Rangers-‘Yotes in review


Actually, not a lot to analyze here.

1) The Rangers, overall, were better as a group on the defensive side of the puck. That was especially so for Staal and Girardi, I thought.

2) Who is that guy in the Redden jersey and what did they do with Wade?

3) Everybody tells me what a great kid this Lisin is. He sure was happy … and who wouldn’t be, playing with Gaborik? Lisin didn’t look out of place there.

4) I’m sure thousands of hearts stopped when Gaborik limped off — and we hope to have an update today — with an apparent knee injury. Be glad it’s not his hip or groin, as long as it’s not a serious knee injury. I know NHL teams like to fudge info on injuries, but I think the Rangers really, really need to be straight with their fans on this one.

5) Tortorella says there will likely be more benchings. Wow! Higgins and Dubinsky, the last victims, were much better vs. Phoenix. So who could Tortorella be targeting? Dare we say the Captain (who, I thought, was marginally better, too)?

6) How does MSG Network use only three of the questions to Tortorella on the post-game show? That press conference is by far the best part of the show, the part the fans most want to see. I understand time constraints, but you have to be able to cut out some of the studio conversation to fit in Tortorella at the mic. Worse, on Saturday, MSG has that whole big hockey show after the game, and gives us only a sliver of Tortorella after the loss in Montreal. Hello? MSG did do a fabulous job with the Big Whistle memories.

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  1. ok, where is everyone? For me to be first is a miracle. I read everyday but rarely post. Bench Drury and get rid of Brashear already. Waste of ice time right there. Put him in only when there is someone on the other team that could actually fight him.

  2. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    I hope Gabby is OK… some guys need to be benched!

    Still lacking a full 60 minute press…. Rangers were sloppy in the third, and seemed to be back on their heels a bit…

    Gabby has a ridiculous knack for scoring goals.

  3. why not send down voros and let him get some minutes in with hartford, call up grachev, use him with AA and Boyle (and dare i say have a 4th line that can do more then check), scratch brashear unless hes absolutly needed. Does this make sense to anyone else but me?

  4. and yes, i know they want to get grachev mins in hartford, but AA grachev and boyle could be a 4th line that can get more then 4 mins a night for sure.


    I think our first benched player is Avery. Does anyone remember him last night at all? Except for the one penalty?

    Avery has been invisible, and he does not excel under invisible. Torts has to let his leash out a little longer.

  6. morning all! back in town today from an unfortunate trip to Missouri. caught the game last night. Gotta love Gabs… hope no huge issues with the knee

  7. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Artie had a great goal… the kid is finding confidence, he’s good on faceoffs…. he needs more minutes!!

  8. 5) Tortorella says there will likely be more benchings. Wow! Higgins and Dubinsky, the last victims, were much better vs. Phoenix. So who could Tortorella be targeting? Dare we say the Captain (who, I thought, was marginally better, too)?


    Hm, marginally better over invisible…so slightly visible? Does that mean you can see the outline of his mouthguard now? I read on Gross’s blog about someone trying to make a case for Drury’s play by stating face off %, his use on the PK, etc. The Rangers could have Blair Betts doing that for a 1/10th of the cost. Obviously it’s in the best interest of the team to see Capt start playing well, but in so many ways is he a massive disappointment this season.

  9. Carp – nice comments. I also liked the Bill Chadwick memories.

    On a total side note did you see that Chicago was in their home whites last night? I had to do a double take. I wish the league would institute that again. I like the road jerseys but that is where they should be worn.

  10. Just wanted to respond to RAG CONTRACTION from the previous thread: Read the first line, bud.

    The post-game notes and quotes we use are FROM THE RANGERS! I’m not writing them. I’m printing what the Rangers release.

  11. Does the NHL count attendance the way MLB does?

    A sell out does not necessarily mean it’s a full house, just that all the tickets released for the game are sold?

  12. Ha ha ha! I can’t believe more of your guys didn’t respond to RAG. I just read his post in response to Carp’s comment. Duh!

    I was thinking the same thing abut Redden last night. anyone now thinking Vinny for the 2nd A? I am digging him.

  13. Yes, Vinny could very well be a Captain on any NHL team, I think Torts needs to give him the second A. I haven’t seen a player that seems to CARE as much as he does in a very long time. He wears it all over his body. I really really am glad we got him. Great player, great guy. I want to give him a man hug, buy him a Shiner Bock, and give him a yearly tanning package at Hollywood Tans.

  14. Speaking of Shiner Bock, Chili’s now has Shiner Bock BBQ sauce, and it is AMAZING!!!!! I had it on Sunday, and I can’t wait to go back for more. I HIGHLY recommend.

  15. DRURY is/was horrendous again last night, the guy is just LOST Right now not much else you can say…..i was at the game obviously happy after lisin scored then my buddy texts me says relax AL just reported gabby limped off-i turned green i was in panic mode for the last 7 min or so to go….game ended and obv gabby was the #1 star, and then i think people realized something was wrong….i sit right below sam and joe and yelled over to them and joe goes “hey dont know anything he just limped off”

    glad to hear it does not sound major but torts should use this as a learning tool as well-it is only game #12 i know he wants to play his top players but maybe just maybe not 17-20 min a night-just a thought


  16. I think Avery is being a good soldier and lets face it right now that’s all we need him to be but he certainly is not chirping it up like he did under Renney after every play.

    Let’s hope Avery hasn’t been neutered for fear of being benched by Torts. We will need his agitating skills down the road and after all it is an important part of his game.

    Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight 8-10 w Jim Schmiedeberg and myself. All Ranger talk for 2 hrs. Special guest Adam Proteau of The Hockey News. join us, We love Ranger Report, you posters and of course The Great Rick Carpiniello !


  17. Guys I think we should all be grateful Gabby lasted this long. This should not come as a shock for anybody, including our Champion General Manager Glen Sather. While this guy is amazing the rare times he is healthy, it was a terrible idea to bet our season and seasons to come on this walking injury. I would hate to say I told you so..but everybody told everybody so…man what a terrible organization.

  18. Put Drury and Higgins on the 4th line. Replace them with AA and Boyle who deserve to play more. That would be great to see.

    I think the Rangers would have lost again last night if they played a playoff caliber team. They still looked sloppy and a little lazy to me.

  19. I thought it was a good effort. I don’t know what made me more pale…Henrik withering in pain the other night or Gabby limping. Either way, it was horrifying. Gabby has stepped it up and I’ve been amazed at his skills. Prospal plays with soooo much heart. Give him the A or even the C…

    Lisin has definitely shined. What about that DZ kid? He impresses more and more each game.

    As for Drury…my poor Drury. Maybe it would benefit him to lose the C. Torts needs to find a way to get thru to him.

    As for Higgins…they did EVERYTHING to get him to score…

    Does anyone else miss Colton Orr?? LOL Atleast he can fight.

  20. The above posts are right regarding Sean Avery, Torts has him worried if he plays, well, like Avery. Sean doent want to be in street clothes if he crosses the line Torts talks about.

  21. Nasty,

    Did you not know Gaborik was the most brittle man in hockey? Everybody else did. I am not saying the guy isnt amazing…im saying it was a terrible decsion for Glen Sather to replace his entire offensive production with a guy who cant stay healthy. Are you not worried about secondary scoring?? Where would this team be with out Gaborik? We are about to find out. And my guess is it will be at least 2-3 weeks.

  22. Gaborik will play Wednesday night. And we have other people on this team producing. I for one, am not worried. That’t just me though.

    I do love though, how you come on here 1. After the Devils beat the Rangers, and 2. After Gabby seemed to be hurt.

    Why don’t you just own up to it and change your name to A DEVILS FAN. I am not being sarcastic when I say that I think people would at least respect you a lot more. I know I would. I would still think you are mildly agitating, but would respect you more. Maybe you don’t care who respects, you, and that is fine too. I have no idea having a difference of opinion with another Ranger fan, but I don’t troll the Devils blog and start crap with you and your fans.

  23. I have no idea having a difference of opinion with another Ranger fan, but I don’t troll the Devils blog and start crap with you and your fans.

    I meant to say, “I have no problem having a difference of opinion with another Ranger fan.”

  24. Nasty,

    I am a hockey fan and I love the NHL. I used to like the Rangers too, but now I dont. I just like the Devils. I don’t know how much more honest you would like me to be.

  25. Willie Huber lives forever on

    I don’t ever remember a defenseman having this much impact so early on in a Rangers season since #2; kudos to Del Zotto (whom I will not compare to Leetch, I was just sayin’…) And we haven’t even seen Gilroy’s coming out party yet (he’s been solid, but not spectacular), so when we get there, it will be nice to see the two of them playing at such a high

    Question for the group– do you see Sanguinetti joining the big club or eventually being traded for a missing piece offensively?

  26. I still say Tim Connolly is the most fragile player in the NHL. His first 4 seasons he was very durable, in fact he only missed a total of 3 games. Then he missed all of 03-04 with post-concussion syndrome and since then he’s averaged only 48 games per season.

    Gaborik on the other hand has averaged about 65 games per season and if you take out last year as an extraordinary year due to his recovery from major surgery he averages about 71 games.

  27. Look at these dirty fans coming on here only when they can, after a devil win or after a ranger injury.

    I for one, would be embarresed to be a Devils fan, i would rather watch basketball then be a fan of a team that is just like its state DIRTY.

    Get off this blog, dont you have to go tahe a shower or something?

  28. Laurel,

    We all know your talking about me, but what discussion did we ever have? Please tell me you did not think Gaborik was injury prone? That is all im saying. Please dont Cry Laurel.


    That is all fine and dandy, so why not just change your name. Because you are no longer a “local” fan. You are a “Devils” fan. And there is nothing wrong with that. I love the NHL too, and I can appreciate other teams, and the good things about those teams, yes, even the Devils. But I just want to know why you feel the need to come on here and chirp whenever something bad is going on, or seeming to go on with the Rangers? Does it make you feel better in some way? If it does, then I am very happy that the bad things that happen to the Rangers are a therapy for you. Lastly, I will add that my LOVE for the NHL does not lead me in to teams that I am not a fan of message boards, to gloat about the bad things that happen to them.

  30. When you can get more than your 400 fans to show up at the pebble, then come talk to us. And were not talking about a Ranger Devil game.

    You are so pitiful that you come on here and try to put negativity towards a team that has everything going in the right direction right now.

    3 words for you………


  31. Nasty 1

    I AM 100% WITH YOU. But thats the problem with Devils fans. Ranger fans in general are classy people, who actually have a love for hockey, devils fans on the other hand, just disrespect ranger fans. They have nothing else to go on.

  32. Nasty,

    I am going to be honest with you. I used to go to the devils blogs and Islanders blogs somebody there constantly did he same thing to us that I do to you so I decided to do a little pay back. I Truly enjoy coming here though. I mean my opinions obviously matter as it generates great discussion.

    Devils Suck:

    Great. I guess we only have 400 fans you moron. Rangers 12th in the league. Devils 17th or 19th. Rangers play in the biggest city in the World. Devils do not. Ranger average 1-2 more thousand a game. Do you realize how easy that is to accomplish considering millions and millions more people live and work in the city. So if you want to talk about attendence the rangers attendence is much more pathetic then the rangers all things considered.

  33. I just wanted to say that when the season started, I told you guys Lisin could be a top line player if given a chance. It’s only been a couple of games but he’s showing he could stick there.

    As for Gabby, I’m thinking he has a Charlie Horse. He was bumped around a couple times, but nothing too serious. I hope he’s fine or else we might be in some trouble.

    Drury should be benched after he fed the Yotes the 2nd goal on a silver platter. On the PK and in the defensive end he’s fine (for the most part). With the puck its like he forgot how to play and on the forecheck and the rush, he is lost almost. I hope he gets it together somewhat to at least look like he’s worth 3 million dollars, not a league minimum player.

  34. *** correction
    Rangers attendence is much more pathetic then the Devils all things considered.

    Devils Suck,

    Are you kidding? Ever go to a Devil Ranger game in New Jersey? Ever go to a Devil Ranger Game in New York? You cant even sit there and root for your team in New York without getting yelled at and beer spilled on you. The only place worse is Philly.
    And your really saying ranger fans have any respect for anybody else? That buddy is the biggest joke ever mentioned here.

  35. A LOCAL FAN isn’t even a Devils fan either. I read how he/she does the same thing on the Devils blog to the Devils and their fans, except he/she reverses roles and says stuff about the Devils and not the Rangers, according to someone who followed you on there a couple of times.

    A LOCAL FAN is the worst kind of fan. He/she could never be wrong, despite being wrong most of the time, then the one time they’re right, they shove it in your face and harp on it as much as possible. See like the post before “I told you so”. So typical.

    The truth is, this person would’nt even be anywhere to be found if the Devils weren’t a winning organization. A LOCAL FAN should leave the TRUE diehard Devils fans alone and hop on the Pittsburgh Penguins bandwagon. You’d probably fit in good there since none of them support their team when they’re bad, or even average.

    Typical jaded Rangers/Islanders fan this LOCAL FAN is.

    It’s a shame too. Because most true Devils fans can actually talk Hockey, without obsessing over the fate of the Rangers. It just so happens that some of the Devils fanbase now is made up of these young teens or people that think bashing the Rangers all the time is better than supporting or talking about their own team.

    I have no problem with Devils fans and most of the ones I know are good Hockey fans and can actually talk Hockey. It’s just that some of them now just bash the Rangers instead of supporting their team like they should.

  36. Case and point A (local)Devil Fan…………Case and point.

    You are a typical non educated devils follower, who in all reality simply put, is JEALOUS of our organization.

    You get your rocks off not by anything else, but by trying to make your pathetic mind think you are better than us Ranger fans. I would die before ever rooting for the Devils, and quite frankly, you are a large percent of your fan base, where are your other 399 buddies.

    You will never ever have what the Rangers have, loyalty, class, and above all, We play for NY. You cant touch that!

  37. Also in regards to Chris DREARY and Michal BLOZSIVAL, it’s gotta be something with numbers ending in 3. They both look lost. For every average hit or good play Rozy makes, he looks like he’s going to fall over. Also he skates like he’s in slow motion. Like his body is moving around a ton, but he’s not going anywhere (he definitely used to be faster before the surgery). He needs to be better or he’s done too.

  38. Local Fan-

    The Debbies ranked 23rd. The Rangers just happen to play in a smaller arena compared to other teams. They still sold out every single game last year, compared to the Debbies who’s arena averaged a 10% vacancy every night.
    It’s too bad Brodeur is on the ice for you guys…if you stuck him in the stands, Fatso could take care of all those empty seats and you’d have a full arena for a change (other than when the Rangers are in town of course).

  39. “2) Who is that guy in the Redden jersey and what did they do with Wade?”

    My thoughts exactly. Dare I say he is playing a tougher game (although you can visibly tell he still doesn’t like getting hit)? You can see the determination in his eyes. The look on his face reminded me of AROD’s in that large game against the Angels. Locked in and not getting denied. Bringing his A game.

    I’ll take his +4 on the season for now.

  40. I just saw that Gaborik was headed to Dr. Andrews in Alabama. Carp.. can you confirm this???

  41. What a joke. What a waste of time. Dont you have to go clean out your tailer or something Devil fan?


    Hows that for class, your #1 franchise player left his wife to bang her sister, theres CLASS for you!

  42. Am I the only one who wishes that Rozi would step to people at the blue line more? He did it a couple times last night, but I’d like to see him do it consistently.

  43. i don’t wanna get involved, but haven’t the rangers sold out like 200+ games in a row, and the devils can’t sell playoff tickets for face value?

    be that as it may, solid game last night. the spinorama by anisimov was a thing of beauty and should boost his confidence even more and help him. redden has somehow reinvented himself and has developed something he lacked last year: skill. where is the clutch chris drury who scored 37 goals for buffalo?? 37!!!!! i hope gaborik is ok, any update on his injury carp?

  44. This is my point. All of your Daddys were Ranger Fans. And all of their Daddys were ranger Fans. The rangers also play in the biggest city in the world with millions and millions more people living and working in the city the rangers play in. So the rangers average 1-2 more thousand people a game. And you guys think thats an amazing accomplishment?

  45. Carp,

    Your absolutely correct with MSG completely cutting off the post game, EVERYTIME! Its ridiculous, you think I want to hear MSG’s opinions about what they think with their silly Hockey Night Live BS? NO, I wanna hear and see the full postgame from the coach, not MSG’s opinions.

    Do you think The Knicks, Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants get that treatment after a game?

  46. 2) Who is that guy in the Redden jersey and what did they do with Wade?

    He’s taking the hit to make the play. Can’t ask too much more from him. As long as he makes the good breakout pass and doesn’t get blown by on D, he’ll continue to get minutes.

  47. I could have sworn that Mexico City was much larger than NY, as well as a few cities in Brazil and India. Also the metropolitan area of LA is about the same as NY and they can’t even support an NFL team.

  48. CARP
    great point we need to see more of post game then listening to maloney for 20 mins. i want to see torts entire press conf and all player interviews

  49. Lets look at this from the other side guys. We should be proud that a Devil fan would rather come here and talk with us, rather than go to one of their blogs and talk with other Devils fans that he probably knows since there are only 400 of them.

    The rangers have been in my family for years, my father is a HUGE fan, uncles, etc……….

    Now youre going to say, “Well the Rangers have been around since 1926 yada yada yada.

    Thats the rpoblem with you people………..why cant you just accept the fact that the Rangers are a true organization with Loyal fans and that is something NJ will never have.

    BTW………How was your Cup parade in the parking lot, i heard it got pretty crowded.


    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 EVER

  50. They CANNOT average more. There is a capacity. They average the maximum number of people that can go to their games.

    On a side note, people like you are sad and pathetic. You come here for attention most likely due to some deficiency in your normal life. This is the only place people pay attention to you, but they only do so because you’re an object of derision. You can’t get people to notice you in the real world when you’re nice and the only time you can on a fan board is when you single yourself out.

    Personally, I enjoy your presence on these boards. It’s such a tight knit group, it makes bashing you that much easier. At least appreciate the fact that the Rangers have an awesome group like this for you to come and pester.

  51. You have to feel bad for someone like a Local Fan. Not being a Rangers fan would suck.

    Could you imagine being a Devils fan, or even worse, (gasps) an Islanders fan?!? I’d slam my head into a wall every day I woke up on principle for associating myself with such a second-rate organization.

  52. Typical behavior of a Devils fan.

    Lets not answer him, you’lle see what instinctivly happens next.

  53. Local Fan must have the day off from school.

    Did you fake the swine flu, so you could try to get a rise out of Ranger fans today?

    Probably did the same thing yesterday on Fire and Ice when Pando went down.


    The point is, you moron, is it is pathetic that every rangers fan arguement is that the rangers have more fans. Yes they do. And there are lots of reasons for it. The devils fans will come, onces the original fans have kids and their kids have kids. Now we will never have more fans then the Rangers, our fan base will continue to grow. Personally I would rather have 3 Stanley cups since the Rangers have last won one, and twelve straight playoff apperances. Ranger fans would rather have more fans and tight groups. Devil fans, not matter how many of them are, would rather have success and stabilty. That is the difference between a Devils fan and a Rags fan.

  55. Here we go…

    the classic “I’m from Jersey and have nothing to be proud of so I’ll rattle the three things I can boast about”

    Let’s just get ’em out on the table in advance and spare you the energy, shall we?

    1-Jets/Giants play there. They moved across STATE lines, the only teams to ever do so, yet kept their original name. Says a lot about the respect Jersey gets.
    2- Bruce Springsteen. K. I hate him but lots of people love him, so I won’t argue that one.
    3- Bon Jovi. Enough said.

    Alright so there you have it A Local Fan. All that Jersey can be proud in 3 bullet points. Care to continue that argument?

  56. You know what….. I don’t give a rats you know what about attendance. But it’s time to crap (i’m abiding by the rules Carp :-), but damn, I wish you would let us curse in instances like this) or get off the pot. Devils fans, for the longest time have been saying “we’ll sell out games once we get out of that god awful area and arena in the Meadowlands”, So yeah, you should be selling out games now that you’re in a better arena, easier to get to, and not in the middle of nowhere. So yeah.

    No more excuses. None of this “WAH YOU PLAY IN THE BIGGEST CITY WITH THE LARGEST MEDIA WAH WAH WAH WOE IS ME, WOE IS ME, WOE IS ME” Because thats all you sound like. Hockey isn’t even the number 1 sport here, and the Rangers still do just fine.

    The most LOYAL, PASSIONATE, DIEHARD fanbase, and don’t you forget it.

    I say that because the Rangers fans make the most noise during the playoffs. That = passion. Loyalty and diehard = having god awful crappy teams for 7 or 8 years and still showing up and going to games. I know because I was there, and still am, for those years.

    So like I said, I don’t give a damn about attendance. But if you’re gonna say this stuff like we’re in one of the biggest cities all the time, don’t expect no one to respond to it.

    The only thing about attendance that I care about is that i’d rather have it packed than having people sit on their hands, and hardly anyone there. It makes for better atmosphere.

  57. AFLY,

    I seem to remember Bruce or Bon Jovi standing on the Garden ice during Leetch’s retirement party. Or was it Graves? I also remember the Soprano’s cast there during the same ceremony…Werent they supposed to be from Jersey?

    Do you guys think its pathetic how often the rangers bring the cup back to the garden to celebrate 1994? I know some of you are obsessed, but maybe you can get over it one day. I know it hasn’t been 54 years like last time, but 15 years is enough. Do you see the Devils or Detroit letting that into their buildings when they have not won the cup? NO! NO! NO! because they are not PATHETIC.

  58. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    It’s simple…

    Local Fan USED to be a Rangers fan… but then he jumped on the Devils fan-wagon when they started winning…so now he sings to their tune. I would venture to guess if the Devils didn’t have that pre-lockout success…. he’s still be hanging Rangers gear in his house.

    That being said…. local fan… don’t use terms like “our champion GM” since you are now openly a Devils fan.
    Your GM is who you should be concerned with.

    Gaborik has a spotty history, it’s no secret, but he’s high risk high reward. He shares the league lead with 10 goals…. Where does the Devils offense stack up?

  59. Im done with this guy. It takes a real man to talk a lot of crap in front of a computer monitor. Bring it anytime you want and i’ll show you what NY really produces.

    Lets get back to reality.

    Gaborick not practicing today.

  60. Was at the game. I’ll tell you, if Anisimov can repeat that shot over and over again, he’ll be a 40+ goal scorer.
    Gaby’s shots look even more amazing if you see them alive-the puck comes in and out so fast, it takes a moment to realize it’s a goal. You almost feel for the goalies.
    Lisin looks more and more like a good find. Forget the goal, it was LaBarbera’s fault. But his speed allows him to be first (almost Mandelbaum-like)in both zones, and he is more physical than I thought. And, yes, Izzy, I think he is better than you.

    I’m still worried about them crumbling under sustained presure, especially during the second period.

    Laurel, I think we should totally poodle him, btw.

  61. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    NJD leading scorer- Zach Parise 6G 6A-12PTS

    NYR leading scorer- Marion Gaborik 10G 8A- 18PTS

    and for kicks…
    Michael Del Zotto 4G 8A-12PTS
    So our rookie defenseman has the same points as the Devils leading scorer….

    and local fan wants to nitpick Gaborik??

  62. Local Fan – Right, Jersey’s two proudest native sons at a NEW YORK RANGERS event. And that makes your argument stronger in what way?

    Also, I wouldn’t take too much pride in the fact that mobsters are portrayed as taking up residence in your state.

  63. he’s not practicing today? i don’t like that…

    I’d just like to point out that the devils may have killed hockey. When baseball went into its strike, hockey was the sport that everyone was watching, it opened up the door big time in 95 to make the sport great. talk was still about the rangers breaking the curse, and then the devils won and won with their trap, which made it UNBEARABLE to watch hockey. don’t get me wrong, they won a cup and kudos, no matter how it was done they won. Just saying that was the end of hockey as we know it, the end of national hockey night on espn with that awesome music, and is why we watch hockey on versus. i guess what i’m trying to say is that new jersey sucks and the devils suck. what’s marty’s record against lundqvist again?

  64. I’m not surprised that Gabby’s not practicing. Too early in the season to even think of pushing that. The guy’s on his game. If he needs a day off to get ready for tomorrow’s game, so be it.

    I woulnd’t sound the alarm right now.

  65. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    I bet Local Fan cried himself to sleep when Brodeur got hurt and missed all that time. I bet he even wrote off the Devils, and probably posed as a Rangers fan for a part of the season. Clemmensen comes in and shines… and what happens? Marty gets him banished from Jersey so the spotlight can stay on him!

    Gaborik got hit knee on knee… it’s ok to be sore from that, you ever played Hockey local fan?

  66. LOCAL FAN roots for the Devils (used to like the Rangers, and the Islanders are gonna be AWESOME!!!) He loves both the Yankees and Mets, thinks the Giants and Jets are swell, and is happy as long as the Knicks and Nets are winning.

    Go sports!

  67. A (un)LOCAL Fan

    Get a life and i would quit the name calling while youre a head.

    You are the one wearing a Devils Jersey and yet, you call me the dummy. Really how old are you 12?

    Dont you have to go play with your barbie dolls, or kick the can in your case. you have to have a can somehwere in that trailer of yours.

    c’mon, all together now…………

    “You give love a bad name.”

  68. I’d venture a guess that Martin Havlat is, like Connolly in Buffalo, far more brittle than Gabby.

    BTW, according to Zipay’s twitter, neither Lundqvist or Gaborik is practicing today.

  69. Based on these lines at practice, it might be safe to say that Gaborik will play tomorrow b/c they did not move a wing up to the 1st line and just inserted Voros:


  70. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    The Devils have scored 24 goals in 9 games, Tied for 21st in the league in scoring.

    The Rangers have scored 46 goals in 12 games, and LEAD THE NHL IN GOALS SCORED.

    Take away Gabby’s 10, and the rest of the team has 36 goals, take away Parise’s 6, and the rest of the Devils have 18… half the Rangers production…. Offense isn’t our problem.

  71. Carp,

    Can you please tell DEVILS SUCK it is not okay to use the word Fag to insult me on your blog? According to the terms of service, or is that allowed on your blog? We all know how respectful ranger fans are.

  72. Local fan, you keep saying we’re Ranger fans because our Daddys & Grandaddys were Ranger fans. Your right & we’re proud of that. But that can’t happen to you & other Devil fans, your missing the key ingredient – A DADDY !

  73. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Local fan…

    if you want to get technical… ‘fag’ is a British term for cigarette. So he just called you a local cigarette.

    what’s the problem?

    If you don’t like our blog….STAY OFF IT!

    ok cupcake??

  74. That was a mistype. My mind was thinking one thing, and my fingers typed it. For this I apologize.

  75. UES,

    Do you mean the Rangers aren’t a good team with out The King and Gabby? I personally see them as a cup contender. Rangers don’t need Hank or Gabby.

  76. “Do you guys think its pathetic how often the rangers bring the cup back to the garden to celebrate 1994? I know some of you are obsessed, but maybe you can get over it one day. I know it hasn’t been 54 years like last time, but 15 years is enough. Do you see the Devils or Detroit letting that into their buildings when they have not won the cup? NO! NO! NO! because they are not PATHETIC.”

    It’s about doing what’s right. And DON’T ever compare or even put the Red Wings and the Devils in the same sentence. I love how Devils fans think their 3 cups was some sort of dynasty. As if it’s on par with Detroit is or has done. It was close, but if they had won the Cup in 2001, which they should’ve, then it would’ve been a dynasty.

    But sorry to say it wasn’t.

    Anyway, the point is that, the Devils should or should’ve had the cup there, if they didn’t, I don’t remember, for Scott Stevens night, and Marty Brodeur’s celebration or night when it comes or whatever. Like I said It would only be right.

    Sorry to inform you though, LOCAL FAN….. Your organization lacks just a bit of class and your COMUDGENT of a G.M. likes to hold grudges. What was that again? Giving away Scott Niedermayer’s number away to Mike FRICKING Motteau?! I bet you forgot about that crap, didn’t you?

    I mean, lets say that Patrick Elias had left the Devils a couple of years ago too, i’m willing to bet the comudgent would”ve gave away his number too.

    Sure you can say we gave away Graves’ number to Pavel Bure, but that’s because Sather is a pompous you know what and you’d expect that from Glen Sather.

    And they righted the wrong by retiring his number anyway.

    You would’nt expect that from the Devils or Lou Lamoriello.

    But they or he did. So you know what, when you say the Devils have class, i’ll be here respond with some cold hard facts.

  77. I love you Laurel!
    Carp do you go to all the games? I want to come say hello!


    i LOVE this blog. Why would I leave?

  78. Sigh. Now someone’s forced me to respond. Devils, local fan has you there. We don’t do that here son….in fact, you should change your screen name, too. If you’re a regular, which I think you are, you should now the deal by now.

  79. So:

    Lets get this straight, they dont have the scoring, there one time # 1 goalie is old and fat, and they cant sellout a game even if they give the tickets away.

  80. “Nasty,

    I am going to be honest with you. I used to go to the devils blogs and Islanders blogs somebody there constantly did the same thing to us that I do to you so I decided to do a little pay back. I Truly enjoy coming here though. I mean my opinions obviously matter as it generates great discussion.”

    Wow! I appreciate the honesty, but that sounds like an excuse that one of my 5th grade students gave me earlier in the day for the reason as to why he threw a pencil at another student. His response, the ever popular one amongst fifth grade students,”He did it first.”

  81. 94Obsession,

    Your posting name pretty much sums up the entire rangers organization and their fan base. No the Devils did not bring the cup back for their retirements. Only pathetic organizations like the Rangers do that. We dont dwell on the past, even though stevens and Dano won three stanley cups, the cup was not brought back when they retired. Maybe because they didnt win the cup that year and the cup did not belong to them?

  82. voice of reason on

    Local Fan,

    I’ve noticed that you have not responded to the fact that people have pointed out that you go on to the fire and ice devils blog and basically post the same nonsense over there. Only difference is over there you claim to be a former devil’s fan that now roots for the Rangers. Are you really that bored, or lonely, or starved for attention? Could you please just admit to being a fraud and move on? I appreciate a good debate as much as anyone, but I really find you to be quite annoying.

  83. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    That’s your call to make my friend. Personally, i feel you have the right to blog wherever you choose, Ranger fan or not.

    I find your comments hypocritical becuase you claim to have once been a Ranger fan. You play both sides of the aisle, and unfortunately that brings you level of validacy down a bit. But that’s my opinion, which i’m entitled to, and of course, you are entitled to yours.

    It’s a shame you were such a fair-weather fan, and jumped to Jersey’s fan-wagon. Fan is short for ‘fanatic’ which you sir…. are NOT. You’re a casual fan, which is one step above a chick who roots for a team just to make a guy happy.

  84. 94:

    I do happen to agree with you. I don’t think Lou should have given away Niedermayer’s number, or brylin’s number so fast. It’s not the way its done I guess in the Devils Organization, and this does upset me. But Lou does things his way. And he is a hall of famer and always puts a competive product on his ice. So what can I do?

  85. Guys, get it under control now please. Seriousl. We all know Devils isn’t calling him a cigarette for crying out loud. You want to comment and disagree and get into it, fine, but I really have other things to do today that police this place like your mother. Just wait til the blogfather gets home.

  86. Can you even name me 5 players on the Devils team? without looking online?

    Do you even know the game of hockey?

    Are you even old enough to be ona computer without the permissionof your foster parents?

    A true devils fan……….we’ll see!

  87. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    We’re a team that at least has a history, being an original six team and all.

    So Jersey wins 3 cups in 27 years and that makes them a dynasty?

    The team relocated from Colorado… you should root for the Avalanche too!

    Founded in 1982…. geez… that was the year after i was born… the Devils as a franchise are younger than me! haha… nice ‘orginization’

  88. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Hey, Local Douche


    Do you know what that means?
    Of course you don’t, so go back to Fire & Ice with the other jerk off devil fans

    And do you really think Carp is going to ban someone becasue YOUR asking.

    Carp, how about we ban Local Douche?

    And Laurel, dont let this tool get to you. He only comes here when mommy and daddy let him go online.

  89. Gift,

    Im not referring to 3 cups in 27 years. We are not a dynasty now. But 3 cups and a stanley cup finals loss a conference final in 9 years can be considered a mini-dynasty. To lots of observers. Not just me.

    I can name every devils player and most prospects.
    I can also do the same for the Rangers.

    Next question?


    clearly DEVILS doesnt quite understand because he has not changed his posting name either.

  90. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    i thought that to be a witty cover for Devils Suck!


    somebody get local fan some tissues to wipe up his tears would ya??

    waaaaaaaaaaa…..the rangers fans made fun of me.
    I’m telling!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you cigarette you!

  91. Devils, appreciate it. Thanks. But really, sad to admit, but I’m a smoker and I’ve never used that word in that context….:) now how about changing your name to Devils are Pruchas, or something….


    tony, thanks!

  92. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    My next question is…

    How do you expect the Devils to be competitive scoring 2 goals a game?? Don’t tell me you think Marty is going to finish the season with a GAA under 2.00.

    Lou will probably fire Jacques before the end of the season and take over. AGAIN. haha

  93. Man, Local Fan, you are getting us so annoyed. I feel like I am gong to lose my temper. And you all know what happened the last time I lost my temper don’t you?

  94. Laurel,

    Are little Mikey From NEW JERSEY’s comments acceptable? Calling me a “Douche” twice and telling me to “Jerk Off” devils fans. Its nice to see how “respectful” Ranger fans are.

  95. I will never change it, but you should definately change yours.

    Why dont you be proud of your team and say it loudly.

    A Devils Fan. Anyone who claims to used to be a ranger fan, then jumped ship because the Devs were winning was never a real Rangers fan to begin with.

    I cant call you a cigarrette, but you can call me a morone?

    That doesnt sound too fair to me, its ok, i wont ask for action to be taken towards you. Anyone wh like to be at a blog that he gets crapped on every posting must really be leading a crappy life, and therefore, i pitty you.

  96. Well, I lost my temper and I took a knife and I uh-. Do you know those “Do Not Remove Under the Penalty of Law” labels they put on mattresses?

  97. whats acceptable and not acceptable is up to the majority on this blog.

    I for one, dont feel theres anything wrong with calling you a fag, or a douche, or a Jerk Off.

    Because infact, that is what you are.

    Why dont you f*ck off and go play with your friends. Isnt it nap time for you yet.

    laurel, i apologize, but there is no room in this blog for this idiot.

  98. I was waiting for LOCAL FAN to say something about my name. As if it’s not an inside joke for me that only I know about, but I like the name and I think it’s funny. (I thought about it myself and have had this name since 2006 on different sites).

    Funny how you hardly respond to me when I call you out though.

    Your posts pretty much sums up the Devils organization and their fanbase…..

    Wait for it…..



    INFERIORITY COMPLEX! See? I’ll give it right back to you.

    But my point was that it was about doing what’s right.

    Address my other points too about how the Devils lack a bit of class too.

    Also address my other points how you”re not even a Devils fan and just a jaded Rangers/Islanders fan.

    Address the point on how you do the same thing on the Devils blogs. Lets be honest here, you were never a fan of the Rangers and you never were a fan of the Devils.

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Roadrunner Vs the Coyote" ...says Greg L. on

    LOCAL FAN , Don’t use that pathetic excuse about Rangers having more fans because they have a larger population.
    My Dad liked the Calgary Flames and my brother loves the Oilers. I am a Ranger fan and I don’t even live close to NY. Not even close ,ever. Around here people like the Rangers more then the Devils and It has ZERO to do with population ,so your wrong. BTW We just had the Islanders here for preseason buddy ,they suck too!!

  100. Well, I lost my temper and I took a knife and I uh-. Do you know those “Do Not Remove Under the Penalty of Law” labels they put on mattresses?

    There is no basement in the Alamo.

  101. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I will Laurel, you knwo your appreciated here.

    Jsut cant stand when the kiddies come on here trying to get us all irritated with there nonsense

  102. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    need i step in again and remind everyone that a douche is a cleansing process?? It keeps things clean and fresh.

    And local… he wasn’t saying for YOU to jerk off the devils fans…. he was calling all devils fans j.o’s.

  103. Why do you guys respond to local fan? Ignore him, and he will go away. It baffles me how easily people are tricked into getting into e-arguments with obvious trolls.

    Its been pointed out that he poses as a Rangers fan on the Fire and Ice blog…


    If everyone of us ignored him, he would be typing to himself all day and eventually wise up. Please, use your heads.

    Gaborik will play tomorrow night, just being given the day off. Besides, its the fishsticks Wednesday, if he needs the game off to focus on Boston on Sunday, I can live with that. Not hip/groin related so I think we can all breathe a little easier.

  104. Why do you guys respond to local fan? Ignore him, and he will go away. It baffles me how easily people are tricked into getting into e-arguments with obvious trolls.

    Its been pointed out that he poses as a Rangers fan on the Fire and Ice blog…


    If everyone of us ignored him, he would be typing to himself all day and eventually wise up. Please, use your heads.

    Gaborik will play tomorrow night, just being given the day off. Besides, its the fishsticks Wednesday, if he needs the game off to focus on Boston on Sunday, I can live with that. Not hip/groin related so I think we can all breathe a little easier.

  105. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    cry me a river big boy… .preferably the Hudson…. then jump in it.

  106. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Local, douche is said on natioanl Television so it’s allowed on a blog. your such a freakin cry baby

    and yes go back to Fire and Ice and have fun with your cigarette buddies

    Seriously though local idiot: are you this bored with your life you want to come to a board where EVERYONE hates you, any post you make is negative, and where every post you make contributes absolutely noting to our conversations?

    I mean if this is your life, than I’ll stop making fun of you, becasue, well, your life is actually pathetic. and I feel very very sorry for you.

    Here’s a counselor you can call:

    1-866-671-5748, Ask for Dr. Nick

    He has experience with withdrawal from shine boxes and can help you go get yours

    Nasty, Love that he has no clue what this means

  107. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Devil's suck dude , get over it !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Too bad Mickey ,Matteau shot yer dog pluto..just like old Yeller!!

  108. Guys, this is a first. I can’t believe I just had to do this, but I just got off the phone with Carp, who is too busy to be monitoring you today as he’s stuck at the stadium, but I didn’t want to wield an ax without his OK.

    Now I have it.

    Some of you are getting out of control and it’s enough. Devils, fyi, you are incorrect about this “whats acceptable and not acceptable is up to the majority on this blog.”
    What’s acceptable and what’s not iS up to Carp, me and the owner of this blog.

    I really don’t have the time today to keep deleting/editing posts. KNOCK IT OFF NOW!

  109. voice of reason on

    I’m still waiting for a response local, here’s one of your posts from fire and ice to jog your memory:
    Well tonight is the first night that I really will be rooting hard for the Rangers when they are playing the Devils. I’ll be at the game with my Ranger fan friends but I won’t act the same way they do towards the Devils. I still have respect for my old team.

    Forget Gaborik, how is this Devils team supposed to stop us. The Rangers are fast and talented and they will pinch dman and get lots of rubber at Brodeur. They will also give up some 2 on 1s and 3 on 2s but we still have Hank to save us. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted by A Local Fan on 10/05 at 01:31 PM

  110. 94,

    I said it is true that in my opinion the devils should not have given the jersey numbers away so fast. To some its a lack of class. I wish Lou would not do this. But he always puts a sucessfull winning team on the ice so if some people thinks that particular instance is classless so be it. What else did I not address?

    I am a very big Devils fan.

  111. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Devil's suck dude , get over it !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    CHA CHA CHING!!! Don’t worry about old Local Fan , it has to take a nap soon. It’s fun to bug it because we know were right….it takes alot of nerve to show up the day after Gaborik gets hurt…we need Local fan so we can vent…ahhhh Devils suck…….ahhh I do feel better.don’t you?

  112. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Do the Devils still play Zombie Nation when the score? That’s a fitting theme.

  113. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    And no more responses to the idiot
    I feel better now

    LAurel, again your the best

    and Carp as well, oh captain my captain!!

  114. Voice of Reason,

    How do you know that I am not doing this in retaliation for that guy posting on the Devils Blog?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  115. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    he does it on Devils blogs too.

    It’s just fun to pick on hockey chumps like him.
    he’ll go back to playing x-box in his undies and getting ‘friendly’ with the s.i. swimsuit edition soon enough.

    I wonder if he has a girlfriend… or if she started out liking boys, then now decided to like girls….

  116. I am proud my fellow fan-mates arent anything like Local.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are going to take over MAdison Square Colliseum tomorrow night.

  117. voice of reason… here is another


    WOO HOO!!!! That was a great game by my boys. Gilroy is the next Leetch. I know that might sound crazy but it’s not. The guy is all over the ice, he controls the game. Thank you Mr. Sather.

    I didn’t do any gloating at the game like my friends did but it was sure was fun. The Rangers skate well, they forecheck well, and the HORRIBLE defenseman are always pinching.

    Marty looked old as he let in another softy. I hate watching the decline of a superstar. But you guys didn’t look too bad.

    Posted by A Local Fan on 10/05 at 10:47 PM

  118. I told you all I would be here when Gabby gets hurt. So this should not be a surprise. Im just surprised he lasted this long.

  119. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Devil's suck dude , get over it !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Devils play an awsome defensive system ,always have sinse Wayne Gretzky called them out saying , “why wouldn’t they pull thier goalie and put in the other one? Why let him take in all those goals? The guys my friend ,The NJ devils are a mickey Mouse organization”

    Thats quoted by the greatest player to ever play this game. Enough said.

  120. A LOCAL FAN….. My apologies, I didn’t see it as there’s posts getting posted evey minute practically. So I didn’t see it right away.

    I just feel that if you came in peace, talked Hockey wthout the intended insults towards the Rangers, then everybody would’ve accepted you better.

    The attendance thing would’nt have gotten brought up if you had just talked Hockey without being like that from the beginning. That’s all.

  121. Does the name Enver Lisin make anyone else happy? I think it’s fun to say…Lisin! Enver Lisin! Enver Enver Enver Lisinnnn…I like it.

  122. ok, guys, why are we making every damned topic this numbskull posts in all about shim???? Didn’t we all agree to NOT get pulled into the stupidity of answering shim? You keep feeding the troll, giving shim what shim wants, and shim keeps coming back.

    IGNORE THE IGNORAMUS and lets get back to talking about the Rangers, Gabby’s lower body issue, the Showtime Drurtisserie, Reddens resurrection from zombie to zom, and the nifty first 12 games of MDZ!

    Thank you

  123. 94,

    I tried that. And then everybody just talks about attendence and Marty being fat. So i get defensive.
    I come here and state that Gaborik injury is not a surprise and this is what the talk turns into with Laurel having to babysit. I for one want a normal discusssion but obviously that can’t happen here.

  124. 94,

    I tried that. And then everybody just talks about attendence and Marty being fat. So i get defensive.
    I come here and state that Gaborik injury is not a surprise and this is what the talk turns into with Laurel having to babysit. I for one want a normal discusssion but obviously that can’t happen here.

  125. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    jeez… the guy misses one practice and local fan wants to be ordained a psychic?

    Watch Allen Iverson’s youtube video about practice,

    Plaxico Burress didn’t practice AT ALL during the week and still played on Sundays, and played well.

    guys miss practice all the time. Gabby may very well not play all 82 games. so what? He’s still out scoring the Devils!

  126. hahaha voice of reason, way to call him out on that. ridiculous. he didn’t get enough attention growing up so hes craving it now. but we’re giving it to him. so it goes on…

    have the rangers said anything about gaboriks injury? did they call it a lower body injury yet, or nothing— i think they need to be honest with the fans, i’m with you carp

  127. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " I love Gaborik !!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Prey on our pain …you are sick . Ok fine …what about Gionta? WELL? HURTS DOESN”T IT? Gionta is lighting it up with Gomez…sounds familiar? I’d be cryinggggg if I were a Devils fan for that reason alone. I honestly don’t feel upset about what your saying cuz you r oviously in pain. I’m not being sarcastic either man. I realize your pain and ya don’t have to go to youe neibors over here to lash out. The Devils and Rangers can co-exist but losing a player like Gionta and…Madden is painfull. I’m just saying you got your own problems and we really don’t have too many over here ,but were not gonna talk down to the Devils fans cuz frankly bud , we have been there…it hurts.

  128. Rick,
    The wheels are falling off here!!!

    I suggest visiting Rodent’s site, and setting up the messageboards in a similar fashion. We can post categorically, keep the feedback focused, and basically prevent Devil’s fans with small pee pees from causing havoc on what is usually a very coherent and thoughtful blog.

  129. cw, all we need over here is an IGNORE button!

    aaaah the old days of MSN hockey chat when I had the power to ban people from the room!

  130. Yeah can we just like block half of the convo in this post? It’s terrible.

    Enver Lisin, more like Enver “Listen I’m really good so give me 1st line minutes”.

  131. Okay I have read this blog for about a year now, and yeas the banter with Local fan and everyone can be funny… but enough is enough. Can we talk hockey more importantly Rangers Hockey?

    I hope Higgins gets it going against the Fish Sticks! This guy needs to score one for confidence!

  132. The people who continue to spam this place up with dumb arguments should just be banned. We’re here to talk about hockey first, and other things second, but not argue about who is a real fan and all that BS. If you want to do that, IM each other or something.

    And yes Ranger Blue, I really hope he gets one. He had chances again last night and couldn’t put one home. At least he’s getting chances now that he’s away with Drury, however that line with him Dubi and Cally isn’t the strongest offensively. The Coyotes had most of their puck possession in our end when they were on the ice.

  133. local fan

    I would STRONGLY urge you to not mess with laurel!!!!


    Where at in Missouri??

  134. sorry about my comments showing up a little later than the conversation points folks……stupid computer!! I wish I was using my mac at home instead of this crap PC at work!!

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