Rangers-Oilers in review


This was pretty simple. A good win, good effort, against an undermanned team that played pretty poorly.

So, no, I’m not putting much into the 4-2 victory in Edmonton, other than it is sure better than a loss, an overtime loss or one of those skills competition losses. Those would have all been unacceptable (like the Islanders game).


1) The MSG propaganda machine is cranked up with the “what a great play by Drury” stuff. And I’m one of the few who think this guy is a decent captain and a good hockey player. But he is not playing well by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps he’s hurt and everybody there knows it but isn’t allowed to say it, so they defend him. If he’s healthy, he should not be getting praise. That said, I think Joe and Sam were dead on in that Callahan, Dubinsky and Higgins are looking much better lately.

2) Did you see the “Sausage Fest,” Captain Clutch commercial (I think it was for Captain Morgan)?

3) I say this pretty much every night: What a play by Del Zotto … this time on the Callahan goal. Also, Gilroy (on that great ice in Edmonton) had a stellar game. I think both of these guys need defensive defense partners, and I think maybe it’s time to stop expecting offense from Staal and let him play with one of those guys, and let Girardi either play with the other or play with Rozsival.

4) Maybe you guys are right about Tom Renney. Oilers look passive, awful.

5) I’ve said all along how much I miss hockey, and that if somebody called and asked me to go back to hockey full time, I probably wouldn’t even have to think about it. But that is one trip I don’t miss even a little.

6) Although the Edmonton P.A. guy has such a great, Canadian voice and accent.

7) Aaron Voros. Is this guy trying to get bought out?

8) Amazing how much easier this game is, and how much better the results, when you have a power play. Remember that seven-game winning streak? That was PP driven.

9) Once again,  MSG bails on the Tortorella press conference quickly. Brutal.

Here are the official game summary and event summary.

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  1. Carp is up this early?? even after late game last night? what’s wrong boo-boo? too excited to sleep after a good team win? :P

  2. Carped, repost
    Positives aplenty. For one, the Rangers can burn you if given some space and time, they have enough weapons now to do it. Torts has to find the ways to create the space and time if not given by the other team.

    MDZ- keeps getting better in a lot of different ways. And his first pass is as good as we’ve seen since…Don’t want to mention the name.

    Kotalik’s 3×3 contract looks pretty good now. And, boy does he ever have thick arms! This water bottle jumped up before Bulin realized he may wanna react.

  3. lol you tell it like it is Sally! That’s why I love you!
    yeah, I’m up… gotta do some house cleaning and shopping…Future Mrs. CCCP isn’t happy with me lately… got to use the “domestic responsibility” move, to make things good. lol

  4. Valiquette, I’m sure would like the first goal back. C’mon Steve, you have sufficient body surface area to cover the post!
    Avery needs his mouth to bring him back.. And, maybe a fight.

    Lastly, I’d like to nominate Olga’s “Giannone box” for weekle comment.

  5. CCCP, don’t overdo it. The house chores, that is. Comes back to bite you. Trust me, it took two marriages. Speaking of sloppy seconds…

  6. Question.
    What is the Rangers record with Prospal on the wing, vs, with Prospal at center? It seems to me the team is much more balanced with Prospal on the wing. Curious about the record, if anyone knows.

  7. Sally, I’m sure he does his part..

    Btw, is it me, or does Pat Qinn look like an extinct animal? So does his style of play…Golf, maybe.. Pat?

  8. You go to bed at night, she’s there. You get up in the morning, she’s there. It’s like you have to get permission to use the bathroom.

  9. BillyDeeWilliams on

    It’s Pat Quinn’s team though, so I don’t see how you can blame the passivity of the Oilers on Renney.

  10. Defensive guys -Drury,Redden,Rosival never draw a paper’s attention. They play a necessary part of the game. Don’t degrade their play. Carp-with your comments about these guys,your just trying to draw more readership to a fledging paper business .

  11. And you can forget about eating in front of the TV, because it’s dinner time. And you know what you do at dinner time? You talk about your day.

  12. Didnt watch the game but from the stats and comments im guessing it was a good win. Calgary will be a sure test for our dmen, hopefully i’ll catch that game!

  13. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Is Renney running there Power play?

    It sure looked liek it last night

    And Carp I agree about Voros. Every time I even think I can root for him he does something stupid.

    I really hope Byers is here to stay and they send Voros to the Pack.

  14. Leetchhalloffame on

    Carp – good observation on Voros, albeit an obvious one. This guy is a brutal and worthless AHL player at best. I’d rather see Byers up here and taking his spot any day of the week.





  16. MDZ, cannot sing enough praise for that kid. Sick vision and laser-like passes. Best story of the NYR thus far (with a close second to Gabby).

    Rosy….the guy is just terrible. Odds are that he is first of the Rosy-Redden pair to be sent packing.

    Drury…you guys have summed it all up.

    Hopefully Higgy has new life. It seems it.

    Who saw Prospal flatten that dude? I like Vinny more and more.

    Nice game by Vally after last time’s debacle vs the Sharks.

    Avery has gone a little invisible btw.

    Boyle continues to make great little plays that don’t show up on the stat sheet. He is a good PK guy.

    Truth be told though, the Oilers stink. That is why we looked good. Calgary will be a real test.

  17. Like I said in the other post, I’d rather have Gomez than Drury. I said it before, but knew it wouldn’t happen because Gomez saved us more money.

    Either way he’s played better the last 2 games, just not great.

    The only reason Voros even played is because Brash is still hurt and Byers was suspended. Voros won’t see the ice for awhile. We might just end up Rissmillering him and keeping him in Hartford.

    He works hard, but that usually includes him falling down from being a terrible skater, throwing his body around like an idiot and high sticking people, and my personal favorite, holding players for absolutely no reason because he can’t keep up.

  18. “is mike comrie still dating lizzie mcguire?”

    Apparently he still is. Ugh, sickening. And Mike Fisher is still dating Carrie Underwear.

    Damn, these Rangers need to bring some hot celeb babes to the Garden. Fuggin Aves had to screw things up with the Cuth. Fugg !

  19. the pass from del zotto to higgins? Whata bout the one from MDZ to callahan? Is that what you meant, carp? That was a laser beam right to the tape and callahan just had to put his stick on it. What a pass! It also amazes me how a guy like gaborik can draw the defense to him and still be able to non-chalantly throw a perfect pass to kotalik for that goal.


  20. if we have a Brashear on the roster we must need an enforcer(debatable),if Brashear cant do his job(obviously),why not call up a Soryal or a Henley from hftd?especially for Calgary
    and like jonny said,rismiller Voros for Byers.
    oh btw best rangers blog on the www here.

  21. Also with Avery, the good news is that he’s not that important to the team anymore like he was. We don’t need him to stir anything up anymore. He’s still definitely not 100%, but hes no superstar and never has been. We just needed him because we had a soft team before that wouldn’t stick up for anyone. Now thats not really the case with Boyle, Callahan, Higgins, even Dubi at times. Plus Prospal will throw down with anyone surprisingly.

    I didn’t realize how tough and how good of an on ice leader he really was until this year. And just like Torts, he’s real with his assessment. He wants a big payday next year too.

  22. Good morning, Orr. Good, deep summary of personal relationships of hockey players. I liked the emotional part of it. Carp may not…

  23. The best pass MDZ had all game was the one that Callahan didn’t score (because I don’t think he was 100%) ready for it. It was in the 3rd period on the PP when the score was 3-1. Gabby came around the net and passed it off the boards to DZ, he then fired a pass (that looked like a shot) to a wide open Callahan. Cally tried to tip it in and kept skating past the net.

    If he stopped, the whole net was wide open to finish that up, plus he had Prospal wide open on the other post. Not mad that Cally missed it, just shows how ahead of the play MDZ is. He’ll have his struggles this year for sure, but he’s proving early on that despite those potential struggles, he can play at this level and will for a long time.

  24. Yeah, that was Del Z’s pass to Cally. I think it was Gilroy who made that play on the Higgins goal.

    Either way, two great plays.

    Del Z = Rookie of the year. That kid has been a great surprise, and for once, it seems like we have a great 1st round draft pick. Hopefully Sangs can do the same next year.

    Im still not impressed with Dubi. Yeah, he had a good game, after a few bad ones. But this isn’t last year, he has his new greedy contract, i expect a little more than the 08-09 Dubi we saw last year.

    As for Higgins. He has goals in back to back games, but im still not impressed. He has a hell of a lot more to prove. He needs to get a streak going. I still think he’ll get dumped at the deadline, along with Danny G.

    And Voros is pissing his spot away. Brash*t is losing his roster spot because he cant play his fuggin game, and Voros is giving it away by doing retarded things. Get it together !! I don’t want to see this scum bag back in the lineup !

  25. avery needs more ice time, period! Good win against an ok team. Calgary will be a big time game! Hope everyone has a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!! (should I just call it an anti-rozy day???)

  26. Eric- Don’t yell. We’ve handed out worst contracts than that. Gomez? Holik, oh that was bad? Kaspar? Lindros, careful there big guy? Redden? Rozy?

  27. Hockeyman Rangers on

    One thing I notice with Avery is he gets a lot of passes out in front but either no one is there or they are not ready for the pass. Shame on them, the rule is STICK ON THE ICE. But he does, he gets a lot of passes out in front, lets hope he doesn’t get the craps about not being a superstar on the team anymore, or the craps of being called for looking just at player the wrong way.

  28. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I kind of get the feeling that what you see from Dubi is all he’s got. And I am not saying he is a bad player, he does do a lot of good things but not sure he is worth what the ended up paying him???

  29. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Avery is prob a little sore/sensitive with his knee
    He only played a little over 5 minutes last night, and with all the penalties it killed his On ice time. He will come around.

    Boyle has been solid
    Cally Higgins: lets hops this is the start of a scoring streak for both
    Dubi: Hit the post last ngiht, and can get around defenders and score. IMHO he HAs to stay as first line center.
    Prospal: What more can we say, one hell of an all around player, LOVE how he gets pumpe dfor goals and pissed off and is loud to his teamates
    Gabby is Gabby, and gets two mroe points and took some hits last night

    And Im sorry but I dont think anyone can knock Girardi for last nights game. He had a good one, and as long as he stays at the defensive Dman, is solid on most nights

    Drury was at least noticabel last night. I think he does belong permanently on the PP and PK units

    As logn as he finishes the year with 20+ goals I’ll be happy. He;s no super star or sniper and never will be.
    But the whole team loves him, and he does take the abuse on his body from all the pucks he blocks.

    Solid win all around, Clagary will be a tougher more physical game.
    And I guarantee Avery gets into it with Phaneuf.

    Should be a great one


  30. I dont know what it is, but Drury is so unvisible on the ice, you barely realize when he is on. Usually a captain is doing something special on the ice, scoring goals or making fantastic defensive plays, but neither thing is happening with him..

    I cant remember when he scored his last goal. In contrast to him Cally, Dubi and Higgins raised their games against the Oilers but you just simply have to realize that this was simply a must win for the Rangers, because Oilers looked awful passiv for a home game and seems to be rock bottom down in the rankings…

    On Saturday there is much more stronger opposition in the Calgary Flames and we will see if the positiv trend continues…

    I hope to see the game because its tough to catch a game at 4 am in the morning :)

    P.S I try to watch Tortorella postgame comments from the Rangers on Demand but it didn´t work and it is stopping all the time after a couple of seconds…Do you guys have the same problems and is it intentional ?

  31. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Voros really has to go, why are we paying this guy to sit more than play. And when he does play he just is not good. I heard that he did some awesome trainging over the summer and everything but it’s just not working. You wonder sometimes if he would just rather be a healthy scratch and collect his pay???

  32. I agree with carp that the torts press conf. coverage should be much better. If my theory is correct about putting struggling players on a line with gabby/prospal, how long before we see dru or avery there?


    thanks for the link!!

  33. sadly complaining about Drury is like complaining about the weather.but when McGratton bowls over Hank Sat night,and all our guys skate away looking at their feet maybe Torts will make a 4th line-7th D adjustment.

  34. DZ just flat out makes incredible plays. Some of his passes are things of beauty. He just threads the needle and sees seams that the vast majority of players miss. I am loving watching him mature. He only seems to be getting better! I also love that he hits and uses the classic “hip check”

  35. Great comment on a THN.com article on rumors and Sather being interested in Forsberg:

    As a lifelong Red Wings fan, I was surprised when I asked my brother who his second favorite team was: “The Rangers,” he replied. When I asked him why, he asked me how I couldn’t love a team that brought so much misery to New York year after year. The Rangers i.e. Sather, still operate under the belief that if you overpay for talent, it somehow makes players better. In the pre-cap era they could outspend everyone, and even then they weren’t very competent at it. A Forsberg signing would just be more of the same.

    this comment was good too:

    Only SATHER and ONLY in New York, and unfortunately only the RANGERS would even consider talking about aquiring a player who’s time has passed. But the BIGGER problem is NOT this Forsberg issue, its the problem that Sather’s time has passed. It’s time for the Rangers Owners to KICK Sather in the ankle and toss him out his office window. Someone needs to tell Sather that this is NOT the 1980’s, and this is NOT Edmonton! Until this happens, Sather will continue making those reclimation projects of older useless veterans at HIGH/LONG contracts.

    From a Hockey Fans Prospective (aside from ranger fans) Sather is a joking and therefore turning the entire franchise into a joke.


    1994 FOREVER

  36. At. 1.15 pm Germany -USA at Munich Olympic Arena

    You guys can´t miss this game :)

  37. Hank is going to get run harder then the NYC marathon saturday night if we dont stop it right away. Bring back byers, scratch voros, light a fire under drurys *ss (on the bench!.

  38. edit Sorry is 6,2 190.
    you boneheads looking for something to do before the game Saturday?(my ct homeys)how about the first match-up of the season for the Wolfpack vs Sound Tigers,in bpt.
    sit on the glass @ center ice for 43 smackers.
    should be a real old-school battle.

  39. Morg-don’t get to see too much Wolfpack. How’s Soryal’s skating ability? And can that Henley guy do a bit more than fighting?

  40. well there ahlers for a reason,tho both are young.
    either way can they be worse than Voros?,if they take his 4 min a game and all they do is fight they got voros beat by a country mile,he takes his pims like Thurogood drinks,he prefers to be by him self.

  41. Thanks, morg. Henley isn’t that young-29?

    Staal, I was at the game vs Coyotes. I’m telling you, Brashear hasn’t touched the puck during pregame warm-ups even once. I made a joke that he needs to protect his hands and such. The more I think now, the more I feel that he may have a hairline fracture somewhere after that Orr fight.

  42. I think Brashear will pay off come april into(hopefully) may(and beyond),but for now we need someone in there that can do his job.
    We can expect Cal gary to be in a p****d off state of mind,and with Phaneuf out there we better have our(Gabby,Avery)heads up.

  43. Henley and Soryal are terrible hockey players. Please keep them as far away from NY as possible. Sure they fight, but holy crap will they kill your team with their terrible hockey sense. They are career AHLers, and in Henley’s case maybe a career ECHLer. I’d much rather have Brashear over them. Plus until Brash is healthy, Dane Byers can run plenty of people (maybe not fight, but he can be physical).

  44. If you want to bring up anyone who can protect guys, the next in line would be Brodie Dupont. He was the captain of the Pack if I’m not mistaken, and he has a pretty solid offensive game. He’s got an edge to him and is about the same size as Soryal, if not bigger. That’s a guy you want at the NHL level, someone who can fight occasionally and play hockey. Soryal and definitely Henley cannot do that.

  45. Who was the top fighter on Detroit and Pittsburgh last year?

    Exactly. Godard rarely played. We don’t need some goon who can’t play. Most of those teams that have wastes like that taking up space either don’t make the playoffs or don’t go far. Even the Flyers top fighters are guys that can keep up with the NHL game.

    This isn’t the 1980s. The game is too fast to risk putting some scrub out there who can’t contribute with anything other than his fists. Plus in Torts’ system, that guy would leave huge holes in the forecheck, even if he only plays 5 minutes a game.

  46. im sure nothing will happen to Hank on Saturday with Voros the sheriff in town,if it does he will mash in Mcgrattons fist with his face,that will show those rough and tough western toughies.

  47. Carp (& anyone else who wants to comment):I’ve been meaning to raise this point for you insights- I contend that if Dan Blackburn’s career had progressed normally & wasn’t cut short by that freak injury, he, & not the King, who happens to be my favorite current Ranger, would be the team’s #1 net minder. Even as a teenager, Blackburn had incredible focus & seemed to have the “goods”. Your take?

  48. Detroit picked up May. Godard whacked up brash Oct 3rd.I agree come PS they wont matter,but if one of those non skaters breaks our Hanky we wont have a PS

  49. Cally needed that deflection. Felt he was snakebit hitting posts, getting breakaways pokechecked, goalie just squeezing the 5hold shut and such.

    And what a give-and-go Party Boy had with Gilroy! I almost woke up my neighbors (or I did they just didn’t tell me) on that one.

    MDZ Would win the Calder if there was a vote today. KEEP IT UP KIDDO! (LOL @ teams who didn’t draft this “attitude problem”. THIS IS A TEAM SPORT THERE ARE NO RYAN LEAFS IN THE NHL!)

    Good boost for Vally he needed that.

    I was actually surprised Voros wasn’t benched after that first penalty. (THIS GUY SUCKS!)

    Anyone see the pregame interview MSG had with Tom Renney. Apparently Sather told him, “If nothing changes, nothing changes” when he ‘let him go’. Agreed completely.

    A great guy just not a great coach IMO.

  50. Seriously, who ever said Avery & Gabby better keep their heads up is right. For whatever it’s worth, Brashear better be in the line-up vs. Calgary….

  51. enforcer =gun
    what happens when the other team starts shooting and we dont have a gun?
    now,lets talk aboot gun control….
    and you know which religion s**ks?yours! kidding.

  52. morg – I agree we need one for a couple games, and Calgary probably is one, but Soryal isn’t going to scare anyone and Henley is absolutely terrible. He’s big, but he’s an AHL fighter (and a terrible d-man at that). McGrattan would kill both of them.

    Noonan – he wasn’t drafted by teams not because of an “attitude problem”. What they meant is that he couldn’t keep himself in shape and wasn’t dedicated to doing so. He was 220 two years ago in juniors. He had skills, but was kinda fat and not in good shape. Last year he cut 20 pounds and worked his ass off to get himself down to 195 and is extremely dedicated to staying in shape and getting better.

  53. Jonny,agreed,Henley isnt the answer,but he would fill a role,and i bet stortini wasnt afraid of rick rypien until they had a go,soryal is a legit fighter with awesome tech,and a solid chin,plus everyone loves the smaller guy(pj stock anyone,Domi?).
    McGratton will end the year a top 3 HW this year,when brash is healthy they are even imho.

  54. Ahahahahahahahahahaha Higgins is Party Boy from the show “Jackass”…. love it.. LOVE IT!

  55. morg – I know Soryal can fight at the AHL level, I just don’t think he can compete with the guys at the NHL level. Almost everyone fights in the AHL so its not like he’s going up against some skilled heavyweights. And I loved PJ Stock, but I don’t think there will be many more like him. He could drop them with the biggest guys in the league.

  56. If you look ,Tortorella team’s always rank with the fewest fights for the season. He does not like the rough stuff believe it or not. I was surprised the other night in Vancouver with the Byers incident. This was discussed on XM home ice last season after Torts was hired by the Rangers.

  57. They all start somewhere,Orr was just an ahl fighter a couple seasons ago,now hes top 5 nhl HW material.
    Im not sold on Sorry like i was on Orr,but the kid has heart,and would get the garden going,something that as much as i would like personally,Brashear will never do,imo.
    as i mentioned above,wolfpack vs KCs farm club this saturday,lets go wolf pack!

  58. Paul – it’s not that he doesn’t like it, its that he doesn’t see the need for it when you could have 4 lines that are physical and score goals. He wants a tough guy, but he doesn’t want to compromise his forechecking style, which is why we got rid of Orr.

    Orr is probably a better fighter than Brashear at this stage his their careers (Brash is 37), but Brashear is a much better puck possession forward. Orr I love, but the kid can’t stickhandle worth anything. Brashear isn’t the most talented player, but as he’s shown this year he can control the puck a lot better and has much better hands than Colton. Even though he only plays like 7 minutes a game, those 7 minutes could be crucial in not giving the other team too much momentum.

  59. Also Torts had tough guys on defense. They were usually pretty big and maybe wouldn’t fight, but would clean house when needed. They were much bigger and tougher than our crowd.

  60. I would not mind seeing soryal up at all, he may not be an nhl player at all, but would like to see what he can do for a few games. I still would love to see neil on this team, great hit on hedman!

  61. Sorrys 3 fights this year
    cloutier 6,5 225
    klotz 6,6 225
    weller 6,4 220
    just sayin
    btw im not Soryals agent.

  62. I for one hope Brash ends all this Soryal talk by doing all the things that made me want him to die a slow death when he was doin it to us, crushing skill guys and with any luck whomping big McGrats.

  63. Corey Sarich was a big part of that TB cup team.
    wow,we could use a Sarich(04 era).
    Girardi is our toughest dman.

  64. LISTEN, say what you want about Drury’s playing…I can admit he’s not having a good season…but he always comes alive in the playoffs…(7 seconds, how awesome was that!)…and at least he’s a guy who will speak his voice in the locker room and get his guys pumped up when it needs to happen. He’ll throw a big hit when the game calls for a momentum change, and he’s not afraid to get in the refs face about a questionable call. He’s natural motivator and leader of men. He’s still getting settled in as a Ranger and adapting to the New York lifestyle which is understandable, so have a little patience with him. He’s a proven winner wherever he goes, even when he was a little kid.

  65. All this fight talk reminded me of about a year ago. Dallas was about to play the Flames and Avery called a press conference. This Sat. is the first meeting since. I don’t see this going well for Avery. You guys?

  66. Torts has taken the bite out of Avery. he needs to be stirring it up to be his best, and Torts won’t let him be that, thus he underwhelms as a routine winger. that is Torts fault, he needs to take the leash off Avery and let him disturb. if he goes over the line occasionally, then pull back a bit. but to lobotomize him like he is now is not helping the rangers

    I am a Torts fan, but he is wrong in his mishandling of Avery. trying to make the bad boy into johnny angel is the wrong tactic. he has turned him into a 4th line, hardly play, non-factor

  67. lmao Salty! Thats what im saying… we gotta give Chris more time! We know that Chris is a huge Yankees fan…they just conquered the World and Chrisy a bit distracted and disappointed that he cant attend the Championship Parade… plus, there’s a new clutch in town…Godzilla! You try dealing with all of that at the same time!

  68. Carp any truth to the rumor that Phanuef put up a date with Cuthberts hot BFF as a bounty on Avery?

  69. also, it is Torts edginess and s- disturbing that makes him what he is. can’t he see that trying to deny that in Avery makes him as pablum as Torts would be if Torts was forced to become Renney part 2 in personality.

  70. speaking of belak, if I remember correctly he gave orr a few pretty good ones as well.

    As far as the best quote goes, i nominate the correcting people’s grammar post by nasty or tr (can’t remember who it was now, sorry) or the word “carped” which is just a perfect analogy!

  71. See I don’t think it is so much Torts as it is Avery. Even when we got him back last year, he wasn’t the same guy under Renney either, although he was more “alive”. In the playoffs under Torts he still pulled stuff, he only got benched for taking 3 stupid penalties in one game.

    This year he’s hurt, so he knows he can’t go out there and start stuff because he’s not 100%. Plus he does still chirp at people on the ice. I think now that he’s a bit older, he’s “calming” like Darcy Tucker did. Tucker was wild as anyone and much more of a cheap shot artist and now he’s cleaned that up out of the game.

    Either way, an old school Avery or what he is now, he’s not as important to the mold of the team as he once was.

  72. Carp- why didn’t you like the Western Canada trip? It’s nice country out there, hockey all the time, good skiing (not that you’d have the opportunity to hit Banff or Whistler)..

  73. jonny

    I do agree with you on avery and the not 100% thing. He may not need to be quite the old avery on this team either (I actually think the same about drury a bit), but i would love too see the old avery back and I do think torts has reined him in a bit also.

  74. oh yes it is. Torts has made it clear several times this year that he has him under a leash, and even back when he was on TSN before he was hired by the rangers, he made clear his dislike for Avery’s manner of playing.

    what is worse, waving your stick to block the sightline of a goalie, or putting a guy in the hospital with a blindside late hit?

    apparently among many NHL folks, speaking ill of girlfriends and waving at Fatty are worse.

  75. rcm, yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do … save the newspaper business by ripping Drury and Rozsival online. That’ll work.

    Patrick, a tad cold, bad food, impossible to get there, blizzards in November

    Broadway, I agree. Blackburn looked like the real deal.

    Johnny LaRue … they’re prisons.

    inhank, you’re right. I meant the one to Callahan. I’ll fix that.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Brashear is good to have in the lineup for revenge if an opposing tough guy does something stupid … but him in the lineup is not going to stop anybody, not another tough guy, not Phaneuf, not anybody, from hitting Gaborik or anybody else. It doesn’t happen. And anybody who doesn’t want to fight him won’t have to fight him. Simple as that. The notion is old and ridiculous now.

  76. carp

    regarding your last post to patrick…so you have been to montana?!?!!?!

    i agree that no one has to fight him now if they do not want to, that is why i think the instigator penalty is sooo stupid! If the 3rd man in wasn’t a capital offense, someone runs hank, brash jumps in guy must defend himself or get pounded…situation resolved, let the players police themselves!

  77. carp

    yes, it does take “forever” to drive across montana, bad food and blizzards and all, when were you here?

  78. Torts said those things before he knew Avery. he said now that he’s gotten a chance to know him, he’s changed his opinion on the guy. Avery talked to him a ton this summer (actually called Torts up) to discuss stuff for this season and just random stuff too. Avery made the decision to calm it down a bit because he knew he’d get suspended for doing just about anything borderline.

    Plus we’re actually better off with him playing a bit more tame. If he was healthy like he was earlier on in the year, he would contribute more offensively, but Rangers fans love to overrate his ability like he’s a must need player on the team. I want him, I think he’s great to have in the locker room and is a great personality, but this guy isn’t worth what his full contract is, never was (which I stated many times at this blog that summer and am happy we only pay half), and isn’t a guy that is vital to the teams success especially now that we have the players that we do.

  79. There was a picture of A Rod with you standing right next to him. It’s not on the front page anymore but I just emailed it to you.

  80. And so we’re clear, I’m not saying trade the guy or get rid of him, he should stay because he gets the best out of the Rangers and the Rangers get the best out of him. I’m just saying he’s extremely overrated by most Rangers fans because he went around being a pest and pissing off star players on other teams for so long that people forgot how many penalties he took and bad defensive plays he made.
    Also they forgot that it’s not like he was scoring 40 goals a year.

  81. JonnyD- agree on Avery being bad on the defensive side. Evry time he tries to clear the puck on the far boards, my heart stops. But he does have speed and some offensive skills, including his passing abilty. But he needs to be on the edge to play well. And he hasn’t been. I’m not buying the injury excuse. I think it’s a combination of Torts and himself being affraid to take the penalty. Either way, he can’t be effective on the fourth line.

  82. Carp: do you think that it’s a coincidence that Renney’s post-game press conferences appeared to be broadcast live and in their entirety while Tortorella’s appear to be on tape and only show him making what the MSG censors will approve? Torts is not as eloquent as Renney and MSG looks to be limiting his exposure!

  83. Ilb – I agree that he shouldn’t be on the 4th line. The problem is that the only other people you could put there (Higgins, Callahan, Lisin, Kotalik) all are much worse off playing on that line than Avery is. Because Avery does still agitate and play a grinder kind of style, he fits better on the 4th line than Higgins (scorer), Lisin (dangler), and Kotalik (power forward/scorer). Callahan could replace him, but we can’t afford his ice time to be low at 5 on 5, plus he hits much more than Avery does.

    I think if Avery plays his role and gets some added minutes here and there, its fine for now. Plus with how much Torts mixes lines up, he’ll be playing in a couple different spots. I just don’t think Torts would place him on the 4th line and keep him there if there wasn’t something up. Plus Avery isn’t complaining, so that leads me to believe he’s ok with it because he knows hes not 100%.

  84. this whole avery issue would be resolved and the team would be way better if slats would just trade lisin and sangs to another team for the big banging crease clearer we need and banish rozy to siberia with jagr or the bench or to hartford, just get rid of the guy. Then the forward logjam is fixed and hank gets some much needed help on the back end!

  85. on a different note, anyone know when the nhl 10 roster updates with mdz and gilroy will be available for 360?

  86. wicky, we get help, but we lose a ton of scoring. Sanguinetti should be traded, I will agree with that. Either traded or moved to forward because I don’t see him being able to play defense at the NHL level. But Lisin provides us another scoring threat no matter waht line he is on (he’s more effective on the 1st probably), and he’s under a million bucks. He’s a guy I wouldn’t want to lose just because of how cheap he is for his return. Packaging prospects and Higgins (even though I’m a fan) for a solid d-man and a draft pick or two wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maybe even shelling away Voros for a hitting d-man.

    as for NHL 10, the updates are already out for 360. They come out every 2 weeks this year, even though I’m not the biggest fan of NHL 10 because of all the glitches (I prefer 2k10 played with adjusted versions of VENOM’s sliders).

  87. jonny

    thanks for the info…..regarding the trade, I like lisin’s ability and price tag as well, I just figured he would be more tradeable than higgy, but i’m fine with higgy going instead! we really need a “anti-rozy” on the back end!

  88. Johnny D,
    You are wrong on Sanguinetti. He will be an NHL Dman, and a good one. He has size speed offensive ability, and can be physical when needed. I know you do not like him, but I will continue to defend him. BY the way, you have very good insights on the Hartford guys, enjoy reading them.

  89. The Edmonton ice looked so fast. Too bad the Rangers can’t play on ice like that at home; it would benefit Lisin, Gabby, Prospal, Kotalik.

  90. TheRrangers beat a very weak team in Edmonton that’s extremely banged up, But a win on the road is something to build on. The newspaper business is so bad that only 2 beat reporters that made the trip out west were The Sunshine Brothers Larry Brooks and Steve Zipay.

    I got a chance to talk to Ranger greats Ron Greschner and Gilles Villemure at a Book signing in NYC and ask them what was their fave MSG moment was. Check it Out


  91. Drury is playing the role of THE defensive forward. Please lay off the guy. Stop expecting him to score, or even score “big goals.” Ok, he’s no Selke winner, but lay off the guy.

  92. Bobby Sangs has been playing very good hockey in Hartford. Last year in 78 games he had 6 goals and 36 assists and was -8. In comparison, in only 15 games this year he already has 4 goals, 11 assists, and is even. He’s all of 21 years old and is only in his second pro season. JJ Daigneault in Hartford was working with him on being more physical and it’s paying off. He’s gonna be up this year, he just needs an opportunity.

    As far as trades go, I have a funny feeling we’re gonna see Frolov wearing Rangers Blue maybe at the trade deadline. LA is going to lose him and they’ll want something back. It’s probably going to take Higgins, a 2nd rounder, and maybe a D prospect. I hope it’s neither Sangs and nooooo way to McDonaugh.

  93. Drury is playing the role of THE defensive forward.


    You _are_ kidding right?

    at $7m, we can’t afford for him to continue doing his Blair Betts impression.

  94. yeah, lay off Drury. don’t spoil his weekend by reminding him that he is stealing millions by doing nothing but being a rich man’s Blair Betts.

  95. Not to take anything away from the pass by MDZ but the redirect by Cally was pretty sweet – not exactly a layup.

    The Rangers need to sign Elizabeth Lambert as their hard hitting, hair pulling, defense person.

    Is Gaborik that great of a passer? Or is it that he draws so much attention that when he connects the recipient has lots of time and space. I see him turn it over more than I’d expect.

    While the Rangers were in Edmonton Marc Staal and Jason Strudwick got the band together for a special performance with Tom Renney filling in for Ryan Hollweg on guitar.

    Voros gives effort but for a big dude he rarely lays a big check – always seems like he leads with his arms – throw a firetrucking shoulder.

    Is Brian Boyle at 6′ 7″ the tallest player in the league? Can’t think of anyone taller. ;) (Thought he was very active with limited TOI)

    When Cally was asked post game about all the blocked shots he mentioned Drury’s lead – I guess the higher ups got to him too. Although he he didn’t give him props for motivating the team.

    Brashear looks oafish but I’ve already seen him do things this year – passing and stick handling wise – that I never saw Orr do and I liked Orr.

    Anyone who thinks that one tough guy is going to make up for a lack of overall team toughness is smoking some serious higgy twig.

    Can’t say I’ve seen him play that much but get Dustin Penner.

    Sean Avery. What does not playing out of control have to do with playing with intensity. Stick to what you do best — designing dresses.

    Drury’s averaged 79 games a year over ten seasons – only missing games as a healthy scratch for Yom Kippur, Read in a Bath Tub Day and to get the clutchmobile inspected.

    Carp – 100% right on the Tortorella press conference -much rather hear him than the same old cliches from the players. Plus we’ll miss the time he snaps on Sam Rosen after a tough loss.

  96. To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true.

  97. No, seriously, where is everybody? What is it, some special Saturday? POST – YANKEES PARADE SHABBOS? Come back, we are lonely here

  98. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I’m back.. I needed to see a winner in NY,
    what’s the rangers excuse?

  99. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I hope drury makes the olympic squad, plays great, and piques the interest of NHL gm’s and gets traded.

  100. Wow. A Carp imposter. Sort of.

    dde, cracking up over the hair-pulling defenseman.

    Izzy and CCCP, you should take that act on the road.

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