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From the Rangers:

November 3, 2009 – New York Rangers 1, Vancouver Canucks 4 (Game #16, Road #8)

* The Blueshirts were defeated by the Vancouver Canucks, 4-1, tonight at General Motors Place to fall to 9-6-1 overall, including a 3-4-1 mark on the road.
* Christopher Higgins notched the Rangers only goal of the game, his first as a Ranger, at 6:24 of the third period; he finished the contest with two hits in 19:42 of icetime.
* Rangers Captain Chris Drury collected an assist on Higgins’ goal, and registered four shots in 18:00 of icetime.
* Brandon Dubinsky registered one assist and delivered three hits in 18:36 of icetime.
* Forward Vinny Prospal was named Alternate Captain prior to the game, and finished the contest with a team-high 11 faceoff wins (65%, 11-17).
* Rangers defenseman Matt Gilroy led the team with three blocked shots in the game in 22:49 of icetime.
* Marc Staal led New York with a plus-one rating and 23:58 of icetime.
* The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, November 4, is 1:00 p.m. at Rexall Place in Edmonton.
* The Rangers return to action on Thursday, November 5, when they will face-off against the Edmonton Oilers at Rexall Place (9:30 p.m.), in the second game of their three-game Western Canadian road trip; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. repost:

    To follow up about that last line. This is why I have lost my patients with Drury. He is supposed to be in front of the net popping in those garbage goals, just like Cally, Higgins. Those players on that line should have at least 5 goals each just from rebounds around the next. But they are never there. Drury has shown us NOTHING to change the momentum of any game they were losing. Im watching replays of other game right now and I just saw Marco Strum score a goal from a bad rebound and he slapped it in the net. This is how Graves scored most of his goals. They are there for the taking, but no one is willing to go in the battle area to get them.
    And yes why ISNT LQ’s glove hand being worked on?!

  2. Good for higgins .. hopefully that sparks him … rozi is terrible….. Can we pleassssssse get 2 wins on the west?

  3. Dubinsky, Callahan, and our entire defense were less reliable than AIDS patients tonight! What the hell is wrong with this team?!? RAYCROFT?!?!?!??!!?

  4. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Then it shouldn’t be “Fire Sather”. It should be “Death to Sather”. (Or Dolan… or both)

    And BTW, “first?”- you think you’re firster than me?

  5. I thought Cally played a decent game, despite my comments about him being too predictable. He had a few decent breaks on the PK although his even strength play didn’t have much of an impact.

    Dubi is playing on the perimeter too much these days. I sometimes think he doesn’t get enough out of his frame and tries to be too much of a finesse player.

    Tort’s usage of Anisimov is puzzling. He gets scant amount of ice team throughout the first 2 periods (and usually is good for 1 or 2 shifts where he does some good work, especially cycling the puck and maintaining forechecking pressure) and then he’ll start to get more ice time in the 3rd. If Anismov consistently got 15 mins a game I think there’d be some better flow on the 2nd or 3rd line.

  6. We need to take the body, and not so much stick checking. Shifts after goals are some of the most important shifts in a game.


    I have the swine flu, and that game took the rest of the little energy I had right out of me.

    Goodnight all.

    P.S. For those keeping track, Joe Mich said that Gaborik was, “Getting it from behind” in the post game coverage.

    I’m just saying.

    Night all

  7. Carp, can you see what your “It” guys have to say about this site getting a true mobile site? I try and post from my BlackBerry all the time, and most times than not, it doesn’t work. And on top of that, I usually have to scroll all the way to the bottom every time I refresh. Must appreciated if you could find that out.

  8. I have to admit, when Drury was on buffalo I was a fan of him, but wtf, this guy just doesn’t give a shist, all I hear from the media is well he cares so much, I dont see any care in his game, all I see is him floating. Its terrible. He has no heart. He is on par with Higgings, I can’t fault the rest of the team besides the fact that they can’t pass and don’t have a good game plan for these teams, they try hard but in the wrong way. Also i know im new but nice to meet you folks here.

  9. nasty

    sorry about the pig thing, get better!!

    A few thoughts for everyone…..I really wish torts would put AA between avery and cally, drury needs to move to the wing, and finally avery needs to be put on the power play. with avery creating havok in front of the goalie, drawing the ire of the pk players space will open for other rangers!

    on the rozy penalty, bad call or not, if rozy takes his man out/plants him on his butt, he does not get that penalty called on him. Same thing on one of the goals, if gilroy does not waste all his time trying to find the puck in front of hank and just plants his guy/taking the body let hank the clear or freeze the puck. Stop the frakking stick checking and puck searching and hit people (jeez do we ever need a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man or two on this roster)!!!

    Finally, dubi….I liked dubi a lot better when he didn’t have his head in his bank account. In that large (and awesome) scrum in the third he jst needed to drop his gloves and go, but he doesn’t. I couldn’t tell if it was him or rozy in the scrum til I saw the number! Regardless of salary, I expect drury to do the “subtle things” and be nondescript on the ice (how he has played his whole career), I expect dubi to be physical and play with an edge and drop the mitts at times and be noticeable on the ice with his physical play, I do not see that out of him and this team would be hella better off if dubi would play that way again, you know when he made considerably less money!

  10. Avery returns to Cal gary sat night,i believe the first trip back since sloppy seconds-gate?
    hope they have him off his meds for this one,or atleast a lighter dose.
    congrats to Higgins for removing the proverbial 800lb gorilla off his back.
    hope he gets em in bunches now

  11. Mako,
    Lose your “patients” with Drury?
    What are you doctor?
    What is Drury? An insurance company?

    Use “patients” in a sentence.
    “Dubinsky, Callahan, and our entire defense were less reliable than AIDS patients tonight!”
    Very good, Pavel.


    Class dismissed.

  12. gregm-section_403 on

    Yeh, Carp. I agree with Nasty 1.

    This site really Blowsival on mobile. I read it in the a.m./p.m.on the train and sometimes comments work, sometimes not.

    Tell the IT folks to start earning their payckecks!

  13. gregm-section_403 on

    Yeh, Carp. I agree with Nasty 1.

    This site really Blowsival on mobile. I read it in the a.m./p.m.on the train and sometimes comments work, sometimes not.

    Tell the IT folks to start earning their payckecks! (Hopefully this will post)

  14. I wonder about whom Torts is referring when he says there are players with whose efforts he’s not pleased? Aside from a few benchings (Rozi in DC, Dubi&Higgins in MTL) what exactly has he done to meter out “accountability”?

    I agree with Mazzo’s quip about the Rangers lack of a solid game plan against most teams. At this point they’re not good enough to force the other team to adapt to their game so adjustments need to be made on their end. Case in point, the Nucks were clear about their intention to shadow Gaborik with Willie Mitchell, now obviously they have the last change after whistles but I don’t remember seeing any attempts to avoid that match up. They were having trouble carrying the puck into the attack zone, how about little dump and chase? Sometimes it’s not about working harder but also working smarter.

  15. Tortorella has really disappointed me as a coach. I had high expectations for him, conditioning, accountability, system……….

    First of all, we look as if Renney is back there as this team looks exhausted, tired, out of shape.
    Second, I really do not see accountability, Drury, Rozy, Gilroy, Dubi, Cally………..these guys are just there taking up space. How are you going to prove a point to your team if you have favoritism towards certain players.
    Lastly, not for nothing, Renney may have been one minded and had a boring system to watch, but at least he had a system. It almost looks like Torts just tells them go out there and do whatever you want.

    THIS IS PITIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I dont know about any of you guys, but if I came to work everyday, and didnt do “my job,” i am pretty sure I would be out of one very quickly. Drury gets a free pass, and a paycheck for doing what a $500,00 player could do better.

    Enough is enough. People need to be help responsible for their actions. Every year its the same thinkg with this team. Why are we the only ones not to get it?

    We need a new captain, and we need to get rid of Rozy!

  17. A few points:

    1) If you went to bed you missed a very very interesting and bizarre third period….it started early when there should have been atleast a penalty on one of the canucks dman who kept hitting gaborik and hit him after the play then the scuffle during the line change was awesome-that is the one thing you have to say about VOROS he will stand up for his teammates all the time, after the scuffle finally ended O’Brien on the bench stick jabbed AVERY on the bench-that should be atleast a few games suspension

    2) The rangers tie the game after all of the 3rd period action and the canucks are frustrated and take an additional unsportmanlike penalty and that is where the turning point occurred-that TWO MINUTE POWER PLAY AFTER TYING THE GAME MADE RENNEY’s PP UNIT look like the next coming….it was pitiful just pitiful we had momemtum and lost it all on that PP And boom the canucks catch us out of position

    3) DRURY is horrendous-what does this guy do? he blocks a few shots here and there, anyone he plays with struggles, he looks to get rid of the puck as soon as he gets it on his stick…..i guess try him on the wing because his play is just not cutting it right now

    4) I know I was one of the few to be optimistic about Roszival during the offseason but this guys confidence is shot-i was way off base here-the guy has ability but he is just not getting it done BUT WITH THAT BEING SAID THAT CALL WAS BOGUS BOGUS-SEDIN CLEARLY GRABBED a hold of Michael’s stick!

    5) Did anyone in the post game ask tortorella what he said to roszival about the play….MSG showed torts coming over to roszival- i do not think roszival saw the ice after that penalty

    6) Right now the team looks very much like the team from last year…boyle like betts is a guy who shows up everynight and plays his role-he is very good on the PK


  18. We lose 4-1 to banged up vancuver, only get 1 goal on RAYCROFT, and torts is “happy with some of the things we did.” Whatever meds avery is on im thinking torts is putting his hand in his stash also. We have enough fiery players that we shouldnt be playing like a team full of tom renneys and our coach SHOULD KEEP HIS WORD.

  19. Bottom Line- We have a much better team than last year, and we are playing much more poorly. I can only blame one guy.

    Tort’s, you need to wake up and do what you were brought here to do.

    Be tough, hold players accountable, instill your system in this team, and lets get the ball rolling. I know its a long season, but you can already tell the two points that we lost yesterday are going to come back and haunt us in April.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Seth, you’re right that little scuffle was a good team response to people grabbing and hitting Gaborik after the play was stopped. And it gave the team energy. Byers was more involved than anyone else, this kid should stay on the team. I thought they’d win the game after that emotional boost.

  21. Couple of things:

    1. Vancouver made me realize how slow we are last night. They were in an entirely different gear all night.

    2. Roszival was unacceptable…I counted about 5 times that he refused to go back and get to the puck first and be willing to take a hit…just cowardly!!!

  22. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Look Im not excusing the team for last nights play, BUT

    Kotalik looked great and was shooting frokm everywhere and battling all night

    Girardi looked great too, made some great plays

    Prospal: You’ve got to love and respect this guy. Tough, battles in the corners, is loud, gets everyone motivated

    Cally – the little hitting machine! And he had two scoring chances on the PK.

    Higgins: Thats the kind of goals this guy needs to get. Right in front, 5ft away, rebounds.

    And overall sticking up for each other, getting into scrums, all this needs to happen for the team to get that much more comfortable with each other and play as a team more. Even in a loss, there are positivies.

    Hank was solid, I’d say all three goals were the defenders fault due to breakdowns in coverage, not his fault. He made some great saves.

    Drury does seem so lost out there though, dont know what his issue is.

    I actually had a dream last ngiht that he was traded to Minnesota, and was the new Captain there. Cant remember who we got in return, but Prospal was given the C in his place

  23. Carp, I agree with gregm’s agreement with Nasty1. But the question is: Is there an IT person now that Suzie is gone. Maybe we should just be happy we still have a place to blog.

  24. rob f said it best with few key words-
    Rob F
    November 4th, 2009 at 12:45 am
    team has no balls. defense is absolutely pitiful…they have one good game every 6 games nowadays, which is not good enough.

    they are going to get DESTROYED by calgary

    rob- exactly. the team has no balls. they tied this dud of a game when 3/4 of their team was either out with injury or gettinginjured on the ice. the ensuing pp we didnt do anything at all. we shouldve scored again right after higgins goal. at least then if u get scored on later you get the point and chance to win. who cares if its a shootout. we get points. its not the effort of most guys that concerns me, but there skill level. hardly anybody on the team besides prospal, gabby, and duby, can get the puck in and keep it there. they play hot potato with it. theyre afraid to lose the puck because there mostly all neutered choir boys. especially on D. rozy, redden,stal,gilroy, all choir boys. we need a few badasses onthis team. like brashear. man, wish we could get some toughgu like brashear and afew 20 goal scorers like kotalik, higgins,drury,avery,cally,duby., now those type of guys are hard to come by these days

  25. After starting the road season 3-1, the Blueshirts have returned to their sub .500 ways, being 3-4-1 now. As Yogi said it’s de’ja vu all over again. NYR cannot win (& in some cases can’t compete) on the road. Check out these numbers of futility when away from MSG: 0-19 (that’s right 0 for 19)vs Pittsburgh, 3-17 in Washington, with 2 wins coming in last season’s playoffs & the other earlier this season, 2-10 in Carolina & no wins in Vancouver since 1997. Granted they don’t play in Vancouver each season, but no wins is no wins.
    How can these numbers be explained? And, as all NYR fans know, the Blueshirts certainly have no winning streaks like these losing numbers, against anyone. I don’t know who it’s harder to be a fan of, NYR or their football counterpart, the New York Jets.

  26. I fell asleep during the 3rd, glad I didn’t see it. Huey counts 5 times that Rozi queers out and doesn’t take a hit. I’m not going to complain cause it’s early but I’d like to see more passion from these guys. We all love Torts, now let’s see him whip some asses into shape.

  27. I’m willing to chalk this one up to the first game after a cross continent flight.

    I think a different team will show up against Edmonton and Calgary.

    I also think the team should sent a tape to the league of Avery getting sticked while jawing on the bench. If Torts was that hot about it, and rightfully so, they need to do that.

  28. The RealMikey-

    Yes, Kotalik looked very good last night, he game close a few times-i thought he had a PP goal before higgins scored just after the penalty expired…..he is very slick with the puck and maybe should be given a chance to play with gaborik-everyone else has basically had a chance so maybe slide him up there starting tomorrow night in edmonton….Prospal is one of the few forwards who backchecks hard…Torts yells at roszival for taking penalties and benches dubi for neutral ice turnovers but the backcheck is jsut as important! if we turn the puck over people have to skate back hard and take the body and lift the sticks and not be lazy and clutch and grab…right now out of the forwards i only see prospal, callahan, boyle, voros, and anisimov skating back hard to backcheck, gaborik and kotalik try and we know they are not great defensively but dubi, drury, avery stick out they must skate back hard and BACKCHECK

  29. I know that jab on Avery was more of a poke than anything, but you do that on the ice and that’s either a spear or butt-ending and should have been an intent to injure game misconduct. Stick fouls are pretty black and white, but because it’s Avery it’s semi-allowable.

  30. Two goals in two games? Rangers have a healthy lineup. Boston and Vancouver are banged up bad. That says alot. I thought Torts implemented this great, exciting, offensive system??
    What a joke. Seriously.
    The only thing i am SHOCKED about is that Gabby didnt score the rangers only goal.

  31. A local fan-

    what happened i thought you said gaborik would definitely be out 2-3 weeks as you “Examined” the knee on knee hit from prucha

  32. Seth,

    Im not a Dr. I just assumed with Gabbys history they would keep him out 2-3 weeks. But the time will come. Do you really think he will remain healthy all season? Like in all seriousness?

  33. Anisimov should’ve been benched last night in the 3rd. You guys can blame Rozy all you want for the 2nd goal, but there is no way Rypien should’ve been open coming in from the neutral zone like that. Avery had to cover two guys because Arty was puck watching and skating all the way up to the guy DZ already had covered. He left a wide open passing lane. I know its one mistake, but its at a key time in the 3rd period. He’s played well most of the year, but that was the key mistake that killed the game.

    Glad to see Higgins finally score. He’s got talent, just was getting unlucky. And Drury actually looked better on the puck last night. Not great, but not like he had never played hockey before.

  34. A Local Fan-

    Oh I assumed you were the expert on everything my apologies….are you exciting they are building up newark-the one bar and restaurant near the rock look really nice so EXCITING for EVERYONE

    Unfortunately I cannot predict the future so it remains to be seen-so far he has played in 14 of 16 games and has averaged 20 minutes a game and has been FABULOUS…to be honest they should “baby” him a little its only the regular season and so if he plays 65-70 games i dont think thats the end of the world especially if we are in decent positioning…now of course if we are going to be in a similar position to the last couple of years yes we need gabby to play close to 75 games…we shall see what happens


  35. Seth, he received a 10 minute misconduct. It should have been a 5 min major with a game misconduct attached.

  36. This team needs to gel. I don’t really understand why it’s taking so long but it needs to happen soon.

    And, those refs were taking some kind of bribe money. IOC?

  37. Seth,

    I belive there are more probably 10 times more murders, rapes, and violent crime in New York then Newark. Just a fact.

    I just think its tough to put your entire season, and every game in the hands of somebody as brittle as Gaborik. He is your entire offense. This team has no heart, which starts with the man who wears the C. Hrrible, young, and inexperienced Defense.
    Must be a tebbible feeling knowing what Sather and Dolan have ultimatly done for you Ranger Fans.

  38. This stat just grinds my gears:

    Drury+Redden+Rozsival = $18.55MM in cap space, 48 games played, 3 goals, 12 assists

    Del Zotto = $1.0875MM in cap space, 16 games, 4 goals, 8 assists

  39. Is it me or does this team look tired lately? Like Torts just ran them into the ground and now they are exhausted already? I’m not saying its true, but sometimes they have a few great shifts where they skate hard and in others they don’t seem to move. Every player on the team seems to have shifts like that.

  40. Local Fan, just for you, here’s another crazy stat and if you’re talking absolute number for crimes, then yes NYC has more but that’s because it’s nearly 30 X’s the size as Newark, however on a relative scale (crimes per every 10,000 people):

    City Newark
    City Population: 278,551
    Murder: 81 (per 10K 2.91)
    Forcible Rape: 85 (per 10K 3.05)
    Robbery: 1,304 ((per 10K 46.81)
    Aggravated Assault: 1,261 ((per 10K 45.27)
    Burglary: 2,281 (per 10K 81.89)
    Larceny or Theft: 5,562 (per 10K 199.68)
    Car Theft: 6,018 (per 10K 216.05)
    Arson: 238 ((per 10K 8.54)

    City NYC
    City Population: 8,098,066
    Murder: 597 (per 10K 0.74)
    Forcible Rape: 1609 (per 10K 1.99)
    Robbery: 25989 (per 10K 32.09)
    Aggravated Assault: 31253 (per 10K 38.59)
    Burglary: 28293 (per 10K 34.94)
    Larceny or Theft: 124846 (per 10K 154.17)
    Car Theft: 23628 (per 10K 29.18)
    Arson: 0 (per 10K 0)

    In every conceivable form of violent crime, Newark is worse, and 4 times deadlier.

  41. NASTY

    (I assume you’re using OperaMini on your BB)

    #, 3 should toggle you quickly between the top and bottom of the page… very useful for getting to the bottom of long sections

    No help on the phantom posts though… most of mine dont make it through either

  42. Nasty,

    If you have a full keyboard on your BB then ‘T’ or ‘B’ also brings you to the top or bottom of the page. No such command exists for the iPhone though :(

  43. Thanks for the BB tips guys. I am using Opera Mini. I have the Tour. I love the phone, and I also like the blackberry browser for most things. Opera mini is the best for this site, although half my posts never make it through.

    First game of the road trip, we looked like we just didn’t have energy last night, except for a few times. Guys, I know we are in the midst of a not so gun run, but we played pretty solid last night, except on the offensive side of the puck. It was a 1-0 game a few minutes in to the third and we tied it. Then, we crapped the bed. That scrum was good for us in terms of sticking up for each other, but at the same time, something like that should have already happened earlier in the season when people were running Hank. You have to wonder what he is thinking now, seeing people stick up for Gabby, when he was being treated like a crash test dummy earlier in the year, and nobody did a thing.

    The only problem with that scrum, is that is woke Vancouver up, and our play dropped for the most part after that. Even though we got that goal, our play was not that great from that point on. I think we will see a much better effort and a win in Edmonton.

  44. Whether or not O’Brian gets suspended, it doesn’t matter to the Rangers – they won’t be playing them again.

    The correct call (5 min. major and a game misconduct) may have helped the Rangers, but the call wasn’t made! Sending the tape to embarrass the refs will only hurt the Rangers. Refs don’t like to have their inadequacies exposed, and they WILL get even sometime later in the season.

    The only possible benefit to sending the tape is to once again point out the anti-Avery bias around the league. I doubt this will have any useful result, however.

  45. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Byers is more than willing to drop the gloves AND can fight

    He was a bright spot last night as well

    Seth: toally agree with you, Prospal is the shining example of how Torts wants EVERY player on this team to play EVERY game. Deserved that A on his chest no doubt

    Seriously though, everyone is so pissed we lost 1 game?

    It happens, to EVERY team. Take it easy everyone

    And its not how you start, its how you finish.

    Again last month’s record was 8-5-1
    This month were 1-1-0

    Your all telling me you wouldnt take 8 wins a month for the year? that’s finishing with 96 points.

    Im not pleased with last nights loss either, but Im also not giving up on this year’s team as quickly as some.

    we are LIGHT YEARS ahead of our team last year


  46. Guys,

    What happened. Ignore the Troll. He will go away like a bad rash that you stop scratching.

  47. Good stats on Newark. You forgot that there are also more crazy people per capita there than anywhere else. I pass through Newark Penn everyday and now I am an expert on mental diseases.

    Where was Chris Drury last night? I think I saw him once the whole game. At least the last couple years he was visible. It is a joke how bad he is. Strip the C, maybe it’ll light a fire.

  48. MikeyNJ- afree on Byers. I was skeptical when he was called up, but the last two games showed that he has exactly what we need- grit, mean streak and go-to-the-net mentality.
    He is young and can fight. Won’t be a fighting champ, but will do well. Besides, we already have a fighting champ. He hasn’t been around much so I forgot his name…

  49. Good morning Staal and all…as promised I was asleep before the first puck dropped, and just as well I suppose. Is it any consolation that Boston got shut out again?

    I so called for Vinny to get that A ages ago!! Yay!

  50. I agree with everyone that byers is certainly willing to fight, but i have seen him fight only twice (including last night) and he did not win either fight. That being said, I agree he should stay up here for now. I would like to see soryal give it a go up here as well. Voros and boyle stand up for there teammates everytime they are involved in anything on the ice got to respect that.

    What trade rumor??

  51. I dont have subscription to ESPN Insider so it doesnt let me read, all i can see is the heading titled anaheim and rangers trade is getting close to be finalised

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