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From the NYR:

November 5, 2009 – New York Rangers 4, Edmonton Oilers 2 (Game #17, Road #9)

* The Blueshirts defeated the Edmonton Oilers, 4-2, tonight at Rexall Place to improve to 10-6-1 overall, including a 4-4-1 mark on the road; the win was the Rangers first in Edmonton since Feb. 21, 1999.
* New York tallied three goals in seven power play opportunities to snap a four-game (0-12) goal-scoring drought with the man advantage.
* The Rangers registered a season-high, 39 shots on net, including 14 in each of the game’s first two periods; New York also recorded 28 blocked shots, led by Marc Staal (five) and Dan Girardi (four).
* Christopher Higgins opened the game’s scoring at 15:28 of the first period, his second goal in as many games, and tied for the game-high with six shots in 19:09 of icetime.
* Goaltender Steve Valiquette made 26 saves to record his second win of the season.
* Ales Kotalik led all skaters with three points (one goal and two assists), each of his points coming on the power play; Kotalik is currently tied for the NHL lead with 12 power play points.
* Rangers Alternate Captain Ryan Callahan notched his first goal in 11 games, and added an assist in 20:00 of icetime.
* Marian Gaborik led the team with 24:03 of icetime, and finished with one goal and two points on six shots; he now has 12 goals and 21 points in 15 games this season.
* The Rangers blueline collected three assists in the contest – Michael Del Zotto (one), Marc Staal (one) and Matt Gilroy (one); Rangers Alternate Captain Vinny Prospal also tallied an assist on Kotalik’s game-winning, power play goal.
* The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, November 6, is 12:00 p.m. at Leduc Recreation Centre in Leduc, Alberta.
* The Rangers return to action on Saturday, November 7, when they will face-off against the Calgary Flames at Pengrowth Saddledome (10:00 p.m.), to conclude their three-game Western Canadian road trip; the game will be televised live on MSG Plus.

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  1. Great win! I still want this team to stay awake late in games with the lead. We started to get a little sloppy at the end there.

    Off for sloppy seconds.

  2. Oh good, Nasty, you were sloppy second :)

    I am glad to see Higgins is playing much better.

    Joe Mich is truly annoying, trying to convince us how great Drury is in the PK. He gets paid to produce on the offense side of the game!!!

    I know this is geting old, but Dury needs to go.

  3. Gilroy’s best defensive game as a Ranger, I’d say. And he played well the other night as well. Good to see him learning on the job like Del Z.

  4. Drury a cool 4 for 10 on face-offs tonight. If you’re going to try to snow the average fan into thinking that you’re worth half of your ridiculous salary because of the “intangibles”, do them well.

  5. I picked up on that Nasty. The Dru love was maddening.

    “He’s this. He’s that! Sam. Look how great he gets his stick on that puck. Life and death I tell ya!”

  6. I posted this in the other thread, but I had a feeling it was gonna be one of those Drury Propaganda Nights from MSG/Sam/Joe when they showed a “Rangers In Scoring Droughts” graphic before the game with 4 players: Cally, Dubi, Higgins, Avery

    NO DRURY (not to mention the fact that with Dallas paying half of Avery’s salary, Drury himself makes what all 4 of those guys make COMBINED, but I won’t go there)…MSG must think the fans are pretty dull

    not to mention the fact that they basically ignored Drury’s horrible giveaway on the PP (that led to the shorthanded chance and Edmonton almost making it a 3-2 game), Drury being caught flatfooted in the neutral zone on another scoring chance, Drury being 40% faceoffs, etc.

    2 goals in 17 games now for Captain Clutch…Higgins even gave Drury a 14 game head start and still tied him in goals tonight…but still, yet another [Joe Mich]UTTERLY AMAZINGLY SPECTACULAR[Joe Mich] job on the PK by Chris Betts tonight

  7. So this is pretty sad, but I would’ve actually rather traded Drury to Montreal than Gomez. I said that when it happened, but knew nobody wanted Drury. Gomez can at least hold the puck for more than 2 seconds.

  8. The Old Ranger on

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    Ohhh, sweet Caroline, good times never seem so good

  9. Bravo!

    They finally gto away from that last season’s perimeter game,and brought the action down where it belongs -the
    opposition’s goal mouth.

    But will someone please enlighten me as to why this team so desperately needs Voros? I find it hard to believe that there isn’t anyone in Hartford who can surpass him in any category..including using their heads.

    So good to see them actually start slamming some shots on the net ( although poor Roszival still has his problems).

    And this Del Zotto…amazing how he has stepped up as a raw rookie and taken over the command of his defensive responsibilities, as though he’d been there for years.

    And good to see that crisp hard short passing game in the opponent’s end, and some souls daring to venture to the crease. And Avery is banished to the 4ith line with the big guy and Voros. Hmmmm.

    Now let’s see if they can compete in the next game against a really rugged and clever team.

  10. The window for signing Higgins to a cheap deal/extension is starting to close. I said 2 weeks ago that Sather should lock him up before he gets rolling. . . . . .just sayin’.

  11. Avery is on the 4th line because that’s where he deserved to be right now. Torts will get him going. And Avery himself will get going.

  12. OK, it’s Friday.

    Can I Nominate Izzy’s “Avery gets sloppy stickends?”


    “Comment of the Week”?

  13. Carp, it’s obvious that Torts will not sit Drury, even after he continuous give-aways & poor face-off averages. He benches Dubi & Higgins but not captain Clutch?? And Voros….how is this player still on this team? It boggles the mind how he has a job as a New York Ranger. He can commit stupid penalties but Torts doesn’t bench him. Doesn’t bench Drury, which I understand, he’s the captain so it would be tough to do. But I read on this blog a week or so ago that Drury’s role has been changed and he finds it hard to adapt to it but will keep doing what he’s asked. Did Torts approach Drury and change his role on this team? Does Torts not expect O-fence from Drury anymore?

  14. Hockeyman Rangers on

    The question of the day. Is why is that against some teams we look like a very good hockey team, and against other we look like a very unorganized team. IS IT THE WAY WE PLAY OR IS IT THE TEAM WE ARE PLAYING AGAINST??? We controlled the puick SO WELL last night, I didn’t see the entire game but what I did see was such a turn around from the Vancuver game. I guess we go see our old friend Nigel saturday night.
    Who I hear is getting quite a lot of ice time. Cheers.

  15. Avery seems to have lost some spark. He was beaten to the puck several times last night. He seemed slow, maybe the flu is going around the locker room? Or, dare i say it… He’s gained some weight?!?!
    Maybe the Netminder from NJ will put his Guy-liner back in his manpurse long enough to return the favor of the FATSO comment.

  16. From Brooks today:

    EDMONTON, Alberta — This was a revival meeting conducted on the best sheet of ice in the league. Maybe Glen Sather can import it from here to the Garden the way the general manager has done with so much personnel over the years.

    And according to Chris Drury, the meeting was called to order with a pair of kills on two penalties taken by Aaron Voros within the game’s first 10:03.

    “Those two bad penalties there by AV, winning teams that have success over the long season kill those and then come back to score like we did,” the captain said following the Blueshirts’ 4-2 victory last night. “We picked up a teammate and made the kills for him, and that’s what winning teams do over and over.”


    Hey Druboto, when are you gonna point a finger at yourself? Oh that’s right, you’re too busy trying to make a pass or win a faceoff with that finger.

  17. guys, ome on, dru played decent. besides that bad giveaway on the long pp right before babby scored. but all in all, hes looked better in the offensive zone., i told slatsquatch to put higgy on top line ans look what happened. now they put dru on the pp, and with unabomber rippin shots he should be able to bang in some ultra clutch goals. look on the bright side, he made some great defensive plays last night and until they put him on the pp for more than 10 seconds, playing 3rd line minutes, and blocking crazy amount of shots, hes not gonna score as much. i know, it doesnt matter because he makes way too much money, but sather signed him!!! u guys(me included ) rip him way too much lately. hes been doin ok and as long as he does something good in the game, and helps out the weak defense core, i’ll be happy for mnow….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH GIGGLE!! SNORT, HICCUPS… OK, I JUST WANTED TO SEE WHAT IT FELT LIKE TO PRAISE OUR WORLD SERIES CHAMP!!

  18. Hockeyman Rangers,

    I have the same question. They played pretty good last night but you have to admit that Edmonton applied very little defensive pressure. Rangers were constantly open with all kinds of time to shoot or pass. But a win is a win.

    At times it looked like the Rangers were playing themselves from a year ago.

  19. Sather loves Edmonton. I’ve never seen him so much on tv as last night. How good is MDZ? He even takes the fall for a Rozi tripping call. Let’s see how good they look tomorrow vs Calgary.

    Wife wanted some last night, but I made her wait till the game was over. Just sayin.

  20. hockeyman – IMO, it is the way the team plays. They either look completely disorganized (Tuesday in Vancouver) or, as in the game last night, control the game as a result…

  21. Yeah, Linda, Drury has shown some sloppy fingers.

    Good win, yes. Did what they had to. But I have no idea how Edmonton is .500. My guess, Khabibulin is the reason. Oilers did play 5-in-the-picture, allright. As in five aroud the same area and the rest of the ice is wide open. If it wasn’t for Khabibulin, this one would’ve been over before the first intermission.

  22. Positives aplenty. For one, the Rangers can burn you if given some space and time, they have enough weapons now to do it. Torts has to find the ways to create the space and time if not given by the other team.

    MDZ- keeps getting better in a lot of different ways. And his first pass is as good as we’ve seen since…Don’t want to mention the name.

    Kotalik’s 3×3 contract looks pretty good now. And, boy does he ever have thick arms! This water bottle jumped up before Bulin realized he may wanna react.

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