Waiting on Gaborik (Updated)



Andrew Gross tweeted (Twittered?) that Gaborik is out tonight and Parenteau will play in his place. Also that Brashear will not play again (fourth time in five games). So no prucha for Voros.


Still waiting word on whether Gaborik will play tonight. If I were Tortorella, I wouldn’t even think about playing him. You’ve got a tough schedule coming up … let him sit this one out, take tomorrow off, and see how he feels Friday. Why push him even a little?

Gaborik didn’t skate today … but it’s an optional on game days and a lot of guys don’t skate, or just go for a quick twirl to get the body going. As soon as we have something I’ll post an update right on top here.


Just a little link between the Rangers and the Islanders’ dynasty was revealed this week by ex-Islander Dave Lewis, in a story about playoff beards on NHL.com. Lewis told of a “souvenir” the Islanders stole from the Garden which they used for good luck, and carried with them, at the start of the dynasty. Read it here.


Here’s a little more of Tortorella’s post-game press conference from the other night. I know we didn’t see nearly enough of it live.


The Garden announced that its own (owned by Cablevision) Optimum Online will be available throughout the Garden now. Customers who are Optimum Online subscribers will have unlimited internet access throughout the building, and guests (non-subscribers) will be able to have limited access.


Headed to Game 1 of the World Series with my radio tonight. Keep me posted on the score, please. Reception tends to be really bad in pressboxes. Back later with game notes and a blank canvas.

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  1. Thank you, Carp!!! It was taking too long to scroll through some (uhm) useless comments. Guys, please DNFT(F)T. All he wants is for you to respond, no matter what the content…

    Izzy, I think JT is better than you.

  2. Pretty much said same thing on Battle about Gabby. In an Olympic condensed sched, they should not take any risks. He’s too important. This is the kinda game where guys like Drury, Higgins and Callahan need to step up. Also want to see Anisimov get bumped up. He has earned it.

    Let’s Go Yankees and Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!

  3. From previous, (carped?)
    Quick Question, I like Staal and I know he’s good, and will start to improve this season, soon, hopefully. But, would you take a P.J. Oshie, Cogliano, or Niskanen over him in ‘05? Or move up a pick and take Kopitar?

  4. If P.A sees any major ice time up here, it could be his last chance to impress the rangers and torts. Torts likes P.A a lot but P.A wants to play in the NHL. Lets hope he’s flying tonight against the Islanders.

    Rangers Revisit Mausoleum Tonight : I Revisit Awful Islander Mausoleum Carnival and talk to Islander Ice girls !


  5. REPOST ………………..

    i can see the blog is gonna turn into all shim all the time with the way you guys can’t seem to ignore him and not respond. you’re allowing shim to ruin it, and that’s a shame. and now, with the possible influx of the trolls from zips blog, it’s gonna go straight to hell, and not only is that a damned shame, it borders on the criminal! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  6. i wonder if that limited access would get me TORTS LIVE FROM NY!!! i just may be enticed to pay for that!


    “my boy drury” usually does step up his game in STRONG ISLAND!…Kotalik and Roszival score PP goals and the rangers win 5-2

  8. Linda, totally agree. Don’t feed the troll!

    CCCP-no, he isn’t his doctor. But he stayed in Holliday Inn!

  9. Well, I’d take Staal over anyone but Kopitar.

    Carp- I think Potvin still does the Panthers color.

  10. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    So you think HE’S better than ME?

    Grab your jock, daffodil, if you need one.

    I’ll show you who’s #1…


  11. Maybe this is the game that Captain Clutch breaks out of his stupor. Career stats vs the Isles (as a Ranger)

    14 GP
    7 G
    9 A

  12. Carp,

    I hate to disagree, but in my opinion Potvin is one of the worst color commentators around.

    I here him a lot down here in Florida, and he seems to say the most mundane and obvious things as if they were divine revelation. He’s just another pompous ass. The traditional Garden chants are right.

  13. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So whose goign up to the first line tonight?

    I think this is what may be the lines


    But you never know. I bet Kotalik and PA get switched up during the game if there’s a ton of Power plays

  14. So i guess Brash*t is only playing the games where there is no enforcer to fight. Sad. What a waste of money.

    And this sucks Gabby is out tonight. It’s one thing to miss tonight’s game, but i don’t want him to miss a chance to stick it to the Wild. Maybe a 5 goal game. Horrible timing to get injured.

    But who knows, maybe this will make him reconsider going to the Olympics. That would kill him.

    And PA Par better do something good tonight. I think it’s BS that they passed on Grach. This kid has NHL talent, and PA Par in an AHL hero, but an NHL zero. Hopefully they come up with a win tonight.

    And somebody kill that drooling idiot Tavares, and his butt buddy Okpiggo.

  15. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    BalconyBob, I am in agreement with you. I cannot stand listening to him talk during the games. Plus, his “Fran Drescher” voice is truly annoying.

  16. The below must be the worst line up in the entire NHL. And im not kidding:


  17. Haha, that would be funny if the Rangers weren’t playing the actual worst lineup in the NHL.

  18. Mike- I think PA starts on one of the top 2 lines and at center. Torts gives him a clean slate to earn a spot. If PA falters he goes to the 4th.

    I like kotalik’s role. I don’t think he needs top line minutes. He’s the perfect PP specialist. That being said, with Gabby out, he’s gonna get some top minutes.

  19. CT/UES,

    Would anybody here be willing to bet me $1,000? I say the Islanders win tonight. Give me the same money line in the post. Who is in?

  20. why not let artie have a shot as first line center? atleast for the first period?


    i think cally dubi and kotalik could work something nice also.

  21. Well Captain Clutch (his stick) usually plays well at MSG East so hopefully he can pick up his game tonight, maybe get some confidence and carry the slack for the hopefully short time Gaborik is out.

  22. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I have more confidence with this year’s team and think we can still win games without Gabby. I am more concern with our defense.

    I think if Gabby was out long term, it would be a concern.

  23. I’m thinking that Parenteau could only be called up without passing through re-entry waivers for a few more days, until a month after he was sent down without being claimed. Don’t quote me on that, but that’s probably the reason that the team wants to take a look at him.

    I’m surprised no Valiquette tonight, but maybe it is because of no Gaborik. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it looks like Lundqvist.

    Dubinsky definitely should be moved back to the “first” line tonight. Higgins did alright on Monday, but I would put him back on the fourth line to be able to showcase Parenteau as well as move Anisimov up a spot. Unfortunately, that would put three left-handed shots on the fourth line, which might not be ideal; although our normal first lines have had three lefties.


  24. I don’t know about putting Parenteau on the top line. I would imagine Cally, Dubi, or Drury to get the nod on the top line.

  25. It must suck to live in the failed state that is New Jersey. Their #1 import is other state’s garbage.

    Combine that with the highest taxes in the United States and being surrounded by murder capitals like Newark and Camden (don’t forget all the Philly rejects who are ducking charges/probation). The people there are such lowlifes they can’t even pump their own gas.

    That reminds me: they also have the highest auto insurance with everyone riding around in their hoopdees speeding up to stop lights like jerks. Is there anything that does not suck about this smelly state?

    You’d have to be a moron to choose to live there.

  26. how would one go about getting/exchanging money from a local fan if/when they win/lose

    i would love to see that exchange.


    new jersey isnt that bad of a place to live. they have the worlds tallest and fastest roller coaster. cape may is a beautiful spot for some HDR photos. some really great ice and roller hockey spots. great food spots and shopping. jersey mikes sub shop, god id kill for an 11 right now.

  27. Spidering, the count of swine is likely much higher. Not everyone gets tested. It goes very fast around such a small and encased group as a hockey team. Luckely, there is no severe cases.

    Noonan, please bro…

  28. Its still Rangers/Isles, going to be a fun game to watch even without Gaborik.

    This is a good test. Will be nice to see who steps up with Gabby out. He cant do it alone all season, and the 2nd and 3rd lines need to show they can produce without the 1st line taking all the pressure off them. Im excited to see what goes down tonight.

    And you just get the feeling that they are playing it safe, both the NYR management and Gaborik. You think he isnt focused on resting up for Friday’s game against the Wild?

  29. The Rangers should really try to see if they can move Sunday’s starting time because the Giants game has been moved to 1:00, which means the Jets and Giants are on at the same time for the second time in a season! I doubt it’s possible at this point for the Rangers to change, but it would be nice.

  30. Hey kids… a friend of mine shared this with me and I thought I’d pass this article on to you guys.
    It’s about that linesman, Pat Dapuzzo, who had his face sliced open in a game between the Rangers and Flyers in February 2008. I remember watching the game and recall the guy’s face being all bloodied and trying to break up one of the three fights that were going on on the ice. Real tough SOB! Anyway, the article talks about the severity of his injury (which was worse off than it initially seemed) and his recovery. Tough not to like this guy after reading this.


  31. Something else to blame on Philly. As a Mets fan that can’t stand to see the Phillies win another WS, I hope the Yankees destroy them and Joba looses his grip on fastball that ends up in Jimmy Rollins’s ribcage.

  32. Ice Mets is more of an insult to the Mets.
    Since 1993, playoff series wins:
    Mets 5
    Islanders 0
    More like the Ice Pirates.
    The curse of Sid Bream = the curse of David Volek

  33. Enver Lisin-Vinny Prospal-Aaron Voros
    Sean Avery-Chris Drury-Ales Kotalik
    Christopher Higgins-Brandon Dubinsky-Ryan Callahan
    Donald Brashear-Artem Anisimov-Brian Boyle

    Those are the practice lines per Gross

  34. Going to the game tonight! Rocking my Jagr away jersey! And Yankee fitted! I’m glad the islanders have won a game (they have right?) cuz if they hadn’t I was sure tonigt woul be their first. I’m really upset I’m not going to be able to see gaborik nor a fight won by anyone on the rangers ( talking to you voros) maybe dubinksy will fight somebody. I am looking forward to seeing lisin tho. I’m really liking that kid and it was great seeing him man up score against his old team. Good stuff. I’m also VERY excited to see DZ!!!! Let’s go Rangers!!!

  35. Alright, so now I’m guessing that the Rangers are using Parenteau under “emergency recall,” which means that they would have to designate Brashear as an injured player. From the CBA:

    13.12 Transfers To/From Minors. In the case of a Club moving a Player either to or from a minor league club, the following procedure shall be followed:

    (m) Emergency Recall.
    (i) A Player on Loan to a club of any league affiliated with the League may be Recalled from such Loan under emergency conditions at any time for the duration of the emergency only following which he must be returned promptly to the club from which he was Recalled.

    (ii) Emergency conditions shall be established when the playing strength of the Loaning Club, by reason of incapacitating injury or illness or by League suspension to its Players is reduced below the level of two (2) goalkeepers, six (6) defensemen and twelve (12) forwards. Proof of the existence of the emergency conditions including the incapacity shall be furnished to the Commissioner of
    the League upon request made by him.

  36. There is nothing wrong with Gabby. He just got a bruise. It may even be a ploy to get him rest in a condensed schedule.

    I am usually pessimistic, but I am sure Gabby wil be fine.

  37. I wish MSG would produce a show highlighting one of those years, oh yeah it’s that Summer of 94 show they play every day during the offseason.

  38. I honestly like that Gabby is sitting out tonight. There is no sense in pushing him in against the 2nd worst team in the league when the Rangers can win without him. The game is going to get physical with the rivalry, and there is no sense in possibly hurting him worse. I like that Torts is taking a conservative approach and keeping him out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him out against Minn too since they have so much trouble scoring. Rangers can get the job done. A top line of Dubinsky, Prospal and Lisin is still pretty damn dangerous

  39. I’d also like to add that I like that PA Parenteau is the call up and not Grachev. If Parenteau plays well, he might be used as trade bait come the deadline since it appears the Rangers have enough depth. Then if Gabby goes on the long term IR, Grachev can be called up, or used in the stretch run.

  40. CCCP – Great read on Pat Dapuzzo. He seemed to always be doing the Ranger games in the 80’s. Thanks for passing that along.

  41. Ryan from Saratoga on

    I saw the Wolf Pack play the Adirondack Phantoms up in Glens Falls last Friday and Parenteau looked really good. He scored a nice PP goal and generated a lot of scoring chances. He was clearly one of the best players on the ice.

  42. I heard it before but have CRS so I had to look it up:

    Diedrich Knickerbocker, was the fictitious author of Washington Irving’s 1809 novel Knickerbocker’s History of New York.

    The term went on to be used when referring to anyone who lived in the city.




  44. Everyone is kind downplaying Gaborik missing the game. This is not a team that can get by without him. Even if the Islanders, who somehow found a way to get worse this season, they still come out like a different team against the Rangers every time they play.

    That being said, the Isles are so, so bad. So bad. Even with DiPietro that team is bush league. Their only 20 goal scorer last year was Mark Streit.

  45. CCCP, thanks for sharing the story about Dapuzzo. That was nuts when that happened… wasn’t it a day or two before Zednik got his carotid artery nearly severed in Buffalo?

    3:10 til game time!!! 1:10 til I can go home!!!

  46. The Islanders are a good team, their defensive play is just lacking. I’d be worried since Gab’s is out and they might start Vally.

  47. This Brashear move is turning out to be un-flippin-believable!
    How can he not be playing? Is he “sore” again?
    why did we sign this guy again?

  48. I was asked an interesting question today, if you could add 3 goals across the whole of Ranger history, where would they go? For me, and just in my lifetime,

    1. Game 7 last year, score before Fedorov and we win it.
    2. Game 5, 2008 against PIT, score an OT winner and head to the Garden for game 6 with all the momentum.
    3. 97 East final, a dramatic tying goal right after Lindros’ late one at the Garden, forget which game exactly.

    Any others?

  49. SHOR

    Do you mean erase a goal ? If so, it would be Dreary’s goal in game 5. Honestly, i think that year we had the team that could win the cup. Jagr was awesome, Shanny was awesome, Nylander, and Straka were awesome, Cullen was stepping it up, and Rozi was playing the hockey of his life, and the d was really good. Also Marcel Hossa was stepping up his game, big time, and Hank was good as well.

    We were undefeated at the Garden, and were 7 seconds away from taking a 3-2 series lead, and we blew it with that goal, and never had a chance to get back in it.

    I hate that series.

  50. Shoryuken…don’t waste one on Game 7 last year. We would have lost in the 2nd round anyway.

    I have one, how about a goal seconds after Richter let in the one from center ice against Pittsburgh back in 91 I believe.

  51. No problem guys! It is a great article that should remind all of us that life must be cherished… I was shocked at how severe the injury turned out to be. He seems to be getting better now, which is a great sign…hopefully he could recover soon and come back to the NHL.

  52. Shoryuken,

    Love that question and love your choices. I’d add the following:

    1) Goal in OT after Captain Clutch ties Game 5 with 7.7 seconds to go in the Sabres-Rangers series in 2007. Up 3-2 going back to MSG would’ve been nutso.

    2) Goal in Game 2 of the Pens-Rangers series from 2008 (i.e. the one they blew off).

  53. I agree ORR. Drury was clutch. I watched it with my buddy from buffalo and actually brought up Scott Norwood before Drury scored. I will never forgive myself.

  54. I actually think the 2007-2008 Rangers were the most capable of making a Cup run. They were more talented than the team the year before. They dismantled the Devils and really deserved better than losing in 5 games to the Penguins (THANKS HOLLWEG!).

    I think this year’s version has a chance to do some good things. Let’s just hope they stay healthy.

  55. SHOR

    That game was the first that made me cry. Ill never forget it, i thought it was over once Straka scored. I went nuts, then when Dreary scored, i part of me almost knew it was over.

    Ugh, why cant Dreary play like that for us ? Doesn’t make any sense.

  56. I seem to remember the Rangers had a goal called off in that Game 5 vs the Sabres that would have given them a 2-0 lead. Or make the Rangers the winner in OT in that game and crush the Sabres after their dramatic tie.

    The following year maybe an extra goal in Game 1 vs the Pens when they were up 3-0, put them up 4-0 and maybe they pull Fleury, don’t come back in that game and never gain any traction in that series.

    1992 playoffs vs the Pens, the Rangers lose in OT in game 4. Had they won they would have taken a 3-1 series lead.

  57. (l) Emergency Recall.

    (i) A player on loan to a Club of any
    league affiliated with the League may be recalled from such loan
    under emergency conditions at any time for the duration of the
    emergency only following which he must be returned promptly to
    the club from which he was recalled.

    (ii) Emergency conditions shall be
    established when the playing strength of the loaning Club, by
    reason of incapacitating injury or illness or by League
    suspension to its players is reduced below the level of two (2)
    goalkeepers, six (6) defensemen and twelve (12) forwards. Proof
    of the existence of the emergency conditions including the
    incapacity shall be furnished to the Commissioner of the League
    upon request made by him.

    (iii) For the purpose of establishing the
    existence of emergency conditions at any time, to support the
    recall of a player or goalkeeper for participation in any
    playoff game, it shall be deemed that the player(s) on loan
    following noon of the twenty-sixth (26th) day immediately
    preceding the last day of the regular season are continuing on
    loan for the remainder of the season notwithstanding that the
    loaned club(s) may have been eliminated from further play for the

  58. there’s no way torts plays valli in a game where we dont have the offensive support of gaborik…that would be a really really really foolish move

  59. It really sucks that Gaborik is Hurt but …

    How great is it that P.A. finally gets a shot ??? AWESOME

  60. William

    Great video, man! as soon as i saw bears on skates playing hockey i thought to myself… this must be Russian circus…and i was right! those bears are much better skaters than i am! The goalie reminded me of Vally…every shot was going in! :P

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