Scary costumes (updated)


There were some ugly ones on my porch last night, but none compared to the Habs’ throwbacks (CP photo).habs stripes

I know I told this Halloween story before, but it’s worth repeating for those who missed it.

Remember Scott Fraser, the terribly over-rated, good-skating winger signed for ridiculous, silly, money by the Rangers back 1998-99?

Well, the Rangers always had a team Halloween party. Fraser shows up with a bag and wearing a ski mask.

“What are you supposed to be?” one of the Rangers asked.

“My agent,” Fraser said.


Did you remember to move your clocks  (and gain an hour of sleep)?

My wife always says that I gain an hour when we move the clocks ahead, when we move them back, and when we don’t move them at all. I just always sleep an hour later than I should.

Also, if you’re going to the game today, take the train. The NYC Marathon will make driving a disaster.


Here are today’s pregame notes.

And a preview from

Boston goalie Tuukka Rask had a shutout yesterday. Remember him from another shutout in another matinee last season?


MORNING UPDATE, 11:44 A.M.: Marian Gaborik will skate in warmups today and could possibly play against the Bruins. Higgins and Avery, who also missed Friday’s game in Minnesota, will be game-time decisions as well.

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  1. Scott Fraser hahaha Fantastic story Carp!

    Rick do you have a real good chadwick story you can tell?

    I am going to have a Bill Chadwick tribute show and I am going to have his grandson on the show.

    Also, I will be posting some pictures of the Big whistle this week on my site taken a few years before his death, that will bring a tear to any ranger fan who recollects him.

  2. Happy Sunday!!!

    Great story Rick! I sometimes go through the hockey data base & look through the Rangers rosters in the 90 early 2000’s and cant believe the players who were on the team LOL

  3. Carp – funny story although for the life of me I can’t remember Fraser. (must have been a lasting impression…lol)


  4. Thanks, Mako.

    Mouth, it struck me when the Big Whistle died that we had just mentioned him on your show that week, and I said that he was not doing well. I had no idea it was so imminent, though.

    I wasn’t around in the Big Whistle days and only remember him as a broadcaster, although I did meet him several times later. If I remember a story, I’ll pass it along.

  5. You know what I do like about the Canadiens’ throwbacks? The brown gloves. When I was a fan as a kid, all the gloves and goalie pads were natural leather color. Very old-school.

  6. I think he played a few games with the Rangers and was sent to Hartford. Hard to remember anything about the Rangers from those years…

  7. Rick

    That’s funny you said that. I like the gloves too. I actually found a sweet pair of branches on ebay a month or so ago that were the same color – but the bidding got so crazy that they went up over $200. I bowed our gracefully LOL

  8. Rick, are you sure those gloves are brown? Look yellow to me…We should ask our blog sisters…Girls, what d’ya think?

  9. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Bill Chadwick was such a great guy. I met him a couple of times and I spoke with him when he was a guest on the Pete Franklin show in the early days of the WFAN (what an effin jerk Pete Franklin was). Anyway, at that time, we (Bill Chadwick and I) agreed that perhaps it was time to eliminate fighting in the NHL. It was quite a long and thorough discussion and for him as an ex-ref to be so adamant about eliminating fighting was quite interesting. But it was all about trying to appeal to the masses in the USA fan industry. Since then I have read the book “The Code” and now I believe fighting is a part of the game. However, today’s players do not honor the code so that is a huge problem.

    Anyway,I would love a tribute to Bill Chadwick.

  10. Thank Wiki. Fraser spent 20 some games with the Rangers, finished with Hartford, and then retired. He got his MBA and now owns a Quiznos. So about 200 people’s season ticket money was used to get this guy a degree and a sub shop. Awesome.

  11. Yeah they tried to mimic the old time all leather brown gloves.

    Speaking of the marathon. I never really watch it a little here and there and the pace that they run at is just incredible.

  12. I was up in Montreal 2 weekends ago and someone sitting in front of me was actually wearing one of those jerseys. It should come with a warning that it may induce seizures. Only upside I see is that it my initials on the front.

  13. Thanks CCCP…

    I don’t post often, but I read multiple times during the day. I LOVE reading everything, and it perks up my otherwise boredom at work.

    On the uniforms, they make me nauseous…literally. And the gloves do look yellow on my monitor.

  14. ahhh sally, too funn

    Morning all, have a crease clearig hard hitting physical d man day to all!!

    Anyone know how dandenault is doing in hartford??

    Let’s go rangers!!!!

  15. I seem to remember Scott Fraser was signed at least in part because of his production in a brief spell with the Oilers, in which he had the highest points-per-minute plated of any NHLer that year (23 points in 29 games, playing only 12 minutes per game).

    The league leader in that stat in 2008/09 (for anyone scoring more than 20 points)? Step forward Marian Gaborik…

    So, if Gabby does any better than owning a Subway in the next couple of years, we should consider ourselves very lucky.

  16. Good morning, Sally! Of course you’re right. I watched some of the Batman movie with Michael Keaton last night (between Fox World Series promos) and I swear he was driving the Clutch Mobile … with the new clutch, of course.

    I think Higgins was the Invisible Man, and Gaborik was one of those zombies from the Michael Jackson Thriller video, whose limbs keep falling off. Rozsival was a traffic cone, or Pinter (from Seinfeld). Torts was Fonzie. Prospal was Vegetable Lasagna (from Seinfeld). Lisin was Andy Kaufman. Redden was the pre-2008 Redden. Staal was the post-2008 Redden.

  17. High Noon…18 hours !

    Uncle Rick !
    Why don´t have the Rangers more afternoon games, it would be so much more comfortable for me :):):)

  18. hank was the goalie from slap shot (can’t remember his name though), and cally was the energizer bunny!

  19. LMAO!! Rick – I swear I asked my father if he thought Lisin looked like Andy Kaufman – He busted out laughing.

    YES! That is how I envision the Clutch mobile LOL The old bat mobile!!!! HAHAHAHAH

    Im watching pinky and the 3 brains discuss hits. Man, there have been some VICIOUS hits around the league lately. I still think the hit on Booth was dirty. Richards lined him up the whole way and shouldered him right in the face. He was knocked out and smashed his face on the ice.

  20. LOL Sally

    So many great lines from that movie. But unfortunately, cant be repeated on the Festivus Blog ;)

    ‘You’re kids gonna grow up to be a CROSBY!!”

  21. sally

    when he is shell shocked in the lockerroom and still trying to make saves….priceless. Oh, and trade me right effing now!!!

  22. MAKO, I just saw it too. Again. Richards deliberately went for his head.

    Marty looked like Nutty Professor, Brashear was sporting Tyson’s facial tatoo and Holyfield’s ears.

  23. Let’s Go Rangers! We better win today, or at least put forth a hardworking solid effort. I am so spent from PJ closing out the Spectrum last night. Played for a little over 3 and a half hours, and 41 songs. That plus the Yankees winning made for one of the most memorable evening of my life. Simply AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Great day to sit and watch Rangers, Giants, and Yankees and do nothing else!


    I hope are all well.

  24. hit was probably borderline, and it sucks booth was hurt, that being said I wish we had guys that would hit with that level of aggression!

  25. I hope Dubinsky, Cally & MDZ are putting on the foil right now!

    Nasty, glad you had a good time! Even though I can’t share your happiness about the Yankees. Lets go Mets!

  26. ilb

    Yep. Goring says “its clean, its part of hockey”. I call BS! You see him zeroing in on Booth, yes Booth wasnt looking and should have had swivel head but come on that hit was just criminal. I mean what is the difference between an elbow to the face or a shoulder to the face in a situation like that? Not very much. I love open ice hits just like the next guy and love that fighting is still apart of the game, but garbage like that needs to be stopped OR policed by the players. Instead of Bettman trying to make equipment smaller or the goals bigger, he and the rest of the NHL really need to start paying attention to these hits to the head. Seriously, someone is going to get SERIOUSLY injured.

  27. ilb

    I remember that home and home with Philly a few years back when it was the Rangers last two games of the season. Richards IS a dirty player that goes unnoticed…

  28. Brahsear and Voros scratched. I hope to see the Bubi, Cali, Byers line tear it up. If they are still together by game time that is.

  29. From Zipay:

    “Lisin-Prospal-Gaborik, Higgins-Drury-Boyle, Byers-Dubinsky-Callahan, Avery-Anisimov-Kotalik. Brashear and Voros scratches.”

    I don’t know about that second line. I bet it doesn’t get as much ice time as the third.

  30. Morning guys…

    Well, first lesson: do not consume half a bottle of red wine on an empty stomach on halloween. Even good red wine. Bad idea.

    Second: despite being in the heart of bruinsland, my campus does NOT have NESN on their cable listing. We have every single international soap opera channel, but no NESN. What is wrong with the world?

    Anybody have a stream?

  31. I just can not watch chara anymore after that pic the blogettes were circulating on the blog. Really like the goalie masks valli and hank have, pretty cool. C’mon boys get a win!


    good luck to you and the minnesota warriors today!!!

  32. wicky

    It was a 5 min major with intent to injure, 10 min misconduct & game misconduct. but of course no suspension.

  33. thanks mako!

    I have a few things i’m confused on and I was wondering if someone could clear them up for me..

    did gilroy have a dad that played another sport and did gilroy play hockey in college? did drury play little league baseball? Does gaborik have an injury history? With the msg broadcasts, I’m not really clear on some of these things!

  34. Hi Linda, how’s everything in ‘bama?

    I’m writing a paper (and drinking mimosas), but I’ve got my radio on. Come on boys! The Grimace hat trick today to prove you all wrong!

  35. lol apparently according to zipay Drury is centereding 4th line with boyle and higgins.
    Byers on 2nd line with duby n cally

  36. the radio says that the 14 year old has a pretty fantastic voice. A little bit riffy, but the three octave span required for the Star Spangled Banner is impressive.

  37. I mean, bizarre. We have TWO different ESPN’s, the TRAVEL CHANNEL, but nobody wants to watch local NE sports?

    *sigh* I’ve spent two years listening to rangers on radio. Looks like one of those days again.

    How’d the rangers come out? Flat or active?

  38. i wish there was a way you could get in on my hockeystreams feed. you should have someone get you the hockeystreams for christmas! i think they charge like $5 a game, but I got their HQ plan for $70 for the season

  39. Aww, thanks Linda. At least the game sounds good.

    atdhe is still giving me trouble. Any others people know of that night have the game on?

  40. Good start for them. This is the team I was used to seeing at the beginning of the season. They are playing very smart. Good to see finally.

  41. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury is on the fourth line… and, btw, i haven’t heard about any of those things Wicky! Baseball, Boston, Staal brothers… all news to me.

  42. hey i just wanna thank all of you who had my back a few posts ago. love you guys

    spider, i was laughin when you mentioned that you knew how i felt with the feed being behind the blog. i’m wondering if by my resetting the buffering, i’ll be more in tune with you guys

  43. true

    Oh, ok! guess i was misinformed of those things by msg, I think they only said them like once! Thanks fo rstraightening me out!


    still working on too much kokanee and not enough coffee for me!

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Don’t you hate when they say something really fast one time and you never really had a chance to appreciate it! Like this new system the team’s playing, apparently it’s changed since renney left?!

  45. Olga Folkyerself on

    That’s not a throwback jersey, it’s a Throw UP jersey.

    Is it me, or do the Rangers defensemen seem to spend a lot of time behind the Bruins net?

  46. Olga, they looked a bit freddy krugerish to me! and those mustard colored gloves, i guess grey poupon.

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Is it me, or do the Rangers defensemen seem to spend a lot of time behind the Bruins net?

    Drury’s hosting a halloween party back there, he even has a pinata full of half-chewed mouthpieces they’re going to wack with their hockey sticks in the third period.

  48. you got it olga!

    True, would they be similar to the wax lips and vampire teeth? or would they have that lip bit of sugar liquid in it? aaaaaaah memories

  49. they never mentioned dru’s on the 4th line today. but they mention that AA is moved up a line. kinda funny how they dont mention these little “insignificant” facts

  50. The way I look at the Higgins situation = a. They arent choking on Sanchez’s salary anymore b. one has one year on his contract.

  51. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Why did Anisimov get put on the 4th line with Boyle and idc whoever and why is Drury playing on what seems like a 3rd line with Higgins and Kotalik? Oh, i forgot, clutchness doesn’t ride in the backseat.

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Linda, they’re actually clutch mouthpieces that the Captain has saved for years, each one in its own special case; the cuff of his sweat soaked gloves.

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Up, Drury can no longer clutch/clench his hand… this might mean Paranteau and an upgrade!

  54. is it just me or is almost every game the rangers have played with the bruins the past 2 seasons been really close…the first one i remember is last season i think the bruins had a 1-0 SO win

  55. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Were you guys listening to the game Gianone called about 4 weeks ago and on an anisimov goal which they showed from behind the net he goes “Bang.” I almost Carp’d my pants because I had just watched the “boom… goes the dynamite” after seeing it posted here.

  56. lmao Chuck!!! today must be a holiday somewhere in the world. and are we really that evil that we’re kinda giddy that they are hurt???

  57. here’s the weirdest ‘holiday’ i have found so far..

    Day of the leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival

    the bulgarians are dancing in the streets! Drury and Rozsival are in the lockerroom, and I have leftover halloween candy!!

  58. plus, the giants just scored and the awesome heineken commercial is on! Now if i could only get a jets score!!

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This just in:
    Drury’s Boston trapezoid Halloween extravaganza has been postponed until further notice.

    PS: whoever called it was right, “2 minutes, being Sean Avery.”

  60. The Avery penalty according to NESN: “That was so obvious. And guess who was involved?”


    Last two years against the Bruins:
    3-2 (SO)
    0-1 (SO)
    3-4 (SO)
    1-0 (SO)

    So, fairly close, yeah. And they haven’t got Savard and Kessel in this game, unlike the last two years, so not all that surprising we’re seeing so much offense today.

  61. True, i was just gonna say that! boyle’s been making some good plays lately. now if we only had a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge hard hitting crease clearing defenseman and a number 1 center…

  62. is freakin eli manning freakin blind today? or his he just horrible???? ANOTHER INT!!! threw it RIGHT to the guy. holy crap, bench him!!

  63. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “very good news for the Rangers” … i’m still waiting, what was the good news? Oh, maybe Joe knew Gaborik was going to have a shift

  64. i hope that was it True, but they showed the capn in all his clutchness! I wonder what his bite radius and psi are!!!!!!

  65. Gabby? Awesome!!!

    How did Drury get hurt? I go away for one period and suddenly my sister calls and says “Dru’s injured”


  66. leine, he just had a little tingling in his wrist of clutchness…….the good news, according to Joe, is that he’s back on the bench

  67. the funny thing is, have ANY of us commented on Rozsival other than the first few? did he come back and did i miss it???

  68. sonofableeeeeeech!!!!!!!!! dont you be messin with the Cally!! yea, how is that not a penalty??????????????????

  69. i wonder, with the eye in the back of his head, if cally SAW chara coming and that’s why the refs didnt call that… hm.. the other guy didnt see avery coming…makes sense doesnt it?

  70. WHAT KIND OF CARP WAS THAT?!?!? Of course, they call Avery for the same thing, but when a 7′ 260lb. guy does it to 5′ 11″ 185 lb. Ryan Callahan, it’s totally not a penalty. Seriously?! That was complete garbage.

  71. LW, the refs must’ve seen the nudie chara shot going around and were thinking about it when the hit happened.

  72. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It was a clean hit! It wasn’t sean avery!

    Derek Morris does the mouthpiece chew too! Jeez. Well, maybe Drury will be clutch and give Cally one from the pinata for his headaches.

  73. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chara is not Avery, Ergo, ipso facto, to wit, ad hominum (Bettman legalese) it cannot be boarding.

    It’s right there in the rulebook.

  74. Thats why sean avery is not an asset. he gets every call against him. i personally also enjoyed caly’s face getting smashed into the boards.

  75. Absolute BS non call on Chara.

    Also, don’t you just love Morris taking the “Fatty” approach to commenting on a goal against? “He fanned on the shot and it beat Thomas.” Ha

  76. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Geez, you two brainiacs kill me.

    “queen comment” mikesonchief.

    joke, search it.

  77. I did like mikesonchief’s comment. Henry is more like a queen then a king thats for sure.

  78. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Orr, we have a nice exchange about it above. We all enjoyed it, until Joe says “well here’s some good news for the Rangers…”

    Haha, I didn’t make the connection to Morris’ comments but yea, these guys always fan on shots against Brodeur! Like 200 times a season! It’s crazy that’s the only ways they can score.

  79. Nasty

    Did you also pick up on him saying “we have a great group of guys who ALL get along” Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  80. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Henry is more like a queen then a king thats for sure.
    Becuase you only have room for one king in your … heart.

  81. what in the blue hell is wrong with Joe? “Chara so big and strong” when he says it, it just sounds dirty!

  82. Linda, did you hear earlier when he was talking about the thickness of someone’s body? (I think it might have been Higgy, can’t remember.) So dirty!

  83. lets get a pool going on that sally, grabby says february 1, i said April 1, and it wouldnt ruin drurys april fools day.

  84. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Linda, much agreed. It’s very unfortunate HockeyStreams has the home feed today.

  85. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sally was it Kotalik? I didn’t hear it today, but i’ve heard it at least 4 other games “he’s such a thick player…huge forearms.”

    …thanks for the shower update, Joe. How about you grab a towel and go watch Drury LLWS hilights or something.

  86. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You guys see the Higgins “defensive hilights?” haha… now he’s on the payroll as a defensive specialist.

  87. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wideman definitely held Higgins, obstructed, and grabbed his stick. This Higgins, i’m telling you, he’s such a great PK’r. Man… give him a raise.

  88. ya know, MDZ is pretty good at avoiding a big hit, that’s probably the 3rd or 4th time i’ve seen him do that

  89. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Linda, that would be a great quote!!!

    “I’m not going to let a broken arm ruin my ______ (insert nearest holiday”

  90. Liza

    I always knew he was an underrated player…. He’s a very good player away from his ahem “reputation” LOL

  91. CHARA IS 6’9″????????????????
    Drury won the LLWS???????????
    Gilroys dad played basketball at ST Johns?????
    Kotalik has thick forearms??????

  92. true- at least hes doin something. i mean if he cant score,. do something positive. i know it sucks that we have about 11 of them and 1 goal scorer on the team, though lol

  93. These NESN announcers are so awful. They whine for several minutes about an icing call, and ignore clear penalties that should have been called against the Bruins. I mean I know it’s their team and all, but don’t be so disingenuous about what’s really happening. Plus, they’re idiots.

  94. torts must’ve used the same designer of the Habs uniforms from last night for his shirt today!

  95. hmmmmmm… i miss sam’s “and a lets go Rangers chant goes up in the crowd’ line. these two are just rotting carcassess

  96. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Is cross checking a penalty? I think Chara elbows avery too, intentional or not.

    Joe. SHUT UP!

  97. True

    Yeah sorry normal speed at that angle I thought it was a cross check. But replay he definitely high sticked him.

  98. The NESN announcers are totally biased…but I feel like the MSG announcers can be biased too, and I love it. So I don’t think we can complain. Even if the ref should have called that thrice-cursed penalty.

  99. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think Joe Micheletti is a byfuglien carcassdouche. Geez. I hate him, he is the worst, rot joe. Rot.

  100. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! wow they needed a hard game like this to get their freakin heads back together!!!!!!!

  101. PS: YEAH! Way to play hard and break a funk.

    Not as much scoring, but a great showing during a matinee. These are the Rangers I want to see!

  102. Great comeback game from them. Always pressure….great hitting, quality chances. Good game. Congratz KING!!!!

  103. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Local fan. Hahahaha… Now that’s how you get it done with injuries up and down the lineup. Don’t let Brodeur get outside spoon tonight. Later guys.

  104. Yeah, I really miss the days of Sam and JD :( “OHHHHHHHHHHHH BABY!” Not a great win, but hey, 2 pts.

  105. how, on a sunday, does CBS NOT have an early football game on in the souf??? infomercials and bull riding, on a freakin Sunday!? are you kidding me????

  106. Linda, so funny, I was thinking that about his tie.

    HAAAAANNNNKK!!! Phew, finally!

    Is it just me, but I love the stick salute to the fans at the end…truly.

  107. “Kotalik, man, he is so big and thick, just so big and thick.” “And Avery coming around back door!”

    Jesus, is MSG going to have to go TV-M for mature audiences only?

  108. Pearl Jam came out during the second encore dressed as the guys from Devo and played Whip It. Hilarious!

  109. LOLOLOL Nasty!!!!!!! They’re gonna have to bleep him out.

    Laurel, I’m just drinking them really slowly. I don’t want the fizzy to go to waste!

  110. thatwas the best 1-0 game ive seen since renny!! lol. no, really, goal-droughts aside, they kicked butt in their end tonight, and hank came out mad as hell and got us a win. higgins was ok but at this point, he cant get a scoring chance. but he was a good d man today. it was the afternnon game, so that could be why no team really scored. if gabby didnt score itd be a 1-0 shootout loss. good checking game though, everyone looked better. rozy, even with the penalties, still sucked. and was a pile of elephant alex semin drippings

  111. Laurel, this will make you feel better. No, no Bruce. They actually didn’t have any guests at all. They played from 8:57-12:38ish. The reason I am getting so accurate with the time is because it officially became their longest show all time, going over the 3.5 hours they played at Penn State a few years back. It truly was a hell of an evening. It was funny, they had a score card girl come out when it was 1-0 Phillies and 3-0 Phillies, and she never came out again after that. I was on the floor, 6 rows from the stage. It was electric in that building.

  112. So that’s the 5th time in the last 9 meetings with the Bruins that the game has ended 1-0 (or 0-0 plus a shootout).

  113. Nasty, phew! sounds totally amazing, but my jealous streak has eased up quite a bit. I still have the last Garden show of the tour on Sunday, floor seats! Wheeeeee…..

  114. yea laurel- i was soo happy for him i yelled GO SWEDEN!!!!!!. MY MOTHERS HAPPY I JUST CALLED HER. SHE WAS SOO CRAZY WHEN SWEDEN WON THE GOLD IN 06. SWEDEN IN 10!!!

  115. hey Rick
    and everyone else!

    on a lunch break.
    got to see the last 6 minutes of the game.
    at least it looks as if we’re doing a better job
    of forechecking and puck pursuit than we’ve been
    doing over the past 8-10 games.
    that was the case the entire afternoon.

    btw, Rick
    thanks for posting that Montreal uniform abomination
    i saw it last night and it looked like they were
    wearing prison uniforms from the 1930s!!

    as far as tuning the clock back. i forgot and work up an hour earlier than planned today. hey, at least i wasn’t late
    and i actually got some work done.

  116. “It needed to be a patient grinding game, thought the decision making was good, Cally & Higgins had good games. Kotalik had a good game. Found a way to score a goal, found a way to win”

    “thought we lost ourselves with the penalties in the 3rd, important part of winning in the 3rd was the goalie. We are getting better, Hank comes up with a big save. We were ok with the forechecking”

    “There is a pretty good chem. with Gabby & Prospal… we are trying to find out way… Gabby scores a big goal for us. We just got banged up. He took a shot off of the foot. Im not sure where the lines are going to sit when we play again”

  117. mako- thanks. that was from torts right? and at the end was he talkin about drury with teh blocked shot??

    wick- i couldnt think of a cleaner way to put it lol. i loved that we won a hard fought tight checking game. sometimes youre just not gonna get the breaks and score 4 or 5 a night. but ya gotta wonder when some of these other players not named gabby and prospal are gonna do anything offensively. i see that for the most part, duby,avery,higgy(defensively),and cally especially had good games. still not getting enough clean scoring chances, so when they do get them they have to bury them. boston was missing 2 or 3 top players for them so i cant really get so excited about a 1-0 win. hank and gabby are this team really. it all hinges on them unless we get some of the rest of our so called “offensive players ” scoring and helping out. it looks like dru and higgins are gonna combine for 5 goals this year. redden will probably outscore them combined.

  118. gaborik makes all the difference in the world. 1 guy.

    i like the non traditional 4th line with guys who can actually play and score on occassion.

    again voros adds zippo to the team…

  119. Fraser’s contract, after looking it up, wasn’t all that nuts. $4m over 3 years in the non-salary cap era. Granted, salaries were lower back then, but still. Reminds me of another signing we made recently…….(Voros)

  120. Mike

    NP. Im almost 100% he was talking about Gaborik. I was looking for a replay of the interview all this time so I can be positive.

  121. There you go! First full 60 min effort in some time. Fun to watch is right.. If they play like that every game, they’ll win most of ’em. Easy it wasn’t, pucks didn’t go in, Thomas was good. We’d drop most of those games last year. All the team needed was one shot. And the person to deliver it. Got them both.

    Higgins played well, should get some confidence from this one. Avery is back. Is it me, or is everyone else’s heart stops when he tries to clear our zone to the left from Hank?

    Did I mention Kotalik had thick forearms? Joe, please learn some new lines…

  122. Watching the Caps game. WOW that goal they just scored beautiful passing. 5 tape to tape passes. tic – tac – toe in the net. Beautiful.

  123. the refs were pathetic. that was a clear penalty on Chara hitting Cally from behind. it was a complete joke that Avery was given a boarding penalty just before that and it was a reputation penalty, but Chara gets away with a major penalty, as Cally was cut on a clear hit from behind. it was a major for boarding if the refs aren’t biased toward big name players, as we all know they are.

    Rangers had to overcome the refs today too

  124. ilb

    OMG I KNOW!!! I saw a xerox commercial with Boudreau in it during the first pd. That guys stomach sticks out like 2 feet in front of him jeeeeze!!!!

  125. Definition of loser….I went up the street to grab a bite, and this guy is lamenting about how “all our teams lost today.” Not only had baseball not started yet, but I had to pipe in, no they didn’t. He says, who are you talking about?

    And yes, he’s from NY.

    Sigh. Some folks just don’t know how to spend a fall afternoon, or what sport to follow.

    btw all, careful about “mikesonchief” (mikeschoenf). That’s all I’ll say for now….figure it out.

  126. refs

    Nothing was worse than the Chicago game where Renney blew a gasket. That was the WORST officiated game outside of whenever the Rangers play Cindy & Co I have ever seen. I remember reading blogs around the league and even the Blackhawks fans saying how bad the calls were.

    Nash just scored a beauty of a goal.

    Game tied 1 – 1

  127. Laurel

    You are on the money girl. I know what you mean about the person you are talking about. Ironic how when one shows up, the other one does to eh? ;)

  128. right, Laurel. Joe M is too busy admiring the “thick body” of Boyle. it is Joe’s thick head that is the problem.

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