Rangers-‘Nucks in review


Frankly, I expected John Tortorella to be more ticked off last night, after the tons of mistakes, and after some questionable effort on the part of some of his players. Overall, he said, the battle level was acceptable, and I agree. But some individuals, he said, did not work hard enough, and many did not play smart enough.

I said this last week, and I’ll say it again. Some of this falls on Tortorella and Mike Sullivan. They can’t let these types of things continually happen. Then again, with a limited roster, their options are slim.

Some thoughts:

1) They sure bent over backward to get Christopher Higgins his first goal, and he got it. I understand that Lisin was out (another mystery injury, upper/lower something or other?) and it probably was easier to just elevate Higgins to the No. 1 line. But I wouldn’t mess too much with Gaborik-Prospal. It worked pretty well with Dubinsky and it worked pretty well with Lisin.

2) I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but has anybody seen Ryan Callahan and Sean Avery. Yes, Avery annoyed some of the Canucks and was involved in that between-benches incident (miraculously, he didn’t get a penalty, a game misconduct or a suspension … yet). But neither is doing what they’re supposed to do. And I won’t even get into Rozsival or Drury again.

3) You’ve got to love that little melee in the third period. The Rangers stuck together, and you don’t see nearly enough of that stuff with this team. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t translate into momentum. In fact, just the opposite.

4) Gotta like the naming of Prospal as an alternate captain. Although he still sounds, to me, like Vegetable Lasagna from Seinfeld.

5) They keep showing that Mercedes commercial during games … the one where the young, rich clown with the glasses if driving with his two young daughters in the back seat, and swerving out of his lane, dozing off, speeding, and tailgating an 18-wheeler. And his new Mercedes is supposed to protect him and his kids from this idiotic type of driving? How about this: Don’t get in the car with the kids if you’re going to drive like that, pea-brain.

Here are the official game summary and event summary.

Back to the Stadium for me. Supposed to be like 34 degrees tonight. So nice, what baseball does to its fans.

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  1. As I watched another Ranger game where their offense was not purely talented enough, their defense was iffy, they refused to take the body in front of the goal, and their PP sucked, it was hard not to rip my hair out. How is it that the more things change, the more things stay the same?

    Is it Slats not understanding how to design a deep, instinctively skilled club, rather than a roster of “solid” role players? Is it a coach who can talk the talk but can’t actually make his expensive vets accountable for more than 1/2 a period? Is it the price we paid for ’94?

    I don’t know. But I hate it.

    LGR. Please.

  2. Lisin has a bruised foot -he has swelling from a blocked shot from sundays game……Avery suspended for what? he had to grab the stick from O’Brien he was jabbed two or three times….Rick we both liked the kotalik signing-i say lets give him a shot with gabby and vinny tomorrow night!

    also the callahan dubi avery line has been able to establish a little forecheck atleast-keep this line together for a lil while-let them develop some chemistry

  3. I know about the foot. But the Rangers give out no info at all anymore.

    Good morning, Sally!

    Nasty, I’ll look into it asap … but probably not until the Yankees are done.

  4. The Rangers Ducks trade isn’t going to happen.

    The main pieces are Chris Higgins and Todd Marchant with a few role players or prospects built around it. I highly doubt Sather is going to make a move right now. He never does. He’ll wait until at least December to see what the team looks like through 2-3 months of the season.

  5. I thought the difference in the game was special teams. The Rangers Play has regressed severely.

    Carp you asked wheres Sean Avery ? Well he was on the Bench giving Darcy Hordichuk and expletive laden talent evaluation, it’s in the video

    Sean Avery makes Shane O’Brien Lose His Cool, Then Lose His Stick


  6. There’s absolutely no value in getting someone like Marchant at this point. If they were at the trade deadline and needed to firm up the 4th line then I could see it making sense.

    Then again if they unloaded the Capt and needed someone to fill his valuable PK role, Marchant would be a good replacement.

  7. Shoryuken, I don’t think I’ll ban him for taunting … but know that sometimes it is an imposter. I am not protecting him from that. if he steps one inch over the line, he’s out.

    ignore him.

  8. Agreed. I like Marchant. He always has seemed like a good leader and a “Team” guy. But remember, we have a lot of “good” guys on this team. Do we really need another one?

  9. And to think I almost got my hopes up the way we opened this season. Something needs to change, a way to motivate the over-paid jack@sses, a way to get back to basics… I really don’t know..

  10. From the NYPost game article:

    “I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, but we can’t keep getting burned on things we practice,” Chris Drury told The Post after the Rangers’ third loss in their last four games (1-3) and fifth in their last eight (2-5-1). “We’ve been practicing rush coverage every day lately, but that’s where we made mistakes on what became the winning goal.”


    Do you mean you’re not going to point fingers at yourself Capt Clutch? Because you were on the ice for 2 of the 3 non empty net goals. And I’d give him a pass if he was on the for the empty netter, but is he now considered that non-essential that he doesn’t even see last minute of the game ice time?

  11. 1st goal – Wade passed the puck to nobody, Avery and Drury didn’t hustle off the bench to help wade, Kotalik was too low in the zone (although he was going to circle up for an outlet pass), Rozy didn’t pick up anyone in front, Henke gives up a bad rebound

    2nd goal – Rozsival wasn’t strong on the dump in, Del Zotto picked up Kesler late, Kotalik and Avery were in the right spots but Avery had to cover two guys, Anisimov was caught puck watching and was way away from where he should’ve been leaving the pass to Rypien (his man) wide open

    3rd goal – straight up, nobody cleared the puck out.

    It’s one game, first game way out west, we’ll see what happens against a beaten up and flu-ridden Edmonton team.



    C’mon you’re forgetting the LLWS.

  13. Blowzival for the old Mighty Ducks jersey !!!

    That’s a great trade. They can use them as towels.

    I love how Byers is up for two games, and he’s playing his heart out, playing offensively better than Chris Piggins, with not as much ice time, and playing the game Brash*t is supposed to play.

    Why are these losers on the team ? Get Piggins out of here, and get Brash*t out of here.

    And It’s a damn same Blowzy, and Dreary weren’t actually injured in the Boston game, i got my hopes up for nothing.

    It was great to see Torts rip Blowzy. That loser had a cry baby look on his face like he did nothing wrong. It was a bad call, but that was a Vet play, and everyone does it. The point is, he’s always putting his stick in the midsection, and he put himself in that fuggin position.

  14. Hi everyone
    I thought the Rangers made Vancouver look good. This Ranger team is like the turtle and the hare. Sometimes they are the turtle, and somtimes the hare. They can’t beat anybody on a bad night, but they can beat some teams sometimes on a good night. Basically to many turnovers, not enough physical play, and making bad decisions cost them another one. I’m sure Torts will have another chat with them and straighten the whole thing out before they play Edmonton. Maybe he will bench somebody that usually works. Poor Duby he is having a real hard go, and Drury well what can you say that hasen’t all ready been said.

  15. I can gaurantee that Sather has put the Hammer down on Torts and told him that he cannot bench Dreary because of the $$$$$$$ they are paying him.

    This is friggin rediculous.

  16. It is about time for the CHRIS DRURY post. you know, the one where he peels off in the clutchmobile at the end.

    Where is Chris?

  17. At the very least it looks like O’Brien should have gotten a double minor:

    Rule 58 – Butt-ending
    58.1 Butt-ending – The action whereby a player or goalkeeper uses the shaft of the stick, above the upper hand, to check an opposing player in any manner or jabs or attempts to jab an opposing player with this part of the stick.
    58.2 Double-minor Penalty – A double-minor penalty will be imposed on a player or goalkeeper who attempts to butt-end an opponent.
    58.3 Major Penalty – A major penalty shall be imposed on a player or goalkeeper who butt-ends an opponent (see section 58.5).
    58.4 Match Penalty – A match penalty shall be imposed on a player or goalkeeper who injures an opponent as a result of a butt-end.
    58.5 Game Misconduct Penalty – When a major penalty is imposed for butt-ending, a game misconduct penalty must also be assessed.
    58.6 Fines and Suspensions – When a major penalty and game misconduct are imposed under this rule, an automatic fine of one hundred dollars ($100) will be imposed.
    If deemed appropriate, supplementary discipline can be applied by the Commissioner at his discretion (refer to Rule 29).

  18. Jay Riemenschneider on

    That was one of the most difficult games I’ve ever had to watch. And right after that melee, which I thought was called appropriately after seeing all the tape, I said to myself the Rangers are done. The Canucks were going to use it as a rallying cry and bury us and sure enough, that’s exactly what they did.

    I feel a bit bad for Rozy here though, he clearly didn’t deserve that call against. I hope Torts owns up and apologizes for berating him on the bench in front of the entire TV audience for something he didn’t do and had no control over.

    And speaking of that call, I’m so dead sick of the officials in this league and their stupid hooking calls that aren’t hooking. This crap happens over and over and over and over and over again all over hte league yet I’ve not ONE SINGLE TIME seen it called holding the stick or diving. Not once. Yet another example of how this major league sport feels decidedly more and more minor league by the day.

  19. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    One game everyone!!

    What a bunch of whiners here today

    Its a loss, get over it, IT HAPPENS.

    Do you guys and gals really expect the Blueshirts to win every single game?

    Just like annoying trolls who post idiotic comments and are really cigarette devil fans, it will always happen.


  20. THE REAL MikeyNJ
    November 4th, 2009 at 12:33 pm
    One game everyone!!

    What a bunch of whiners here today

    Its a loss, get over it, IT HAPPENS.

    Do you guys and gals really expect the Blueshirts to win every single game?

    Just like annoying trolls who post idiotic comments and are really cigarette devil fans, it will always happen.


    Very well said Mikey NJ

  21. Orr – No way has Byers played better offensively than Higgins in the 2 games. He’s scored just as many goals as Higgy Bear in that time.

    The fact with Higgins is that he’s a very talented player. I’ll admit sometimes he looks a bit lazy on the backcheck (Dubi is too, which is why I have no idea why they were together), but he’s got a good set of skills. The pucks just weren’t going in for him. Hopefully now that he has one out of the way, he can keep going. He is a previous 20 goal scorer and would’ve had 20 last year if he wasn’t hurt.

    Just because he isn’t scoring doesn’t mean he’s been ineffective either. He’s one of the few that crashes the net and stays there for rebounds, he just couldn’t get the puck to go in. Now hopefully that changes.

  22. Mikey – You are right. But you’ve been here long enough to know that people think the Rangers have to win every game and can’t have a bad night.

    First it was saying Jagr was a terrible captain and needed to go…then he went and everyone wanted him back. People bashed Renney even though he gave us 3 1/2 years of great success after 7 years of mediocrity. Its why I find this blog hilarious at how people can flip flop at the drop of a dime.

  23. Last night summary:

    Prospal earns and A

    Higgins 1st goal

    CaSucks Fans still hurting after 15 years

    O’Brien gets tossed along with Burrows for using O’Butt end

    Lick the wounds and get ready for the next game.

  24. Last night summary:

    Prospal earns an A

    Higgins 1st goal

    CaSucks Fans still hurting after 15 years

    O’Brien gets tossed along with Burrows for using O’Butt end

    and Drury….Need I say more.

    Lick the wounds and get ready for the next game.

  25. Carp- good post, as usual. Regarding #3- that little melee was a very positive, rare emotional outburst that this team has been lacking for years. And again, Byers started it, Voros followed. And they did gain the momentum for a little while. But lost it with the goal against. Torts, btw sent Byers in to get someone during the last shift. I like that. He knew about one game suspension an d him being fined. But the message needed to be sent.

    In terms of commercials- that is why I DVR it and watch with 30-40 min delay. You can skip all this stuff. It works even better if someone like Beninati is trying to be cute. One serious negative- can’t post duting the games…

  26. MikeyNJ,

    I think a lot of us are just frustrated that the team is letting another solid start go to waste again. And that the problems of last year are repeating themselves.

    For me (and I’m sure others) we were hoping that Renney’s conservative system was the reason to blame for last year’s torpor following the first dozen games. We were also hoping that the idea of having a coach that preached “accountability” would mean you’d see less of the same people getting regular ice time if they weren’t producing or if they made blatant mistakes. So far we’ve seen inconsistencies in the ways Torts wields the proverbial hammer of playing time.

    Combined that with the fact that while Sather actually got his big ticket free agent signing right (so far) in Gaborik, he again doled out extra money to players who haven’t quite earned it yet. I like the idea of retaining home grown players, and I think Dubi and Cally have good careers ahead of them, but one barely 20 goal season and two 40 point seasons should not command the raises those two have gotten, especially Dubi given his RFA status. It’s a tough call how to deal with RFAs and arbitration cases, as a GM you have to play bad cop in negotiating, but that extra money they spent on those two for this year could easily have helped with signing a 7th D or come in handy at deadline time with cap space.

    Anyone that’s followed the team for the past several years knows that the Western Canada trip is usually a death march, and I think it’s good to get it out of the way now versus after the post-Olympic grind, but the Rangers are playing with a full compliment of players versus some banged up teams (in some cases like last night, severely banged up) and for them to walk away with no points does not reflect well on their effort and/or concentration.

  27. Johnny,

    ” People bashed Renney even though he gave us 3 1/2 years of great success after 7 years of mediocrity.”

    Great Success? Are you joking?
    I guess the second round is great success for ranger fans…
    that shows how pathetic your team is and has been.

    Great success!! ahahhahahahaahahahahahha

  28. Mikey,

    1 Game???
    dont you mean losing 6 out of the last 8? Two of which includes two of the worst teams in the NHL?

  29. Jonny D November 4th, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    “First it was saying Jagr was a terrible captain and needed to go…then he went and everyone wanted him back. People bashed Renney even though he gave us 3 1/2 years of great success after 7 years of mediocrity. Its why I find this blog hilarious at how people can flip flop at the drop of a dime.”

    How right you are…
    I couldn’t believe the other day when I saw someone say Torts should be fired. I had to stop reading…its laughable! I mean when Torts was hired everyone jumped on that bandwagon and oh this was the greatest hiring. Torts was going to save everyone…all that hope and change for our Rangers. Then we start the season red hot… and everyone seemed to think this team was never going to struggle…absolutely ridiculous lines of thinking.

  30. Mikey, Jonny and CT, all good posts. I think was Sally on Monday who commented how quiet it was here after a win, and now after a loss, everybody has says something to say :)

    Messiah, that was funny, I got it, but remember. shhhhhhhhhh

  31. C’mon ladies and Gentlemen. We should be HAPPY. We route for the NEW YORK RANGERS. It is a new season, with new players and a new coach, and lets not forget a new system.

    I’m gonna have to go with Mikey and Johnny: Lets let the cards play out and see what happens.

    Give them time to make their mistakes and learn from them. I think we will all be happy come April.

    It could be worste, we could all be Devils fans. (YUCK)

  32. I guess the second round (which is all the Devils have reached in the same time) is great success for ranger fans…
    that shows how pathetic I am obsessing over another team and only appearing after losses.
    Great success!! ahahhahahahaahahahahahha



  33. so once again i get carped on the last thread and refresh to get to the current one here and there are already 50 freaking comments here WTF!? stupid computer!!!

    Congrats sally!!!!

  34. Jason Strudwick's Mustache on

    Hahaha, Vinny Prospal does sound like Vegetable Lasagna. “That’s my apple sauce!”

  35. Then we have this absolute f***ing moron “Loco Fan” chiming in here with his/her stupid un-informed drivel…who with every comment makes him/herself look like the moron they are!
    For all of the “hockey knowledge” in his/her/ pea sized brain also fails to realize that this team is soooo young, its an 82 game season, full of ups and downs. Meanwhile his team is a shell of its former self.
    LOCAL FAN YOU ARE complete ass who’s team (if your a Debbie fan today) is and always will be a second rate organization. Your team will always live in the shadow of both the Rangers and Islanders…
    This person is so lame/spineless/gutless that they defy logic by “rooting” for all three teams…How does this happen…in your mind how the F*** do you sort all this out?
    My question is how do you get through life when you can’t make a decision…


  36. Staal- it’s a nature of human, especially if it’s a fan. One loss and everything is over. Fire GM, coach, get rid of half of the team, build new MSG(not a bad idea, btw) Then one win, and it’s the best team we ever had! Ever! Hot start- that’s it, the Cup is ours.

    Unforunately, patience isn’t in everyone’s vocabulary.

    But let me remind whoever is impatient- this is a very young team. That includes our centerpieces, is it not? So by definition, this is a rebuilding process, folks. Isn’t it what we all wanted? Now, on top of that this team is very competitive. Flawless, it isn’t. But very, very competitive. Can’t ask for more. Patience, please…

  37. Everybody needs to calm down. It’s early. Pitt was out of the playoffs in February and came back. It’s all about playing your best hockey in March and carrying it through June. There will be big bumps in the road, it’s a long ride. For now we just have to let Torts do his job, let the players learn and jell, and put up with stupid Devils/Icelanders fans. Like the great Tommy Chong says, “MELLOW OUT!”

  38. My other gripe, which is mostly with people that attend games (my section has been terrible this year), is that they only pay attention to mistakes that happen on the puck. Like I’m no Rozy fan or defender, but he isn’t the only one that is screwing up. You just notice him more because he’s a defensemen so the puck is around him more in the defensive zone. There have been many times where Rozy made a bad play, but a forward made a worse play off the puck (usually in coverage) that actually caused the goal.

    Mind you I’ve played hockey since I was 6 so its easy for myself and other people who played the sport to spot things out like that while your average hockey fan just watches the puck. So I can’t really expect people to pick up on that, especially when they watch on TV. At games its a little easier, but still not easy if you don’t know to look for it.

  39. TO ALL,



    You ask anybody who knows anything about hockey, including owners and general managers and you ask them if the devils are a model franchise and the answer is obviously yes.

    the rangers on the other hand? model franchise? hahahahaha
    that is why the rangers and all of their fans are jokes..the rangers a model franchise? hahaha
    you guys all make me laught..read all your own posts and you guys all know how bad this “team” is…
    captain oh captain!!! hahaha
    what entertainment!

  40. It was actually not a bad game until they gave up the goals at the end, which were shining examples of bad coverage by all.

    But why is no one scoring? No one is even shooting. Avery, Dubinsky, Callahan, Higgins — nothing. Drury — never blames himself. Jagr always took responsibility in losses and gave credit to others when they won. Drury just opens his cliche book and points to some words.

  41. BTW, I thought Ray Ferraro’s facial expression between the benches during that little pissing contest involving Avery was priceless.

  42. I still think the Red Wings will be used as the example of a model franchise. They won in the pre-salary cap era and they’ve won in the salary cap era and have retained and refreshed their core better than anyone else over that time.

    And congrats you had your golden years of 1995-2003, but the Devils were a terrible to mediocre team before then and they’ve been decent but not dominant since the lockout. If you want to get on the Rangers fans for holding onto 1994 then at some point you’ll have to stop holding onto the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

  43. CT,

    Atleast we won this Decade! And have made the playoffs every year since.
    YOu consider the rangers even remotely sucessfull since 1994?

    And without a doubt The Red Wings are considered the NHL’s Model Franchise. But right behind them? Thats right. The New Jersey Devils?
    The Rangers? Not even Close.
    And we all can agree on that.

  44. Staal,
    Completely understand what you are saying about overreacting to a loss, and this team being young. But, there are some really bad signs with this team that need to addressed.
    There is still a lack of a physical presence, there seems to be no secondary scoring at all. and the same guys who were making the mistakes last year, are still here making mistakes. If it were only the younger players that were making the mistakes, I would understand, it is not. That is my reason for concern.

  45. The one game where Brashear could’ve been useful haha. Drury should be strictly reserved for special teams – he’s fine on the PK and he works well with space on the PP. Rozsival should be bought out, I just can’t think of any other way around it. If we can’t beat the Oilers, then it’ll be dire straits.


  46. Model Franchise on

    Hey lets move into a saturated hockey market and mooch fans from the original team…
    Hey lets build a new arena in the armpit of america and have 4000 people show up to a game…and we can sell out when the Rangers are in town.

  47. And what are you going to be bragging about if the Devils don’t win for another 5-10-15-20 years?

    I think you miss the point when you try to irritate the people on this blog. We know the Rangers haven’t enjoyed the success of other teams. A lot of the fans on this board will remind us about that, so you’re not telling us anything we don’t already know.

    Yet we follow the games, talk about it with fellow fans because we like the thrills of the ups and downs of every season. And in those years when there’s a team that has a chance to win it all, we celebrate and embrace it.

    Even most Islanders fans have enough sensibility to shut up about the early 80’s because they’ve now realized that you can only hold onto the brief periods of success for so long.

    I don’t see Pens fans coming on this board bragging about winning the past year and having a core of players that will have them in contention for the next several years to come. Maybe because they actually have some class and dignity.

    What’s your excuse?

  48. Folks, it’s starting to take too long to scroll through some yawnie stuff on handheld. Hint, hint….

  49. eric don’t you think you should find a job rather than play internet tough guy. you would crap your pants if you ever met any of the players in person.

  50. THE REAL MikeyNJ on



    THAt was a good one, made me chuckle

    Someone forgot there shinebox, now go get it!

    And Thanks Domi, Laurel, and Johnny: I have been here long enough to know these things.

    I have to say, in all honesty, we have the best fans, and this is THE best blog for discussiong THE BEST team int he National Hockey league OUR NEW YORK RANGERS!!


  51. CT,

    I have told you this before, and I will tell you again. I was on the Devils Blog exclusively..but A LOCAL FAN came on to that blog and did the same thing I am doing to you guys… And now I enjoy it to much. But i really just like talking hockey and hearing your opinions.

  52. Orr – You didn’t even know anything about Byers a week ago. You said Grachev should come up over another 3rd liner haha.

    I’m just saying, Byers is a good hockey player, but he doesn’t have the same impact as Higgins can have when he finds his game. Higgins is a top 6 winger while Byers is a 3rd or 4th line power forward that can chip in with 10 goals.

    Plus Higgy Bear isn’t the only one having trouble right now. Do you want to trade Dubi or Cally since they haven’t done anything in the last 2 weeks?

    If we’re going to make any trade (which I don’t think we should just yet), we should honestly look at Alex Frolov. He’s a point per game guy that is in Terry Murray’s doghouse. Put him on a wing with Prospal and Gaborik and it would be like a more consistent version Zherdev and he’s a guy that can hold onto the puck similar to the way Jagr did to free up space for Gabby to get open.

  53. I only say these things to make everyone mad and it works every time. You people will never learn.

  54. I don’t care what people think of me as long as all of the attention is on me, me, me.

    Get it?

  55. UES/CT,

    All are imposters except for the one comment about stating the truth of why im here..which is another Local Fan on my devils blog…
    You asked for my excuse..and there it is.

  56. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    This team doesn’t suck but it isn’t an elite or top tier team.

    They’re going to have really poor periods.
    The thing is that ,they have to play under Torts system and that will take some time.
    Also on nights where one players plays well and another bites ,what are you going to do?

    The talent is what it is, Hank is above average at best and Gaborik is the only consistent goal scorer.

    Drury, Rozsival are lead weights.
    Higgins is a mess.

    I just wonder what kind of team is Sather trying to build?
    This crap has been going on, Way Too Long.

  57. JONNY

    I still think he should be on the team instead of Byers, or PA Par. But Byers does what this piece of sh*t Brash*t is supposed to do. Id rather have him on the 4th line than Brash*t, but id rather give Byers more ice time than Piggins, cause the guy just flat out sucks.

    Still think Grach should be here though.

  58. onecupin69yearsand counting

    Exactly. The Rangers don’t “suck”. But Sather Really Does!

  59. Jonny, Frolov would be a nice addition. I don’t think it’s the Gaborik line that needs help, but rather someone that could provide scoring from the 2nd line.

  60. Carp – I absolutely agree about Avery. He’s been invisible out there after a great start. Hopefully he gets back on track soon. At least the lack of offense hasn’t been coupled with excessive penalty minutes, if there is a silver lining.

  61. 100th!!!! Izzy, Schmizy..
    Carp, with your Italian blood, you should know this one:
    Which cheese would you suggest with all this whine ?

  62. I don’t think LA is just going to give Frolov away. And they certainly won’t do it for one of our bad contracts. Probably have to give up a young guy for him. Gotta give something to get something, unless it’s Carter for Jagr.

  63. Orr – I don’t see how you can say Higgy Bear sucks though. I know he hasn’t put up points, but its not like he’s been completely ineffective to the point where nobody has to cover him.

    Also if you think he sucks, lets put things in perspective. He makes less than Callahan, however Higgy has had three 20 goal seasons (best being 27) and three 38+ point seasons (one in 61 games and the other he had 52 in 82).

    Cally is a solid player, but nowhere near better offensively in regards to talent than Higgins and is getting paid more. He has a whopping 5 points on the season. So if you are going to say Higgins sucks, the same should apply to Callahan.

    CT – I agree, I was just thinking for the PP or something that could workout. I actually think Lisin should stay up with those two because with the right people, he becomes a dangerous option in the offensive end. Frolov could help take some pressure off Dubi and Higgins with how much he uses his body to hold and shield the puck. Only issue is we’d probably trade Higgins to get Frolov.

  64. My concern with this season as games go by is that we are not witnessing any progress from any players whom you would expect to see have a break out year.

    I’m not talking about MDZ or Gilroy. I’m talking about guys who got there chance last year (or before) and we thought would eventually be putting up signifiantly better numbers. It just isn’t happening. At least not yet.

    We are seing some very good things like Prospal leading by example – just not where we thought we would see it, like Dubinsky. I’m optimistic as the season is only 20% in – but I’m starting to be worried about it.

  65. You mean they don’t have Giveaway Frolov days in LA? I mean they have the all you can eat section at Dodgers games.

  66. Jay – the problem with that is because we never had good prospects up until the last few years. Now that we do, I think we overrate them way too much. Dubi is a classic case of that. He’s a good young player, but I never saw enough from him to think he’d be better than a 2nd or 3rd line center. I always thought he’d be on average a 40 point and at best a 50 point kind of guy and each day it seems like that is the case.

    Callahan I always projected to be a 3rd line winger and even based on his point total from last year, I still feel thats about accurate. He’s an energy guy that can score a few here and there, which is why I was a little angry when I saw he was getting 2.3 million per year.

  67. “Which cheese would you suggest with all this whine ?”

    The smelliest one?


    “I just wonder what kind of team is Sather trying to build?”

    He’s not trying to build anything…he’s just got a thick checkbook.

  68. reality check

    in case your wondering i have found a new job and start on the 16th. thanks for thinking about me.

    as for seeing the players first hand i called out drury at a season tix holder function and got asked to leave. they threatened to take away my seats otherwise i would have told him some more what a waste he is

  69. Jonny, I still think Dubi can turn into a 60-70 point guy if he simplifies his game a bit. He’s got the size, decent stick skills. His shot needs some work but his problem tends to be trying to make the difficult plays too often. He’s not necessarily scared of physical play, but this year he hasn’t gotten into the dirty areas in front of the net that often.

    I definitely agree about Cally. If you’re going to be as small as he is and score you better be as quick as St Louis and have some dazzling moves, otherwise it will be easy for large defensemen to take you out of the play – something that has happened to him a lot.

    So while neither are franchise players and are probably a half million to million overpaid, they’re only on 2 year deals and hopefully still have their best years ahead of them.

  70. well congratulations eric

    just don’t mess up by blogging all day instead of doing your job like you did on your previous job.

    still don’t believe you would physically hit any of the players like you said above. in that regard i think you are all bluster.

  71. eric – thats pretty funny, although I don’t see what the point is in calling him out. I don’t blame the team for kicking you out either. It’s like if a random person from the street came into where you work or are going to work and started asking you why you sucked so much. I’m sure your company would do the same thing haha.

  72. Just for the record, if you’re trolling local fan, you’re just as annoying. All your posts do is clog up the chat. He’s enough, I think, but then what do I know.

  73. Jay, You are absolutely right. Not only has there been no progress from the young guys, I would say Dubinsky and Staal are regressing. They are easily the most overrated players on the team simply because they came up through the system.

  74. CT – Dubi can reach those numbers if he plays with someone like Gaborik. I meant that by himself, he’s a 40-50 point guy. I think a lot of people thought he’d be in the 70s range because he was a “gamebreaker”, which isn’t true. He’s got skills, I just don’t think he is or will be good enough to be considered a star or superstar player.

    To continue with Callahan, thats why I think Higgins is a better player even though he’s struggled this year. Cally would do a better job in a checking role while Higgy Bear is a top 6 winger (more 2nd line though).

  75. Staal is and has been overrated since the day he was drafted just because of his last name. I’m not saying he’s a bad d-man, I think he can be one of the better shut down guys in the league. However he needs to play like that because he’s not going to be what Eric and Jordan are.

    Torts is pushing him to join the rush, and he’s trying to do what he did in juniors by skating past everyone. He should actually follow MDZ’s lead and learn to pass it up ice rather than skate it. When he skates it, its predictable and he can’t get back because he’s not fast enough. However when he keeps things simple on the puck, he’s one of the better shut down guys in the league.

  76. How is it possible that Blowzival is even worse than he was last year? He was never this bad. Is he just mentally shot? What’s the story?

  77. Tom – he’s lost because of the system. He was good with Jagr and the Europeans because it was a slowed down style with a defensive approach. A lot of regrouping in the neutral zone and puck possession in the middle 3rd of the ice.

    Torts is run and gun and the style is more North American. His lack of speed gets exposed because guys are coming at him from 200 feet rather than 100 so they have a full head of steam. Plus on the outlet passes, guys are looking to streak up rather than come back for support.

    It actually doesn’t surprise me that he would look like this just based on the style. If he goes to a European style team, he’d actually be a pretty solid offensive d-man.

  78. I remember when everybody was saying how Staal was the next Leetch & how Dubi was the next Graves. Wow, how easy we turn. Too early in the season to give up on guys & the team.
    LGR !!
    BTW, why do you guys keep feeding the local idiot ??

  79. Jonny D, that is exactly why Sather’s teams fail so much. He doesn’t get players that fit what his coach is trying to do. He did it for a while with Renney, but then that stopped working because he changed so many parts and ended up firing Renney. Hopefully he’ll realize that he can’t just get whoever, that he needs horses for courses, if you know what I mean.

  80. Sorry Tony, but I never said either of those things about Staal or Dubinsky haha.

    Also new nickname. Dane “D-Pain” Byers. So really just “D-Pain”. No matter what he’s the man.

  81. Shoryuken – he does, he just doesn’t get a complete team of guys that fit the system. That’s why I wanted Rozy gone when we got Redden because he wasn’t really needed anymore if we weren’t keeping Jagr. He’s not a bad offensive d-man, just not good for the system.

    wicky229 – its on insider so you probably can’t see it. The NHL rumors they have there are pretty ridiculous though. It’s based off random Canadian newspapers so they don’t know what they are talking about half the time.

  82. On Dubinsky and Cally. I know I pull for these guys to put on a show. Not that I expect miracles. But I love when they pull off a snipe move like Cally did in Switzerland. Or when Dubinsky totally owned Greene in the playoffs. You know they can do it.

    By break out, here is what I mean. You say so and so will only be a solid third liner. Yes – that is what he looks like now. But – he could be a second line player or even a first line player if things went really well. If he had a break out year. One of these guys could do it. If I had to choose I’d say it would be Dubi as a center who has played with Jagr and now Gaborik. Callahan is great also, I just think Dubinsky has additional potential and is seems like it could happen. I don’t know maybe they just need a year or two more.

  83. I agree with ilb in one of his earlier posts, that melee mentality is something the rangers have lacked for far too long and it was good to see and also good to see byers sent out towards the end of the game with a purpose. Fine and suspension readily accepted!!!

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