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If the Yankees had finished it off last night, I’d be free and clear for some hockey this week — even with the Rangers in the Northwest corner of the continent. Instead, it’s back to the new Stadium for workouts this afternoon and evening, and Game 6 tomorrow and¬† … Murphy’s Law … Game 7 Thursday.

Well, at least those nice Canucks start their home games late enough for me to see tonight’s tilt (Beninati-ism), after not having seen the last two until Rangers in 60. Here’s the preview from the Rangers’ site.


Starting today, the new inductees into the Hockey¬† Hall of Fame will hold conference calls with the media. Another reason I’m abdelkaded about going to the Stadium today. I’m going to miss one of my all-time faves: (Hint: 18 seasons, 1205 games, 247 goals, 781 assists, 1028 points, Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe Trophy, two Norris Trophies, Calder Trophy, nine all-star games, one of the greatest American-born NHL players, the greatest home-grown Ranger ever).

His conference call is at 2 p.m. (at which time I hope to be exiting the Major Deegan). The plan is to post the transcript of the interview here later in the day.

See youse later.


AFTERNOON UPDATE: Here is the official word on Michael Del Zotto being named NHL rookie of the month. Good for him. He deserves it.

AFTERNOON UPDATE 2: Laurel here. Also on the site are a couple of neat stories about THE GREATEST American-born NHL player, the greatest home-grown Ranger ever.

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  1. Greg_Section_403 on


    I spotted an error in your post. It should have read:

    “…nine all-star games, THE GREATEST American-born NHL player, the greatest home-grown Ranger ever).”


  2. Can anybody help me? I’m trying to find game-by-game face-off statistics and I can’t find it on the Rangers site or

    I thought Dubinsky did a lot better on face-offs last game, but I can’t find stats. Thanks.

  3. Can’t wait for baseball to be over either. Yankees are taking forrrrrrrrever. Let’s put these Philly fans out of their misery. That way it won’t be a shocker when the Rangers decimate their Flyers this spring.

  4. Mouth, I listen to you guys all the time, not necessarily live, but I always learn something new about the Rangers. You in particular get a few laughs out of me.

  5. tomb, if it’s any help, i post the event summary after each game. so you can go back a few posts and find the event summaries from as many games as you need and the faceoff stats should be there.

  6. tomb – check yahoo’s site. In the game logs they have FO% (at least I’m 99% sure they do).

  7. Good morning all!

    Oh, so the baseball season is still going on? Are you serious? It’s snowing upstate I hear…

    MAKO- thanks for the link. AO has personality and charisma. Too bad you guys don’t understand Russian. Subtitles don’t do any justice.

    Laurel- Babs? Sounds good..
    I have to disagree with Torts, sorry. When you see some of those tic tac toe passes, it isn’t only the skills. It requires some knowledge of your linemates tendencies, speed and positioning. It takes longer for the whole team to learn them as opposed to only 2-3 players.

  8. Ilb

    My gf is Ukrainian so she was hysterical along with me translating for me. I think She figured out his phone number… Lol

  9. You guys talk about putting the Phillies fans out of their misery? What about me? Living 1.25 mi (Yes, I run it so I know exactly how far) from the stadium has been painful. Granted, I awoke Monday morning to a phillies funeral procession. I am not kidding, a man started crying when he saw my yanks hat and screamed “It’s not fair.” Well, now today its even worse. Everyone is going nuts about how the phils will win two and having a parade go by my apartment will be the end of me. On top of that, out transit is on strike. ugh…

  10. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Congrats to MDZ!

    He certainly deserved it.

    I think it’s important that this team puts a couple of wins together here… as banged up as we are, it would go a long way towards getting some confidence back.

  11. i think that answer is obvious, lol. but yeah besides w77 i moved so i dont have internet at the new place yet.

    last night i actually got to have some tim hortons @ w77. best coffee ever!

  12. TR

    god I miss timmy’s!!!

    Isn’t baseball done yet, man that recreational activity just drags along (it not really a sport).

    Congrats to MDZ!!!

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!!


  13. I will not eat them in a house,
    I will not eat them with a mouse,
    I will not eat them on a train,
    I will not eat them in the rain,

  14. The wife found me a Rangers jersey in a thrift store in NC on Saturday. Only 2.99 and in good shape.

  15. I would not, could not, in a box.
    I could not, would not, with a fox.
    I will not eat them in a house.
    I will not eat them with a mouse.
    I will not eat them here or there.
    I will not eat them anywhere.
    I do not eat green eggs and ham.
    I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

  16. in a box, with chicken pox as long as it’s with Megan Fox.
    I will eat….

    Eh, it gets a little too X-Rated after that.

    Speaking of X-Rated, i just heard Barry Melrose on ESPN2 pronouncing Alex Semin’s name as “Sea-min”

    Gross. It’s Sem-in !!

    Go Rangers. To bad the game is on at 10, i wanted to watch Sons Of Anarchy after the game. Thank Hank for DVR !

  17. I didn’t get the whole Megan Fox until I saw her in Transformers….


  18. Yeah but that girl has had more plastic put in her body, than chucky did in Childs Play.

    I like my woman “el NATURAL”

  19. I’m actually relieved it is a 10 pm start. I’ll get to watch in real time instead of the usual 45 min to 1 hour DVR delay.

    Wife and kids will be asleep. I’ll drink a beer or two and blog away with the esteemed boneheads.

    Cheers! LGR!!

  20. Yeah, i hope Brian Austin Green gets his snail chopped off. A loser has been like him doesn’t deserve a babe like her. What’s the world coming to ??? The guys nearly 40, and he’s brainwashing a 20+ year old to sleep him him, ugh !!

  21. Early, Late, or Regular time……… You know i’ll be watching.

    I just hope they come out with a “W”

  22. I just got a job after 5 months sitting on my rear end. I have to start tomorrow. But nothing is gonna keep me from my Ranger’s game. I’ll just have to be a little tired on the first day.

  23. good job on the job tomb. sucks the games on at 9. thats almost my bedtime. i might have to archive it on HS, but i might take my old man nappy nap now, and be up for it later. till gametime, later heads, carp and babs

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