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I got nothin. But the previous thread was getting too long for a non-game night. So I figured I’d cut it off.

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  1. Carp,
    Please consider my advice: Check out other sites (HockeyRodent, Hockeys Future). They have categorical message boards. It will be more orderly. You have a great blog, and the posting is the most interesting of all the blogs I hit. You are too big for your own good!!!

    Great job.

  2. That great helmet line from spaceballs kills me every time. Speaking of the marx bros, I love the big store when the family walks in with all the kids and groucho says “what other hobbies to you have” (or something like that).


    you are a riot!!!!

    Grabby what up bro?

    I lost 2 bottom teeth to a puck and didn’t take anything for pain (STUPID STUPID STUPID)!!!!

  3. CCCP, when you’re in this business you soon lose all rooting interest. Honest to god. If I went to a game, I couldn’t even cheer. I go to see my nephews playing sports, and it’s hard for me to clap my hands or yell. A lot of the joy is taken out of you.

    ddebened, Walt retired and is living in New Jersey. He emailed me recently in fact. He just discovered this whole blog world. I’m going to have him come on and do some reminiscing in a guest-blog one of these days. Maybe more than one, if he’ll do it.

    He was — and is — quite a character, and he goes back farther than I do, way into the early 70s, if not the 60s.

  4. I hear you Carp. That sucks in way though because sports are so exciting and rooting for certain team could be very joyful or not! :P

    But on the other hand… win or lose…you wouldn’t lose your sleep over it…it could be liberating. I would still love to have your job though.

  5. That’d be nice. I probably caught the tail end of his career when I was just getting into hockey. Thanks Carp

  6. Went to the pub for the Yankee game, I’m so byfuglien hammered. I was like a one-man army, like Charlton Heston in “Omega Man.” You ever see it? Beauty.

  7. Way to go AJ! Nice bounce back. Hopefully, Alex gets it going this weekend.

    I’ll say it again. The coach needs to bump Artie up!

  8. WTF with that bears video?… I feel like I’ve just seen a real live leprechaun or something… how is that even remotely possible?

  9. And I missed it earlier… but I’m glad Carp has finally recognized Drury is terrible. He’s pretty damn far from a “fine” captain.

  10. Salty

    In Russia…everything is possible. Imagine one of those monsters on our defense? Talking aboot hard hitting crease clearing D!

    btw, did you get your hands on a new “Shpongle” album yet? Click on my name… let me know if it worked for you. Amazing music…

  11. Good am ALL…Its Gameday in Minnesota where we havent played well but i woke up this am and saw they were off to a tough start 3-9……should be interesting to see if gabby gets the go today in his old backyard-either way IMO this ia a significant game before a tough game against boston sunday and then the dreadful west coast trip…..

  12. wicky- i had 2 teeth pulled but im only taking ibuprofen. i just woke up and my whole left side of my mouth and jaw is really sore. feels like i got punched there about 10x in a row. i feel like i got coat checked!!

    tomb- u gonna be on HS tonight? i’ll be there right after work. i think gabbys out bro. he could be out for another week or 2. but thats really nothing right now. idk if torts is one of those coaches who rushes guys back in the lineup, but he shouldnt be. for what hes worth to this team, let him heal right while we play marginal teams in what is still very early in the season. i know gabby was pissed he couldnt play tonight, but the guy is constantly injured. u cant fault somebody for injury problems but at what point does this guy just say ok, i need a new line of work. if he didnt have such a bad history with injuries nobody would care, but i really thought wed see him play a full season. drury gets blasted by 2 slapshots earlier in the week and gets right up and starts playin again. gabby skates near an opposing player and the breeze knocks him over and hes injured for 2 weeks!!

  13. ok, i know the drury comparison was bad. lets just say then ive seen cally take some really hard checksand bounces right back from them. if gabby got hit with one of those, hed probably be coat checked to another galaxy leaving behind a black hole where his body was at the time of impact.

  14. We really need to win this game tonight. I don’t want to go further in to this downward spiral of inconsistency. This is a game we should win, but then again, so was Wednesday night’s game.

  15. All I know is that I will be in Philly tomorrow and watching pearl jam perform the 4th show of 4, until 2 in the morning, with guests galore rumored to be joining them in closing down the Spectrum. I know that sounds like torture to some of you, but I will be on cloud 9.

  16. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Let me know who plays with or guests come out on stage with PJ. Very interested to know

    They’ll probably play a 2 set 3 1/2 hour marathon to shut down the spectrum. Im sure it will be a memorbale show

    HUGe fan, and have seen them almsot as many times as Ive seen the Rangers

  17. Being in Philly, yes, that’s torture.

    Can you please set Citizens Bank Park ablaze for me, thanks Nasty.

  18. Yeah man, so far, they are trying to do what they did at those 3 shows in Boston a few years back, and play every song them have ever recorded. I am psyched, this is my 8th time seeing them, and I have floor seats to this one. I am so pumped.

  19. Yeah man, traffic is going to be awful, with the game being the same day and all. I am going to be heading there very early.

  20. I am eating all of the candy that I brought in for my students. Already did 4 Kit Kats and three Whoppers. Please send help.

  21. Yeah, I will be getting all the boots that they release. It should be stuff of Legend there tomorrow night. You can buy any of their shows on their website as well. Usually the day after the show. They will send you a sound board digital download, and then ship you the actual cd as soon as they have them ready. The longest PJ show ever was 3.5 hours at State College in PA. Tomorrow night is supposed to be longer.

  22. You’re better off jumping on that grenade Nasty, you seriously want a bunch of sugared up kids ruining your Friday?

  23. btw, did you get your hands on a new “Shpongle” album yet? Click on my name… let me know if it worked for you. Amazing music…


    Tried DLing back when you first told me… it was taking like 4-5 hours so I just nixed it… I’ll grab it at some point… around this time of year my music tastes slow down a little more

    thanks though

  24. CT, good point. I am going to eat all of it. Then, they can just come and drag my bloated, chocolate mouth smeared, body and throw me in the dumpster.

  25. grabby

    I with ya bro!!!


    what’s up?

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!!!

  26. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    people at my office are lame… i think i saw 3 costumes in the whole place…. i’m sporting my Yankee jersey and hat though!

  27. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    … i was gonna put on my hockey gear and throw a ranger jersey on and bring my helmet…. except my hockey gear smells AWFUL…. and that just wouldn’t be kind to those who sit near me!

  28. Good morning, Carp and happy pre-Halloween everyone! I’m going to see Sabbath and Nirvana play tonight and I’m gonna wear my Rangers jersey in public for the first time here. Me and Ozzy will be keeping track of the game together.

  29. I wasn’t feeling very creative this year… too much stuff going on. I was really hoping to find an Aqua Teen Hunger Force costume somewhere last minute.

  30. Vinny V.
    nothing like the smell of hockey gear…nothing…its so rank is amazing.
    Unfortunately I busted up my knee pretty bad last night. So may not be doning my gear anytime soon

  31. Staal, you bet! And Sabbath and Iron Maiden. They’re playing at an old funeral parlor with a coffin for a bar. So much better than Pearl Jam! Sorry, Nasty :)

  32. Seamus,

    No Chance Gabby plays. What everybody seems to forget on this blog is that he is INJURED.

  33. Laurel, sorry about your breakfast…

    Good morning. Fred Flintstone’s costume right here. Was a bad move though, it’s too freaking hot at work.

  34. Seamus, from what NY Post reports today, one can assume that he isn’t playing tonight. Nor he should, unless he is 100%

    Carp, that look on Pedro’s face last night when he was leaving the game was priceless!

  35. Cliff,

    If Gabby doesnt play tonight, he will play Sunday.

    They are being precautious. Thats what you do when you have a commodoty player like Gaborik. Teams like the DEVILS dont understand this as they think FATSO is their god.

    So to answer your question, YES!

  36. If the rangers want to be precautious with Gabby they probably shouldnt play him until game 7 of the stanley cup finals…

  37. Messiah,

    I saw the devils back up win a game in boston last night….thats without OUR 2 best defenseman (oduya martin) or second best wing (elias) and our best checking forward (pandolfo)

    You think the Rangers would have a chance at beating boston without those pieces?

    If you do. Then your a bigger joke then the Rangers Franchise.

  38. I swear I love attention. It is all I need in life. That and I need Carp to like me. And I need attention… And I need attention… And I need attention…

    /keeps repeating as it fades away

  39. I really wonder what each of you look like who call marty fat…it would be quite hilarious.
    im sure you all could be a three time stanley cup champion…an olympic gold named the NHL’s best goaltender for 4 years and runner up for 9 years…and oh yeah.. be the winninginst goaltender in NHL history!

    Im sure all you skinny people can do that..but Martin Brodeur is a fat slob who some how…in the most amazing of miracles accomplished all of that.

  40. What genious has us going to Minnesota for a Friday night game, then back to MSG for a Sunday afternoon game, then to western Canada for 3 road games in 5 days?

  41. Its people like you who make mw laugh. You hide behind a monitor, and act like Andre the GIANT, meanwhile in real life you are a little boy who is scared of his own shadow. Anytime, anyplace(except Jersey as it is too dirty for my liking), show me what a man you really are.

    What a pathetic loser. And no, youre not getting to me, I just cant understand how a human being would put himself thorugh this on a daily basis.


  42. Well tonight is the first night that I really will be rooting hard for the Rangers when they are playing the Devils. I’ll be at the game with my Ranger fan friends but I won’t act the same way they do towards the Devils. I still have respect for my old team.

    Forget Gaborik, how is this Devils team supposed to stop us. The Rangers are fast and talented and they will pinch dman and get lots of rubber at Brodeur. They will also give up some 2 on 1s and 3 on 2s but we still have Hank to save us. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Why is Dustin Penner having an amazing season, after two bad seasons, but Dreary cant do the same.

    Is this some sort of NYR curse or something ? Im trying not to hate this guy anymore than i already do, but when i see players stepping up their game, and not this loser, it makes me hate him more.

    And i cant believe Gabby will miss tonight’s game. What a god damn waste. 70+ other games to miss, and he had to miss the best one.


    Well tonight is the first night that I really will be rooting hard for the Rangers when they are playing the Devils. I’ll be at the game with my Ranger fan friends but I won’t act the same way they do towards the Devils. I still have respect for my old team.

    Forget Gaborik, how is this Devils team supposed to stop us. The Rangers are fast and talented and they will pinch dman and get lots of rubber at Brodeur. They will also give up some 2 on 1s and 3 on 2s but we still have Hank to save us. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oops…thought he was a debbies fan?

  45. Local,

    You forgot to put the accomplishment of him also being an uncle and a daddy to the same kids. After all he is banging his sister-in-law. But your type of people are used to this, so therefore, this is normal to you.

    You’re right, he definately has that one on me.

  46. I really like it when people respond to me. I doesn’t matter what they say, as long as they react to ME ME ME.

  47. Let’s play a kids game…

    Next person who responds to “it” should consider him/herself no better if not worse than the pile of Newark garbage.

    Game on… (:

  48. CCCP,

    It’s clear that nobody can resist… i say fact and people get all upset.

    How are you by the way brother man? Have not heard from you in a while.

  49. Just to throw some facts at you Local Fan:

    Lundqvist First 4 full seasons

    Wins: 142 Loss: 83 ShutOuts: 20 SV% .918 GAA 2.31

    Brodeur First 4 full seasons

    Wins: 119 Loss: 67 Shutouts: 22 SV% .914 GAA 2.26

    (Not counting Marty’s first season as a full season being that he only played 4 games. And if you do count it his SV% and GAA get worse over the first five seasons of his career–> .895 and 2.48)

    Lundqvist is right there if you look at the stats, some might argue he might even be able to surpass Brodeur statistically. And Lundqvist plays on a joke of franschise apparently so I would say his stats have been phenominal so far.

  50. Grabby- Drury has averaged 79 games a season over his 10 years in the NHL. You know he’s played hurt many a time and that stuff adds up. Something must be said for that. He may not be performing up to expectations but at least he’s not a prima donna.

    Staal- When we’d get polyurethane glue on our hands from work my friend would say the best thing for getting it off was your hockey gloves. There’s like some sort of toxic solvent created in those things.

  51. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    sorry to hear about the knee….oh wait i mean ‘lower body injury’…. hope to see you off the injury report soon!

  52. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    P.S. spending years in a locker room de-sensitizes you…. i’m pretty sure my nose doesn’t work anymore Staal… i don’t know about yours…

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