Game time in Vancouver


What a great city. Wish I was there. If you’ve ever had the pleasure, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, and you get the opportunity, do get there someday.

Did I mention that the Sedins remind me of the Proclaimers: “And I would walk 500 miles …” Me and John Dellapina and Tom Gulitti used to always sing that song when Vancouver was in town.sedins

Just wanted to give you this blank canvas for the late gamer.

If you’re interested in the Brian Leetch conference call transcript from this afternoon, it’s on the previous thread.

See youse during the game.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GO GO POWER RANGERS !!! !"... says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOO I got “Carped” too , I aint reposted no repost . Forget it!!! If ya want to see what dribble I wrote ….go back and look for ya self yeashhhh.

    Go Rangersssssss!!!

  2. yea somebody else, forgot who, said they looked like the 2 guys from the proclaimers. we just couldnt figure out the name of their group.

  3. If Im up past a certain point I cant sleep. So I have an ambien in me right now. Im warning you all LOL

  4. OMG CT, I was thinking the same thing the other night! He always looks stoned!!!!!!!! At first I thought he was hitting the bottle because he seemed to age over the first 3 weeks of the season, but yea, I”m with ya on that!

    Grabby, add that to the Book of Beninati we’ll be writing at the end of the season!

    Holy Carp the Sedin twins should actually be those guys next halloween!!! I freakin love that song, it’s so funny!

  5. Is everyone still up and ready?
    I’m watching Leafs- Tampa for now. Kessel looks good. He almost got his head separated by Ohlund though. Clash of the titans- one team never won at home, the other never won on the road this season… Something’s gotta give..

  6. This is a great night of hockey so far. Very entertaining Wings/Boston game with an excellent result, now I’m watching the 3rd period of Kessel’s debut in Toronto, then the Rangers! Awesome. Hopefully the Rangers can bring it tonight

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GO GO POWER RANGERS !!! !"... says Greg L. on

    Higgin aint stoned , hes been crying in the dressing room ;

    ” I’m sorry guys , sooo sorry , …I…I just can’t finish ..sob “

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GO GO POWER RANGERS !!! !"... says Greg L. on

    Go Rangerssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

  9. lmao @ weird shaped heads! and those beedy lil eyes! yea, they are pretty scary. almost expect to see em on a dateline show

  10. haaaaaaaaaa we have obtained rare footage of a healthy vancouver canuck!!! There arent many of them left! I LOVE TSN!


  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GO GO POWER RANGERS !!! !"... says Greg L. on


    Wake the truck up!!! Stop yer bawling and go out and get yerself a goal. Not no cheap azz weak goal or some empy net charity case. Go out an earn the Game winning goal!! Go out and make some moves and attack like you hear the Habs fans screaming out loud. Its time to prove yer self!!! I expect nothing les then a game winner Higgins , now go out and produce.

  12. HockeymanRangers on

    This blog rocks here it is 10:00 pm and this blog is flowing fluidly. And we also have pep talks for certain players. Let’s see Higgy do it tonight. Not sure if I am here until end of game but I’ll try.


    Leine did it work for you???
    good call on channelsurfing sharkie! lmao @ puddin’

  14. this guys just said brian boyle is a giant, and that when he came off the ice it was like an eclipse!!!! Mako, keep me up to date on joes lines tonight

  15. I guarantee it Hockeyman! it’s gonna be a good game i think, you won’t be able to fall asleep!

  16. holy crap toronto actually won???? THE SKY IS FALLING! then again, the isles have won what, four in a row??

  17. hola! I love when the rangers go to the west coast..hopefully they can kill off this power play (Or at least let henrik sedin get a point…he’s on my fantasy team!)

  18. i don’t like AA on the 4th line either, but they are ‘trying to get’ scooby doobie higgins going

  19. HockeymanRangers on

    We are going to see Del Z in the hockey hall of fame some day. He is incredibly good, we lucked out big time picking him up, but then again we deserve it. Hold on now boyz, PK.

  20. yeah I know Linda, get him going, then trade him away, that’s how I look at it. We have enough guys next year, I dont’ see Higgins or Prospal back next year.

  21. i swear, I have a pic of higgins and his dad and brother from when he first signed and he looked pretty hot. Ya look at him now and he looks like he hasnt slept in a month and he’s all puffy. WHATS WRONG MAN! stick your butt out and have the puck deflect off ya and get off the schneid!

  22. I hope Fankist (aka Prospal) is back next season. I just love his fire! I don’t think higgins will be back, unless he gets on fire from now til the end of the season.

    I am being totally serious right now, has drury been on the ice cuz i dont recall them saying his name yet

  23. LMAO!!!! Linda you are hysterical!!!

    Yes Drury made one play & tipped away the puck. That cost $500k

  24. OOOH the most important thing. Boyle down is “big and thick when he goes down” um to block a shot.

  25. Love Prospal’s fire too, you can tell he’s happy to be playing after being bought out in Tampa. It’s great, but I dunno with Grachev ready next year or something this year, I could see Higgins and Prospal gone next year. But then again yeah if he puts up a PPG at 1.1million, then he’ll be a true bargain. To bad we can’t shed half Drury’s salary and give it to someone who deserves it (Prospal)!

  26. omg mako, i just laughed so loud my freakin cat jumped up!!

    aah that was what your quip meant earlier! I dont have sam and joe tonight and if you blink, you miss drury on ice!

    MDZ in the box, that’s lame! NICE TIE CHICKEN PARM!

  27. I agree with you 100% evitageN. wow that’s freakin hard to type!!

    and i think tomb is also correct. AA had some good chemistry with Gabby and Fankist the other night

  28. Yeah Linda, if you’re referring to evitageN being hard to type, it just spells Negative backwards. I gotta eat my tongue since Anisimov on the top line. I like to see that!

  29. yea, I knew that a while ago, but that was the first time I went to type it! Kinda messed me up for a minute! I hate having to think while typing ;-)

  30. i think Josh Thomson, 26, is messing with the blog tonight!

    Mako,predator sedin is out on the ice… eeew!

  31. damnit! i’m behind you guys again………damnit damnit damnit FREAKIN Mikal Samuelsson, isnt he about 86 now?? (sorry on the spelling)

  32. Before people start saying it, that was not Redden’s fault. Terrible change by the forwards. Why Drury was at the blueline instead of shooting down to the boards since the other winger wasn’t on the ice yet is beyond my knowledge.

    Rosy should’ve picked up the guy in front too.

  33. what in all that is good and holy was drury tryin to do with his hand????????????? USE YOUR STICK !!!!!! argh

  34. i’m with noonan on that. Captain Excellent, was he just gliding again on that play! Good catch on that Jonny

  35. i still wonder why we are the only team to swing the puck blindly up the boards hoping a winger is there, leading to a turnover 80% of the time

  36. Sullivan made a good point, Redden could have held it in his skates, but at the same time Drury and the other winger have to get on the ice quicker and drop back. No way another teams winger should be lower than the team breaking out in that instance.

  37. Linda… ;) Well, channelsurfing didnt work, but… i found a crappy link on justin tv…. pretty low quality… but, it’s better than nothing! And c’mon Redden… SUCH a weak pass leading to the goal as rozsival just watches samuelsson bury it….

  38. HockeymanRangers on

    Looks like Kotalik should have took the player out in front. It’s alright give a good reason to come out pissed off.

  39. ok, some of you know that I’m an optician, and that we started calling redden and rozsival R2 (r squared) for a while… well, I had a rep come in with a line of eyewear called R SQUARED,

  40. Redden was definitely bereft of good options there but he should have either ate the puck along the boards or reversed back behind the net. Looking up he had to have noticed that there were no passing lanes to move the puck and no teammates there to help out.

  41. DAMNIT, anyway, i started crackin up laughing and had to explain it to her. I also have a frame on the board called AVERY, and i ordered it just because of its name. I am not well!

  42. yea, the justintv links started getting pretty carppy last season. I’m surprised atdhe didnt work for you. I have a great stream on hockeystreams tonight! ever since i changed the buffer, no problems!!

  43. JBytes, haha love it. Mr. Redden, your son is some how making $6.5 a year and has a hot wife, can you believe it?

  44. All I could think was where was Rosy? then i saw that he was moved out of position with a tap on the shoulder and a I read Rosy’s lips and he said

  45. congrats chris christie on being elected governor of nj…wow, watching those ads on msg got to me lol

  46. I agree with you CTBlueshirt. I think he tried to dump it higher off the glass but because he got slashed a bit, it just went right to the Canuck player on the boards.

    I’m not gonna sit here and blame one guy, that was terrible coverage by everyone and and awful rebound by Lundqvist. All 6 guys are at fault.

  47. All I could think was where was Rosy? Then i saw that he was moved out of position with a tap on the shoulder and a.. You are in my way.. I read Rosy’s lips and he said .. Pardon me, no need to shove, let me clear the lane so that you can more easily handle any rebounds that may occur from my vacancy…

    ps CARPED

  48. Watch the replay on the goal. Samuelsson made a great play once the puck was turned over. He shoved Rozsival away from him, which left Samuelsson all alone for the rebound. Clever, subtle play; not much Rozsival could do.

  49. olga- i havent felt very confident when we are on the road for awhile now. its almost like 2 different teams playing when they are at home they just seem much better. and of course we get like no real good chances on raycroft. callys wasnt that clean of a break and kotalik just shoots at his pads. idk how many games it is, but no regular on the team besides staal and gabby have scored in teh last 4 games. we have4 goals combined in the last 3 games plus this one. you can see once they take gabby out theres no other players really getting any offense going. they got a few shots, but no 2nd and 3rd shots. 0 shots on the pp. yea and did they really take higgins off the top line already?? way to show some confidence torts. give him a full freakin game and see what happens. it could pay off.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GO GO POWER RANGERS !!! !"... says Greg L. on

    Too bad Higgins couldn’t muster anything with Gaborik and Prospal. Its kinda like the coach said heres yer last shot kid…Higgins will be on a bus to somewhere tomorow ,next day and it wont be to the Rangers practice facility.

  51. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but when did Prospal get the A? I guess he’s moving on up to the C now.

  52. lmao i know grabby! i was like, what the hell!!!! What does a 19 yr old find appealing in an 11 year old???? somethings not right there! Maybe she’s the Julio Franco of the preteen set!

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    Pittsburgh Penguins traded Alexei Kovalev, Dan LaCouture, Janne Laukkanen and Mike Wilson to the New York Rangers for Mikael Samuelsson, Rico Fata, Joel Bouchard, Richard Lintner and cash.

    Troll Boy!!!!! Thanks Glen!

  54. HockeymanRangers on

    Wow we got to get our butts going ONLY 4 SHOTS ON GOAL. What is up with that, come on boys you have a lot of east coasters staying up late.

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GO GO POWER RANGERS !!! !"... says Greg L. on

    whooohooo ,it said win a trip to see me!!!!


  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GO GO POWER RANGERS !!! !"... says Greg L. on

    Come on Higgins …who said Higgins was taken off the first line!!!??? Yeashhhh , hes still there ..bring down our first line!!!!!

  57. Some nights this team is so fun to watch, other nights they can’t generate ANYthing, why does this happen! =[

  58. Some games we look great, other games we can’t generate anything and we look SO boring, and I just wanna shoot myself, all the shots are to the outside and there are no rebounds.

  59. What does this guy have to do to get a goal? I legit feel bad for the guy because it’s not like he’s not trying. If anything he’s trying too much. He’s a really good hockey player, he just can’t get the puck in the net. He’s been robbed and has hit the posts more times than I can count on my hands this year. It’s gotta turn around for him at some point.

  60. Because Higgins had a decent game on the 4th line, all of a sudden he needs to be with Gaborik? Who came up with that one?

  61. Still don’t understand why Higgins is more important than Anisimov. Maybe Sather has ordered them to play Higgins. Higgins just looks out of shape — how is that possible?

  62. Linda,

    Want to try some positive visualization? I’ve been imagining “he shoots HE SCORES! CHRISTOPHER HIGGINS!” for a few days now. Maybe I need some help?

  63. you guys are too freakin funny tonight


    c’mon forearms! c’mon eclipse! c’mon captain fantastic!

  64. Leine maybe I should print out that photo and do the positive visualization! I swear I wish the guy would get a freakin garbage goal already and let him relax!~

  65. thanks for all the updates everyone.
    i’m busy working right now (ugh!!!)
    unlike all you sports watching slackers!!

  66. Right here, CCCP. See me? I’m waving my hand to you. Right over here.

    Actually, it was chicken parm pizza from a new place in the ‘hood, Nonna’s. Stopped there as soon as I escaped Yankee Stadium.

  67. higgins needs to sit the next game just to get rid of the monstrous stomach acid he must be experiencing

  68. I hate to say it, but I becoming convinced the only reason why Torts got handed the Stanley Cup by the refs with the Lightning was because of his Boston roots.

    I dont remember the exact record in the Stanley Cup Finals that year, I’m pretty sure the Lightning won it 2-5 rather than 4-3.

    Unfortunately, who has brought that other former Bostonian as his assistant, his Boston roots are nullified while coaching New York.

    The best coaching maneuver Torts can come up with is for the Rangers to stick on Bruins Jerseys and then we can get the same calls his Lightning did when they won.

    Anybody with me?!?!?

  69. Every time I hear that name KEssler, I think of Kramer from Seinfeld and how that was his name to start the series.

  70. we’ll be lucky to get 1 goal tonight. against a team with half an injured team and there best goalie out. they cant even get any clean shots, and the one guy who does, is the one who has noo goalsl!!!! brendan witt has 2 goals!!! higgins none!!!

  71. I see you Carp! I’m looking at you through my pink glasses! I had chicken parm pizza at Knap pizza in BK today too! Really good place!

  72. HockeymanRangers on

    I’m still here Lindi, I got the toothpicks ready for my eyes. they have to turn this around, NOW.

  73. Come on Torts. Throw some Red Sox Jerseys on these guys, and we’ll start getting 5 on 3 opportunities. Think outside the box.

  74. did you hear that too MAKO… sam was saying something we werent supposed to hear! I think he was asking Joe to scratch his… back. :)

  75. Yeah I did. It was something about Quinn. “Quinn is having something …..” Hmmmmmmmmmm I wonder LOL

  76. I’m tellin you hockeyman, its gonna be an awesome 3rd and they will win! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    mako, they are losing because someone complained about feeling uncomfy every time joe says something!

    LETS GO FOREARMS! LETS GO ECLIPSE! LETS GO SCOOBY DOOBIE!! someones gotta get the first goal of the night! watch it be everlast voros!

  77. did you ever try chicken scarpariello (named after my brother, s. carpiniello) pizza. Awesome. Hot, spicy. You have to wrap duct-tape around your head so your brains don’t fall out.

  78. Linda

    I could be! With this team i feel like ill give birth faster than Higgins gets his first goal!

    Btw, have you ever seen a show on TV “I didnt know i was pregnant”

    funny stuff..

  79. How many wide shots have we taken all last year and this year? CAN’T WE HIT THE NET? Oh let’s score on this PP!

  80. Ah, how could I forget when Joe was talking about Kotalik’s forearms! How’d Boyle become Eclipse?

  81. the guy on tsn earlier said the brian boyle was gigantic and that when he came off the ice it looked like an eclipse

  82. The power of Renney is close. They feel the force pull of the “safe” play. Not even the Great Gabby can break the spell… LOL

  83. lmao @ named after your brother and duct tape your head so your brains dont fall out. I guess down here they’d do that for an especially tasty serving of fried lard

  84. mako, i think you got mail lol

    SOMEONE IN WHITE PLEASE SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaargh, wtf is up tonight! I think they are upset that Corzine lost!

  85. HockeymanRangers on

    da dit da dit da dit dats all folks, Sorry Lindi, hopefully when I sign out they will start playing, and I will wake up to some good news cheers. I’m out

  86. Just down a goal – I think the effort’s been pretty good -just a little sloppy at times -first shoot out of the season coming up

  87. “if you were a candyman with eyes made of gumdrops…”

    I think Joe sings that to his boylove

  88. If they come out with the same pressure they did the last part of the 2nd they should score. They’ll win 2-1. Renney is back!

  89. Drury has been more involved than usual though, he’s taken a few slappers that of course have caused zero difficulty for the goalie but it ain’t easy earning that gargantuan paycheck.

  90. i think its funny that we still pick on renny but the fact is that were not scoring in an offensive system with a tough demanding coach. imagine this team coached by renny? still though, it doesnt make either coach look good.

  91. woo hoo thrashers! the dude says ‘the dirrrrrty south wins it’ just odd hearing a canadian say that!

    nite grabby

  92. Totorella has hidden Avery’s mojo. Don’t expect #16 to be his old self as long as this coach is in NY.

  93. nite linda!!! i knew youd say goodnight!! hopefully we get this tied rennystle baby!! i dont wanna leave though. i wont sleep. damnit. i might stay up after all

  94. lmao, right now, with their depleted by injury team, they ARE beating us. They need to turn it on. Has this team tuned out Torts already?

  95. Aaron Voros. That’s all he is good for. Cant wait to see how many penalties have been called on us.

  96. this ones done. later. sry linda. its too painful watching them get owned constantly. they will end up with 5 shots on goal in the 3rd. they mightve tuned him out cccp. doesnt look like the same team from the beginning AT ALL.

  97. BYERS!! wow, this is classic. berzerker is one ugly man! we had half the team on the ice!!!! dont be messin with gabby! NOW ITS TIME TO FREAKIN SCORE

  98. yeah what happened to that team that looked great in the first few games (even the loss in Pittsburgh).

  99. have a good one grabby!

    we will of course come out on the short end of the stick! did aves just tell someone to shut the heff up

  100. See what happens when a hockey game goes past midnight?

    Seriously, if the Canucks don’t get a extra penalty for the stick poke on Avery on the bench, Tortorella has to go berserk, doesn’t he?

  101. omg “what happened to… what happen to” give me a break!!! they stuck up for Gabby… you are seeing fire right now. Lets see what happens….

  102. that punk needs to be tossed out of the game!!! he better not be gettin a penalty, that’ll be so heffed up….

  103. Drury is like “Hey Ref. whatever the call you make im cool with it… aint nothing gonna ruin a happy birthday of a kid by 11 year old mother!”

  104. wow, you’re a real man to be spearing someone across the bench! I am so pissed right now! that dumbass needs to be gone!~

  105. LMAO OLGA!! i would NOT be surprised if that happened! The officiating in this league is a joke, that’ll just cement the fact!

  106. that large woman behind the canucks bench is wearing a suitcase around her neck!

    another damned post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!

  107. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GO GO POWER RANGERS !!! !"... says Greg L. on


  108. Greg, thats just what you ordered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nowhe can get rid of the puffy face!!! WAY TO GO SCOOBY DOOBIE PROFESSOR HIGGY!

  109. Well, they announced that it’s on the power play, but I don’t think it was. Nice job by Bieksa to take a penalty while already in the box. That’s an Avery move!

  110. I hope Byers and Bieksa get a chance to fight after they leave the boxes, but Bieksa will have an extra two minutes now.

    Uh oh, we need another goal now. Drury this time?

  111. This Czech loser Roszi. He is such a disgrace to Jaromir Jagr’s nationality. If I were Jaro, I would have tried to strip him of being Czech.

  112. now they get a penalty. That double minor was horrible. They should have sealed the deal on that. Horrible coverage that all started with MDZ not getting to that cross ice pass :(

  113. they are gettin stupid now. damnit,we see a Miracle with the first goal of the season for Higgins, and back to crapalapadingdong again…oy vey

  114. Rick

    Roszi allowed the guy to get the puck on the boards behind the net in the first place.

    And he allowed the guy to get it with no effort or attempt to stop him.

  115. please just anything different than what we’ve seen already… this has been a very ugly game.

  116. This is an exaggeration because I believe in this current team,

    but we lost our character when we lost Jagr. And all the fans on this blog who disparaged him and called him lazy and insulted his every move ought to be ashamed. I dont remember who did, just saying the ones who did.

    I remember one guy calling him Yommy Yogger, while we had him. That guy could not wait to get rid of him.

  117. next thing ya know, either fog will roll in or the lights will go out! here’s another 4 minute delay…sheesh

  118. Olga Folkyerself on

    remind me again why Dubinsky wanted more money?

    He saw what Capt. Clutch was making….

  119. Haven’t seen Anisimov, still pissed he’s done more than the underachievers on this team… Has he had a shift in the third?

  120. why do they keep callin him alex voros????

    Rick, has this period been enough of an emotional swing? You mentioned how our moods shift in the posts, this game is a great example of that

  121. Gaborik with all that skill has to start driving to the net more… but then again…what if he breaks a finger nail and miss half the season?

  122. LOL Izzy. Too long ago.

    I hope it was none of you guys who did.

    It wasnt Renney, but Jaro who got the Rangers back to respectability and semi-contenders.

    Anybody know if “onecupin69years” or whatever that guy’s name is, if he is a Rangers fan or anti-Rangers?

  123. Now they’re trying to make the perfect goal, just put it toward the net, grit your teeth and whack in a rebound.

  124. Thanks Rick.

    I just figured with that name, you’d only have it if you were anti-Rangers.

    Glad I have the correct info.

  125. i guess it was too much to get a higgins goal AND a victory all in one night.

    wow that is just beyond lame

  126. This game is over. Do not want to waste any more goals in this game like Higgins’ has just been wasted.

  127. sorry Rick that ambulance has the teams heart in it! sheesh LETS GO BOYS! their passing is just not crisp at all…wtf?

  128. Yes, it was a weak call on Rozsival, but he put himself in a situation where a penalty could be called on him. His fault, Sedin sold it. Rozsival takes ANOTHER stick penalty because he is out of position AGAIN

  129. sheesh and i had a good feeling about this game, 3 hours ago!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr Sorry Hockeyman!

  130. CR9, when? When will Torts correct them… So sick of the halfassedness every other night or twice every three games.

  131. non factors:

    1) callahan
    2) dubinsky
    3) drury

    detrimental/bad plays that lead to goals:
    1) roszival
    2) redden
    3) drury

    too much passing this game…andrew raycroft is one of the worst goalies in the league.

  132. evitageN

    Just gotta have faith. Still early in the season. Nobody is really producing but MDZ Gabby Vinny, maybe Gilroy. Our team as a whole has been putred and we are still 3 or 4 games over .500

    Torts knows what he is doing. You do realize that St. Louis was a bum before Torts gotta hold of him IIRC.

  133. I don’t know what to say about this team right now. I really thought the hot start was indicative of a better team but there’s way too many players that aren’t good enough or aren’t developed enough.

  134. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Impotent. Pathetic.

    And an average game from The King.

    The result – one third of the way thru a Western Canada sweep.

    Someone better buy Tortorella a blood pressure cuff. This is going to be a long season.

  135. that is correct JBytes.


    Is it a matter of Torts correcting things, or the guys on the team taking ownership and responsibility for their play?

  136. Haha, I knew Byers would go after somebody, but I was hoping Bieksa would be there. That would have been a fun fight. That’s probably gonna hit Torts in the wallet for the instigator with under five minutes to go.

  137. team has no balls. defense is absolutely pitiful…they have one good game every 6 games nowadays, which is not good enough.

    they are going to get DESTROYED by calgary

  138. Im keeping my mouth shut because some ppl on here are so FIRETRUCKING pessimistic and negative.

    Well it may not be a win but I had a good fantasy night, minus LQ losing and giving up 3 goals.

    I’ll try and stay awake for the post game goodies…

  139. that was just horrid. That gets stamped a Hollweg type calamity! Someone other than TORTS needs to step up in the lockerroom and just lay it all out, warts and all. Someone needs to grab this team by the horns and straighten it out. We all know it will NOT be Drury. I hope Fankist does something. He’s got the most passion of anyone on the team other than Hank. Horrid horrid horrid

  140. man guys…that game.

    It’s something about the fact that this team visibly WILTED after the second goal. All that fire (and where was the major defensive blowups when hank was getting charged, eh?) and it just fizzles out. Poof. Sloppy in our own end, and somebody needs to string Rozi up and save torts the trouble…

  141. Good point. I’d go more with responsibility being taken by the players, but it’s Torts’ job to make them own up.

    Just like Coughlin did in the SB year and needs to do this year, along with the loser Def. Coord. needing to put the Giants D in a position to succeed.

  142. lmao Mako,the silver lining to another bad loss. It wouldnt be so bad if they played well and lost, but sometimes they just looked disinterested.

  143. Why do we spend so much offensive zone time fighting along the boards? Even 6 on 5 we’re still mucking it up on the wall. And how hard of a concept is it to pick up a trailing forward? How many friggin goals are we gonna give up like that?

  144. #2

    Dont really care what you have to say bro…. come by more often :) It was good seeing you all night.

  145. the best thing Sather ever did was bring Jaromir in for Anson Carter, I think?

    and then he allowed my sweet man crush Jaro to leave. the most beautiful man in the world.

  146. Olga Folkyerself on

    Keenan blows chunks! Flicking quitter! He belongs here as much as Lindros did.

    I could give two squirts for what Keenan has to say.

  147. Linda

    I hear you. But there are clips of time where they are brilliant and then downright bad. I cant put my finger on it. Its like they have two personalities.

  148. with all the new guys on the team, they should look more like a torts team than the team we watched up until mid february. sometimes they just look like they don’t care. We have harry q milquetoast as a captain, who probably doesnt talk above a whisper EVER. Torts needs to realize you need a captain who can motivate. Besides the coffeemaker and his wife on occassion, exactly what does drury motivate? If he’s hurt, sit and get better. If this is what 7 million dollars buys these days, sign me up.

  149. Wow, I am glad we did not get Heatley (9G 8A 17Pts). I am so glad we did not get a crease clearing d-man.

    Drury and Rozi needs to go. When are we going to see some of these vets benched/scratched? Do we just hold the young guys accountable??

    I am not pleased with Dubi, but I think he is giving more of an effort over the two mentioned above.

  150. so mako, we should call em the New York Sybils then… sheesh enough with the multiple personalities! Get with the program!! My man cannot handle the mood swings this team causes me… then again, he’s got anger management issues of his own! LMAO

  151. Linda


    7 million dollars for a poor man’s Blair Betts. 1 million for a cheap shot artist Brashman. Hey, I’ll start learning hockey, at the very least I could be a Brashman :)

  152. Linda

    I know what you mean. I was going to say in my last post that motivation has to do with the Captain. But Im so sick of typing about it. When their Captain “go to guy” is push me and I go. They need to get rid of the dead weight and I really think they team would be much better if Drury and Rozi were off of the team.

  153. Gravey

    Good call. When is Drury going to get benched. I guess because he puts forth “effort”

    I’d walk on the ice in the middle of the game with an equipment guy and have them remove the C from his jersey in front of everyone.

  154. Gravey, the vets, outside of Rozsi sitting that 1/2 a game, are NOT held accountable, but the younger guys are. Does Torts have the cajones to sit drury??? He’d never sit the captain, but he’ll sit dubi again.

  155. YES! Perfect Linda!!!! I know my gf get crazy with me too. But my only vice is my passion for this team. They lose = bad mood next day LOL

  156. Some of the things that have come to the surface as the Rangers have leveled out from their hot start:

    – The Rangers are an average skating team at best and below average on defense. Gaborik obviously has wheels, Callahan and Avery might be the next swiftest guys and then afterwards there’s no one that can open the ice.

    – Their passing is terrible in all zones. A big reason they can’t generate offense for long stretches is that outlet passes, cross ice passes, head-man passes miss their mark too often. Del Zotto is by far the best puck mover on D and Gaborik might be the best passer up front. Anisimov might develop into a decent pivot, but none of the centers are able to consistently set up good passing sequences. How many backdoor goals do the Rangers score? Not many from my recollection.

    – They are too predictable on the breakout and many players dip into the well too often with the same move. For example, Callahan loves to curl back after carrying the puck into the zone and maybe it can create enough of a delay to have a trailing forward skate into the slot or create a target on the opposite side of the ice, but Cally’s not a good enough passer to set people up.

    – They take penalties at the worst possible times and slacken up after goals.

    – The team got away with the individual brilliance of Gaborik and his line for a long time but their ability to score hard working goals hasn’t been there in a while. At this point is there anyone outside of Gaborik and Prospal that look like they’re capable of putting up 25+ goals or 60+ points?

    There’s obviously a lot more wrong that’s going on, but seeing this team lost to beatable opponents is really wearing on my patience.

  157. Hmmm Higgins seems more interested in getting the food out from his teeth than the interview LOL

  158. CT

    I know he isnt a favorite on here. But, Lisin is FAST. I like the kid, yes he makes mistakes but jeeeze he came from Phoenix. I sure this is all new to him.

  159. excellent post CT, best line was your last. And one other thing, how is Hank still so beatable high on the glove side. Do they not work on that in practice?? You’re spot on with your assessment of their passing! It was pretty terrible tonight. All these things need to be worked on even more. We were happy they were going to be better conditioned, but all that conditioning goes to waste when you can’t complete a couple of passes and score… sheesh.

  160. Mako

    Good call. I like Lisin too.

    Night Guys.

    Things will get better. Just give it time. If not, maybe we can sign Jaro back next year, he’d still probably be top 10 in the league.

  161. I think Lisin has improved. Too bad he took that puck to the instep, hopefully he’ll be back soon. His making mistakes is a learning process, Rozsi and Drury making mistakes is , oh i can’t even think of a word. I just can’t find it in my heart or mind to accept the fact we’re stuck with what Rozsi for 3 more, Drury for what, 4 more, and brastrap for one more season? I gotta try to stop commenting on drury, but when he goes to make a play with his hand, like earlier in the game, i just sit here and shake my head.

  162. Michal Rozsival’s Ranger career needs to be over NOW. Why did Sather overpay for him if he knew Jagr was gone?

  163. MAKO, I forgot about Lisin. I think he’s got a jetpack on too, but for every Lisin there is a Voros on this team. In fact for every Lisin and Gaborik there are two or three cement footed players. A good indicator of their lack of speed and passing is how many odd man rushes do they generate? Quick movement with and without the puck usually create 2 on 1’s, 3 on 2’s and I haven’t seen the Rangers on the right side of those very much lately.

  164. To follow up about that last line. This is why I have lost my patients with Drury. He is supposed to be in front of the net popping in those garbage goals, just like Cally, Higgins. Those players on that line should have at least 5 goals each just from rebounds around the next. But they are never there. Drury has shown us NOTHING to change the momentum of any game they were losing. Im watching replays of other game right now and I just saw Marco Strum score a goal from a bad rebound and he slapped it in the net. This is how Graves scored most of his goals. They are there for the taking, but no one is willing to go in the battle area to get them.

    And yes why ISNT LQ’s glove hand being worked on?!?!?!

  165. i seriously think a pretty sizable trade is brewing. This is not gonna be the team we have after the Olympic break. I think 2 vets are gonna go, not sure which two but i’m sure we’d love to see the same ones go.

    This is probably more pressure than the LLWS champ bargained for. He should voluntarily give up the C, and maybe then, with a little less pressure, his game will come back. Quiet personalities are just not suited for the captaincy of the Rangers.

  166. doesnt captain outrageous have a nice clutchhome and tricked out clutch sandbuggy in california? wouldnt he maybe like a trade the the Kings, so he can enjoy the Clutchness that is the golden state?

  167. thanks for the clarification three. that’s still 3 too many though ;-)

    holy carp, its 12:16, i better get some sleep, if i can rest after that onslaught of hollwegness we witnessed tonight!

    have a good wednesday everyone, and hopefully the mental death grip that is Renney will be broken and these guys’ll be firing on all cylinders next game. And Higgins can put the bong and the keg away and get his offense on a nice lil roll

  168. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Olga has something there. Every complaint you guys have about how for every Lisen or Gaborik Sather gets, he signed a Brashear, a Redden a Rosival. So he got a good deal on Jagr, but blew it on Gomez, Drury and Nasland. His track record on signings stinks.

    His drafting is the same way. For each Del Zotto, we had to put up with a Jessiman or a Korpikoski, or a Lundmark.

    Sather just can’t put all the pieces together. He’s had 10 years now. How many chances does he get?

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