Rangers-Isles in review (updated)


I’ll be honest, I only saw some highlights (lowlights?) and the first half of the game on Rangers In 60 (Rangers in less than 30?).

So I might be wrong with some of these presumptions. But I’d bet I’m more right than wrong about:

1) Without Gaborik, this lineup looks a lot like last year’s lineup, especially since Higgins, Dubinsky and Callahan were supposed to be a big part of the difference offensively. There’s not another top-50 NHL forward on the team. No knock against the young guys who will probably be very good players some day. The veterans are, as a group, below average

2) Captain Drury. Never mind that he’s not scoring. He’s not doing much of anything, as if the Higgins (can we call it the H21?) flu has spread to him. That first goal was clearly Gilroy’s fault, and Gilroy clearly struggled. But Drury and Kotalik gave no support at all. And there they all were, with Redden, in the replay of Moulson celebrating.

3) Gilroy has struggled too. You live with it. End of story.

4) Rozsival’s been bad most of the season, but what the heck ever happened to Staal and Girardi?

5) Which offense had a more putrid night, the Rangers or the Yankees?

6) As bad as they look without Gaborik, I still wouldn’t rush him back. Lose a game or two in October to win more important games later.

7) Time for Tortorella to step up. His aggressive system is great and fun to watch, but you better have players who know, or learn, that within that system you have to do a little extra to support or back up when the defensemen go deep; and defensemen who understand that there are times to go and times to stop. They are still being taught. A lot of this falls on the coach.

8) Last but not least, neutral-zone turnovers. They are deadly no matter what system you play. Lethal.


AFTERNOON UPDATE: 12:47 P.M.: Gaborik did not skate today. He remains out day to day.

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  1. Damn it Carp!
    Glen, I don’t understand what I’m doing here. Torts hates me and I’ve turned the puck over 14 times in 2 games.
    (Fans chanting Pilon sucks! in background)
    I’m already a minus 6. I don’t think I should have come out of retirement.
    Rich, hang in there buddy. Five more games of this and the fans will forget how much Drury’s making. I am the best GM ever!

  2. This is what happens when you put this type of team together. The defense is nothing short of dreadful. There is a reason why you should not have rookies with this much responsibility. I always praised Staal, but what is going on with him? He has totally regressed. The only bright spot is Prospal..which was a great signing for 1.1 mill..

  3. i figured id share something funny quickly


    Boudreau coached Avery for the Monarchs, and the experience ended up being a negative one. But that was tame compared with what Boudreau recalled Avery saying during Game 7 in the first round of the last year’s playoffs against the New York Rangers.

    “He told me I was the biggest, fattest bleeping pig he had ever seen,” Boudreau said in the book. “He told me I was fatter than bleeping Ken Hitchcock. He told me I was going to die because I was such a fat bleep.”

  4. Carp-yup, just about right. In other words, we enjoyed that game as much as you did watching the Yankees.

    Again, the Islanders wanted this game more. That’s where I think Torts should step in.

    Agree, Gaborik shouldn’t play tomorrow either. With some better effort they should get points here and there without him.

  5. What is it that you guys just dont get. Saying Gabby shouldn’t play?
    He CAN’T PLAY. He is INJURED. It might not be a torn ACL but the most brittle man in hockey is injured once again and will miss some time.
    I may have to correct myself soon. Gagne is pretty Brittle too!!

  6. TR- as horrible as it sounds, maybe Avery should start saying more stuff. His play is marginal at the moment. He needs his mouth. I’m sure Hitchcock was thrilled to read it..

  7. Sather needs to man up and start moving people around. I am the BIGGEST Ranger fan as all you here, but lets be honest with eachother.

    We are in need of a top line center, and a top defenseman.

    Dont ask me how or where we get them, but he got us into this mess, he MUST get us out.

  8. Carp- you should do what you enjoy. To me, 60 min would be more than plenty last night. Then again, there was no rain in my living room.

  9. I was hoping for an easy NYR win over a bunch of losers, and a strong Yankee WS game on my birthday yesterday, but got neither. :-(

  10. Were fishsticks that good last night or were we that bad? Gaborik is outta the line-up and we cant master more than a goal against the weakest team in the league? Different roster, different coach…same result.

  11. Well said Carp.

    To underscore your points:

    When the D-man rushes, Staal, Gilroy, whomever, how does one O-man not come back and support or be ready to race back to cover is beyond me. Goal 1 last night, Gilroy makes a rush up and Higgy and Drury sitting there loafing until it was too late.

    The D is not hitting enough nor are they clogging up the middle. Against the Devils, the Isles, and the Sharks (come to think of it) we got beat up the middle with D-men caught flat-footed or not hitting or both. Not a good combo.

    Enough shenanigans from Drury already. I have been loathe to bash him too much, but it’s getting pathetic already. Loafing back on D, playing so-so on the PK, and doing zero offensively or motivationally….for that we pay $7mm/year? Where do I get that job?

    Gilroy (and MDZ at times though less so) seem to think they can get by on half-assed attempts to move the puck. A few errant passes, a few ill-timed rushes, etc., it seems like those guys still think they are in their previous leagues where their ability and not their execution of the play would be enough.

    Happy the team is getting a strong dose of reality after the fast start. This is deja vu all over again. I just hope Torts mixes the carrot and the stick approach.

    BTW, anyone think PA Parenteau earned another game regardless of Gabby’s health? I do, despite my misgivings about him in the preseason.

  12. havent posted a lot in past few weeks looking for job still.

    however after watching this disgrace last night the rangers at best will be an 8th seeded team by the end.

    lets be honest gabby opens up the ice for everyone without him we look miserable. like last year all over again.

    can someone put drury out of his misery.

    most useless piece of garbage ever.

  13. I understand that no-one will ever be able to fit Messier’s shoes as captain, but Drury is a discrace to the letter on his jersey.

    He looks miserable, he plays miserably, and dare I say it, he does what Blair Betts did, just not as good.

    WHAT A JOJKE to this franchise.

  14. Avery is a very good player, but only if you allow him to play the way he needs to play and understand that there will be penalties.

    If I were Avery, i would do the sam ething right now. If I knew that i could be benched or scratched if I opened my mouth, I would be more submissive and play differently.

    Thats what Avery is doing, and this is a product of Torts not letting him be Avery.

    I hope he realizes it soon and loosens the leash. We need Avery to be himself again!

  15. hahaha avery is a very good player!
    he was put on re-entry waivers, meaning teams can have him for free and at half his salary and the only team that is interested is of course..glen sathers new york rangers! and he is on your top line. that is a joke in itself.
    all he does is cause penalties and call his coach and opposing goalies fat…
    clearly hes good at running his mouth but thats about it.

  16. U should be more worried about the fat @$$ you guys have in net and less worried about who we ake off waivers.

  17. totally agree with the messiah…if anyone should be getting booed by the garden faithful, its dreary…i have never been so disgusted with the “leader” of this team in my lifetime. he’s absolutely dreadful, a worse version of blair betts

  18. Yeah, I absolutely love Avery. I love what he brings to the game. He is a good hockey player, has great speed, and a very quick deceiving shot. I remember in the playoffs a few years ago he put one upstairs on some goalie. I can’t remember who it was though. I think he actually scored on this one particular goalie twice in the same game. Hmmmm. I know if I think hard I can remember who it was.

  19. What a joke. And Torts sees no worng in him. If you hear the interviews, he’ll put down everyone else, but nor Dreary.

    He is having problems scoring, but is playing very well away from the puck, yada yada yada.

    We dont need him to do that for the millions he’s getting. We need to see production, in either assists or goals. Were not seeing either.

    He is done. Put a fork in him!

  20. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Good Post Carp

    8-4-1 for the first month of the season is a pretty good place to be.

    Were still second in points only behind Shittsburgh

    Still loving Propsal who should get the other A .
    Avery jsut needs to step up his game like he did in the waining minutes of the 3rd period last night.

    And absolutely agree, rather have Gabby miss 2-4 games in Oct than when it really matters.

    Carp, PS.
    My high school buddy who works for the Rangers Med staff emailed me back a little while ago. ( I emailed him regarding Gabby) in a nutshell he said:

    -Gabby bruised the outer part of his knee.
    -Nothing torn, nothing serious. Bruise/Stiffness – Day to Day
    -2-4 games max is all he will be held out
    -VERY pissed off about not being allowed to skate in the Minn game, but not his call (trainers & med staff)

    So its all good news

  21. But that has nothing to do with his talent. It has to do with his mouth and personality. And quite frankly, it only fits in NY.

    Thats ok though Local- you keep thinking to yourself that Avery stinks, he always somehow finds a way to stick it to FATSO though.

  22. HockeymanRangers on

    REPOST. What is the deal with Drury he does nothing. I don’t care if he blocks shots and wins face offs the guy must be burned out of hockey or soemthing, and is just simpaly there until his retirement. It really sucks he plays with absolutely NO PASSION WHAT SO EVER. And if there is a different side of him in the locker room well that’s not good enough, he needs to play with emotion out on the ice. We really really really need a new captain. And someone has mentioned Prospal he may be the man. Drury should give it up if Torts won’t take it from him.

  23. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    the rest of us ignore Local Fan… you should also.
    His comments are a waste of space, and us commenting on them is a waste of time.

    So just skip over his posts!

  24. Avery talks a lot..so i guess he is a good hockey player..
    I believe he called David Clarkson a “bone head minor leaguer”
    Funny as clarkson put up more points and goals last year then avery ever has…
    great he called marty a fatso!
    This fatso has the most wins all time.. an olympic gold medal and 3 Stanley cups..4 vezina’s…
    would you be happy if the queen retired with 100 less wins then Marty..1 stanley cup and 2 vezina’s?? i believe you all would!

  25. A LOCAL FAN – serious question – why do you read this blog and post here?

    I don’t like the Devils, so I don’t read their blogs and troll their forums. Funny how that works.

  26. Carp,

    Thank you for clearing that up. It’s nice to here people who think they know hockey and think I dont know hockey to be put in their place…

    October 29th, 2009 at 1:04 pm
    there were plenty of other teams interested in avery at half his salary.

    Rick Carpiniello
    October 29th, 2009 at 1:08 pm
    TR, I don’t believe there were.

  27. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    he posts here to rile people up. Responding to him, or asking him questions only furthers his satisfaction.

    So again, i ask everyone to just skip over the posts. Don’t feed the fire.

  28. Audio,

    Maybe you don’t..but lots of ranger fans post on devils boards…just like ranger fans show up to devil games wearing ranger jerseys when they are not even playing…just like ranger fans show up to islanders draft parties wearing ranger jerseys and messing with islander fans…
    point is ateast what I’m saying is truthfull. i dont make things up.

  29. Carp,

    I read a couple days ago that Gaborik visited Dr. Andrews in Alabama. Can you confirm this?

  30. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    no prob man, no need to apologize to me. I’m all for intellegent hockey banter, but i refuse to further acknowledge hypocrites.

    People who have nothing better to do than troll blogs and try to get reactions from different team’s fans are not worth the energy we exert on them.

    This post included.

  31. rick

    i hate to disagree but there were. regardless of who got him off waivers there were plenty of teams that tossed the idea around and made phone calls.

  32. Good afternoon, Carp!

    Sorry about my bad language slip up last night! I got talked into doing shots of Jameson after Sabres goals :/

  33. Sally,

    So you care that much about the devils game? The rangers losing to the islanders is all good because the Devils lost to the best team in the NHL right now? Without their best defenseman (martin) second best forward (elias) and their top defensive forward (pandolfo)

    And you guys talk trash to me..

    hahaha all Ranger Fans are Jokes.

  34. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Since the hockey and baseball season has overlapped… i seem to recall either both the Rangers and Yankees win on the same night, or they both lose…

    i can’t remember a night they both played where one lost and the other didn’t….

  35. I think at the beginning of each new post we should have someone post a standard – IGNORE LOCAL FAN. DO NOT RESPOND

    We’re doing a good job of getting the word out. I just hope he doesn’t end up on the end of a rope because the only place that he gets any attention has turned its back on him.

  36. Hey AFLY

    I also agree that everyone is doing a much better job at ignoring certain trolls. Not mentioning anyone but name, but its been far better.

    See fans? It wasnt so hard.

    Looking forward to a Yanks win tonight to even the series, and then the Blueshirts taking on the Wild Friday with the return of Gabby hopefully.

  37. Hey AFLY

    I also agree that everyone is doing a much better job at ignoring certain trolls. Not mentioning anyone but name, but its been far better.

    See fans? It wasnt so hard.

    Looking forward to a Yanks win tonight to even the series, and then the Blueshirts taking on the Wild Friday with the return of Gabby hopefully.

  38. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    A F L Y,

    he’ll simply return to the fire and ice blog and do the same nonsense over there.

    And when that fails, there’s always the Sabres blog…

    then the Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, Yankees, Mets blogs!!

    so i’m sure he’ll stay busy for awhile….

  39. TR,

    Just because you were clearly wrong and CARP re-affirmed this to me doesn’t mean you should try and ignore me. I guess you guys all live in fantasy worlds..and not reality.



  40. I’m officially going to make the change to AFLY. I appreciate you putting the spaces in my name Vinny, but its quite unnecessary for me to burden my fellow Rangers fans with that. I remember Carp once complained about the spaces too. The spaces are gone everyone! If only it was that easy to get rid of Drury, Roszival, and Redden.

  41. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    i heard pacifiers are on sale at babies ‘r’ us….

    there’s a big store in jersey i hear…

  42. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    Amen to that! I’ve been a big Drury fan… i’m starting to sour pretty quickly. I’m very dissapointed with the lack of physicality from this team.

    I was never a fan of Redden, and the lone good thing Rozsival has done was that double OT winner against Buffalo.

    $18+ Million dollars wasted each season. Gross.

  43. *Loafing back on D, playing so-so on the PK, and doing zero offensively or motivationally….for that we pay $7mm/year? Where do I get that job?*


    Attn: Glen Sather
    Madison Square Garden
    4 Penn Plaza
    New York, NY, 10001

    Don’t forget to ask for a FULL no-movement clause too! Ha-Ha!

    All you guys need to back off Captain Clutch! Captain Clutch will say it again:

    So what if Captain Clutch only has 2 goals in 13 games!

    So what if Captain Clutch is on pace for 12 goals this season!

    So what if Captain Clutch’s faceoff win percentage is 49.8%!

    So what if 9 forwards on our team (including that doofus Voros and “clueless” Lisin) AND Rozsival and Redden have a better plus/minus rating than Captain Clutch!

    So what if Captain Clutch floats around the defensive zone like a mindless zombie!

    So what if Captain Clutch helps bring any PP to a grinding halt!

    So what if Captain Clutch helped turn Callahan and Higgins into bums at even-strength, and now I’m doing the same to Avery and Kotalik!

    It’s all about the LITTLE THINGS!!! And intangibles! And being a winner! Didn’t you guys ever play hockey??? If you did, you would know that Captain Clutch is a STEAL at $7 million! And let’s not forget the REAL issue last night- Gaborik, a.k.a. “Captain CRUTCH”, injured as usual cause someone probably sneezed on him! Getting paid $7.5 million to sit out! What a loser! When Captain Clutch gets injured, Captain Clutch scores CLUTCH broken hand playoff goals!!!

    Try to measure THIS with your fancy “numbers”, silly “statistics”, or nonsensical “facts”:


    /peels off in Clutchmobile

  44. Chris that is Great!

    I love the nickname Captain Crutch for Gabby!!!!

    I think Drury Started calling himself captain clutch! He was a pretty clutch player…in LITTLE LEAGUE…and now he gets 7 million + to say “We will be ok. Every team in the NHL would take the position we are in”
    Thats all the little guy says. Never takes responsibility. And he is the captain.
    What a joke this organization is.

  45. i dont know what it is about the “clutchmobile” but whenever i see it, it always makes me laugh. whoever came up with that is funny.

    lets hope Gabby comes back soon. the NYR desperately need his presence in their lineup.

  46. Hey guys–caught the game on radio last night.

    Do we need to attach a GPS to the puck? We seemed to have trouble directing it into the net.

    It sounds like the team came onto the ice flat, and Torts didn’t do anything to put some spark into their game. Drury’s lackluster (and zombielike) captaining hasn’t helped.

    Final thought. Has anybody noticed, so far, all our losses happen when Brashear’s not in the lineup? I can’t explain why or how he could POSSIBLY help our game, but…

  47. Don’t forget your astonishing little league career, Captain Clutch! Take credit where it’s due! You were a leader even as a youngster!

  48. Lmao! It makes my day when “Chris Drury” posts.

    But seriously, if these men are professional athletes, how do the let the basics of the game escape them? Forechecking, pressure on the puck, puck support, checking ( taking a hit to make a play, hitting said player WITH the puck to create turnovers ) don’t be fancy with the puck, cycle, keep someone in front of the net, go hard to the net. All of these “systems” should be engrained on their hockey MINDS! why is it that players “forget” this basic things. It’s frustrating.

  49. I just want to say that when you look at the overall season, this is one little stretch. The team is still learning the system. Torts said they still have stuff to learn and work on and it’ll take time, but as they keep progressing they’ll get it. As long as they don’t make a habit of playing lazy hockey, then I’m ok with a loss here and there. They aren’t going to win every game or have it every night.

  50. “$18+ Million dollars wasted each season. Gross.”

    this team will never win ANYTHING with almost 40% of their cap space tied up in those 3 clowns

    Drury just keeps getting worse, he truly is a poor man’s Blair Betts (except $35 million richer)…I would give ANYTHING to get rid of him, but with the no-movement clause, we’re stuck

    Rozsival is atrocious, it looks like he’s actually scared to play hockey, but with 2 years/$10 million left after this season, it’s not a crippling contract

    Redden’s toxic contract is the killer…it’s untradeable (5 years/$32.5 million left), so Redden NEEDS to get waived and buried in Hartford for the good of the franchise…I could care less if he’s played halfway decent (at best) this season, the disparity between his contact and his actual play makes him a “must go” at any cost…the cap space he eats up now and will continue to eat up for 5 more years is waaaaaaaaay too valuable

    but in the end, the REAL answer is what we’ve known all along: still gotta Fire Sather

  51. Jonny

    Agreed! I we all see effort & they just get beat by a better team. I’m fine with that too… But when we see braindead plays, lazy plays / penalties, no checking / back checking – is when i get pissed.

  52. Rich

    I’m glad someone other than me notices that from Rozi. From last year I watch him with the puck & when there is a close up, you can see him
    question his decisions. It’s written all over his face. He is scared to make the wrong decision, but makes it anyway.

    And get this. Out of redden, drury, rozi & higgins – I would keep Redden out of all of them. ( wish they were paying him less ) but he playing well every night & has been making smart plays this year. You can tell because we all aren’t complaining about him lol We’re complaining about Higgins, Drury & Rozi lol

  53. Good Post Carp

    8-4-1 for the first month of the season is a pretty good place to be.

    Are you kidding?? In last 5 games they are 1-3-1 and have been outscored 21-15. They suck right now.

  54. Malkin is out for a few weeks, so is Luongo. Happens to every team, folks. Part of the season.

  55. On a more serious note, when does Anisimov get more minutes? He’s quietly played well and is still being underutilized on the fourth line. Isn’t it about time Tort sees what he can do?

    Why not try him on one of those PP’s last night? He played preseason and looked decent.

  56. Today is a great day for me. Finally ALL of you guys are with me and saying the same things i have been saying from day one. This team is not good. You have a terrible GM. Drury, Rozi, and Redden cost 18 million a year.

    The only thing I’m shocked about is how poor Staal has been this year.
    He has 100% regressed. It must have something to do with how poor the other defenseman are on the Rangers and he thinks he can get paid 6 million + to be mediocre just like Redden and Rozi…

    I don’t think the rangers have one reliable defenseman right now..and so you know yes I would take Mottau, Oduya, Martin or Bryce Salvador over ANY ranger defenseman right now.

  57. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Section 407

    You’d rather have a losing record right now for the entire 13 games we’ve played this month?

    I’ll take 8 wins out of 12/13 games every month all season long.

    And Carp, seriously can we ban this little shinebox already?

    He’s now insulting Sally and being deragatory towards other board members.

    We’ve all had enough of MR Fatso troll coming here

  58. How am I insulting Sally?
    Sally thinks the Devils losing the the first place Sabres makes the Rangers losing the Islanders ok. ahhahahahahahahaha
    that is all ranger fans mentality..
    we have more fans yay!
    we loose to the islanders but no prob…the devils lost to the sabres..

    so i repeat. it is my opinion that all ranger fans have sally’s mentality.

  59. To think aboot it… kid the “it” (who shall not be named) is like the hoo-or… spreads the legs for the one who wins.

    from now on, “it” shall be known as “The blog hoo-or” lol


    yesterday he was on the verge of tears until someone acknowledged him. PLEASE I beg of you. It will be so much sweeter than responding to him.

  61. Or maybe you boneheads are all mine, in which case “SALLY’S” would be correct. Actually, maybe it could be ALL RANGERS FANS ARE SALLIES?

  62. And how am I being deragatory towards other board members? Should we go to past posts and see the names I have been called?
    The worst I said is moron…
    I’m not even going to repeat some of the disgusting things you ranger fans have said.

  63. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    why not repeat them? because your above it?

    All this coming from a a cry baby who got upset becasue someone called them a cigarette the other day

    Im done with you son!

  64. Well tonight is the first night that I really will be rooting hard for the Rangers when they are playing the Devils. I’ll be at the game with my Ranger fan friends but I won’t act the same way they do towards the Devils. I still have respect for my old team.

    Forget Gaborik, how is this Devils team supposed to stop us. The Rangers are fast and talented and they will pinch dman and get lots of rubber at Brodeur. They will also give up some 2 on 1s and 3 on 2s but we still have Hank to save us. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  65. Last night Gilroy looked great and now Devils fans will get a peek at him. Sather beats Lou yet again. Lou wanted Gilroy but Sather went the extra mile while Lou lowballed. Watch the kid tonight, he’s a good one.

    I’m also interested in seeing Grachev, Lisin, and Del Zotto. Man the future is bright!!!! I’m looking forward to watching Urbom for you guys.


  66. Brodeur’s play was amazing with bad ankle and all. But is everyone forgetting about Ward? The fact that he didn’t get a star last night was a joke. If the Devils lose this series I’m adopting the Canes as my 2nd favorite team behind the Rangers. But only for the playoffs. So everybody calm down.


  67. TG I disagree with Shari. Tell the team they choked. Please tell Lou to get a #1 defenseman unless I’m going 100% Rangers next year. Also for the all the people that say “screw you go root for the Rangers” just remember that I go to many games and I contribute to the franchise and the attendance and alot of the people here don’t.


  68. Yeah, yeah, classy franchise…

    Thanks TR.

    Anisimov, if given more offensive responsibilities, could thrive.

  69. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    can we ALL just stop feeding into his nonsense please??

    IGNORE YOU KNOW WHO. I don’t care if you have something witty to say, or you’re angry, or feel like defending the team. ENOUGH already.

    TR…. good stuff by the way and exactly the reason why WE SHOULD ALL STOP WASTING OUR TIME with that ‘blogger’.

    Everytime you insult him, or talk trash to him, or acknowledge his posts… he gets what he wants….MORE ATTENTION.

    be adults guys… let the child have his tantrums.

  70. Local- Its one thing to thrive on people who you stir up, but you are actually getting off on people making fun of you. That baffles me, in case you dont know what that means, it shocks me.

    Are you really this bored, or do you just not have a life? C’mon we have to know the answer to this….

  71. You are a peice of crap, and I, along with many members of this forum, would love to meet you face to face and continue this discussion.

  72. This is my favorite line

    “Sather beats Lou yet again.”

    What is going on this season? Seems like all the good players are getting injured so early in the season! What’s up with that?

  73. I just thrive on getting all you fools riled up. Trust me I am a devils fan and never posted that stuff on a devils blog. I may have been on the devils blog…saw what A Local Fan did there and decided to come here..but no that was not me on the Devils blog.
    and you know what.. I am here to stay boys+ Sally and

  74. Opinions.

    Lundquist getting run so much is a result of

    a) Defense pressing so much in the O zone resulting in the oppositions speed through the neutral zone as well as being chased and bulldozed into the net.

    b) A planned strategy by opponents to get Henrik off of his game.


  75. It’s so funny how nobody can follow instructions to ignore A Local Idiot. Who is a Local Idiot anyway?

  76. It’s so funny how nobody can follow instructions to ignore A Local Idiot. Who is a Local Idiot anyway?

  77. I love when the Queen Gets Run!!!! Lets all Run the Queen and then see how good we can be. Just like when Marty went down the Devils rallied around that. You think the rangers would win any games without the queen? It would be hilarious to see the Rags minus the queen and minus Gabby vs a college team. I wonder who would win?

  78. The Yankees offense by far was worse than the Rangers last night, the Rangers hit 3 posts/crossbars, the Yankees did a lot of nothing, and only had one baserunner reach second base in the first 8 innings

  79. Carp,

    The person who asked you to ban me is an imposter. Im sure you can tell that already based on the IP address. Do you want people posting under other peoples names?

  80. Well the Yankees did get shut down by a former Cy Young award winner, and let’s not forget he won it in the AL for all the AL fans that like to pretend that the NL is quadruple-A ball.

    The Rangers lost to the NHL equivalent of a AAAA team.

  81. ilb2001… i agree about anisimov, i really think he should have been given a shot on a better line last night with gaborik being out, they played well monday night, they could have just kept the lines pretty much the way they were and thrown anisimov with prospal and lisin, he has earned it, and then you just equal out the first 2-3 lines a little more since u dont have gaborik on any and dont have to be trying to keep getting him back out there, i know parenteau had a goal but its not like he dazzled anybody, he received a brutal pass to the front from richard park, put it to his backhand and threw it on net, happy for him that he got his first NHL goal but i dont see many more to come, he’ll probably be an AHLer for most of his life, he got this chance bc he is lighting it up early in AHL but Grachev will be light years better

  82. CT/UES Blue,

    Did I not call that loss last night? I believe you said something to the affect of how pathetic the Islanders are and there was no chance of the Rangers losing?

  83. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Dreadful to lose to a team that hasn’t had a regulation win at that point.

    Records don’t matter in a rivalry game, and usually the team with the worse record comes our harder and would love to beat the other team.

    So how the Rangers couldn’t ‘get up’ for that game stuns me. The Isles clearly came to play and be physical.

    Embarassing is what that was. The 3 or 4 posts certainly didn’t help…. but it shouldn’t have mattered. Outplayed, plain and simple.

  84. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    there’s always a chance to win, and always a chance to lose. That’s why they play. Records on paper don’t matter… no team is going to go 82-0.

    The difference is, good teams win. GREAT teams win and beat who they are supposed to beat.
    The Rangers have been good…but far from great.

  85. Still not as bad as the Ducks getting smacked by the Leafs.

    My biggest problem over the first 13 games of the season is that they do not play complete games. Somehow all the yelling and screaming and whip cracking from Torts still doesn’t get them ready to play hard from minute 1 through 60.

    They really need one of Drury/Callahan/Dubinsky (at least when he’s not on Gaborik’s line) to start popping some goals. I’m not asking for them to be like Crosby/Malkin or Toews/Kane type lines, but the secondary scoring needs to start pronto.

  86. BringBackStraka on

    I think Parenteau deserves a shot in the lineup, certainly over Voros and I would even say Higgins. Voros has about the same value to this team as the shovel that cleans up the ice during TV time outs. Higgins does nothing offensively and is out of position in the defensive zone (leaves the point man wide open). I like our young guys (not in that way)…why not let another guy in the lineup who will work hard and score some goals.

  87. I obviously get to you guys….
    people using my name…carp needing to get phone calls from Sally..or laura..or laurel or whoever about reactions from me…
    this truly is great..and I thank you all for being a part of the success.
    and the best part is you are all calling for me to get banned..but carp will start to see people blogging under other peoples names and you will be the one who is banned..
    unless Carp does not live up to his word and ban them..as i believe he has said before if you post under somebody elses name you will be banned.

  88. A Local Drug Addict is taking a page out of my book, daring the blog-father to ban him. Although when i did it, it was a lot funnier, and cooler. Plus Carp is cool, and Dubi looks like Freddy Krueger’s ass cheeks.

    Go to hell BB !!!

    This team isn’t good enough defensively, that’s my opinion. Staal is average, Danny G is average, Redden is a little bit better, Blowzival blows, as usual, and the rookies have been good, but they cant carry this team.

    The D needs to change. And Higgins needs to get dumped, and Dreary needs to get the swine flu, so he can miss a few games, and the team will realize that they don’t need him so they’ll force him to accept a trade, and we will all have a big party to celebrate the departure of the Clutch Mobile. I wish i could have had a ride inside, but i don’t like the idea of potentially running into Heatley, or into a taxi with a couple of psycho Kanes.

    The road is so dangerous these days.

  89. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    If the Rangers play soft against the Isles… how can we expect to fare against a real physical team like the Flyers? Who’s going to keep Pronger in line…Voros? Maybe we can get Boogard in here… then nobody will run Hank, and Brashear won’t have to ice his big paws anymore.

  90. local fan, you jackass. you can come on here and get everybody agitated, but there are a few things you need to know. If you go after Sally, I will ban you. I absolutely will. And am one of the few people — aside from this — who actually completely ignore you, and I will continue to do so. I am not responding to your pea-brained, childish taunting.

    Nor will I protect you from imposters.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

    TR, I still doubt there were teams who would have taken Avery.

  91. Carp,

    How did I go after Sally?
    And your not going to protect your site from people impostering? This is a blog and people have the right to their opinions. So you dont like my opinions but your going to let imposters ruin the integrity of the blog?
    You have said many times you wont stand for imposters, but because I agitate people who dont like my opinions you wont protect the integrity of your great blog? I thought you were better then that Carp.

  92. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    i’m with you on that, i’d like to see another big winning streak, but that streak also masked some of the problems the team had. It’s easy to sweep it under the rug when you keep winning…. but lose a few games and it comes front and center.

    One game Gabby comes out of the lineup and our 4 Goals a game average drops off to only getting 1 against the lowly fish sticks.

    soft coverage, too many blown assignments, key guys struggling, Higgins non existant, Artie not getting enough minutes, and Staal is the most physical D man we have? I mean i love Staal and think he’s a solid D man…. but where is the passion from the others? MDZ has good offensive skills, but not big enough to be a bruiser.

    Mara was tough, we let him go. We probably could have signed Orpik, he’d have been fine… heck even Semenov would have been dandy… at least he was big! But DARTH SATHER didn’t want to pony up another $100k!!

    If i were Sather i’d ask Captain broken Clutch to re-do his contract for the good of the team!

  93. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Carp respects those who respect his blog, and fellow bloggers. Some of us are good at that, others… well aren’t.

    Everyone has an opinion… doesn’t make it good, justified, or even adult in nature.

    The integrity of this blog is fine, certain people’s integrity is not, and certainly not worth protecting!

  94. No, I’m not better than that. I will ban you.

    And this is the final time I will ever respond to you. The next time I recognize you will be when I announce you’ve been banned.

  95. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    …i’m confused. All this back and forth and impostering has made me go cross eyed.

    “They’ve gone to plaid!”

  96. Carp,

    I want to respect the rules or your blog. I don’t curse. I don’t imposter. I did comment on Sally’s comment, but I didnt know she worked on the blog too. For that I apologize. You did mention “there are a few things you need to know”. If you could just tell me these things I would appreciate that as I don’t want to risk getting banned as I truly love the blog and all of the insight you provide. Thank you for all your hard work.

  97. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Someone get Local Fan a towel or some moist wipes…. there appears to be a brown smudge on his face.

  98. Yeah, somebody posted about Malkin earlier. I almost missed it trying to avoid certain posts.

  99. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    ” Only one man would dare give me the raspberry……LONESTARRRRRR “

  100. “Rangers Fans, we are excited to announce the launch of The Sean Avery collection, available exclusively at The Double Teamed Store at Gate 66! This Sunday, November 1st, be the first to check out Avery’s collection of t-shirts, fleece, and knit hat designed by your very own #16. ”

  101. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    “Funny, she doesnt look Druish”

    LOVE That Malkin is out 4 weeks

    Cant stand Frankenstien Slewfoot

    And as always Carp, YOU are the best
    And SAllY’s a close second!

  102. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    ” you went over my helmet? ”

    ” not over… more to the side ”

    ” oh no!…. not that! ”

    ” YES. THAT. “

  103. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    ” SIR! ”

    ” What? ”

    ” You told me to let you know when planet Druidia was in sight ”

    ” And? ”

    ” Planet Druidia is in sight sir. “

  104. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Im out for the night boys and girls


    And the Spaceball references, too funny

    And to leave all my fellow bretheren on a good spaceball note:

    “She’s gone from suck to blow!!”


  105. Speaking of Malkin – my biggest disappointment about Mara was that after Malkin slewfooted him twice in that last Rangers/Pens playoff game he didn’t beat the crap out of him the first game against during the next regular season. If there was a guy who I thought would carry grudge and get payback, it was Mara. Particularly after that whole thing with Kaleta.

  106. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    a great Mel Brooks movie… if you seriously haven’t seen it, rent it ASAP, it’ll have you in stiches!

    and then you can thank us all for the counless one liners you’ll be saying the next day!

    ” Sir do you think we’re taking this too literally? ”
    ” He said COMB the desert “

  107. Carp, you just gave me the first laugh I’ve had all day!

    Duh. Sally doesn’t work on the blog. Sally is a highly respected and properly sassy contributor through her insightful and amusing comments. Plus, she think babies’ toes are yummy.

    I work here. And my name is spelled as above. And I prefer babies little fingers.

  108. lol local fan brown nosing soooo deep!!!! up in the large intestine area. i gotta say, i have ignored him also, but carp that was awesome!!! UNCLE MATTEO!!!!! carp’s the man!!!!

  109. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    …shall i assume Carp HAS seen the movie?

    he just played me like a fiddle.

  110. Yogurt: Use the Schwartz, Lone Starr! Use the Schwartz!

    Lone Starr: I can’t – I lost the ring!

    Yogurt: Forget the ring! The ring is bubkis! I found it in a cracker jack box!

  111. Aw shucks, MikeyNJ.

    Carp, you gotta go watch Spaceballs!

    I’ve lost the bleeps, I’ve lost the sweeps, and I’ve lost the creeps.

  112. Hey eric saw your’e post earlier sorry the job search hasn’t gone well yet.This sunday my game is coming up.My son is really pumped.Has my friend mike contacted you yet?He said he was interested in a game.greg

  113. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    Your loyal readers are giving you a homework assignment!


  114. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Fellow Boneheads…

    well done with the Spaceballs references…. your knowledge is extensive!

    ” May the Schwartz be with you! “

  115. nobody goes after the ladies on this blog!!! sally,linda,laurel, deja,beth,onecup, and others i may have forgot. even liza from LA!! its not cool. you’ll have to answer to the blogfather himself and his henchman cccp,wicky,orr,greg,me,pavel,woolery,shoryuken,vinny v, alex t, nasty, truefans, tr-808, koala, no country,izzy,spiderpig, real mikeynj, the mouth, and every other bonehead i cant recall at this moment!!!!!! feel the wrath of the ranger retaliation!!!!! coat check style!!!!

  116. Carp,

    I respect you completely, and the posters of this great blog. But obviously things wont change, so you are better off banning me. I accept that, completely.

  117. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    Well said.

    ” Why didn’t somebody tell me my ass was so big? “

  118. What in a holly…? I’ve got a headache reading through all these posts.

    Carp- in terms of Spaceballs, whatever you’ve heard above, that’s probably just about it. I’d watch it anyway.

    Folks, the last thing we need is imposters for you-know-who, takes too long to scroll through that crap, especially on handheld.

    Laurel, Sally- if you saw as many baby’s toes and fingers per day as I have to…Well, no, I agree, they are still yummy.

  119. Colonel Sandurz: Sir hadn’t you better buckle up?

    Dark Helmet: Ah, buckle this! LUDICROUS SPEED! *GO!*

    Dark Helmet: [as the ship is going into ludicrous speed]

    Colonel, stop this thing!

    Colonel Sandurz: We can’t stop, it’s too dangerous! We have
    to slow down first!

    Dark Helmet: BULLSHeeT! Stop this thing! I order you, *STOP*!

  120. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    ” Before you die, there is something you should know about us Lonestar…. I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roomate ”

    ” What’s that make us? ”

    ” Absolutely NOTHING “

  121. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    that movie is classic… and there are so many great lines…. heck we could just recite the whole movie!

    Carp is in for a treat when he watches that!

  122. “Yogurt!? I hate Yogurt! Even with Strawberries!”

    Spaceballs–classic. I still prefer Men in Tights or Blazing Saddles, but still.

    I hope Torts has some way of pulling this team back on track. Higgins and Staal (who isn’t stepping into a more responsible roll with the aplomb and skill of Cally and Dubi–who have both hit a bit of a stumble) need some serious turnarounds, and the team needs to remember that they have to be physical to win in this league. Avery needs to stop worrying about what happens when he’s himself and be the player who ticks everybody off AND still sacrifices his spleen to keep momentum going. Brashear needs to earn his keep or train Voros to do it for him.

    One thing I would love to see is Callahan take on more captainlike responsibility. I know he’s young, but Drury’s not going to do it–somebody should show the overpaid lump how his job SHOULD go.

    Love this blog. Thanks to Carp and Boneheads for keeping this such an awesome space. See you guys at gametime tomorrow.

  123. to gift of gab on

    can’t redo contracts.

    we never could have signed orpik. he wanted to stay with the pens and gave them a hometown discount

  124. On a different note… Boys, if you wear ties, check out that hockey fights cancer tie. It’s an ok looking thing and it is for a great cause! $39.99, isn’t bad. OneCup, sorry you’re out of luck, bro… Uhm, sister… Boobs don’t go well with that color. I think…

  125. Hey Carp – To your point #2 I say – Horsefeathers!

    Go watch the play on Rangers on Demand – Game Highlights.

    Drury is the only forward in the defensive zone supporting the breakout. (Kotalik is posted on the right boards/red line and Avery at the offensive blue line on the left. Drury is shooting up the middle (with the other forwards pretty much standing still). By the time Gilroy turns the puck over just past the red line – Drury is probably the Ranger furthest down the ice. He’s in the picture when Moulson scores because he’s skating. He’s the only forward skating throughout to whole play – and WTF? was Redden doing? I’d expect a little more objectivity from you.
    If you want to criticize the guy not scoring – fine.
    If you want to criticize him for speeding through school zones in his clutchmobile- fine. However, to be one of the players singled out on this play is just not right.

  126. Grabachev
    October 29th, 2009 at 5:37 pm
    nobody goes after the ladies on this blog!!! sally,linda,laurel, deja,beth,onecup, and others i may have forgot. even liza from LA!! its not cool. you’ll have to answer to the blogfather himself and his henchman cccp,wicky,orr,greg,me,pavel,woolery,shoryuken,vinny v, alex t, nasty, truefans, tr-808, koala, no country,izzy,spiderpig, real mikeynj, the mouth, and every other bonehead i cant recall at this moment!!!!!! feel the wrath of the ranger retaliation!!!!! coat check style!!!!


    LOL How can you forget the person you send crappy, lopsided trades to!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH ;)

  127. Carp, thanks, I trust you. Perhaps ORR needs some anatomy lessons.

    Well, even better, maybe OneCup can check out this hockey fights cancer too then.

  128. Grabby, you the man! and coat check style…hysterical.

    Sally, I see her Thanksgiving weekend. Gobble gobble!

    Carp, that is just too weird. He must have recognized your handsome mug.

  129. ohhh damn my bad mako!!! im on meds. i got my other 2 wisdom teeth taken out. how could i foget you bro??! lol

    on a side note- whos ya daddy is pitchin tonight!! they were layin in to him before warmups!!

  130. laurel- growing up, ive gotten into plenty of fights in school thanks to my sister. shes my only sibling and ive had to sorta protect her from bad dudes wit bad intentions. so, nobody messes with the blog-ettes!!!

  131. Mike

    HAHAHHAHAHA!!!! Im busting your chops. I had 1 of mine yanked last Tueaday ugh… still kinda hurts too. No worries… enjoy your meds ;)

  132. blog-ettes….ha! You’re a good bro Grabby. What meds you on? I had percocet after mine got pulled….goodnight gracie! (hmmm, you may too young for that reference)

    Sally, I will definitely take pics. I don’t know about the gravy (aw, Gravey, I miss Gravey) but there will be nibbling :)

    Night Staal and all. Been a looonng day. See ya tomorrow.

  133. Oh yeah, Carp, you gotta watch Spaceballs….I recognized all the lines but no way I could quote them all…good job heads! You have to see it to appreciate the lines, especially comb the desert….HA! And Rick Moranis was amazing (that hoser)….OK, take off! (who gets that??) You all must or I’ll be sad.

  134. Chuck! Yes, he gets it. (shut up Greg, yeah, I’m not gone yet). After you posted, I found this. Ha…why I never pay attention to reviews, and why is the Times bothering with this flick anyway? From wikipedia…

    Strange Brew currently holds a 68% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 77% rating from users of the site.[6] In her review for The New York Times, Janet Maslin wrote, “Anyone who’s partial to the McKenzies’ humor doubtless has a fondness for beer. The price of a ticket could buy enough beer for an experience at least as memorable as this one”

    Janet would last 1 minute with the heads.

  135. Carp, it’s an off-game night and I think folks may be local’d out. Come on guys, and gals, keep the blogfather company if you can. Me, I’m gone. Really.

  136. blog-ettes, brilliant.

    I feel obligated to say we can defend ourselves too, if need be. Otherwise my college will expel me. =P

    However, thanks. It’s appreciated. And, Carp–Marx Bros are amazing. Every new years, my brother and I sneak downstairs and watch Duck Soup until mom yells at us for being too damn loud.

  137. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rick Carpiniello
    October 29th, 2009 at 8:42 pm
    where is everybody? do you guys want to talk World Series?

    Probably watching TV (because everyone gets these games now… and the internet traffic probably spikes on Rangers games nights because alot of us use online sources to watch so we’re already at the PC). Just a thought.

  138. Right on, Leine! We blog-ettes can definitely take care of ourselves. But it’s still nice to know that the dudes have our backs.

    BTW, is your name in reference to Leinenkugel’s?

  139. Sure, Carp. They are loosing again, aren’t they? Where did all the potent offense go? And how is the weather there today?

  140. Shoreyuken, not as loud as the old place, but it got pretty loud on the pickoff play at first, and then the Teixeira home run.

    Weather’s good. Cool, clear.

    Frank Brown, big NHL exec and former Rangers reporter for the Daily News (and one of the best guys on the planet, and one of my long-time friends) is here. He’s actually sitting in one of The Journal News’ pressbox seats. What, you thought I’d make him stand?

  141. Frank was one of the best Rangers reporters…It was my pleasure to see him at one of the Rangers fan dinners a million years ago. Read him regularly…Carp, you’re right to give him a seat. Imagine if he had a blog!

  142. liquid brotherly love – Philly at it’s best

    didn’t see it mentioned but Higgins and Avery didn’t skate today either – both are “banged up” hmmmm

  143. Sally–lol no. It’s an anagram of a few letters in my name

    Laurel–pics of what? My Cat? I haven’t been home to get any, but as soon as I am I’ll send a few!

  144. So be it.if you thought they looked lousy against Islanders
    how do you like this one?

    What ever happened to all that aggressiveness, and relentless attack of the first few games?

    They have given up skating, their passing always stinks, and they stopped taking shots. This looks like last years Renney hockey, but without the defense.

    As long as this team is mired with non producing hi cost players with cement like contracts…they’re going no where.

    Say what you want about Islanders, but as far as I’m concerned they have the far superior team. Rangers have some better players, but their TEAM is superior. Reason of course is they’re not saddled with Rangers baggage.

    I have yet to see any Ranger do anything but glide into a forecheking alone the baords and in toward the crease. No pumping legs, no speed…no desire it looks like. And very very sloppy looking hockey thruout, from almost everyone.And wrist shots still rule..wanns see how to run a PP? Watch the Washington Caps. All blasters from any where on the ice and at any situation. They don’t care – they go for Polwer!

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