First the news, which is really no news at this point. Gaborik and Brashear are out. Voros and Parenteau are in. Nobody gets prucha’d. Lundqvist starts in goal.


I am at Yankee Stadium, and certainly not complaining tonight because 1) it’s not too cold tonight, so far at least, and the rain is supposed to let up this evening; and 2) I HATE driving to Nassau Coliseum, where once, about 12 years ago, my car was demolished, absolutely T-boned, with me in it, by a peabrain who ran a red light at about 50 mph right at that main intersection between the Coliseum and Hofstra.

I hated that drive before then, and have hated it even more since.


Here are tonight’s pre-game notes. And here is a preview from NHL.com.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. are you kidding on

    linda are you kidding. it is language from people like Orr and even yourself that ruined this blog a long time ago. comment from a couple of threads ago.

  2. ruined? who said this blog is ruined? actually, its trolls like you (you kidding me) who constantly trying to ruin this blog.

  3. Carp- Kinda funny, the only time I ever went to the Coliseum I also totaled my car. That was a Beastie Boys concert so at least I didn’t have to watch the Fish Sticks afterwards.

  4. staal wart

    it has to do w/ something i dont think we should talk about on the blog.

    its called “Fall of the Republic”

    i am sorry for bringing this up again. i figured since local fan ruined that blog post i could get away w/ talking about it.

  5. MSG 2 tonight which means no HD. Tough choice: Do you watch it on MSG 2 in the dark (The combination of Nassau being dark at least in my eyes when watching a game and the no HD) or do you listen to Howie and Billy on MSG Plus in HD? What do you think?

  6. Rangers-6
    Fish Sticks-2

    Tavares gets 1 for the fish sticks
    and Higgins puts their second into our own net
    He has to get his first goal some how, some way

  7. i just turned on pregame and heard giannone say “will play with prospal and lisin”.. who did he say will play with them???

  8. Shoryuken – Wow, that’s one awful choice right there. At least Lundqvist is pictured in the picture just below which advertises Game Center. They couldn’t find a picture of Dubinsky roughing somebody up?

    I’m guessing people with Time Warner in NYC who don’t have digital cable won’t be able to see the Rangers telecast of this game, since it is on channel 197. I’m guessing no HD either, except maybe on rebroadcasts on MSG.


    I want to remind people that myp2pforum.eu/nhl-icehockey is the place to find the online streams of the game. There doesn’t seem to be a good spot there tonight, so it’s channelsurfing.net for me.

    Where’s the pregame?

  9. TR-
    its called “Fall of the Republic”

    i am sorry for bringing this up again. i figured since local fan ruined that blog post i could get away w/ talking about it.

    TR I have not seen it but I’ll look into it.
    I’ve been listening to alot of Rage Against the Machine.
    Works well…
    and does anyone give a damn what local has to say?

  10. they better move anisimov up from the 4th line and let parenteau play on the 4th with boyle and voros

  11. NO Rob
    I think they should throw PJP right into the mix. You will be very surprised with his skill. Watched him many of games up in Hartford.

  12. yea well theres a reason why anisimov made the team and not him, because anisimov is better, plain and simple

  13. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Im kind of surprised that they brought up PA, even though he’s got off to a great start in WP. I thought they might consider Grachev to be a better fit in what will surely be a physical game. Well well…

  14. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Oh, I see how it is now! TR knocks me out of commission, so you can strut around in your #1 tee-shirt.

    Somebody call an ambulance…

  15. Hey guys–pouring rain and problem sets keeping me away from practice (and it’s a cruel and unusual punishment that EVERY PRACTICE SEEMS TO BE DURING RANGER GAMES!!!)

    Anybody have a stream?

  16. Carp, you can cover a game better watching on TV than most folks do from an arena…hope you have some fun tonight.

    I think for my sanity, I’m not going to revisit what I missed on the last post. Sigh.


  17. how great is it seeing mess choke out jason blake, cant get enough of that, blakes face is as red as a tomato

  18. cant believe they have parenteau on the 3rd line and anisimov still with the bums, thats an insult to artie, especially the way hes been playing too

  19. Horrid play in their own end, Staal and Giradi getting outworked big time. Extremely sloppy passing in all zones.

  20. Moulson was able slip behind 3 D and got sprung for a breakaway in the 2nd shift of the game.

  21. Ahhh, got the radio broadcast online; it’s actually on WWRL 1600 AM. WTF? I don’t recognize this announcer either. Dave Maloney is there, though, and the play-by-play man is named Joe.

  22. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    This is the way the Rangers have opened every game since the Kings game. Just horrible. Gilroy with 3 mistakes so far.

  23. Linda – Now I know how you feel. I’m a couple minutes behind on the online radio broadcast!

    PAP smears Roloson, haha. The radio guys are saying PAIR-en-tow, but I thought the TV guys say pair-EN-tow. What’s right?

  24. that was a bad offsides call i just rewinded and hav a freeze frame with the puck all the way over and callys skate still on the blue

  25. Gilroy must be thinking too much of his family in the stands he is turning it over like it’s his job.

  26. Rob-
    I think Torts likes to put the newcomers on the 3rd line instead of the 4th (as he did for Anisimov early in the season) to get them on a line with better players to give him some confidence. Seems like it will work well.

  27. So PA’s first game for the Rangers and he cashes in, while Higgins still does not have one. Hysterical.

  28. Henrik is the only reason this game is tied. The Isles have created a huge amount more chances than the Rangers.

  29. Well, to hell with this blackout, M’kay? If the NHL doesn’t want me to see the game, I’ll spend my time and money elsewhere. Mmmm’kay???

  30. they better call bergenheim on that too at the end, AND the first sutton hit was all elbow, hes a piece of garbage

  31. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Worst period so far this season. Even worse than 3rd against Kings. My god, they made the Isles look like a great team.

  32. Here we go again, the pussy Rangers are back in town.

    All the powder Wade shoves up his nose, you’d think he would use his cocaine power to rip the heart out of an Islandorks body and eat it, yet he just stares at him, and talks to him nicely.

    Aves is the only one with balls on this team. I hate how soft these guys are, it’s sad. Even Jagr would do something.

    Good for PA Par. I wouldn’t get excited, Krog scored a few for us, and he still couldn’t hold a spot on the team, same with Is-Mr.-Bister.

    Im sure if Brash*t was in the lineup, he would have stepped up and beat up Sutton…..Oh wait, no cause he’s a puss too.

    Better have a better period.

  33. Yeah, this better get straightened out in the next period. They were completely outworked in their own end. Got better as the period went along but they can’t expect Lundqvist to bail them out the rest of the game.

  34. Higgins still sucks. This guy is gone at the deadline, no way he sticks around.

    It’s sad that PA Par has one game under his belt as a Ranger, and he scores a goal, and Piggins cant even get one. Sad, sad, sad.

    Put him on the 4th line, and move Artie up !

  35. hello to Carp, Linda and everyone else here

    computer still sux
    so i’m still unable to watch and participate
    during the period.

    just a couple thoughts:
    am i just old or wasn’t there a time
    when the Rangers would actually be
    ready mentally for playing the islanders?
    as in
    we know what’s coming but we continually
    start off sluggish. turned it back a bit
    during last quarter of the period.

    VERY happy for P.A.
    (i’m sure Higgsy is happy and cursing his name
    and/or his luck)

    btw, i hope Redden got an earful for drifting
    during the early rush when the Isles got the lead.

  36. Who was it earlier that said New Jersey was broken? Have no fear my friend, Chris Christie will fix it. I know because I just saw him promise on TV.

  37. Wow, no HD. As much as I loved Howie Rose doing Rangers Radio and Mets all those years on WFAN, I’d rather go with grainy pictures and get Sam, Joe, etc.

  38. btw,
    this is late in arriving but
    sorry to see you go Bill Chadwick.
    thanks to you and Jim Gordon and WOR
    this Ohio boy was introduced to
    wonders and the horrors of New York Rangers hockey.
    i even have Bill’s NHL rulebook somewhere around here.

    have a great afterlife Big Whistle!

  39. What’s the status with Voros. Is there a chance to send him down when Gabby comes back and keep PAP up for a few games to give him some play time? May come in handy during playoff time especially, getting him some experience now so he would be more comfortable if he gets the call later in the season.

  40. for whomever asked, I’m guessing the radio play-by-play guy is Joe Tolleson, who is the P.A. guy at the Garden. I can’t get it here. Somebody please tell me about the goal, and what the score is!

  41. Carp – Thanks for the answer on the radio pxp. It could be him. So how does he do both jobs at once? I’m guessing he does the announcements while Maloney is talking.

    Kris – How do you work that stream which starts with st:// ?

  42. What exactly is Higgins good at? He can’t score, can’t skate, can’t get in position, doesn’t hit, and is always behind the play. What is wrong with him? Are they looking at Parenteau to replace him?

  43. spiderpig…first time I am using it.. but its streamtorrent so u have to download that first. Found the download at the essentials.

  44. So this is what the team looks like without Gaborik. Now in fairness they ould have netted one or two more with posts getting in the way but this looks way too much like last year.

  45. From now on… anytime like this… Rangers Isles as an example. I feel unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent! LGR!

  46. Just out of curiosity, what exactly can we get for Staal, and Girardi ?????

    Cause if they’re gonna continue this retardation nation style of hockey, then they need go.

    What happened to our Staal ??? He used to be the man, now he’s garbage.

    It’s jealousy i tell you !!!! Jealous of Del Z’s success, and Jordan winning a Cup, as well as Eric.

    I feel bad for Hank. No help. No help defensively, or physically.

    If this is the Gaborik-less Rangers, im officially scared.

  47. Carp – Yeah, I figured that out a couple minutes later, just thinking this was a home game, lol. Is Kenny Albert the regular announcer still when he’s not doing football, or does he do some other crazy thing like Knicks radio?

  48. Rick

    2 – 1 Islanders

    Sorry Im so pissed right now. They’re playing like garbage & Staal & Girardi never took their men on that 2nd goal.

  49. are we really gonna lose tonight? lol. i can see us definitely scoring 1 more and thats it. the new guy in his first game can score, but higgins cant even get a chance!! cally and lisin really shouldve put those shots away. so much room and right in front!!! that will kill us later on. del zotto,staal,hank, and PAP the best players so far. dru havin a better game but needs to score. hes our captain. he cant just be a glorified blair bets.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Grachev is next ...byebye Higgins !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Not so bad…we can do this boys!!! Down by a goal but we got the whole 3rd period to take it to ’em!!

  51. hockeymanRangers on

    Rangers are not skating, slow to the puck all night. And Avery take a seat for the third please. I think they will come out a little different in the 3rd. Or Torts is going to have a vain pop out of his head.

  52. So then I’m thinking Mike Crispino is doing Knicks radio, since he’s not on the Rangers radio? Thank goodness they took him away from the TV in favor of Giannone, who has improved.

  53. hockeymanRangers on

    This is not good, Rangers really have to play there best here in the third. Islanders are not going to let up they have lost to many in the 3rd this year already.

  54. Dubi is sure playing like a Dumi.

    bad decisions early on, more in the 2nd and another during the PP.
    sheesh!!!!!! c’mon!!!!!!!

  55. LOL Mark Messier is at the Yankee$ game. Along with Guliani, Jeff Gordon, Alex Baldwin, Kurt Russel. Um not all sitting together though LOL

  56. shor- they look like they just went out last night and partied like they won the cup. very slow and sloppy. higgins needs to just go out and shoot it every chance he gets. he needs to do somethin or hes gonna go to hartford soon. i like the guy but he really sucks

  57. hockeymanRangers on

    Avery how about a heads up pass you had a open man out in fornt and you passed to the Isloseders.

  58. is gabby as good? is this the rangers without him? against the islanders???? i cant believe the effort or non effort im seeing. wheres the hustle??? its embarrassing

  59. tis is where drury,avery,cally,higgins need to do something and fast. we cant lose this game. we gotta score at least 1 more. this is getting ridiculous

  60. I said earlier that the Gaborik line was covering up for a lack of production from other lines.

  61. effin pathetic. torts, if u dont waive rozy, higgins and at least bench drury for a few im gonna turn on ya like renny. hes gotta get these guys in the game!!!

  62. What a half-assed effort by this team. Prospal and Lisin and Callahan should be on for every shift

  63. im out guys. cant watch this group of pansies any longer. not good for my health. hopefully this game shows torts how renny felt night after night. anybody feel just a little sympathy for renny at this point?

  64. Agreed Joe….

    Where is the Captain to lead & pump this team up. Where is the captain who is supposed to lead by example. ARGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!!!

  65. rosi is the worst I hate him with a passion. higgins sucks too. how did he do anything in montreal

  66. Pathetic effort by all. From Cally to Lundqvist to Rozi. Its just not a good day to be a Rangers fan. Higgins needs to be put down, not to waivers, but like a horse.

  67. Grabchev
    this team is playing a lot better than the Renney team. the result may be the same but the effort and the system is much different. the fact that we have players like higgins, drury, lissin, rosi. also we hit 5 posts tonight. how many games do you know under renney did we hit 5 posts

  68. It’s not even that I hate losing the Isles because they’re rivals, it’s because they’re just a bad team.

  69. Tonight was a night that Higgins really should have stepped up and stood in front of the net looking for a garbage goal at the very least.

  70. Any one ! And I mean anyone on this NY ranger roster can go at the expense of kovalchuck. DZ Lundquvst an Calli gotta stay. Anyone besides them must go. we need an allstar whose name isn’t Mr Glass. We are just as good as the islanders. We need to make a trade.

  71. Staal is the softest”shutdown” Dman in hockey. To all those who said sit out Gaborik for rest, I hope those 2 pts don’t come back to haunt them.

  72. yes, we hit 4 posts but except for a few moments we didn’t deserve to win.
    is it possible that some players have already tuned Tortorella out?
    if not, then how can they play so dumb and so heartless and with such little forward movement?
    if Weight recently had swine flu, i’m surprised that he is allowed to be back out on the ice so quickly.

  73. “Wow, Rozi can’t even pass with his hand”

    Lol, i don’t know why, i cracked up when i read that.

    This team sucks without Gabby, it’s proven. Imagine if they would have went up against an actual good team. Ouch.

    Is anyone else extremely disappointed in Dubinsky ? He’s been more of a Dobinski to me, personally.

  74. List of players that have not lived up to their end of the bargain this year

    Callahan-We all love him, but he has not been the same
    Avery-where is he?
    Gilroy-that preseason that he showed us was just a fluke
    Rozi-will he ever live up to his end of the bargain?
    Staal-what happened to him
    Girardi-where did this #1 line go?
    Brashear-is anyone suprised?
    Captain Clutch-invisible

    and the worst player of all that needs to be dropped from this team ASAP Mr. Christopher Higgins.

  75. It is time for Girardi to go. He is as good as he is going to be,and that is not saying much.

  76. now we can finally say lisin, avery, and duby have noplace being on our top line. worst effort from everyone except hank,del zotto, annnddddd thats it. missing wide open nets, hitting 5 pots. torts needs to have a nice long chat with sather and have him freeze their bank accounts until some of them start earning it. drury just plain sucks. i dont expect him to do anything anymore. just looking at his face chewing on his mouthpiece makes me wanna go kill somebody. your the captain of the team!!! hes scored 37 goals in buffalo!!! hes on pace for 15 or somethin like that. parenteau, the kids first game as a ranger and he scores. dru and higgins cant even get close to getting a goal. its almost funny if it wasnt so sad.

  77. how many games do you know under renney did we hit 5 posts

    umm yan, who cares. they played a renny game tonight. u think they played better?

  78. The Rangers need big time help at center. Callahan will not be the scorer he can be with out a good center to get him the puck. And please can they get a defencemen who is not afraid of his own shadow.

  79. Callahan is playing fine its unfortunate that he’s been playing with Drury and Higgins. I’d like to see him with Dubinsky & Kotalik.

    Torts is keeping Avery on a short leash, so he isnt allowed to play “his” game. This makes NO sense to me whatsoever. He is his absolute BEST when he is allowed to play his game.

    Gilroy is doing fine. MDZ is playing better & getting the points. And I wont argue the rest of the players. LOL

  80. And yet Anisimov still barely gets to play, despite some good shifts. Hasn’t it been statistically proven that Drury has destroyed the Rangers power play since he’s been here? And yet the torture continues. Not that Callahan or Dubinsky or anyone else born in America should be on the Rangers power play either.

  81. Dear Mr Higgins,

    I am deeply concerned about your lack of point production this year with this organization. We see that you have a lot of potential, but this 12 game goaless streak is really hurting the team. We brought you in as a player to score goals and you have failed to do so. As your coach, Mr. Tortorella, has advised me, he already gave you a warning to pick up your play. Since you have not been able to do so, we are going to put you on waivers down to the AHL till you can regain some confidence. Thank you very much for being understanding during this difficult process.

    Glen Sather

    P.S. Would you tell Captain Clutch to get in here. We gotta talk about the Yankees recent play and how much I’m going to resign him for.

  82. Open letter to the New York Rangers-

    You play for a team that is one of a kind. There is a lot of history and good and bad times. Those were other teams. Those time do not matter. These do. You are the Rangers. You represent these fans that bleed and sweat for you every night. We expect more. We expect your best. We will not be satisfied with oh well. We expect more. Give us what we want.

  83. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Worst game of the season considering the fact that Islanders are an awful team. Rangers has played this weak since that Kings game.

    5 posts? Come on, Who cares about posts when the play is this bad. We should’nt have won this game, it’s as simple as that.

    Im actually glad in a way, since this might wake them up, and not keep talking about penalties and the little things yadyada… They sucked tonight, and will continue to suck if nobody wakes them up. The ball is in torts court.

    Wake the hell up!

  84. Guys and gals, I’m MAD too, I grew up there and HATE losing to those idiots but if they score instead of hit posts, it’s a different game.

    I’ll take the high road and say that this was their first games with these lines so we’ll see what goes down on Friday.

    Drury and Higgins really shouldn’t be getting PP time. For the 1st PP unit you need a big guy or someone with elite skills so take either Lisin or Cally off and put them on line two. Anisimov or even Boyle deserves some PP time. Have them park in front of the net and deflect garbage.

  85. I don’t think its a question of heart or coaching, its just that this team is not very talented outside of Gaborik. They are built around having a go-to guy and unfortunately, that guy is fragile as hell.

  86. bull dog- cally had a good player get him the puck with a wide open net. he didnt score. cally is not very good ever since the caps game. he hits, but he doesnt score. him and duby are the biggest disappointments as far as expectations, obviously besides higgins.

  87. don’t give me that crap that the team needs Gaborik so badly.
    yes, it’s possible due to his recent track record that he would score. but it’s not a definite with the way that this team played tonight.

    first – Henrik used to be UNBEATABLE when faced with a shooter coming alone. it’s why we won so many shootouts. why wasn’t out of the paint a little more……and why isn’t the goalie coach FIXING THAT?

    second – what is it about Cally and Dubi that they come out strong at the beginning of the season and then slack off. is this something Torts needs to address in some other way besides a benching or is it going to have to be addressed by a one-way ticket to a West Coast team?

    third – get rid of Rozy, someway somehow. i think he had one good shift tonight. his presence brings down his d partner.

    fourth – figure out some way to get Higgins to take shots or be in a position to get a garbage goal and/or have the shot go off of him into the net OR send him packing as well. yes, i know it’s early but he’s supposed to score or assist once in awhile. hell, his invisibility makes Rozy and Redden look better since they, at least, look like they’re trying.

    fifth ——- i need a drink………

  88. Gaborik is not getting paid enough, he should look to get a new contract after tonights performance.

  89. I understand what you are saying about Cally, but I just don’t see the fire that he usually has. He kinda looks like he is playing tired right now.

    I also understand the Avery situation, but whether Torts has him on this leash or not, he is not living up to expectations.

    And Gilroy really showed us a lot this preseason, and he did not bring it into the regular season.

  90. I just got back from my own game, and I saw about 5 minutes. Enough to see that Drury is the undead, Rozi is worse than a zombie, and this team has no testicles.

    5 minutes of that, and I let my kids turn on Nick Jr. Moose A. Moose has more hockey in him than Rozi. But Nick Jr will not take Rozi in return.

    I am gonna get drunk now.

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Grachev is next ...byebye Higgins !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    RANGERS WIN 4 (1goal+3posts)- 3 vs the Azzlanders!!!

    When any team loses it’s top scorer it has to juggle lines and mix up the team a bit. You would think that a guy like higgys would STEP IT UP and start scoring. I geuss not.

    Package Dubinsky ( Gawd I do love dubbieeee)with who ever and get the other Vinny from Tampa bay!!!

    We need a solid 1-2 punch ,not a weak Higgins line and Avery/Drury line. AA needs to be on the top 2 lines or the 3rd at least. I dont mind losing when we have young MDZ,Gilroy and PA Parenteau learning but when guys like Drury or Higgins with thier “fat” paycheck ,sit around ,game in and game out….is simple a waist!!!! yeah I know I spelt it wrong .Sue me.

  92. Hi. I just watched Buffalo beat the Devils. I think I’m happy I wasn’t watching the Rangers? Maaaaaaarty was such a Crosbbyin asshole>

  93. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Billy C – You’re correct. I just thought that maybe we would see something better than this. Right now, as of the last couple of games, including the win against Yotes, it’s been very alarming.

  94. Billy C

    when you refer to not enough players on the team like Gabby. it’s not just a matter of talent. first off, we’re not “lucky” like the pens who tanked bad enough and for a long enough time and also traded Jagr for a bunch of top players/picks.

    second — (what is with me and numbering things?!?!?)
    it’s MORE THAN TALENT. you think that on paper the isles are more talented than the Blueshirts if you took out Tavares?
    it’s simply a matter of not playing focussed and not playing with intensity and not playing with heart.

    so, the question that should be posed to the players (HEAR THIS RICK!) is why they can’t get “up” for games against the isles whereas the isles certainly get pumped up for the Rangers? why can’t they stick to the system and skate hard and support and keep the puck in the opponents zone?
    (we did that for 3 shifts tonight, at most!)

  95. The expectations for Callahan are right on. He is capable of scoring in the mid 20’s. The expectation for Dubinsky are way off. He never was a big scorer, not in junior, or Hartford. He is more of a heart and soul kind of player, the numbers don’t always add up to his value.

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Grachev is next ...byebye Higgins !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    BTW ,AZZlanders…enjoy this one ,soak it up. It will be your last , better run home and call your moms …tonight was our gift to you.

  97. jpg,
    Dubi and Cali looked sluggish in the 5 minutes I saw them today. And it is true that Dubi started off strong and faded last year. 8-4-1 is no reason to panic. I believe that Sather has to look into giving Rozi the Nylander treatment. Washington is phasing him out. The Rangers can afford to eat Rozi’s salary. I supported signing Rozi, but he has to show something out there. He is just terrible right now. He can’t be counted on as much as even Gilroy. A Rookie!!!!

    Do something Glen. And f***ing Drury should be put on notice as well. He should be ashamed of himself.

  98. Hey, I’m realistic. Losing happens sometimes. But just about all you can expect from the Isles is for them to hustle and play physical. So why do the Rangers almost always come out against them with a reaction of “Woah! We didn’t expect THIS!”?

  99. Drury is a major issue on this team(understatement I know). He is producing nothing, and he dragging other players down with him. Higgins has only got this year on his contract, cut bait right now.

  100. Playing without Gaborik exposes so many useless players on our roster, Drury being the most glaring.

  101. Frankly, Girardi and Staal were no better than Rozi. Notice that Rozi didn’t have a stick, but the rest of his team stood around watching him. Only the Islanders were going after the puck.

  102. billy c- very well said. that is basically it. guys gotta remember that guys like duby and cally are basically 3rd liners. we just havent had any good drafting for so long that we got so excited over anybody that was young and came up through teh system. this team is built around 2nd? and 3rd liners and without gabby bailing them out and hank bailing them out, theyre basically the islanders. im not as disappointed in cally as duby. i always thought cally was a sparkplug and energy guy who got some confidence last year and surprised some of us. i dont think he’ll ever be more than a 20g guy. but duby, with his holdout, and gettin top line minutes has been just bad. he cant win a faceoff, he cant score unless its a partial breakaway, and he yea, he is strong on the puck, but he just isnt what i thought hed be after the holdout. this is what we held out for? ok?? seems like avery just doesnt look happy. hes not playin his game. i think torts should let him loose. something needs to be done with this team. cuz they looked quite satisfied to just dump teh puck and float around most of teh game. and wicky, you were so right man. we need o=not 1, but 2 or 3 big, bad crease clearers on d.

  103. billy c- very well said. that is basically it. guys gotta remember that guys like duby and cally are basically 3rd liners. we just havent had any good drafting for so long that we got so excited over anybody that was young and came up through teh system. this team is built around 2nd? and 3rd liners and without gabby bailing them out and hank bailing them out, theyre basically the islanders. im not as disappointed in cally as duby. i always thought cally was a sparkplug and energy guy who got some confidence last year and surprised some of us. i dont think he’ll ever be more than a 20g guy. but duby, with his holdout, and gettin top line minutes has been just bad. he cant win a faceoff, he cant score unless its a partial breakaway, and he yea, he is strong on the puck, but he just isnt what i thought hed be after the holdout. this is what we held out for? ok?? seems like avery just doesnt look happy. hes not playin his game. i think torts should let him loose. something needs to be done with this team. cuz they looked quite satisfied to just dump teh puck and float around most of teh game. and wicky, you were so right man. we need o=not 1, but 2 or 3 big, bad crease clearers on d.

  104. HAHAHAHAH Greg how do you expect the Rangers to afford VInny TEN MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR CONTRACT!?!?!??! LOL That’s a hit for $7.7

  105. hey cwgatti!!

    i know it’s not time to panic
    i think everyone can agree that we’re not playing in the manner that we should be.
    we were playing Torts system early in the season and despite all the talk of it being fun and the players being in shape
    the players look as if they just got back from playing in the Olympics.

    Henrik doesn’t look that sharp. Valley still worries me more than makes me feel confident when he’s in goal….and i felt that way back in July.

    as far as Dubi starting strong but fading.
    you know what? he held out. he wanted his money because he felt that he was a strong addition. if that’s the case, then start acting like on a more constant basis
    you know
    like other players on other teams do!!
    it’s that simple!
    you don’t make as many boneheaded decisions as he did tonight

  106. And maybe if the offense could actually keep the puck in the offensive zone for any period of time, the defense wouldn’t be so exhausted.

  107. Remember in the Rangers-Islanders games records don’t matter. There was that one year beofre the lockout when the Rangers were TERRIBLE and beat the Islanders all 6 times.

    I think the Hockey Rodent said it best. Drury needs to be moved to wing where he can tap in garbage like he did with Buf. He went on to compare him to Johnny Buscyk.

  108. Hmmmmm wonder who Torts is going to bench next??? Im waiting. I know you guys are sick of hearing about it but Drury flat out SUCKS. He had ONE hustling balls out shift and I commented on it and that was IT.

  109. jpg- right on. duby made another bad play and gave the puck up in the neutral zone on the pp again!! same play from montreal. luckily it was the islanders so they couldnt really do anything with it. as far as hank goes, he makes amazing saves, but, he always lets in a softie. he was very good tonight, but that 3rd goal was kinda weak. and the first shot of the game he was toasted by moulson. he used to be good on breakaways but no more. still, that was gilroys fault, and reddens. all u had to do was switch coaches and have renny back there and its the same result. i can only imagine what renny was dealing with last year when he got fired. yea he lost the team, but without gabby, we are probably bottom of the league with toronto and islanders. so now higgins drought is 13 games. its not really that bad yet. but when the 20 game mark hits and he still has just 2 assists, i fully expect him to be in hartford for teh rest of the season. and then bye bye. grachev comes up next year and maybe parenteau can replace higgins this year. he seems ok. if he can score so many goals in the ahl, hes gotta be able to score more than higgins lol.ohh wait, he already has!! lol

  110. Torts, “we need to be a harder team to play against”……..translation “WE ARE WAAAAAAAYYY TO SOFT”!!!!!!

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