Still looking for that thread … (updated)


… and plenty aggravated about what happened to it. We may never know, so I just want to repeat the base of the message:

Susie Arth, the sports editor of The Journal News and, worked her last day Friday. I don’t know if I can rephrase all I said about her, but she was the driving force behind all of our digital sports products, especially this blog. She was behind Sam Weinman when he started it, she was behind my return to hockey when Sam left and the contributions from Laurel and Jane and Josh, 26.

She was responsible for the video chats and the beard contest and the guest blogs, and the trade deadline and July 1 madness, and pretty much everything good we’ve ever done here, and she fought to keep this blog going, and to give me some time in my schedule to do it, and to continue to cover the Rangers to whatever degree was can still possibly do it. What I’m saying is we here all owe her a debt of gratitude; and also that, while she was here there was no chance this blog was ever going to go anywhere. Hopefully, her successor feels the same way.

She also meant an awful lot to me and my “second” career as a columnist, but I won’t get all mushy about that here. Plus she’s a big Walter’s Hot Dogs fan.


Two reminders: One, if you’re going to the game tomorrow, remember that it’s NYC Marathon day, which means gridlock in the city. My advice is don’t even think about driving in. Take a train. Two, change your clocks tonight.


No analysis from Rangers-Wild because I didn’t see any of it. Here are the official game summary and event summary.


EVENING UPDATE, 8:30 p.m.: P.A. Parenteau was returned to Hartford.


EVENING UPDATE, late: Laurel here….I’ll add this as a comment, too, in case you miss this update, but I had to add my thoughts about Susie since I’ve been absent a bit since Friday afternoon. Carp mentioned it, but I have to give Susie a personal shout out for embracing this non-sports reporter/Ranger fan and letting me have the time of my life here, and contributing to the live chat with her, and letting me host with Carp!
I worked with Susie on a lot of non-Ranger related business, too, and I am going to miss her immensely. BTW, congratulate her, she’s getting married in two weeks! Yay! Susie, I’m gonna miss you at the 3:30 :)

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  1. Going to the game tomorrow, thanks for the warning about the Marathon… looks like Metro North for me.

  2. Carp,
    don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. The rangers looked slow, confused in there own zone and lost. pretty much the way they have looked the past 5 games.

  3. On a serious note, I feel very sorry about her, you Carp having obviously strong emotional attachment and in general the situation, when talented and hard working people are loosing their livelihood, particular the one they are so good at and loved so much. Such a Shame.

  4. Happy Halloween to everyone literally and figuratively (in the shadow of our team recent nightmarish games)! I have a strong hope for home game and following turning point.

  5. it appears the rangers offensively are a one man team (Gaborik), not good considering Gaborik is injury prone.

  6. is grachev hurt or struggling in hartford? I don’t see how the team benefits from Brash getting those minutes. it’s really discouraging to see him out there

  7. Thanks to Ms. Arth for her support of first Sam, then Carp. She obviously had a huge role in making this blog a must-read for Ranger fans — and not just in Westchester. All the best to her in the next phase.

    Carp, you’ve been banging around Gannett long enought. Perhaps you should be the next sports editor, assuming they don’t outsource the section to a local high school journalism class.

    I hope whoever succeeds Ms. Arth likes hockey.

  8. I got an idea, Carp. Ask Susie. I think she took it. That thread had some emotional stuff about her…J/K

    Carp, that missing thread also had something from you that you omitted this time, so I’ll repeat it- I hope we all don’t end up missing her.

  9. It does appear that the Rangers are a one man team offensively. Though that should not be the case. There is plenty of talent on this team, if they were a team that is. There is something wrong, either the heads are to thick to get it or the teachers can’t get it across. Duby who has rarely been getting any shots, should be producing. Callahan has been working big time hard, is getting nowhere. Drury has been standing around, more a spectator than player. Everything is happening by accident, it should be clockwork. The coaching staff have to take the lions share of the blame for this. How they are handling things is not working. It’s time to change tactics.

  10. wow the whining is way up after 2 loses.

    some things i agree with. byers or someone else over voros is a good idea. if torts shared the minutes more evenly except with gaborik that would help seeing if some young guys are legit. voros stinks and always will and they should bury his$1 mill. in Hartford. brashear was the cause of 1 goal last night with his terrible clear. the rangers had a hard time clearing the zone all night.

    del zotto, gilroy, and staal are a great nucleus for a d corp and even though the experts on this blog whine all the time girardi is only 25 and can play also.

    anisimov is a player and deserves more time….they simply need gaborik without him they have no game changer.

    alexi cherapanov would have really helped this team, he would have been a 2nd dynamic scorer…

  11. local ham grachev had 2 goals 2 games ago.. the guy is 19, he will be up sooner or later have some confidence in germander, schoenfield and others.

    look at the ages of the rangers this team is young….

    btw redden is playing decent not $7 mill a year but not bad……

  12. Best- Um, Byers. Shrug. No one was good.
    Worst- Drury, he gets paid more than the other underachievers.

    One quick- I think Staal and Girardi are fine together. But, and this is big, Staal needs to be the stay at home. He should never try to carry the puck through the neutral zone. He should never take any offensive chance with the puck. Girardi can roam but Staal shouldn’t even cross the red line. He scored a goal last night. The last ten games he’s turned the pick over at least 50 times. One goal/50 turnovers. No.

  13. The BOOGEY MAN BOOGAARD took it!!!!

    And Im still pissed about last night. This RUINED my Halloween!! Unlike our Captain.

  14. stuart

    Whining? 2 losses? How about 1 – 4 – 1 in their last 6 games. They did a 180. So I think we all deserved to be concerned.

  15. I didn’t get to see the game last night, but I can tell it was a real stinker. I don’t know what to think about this team right now. You hate think that the team is a one trick pony, but it sure looks that way. I do think this team is better than it is showing right now, as we are young, but still, that should be no excuse. Torts has to be willing to deal with some of this stuff if he wants this team to play his system. It is as simple as that. I do have one question here though. Could it be, that being we played such a defensive system the last few years, that is made Hank look a little better than he actually is? Kind of the same way that the debbies trap made Fatty look a lot better than he really is? I am just putting that out there? Torts has a lot of faith in this system because he feels that we have a top 3 goalie in the league. But Hank has looked a little shaky at times this year and has been letting in at least one softie a game. Don’t get me wrong, Hank is probably my favorite player on this team, and I do think he is one of the best goalies in the league, but this system exposes him quite a bit. That and the fact that after being in the league for some years now, teams now know where to beat him, and I can not believe that he has not seemed to work on that.

    I don’t know. I don’t know what changes really need to be made. It is more just some of these players learning and playing this new system and these young players understanding both sides of the puck. It’s a lot, and I expected that there would be some stinkers along the way. Gaborik in the lineup and the early wins masked a lot of these issues. Well, if you are not going to score some goals, you simply can not play this kind of system, and Gaborik out of the lineup+this system=not enough offense and losses. Safe to say, if we score 3-4 goals a game, we are going to win most games. Not happening right now, hence the last few results. Barf! Thank god I have Pearl Jam to look forward to tonight, because I don’t have a good feeling about tomorrows afternoon “tilt” haha, either.

  16. “is grachev hurt or struggling in hartford? I don’t see how the team benefits from Brash getting those minutes. it’s really discouraging to see him out there”

    Are you kidding me ?? Brash*t is WAAAAY better than Grach, or any other prospect. This guy can PLAY HOCKEY, cause Orr just cant do that. This guy is as fast as a girl running away from Mike Ricci at a singles bar. He can shoot the puck, he can make plays. This guy is the Gretzky of all goons.

    He’s so good, he doesn’t have to score goals, cause he tells Gabby to do it. He’s so awesome, that he doesn’t even fight, cause he thinks he’s too cool.

    Donald Brash*t. He’s just that damn good !

  17. I think that other teams adjusted to Torts’s system and learned how to exploit it. That was expected. Now the Rangers need to continue with the style and make adjustments. I hope they don’t change their style and become defensive oriented. Not only because it’s unpleasant to watch, but I strongly believe that with the type of young players we have, that would be the best way to win.

    Tough to remember many positives from last night, especially with that transmission (geez, have they heard of digital TV?), but the best play to me was the penalty Byers took on this punk Clutterbuck for trying to hit Hank. We should’ve seen more of these plays by now.

    The more I see Anisimov, the more I believe we got a jewel right there. I think I mentioned that before, but he may well end up beeing Jere Lehtinen type of center but with somewhat better scoring touch.

  18. Grachev’s doing fine for someone in Hartford, Byers is a little older and stronger which is why Sam and Joe mentioned last night that it was him rather than Grachev. Hartford got smoked 6-0 last night and while that stunk, it was a good learning experience for Grachev who was only -1 in that debacle.

    The Voros situation irks me-his salary alone takes up space of a cheap 7th Dman and a 4th liner combined. The only reason he’s on this team is because he’s Gaborik’s buddy. Byers is a much better player than him as evident by last night. Voros should be in Hartford and so should Brashear if he’s not gonna fight and do his job.

  19. MIKEA

    He’s way better than Brash*t is. He’s the douchebag that’s making 2 million to fight, and stick up for his teammates, but when Hank is run, he does d*ck. Then a goon takes a run at Redden, and he just looks at him and skates away.

    I honestly didn’t think id miss Orr this much, but it’s sad how badly i want a goon back on the team. Id rather have a prospect play instead of a goon, but still id take any goon over this scumbag.

    Yet another over paid loser on this team that doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do.

  20. Nasty

    While I have pondered what you have said about LQ recently 2 days ago coming home from work. I wanted to ask our group what about him makes him so highly regarded? Like you said he lets in about a dozen or so soft goals a season… But, and now dont you all get down on me… in Renney’s system defense first… LQ had to bail out the D sooooooooo many times during Renney’s tenure. All those 2 -1 games, the 10 shut outs he’s had, the gold medal – I know he is a superstar and I think that having Torts up-temp system will fall in place eventually. He is an elite goalie and will only get better and yes I do think he’s been shaky so far this season…
    I actually think something is going on that we dont know about. I will venture to say that since Prospal is so outspoken that I am willing to guess him and Drury are clashing heads. That doesnt mean that Staal & Girardi get off of the hook because they havent been the best, hell Redden is making them look Malik bad….
    Every player who has played with Drury hasnt been all that they could be. And my constant gripe is WHEN is he going to start leading and standing out to lift this team out of their mini funk? WHEN will he get Higgins who is his regular line mate his first goal by an great pass. We are ALL waiting for him to step up.

  21. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Losing streaks and injuries are the norm in sports.

    The rangers escaped the injury bug last year, this year will be different.
    Brashear seems to be a bust and a waste.
    Drury is hopeless.
    Higgins? give him time.. But Montreal gave up on him.
    So remember that.

  22. ilb

    Clearly they ARENT playing Torts’ system. There is no hard forechecking, cycling with the puck, crisp, SMART passes & going hard to the net that we’ve seen the first 8 games. They look & play like a completely different team RENNEY’s TEAM. Not the team we were so excited about when they won 7 in a row…

  23. Hank has been playing pretty good. I think most every team knows now he is weak up high. He also is prone to giving big rebounds. Does Torts really have a system? If so what kind of system is it? I haven’t seen anything in the Rangers game lately that resembles any kind of system. Is throwing together lines on the fly when things go bad a system?

  24. I actually thought last night was perhaps Redden’s best as a Ranger. He made some smart offensive pinches, including on Byers’ goal, and didn’t make any mistakes defensively. He still isn’t worth his paycheck, but let’s face it, he was never gonna be.

    As for Drury? I don’t know. Maybe a sports psychologist? He almost looks overwhelmed at times.

  25. Shor

    I agree about Redden. But last year he had that 3 assist game. I think that was his best, last night was close too it. But Im glad the man found some of his game. Im happy that he’s playing well. LOL yep still not worth that paycheck though…

  26. BTW

    Does anyone think Sather has learned his lesson by signing overrated players to BIG, LONG contracts?

  27. How long are we going to give Staal a free pass? He could have absolutely killed Havlat in the corner in the first period but instead he glides into the corner and allows Havlat to hold his arm like they are on a first date…DISGUSTING!!!! And then to turn it over again and again while trying to carry the puck through the neutral zone and not get the same benching that Dubi got after ONE turnover??? I think the name on the back of his sweater is getting him too much respect.

    It’s time for him and Drury to either step the eff up or sit the eff down (soory Carp, thats as clean as I can make it right now)

    Lastly…who else here had to hold down the vomit when Joe M. said after the time out “we all know Drury’s history of scoring clutch goals in these situations?”. You know another way of saying the same thing is “We all know Drury hasn’t scored a meaningful goal since the 7.7 second goal.” I can’t believe a guy has made a career (and $8 million a year) out of basically being inconsistent and invisible for long stretches and then hoping to score one goal that tricks everyone into thinking he is CLUTCH. I NEVER WANT TO HEAR THAT WORD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! sorry for the rant…Happy Halloween to all fans with young ones (keep ’em close by and safe)

  28. Drury’s Halloween costume should be as a puck that says 7.7 on it; he tricked Glen into the money which is his treat.

    Seriously though folks; the Rangers are halfway there; drafting is much better, now they have to stop giving out dumb long term contracts to UFAs who they expect to do more than their career averages. In my best Winston Zeddemore impersonation to Sather: “Glen, if the guy averages 55 points a year, don’t give him $7 million!”

  29. Yeah, both Bathroom Staal and the little Dublowski are both making me sick this season. I just don’t get how those two can be this bad. Staal especially, cause he was our defensive d-man, now he cant do the simplest of plays.

    Dubi played too long with Jags, and now he thinks he can pull off these fancy moves. Playing with Gabby doesn’t help.

    Im actually concerned. Gabby has proved already that he cant stay healthy when he takes a small bump, and the team has proved they cant play without Gabby. Not a good sign at all.

  30. Orr

    Im certain that is wasnt serious, but didnt want to risk him getting worse. Smart move on their part for their investment. Drury isnt stepping up, Cally is trying as is Prospal, Lisin & Kotalik. AA has GOT to get more minutes.

  31. Where's Pavelich? on

    Did anyone hear Duguay (post game) say how hard Drury is working out there and how it must be frustrating for him!? I cannot even watch when he has the puck, as abolutely nothing happens (agsin, if he hgas been so great wht is this his 4th team?).. and he loses every faceoff!

    gaborik’s scoring aside, Prospal has BY FAR been the their best player – scoring , pinching along the boards and playing center and wing – I knew he was good, but he plays like he actually cares

  32. hahaha. These posts are great. Seems to me everybody is realizing how right i was. This team is absolutely terrible..from owner…all the way down too the fourth line…Must really really suck to be a ranger fan..always has (except for 1994)…always will..well until dolan sells the team or sather passes…hopefully he does not sign redden to a 6 year extension.

  33. Sather’s history of signing fragile superstars is well-known — Bure, Lindros, Fleury, Gaborik. He had one player who succeeded beyond expectations — Jagr — yet he proceeded to lowball him and insult him in an ill-fated rush to sign Markus Naslund. Drury is another disaster, no matter how Rangers PR tries to spin him. Yet while Drury and Gomez may not be rocket scientists, they managed to receive millions from Sather — Slats comes out again as the dimwitted failure in those signings. Gaborik is awesome, and Prospal was a great signing. But Tortorella is responsible for bringing in Prospal. When will Sather retire?????? As usual, he’s disappeared from the media again. Why is this NHL laughingstock still the GM?

  34. KC,

    I totally agree. Sather is the laughingstock of the entire NHL….and like i have said numerous times, he is making the Rangers the Laughingstock of the entire NHL.

  35. so…
    i just got some pretty bad news.

    im sure there will be an update on the health of some players either later today or tomorrow before the game.

  36. You should. I live right off of Bleecker St, near 6th Ave. Me & the gf have a party to go to. Every year is a great time :) Im sure they’ll be alot of MJ & Thriller themes.

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The biggest trick or treat this year is the Rangers! Started as a treat, but turned into one hell of a trick!

  38. CCCP
    nothing to do w/ gabby

    im fine thanks for askin.

    its really just an injury update. i wasnt happy to hear it myself. i have a really awesome friend who i respect and i dont want to say too much. ive probably said too much already, lol. i dunno i probably shouldnt have said anything i was just so mad this morning. ugh!

  39. TR

    Ugh I have a feeling True is on the money…. I read somewhere he was limping around in the hotel room.

  40. Trade Staal now, before the rest of the league figures out how over rated he is. We all would not be talking about the need for a physical Dman if Staal had stepped up. He hasn’t.

  41. the same goes for everything else

    we would talk aboot #1 center if Dubi stepped up… we wouldn’t talk aboot secondary scoring if Cally/Drury/Higgins/ stepped up… we wouldnt talk aboot how soft we still are if Bro-shear stepped up… we wouldnt talk aboot how… ok im out of examples for now…but you get my point.

  42. hahah i dont have herpes. avery is done for 4 months..possibly the season…and gabby will be out another two weeks..until he comes back for 3 games and then misses the rest of the season…All we need is the queen to go down..then what???? hahaha love it.

  43. True fan,

    A good stick handler is an understatement. Marty is the the best goalie stick handler in NHL history. They had to change the entire NHL for him and make up all these rules. He in fact is the best at lot of things in NHL history when it comes to goaltending.

  44. CCCP,
    But you did not dispute that Staal is over rated.I do not believe that Dubi will ever be a no1 center, he will eventually settle into a checking center who pops in some goals. No1 center is a big need on this team, as is No2 center. Maybe you can fill one of those holes with trading Staal. He still is considered a big value guy. Before the other teams figure out he is not.

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Plato (mikechefonator) and Socrates (local fan)…
    My joke was based on the post at 2.31pm.

    Shorykun got it.

    And Local Fan rips the intellect of Rangers fans… oy. Glass houses buddy, you know the saying.

  46. bull dog- I don’t believe Dubi’s style of playing is suitable for a true checking center. He is #2 center at best. The issue is that Anisimov is probably a better #2 center than Dubi.

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This board is a little manic sometimes. First 2-3 weeks Dubi’s looking like a stud and a “true #1 center” and now he should be centering the third line and Anisimov should be on a top line. Heck, Maybe DUBI should be with the WolfPack?

  48. The jury is still very much out on Anisimov. He shows flashes, then is invisible for long stretches. His size makes him likely to be able to handle big minutes. I do not think Dubi has enough offense to be more than a 3.

  49. True,
    I think Dubi can handle being a 1 in small doses. For the Rangers to true contenders they are going to need a true No1. I do not think Dubi is going to become that.

  50. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Just because it starts with a “D” and ends with a “Y” doesn’t mean it’s lifeless and only capable of centering the third line. I think Dubi will be a bonified 2nd line center and, if Gabby stayed healthy, would find a way to be a first line center. He’s not Spezza or Thornton, but he can still ride shotgun with some of the best players in the World (Jagr, and hopefully Gabby).

    Dreary Drury is a 3rd line center.

    BTW: Happy Halloween Chris! I know that loss didn’t ruin your day.

  51. bull dog- right on the money. But the truth is that both Dubi and Anisimov are 2nd line centers. Anisimov, when he doesn’t show offensive flashes, seems to be more defensively responsible. He knows how to “eat the puck” if in trouble, Dubi makes bad passes. Both are still learning, and I agree, the jury is still out.

  52. True,
    I am a big Dubi fan, and would very much like to be wrong about him. I think because of his style, he will always be a valuable player, just not always on the scoreboard.

  53. orr

    i heard it was just a chain mail
    PS3 just got copy and paste? apparently? i dunno. but from what ive read its not true.

  54. SHOR

    Playing both sides of the fence !!! How dare you !!!

    Id consider buying a 360 just to have some games that don’t come out for the PS3, but eh, i just prefer the PS3, and always have.

    Im gonna buy one of those Ipod Touch things. You can jail break it and get free Sega, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Gameboy games, and even Playstation games, all for free !! As well as download tv shows, and a whole bunch of stuff. You’re really supposed to buy them at the store on the itouch, but there’s a code where you can get it all for free.

  55. quick question, anyone know how dandenault is doing in hartford??

    Like I posted on the last thread, I think torts policy takes the “bite” out of some players. No one wants to take a penalty for an instigator or a roughing or something like that, end up in the box and then riding the bench. I think it is great taht torts wants players accountable, but let avery get some roughing or unsportsmanlike penalties, let brashear get some instigator penalties or whatever and DO NOT bench them or cut their ice time. Let the rough physical players be just that, guys that play that way will take penalties.

  56. Hey Orr

    Have you seen Jennifer’s Body yet? I found a so-so link to watch it on line. Cant find it anywhere where you dont have to fill out those stupid surveys…

  57. Also, I like everyone else here would like to see brash have a bout twice the number of fights right now then what he has. That being said, I think he is trying to play within tort’s system and guidelines. If he just jumps on the ice when boogie is out there (penalty leaving the bench and suspension), torts does not match lines remember, so brash isn’t automatically on the ice when other heavyweights are. When his line gets on and if boogie is out there still after a big hit does brash just go straight for him regardless of how or what play is developing (especially if we are behind on the scoreboard)? I would rather see fights and scrums more than goals personally, but maybe torts is adamant about guys not reacting and playing the system and letting other stuff take care of itself when the opportunity arises. Just specualting here is all!

  58. one other thing before I go back to work, i find it pretty amusing that alot of people ride drury about being “clutch” when those “clutch” times are few in his career and pretty non-existent since he has been with the rangers, but all they do is bring up one comment he says about “not letting a loss ruin his whatever holiday it was”. Every freaking negative drury comment has that comment in it in some fashion. Give it a rest, people that keep repeating one stupid comment over and over again, its ridiculous. That is how drury became “clutch”, people talking about a couple of instances of “clutchness” and now he is our 7mil per “clutch” captain!! Hope my comment didn’t “RUIN” your happy halloween!

  59. Wicky,

    Let me refresh your memory. On December 23 2008 the Rangers played the Capitals. We had a 4 to 0 lead after a period and a half before we collapsed and let Washington tie them game, then win in overtime. Mr. Drury, the team’s so called captain, in a post game interview basically said “at least we got a point, I won’t let it ruin my Christmas”. The way the Rangers lost that game, along with Mr. Drury’s casual attitude toward said loss infuriated many fans, myself included. The guy’s a bum, and deserves every negative comment he gets.

  60. let’s see. Drury has zero personality, is lifeless in his interviews.

    then, on the ice, he leads by standing and watching, waiting for someone else to do the work and set him up. he blocks shots, but many times it is necessary because he was too slow to get to the man in the first place.

    he is living like a king off of past glories. he is paid like a superstar, but is no more than a glimmer that rarely shines but more often is nothing but a dim flashlight, a light at the end of the tunnel that is a tricycle going the wrong way.

    he is failing the team bigtime.

  61. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’ll tell you this, I’m not going to let your anti-anti-Drury comments ruin my day!

    In all seriousness though, i know i’m one of the worst when it comes to those comments and I will tell you that I won’t stop nor will I change my tune until he steps up to the plate (using an analogy he might understand) and just plays like a guy who cares, the Captain of the NY Rangers. I don’t care what he makes, but the guy looks lifeless most of the time and now his game looks terrible all around. He rode the tails of Jagr for a year and then last year Naslund served as the senior member in the locker room and the guy who gave most of the speeches to the team (remember Naslund closed the doors for a players meeting in Dec/Jan and Naslund spoke to the ref’s, not the damn Captain).

    My point on Drury is to enlighten people as to how over-rated he is. The ‘clutch’ publicity is nauseating and I didn’t watch last night but apparently Joe M. was talking clutchness again! If he’s going to talk it, i’m going to hate it. If you don’t like it, oh well…

  62. MAKO

    Not yet, i have this site where i can watch it, but ive been putting it off for a while. Maybe ill check it out tonight, but i was thinking of having a J-Horror night, since asian horror is the only actual scary movies these days, instead of the garbage we have to sit through here, kind of like Saw 15, or what ever.

  63. Bring back Prucha on

    Interested to hear updates about injuries. All injured players were skating at practice today as per Zipay’s blog. If it were that serious could they be skating at practice?

  64. After lastnight’s game, I thought I was gonna have a stroke bc my blood pressure went sky high. They were SOOOO lazy it was making me crazy.

    I still have hope for Drury, but seriously, something has to be done. As much as I have supported him…strip him of the C. The best thing Torts can do is give it to someone who has heart, can produce, and teach the youngsters. Give it to Vinny. Prospal has been an amazing addition to our team. Staal & Giradi r making me nauseous these days. Redden has been surprisingly solid.

    There should be a rule that if a player isn’t living up to his contract, then it should be voided. Can u imagine getting away with being a lazy punk with no heart at work and still expect a job and a paycheck? Its ridiculous.

    Hank is sold and amazing. There is only so much he can do with absolutely NO support. He is the reason the score isn’t 10-0.

    Torts needs to show his horns and take care of this crap. What the hell happened????I know the team will go thru slumps, but their efforts have been PATHETIC!

    Hopefully it gets better! Prayin Gabby comes back soon and stays healthy. And I miss Orr!

    O where did my favorite team go???

  65. see how a real team faces adversity. Devils are playing without their second best foward (elias), best defensive forward (pandolfo), top two defenseman (oduya, martin) and we win in buffalo and in tampa…Rangers can win versus two terrible teams, islanders and the wild. Honestly I know you guys all know this but the rangers are just a terrible terrible team and I would be embarassed to even say I’m a fan. So pathetic. Maybe you need to just pay Lou 30 million a year to turn this franchise around.

  66. Orr

    Watching the last 15 min now. Its pretty corny but she is soooooooooo smoking hot it doesnt matter & the kiss scene is out of control LOL Enjoy if you watching it tonight ;)

  67. yeah, debbies win by boring everyone to death with lemaire’s pathetic trap. that is why they can’t draw flies even with a new arena. big whoop.

    they won’t get very far in the playoffs. last year fatty choked big time in the canes series.

  68. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    You know you gotta give the isles and devils credit, there is more pressure on NY to win that those two teams.

    Relax, give it time, then criticize.
    Let’s see what the rest of the seasons brings.

  69. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Local Fan,
    Congrats, it makes me happy to hear you gloat about your team beating clubs playing .500 hockey and a team that’s got 7 losses in 11 games.

    I remember the days you guys use to brag about beating the Rangers in the playoffs… pheww, thank goodness I don’t have to hear that anymore!

    BTW: how’s Erik Staal doing? How about Jagr, Avery and Lundqvist still celebrating defeating the Devils on YOUR home ice? How about the fact that you’ve only beaten the Rangers 1 time in 5 playoff series and the fact that Brodeur has 6 wins in 21 games against Hank? Thank goodness this is the Carp you brag about now.

  70. These Canadiens Halloween jerseys are scary ugly. What were these guys thinking back in 1912?

  71. ZzZz Frankenstien ZzZz "Halloween Apples !!!" on

    Lost thread ,Lost game and lost Gaborik !!! Higgins and Avery are hurt and haven’t started producing.Hank has Zero shut outs so far. Drury and Rozi look like 2 million a year players. Am I worried? NO WAY!!! RANGER rule and I love our chances. RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury and Rozi look like 2 million a year players.

    Wow, you’re feeling generous on Halloween I guess?

  73. Coach, it was crazy. Kickoff returns for touchdowns, punt returns for touchdowns called back, blocked punts, blocked PATs, blocked field goals, fumbled snaps, snaps over punters’ heads, comebacks for both teams, the tipped touchdown pass, the rain.

    Still, not as crazy as last year. That’s what I’m writing in my column tomorrow.

  74. chuck

    Thanks, i remembered the basis of the comment, just couldn’t remember when. I’m not saying i agree with his comment, I just think it is funny that everyone makes fun of drury for being “clutch”, when he has not done any real “clutchness” for the rangers. He became “clutch” for one or two clutch moments in his past becasue that is all everyone talked about. Now everyone seems to just harp on one stupid freaking comment of letting something “ruin” something. Just find it really ironic, everyone griping because he was labeled clutch based on an event or two, but now everyone once again labelling him on a “ruin” comment. Kills me!!


    I think that is why they come in sets, becasue they get along together!

  75. Halloween night at the Mausoleum and thousands dressed as empty seats. F the Icelanders.

    I’ve been too f’ing busy to keep up but anybody help on why Avery and higgins sat last night?

  76. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hahaha… *local fan,* what you say now?

    Devils lost 4-1 Wednesday to the team the ISLANDERS blew out of the water 5-0 tonight. Geez, you still braggin? The pathetic trash of jersey.

  77. shor

    I know, I was thinking the same thing. Always one hell of a good atmosphere in Montreal though!

  78. Loco fan supposedly like the Rangers AND debbies…but every comment he makes he bashes a team he supposedly roots for…

  79. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Maybe you didn’t/haven’t/chose not to see the Drury clutchness propaganda? I’m not sure why the humor evades you.

    Drury has been clutch, many times actually, and that’s why he was paid more than 7million dollars. That’s why he was made the captain without anyone else being considered (btw; this is the first time he is a full fledged captain on his own). He was also handed that money because he had consecutive 30g and 37g seasons bringing his teams to the conference finals. Shall we review those “one or two other clutch moments” of his career?
    1) Little league world series. He won it, no doubt, we see the hilights about 40 times a year.
    2) Wins the NCAA championship in Boston
    3) Wins the Hobey Baker
    4) Wins the Calder
    5) Scores 14 post-season GWG’s (3 more than Lemieux and second most all time)
    6) Amongst active players, has the most OT post-season goals (4)
    7) 7.7 seconds left and the Rangers are about to go up 3-1 in their 2nd round series. Boom goes the dynamite. ‘Captain Clutch’ strikes.
    8) More subjectively, the guy’s been called a ‘clutch’ ‘game winner’ by Joe Sakic, Daniel Briere, and Mike Eruzione (of the 1980 gold medal team)! Search “Drury clutch” and you’ll find a ton of articles including this one:

    Drury’s been clutch, except in NY. That’s the real irony.

  80. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And to copy a line from that link: “Drury is, in fact, one of the greatest clutch players in sports. Ever.”

    …and I’ve successfully ruined my Halloween, how un-clutch.

  81. True

    I’m not disputing the whole “clutchness” issue with drury at all, in a nutshell I think all the “ruin my whatever” comments are silly and he really doesn’t sound any different to me than any other ranger like cally, girardi, staal, dubi, or so on when interviewed and I be most of them echo his sentiments! I’ll say it again, he is what he is, has played the way he is playing now, and always will. He is an overpaid player, will produce 60 pts a season and I’d still rather have him than jagr as a captain any day!

  82. Carp, from your personal observations, who do you think has the smartest hockey mind on the team?

  83. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wow, wick.
    I kinda understand what you’re saying as the ultimate captain played a more all around, gritty, NA style game… so I see your point (Drury over Jagr as captain). But I feel totally different. I felt like Jagr was on a mission every season until his last (when he admittidly saved energy for the playoffs) and even then, he was a man on a mission in the playoffs. I want a guy who will lead by example, who will try to throw an elbow at Scott Gomez because he’s frustrated by a loss. A captain who will talk to the referee’s when necessary and who will say he’s disgusted with his performance or with the team. I don’t want a captain anymore who will be fine with one point, who won’t talk to the ref’s, who can’t lead by example, and who shows no fire for this team or even this sport.

    I’m sorry, I just disagree and while I respect your opinion, I hope many people don’t feel the same because I believe that’s a dishonor to everything Jagr brought to NY.

  84. While Im bored to tears at this Halloween party with my gf’s friends… I just read what True wrote. AMEN BRO!!!! Props to you for looking up all of Captain Clutch’s achievements.

  85. true

    I know a lot of people loved jagr here, that’s great, we all have players we like and we dislike. I think jagr, who would not take shootouts even though he was offencively gifted (never said he wasn’t a great player), I do not recall seeing him talk to that many refs either it was usually shanny or straka if I remember correctly and one poorly timed and inaccurate elbow does not a captain make. I also remember drury dropping the gloves after a teammate was hit high (mara or staal I think, but not sure) and I never once saw jagr drop the gloves when he was with the rangers. Fighting does not make a captain, but neither does scoring the most points, it is playing hard all the time in all three zones as well as other things. I am not saying drury is the perfect captain at all (I listed some the other day like iggy, lecavalier, brown, doan, players that do it all and truly lead by example in all aspects) but overall a better one than jagr by far in my opinion.

  86. If we had drury at half price like we did jagr (thanks washington) he would not be the issue with 90% of the people that complain about him now. To me, it isn’t his performance, it’s his salary. He has performed to his almost exact career averages in almost every category since joining the rangers (again, he was just overpaid with his contract). when jagr was here did he perform at a level equal to his career averages in his tenure? I am just asking, I have no idea if he did or not!

  87. chuck

    It might be, never said the guy was perfect at all, just doesn’t quite warrant all the criticism he gets, his contract does, but he doesn’t!

  88. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury is like 14th on the depth chart in scoring and behind a couple defensman and maybe even tied with Anisimov and another low liner (not names Higgins).

    Your question about Jagr is interesting. You’re trying to compare his performance in NY to that of Drury’s… hmmm. Jagr’s career average was 102.5 points a season [pause for station identification and to let that sink in a moment](1.25 pts/game). Into his last season he maintained that with the Rangers, but finished his career with a 71pointer which brought his Rangers career average down to 1.14 points. Not bad for a guy who demonstrated a slight drop off in play late in his career after being the most prolific and dominant scorer in the NHL for 3-5 years. And in Jagr’s 15 years in the NHL his 13th season (first full with the Rangers) was his 3rd best in terms of points production and his 14th is tied for his 7th best in his career. I think that proves that as he aged, he still was performing.

    Jagr would have been worth his money even if Washington didn’t pay 55% of it.

    I also want this little stat to sink in for you… Jagr is a career +275. Now, Chris Drury, ‘the winner’ [termed by SI] is now a career -1. Comparing Drury to Jagr is like comparing a training bra to a Victoria Secret model.

  89. ZzZz Frankenstien ZzZz "Halloween Apples !!!" on

    I hate to agree with True…but Jagr did carry the Rangers on his back Wicky , Jagr ran the show and was a force here in NY. He snatched up Graves 52 goal Ranger record and he also made Rozival play better. Jagr was “stuck”in a Renney system and still scored goals and tons of Assists. Jagr was to us , is what Gaborik is to us now…The Main ticket,Top Dog , Big Kahunnaa….where Drury is , well ..he is Clutch where Jagr and Gaborik are why we pay Millions to players.

  90. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury has 0 points in 5 games… he deserves criticism and I’m appauled he’s avoided a good benching to date.

  91. ZzZz Frankenstien ZzZz "Halloween Apples !!!" on

    Jagr and Gaborik are $7 Million player and Drury is a $2.4 kinda guy.

  92. Hey Stall and all, I posted this above as an update, but in case you missed it, I just had to add this here:

    Carp mentioned it, but I have to give Susie a personal shout out for embracing this non-sports reporter/Ranger fan and letting me have the time of my life here, and contributing to the live chat with her, and letting me host with Carp!
    I worked with Susie on a lot of non-Ranger related business, too, and I am going to miss her immensely. BTW, congratulate her, she’s getting married in two weeks! Yay! Susie, I’m gonna miss you at the 3:30 :)

    OK. Go back to your chat. Why aren’t you out trick or treating anyway???

  93. I just opened another kokanee beer and I’m getting ready to relax for the evening and watch the dvr’d mtl tor game and I ust had to look one more time at the blog….ok, here it goes. I am not comparing drury and jagr point for point. Jagr is a far better offenceive player than drury ever thought about being. Jagr being the prolific scorer he was should always have a very favorable plus/minus (let that sink in for a moment….common sense). I would rather have drury’s three zone avg play than jagr’s one zone excellent play….this is just an opinion of mine, if you or whom ever else thinks jagr was a better captain than drury fine no problem, I don’t. I would rather have a captain that plays three zones of the ice instead of a captain who plays one, again just a preference. To be quite honest I never saw jagr drink from the stanley cup as captain of any team and I have not seen drury do it either as captain. I have not seen the rangers get past the second round of any playoff series with either guy wearing the ranger sweater. Jagr had the benefit of the same coach and system since the lockout (not that it was a good one mind you) and drury has had only one change but has had a lot of player changes this season), but again either way second round is the best we have done with either so it really seems silly to try and compare two totally different players like this, i prefer drury to jagr as captain, most people here will probably prefer it the other way so good for them. Still no cup from jagr or drury and jagr has 0% chance to get one with the rangers now and at this rate drury’s is only a marginally better chance, but nice stat research though!

  94. hey laurel. had a great time tonight. went trick or treating witm my little girl and she dressed as snow white. she was so cute. and she got me a date with some girl i met at the grocery store!!! love my girl!!

  95. One last thing, this whole time I have been talking about the team captain, not its leading point producer. Just because you score the most points does not mean you deserve to be the team captain, a big kahuna of the team, the big dog, sure, no problem with that. But that does not and should not entitle you to being the captain. On that note, the highest paid player should not automatically be your captain either!

  96. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wicky, that’s fair enough and I get your point.

    I do want to say one last comment because there is something you’re wrong about… scorers aren’t always +/- leaders. Half; 12 of the top 24 scorers, ALL-TIME, are +100 or better. 9 of them are between 0 and +100 and 3 of them are negatives including #4 scoring leader all-time, Ron Francis. Jagr’s #28 all time plus minus (including all of the defensmen up there). That’s an achievement. Jagr was a winner.

  97. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Your last post is a good point… and it makes me wonder why Drury is the captain after all… that’s right, it comes back to those “intangibles” and “clutchness” so perhaps you now get the joke? goodnight.

  98. true

    I agree jagr was a whiner and a pouter…..oops, sorry you said winner, yep he was a winner up until the second round with the rangers and all his great scoring and plus minus could not bring the cup here again, but it wasn’t all his fault but as captain he should get the majority of the blame and it isn’t all drury’s fault and despite being clutch he too has not brought the cup,so as captain he too must get the majority of the blame. I hope no one is going to let this RUIN their night!

  99. someone above mentions putting brashear in hartford

    well thanks to sather brashear counts against our cap this year and next unless we trade him somehow. reason is simple he was over 35 when signed so even if he retires he still counts.

  100. don’t forget to set your clocks back folks!!! Thats for the chit chat topics true and zzzzz and all, hope you had a happy halloween and good night!

  101. The complaints here have quite a bit of legitimacy about them, but the one underlying reason why the Rangers are
    rapidly dropping out of sight, is not the specific folks that are being criticized, but an entire change of team behavior. Recall back at the beginning…they’d come out flying, hitting and chasing the puck relentlessly everywhere on the ice, not giving the other team a bit of breathing room.It was a game of fierce and relentless pursuit. There has been a complete about face.

    To begin with, there is too bloody much COASTING, and GLIDING all over the ice. It seems like they are all on
    some kind of fragrant weed, and adopting a “what – ME worry?” attitude. The urgency has disappeared. You don’t see legs pumping going into the corners and along the boards
    any more by ANYONE.

    Further more, there is far too much board play. You never see them try to get people out in open ice, and they dump
    dump dump, and glide glide glide. Attacking lines all wind up behind the cage, and no one is ever in the crease.
    \And Tortorella doesn’t seem to be aware that they have drifted back into Renney chapter one, style of game, very handily.

    And I’ll repeat for the hundredth time..THEY DON’T SHOOT HARD ENOUGH! Even the Isles take hard driving slap shots on goal,but these people are wedded to their limp wristers.

    All you need do is watch a few of the other teams, and note how commonly they fire cannon shots on goal. Caps for instance. Montreal against Rangers.

    During this upcoming Boston game, pay close attention to how infrequently they attempt a slap shot from the point.
    Redden is genetically incapable of firing a hard slap shot. Roszival once every 14th game or so will try one. Staal …verrrrry rarely. And Girardi! Even when he does set up for a slapper, he doesn’t ever do it on the fly, or a one timer..he always stops and keys up the pck first, and by then he’s lost the element of surprise. The mechanics and attitude of this team is all wrong, and it’s not just a couple of’s a policy of indifferent play. They try too many long long passes which are also done too timidly and too poorly chosen, inaccurate, and often deflected or picked off. I don’t know what they do at practice but these basics neglect are killing them. and giving me an ulcer.

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "No Kessel ,No problem!"... says Greg L. on

    Ahh thanks Wickyyy , But I don’t have to set my clock back , Im central baby!!!


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