, “coincidental” is a strange term to use when Kotalik’s high-stick happened around two days before Bourque goit called…

  82. Unbelievable

    If Toronto is where the Rules are reviewed and enforced,
    Calgary must be where they ae MADE UP!

  83. i know i’m late here. the usual computer problems.
    but can someone here explain how a penalty is called more than 20 seconds after the penalized team touched the puck and why Lisin and Kotalik had to be in the box while Kotalik had to stay for 4 minutes.

    besides, all the stickholds that have literally put at least 3 of our players to a stop, the referees tonight SUCK!

  84. They can talk about these head shots all they want. NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP BETTMAN!!!! Someone is going to get paralyzed!!!

  85. We have to finish this game and this road trip with a gutsy third period. If we have a rested powerplay unit and fresh ice, I like our odds to get back the one goal.

    I’m worried that Dubinsky cracked his wrist or something.

  86. Love Avery, but he is ducking contact and not skating. He better at least try to hurt some Calgary feelings.

    Typical Hockey Night in Canada referees — Canadian teams are always given priority in these games. At least Tortorella doesn’t give the refs a break — Renney was always too respectful to the refs, and it never did him any good.

  87. My vote for quote of the week:

    “You guys never heard of the Delorean Rule? You can go back in time and call a penalty now.”

  88. i would love to see how that call on kotalik (and the subsequently power play and penalty serving structure) are explained by the nhl…what a joke.

  89. joe is right though..glencross will sit 2-3 games for that hit, if colin campbell takes his head out of his ..

  90. I hate MSG Plus. I hate this bald guy in the leather jacket who always has something to say about the local teams. Hey man, pick one team and root for them. Jesus. He cheers for the Devils, Islander, Rangers, Mets, Yankees, Knicks, and Nets. I am sorry, but have some loyalty to one team, or at least pick 2. Damn. One confused individual. I mean really, what kind of d bag roots for all the local teams?


  91. I like to know why they didn’t go back and call the drury penalty if they did that on the kotalik high stick. I love hockey but this league is truly a joke. Bettman is the biggest a$$ clown in the universe and the league is right behind him. This is why hockey will never be a big sport in America.

  92. If Drury and Dubi are both injured for a stretch of time, you can bet that either A. Grachev gets called up, or B. Sather does whatever he can to get Foppa.

  93. I have a feeling Dubinsky broke either his hand or wrist on that block of a slap shot. Dubinsky will miss some time, probably a month.

  94. Yeah, Orr got a 5 minute interference call. But that was for a clean hit against a Penguin, so it was the right call. By the book.

  95. The NHL will severely reprimand and suspend a player for trash talking about a hockey groupie, yet turns a blind eye to hits to the head. Pathetic that Bettman has time to fuss about Avery’s dumb remarks, but can’t manage to protect the players in his league from injury. Ridiculous management.

  96. The linesmen helped out the refs. What a joke!

    They cant whistle a play dead, but can call a penalty.

    I wonder where all the “missed calls” that should go in our favor, where are these POS linesmen?????

  97. Shroyuken reread my post, the refs math was terribly off and it made no sense what they did.

    Either way why didn’t the linesmen tell the refs about Glencross killing Drury but they caught that histick from Kotalik?

  98. damnit olga, you should NOT have put that in print!

    Mako, your emails are spot on!

    Bettman, Campbell and their henchmen need to go!!!!

  99. There is no doubt in my mind Dubinsky and drury will miss some time. drury probably has a concussion and like I said in my other post Dubinsky probably has a broken wrist or hand.

  100. They were talking about headshots on HNIC between periods in the early game. Milbury’s take was essentially (paraphrasing slightly): “Why are we talking about this again? It’s done. Not an issue anymore.”

  101. Nasty

    That means he would have to clear cap space for him the only player who is expendable is Rozi and they would need to bring up a Dman.

  102. MAKO, just what i was about to say, you can see Ramsay whisper to tortorella and then tortorella shaking his head

  103. well folks, it was fun even though thanks to Bettman and his bush league I now have agida. I’m out of here, have a good night folks.

  104. i swear, these freakin announcers just wont let this crap with avery go. HOLY CARP!! ya got people getting hurt badly and they are going on and on about WORDS!!! amazing how stupid people are

  105. They really need a tough as nails, intimidating Dman. Its is now glaringly obvious, as it wasnt it before… its even more so now.

  106. Did anyone hear that ridiculous explanation?

    That linesmen can call penalties, but must wait until the end of the play to call it.

    I wonder how many times linesmen have done this, this year.

  107. If Drury/Dubi are hurt long term... on

    Forsberg and/or Nylander will be on the team. Nylander was put on waivers for the purpose of re-entry waivers by the Caps.

  108. i bet there’ll be a new guy or two on this team come next game, the question is, will we be happy?

  109. What do you expect?? We have this weasel Valiquette.

    Are we going to get an actual professional backup goalie, or stick with this little leaguer?

  110. Olga Folkyerself on

    It was bound to happen with all those odd man rushes.

    Safe is Death has killed them again.

  111. Olga

    That is not “Safe is Death.” That pass by Staal served no purpose. There was no reward to be gained from that pass, only the risk of something negative. If you’re gonna try to make a play, throw it at the net.

  112. 1) TERRIBLE pass by staal on that 3rd goal…soft and off the mark…and back toward his own zone when he’s rushing the puck

    2) the rangers should have won this game. kiprusoff stole the game for calgary.

  113. They played a good game. Kipper is a great goalie and kept them in the game. Im pretty pissed that Staal thought he was Leetch rushing up the ice but blindly throwing the puck away. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!

  114. That replay of Olie rushing up the ice, is exactly what is wrong with them right now. They need to take the body more. They give some players SO MUCH ROOM to make plays. They are still TOO SOFT of a team.

  115. Olga Folkyerself on

    They were taking all kinds of chances in the third. Calgary had at least 3 odd man rushes as Ranger defensemen were taking chances at the other end. It was just a matter of time til they got burned. Staal’s pass was another high risk move.

    Or dumb. Take your pick…

  116. We played two centers down all game, and still put up a pretty good fight. Staals pass at the end there was not a great play, but considering it was late in the game, and they were taking chances, I can live with it. We very easily could have won this game. I tell you though, Calgary sure plays some boring ass hockey. Are they the Devils of the West or something?

  117. >> JB, i think we were happy ONCE!

    Yeah, I remember that ONE time; it seems so long ago. Oh wait… That WAS a long time ago.

  118. also i think i had a revelation tonight – no players succeed in new york (with a good supporting case) – either we have jagr stealing the show for a season with 0 support behind him, or we have a bunch of overpaid underperformers dwelling in mediocrity

    gaborik/prospal are going to steal the show this year, with 0 supporting cast

    until we have another player like messier join that is unaffected by playing for the rangers (which will be never), we won’t win a cup

    and this realization had nothing to do with this game…just something i was thinking about earlier lol

  119. Going back to the Kotalik penalty, apparently (Rule 33.4):

    “The Linesman must report upon completion of play, any circumstances pertaining to:

    (viii) Double-minor penalty when it is apparent that an injury has resulted from a high-stick that has gone undetected by the Referees”

    So, technically within the rules – a surprise to me. Still doesn’t explain why the refs missed it, and it still smelled like the officials only reacted to Conroy’s complaining.

  120. Is something wrong with Keanan tonight? His eyes are all glassy and has been stumbling all over his words?

  121. Solid efforts under circumstances (Dru, witch I hold our Orr personally responsible for and Dubi).For me the biggest annoyance besides referees was again Staal, who has NO friggen business in offensive zone(how many times should it happened for him and Tort to understand it’s not his role)and Avery, who again was less then zero, whoever and whatever says, just helpless and pathetic.

  122. Devils just leap frogged over the Rangers tonight in the standings. If they arent careful so will the Islanders.

  123. Kotalik was unbelievably good again. Kipper and Luck was against Rangers tonight, but no shame in game…

  124. Joe M was drooling over the fact that Avery was able to hold the puck behind the Calgary net for like 15 seconds before giving it away. Yay! There was nothing in front, so he should have cycled it, he had a guy to his left.

  125. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    You got to admit it, Sather has brains. Trouble is, his brains are in his head, and his head is up his ass.




  127. Yes, Staal is making too many mistakes too far from his own goal. But I don’t have a problem with the team giving up odd-man rushes with five minutes left when down a goal and pushing for the tying goal. It’s a step up from always having Betts and Orr on the ice in the last few minutes of the third.

  128. Mandlebaum is giving Shor a run for his money for the comment of the week. Because that was pretty brilliant Izzy LOL

  129. eric
    I think Grach and Parentau, with adjustment for centers.Who knows may be, just may be, it will be for best.

  130. OMG I changed the channel for 2 seconds! I miss the Torts interview. What was said? Anyone know what was said….

  131. Olga Folkyerself on

    Torts said Drury has a concussion. Dubinsky may be out for awhile too, although he was less specific about Dubi’s injury.

    He said the team played one of their best games all year, and Kiprusoff was the difference.

  132. Thank you Olga :)

    He’s on the money about Kipper… I dont know about best games? What do you all think?

    Bad news all around…

  133. Sorry MAKO if I hurt your feeling. It wasn’t intentional sarcasm, just light reactional joke to easy tensions after lost game. Again, sorry for obvious underachievement.

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