Call of the Wild (Updated)


I told you guys I saw Frank Brown at Yankee Stadium last night and some of you spoke very highly of him as a gifted writer (he is; I almost said “was”).

By coincidence, today he wrote a story for today on goalies’ masks. This week is the anniversary of Jacques Plante’s invention (NHL Network will do a big piece on the mask this weekend).


Not sure of the timing, but also has this story on the Rangers’ 54-year curse and the ghost of Red Dutton.


Hope to have updates on Gaborik, Brashear, et al, later, then a new post for the game thread.


AFTERNOON UPDATE: Higgins, Gaborik and Avery are all out tonight. Brashear is back in. And Dane Byers has been recalled from Hartford to play tonight, along with Parenteau.

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  1. REPOST:

    Let’s play a kids game…

    Next person who responds to “it” should consider him/herself no better if not worse than the pile of Newark garbage.

    Game on… (:

  2. No need to update us. We all know Gabby is not playing tonight.. the most brittle man in hockey do you say it…INJURED

  3. CCCP,

    Am I “it”?

    Ban the Troll!


    Are you a Ranger fan or do you get paid to do this blog? Who do you get paid by? You need a raise!

  4. Yup, they are banged up, allright… I’d like to see Anisimov move up in the line up tonight. PAP isn’t an answer either, he is a bit too slow. Why not Grachev?

  5. This is a test fersure. The team (as in everyone) must rise to this challenge. It certainly presents an opportunity to guys like Dubi, Boyle, Lisin, AA. These guys can really make a difference in a game like this. These are good players than probably have more to show and more they can do to help the team win.

  6. Lets see if the rangers can rise to the challenge like the Devils did in Boston and in Pittsburg last night and last week.

    My thoughts…


  7. If the Rangers couldnt win without Gabby versus the worst team in the NHL, at the Island, how in g-ds name are they going to win without Gabby, Avery or Higgens?
    Boy Boy Boy

  8. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    If Avery and Higgins are banged up and do not play, I like that there calling up Byers and not Grachev yet.

    Grachev still needs seasoning in the AHL.

    And Byers def deserves his chance to play in some NHL games

    Him and PA could have made the team if there were spots open on the 3rd and 4th lines for them

    Its also a good sign that in training camp we had at least 3 or 4 players that could have made the team, but there was jsut no room for them

    ITs a GREAT problem to have so many players in our system NHL ready or close to ready. Maybe this will light a fire under Higgins butt to know if he isnt producing, there’s guys on the Wolf PAck waiting to take his job

    Remember the not too distant days when we had No One in the system


  9. Lol, what a joke, Gabby, Higgins, and Avery all out ?

    Why is this guy so fuggin sensitive ?? Does he get a concussion while getting a haircut ? Jeez.

    I don’t know why Byers is getting called up, once again pass on a guy with NHL talent, over players who are only AHL talented.

    Last time i said that PA Par scored, so hopefully Byers scores. But still, Grach should be in the lineup, it’s the perfect opportunity for him to play.

  10. per nhl live

    deb placey states no gabby avery and higgins according to tortorella from morning skate.

  11. I think if Gaborik doesnt play tonight the injury must be serious. His former team of what, 5 seasons? Not to mention the fact that it is the ONLY time this season they play eachother? Those fans in Minnesota are gonna be laughing, because thats why he is gone. GLASS CANNON.

  12. Gabby or no Gabby Rangers win tonight. Minn has a -1.17 Goal differential and a very low GFA. Also, their D and Goaltending have been way less than average. This is a game for the taking.

  13. I’m sure Minny fans are laughing at their dismal record and how the managed to replace Gaborik with just as injury prone a player (Havlat).

    At the very least Gaborik is back skating.

  14. MikeyNJ- Byers at his best is a third line player and we have plenty of these. He is a tough guy, but who is he going to fight, Boggard? That’d be a very short one.
    Grachev, on the other hand is projected as a top 6 player. How else does he get an NHL experience if not at the beginning of the season?

  15. Nice work CCCP regarding “it.” I think that should be placed at the beginning of all threads for the next couple of days, til “it”‘s cognizance of his depression and actual level of depression meet up and he decides to find the nearest rope…

  16. Orr – Dane Byers is a future NHL player. He’s a skilled power forward that has put up some quality numbers. His problem was that tore his ACL last year so lost his shot at getting called up. I’d rather him over Grachev because as good as Grachev is in regards to raw talent, he still needs work to learn the system and speed of the game. A year in the AHL will do wonders for him. No need to rush the kid when you have other guys who can come in.

    Also this was from a few posts ago but people were asking how we were going to compete against physical teams when we let the Isles run over us. Remember not to long ago when they played the Ducks, they were extremely physical, especially in the offensive zone. They show up against physical teams that are good. Its the aggressive lesser skilled teams they have a tendency to slack off against.

  17. Well at least we won’t have to watch Gaborik scoring 5 goals against us tonight :)

    Too bad we can’t even watch him take 5 shots for us right now :(

  18. hey local fan. did you not tell us you travelled to japan and were some sort of trader in the business world. you seem to post a lot for someone with such an important position. or were you full of bs regarding your business career.

  19. JONNY

    I don’t know, in my opinion, Byers is at best a 4th line NHL player.

    Id rather see Grach get a game or two in the NHL, just so he can get a taste, and see how it is, and what he needs to work on.

    Hopefully Dreary is the next to get injured, i wouldn’t mind seeing replacements for both Dreary, and Higgins, and i don’t care who replaces them. Both are losers.

    Dreary will once again be on the ice for a goal tonight.

  20. Jeeze. So what, wouldn’t some of you rather him sit out & heal his knee than risk him having the injury more serious?!

    And in terms of “it” fantastic idea…

  21. ORR- Drury’s not injured? Come on. He has to be. No one making that much money would be playing so bad. I think he lost his heart. That’s a bad injury.

  22. messiah no i did not read the previous thread. i’m good with the ignore bit. great idea.

  23. I find time for you guys!
    I guess Interesting is on the same level as me.
    The mediocracy continues tonight!

  24. Orr – You can be pretty funny and you have a right to dislike any player you want. But WTF is it with you wanting Ranger players to get hurt?

  25. We need Hank to come up big for us tonight. We need him to really come thru.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Orr – I never said Byers would be a top line guy. But if we need players to fill 3rd and 4th line spots, he can do it and be a scoring threat. He’s a pretty solid skater, he hits, and he loves to park himself in front of the net (which is where he gets his goals). I don’t know how much you’ve watched him play in Hartford, but I loved it when he was healthy. He was clearly one of their best guys.

    This is a good test for the team. I’d rather guys go down now than in March like in the year after the lockout when our team pretty much fell apart because everyone was hurt. Hossa was the only one scoring…and that wasn’t like he did the year after.

  27. Looked like Avery hurt his knee again vs. Isles. Higgins limped off once too.

    New Newman,

    If not a knee or groin then what is it? Hammy?

  28. “ORR- Drury’s not injured? Come on. He has to be. No one making that much money would be playing so bad. I think he lost his heart. That’s a bad injury”

    Yeah, Dreary lost his heart after he accidentally pitched it in that Little League World Series game. All those years in Buffalo, he was playing with Connolly’s since he never had a chance to use his, since he was always injured.


    I don’t want them to die, or have a career ending injury, but i don’t want useless players in the lineup. And if we’re lucky, Slats realizes how useless Dreary is, and that we don’t need him, and he’ll swallow his pride and try to trade him.

    Honestly, LA is looking like a good team this year, and if they’re willing to take Dreary’s salary, i think we can make a trade. Dreary has a house in LA, and a bunch of friends. That’s where he goes in the summer, i think he’d accept the trade.

    I can imagine him leaving with his family to drive to LA in the clutch mobile. It would be just like the ending of that two Corey’s movie, License To Drive. Hilarious !

  29. So since you all acknowledge it is a good test tonight…what happends after they fail.
    I can’t wait for you guys to ask carp again for an update on Mr. Brittle…the man is INJURED.

  30. Way too much negativity here….. some of you need to chill !!
    So we lost to the bottom feeders…… big deal. The Isles played a good but undisciplined game like they had 20 Hollwegs skating around out there, Torts use 112 different line combinations, we hit 4 posts and a crossbar, and a rookie made a big mistake….. let’s not pack in and cry in our cheerios kids !!!!
    If this is happening after the Olympic break, feel free to get a little nervous, but for now just enjoy some hockey and be fans and support your team !!!!!

  31. And ill also add what does it matter if you guys respond or dont respond? To me I just like to put my thoughts out there… and I will be putting my thoughts out there until the Devils win the Cup and ill actually feel bad rubbing it in your faces.

  32. I think all Nyr fans should be concerned. Cause Gabby IS INJUUUUUUURED !!!!

    I honestly thought he might get hurt during the Olympics, or maybe after, but this is way too soon. Im worried, im getting gray hairs, im not sure if i have to consider viagra yet, but this injury is killing my health.

    We need to lock Gabby up in one of those bubbles, like in that episode of Seinfeld, with the bubble boy. Protect him at all costs ! Seriously, imagine Kim Kardashian riding Gabby, his hips would shatter, and his organs would probably explode out of his poop loop. Imagine if he had lice !!! His brains would probably melt !!!!

  33. Anyone want to take a guess on the lines for tonight?
    Any shot we AA will see top 6 minutes? This would be a good opportunity for that. I also wouldnt mind seeing dreary on the 4th line tonight!

  34. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Nto sure if you guys missed this yesterday

    But my High School buddy who works in the Rangers organization told me it was Gabby’s knee region, and some sort of bruise/Muscle problem

    Nothing Broken, torn, etc. Jsut stiffness, soreness, and not full range of motion

    And I’d rather have guys injure dnow rather than later in teh season as well

    Either way after tonights game were either 9-4-1 or 8-5-1 (not counting if it goes to OT or SO)

    So for the first month of the season, a very respectable record. And better than I think we all expected with all the new players, new system, etc.

    Again Id take a 13 or 14 game month with an 9-4-1 or 8-5-1 record any day of the week


  35. ORR,


    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its funny if I said something like that I would get reemed!

  36. HockeymanRangers on

    This Gaborick not playing tonight concerns me, we have only played 13 games and he already not playing. And I am not saying he should, if he is hurt he SHOULD NOT play. But how many preseason games did he miss. Is he that much of a lightweight and can’t hold up to NHL play???
    Well this should be a interesting game as we all should remember their record does not mean a thing. (Islosenders) Lets just hope this is the end of injury, for everyone. Which leads me to another point, Torts style of play may be more prone to injury then Renny’s. But there is no stopping us now. I should be around for the game tonight, chat more then

  37. I swear to g-d I think the real mikey is really Chris Drury..Dreary says the same stuff…any team would take this…blah blah blah.
    He should be saying how concerned he is of how pathetic he has been playing in addtion to the outlook of the even more pathetic New York Rangers organization..for years to come I may add…

  38. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    HAHA Staal Wart.

    Also I think Byers will fit right in tonight

    The kid is 6’3 and 220’s and doesnt mind getting dirty.

    Plop him right in front of the net, let him pick up those garbage goals

    LETS GO RANGERS ! ! !!!
    LETS GO RANGERS ! ! !!!

  39. Orr,
    I agree with your opinion on Dubi. Artie has been much better in every aspect of the game. Dubi of late has been a turnover machine…and he better start stepping it up or the boo’s may rain down on him.

  40. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    your right, the rock is way more annoying, mind splitting, ear bleedingly irritating than a turd.

  41. BlueshirtBrawler on

    At least Gaborik is out sitting on our bench instead of lighting the lamp for the Wild. Last time we played in their building, he scored 5 on Henrik!

  42. We were very lucky last year with regards to injuries….It is definitely better that we have these injuries early on in the season…This can serve as a wake up call to some of the players (cough cough DRURY hello time to turn it up just a bit)….lets get it done tonight-pumped its a friday night game-whoooooooooos drinking!


  43. BlueShirt,

    Even if gabby was on Minny he wouldnt be playing tonight anyway….The guy is good to play maybe 10 percent of the season..since he already played 10 or so games…needless to say its not looking good!

  44. Henrik,

    No my was when Schoenfeld was coach of the NEW JERSEY DEVILS..
    amazing how little some of you know about hockey.

  45. Hahaha; hopefully not too much trouble.

    Guess I am showing my advanced age as compared with most members of this board. Sigh…

  46. I just LOVE Chico Resch

    He once had a cold when he was announcing, and almost sounded like a man. I didn’t care for him that night.

  47. Right now, maybe im being a little too hard on Dubi, but the way i see it, i kind of wished he got traded, depending on the return. Honestly, a line of Prospal, Gabby, and Heatley would have been amazing. Maybe at the time, we woudl all say “Prospal centering those two ?? Hell no”, but obviously it would have been great.

    But i think Murray wanted a few more pieces, like McDonagh, etc.

    Im just extremely disappointed in this guy. I honestly thought he’d be a whole new player, especially after the BS he put the team through with his contract garbage, but he’s the same old player.

    Im not giving up on the kid just yet, but like i said, im not happy with his start to the season.

  48. Somebody is clearly not ignoring he posted the whole chico thing under my name.
    Chico did win an Emmy!
    And Doc is obviously the best in the business and in the Hall of fame..
    id take that over Mic and Nosen.

  49. I don’t know what hope there is for Dubinsky. He’s going to be a decent third, maybe second line guy, but for the stink he made in training camp you’d think he would be bringing more. Especially with Gaborik and Prospal. How come those two are racking up the points and Dubinsky, on the same line, is nowhere near those totals?

  50. Are we starting to think that Dubi is a 40 point guy? I think if he clicks with someone he’ll get better. That’s a big if.

  51. How smart does Dubinsky’s agent look now? Got the man paid..even as a RFA..and the guy blows.

  52. I had it out with some lady at work today who I just don’t get along with. She comes and says to me, “You don’t like me and it is obvious, what is your problem with me.” I told her the truth and that I don’t agree with how she deals with kids or her policies. I told her that she is not ever really that friendly to me either. And then, with a straight face, I looked her in the eyes and said, “You get what you give, but I then give a little bit more, so if you give me crap (I really used a different word) I in turn give you diarrhea.” HAHAHAHAHAHA

    I cracked myself up today and thought I would share with all of you.

    LGR tonight!!!!!

  53. Dubinsky is looking very 40 point-ish this year, unfortunately. If he did get on the same page as someone it’d be a different story. Maybe they could try him on the wing, but he definitely looks like a more natural center. It’s just like last year so far, you’re expecting a breakout and it doesn’t look like it will happen. Still early, though.

  54. Has Dubinskys “sophmore slump” (i belive thats the term you all used) turned into what we can expect from him here on out?
    What is up with the regression of Marc Staal? Seriously???? Even I loved this guy and wished he was on the NEW JERSEY DEVILS…but now?? have you guys seen him “play” this season? Absolutely dreadful.

  55. A) why is my NHLPA comment awaiting moderation? Is it because I posted links from and It’s a pretty big news story since the NHLPA execs have pretty much all stepped down.

    B) Whoever thought Dubinsky was going to be more than a 40-50 point guy was crazy (coughStanFischlercough). Kid is good, but to me he’s a very poor man’s Vinny Lecavalier. He’s got speed and strength and decent hands, but he doesn’t have the finish like Vinny. He’s going to be a solid player, but nothing to go crazy over. I said that 2 years ago and I’m sticking to it.

  56. Speaking of Vinny, maybe we can put together a sweet package for Vinny, throwing Dubi in there.

    The guy is definitely getting traded this season. It would be awesome to bring him to NYR. Vinny 1, Vinny 2, and Gabby. Sweetness !!!

    I don’t have anything against Doc Emrick, but i hate Chico. My favorite Doc Emrick quote was during a Devils game 2 season ago. He said “(Random player) creamed by White), after Colin White threw a big hit at someone. Doc is a flat out perv !

    It wouldn’t surprise me if handies were going on under the booth during a Debbies broadcast.

  57. 2 years in a row Dubi teases with all this talent only to fall back to earth. What was he doing in the first half of October that disappears?

  58. “He told me I was the biggest, fattest bleeping pig he had ever seen,” recounted Boudreau in his book. “He told me I was fatter than bleeping Ken Hitchcock. He told me I was going to die because I was such a fat bleep.”

    Wow, i gotta say, even for Aves, that’s pretty fugged up, lol.

  59. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Great story!!

    You always crack me up!

    Have fun at the PJ concert and let me knwo if you get the bootlegs, would LOVE a copy


    Carp, Sally, have a great weekend!

  60. From TSN:
    The drama continues to unfold at the National Hockey League Players’ Association with news that interim executive director Ian Penny has parted ways with the organization. While Penny resigned his position with the NHLPA on Friday, he believes he was effectively dismissed.

    I’m telling you, the league will eat the NHLPA alive during the next CBA. Garry must be drooling all over it. They need to get their act together.

  61. Orr – I think thats pretty standard ragging from Avery. Other players have been quoted (can’t remebmer who) that they can’t believe some of the Crosby he spews.

  62. Gaborik only has a minor shoulder injury. Though this may be an unpleasant foreshadowing of the playoffs. I mean, the question becomes how many games will thsi guy play during the season and playoffs. Without him, not only will remain scoreless, but more importantly, he generates many quality scoring chances for guys who don’t score very often. So that’s why we get 1 and 2 goal games without him. I bet Drury is hurt. He’s invisible out there as of late.

  63. Carp

    i think i just figured out one more rule for your list.

    Rule # whatever:


    what you say?

  64. OMG 7 games ago everyone was going on about how Dubi’s contract WAS justified. Leave the Little Man alone, please. There are plenty of targets more worthy of your kvetching.

  65. Jay- agree, from what some players have been saying here and there, whatever Avery said to Boudreau was a pretty benign thing comparing to what he can come up with.

    Folks, imagine Avery on this blog? He would spill out some interesting “pebbles”, if you know what I mean

  66. Bring back Prucha on

    Personally I don’t see getting worried about Gabby right now. He’s not injury prone like everyone says. He had the same groin injury over and over and over again. The problem was they kept treating the groin and not the apparent source of the injury, his hip. The man goes knee to knee with Prucha and has to sit a couple of games, big deal. Did you see how Avery hurt his knee? He fell down, not even awkwardly, and he’s already missing a game. If Gabby’s out 2 or 3 weeks I’ll be concerned but he’s already back to skating. My opinion, it’s a bone bruise, he’ll be back next week sometime.

  67. Jason – Drury isn’t hurt, he’s just not good. I said that when we signed him for a salary he didn’t deserve.

    Sally – I personally have never said Dubinsky was going to be some great player. I think he can be really good, but just because he started hot (he was playing with 2 guys who can put up PPG in a season), doesn’t mean he can consistently put up points. He’s solid, but for some reason our fans try to make him out to be a player that he is not.

  68. Prucha – I think Gabby got hurt on a hit in the 2nd period. I know they say it was the 3rd period, but he went into the boards and got hit by 2 guys on the Coyotes and looked kind of awkward. He skated OK after that, but his leg got clipped weird and then he probably reaggrevated it in the 3rd. Probably some type of charlie horse that he wants to make sure goes away so it isn’t a nagging injury that slows him down.

  69. Jay October 30th, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    “Staal, how bad is the knee?”

    I don’t know Jay.
    I played through it last night but this morning holy Sh**! It hurt to walk, plus now I’ve been adjusting people all day so its sore. I don’t think I torn anything…because there would be no way I could have finished playing. I think I just sprained it pretty good.
    It has to get better, I skate Monday again.

  70. Yeah the game thread went POOF.

    Oh god, the Pens down 3-1 tie it up with a little over 2 mins to go with 2 goals in 40 seconds.

  71. The Rangers are in trouble. We need Gabby back. Our defense needs to get a little better. Another turnover at center ice costs us. Pathetic.

  72. We actually lost to the Islanders. The Isle might end up with 15 wins for the season, and that might be pushing it.

  73. LOL Chuck… I didnt that I was that drunk that the thread poofed away. Staal should take a stint with the Pack he has been aweful.

  74. what happened to the other thread? Staal has been terrible. I don’t mind him getting more into the offense, but PASS the puck, don’t try to skate through everyone. This isn’t juniors big guy.

  75. Joe says it’s a learning experience for Staal. How many bleeping times do the opposition need to score off his idiotic turnovers before he learns?

    Paging Capt. Drury, the season started like a month ago man.

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    We are here. The post is in the twilight zone.

    Do do do do
    de de de de
    dum dum dum dum


  77. They’re not playing hard, they’re not playing smart. Staal has taken one big step backwards, and that’s being kind.

  78. FIRE RENNEY !!!

    Take Staal, take Dubinsky, and get Vinny L !!!!

    And once again, someone tell me, why we’re paying Brash*t ??? Boogeyman is taking runs at everyone, and he’s doing NOTHING ABOOT IT.

    If Orr was here, bones would be broken, and this sickly looking blinding white we’re seeing on good ol’ MSG2 would be covered in blood.

    Fuggin horrible night.

  79. drury just is captain useless. he adds nothing to this team. he will end up getting 8 million for blocking shots and making clutch clears on the pk. how can we pay a betts clone 8 million a year!!1! how??? and why is torts making him more of a defensive center? make him earn his money!!! on that last goal, staal just has no confidence. hes got zero offensive skill, yet tries to be brian leetch. and where has cally and duby and prospal been? i dont think any of them have had even a chance to shoot the puck. this is actually worse than the isles game, if thats even possible. so without gabby, were basically a renny team without the defense. great combo!!

  80. What is this team going to do. Bitten with the injury bug and a mistake riddled team. I thought Torts and his benching of players was supposed to teach them accountability/responsibility and how to better themselves.

    Without Gabby, we cannot afford to commit turnovers all over the ice and allow relatively simple goals. We allowed something like 18 shots against the Maple Leafs, i know i know, with hard work defensively. If we allowed 25 shots against Spaghetti Valiquette, we might have been looking at 3 GA instead of 0

  81. Torts has to either rethink this so called system or reteach it. These guys don’t have a clue what their doing. I realise that it’s a light line up, but even so they should be better. This is hard to watch.

  82. Olga Folkyerself on

    Torts can’t afford to bench anyone, he hurt too many guys in the locker room after the last game. Avery, Higgins out from Torts battering them senseless with a whiffle bat.

  83. Ive decided to be a thief for Halloween, it’s the only part i really know how to play. My wife is gonna be tramp, from the Disney movie, and my kids are gonna be Hannah Montana, and wear authentic Hannah Montana clothes, because i can afford them.

    Im really enjoying my life at the moment.

  84. its times like these that make you appreciate 94. holy hell is that the last time we had a team witha set of balls? i mean they had a big giant red white n blue bean bag sack. this is probably one of the softest and emotionless teams the rangers ever had. wheres drury charging up the ice and gettin his nose dirty in the crease? weheres our d men to knock these punks off the puck? they cant even clear it 5 on 5 for minutes at a time. bunch of slackjawed maggots

  85. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hes going as the invisible man
    which is not only NATURAL, its smart because he’d save 7million by not needing to buy a costume.

  86. Olga Folkyerself on

    Grabachev, would you like to join me in a “FIRE SATHER” chant?

    All together now…


  88. I don’t like to fight, i don’t like fighting, it makes me sad because im soft. Im so ugly i cant have a girlfriend, and when i do they use me for my money, and leave me. That’s why i hug people when i fight, because i just want love.

  89. 2g. i wonder in any came in key spots.

    oh well, i wont get angry at cally. his work ethic is unquestioned, and he’s young and not getting 7 mil a year.

  90. Olga Folkyerself on


    Anyone else want to join in? Or isn’t 10 years of this Sather carp enough for you?

    All together now…

  91. I should be happy about that, I am even wearing a Staal jersey watching this game but it barely makes up for a pretty horrid game again.

  92. MAKO I only have 8 bottles in my fridge right now, I don’t think that’s enough for the next 13 mins.

  93. I did predict we’d score no more than two goals. You guys should head to bed already; this game is over.

  94. We want the cup. we want the cup.

    or as the scumbag bruins fans put it, “we want it, we want it”, meaning Red Sox tickets because there is no such thing as a Bruins fan.

  95. posted this before but it vanished with the other posts: is it funny or extremely sad that Byers and Parenteau both are already halfway to matching Drury’s goal total this year?

    and Staal now becomes the 12th Ranger to either tie or pass Drury’s 2 goal total:

    Gaborik 10
    Kotalik 5
    Prospal 4
    Del Zotto 4
    Anisimov 3
    Girardi 3
    Lisin 3
    Dubinsky 3
    Callahan 2
    Gilroy 2
    Avery 2
    Staal 2
    *Drury 2*

  96. Who cares about the Knicks, seriously. Until they make their failed bid for Lebron why even advertise?

  97. Ok, let’s see if that last “benching comment” was a fluke or not. BENCH DRURY!

    Forget Sather, how about benching Drury already?

  98. CCCP
    October 30th, 2009 at 10:05 pm
    MAKO October 30th, 2009 at 10:03 pm
    Im telling ya Drury better come up big this game…
    OR WHAT?


    I knew someone was going to comment on this. Or Im going to sleep and Mr Clutch can shove a stick up his Reasoner

  99. god rozy you suck so bad!!! how does he still have a job??? why cant torts just waive him??? and drury??? do it you old ugly fart satherpuss

  100. hahahah… MAKO, I’m down for playing too. So each individual save is a drink, huh? How many do they count for when he doesn’t have his stick?

  101. OMG this game is being broadcastings all over the world, to troops and this team cant give them a hard working, balls to the wall game? Do they know this?>>>

  102. captain “Money” doesnt have to be vocal to communicate! Captain “money” communicates with his mouthpiece!

    two chews = bring me my slippers

    three chews = bring captain some water

    four or four and a half chews = count my money time!

  103. Olga Folkyerself on

    “OMG this game is being broadcast all over the world, to troops and this team cant give them a hard working, balls to the wall game? Do they know this?>>>”

    Yeah, Captain Clutch is working on it….

  104. I am a Knicks fan, but i dont care about the knicks games. I just happened to wonder how they came back from 30 points. Would be kind of nice to either finish in last place or make the playoffs to help sway players to coming here next year.

  105. st0w

    I changed the channel. And this is how they are playing. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  106. i am just watchin now just to see if we get any sustained pressure. i dont think weve had one odd man rush, or any good shots besides byers. thats sad. lets see if duby, cally or drury do something. looks like torts doesnt even wanna coach this team anymore. just put a mannequin back there with a mad look on its face

  107. HockeymanRangers on

    These guys are playing Torts style hard pressure in the neutral zone, and get possesion asap.

  108. If you’re looking for a drinking game that’ll REALLY get you going, take a drink every time Rozsival passes the puck four feet ahead of someone or right at their skates.

  109. They badly need to work on their passing. If they aren’t passing it aimlessly they’re missing each other’s blades by a lot or handcuffing the recipients. That really kills the flow trying to move it up ice. They make way too many low percentage cross ice passes as well.

  110. Olga Folkyerself on

    Time out! Time out!

    Captain needs to know where to have dinner tonight. Any suggestions?

  111. yeah joe m… why dont you remind us once again aboot the history of Chris Drury because obviously he is rewriting his own history ever since he got to NY.

  112. HockeymanRangers on

    ok I am begining to see how we look with out Gaborik. But still even with him I think we still would have sucked tonight. Torts needs to take a different approach.

  113. Olga Folkyerself on

    Nothing like a Ranger game to get a lousy team back into a winning mode again. Is there?

  114. I really don’t understand why year after year, this team does the same old carp. We have half a new team this year and a new coach, and yet the same garbage play happens now as has ALWAYS happened. The team never plays sixty minutes, nobody gives any effort, and they make the same bonehead plays. This is just the same old junk over and over again.

  115. Oh jeeeeze they are going to interview Drury

    The pain of my missing tooth is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Olga Folkyerself on

    “This is just the same old junk over and over again.”

    Can I get a “FIRE SATHER?”

  117. interesting but sort of useless trivia … last two games

    @sslanders got first regulation win of the season…PAP first goal of career

    Wild got first win in regulation… Byers first goal of career.

  118. I’ve got to agree with st0w, and the worst thing is, I don’t know what’s wrong…

    Is it our conditioning?
    Is it our mental toughness?
    Is it our unwillingness to be a physical presence?

    We had 20 shots on goal that game. 20. They had 32. What is going ON here? Where’s the team that won 7 in a row–these guys have the same names on their jerseys…

  119. so we have really hit a low point huh. it wasnt even remotely exciting. this was not a “safe is death” hockey game. this was 18 neutered ballerinas figure skating. nothing positive to take from this at all. avery and higgins wouldnt have done anything anyway. so actually it wouldve been 3-1 cuz byers wouldnt be playing. not much to like about this team right now. ok all, have a ggreat night, and hope duby,drury,rozy all get jumped by trick or treaters tommorow and get injured so we can just call up the rest of the pack to score our goals for us.

  120. welll Im going to drink in hoping that I can forget what I just score. I cant believe they lost to 2 of the WORST two teams in the league. W T F!

  121. cccp- remember when dru hit someone behind minnys net and just kinda tapped the puck in front but it hit the skate of backstrom? jowe was like” oh good play by drury, he steals the puck and does a great job to get it free and send it in front” or somethin liek that. i sware that was probably the 2nd time dru had even touched the puck the whole night. this team has gotten so boring lately!! this is the kinda crap that makes hockey unwatchable for the casual fan. if i was a casual fan or trying to get a casual or non fan into hockey, this one game alone would turn me off of it forever. how does torts not get these guys ready to play a freakin hockey game? they dont even pass the puck to ach other anymore, they just play pinball across the ice. anybody see the original dawn of the dead, where theyre in the shopping mall and at the end they show the zombies in the hockey rink and u see a couple of them layin and playing on the ice,falling down,limping around aimlessly and knocking the goal net around? lol it reminded me of that scene from the movie!!

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