Forsberg scouted; Sather speaks


Which is more incredible?

Here’s the link to Larry Brooks’ story today, about the Rangers’ interest in Peter Forsberg and Glen Sather actually admitting it. I wonder which of the bad contracts he will have to eat in order to afford Forsberg.

The last thread reminded me of an idea I had a little while ago.

Jonny D wrote: “Forsberg would look great next to Gaborik … in the doctor’s office.”

And I was thinking of instituting a “comment of the week.” What do you guys think? On Friday or Saturday we can all submit candidates, and then on Sunday or Monday we can vote on them and come up with the best line each week. Any interest there?


Here’s an feature on Ryan Callahan as part of the site’s package on tough guys. And here’s the site’s preview of tonight’s game in Edmonton.

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  1. Olga Folkyerself on

    I see Sather is back shopping at the Scratch and Dent sales. He doesn’t have enough cap space to sign Forsberg’s mother.

    However, if he frees up space by getting rid of Chief Redden the Face, Franklin Delano Rosival and/or Captain Clutch, then I can stomach a one legged Forsberg for a year or two.

  2. Carp, love the comment idea! I nominate Olga’s repost from 12:44!!!

    Scouting Forsberg, tryin to entice Chelios, wow, when does Mario Marois come back?

  3. I like the comments idea too. God knows we get a lot of them with the characters on this blog :)

    Did Sather end that interview by telling someone to piss off?

  4. Great idea Carp. Glad to see more thoughts towards keeping this the best place for NYR fans to fight, brag, complain, cry, moan, 2nd guess and, of course, the dreaded how about these line combinations.

  5. dont forget trade proposals, lol.

    if they got rid of higgins for a pick would that leave enough room for forsberg @ 1yr/minimum and chelios 1yr/minimum?

  6. And for the first ever comment winner (insert CCCP, TR-808, Nasty 1, etc) for their comment “First!”.

  7. Comment of the week – cheers. Letting us vote on it – jeers. You pick it Carp, keeps it fresh.

  8. Are we back in 1989? Carp your title, Forsberg scouted; Sather speaks. Were the Flyers scouting him then, he was like 15? Sather the coach speaks out about the Gretzky trade?

  9. Forsberg ???? That came out of nowhere. If he was healthy, he would look great ext to Gabby. But his feet are done. He may be able to skate with the losers in his own league, but this is the NHL.

    Crazy stuff. But at the same time, can you blame Slats ? Dubi = Bust, Dreary = Bust (yet again), Artie=Not to shabby.

    Prospal is the only guy to play center that is doing a good job.

    This should be scary.

  10. Im tired of these old losers wanting a sh*t load of money. Sundin didn’t sign with NYR cause they didn’t offer enough. Fuggin pathetic.

    If Forsberg wants to come back to the NHL so bad, he needs to accept what he’s worth. The guy can barely play more than 10 games without having some sort of problem with his feet., or ankles. He shouldn’t get as much as he thinks he’s worth. This isn’t the 90’s, you’re old, you’re still ugly, and those big blue eyes wont get you a thing !

  11. Does this mean that Groundhog’s Day has been switched to November because there was a Glen Sather sighting? Did he see his shadow? More importantly, is it possible for him to see his reflection in a mirror?!? :-)

  12. As far Forsberg’s concerned, lets make sure we start out here on the right foot. Can the Rangers afford him. Sather might be stepping on someones toes if he signed him. Another thing has he lost a step or two since he last played? Also has Peter got both feet planted firmly on the ground. I really hope Glen thinks before he jumps into this with both feet.

  13. carp, great idea! I don’t know if I like the forsberg idea or not…i guess it’d depend on who they get rid off to create space. if he wants vinny prospal money, fine. if he wants wade redden $, take a walk, if you’re not on crutches.

  14. This is one of those things that can either be (1) a masterstroke, where the old veteran comes back for one last hurrah and contributes, or (2) he’s old & busted, and totally flops. As long as we don’t give up too much (ie. don’t trade good youth for the cap space, don’t overpay, etc), then it can’t hurt to take that chance. If he contributes, excellent. If he flops, we didn’t lose much.

  15. Olga Folkyerself on

    Will Dolan foot the bill? If Forsberg gets off to a good start, will the upper hand be on the other foot? Or is this the move that gets Sather booted? I don’t think Sather has a leg to stand on anymore. (See footnote) I am getting a kick out of this…

  16. in hank

    no he doesn’t since he is not actually playing for any team professionally in europe. so he does not have to go through waivers and is more like sundin in that situation not like a jagr case.

  17. i saw it on

    “According to Lyle Richardson and George Malik, Forsberg would have to clear NHL waivers in order to sign with an NHL team. Something to keep in mind if it gets to that point.”

  18. RE: Jews in NHL

    Malkin is NOT Jewish! I know his got a big nose but that is not Jewish nose! And have any of you seen his parents? Typical gentiles! :P

    And Drury is not Jewish… he is Amish!

  19. Sweet, I made a top comment haha.

    And hank, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t because he didn’t sign with MODO like he was going to. I think the rule only applies if you sign with a team overseas. That is why Sundin didn’t have to clear waivers last year.

  20. I am not here, but Stanley is watching you all over at sister blog :) (I swear).

    Love, love, love the comment idea. Can we put a limit on how many times you can win in a row through, so it’s not Sally every week? Shall we give the honorary first one to “Mandlebaum!” then move on?

    Carp, what’s with the Carp and where did Rick Carpiniello go? I actually checked to make sure someone wasn’t trolling you!

    I think Drury scores every goal in the Olympics then scores none for us after. Is that too harsh??

  21. I think Drury scores every goal in the Olympics then scores none for us after. Is that too harsh??
    Drury’s not exactly scoring for the Rangers now so if you’re looking for symmetry there you have it.

  22. ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?!
    November 5th, 2009 at 1:43 pm
    Ill just get a kick out of watching Foppa put on those robotic cybernetic futuristic skates.

    What is the deal with his skates?

  23. Carp is on top of the game as always with his fresh ideas! Comment of the week could be fun.

    How much is to buy “comment of the week” by weekly? : P

  24. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Seems like sather and dolan are into the selling rangers’ jersey’s .
    Imagine people buying and wearing ranger jersey’s with forsberg on the back?

    What can forsberg give the rangers that a rookie or POS at a 1/3 rd of the price bring? 5 goals 12 assists?

  25. JAY

    I heard he traveled all over the world to find someone who can create a skate that matched his foot. I always thought of it as a futuristic type of movie.

    Lol, at Cyborgs counting against the cap. It’s a great question.

  26. jonny, thanks– makes sense…. malkin is definitely not jewish, nor is drury. i believe dubinskys half jewish though

  27. All this PF discussion is so artificial and useless. His anticipatory participation in ANY NHL team is baseless and makes not more sense than watching hockey without a beer – just figure skating. He made a huge impact for game and NHL, but became such a wounded relic…sad. I have tremendous respect for him and wish him well.

  28. the chanukah song by sandler

    CCCP – agree on dubinsky. my high school was 90% jewish and dubinsky has many of the same features.

  29. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Chris Jewury? Brandon Jewbinsky? What in Holy Hell? They have been stingy with the goals lately.

    I’m just sayin’…

  30. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    izzy are you the old poster kaspar?


    You’re right. I’m staying off the ethnic jokes…

  31. answer

    That is a good question…i actually thought aboot it some time ago when i asked Izzy to identify himself…so, Izzy, are you kaspar?


    10$ grand? No problem! Do you take in “coats”? :P

  32. I hope this is a practical joke. No way do I want Forsberg here. He’s damaged goods. IF and that is a BIG IF, he is healthy he’s great, but he’s NEVER healthy. Please NO!!

    Get Vinny out of Tampa and I’ll be happy.

  33. oj simpson is jewish??? cammalleri, jeff halpern and matheau schneider are, and i think turco also?

  34. a friend just told me on ESPN insider it says a trade is imminent between the rangers and ducks….

  35. Oh wait–Adam Sandler just told me,. . . “O.J. Simpson–NOT A JEW–

    but guess who is. . . . “

  36. Selig is… and so is David Stern. also, Donna Orender, current president of the WNBA

    Major sports are ran by Jewish people. Kinda makes you (me) feel proud …

  37. From’s Ice Chips:

    “Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist has a stiff right thigh and didn’t practice on Wednesday. Backup Steve Valiquette could get the start against the Oilers on Thursday.”

  38. Jews in NHL, CCCP – you can add
    Fleishman from Caps.
    Izzy Mandelbaum from his own league.
    Every health scratch, not playing at Saturday’s game.

  39. goldberg from the mighty ducks was definitely NOT jewish…good call on fleischman tho…

  40. CCCP, you’ve got me blushing again.

    I’m thinking about asking Sam Rosen to my seder again this year. Start a tradition of leaving an extra glass of mani out for him…

    Great idea about the comment of the week, Carp! Here’s my nomination:
    CCCP: Malkin is NOT Jewish! I know his got a big nose but that is not Jewish nose! And have any of you seen his parents? Typical gentiles! :P

    You know I gotta go with the noses.

  41. TR, thanks….the rest of you. I hope you get Carp’d for not listening to blogmama. Remember, despite my idiocy for chatting today, I can randomly delete you all. Bwaha! I am soooo much meaner than Carp!

  42. hank, that is the same trade that was on there yesterday. It’s Higgins for Marchant and it’s not going to happen. ESPN insider is terrible when it comes to hockey trade rumors.

  43. Sally

    now you making me blush with your nomination choice. So sweet you are…

    So, Hank got a stiff right thigh and Vally most likely to start… great, another loss in a making.

    P.S. Sarah Silverman is gorgeous! Sheyner punem!

  44. we need a win desperately and valley gets the call tonight. unless henrik said my thigh is too sore i cant play he should be on there.

    stop the bleeding now before we get below 500

  45. If they trade for Marchant they might as well trade for Doug Weight and Kovalev. Then since they’re in Edmonton asks MacT if he can put back on the skates.

  46. I’m not Jewish, but I’m saving up to be one :)

    I forget where I heard that but always found it funny lol.

  47. whats offensive about naming jewish hockey players? i like to know how a guy with an italian name like cammaleri is jewish.
    comment of the week is good. i nominate the last clutch comment from our captain!! and jonny d was good too.
    izzy is good too.

  48. Laurel- I almost fell off my chair. It’s not only also that, but it is the right way to pronounce it. Geez…

  49. (speaking in a voice of an old Jew from Brighton)

    oi Laurel, your sheyneh punim is all i think aboot lately! I always knew you were one of us! Its such a freyd (joy) to know it!

    P.S. My wife to be last name is Sheyner

  50. Grabs, see previous post. OY! Does any of this matter. Let’s have a meeting at warren and kvetch, but I’d love to get off this topic!

    nothing wrong with naming, it was just the Watley-ness of it all….

  51. Grabs, dude, I am in love now….where did you see me? on the live chat? I’m thankful, not my best day, or are you stalking me?

    Patrick, I prefer my mysteriousness…..

  52. ohh ok. so hes half. i married a half jordanian, half greek girl. she used to live next to israel and so i used to call her my jewish princess(from that frank zappa song)

  53. marchant is signed for next year too at $ 1.1 mm per. therefore it is not very smart to trade higgins for him since we can just let higgins go after this year.

  54. haha yea babs!! im watching u now!!!! im the eye in the sky!! im alan parsons!! no but really, it was the livechat remember

  55. and then u said, “ok since u all seen me, lets see some of u guys”, and u asked for my pic along with other regular heads. i sent it to u. or was that linda? i know linda has my pic.

  56. Only 14.99$ for a two-record set. Two records! Ooh Zoidberg at last you are becoming a crafty consumer. I’ll take eight.

  57. Laurel- I almost don’t want to know what the other half is. But you’re right, Yiddish sounds different here than in Eastern Europe. Thanks to my grandma too. I was the youngest grandchild in the family, so she wanted to make sure at least one spoke the language. I don’t remember her ever saying a single word to me in Russian. So now, I’m the only one who speaks.

  58. Bah! Some day they’ll watch, from down in the gutter they will, as King Zoidberg caresses their fancy box!

  59. I do Grabs…thanks! hope to do more this season but that’s up to blogfather….when you all are not ticking me off you make me, as Linda says, LMAO!

    See ya after game or tomorrow. I am off my crack now, for real….Shalom!

  60. Ohhh, it’s all so complicated, with the flowers, and the romance, and the lies upon lies.

  61. Neither Dubinsky or Drury are Jewish…
    I remember reading last year that he thought it was funny that people always thought that he was Jewish because of his name, but he is Catholic.
    Drury’s dad is an usher at the church my friend goes to in CT.

  62. You know, some of my best friends are Zoidbergs, but they still can’t join our country club.

  63. Who was the woman who had the profile pic on here awhile ago below carp and did a few live chats? Laurel? Linda? I don’t remember!

  64. esteban in net i think Ham.

    on a side note, wheres greg zzzzzz been? or staal? ooooooooooooooooojhkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  65. why is sather trying to upgrade the first line? what they need is a steady defensive defenseman who can play when rozie and redden aren’t feeling quite “chipper”

  66. The picture was of Jane.

    CCCP, I am LMAO so bad right now. That deserves a non-hockey comment of the week.

    ilbs, yes, I’m a mutt. Hence the sister blog :)

    As Al Pacino once said, kind of, stop bringing me back!

  67. i gotta go back to woik. dag man!! but i’ll be back and probably still awake to watch the game. bye everybody!! lets get a win for the big slatipuss maximus tonight guys!! he deserves it!!

  68. andre dice clay is jewish. his last name was silverstein or somethin like that! oyy vey!1 my 5th grade teach changed his name too. he was also a jew.

  69. Why are we not talking hockey?
    Who here thinks the Rangers win tonight IF Gabby does not score 2 goals?

  70. from seeing Jane in those online video discussions with carp, she was most definitely a 10. beautiful smile and sports IQ was off the charts.

  71. Jews in the NHL on

    Cammalleri’s mother is Jewish, so by Jewish law he’s a Jew.

    Also, Sephardic Jews from Italy or Spain will almost always have Italian or Spanish

  72. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I’m too poor to be jewish,,
    I could never afford those over the top Bar-bat mitvahs
    OY VEY!

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Time to oil up the gears !!! !"... says Greg L. on

    Dam Oilers , I hate them!!! They charge thier fans to watch alot of games. My brother is a big fan and he says the Oilers do that to make money. The game is on PPV and is worth $14.95 to see it. How retarded is that!!?? I SHELLED OUT $200 for Center ice and I STILL have to pay a PPV!!????? OILERS SUCK,OILERS SUCK,OILERS SUCK,OILERS SUCK,OILERS SUCK and BTW Oilers suck!!!!!!

  74. Man I get a late lunch today and what in the holy hell is going on here?? Foppa? Laurel and grabs have a date at warrens?? Sally is waaaay better looking than sarah silverman!! speaking of jewish, anyone here seen the movie snatch? Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all (carp, love the comment idea)!!!


  75. Johnny, there are at least two lines for every situation and you get them.

    “No it offends me as a comedian.”

    I’m thinking of making the Comment of the Week prize “the Mandelbaum Cup.”

    Now let’s get off the ethnic stuff before somebody says something stupid. (or stupider).

  76. I forgot who referenced the Three Stooges.
    “Who are these stooges you speak of? … you will show me the stooges?”

    They are Moe Howard, Curly Howard and Ryan Howard.

  77. Ryan Howard, Mr. 200 (his season K total or WS batting average you decide). Set the record for most K’s in a WS and is useless against lefties and that opposite field homer barely cleared the wall last night.

  78. According to ESPN Chicago, the Rangers offered Chelios a tryout with the Pack, but he wanted to stay in Chicago. He said he would sign with them as a 7th d-man if they wanted him to. I’ll post the link in a bit.

  79. You’re right Carp, enough is enough. But aren’t we all getting a little too sensitive? You ask me which way is Israel and I don’t fly off the handle.

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Time to oil up the gears !!! !"... says Greg L. on

    ” See ya after game or tomorrow. I am off my crack now, for real….Shalom!” HAHAHAHA Good one Laurel…ya made like 3-4 post after that!!! Your the best. Grabs and Laurel on Love Conection ,Where’s Chuck Woolerey ? All this Jew talk is crazy and seeing CCCP and Local fan getting along with thier new found thing in common, wow. Linda saying a few threads ago about a “mans man” having cut fingernails..well I’d rather be a woman’s man ..much better!!
    Foppa in New York…Holey Hell yeah ,why not? ….last thing , Izzy is Kaspar …how the heck do ya guys think ya got along with him being so new and all. Get well Nasty1 ,dam school kids gave ya flu!!!

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Time to oil up the gears !!! !"... says Greg L. on

    BTW Congrats to all you Yankee’s fans, ya did it!!!

    Now it’s time to devote all yer sports attention to the Rangers.Baseball is over and it’s now hockey season.Buckle up you seatbelts and get ready for a fast paced more chewing gum and watch grown men itch themseves…its time to watch hockey now!!!

  82. Greg L- I’m starting to worry about you, man. You sounded like Gabriel Garcia Marquez on that comment.

  83. Speaking of flu- David Krejci was diagnosed with H1N1 and isolated from his team(per TSN). We played them on Saturday. From the medical point of view-we are screwed! He was probably contagious then. The good news- that’s when it pays off not to hit in hockey. I doubt any of our players had any close contact with him.

  84. What joke is trying to say is that we better start talking hockey before we sh… all over this place.

  85. Oops, joke got Carped.
    Carp-btw, we were on the edge all day today, but never really crossed. A few months ago, it would’ve been a major disaster. Credit to you, Jane, Laurel and Josh, 26

  86. sally

    welcome, and just being honest!

    There was a rumor on spectors hockey today I think that said chelios was close to signing with an NHL team!


    hope the pig thing doesn’t have you too down!

  87. Does this mean that Groundhog’s Day has been switched to November because there was a Glen Sather sighting? Did he see his shadow? More importantly, is it possible for him to see his reflection in a mirror?!? :-)

    lmao.. another contender for comment of the week!

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