Post-game notes


From the Rangers:

October 28, 2009 – New York Rangers 1, New York Islanders 3 (Game #13, Road #6)
* The Blueshirts were defeated by the New York Islanders, 3-1, tonight at Nassau Coliseum to fall to 8-4-1 overall, including a 3-2-1 mark on the road.
* P.A. Parenteau, recalled from Hartford (AHL) yesterday, tallied his first career NHL goal, an unassisted tally, at 8:30 of the first period in his Rangers debut; he finished the contest with three shots and a plus-one rating in 14:07 of icetime.
* Ryan Callahan registered a team-high, six shots and delivered three hits.
* Defenseman Matt Gilroy led the Rangers with three blocked shots.
* Michal Rozsival led all skaters with 24:14 of icetime.
* The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, October 29, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
* The Rangers return to action on Friday, October 30, when they will face-off against the Minnesota Wild at Xcel Energy Center (8:00 p.m.); the game will be televised live on MSG 2 and can be heard on 970 The Apple.


From me:

So how’d you like the game? Geez.

Here are the official game summary and event summary.

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  1. Rozi got the most ice time?!?!?!?! I must have seen the absolute WORST of it. I don’t even hate on Rozi, but I played my own game tonight and I thought I was absolutely terrible. I watched Rozi for 5 minutes and I felt so much bettter.

  2. long time reader, few time poster…

    as a long time drury defender, i must put down my arms and give up…the man is pathetic. watching him in person tonight was just awful. how does a torts’ coached team have such a gutless, fireless, and unpassionate captain. his faceoff numbers were pathetic and he was invisible the whole game. someone please strip him of the C. he only earned it based off of a false reputation of stepping up and scoring “clutch” goals. send him to the 4th line where he belongs.

    big ups to PA steppin up tonight congrats on the first nhl goal…everyone else should just forget tonights game yeesh

  3. dropping this in from last post:

    i know it’s not time to panic
    i think everyone can agree that we’re not playing in the manner that we should be.
    we were playing Torts system early in the season and despite all the talk of it being fun and the players being in shape
    the players look as if they just got back from playing in the Olympics.
    Henrik doesn’t look that sharp. Valley still worries me more than makes me feel confident when he’s in goal….and i felt that way back in July.
    as far as Dubi starting strong but fading.
    you know what? he held out. he wanted his money because he felt that he was a strong addition. if that’s the case, then start acting like on a more constant basis
    you know
    like other players on other teams do!!
    it’s that simple!
    you don’t make as many boneheaded decisions as he did tonight

  4. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I for one think it is time to scratch Drury and they really need to break up the Girardi/Stall pair.

    Tonight this team really looked like they were so out of sync.

  5. Gravey

    Agreed. After 4 games and on the ice for 11 goals against. I dont know how Staal & Girardi are still together.

  6. i got carped!! repost:jpg- right on. duby made another bad play and gave the puck up in the neutral zone on the pp again!! same play from montreal. luckily it was the islanders so they couldnt really do anything with it. as far as hank goes, he makes amazing saves, but, he always lets in a softie. he was very good tonight, but that 3rd goal was kinda weak. and the first shot of the game he was toasted by moulson. he used to be good on breakaways but no more. still, that was gilroys fault, and reddens. all u had to do was switch coaches and have renny back there and its the same result. i can only imagine what renny was dealing with last year when he got fired. yea he lost the team, but without gabby, we are probably bottom of the league with toronto and islanders. so now higgins drought is 13 games. its not really that bad yet. but when the 20 game mark hits and he still has just 2 assists, i fully expect him to be in hartford for teh rest of the season. and then bye bye. grachev comes up next year and maybe parenteau can replace higgins this year. he seems ok. if he can score so many goals in the ahl, hes gotta be able to score more than higgins lol.ohh wait, he already has!! lol

    p.s. carp was right! woulda coulda shoulda!!! no excuses when u play that bad. thats exactly how theyve been getting by winning games lately. doing a little forechecking and lots of shots goin in. tonight, they did the same except they couldnt elevate their game when it was needed. they were the same throughout the whole game. no momentum, no urgency and no goals from anybody with wide open nets except a lucky backhander by gabbys ahl replacement!!1 lol

  7. SHOCKER!!!! No, not the game, it is hockey and it is a collision sport that must be played physically, and the better physical team won tonight. The SHOCKER is I got frakking CARPED again!!!


    Torts, “we need to be a harder team to play against”……..translation “WE ARE WAAAAAAAYYY TO SOFT”!!!!!!

  8. and yes, i agree, strip dru of the c now!!! he is horrible!!! give it to hank. nobody deserves to wear it on their jersey this year yet. let hank be the captain, and have cally and prospal be A’s

  9. Shoulda told him to put his gear on Carp. Can someone explain to me please how the fredrick we lost this game?!?

  10. This is as many points as the Islanders will get over the next 5-6 games, but they came out ready. And it was pretty obvious who wanted this game more. Our team came unprepared for that battle. Now it’s Torts turn to respond.

  11. frederick. i like that one a lot.

    Chase Utley hit the fredrick out of two balls already tonight and he’s up again. and if they put him on, I think Ryan Howard might hit one to the fredricking upper deck.

    Ooops. Marte got both of the fredericks out.

  12. Rozi showed no urgency when he tried to push the puck out of the zone with his glove. He glided as he bent down as if he was on his day off.

  13. great quote I found from Larry Byrd….

    Leadership is getting players to believe in you. If you tell a teammate you’re ready to play as tough as you’re able to, you’d better go out there and do it. Players will see right through a phony. And they can tell when you’re not giving it all you’ve got.
    Larry Bird

  14. Chuck

    Thanks. Im just wondering how long the coach will be baffled & blinded by Mr. Excellent’s BS.

  15. ok, hope everyone is ready for this. Tonight the 3 best rangers were vinny, boyle, and mdz. Don’t blame avery for the non goal at the end he had to kick the puck to his stick first and jsut ran out of real estate! Dubi had 13 fights over the past two seasons, looks like he’s got too much money on his mind as well as his gloves still on! Everyone is going to butcher me on this one but I think cally is just a drury clone that hits more! Dubi or drury needs to move to wing.

    So here is where I’m going to upset alot people, this captain thing. The highest scorer on the team should not automatically be the captain. nor should the highest salary. This is hockey right, not figure skating. It is an emotional sport and the captain should be OUTSPOKEN, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, and GET DIRTY!! I have had a problem with every captain the rangers have had since messier has not been (either time). None of them have been vocal or physical enough (that I am aware of anyhow). Neither leetch or jagr was a good choice for captain (just my opinion folks) to me. Both were great players no doubt, but bad captain choices. Drury is a bit of a better choice because he is more physical (not overly physical by any stretch) than the other two, but still not vocal enough in my opinion. Good hockey captains to me are guys that will speak up when things are going bad, yell, go out and throw big hits, go out of their way to stand up for teammates before and after the whistle, fight….do any of these things to lead by example and be PHYSICAL. It is still a PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL game and most players need to be led in that manner to get the most out of them! Dustin Brown, Iggy, Vinny Lecavalier, Mike Richards, Chara, Doan…guys like that make the best hockey captains. No matter how hard the NHL tries to make the league just a skills competition (like the stupid shootout) where any type of player could be a good captain, it still isn’t that way so your captain needs to be like the guys I mentioned above.

    Again, just my opinion!

  16. Wicky

    I get what you are saying. But how can you NOT consider Jagr a great captain? He carried the team into the playoffs, had a record year and during the Renney era he put the team on his back most nights. Had a great relationship with the media and with the guys in the locker room. Well except Aaron Ward LOL

    Im sure someone could elaborate this more. Im still pissy & now tired.

  17. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

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    I am sure they will come up with another way to make people sign up, but it works for now.

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  18. wicky229

    i agree with you view that Messier was the last really good captain that we had.
    yes, Jagr did put the team on his back but i never felt as if he was really “leading” them. maybe to the Czech players who idolized him but in reality seemed more intimidated by his presence than willing to do what he wanted/needed.

    sure, this has been a dump on Drury night but i was picking apart this team all night long.

    Good luck Torts, you’re going to need it with this bunch of lazy headcases!

  19. I get what you’re saying Wicky, we hope that Dubi or Cally develop into the vocal leaders unfortunately their examples of leadership hasn’t been the best so far.

    I think Jagr and Shanny were good for the team and it’s a shame how they unceremoniously
    kicked out the door.

  20. Mako

    The way I look at jagr and a “good” hockey leader is if you take out the one aspect of their game (jagr and his scoring), what do they give you?? Jagr if he was not scoring, did nothing. He only played one of the three zones most nights. That is not a leader, if drury is not scoring, he is playing d, he plays all three zones (not always well, but plays them). Again not saying drury is the best captain, but overall I do think he is a better one than jagr. Yes, the year he set the record he certainly helped the rangers get there, but hank had alot to do with that as well. I think we are a bit too quick to “crown” jagr as the greatest thing since sliced bread because we had not been in the playoffs in so long. Hell, it had been so long everyone would have said the same thing about voros if he was the leading goal scorer on that first playoff team. Not only that, not many teams expected anything facing the rangers that year, most thought we would be at the bottom of the east, and renney actually deserves some credit for the success that first post lockout year as well (and nylander who had around 80 pts I think and was huge in helping jagr get his goals). Sure jagr was funny in interviews and everybody liked his jokes, but he wouldn’t take shootouts, pouted, rarely delivered hits with his big frame, not exactly a vocal leader during the game, and was lazy on the ice alot, not exactly who or what I would want in a rough physical game as my leader by example (in a skills competition, he would be a great leader becasue he had awesome offencive skills, but it is hockey, not just a skills competition).

  21. CT

    I actually do not think cally would be a good captain either, never see him being vocal during games with his teammates and I really think that is important. Like I said earlier, he seems to me to be a home grown drury clone (say that fast 5 times) that just hits more. Dubi on the other hand I could see being vocal at some point doing a little motivational yelling at his teammates, doing something to really get everyone’s juices flowing again!! Just haven’t seen it yet. That is one reason as it currently stands with the C and one A and who has them, I think avery really needs the other A (maybe prospal who seems to be pretty emotional at times, just wonder a little bit about the hitting/physical aspect) to add some fire to the situation. Course avery needs to be let off that leash a bit.

  22. Mako

    I guess in a nutshell, I see jagr as a great offencive player, but not anywhere close to being a great captain. I honestly think he got the C by lack of options and shanny not wanting to disrupt the lockerroom!

  23. someone on earlier thread mentioned adding 3 goals to ranger history. ok here goes with the 1st before my time but at least the team would have won another cup and the chant would have been 1950. i know woulda coulda shoulda

    1950 game 7 in finals vs detroit. team lost in 2 ot’s

    1971 game 5 vs chicago in semis – team lost in OT then won game 6 in 3 ot’s and lost game 7. if they won game 5 could very well have made the finals

    1992 game 4 vs Pitt team lost in ot to make series 2-2 and lost in 6. if they won that game they would have been up 3 games to 1 and pitt wound up winning the cup

  24. Guess I really did tick everyone off…..sorry carp, ruined your blog (payback for all the times you have “carped” me)!


  25. On a positive note, did any one see how creative Prospal is with the puck? Yes, the Rangers definitely missed Gabby and his guaranteed finish, but make no mistake about it, Vinny is a huge reason Gabby has the production he has seen thus far. We saw it tonight, Vinny had sick feeds to Cally (post) and Lisin (post), and his passing plays had the Isles running all over. He’s really a tremendous player and I hope he keeps this up.

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think you are beginning to see the same scenario as last year. An early good start followed by a struggle to make the playoffs. SSDD.

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again- Fire Sather! This team will never win a Cup with that bag of carp in charge of things.

    I almost bought the hype this year but it’s all going according to plan. 8th place, and a first round exit.

  27. rough game. the clutch one was stellar once again. Drury’s no Captain. he’s just this little man who turns the puck over and occasionally blocks shots. send him to home to connecticut.

    it’s scary how much this team needs Gaborik in the line-up

  28. I have a big problem with the way the Rangers played last night, particularly, Drury, Cally, Avery & Higgens (What a Bust). The whole team played as if they expected to win without working. Tort’s needs to establich sets lines real soon and AA needs more icetime. The good news for Islander fans is that they won. albeit a subpar effort by most of the Rangers. The bad news is that’s about the best game they played so far this year. The Islaners are not a good team.

  29. this loss sucked but everyone knows the Ice Mets would bring it. they’ve played well lately too but the Rangers should have won this game. They outplayed and outworked us. back to the drawing baord. which hopefully equals Tortorella benchings!

    will be at 8 in Indio yall have a great weekend!

  30. They mailed it in and the lackluster effort showed. How the hell does Anisimov get less than 8 mins? Does our coach have a brain? He was one of the few guys to show.

    And it’s time for Wohsival to go. His lack of hustle led to the third goal. He is an embarrassment. Drury I’d like to send home too.

  31. Can you imagine Drury acting like a captain and calling everyone out? I just can’t see him calling guys out and telling them they better get their shit together for the TEAM

    This team without Gabby, couln’t even challenge the Islanders? does the coach get a free pass for that?


    Denis Potvin was at Yankee Stadium tonight? New York Hockey’s true championship captain who did not need a ticket for a playoff after 1997…LOL.

    The smell of Msg…..only Rag tradtion they will ever build in New York.

    The other tradition we had was the elephant dung we carried around that year. We played the New York Rangers and beat them in three games. The circus was at Madison Square Garden and a friend of Billy Harris gathered some elephant dung, put it in a gunnysack and gave it to our trainers to put it into plastic bags. Then, we went down 3-0 to the Pittsburgh Penguins and came back to win the series in seven games, took four-straight games.

    “After that, we played the Philadelphia Flyers and by now the elephant dung was getting really fragrant. We had that Madison Square Garden aroma around us all the time from when we beat the Rangers.

  33. I warned about this team…they keep coming hard, and this kid Moulson also. He parks in front of the net, and he puts pucks in.

    But it was the Rangers themselves, and all that ice time for a tepid Redden, and Avery looked as though he was ill.
    If this wasn’t a reversion to Renneyland, it was the next best thing. Drury doesn’t do it.

    They were absolutely dreadful in that first period,especially, but the whole game overall. But Torts has to shoulder some of the blame for keeping the R & R boys on the ice so much and their (ahem) soft wristers.

    But the passing game of this team, in short…stinks.

  34. I have to admit it…every time I think of Mara in a Habs shirt, and Redden and Roszival still on this club, I feel a real let down.

  35. Higgins needs to sit. Drury is Blair Betts for 7 million. It’s hard enough looking past his albatross of a contract (nobody can live up to that except Crosby & Ovenchicken), but what do these guys bring? Don’t hand me the adjustment period for Higgins, he is a pro and has done NOTHING to show he is adjusting. Put Drury on the fourth line, sit Higgins and keep P.A. here.

    What the hell happened to Avery? He is just as useless as the other two. There is no fire, no grit in his game. And Dubinsky needs to step up. For someone who held out, he’s got some pair.

    Oh, BTW I love Torts’s honesty. Yeah it sucks if your legitimate question is blown off, but too many times the press asks ridiculous questions that are all fluff. The guy is mad that his team are a bunch of cupcakes, got outworked by an AHL team, and his 7 million dollar man couldn’t find the net if it fell on him. I would be pissed off if you asked me about an opposing player too. So don’t be so damn sensitive.

  36. Last nighs game – Can’t win them all but let’s not look like a wind sprint practice. Except for a few rushes, there was no purpose to their play. In addition, the team needs more toughness. Avery has been so toned down that he is not playing with his usual edge and energy.

  37. bklynblue-good read. It’s an adjustment for him, but not an excuse.

    Anisimov earned more minutes and in more offensive situations.

    I wouldn’t get too excited about PAP. His pick up speed is wanting, he doesn’t position himself well enough to receive the puck, and he either has no clue about defensive play at all or doesn’t know Torts’ system.

    Callahan, and perhaps Lisin were OK, I felt

    And the faceoffs, geez… Is that something they can work on? I hope.

    MDZ is much better defensively than everyone thought. Gilroy, on the other hand.. I hope it’s just a learning curve.

  38. Fact of the matter is we are a slightly above good team when Gabby is in the lineup, and just an average middle of the road team when he is not, largely because of Hank, who has been decent at best lately. We are definitely not a “Great” team in this league, even on our best day. We took the Islanders lightly last night, we weren’t ready to start the game, which was obvious given the early goal against, and we were constantly chasing them around all night. They were BY FAR the HUNGRIER team last night and it showed throughout the entire evening. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC showing, and one of the worst that I have seen our team play in a very very long time. It is obvious that with Gabby out, it completely changes the entire dynamic of this team, and even with him in the lineup, he offense masks some of our glaring problems. With him out, we don’t have any offense, but we what still have are problems, that are even more magnified because of losses like last night. I hope Gabby is OK, I hope he is back ASAP, and I hope Torts is going to hold people accountable.

    Absolute stinker the whole way around, no other way to slice the pie.

    Again, the season is early, and things can be worked on and fixed, but this team is not a “GREAT” team, and even when firing on all cylinders it is not a “GREAT” team. They will always need to work and do the little things, which is something they did not do last night. Great teams (Washington) can play like crap in the first two periods, but turn it on in the third and beat the crappy Islanders. Teams with far less talent (Us) and much less with Gabby out absolutely positively have to work for wins, and we didn’t. We didn’t respect the Isles at all, and it completely blew up in our face. And I am glad that it did. If you don’t want to work, and play as a team, then you don’t deserve to win or deserve to be cheered for.

    OK, I am done now.

    Good morning everyone.

  39. I said it when the trade was made before the season, it should of been Dreary that should of been traded to the Habs instead of Gomez, Gomez is alot better setup player than Dreary.

    Well no use crying over spilled milk.

  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You know what, I think they played a solid game. The boys really gave the Islanders something to think about and that’s important when they faceoff 5 more times this season. We really have build up the confidence in that locker room and it will come. I think we need to change the lines a little, but don’t let that distract you. That St. Louis, err, Islander team is deceptively skilled. Don’t let their place in the standings deceive you… CHRIS! Where’s the coffee?!
    -Tom Renney

    And to satisfy your ever needy Tom Renney quote desires:

  41. Did anybody take me up on my bet? Who owes me a grand. Everybody thought the rangers were sooo superior to the islanders. Fact is without Gabby, the Islanders are a better team. As we all know Gabby gets injured too often. I think the Rangers will be inferior to the Islanders for the rest of the year….

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And you’ll be inferior to the fat of Brodeur’s abdomen all year… as we all know.

  43. Nasty,

    How come you can say what I have been saying all year? Agreed with EVERYTHING YOU SAID.

  44. Local,

    Congrats on your one and only regulation win this season. Ofcorse, it had to come against a team that is without their leading scorer and that is in alittle bit of a slump, but congrats, as this will probably be the only win for the next 10 or so games for you guys.

    Go celebrate!

  45. Drury really sucks and I am terrifically sick of him being on this team, let alone being Captain.

    But this loss wasn’t Drury’s fault. The entire team played a weak, effortless, fireless game with exception of Staal, Hank, and MDZ, really. Gaborik is usually around to cover up for the team’s lack of “go” by scoring a goal or two, but without him, they were exposed for the ass-dragging they’ve done most of the season.

  46. Ring…Ring…Ring
    Hello. This is Glen. Is Rich there?
    This is he.
    Rich. I want you out of retirement. My team needs its Pilon.

  47. Why dont you do us all a favor and go on the devils blogs and talk about how you are a Buffalo fan and how they got their a$$es kicked last night too.

    We know you oh too well here.


  48. Local, because I bleed red, white, and blue. And because of how I said it. That is why I can say what I said.

  49. Both Drury and Gomez are wastes. I always felt that Gomez was more active in the destruction of the team, with all of his turnovers, while Drury took a more passive role, with his floating play style and clutchness. I’m still amazed we got rid of one of them, and at least the one with the longer contract. Just think, two years from now, both he and Blowzival will be gone…

  50. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Nasty1 – Spot on with your post.

    We didn’t respect the Fishsticks as an opponent last night, and you just cant do that in the NHL.

    The Isles will still suck it all year anyway, there goign 1 win for every 10 games they play now, poor isles fans, (hahaha)

    Torts is honest thouhg, and I for one loves how he shows it. Imagine Renney after the game? you all knwo what he would have said.

    Avery needs to be let off hsi leash a little more though, I swear I didn’t even notice him until the end of the third period.

    And Druy & Higgins – boy do those two need some coaching.

    We all know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of how Drury is as the Captain in the locker room, but his offensive play, and demeanor on the ice are jsut not getting it done.

    I’d rather see him all pissed off screaming his head off in a loss on the bench or on the ice, but thats jsut not him

    Imagine Prospal as the Captain? I mean he looks pissed off every ngiht and goes nts for every point he gets. Still think that was the best move, besides Gabby, Sather made in the whoel offseason

    ON to Minny for Fridays game

    And the Debbies got smoked by the Sabres last night, HAHAHA Devils suck. Fatso lets in two goals in one minute.
    Love wathcing Mr No Class Fatso lose. AND he got run last ngiht pretty good, also another favorite thing to see.


  51. I was at the Devils game last night. Buffalo looks pretty good. Devils were playing without their top defenseman (martin), their second best forward (elias) and their top defensive foward (pandolfo). Knowing this I did not expect to win. However, all of you guys expected the Rangers to win. Why?? I’m not to sure. Line by Line the Islanders are a better team then the Rangers. Plus you have a coach who has no respect for the game. Torts is like a little kid. A sore loser if you will. Storming off during a post game press conference? What a tool that guy is.

  52. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And Local Douche: every single person on this boards hates your guts and doesnt repsect nor care about anything you type

    Thats why Nasty can say whatever he wants. He’s a fan. Your a fairweather douche

    How’d you like your devils sucking it last night?
    I guess you were still happy becasue the Isles won right?

    Pick a tema to stick with and be a FAN of, then MAYBE someone will care what you say

  53. I still cant get over how Torts suspended Avery for being un disciplined and then Torts gets Suspended for Game 6 of a playoff series for not being disciplined. Honestly the face of your organizaton is a huge joke and he really makes me laugh.

  54. Gaborik who?

    Even without him in the line up we had more talent playing last night. The Isles just wanted it much more than we did.

  55. Guys, I am going to the game on Nov. 21st against the caps with Mrs. Nasty 1. Anyone else going? Was thinking about stopping at W77 before or after too. Anyone interested in meeting up for a drink or something?

  56. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I might NAsty. Me and my wife were looking into going to the same game

    Never been to W77 yet so that could be fun

    Maybe we can get local DOuche to go so we can teach shim some manners in person? hehe

    And we can bring he can bring his shinebox!

  57. Local,
    I remember there was another game last night, oh yes the Sabres spanked the debbies. Just like that saying goes in respect to Mr.Carpiniello,(the clean version) ” Play with the bull and get the horns”. Martha was run into by Pominville, love it.

  58. Freddyhamptons on

    Local Fan is pure Jersey trash and no one cares what he says. I sure don’t. The only thing good to come out of New Jersey is….ohh wait there hasn’t been anything good come out of Jersey.

  59. Ill go to the Caps game on the 27th!
    Freddy Mikeyfrom NJ is from Jersey. Are you saying he is no good since nothing good comes from New Jersey?

  60. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    PLease show up and meet us Local douche, I’ll bring a bar of soap to wash your mouth out with

    And did you love Martha Fatson getting ran over last night?

    How about two goals in one minute?

    Talk about a crap team.

    Lemaire is so old and stupid to let his goaltender tell him when he doesnt want to start.

  61. Good morning All….was at the game last night….we just did not want it last night, it was a sloppy ugly game….i thought MDZ was solid and that was about it to be honest….we lost all the 50-50 battles and the islanders got pumped up for their most exciting game of the season….that really what it boiled down to last night…..the rangers showed very little passion last night even though their fans tried to fight for them- a bunch of fights in the stands-security was breaking up one fight and then it looked like a nice lil brawl broke out in the nose bleeds as security rushed over but i would say atleast 6-7 solid punches were thrown….tough stretch coming up now-should be fun

  62. I just want this team to be consistent. We are being consistently inconsistent right now, and it is getting old pretty fast.

  63. A LOCAL FAN-

    Where was the love for your Islanders during the first 10 games of the season? Funny how all of a sudden you start talking about how NYI is a better team.

    and last time I checked Fatass and the boys were 5 points behind the NYR too. But wait, you are Penguins fan right?

    You’re a local front-running jock strap lover

    now go spank it to this picture before mommy and daddy get home

  64. I think now would be the perfect time to call up Grachev and see if he is more worthy of ice time than Higgins, etc.

    He played physical in the preseason and was great in corners.

  65. All I knew was that the Rangers would have a tough time beating the worst team in the NHL last night And I was right. Thats right I was right.

    Marty said after the game he was barely touched and embelished.. but he is ok anyways.

    He is not Mr. Brittle..aka your entire offense..aka Gaborik.

  66. Rangers had no energy last year. They had nothing to start and seemed to run out of steam in the third. Avery was just awful. Maybe Carp is right about him. Liked what I saw of Parenteau. Rozival is just horrendous. Gets hit, loses stick and then bats the puck into the middle of the ice, he is inept and he is dumb. A bad combination!!

  67. Or maybe I like Seinfeld and that possible? To like two similar shows?? hahahah get it guys?

  68. Whoa whoa I hate Local Fan as much as the next guy, but let’s not turn it into an all-out attack on the lovely state of New Jersey.

    We did produce Bruce, Bon Jovi, The Sopranos, and Zach Braff I guess?

  69. I shouldnt say similar… because obviously the Devils and Rangers have different philosophies…devils like to keep their core together and consistantly win..rangers like to blow up their team every year and pray and hope they can build chemistry for a playoff run..but are satisfied just to sell tickets and have lots and lots of fans…

  70. WHYY do you guys still respond to local fan, hes obviously not a rangers fan and not a devils fan. He’s just bored and goes on both this board and the devils board pretending to be a fan of the opposite team to start arguements. If thats how he gets his marbles off I cant blame him because, from his POV its funny that u guys even still respond. Ignore the kid and soon he’ll be as invisable as drury.

  71. Continued…
    O.K. Rich, we gotta hammer out this contract.
    Um, Glen, I’m an over-the-hill slow defenceman. I never even had a highlight in my whole career. I think the league minimum will do.
    8 million over 2 years sounds good. Need our Pilon.

  72. unable to watch the game last night but all you posts give me a sense of what we have been dreading, lackluster play and not focus on the little things.

    Drury as capitan is a joke – I don’t see any passion – Unlike the mild mannered Derek Jeter, Dreary does not give us any sense of any fire to perform and win or to inspire his teammates to give no less than 100%.

    I based this on a few things – one that sticks out from the last msg telecast was a commercial using Dreary to try to sell tickets to upcoming NYR games. Poor salesman doesn’t even come close… did anyone catch that ad or was it purely my imagination?

  73. Just Saying,

    99% of Soprano’s were filmed in New Jersey. Tony Soprano’s house is literally around the corner from my house in North Caldwell new Jersey..And John from New York’s house was next door to me.

  74. Just the outdoor shots were filmed in NJ. The Studio was in Astoria/LIC where all the Bing and Tony’s home scenes was shot.

    So, you are ignorant about hockey and recent TV history?

  75. Just Saying,

    You may be right that one studio was in queens. The bada bing is in New jersey. And my entire town including streets were blocked off for weeks at a time for filiming of the show. You are totally wrong about this. My mom used to make cookies for the cast and they would come to my house all the time.

  76. I’m a little late to the party, but last night was bad. The only guys who showed up really were Lisin, Prospal, MDZ, and maybe Boyle and Higgy Bear. Drury wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t good either, which is a major problem. Voros wasn’t bad either, but he can’t do much to begin with. Gilroy definitely was nervous, but as he has been most of the year, he wasn’t really all tht effective.

    Staal and Girardi are going downhill quick, and its not just Danny. Staal has looked like crap the last few games. He’s still pokechecking and throwing a couple hits, but its like he’s forgot about his defensive game in front of the net and is trying to join the rush too much. That’s partially Torts’ fault because he wants him to be more offensive, but I think for now he should just tell him to go back to basics and work on it later. He’s trying to make a play with the puck every time he has it instead of just dumping it in when there isn’t anything.

    Also MDZ continues to be our best puck-moving defenseman…and now his defensive game is looking better too. He’s more confident on the puck and is willing to skate it up more, and on defense he’s throwing hits (some Leetch like hip checks too) and is poking pucks away very effectively. So I’d actually argue he’s our best overall d-man right now. I hope he keeps it up, but 4 of the other 5 need to step it up (Redden has actually be pretty good this year, meaning he is making quick outlet passes, taking hits, and not turning it over much).

  77. Tony’s Home shots were also in a house a round the corner from my house, different then the outside shots of his home. So before you make comments that you think you know…why dont you try actually knowing instead of hearing from a friend of a friend who used to date an assistant producer on the show.

  78. Should also mention the forwards need to help out the defense a bit too. They don’t forecheck hard every shift and they get burned. In the games or periods that they do, they usually dominate play and create turnovers. Just a matter of doing it for most of the game if not 60 minutes.

  79. HockeymanRangers on

    Couple of things about last nights game, the boys were just not skating. The were in like slow motion, it was like they knew they were playing one of the worst teams in the league. But Torts should be the first guy to tell you, that you can not let up on a team like that. And yes we did hit a lot of post’s but we were just not there last night. We need to nip this is the bud. (did some one say bud) And start playing 100% every game all the game long. This is what it takes to stay on top of the division standings.

  80. wait..someone on here didn’t actually say that they thought Dreary is a better captain than Jagr was right?????????

  81. actually I work at The Silver Cup Studios in LIC where I’ve actaully met and worked with the entire cast of the Sopranos.

    So when you give numbers like 1% of the “Sopranos was filmed in my neighborhood” you should really check your own facts. We just auctioned and still have available for sale, an entire boatload of Sopranos memorabilia that was used at the Studios.

  82. Anyone else notice MDZ passes seem to be so hard that they cant be caught cleanly by his teammates? I know they teach you to pass hard, and he makes nice passes but some of them seem a bit to hard to me, OR possibly the other guys just suck at controlling them.

  83. HockeymanRangers on

    What is the deal with Drury he does nothing. I don’t care if he blocks shots and wins face offs the guy must be burned out of hockey or soemthing, and is just simpaly there until his retirement. It really sucks he plays with absolutely NO PASSION WHAT SO EVER. And if there is a different side of him in the locker room well that’s not good enough, he needs to play with emotion out on the ice. We really really really need a new captain. And someone has mentioned Prospal he may be the man. Drury should give it up if Torts won’t take it from him.

  84. Just Saying,

    If you work at the studio how do you not know that tony’s house scenes are not filmed there? They are filmed in an actual house in North Caldwell New Jersey.

  85. Continued…
    Glen, I don’t understand what I’m doing here. Torts hates me and I’ve turned the puck over 14 times in 2 games.
    (Fans chanting Pilon sucks! in background)
    I’m already a minus 6. I don’t think I should have come out of retirement.
    Rich, hang in there buddy. Five more games of this and the fans will forget how much Drury’s making. I am the best GM ever!

  86. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but when I think New York Rangers hockey, I think “Sopranos”.

  87. Why is Rozy our leading our team in ice time yesterday? Does Torts not watch the same game we do?

    Sometimes it makes me wonder.

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