I’ll let this baseball thing go after this. World Series 2009

My mom found this photo of me and some other guy after the World Series last night.

Combined, he and I make more than $30 million a year. (actually, between the time of this photo and the time it took to actually get him to answer a few questions he probably made more money than I make all year.)

The photo was taken by my friend Frank Becerra Jr., the great photog from The Journal News and LoHud.com.


You probably saw that the Canucklehead O’Brien was suspended for his idiot thing with Avery the other night. Steve Zipay quoted Avery as saying, “I’m surprised (league officials) haven’t called me for being in the area.”

Zip also reports that Lisin is back in, and Valiquette starts in goal against Tom Renney’s boys.


Here is a preview from NHL.com. And here are the pregame notes from the Rangers.

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  1. Carp, this thing is so ugly you can’t even look at it, huh
    And I’m surprised how well you’re paid cause he talked for the whole 2 min!!

  2. One of my friends shot me a text today that said “We’re scouting Forsberg”…I wasn’t sure if it was a Ranger update or a suicide note.

    Can’t say Avery is in the wrong

    Vali better bounce back with a strong effort tonight.

  3. laurel

    this saturday are you still going to warren? ill probably go there to watch the game. wount have tv/internet @ the new house till wednesday so ill be sitting in my usual seat @ the bar. wearing a blue jays hat, lol.

  4. TR, are you still making fans with your blue jays hat?
    Holy carp, tryin to catch up with you guys on the previous topic was nuts! Where is everyone, it’s game night?!?!

  5. It’s a celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Time to pull this ship afloat. Starting with the Captain.

    The Yankees win the World Series, and now Drury will be inspired!!!

    One can hope!! Tonight, 2 goals for Drury in a win.

  6. the only way i can fathom lundqvist not being started tonight is for tortorella playing mind games to strengthen the defense

    weaker goalie = you want less shots against him = stronger defensive play

    otherwise, i think it’s a stupid move – we need a win this game…9-7-1 is not a very good record (the devils are right behind us and will pass us unless we win this game or they got 0-2-1 in their next 3)

  7. Keenan just mentioned how Messier went 23 straight games without a goal but it went under the radar because they were winning.

  8. Rob

    It’s too early to worry about other teams. This team needs to turn things around, or other teams do not matter.

    While I agree we need a win, and starting Spaghetti Valiquette is not the way to go, maybe our defense will toughen up and decide it’s more important to not make mistakes and take the body of opponents than let people pass through them like swiss cheese.

  9. I am trying to convince the wife that the Rangers game is more important than Hospital Whores aka Greys Anatomy, and The Practice. hospital dramas do nothing for me.

    Is it wrong that i have already told my son that i am watching the game on his television? didn’t think so.

  10. Hey all!
    One can only hope that the Yankees reminded the Rangers of what winning feels like.

    I know it’s a bit early to ask, but if you give an exiled New Yorker a link to a stream of the game, you get brownie points in Heaven! And I’m told the brownies are DELICIOUS.

  11. Renney is a nice guy, good coach, wrong personality for NY. i think he was great in a lot of ways and wish we could have kept him in some respect like scouting/player development or something

  12. Linda

    in short, yes.

    canadians always approach me and ask if im from canada in warren when i wear any blue jays hat. i enjoy the company of canadians. friendly, knowledgeable about the sport, etc.

    the hat that night was an original blue jays fitted that i wore to match my kicks.

    im not going to be “that guy” (PCU reference) at the bar rockin a jersey. needless to say i do occasionally get to talk to mr. avery. he did tell me there were “too many colors” in my kicks. i was a little upset but i didnt let it ruin my night at the bar. lol.

  13. Olga Folkyerself on

    We should have had Renney stuffed and put on display in the visitor’s locker room.

  14. Linda–the atdhe link doesn’t seem to be working for me either–maybe because the game has not started?

  15. i’m having trouble with hockeystreams right now and am NOT happy!

    TR, I was thinking of that guy you had some words with at the game that one night. Then you were both talking about it here, that was pretty funny. I love your Warren stories, I can’t wait for my trip to NY to go there!

  16. Darn. The Bruins had a chance to get shut out in 3 straight games and scored with an empty net w/ less than a minute.

  17. yes, yes you do mako!

    damn this freakin stream tonight! I’m gettin ticked, and gonna ask for a game refund! sunsabeaches!

  18. they show a graphic of the Rangers in scoring slumps (Cally, Dubi, Avery, Higgins) and DON’T show Drury???

    MSG is unreal

  19. anyone come across a working link yet? this is frustrating! they better give me $4.99 refund for this game if their site doesnt work!

  20. Izzy, you rock.

    Are you sure you’re not the former Kaspar?

    CCCP, I was thinking of changing my screen name to CCCARP.

  21. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Torts looks like John Wilkes Booth.”

    Hey, Sather, why not go to the theatre tonight….

  22. because he’s captain excellent, and he does soooooooooo many other things! its the intangibles with Drutastic!

  23. Linda

    yeah that night was comical. i guess the jays hat makes new yorkers think im from out of town. which is nice in a way.

    when you do come out to NY make sure to let me know. me and my girl love meeting hockey/ranger fans and especially love warren77.

    i wish i could go tonight. im dyin for some wings and fries. mmmmm

  24. haha Carp, great find, looking good.

    Can we please get some offense tonight… From Gaborik and everyone else, I’d love a blowout win tonight.

  25. Trivia: guess who i am

    A good man. A nice guy. Player’s coach. Mr. Five in picture… almost coach of the year… a guy who quite honestly brought us back to “respect”… …the one…and only…no doubt aboot it… what’s his name kids?

  26. CCCP

    Well, the “brought us back to respectability” gave it away.

    Jaromir. It certainly cannot be Renney. He is what held us back.

  27. still have no link, thanks dde, but with the problems i had with the old comp, kinda gunshy on downloading a plugin…i have horrible luck

  28. At least the Bruins lost, albeit in overtime. Those sick perverted fans were yelling Yankees suck at one point.

  29. How can you not like Renney as a human being? I don’t often repeat this hockey cliché, but he’s truly a classy individual.

  30. Voros again :(


    Mets fan? New York should be one big family. No need to hate on the other NY team.

  31. leine, hockeystreams finally came up. dde put up a channelsurfing link earlier. justintv had nothing, and atdhe is menstruating on this game…grrr

  32. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The nhl and ranger hockey is unwatchable, i either sleep or change the channel, what garbage!

  33. What a give and go with Higgy Bear and Gilroy.

    Told you fools to be patient with Higgy Bear. That’s his new nickname if you like it or not. haha

  34. gilroy with the ‘helper’ as beninati would say!

    ok, all set for the creepfest that is micheletti

  35. CR9,

    In 02 I lived in San Diego and watched the Super Bowl at a bar called The Commonwealth, which catered to transplants from New England. Within 5 minutes of the Patriots winning the game, the whole bar erupted in a Yankees suck chant. Those people are obsessed.

  36. was drutastic pulled down or did he just fall? and what did mdz do??? tripping? that was freakin rozsival..wtf??


    We should change the name of “Rangers Report” to “The World According to Carp”


    Good one, dude! I love that movie!

  38. Amazing how we couldn’t string together any effort the other night and tonight we’ve had sustained pressure and many opportunities. The other night we did nothing, oh well hopefully this keeps up!

  39. i wish i could help ya out craig.

    Veterans Day is next week so I don’t think it’s for that. Are all coaches and assistants etc weraing them?

  40. I like Higgy Bear. But with that nose I thought Horkins from Star Wars was good. I don’t know anything.

  41. 1. What is that red thing Torts is wearing on his lapel?

    2. Why isnt the Chief Oaf of stupid offensive zone penalties Prucha’d?

  42. MAKO- your foggy 70’s porn comment just cleared up 30-some years of sexual problems. I need to stary taking the glasses off.

  43. Yeah, the red button/flower thing is a Canadian/Veterans Day deal. They do it every year up there.

    I used to have a blog called “According to Carp” … I think it still exists, but hasn’t been updated in like two years. Before that, they used to put “According to Carp” on my columns a long time ago.

  44. Sam Rosen just reminded us that Drury is having “an EXCELLENT game thus far.” Don’t y’all forget it, ya hear?

  45. there’s a movie called “The World According to Garp” great film with Robin Williams.

    Sather likes popcorn… makes his teeth go POP-POP-POP!

  46. I wouldnt be surprised if voros sits most of the rest of the game. I feel bad for Boyle.. always stuck with the least lame healthy scratch on his line.

  47. Interesting, since it says November 11, which is Veterans Day here, so are they wearing it for the next 2 weeks?

    Do they think we’re easily brainwashed with the Drury comments? My eyes don’t deceive me.

  48. does Gaborik ever deke? or drive to the net? i know he’s got a lethal shot..but i’ve yet to see him take it to the net or try to deke or something.

  49. >>WTF they are letting players play when they have the swine flu?

    Because hockey players are TOUGH? Swine? Twiiiip! Not even the elephant flu could keep those guys off the ice.

  50. This is exactly how we played beginning of the year… Sustain the pressure, generate many chances, take a million penalties, score PP goals, and even strength goals, block shots, get good goaltending, and win games…

  51. JoeMich why don’t you mention how Drury been absolutely terrible at scoring goals the entire year.

  52. i just found the 7 November line in that wiki page… DUH!!!

    Ya know, Drury won’t let ANYTHING ruin his Guy Fawkes Day!

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    Both Joe and Sam have their heads so far in Drury’s behind that they have a brown ring around the collar.


    THAT’S MY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yolanda Vega died. She choked to death on a ping pong ball. I guess her number was up…

  56. I wonder how DZ would be playing and if we would be playing if Renney was still here? Or would it be like henrik where he finally figured half way through the season that he was better than kevin weekes?

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Time to oil up the gears !!! !"... says Greg L. on

    Rick Carp ,Great Picture of you with the Yankees trophy!!

    Go Rangers!!!!!!! Awsome to see Kotlik shoot an acurate shot for once. Great game for me , I paid the stinking $14.95 for the PPV game and I said I would NEVER do that considering im already paying for Center ice . The game is worth it when ya win ,my brother was saying , ahhh sweet Rangers hockey at $5 per period sitting on my couch .

    Higgins face looks less fatty tonight ,funny what a goal or two does for yer complexion.

  58. Can we have a comment of the gamethread award too?

    I nominate Olga for the Yolanda Vega comment.

  59. Whatta beauty from Forearms… Nice pass from Gabs too… Man what a difference, these are the Rangers we all wanna watch… And don’t even say that Raycroft is better than Nikolai Khabibulin…

  60. Gaborik has more icetime than anyone except Valli.

    Maybe if they score on the remaining PP they can give him some time off.

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Time to oil up the gears !!! !"... says Greg L. on

    Dam Oilers telecast over here is sick , all about Oilers in the intermision ,bla,bla,bla .Who cares about Dustin Penner!!!! The poll for thier next PPV telecast had the Rangers last outa 5 teams in the East that the Oiler fans want to see sometime. Pitts and Wash were #1 and #2.

  62. Linda

    I put CELERY salt in my bloody mary =P

    No, Renney was drinking the celery soda. Its the new kool-aide

  63. Rozi’s shot reminds of Happy Gilmore where he misses the net during the hockey try outs and he’s like “Is that goal regulation?!?”

  64. the best part of the rangers game defensively is there ability to block all those shots…and its nice to see cally getting back into a groove

  65. I know Tom Renney is a nice guy and all but boy the Oilers sure look like a Tom Renney type team – the slot is wide open. Kinda like the game in Montreal with the patented Perry Pearn defense – five in the picture all looking at the puck and leaving the slot wide open. Glad we’re on the other team now.

  66. Yeah, the battle level of the Oilers is pretty weak. I can only imagine that against teams that hit hard they pretty much wilt away.

  67. can joe and sam please stop with the “good play by chris drury”….i love joe and sam more than anyone but Chris Drury is horrible-another two horrific plays in the neutral zone….he first gets caught flat footed that leads to a score chance for the oilers than makes another horrific cross ice attempt of a pass that leads to penner hitting the post….its amazing somehow torts lets him and only him get away with it…at this point i honestly think drury is the 4th best center on the team…boyle has been good again tonight….

  68. Good game ladies and gents. Im exhausted. Read you all later ;)

    N’Linda – Check your email in the morning :)

  69. gotcha Mako!! have a good one!

    Have A Butterscotch Friday everyone!~ Nice win by the boys tonight! Saturday should be fun! The battle for the fair maidens reputation! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  70. my schedule never seem to jive with the Rangers this year.
    that’s why their all rollercoaster-y
    because i’m not around to watch ’em on tv and scream, ahem, cheer them on to victory…….or a skills competition (oh, that was last year!)

    hopefully, we played as well as the score seemed to indicate. i’ll have to watch it later.

  71. Avery still isn’t 100% either I think.

    Also looks like Cally got his tooth chipped in the game. looks like a hockey player.

  72. Reginald Dunlop on

    Jeez Carpy…you look like one of those hanger-ons in his entourage………would be more impressed if the pic was you and Kate Hudson……..

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