Gaborik not serious (updated)


That’s the official word from the Rangers, who aren’t saying exactly what his (likely knee) injury is. But they are saying it is not related to any of his previous injuries and it is not serious. He didn’t skate today and he will be reevaluated tomorrow.

Steve Zipay is reporting that Henrik Lundvist was involved in a fender-bender this morning. He’s totally fine.


Now, why don’t you guys just ignore the Devils’ fan and let him go away?


EVENING UPDATE, 5:28 P.M.: Sorry I’m late to the party on this … spent the day at Yankees/Phillies workouts. This in from the Rangers, which I assume means they can prucha more than one player tomorrow if Gaborik plays, but that he might not play:

New York, October 27, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward P.A. Parenteau has been recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).
Parenteau, 26, has recorded eight goals and six assists for 14 points, along with 12 penalty minutes in nine games with Hartford (AHL) this season.  He currently leads the AHL in goals and is tied for the league lead in points.  He is also tied for first in the league in power play goals (five) and fourth in power play assists (four).  Parenteau has registered five multi-point efforts this season, including three straight (four goals and seven points) entering today.  He notched his first hat trick as a Wolf Pack player, including his first penalty-shot goal with Hartford, on October 10 against Springfield.  Last season, Parenteau finished ninth in the AHL in points with 29 goals and 78 points, and was named a First-Team AHL All-Star.
The Hull, Quebec native was acquired by the Rangers from the Chicago Blackhawks on October 11, 2007, in exchange for a conditional draft pick.  He was originally Anaheim’s ninth round selection, 264th overall, in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft.
The Blueshirts return to action tomorrow when they will face off against the New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum (7:00 p.m.), in an Atlantic Division matchup.  Prior to the game, the Rangers morning skate is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. at Nassau Coliseum.  The Rangers posted a record of 5-1-0 in six meetings with the Islanders last season, including a 3-0-0 mark at Long Island.  The Blueshirts enter the contest having tallied a power play goal in nine of their last 10 games, clicking at a 35.0% (14-40) success rate over the span.  The game will be televised live on MSG 2.

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  1. good on you TR, snaggin the daily double!!!

    Ok, now that we know Gabby’s injury is not serious, the sigh of relief feels good!

  2. what is with hank getting run into this year? now it extends past hockey! the refs NEED to look at this!

  3. i got twhirl open. when the new post is made i hear a chime, flip over to my other desktop and BAM!

    i wouldnt play gabby against the islanders if there is even a question, just rest him. biggest investment on the team as well as hank. id even sit hank against the islanders. but hank is not hurt. i still dont understand why they reported on it. there is no need to worry the fans even more after gabbys “injury” yesterday.

  4. I have a bet with the co-founder of my fantasy hockey website that Gabby will play 70 and score 40. he says i’m crazy.

    Hopefully this is only a game or two at most.

  5. i agree with you TR, sit Gabby for that game. Everyone knows he did something, we don’t need someone from bridgeport targeting him and him getting seriously injured.

    One more thing TR, you’re getting CCCP-like in your firsts!

  6. Inhankwetrust – that was absolutely hysterical Re: Henrik getting run into this year.

    TR- I think they announced hank’s accident as fans/media knew he was missing from practice, so there had to be some explanation.

  7. THANK THE LORD,,,,GABBY is fine….more important as i mentioned earlier maybe TORTS himself can learn a lesson here, everyone makes mistakes and this is a learning process for EVERYONE right, well TORTS listen up ITS ONLY GAME #12 tomorrow, I AM NOT SAYING SIT HIM OUT BUT HE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ON EVERY PENALTY KILL and EVERY POWER PLAY, IE HE DOES NOT HAVE TO PLAY 20 MIN EVERY NIGHT, trust me I BLEED BLUE I WANT THEM TO WIN EVERYNIGHT BUT ITS ONLY GAME 12 OF THE REGULAR SEASON SO TORTS LOOK IN THE MIRROR AS WELL AS YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING AS WELL

  8. So I just received my Nov. 2 issue of THN about an hour ago. Sat down to skim some highlights as I squeezed off my first crosby of the day. Interesting read about Dubi’s hold out and fast start by Zipay. (no more brooks? !) Then I get to the team sections. Glue Guys. The guy that holds the team together. Zipay starts with “Known more as a leader by example, Chris Drury, 33, works quietly, inviting young players to ride with him on buses and train trips.” He then tells how he was on the phone all summer. Does that sound like an E-harmony kind of description. I didn’t need to know that he was gonna be a good dad. I want him to be a good Ranger damn it.

  9. Of course, I got CARPED again….unbelievable!!!!!! oh well, carp hates me!!


    Where in Missouri?

    Laurel and everyone

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!!!

  10. Carp,

    Thanks for the shout out. Mark my words Ladies and Gents. Gabby’s injury might night be a torn ACL but he will still miss time, and this is a reminder of what is to come over the next 5 years. Gabby constantly on the injury report.

  11. yea brashear broke his arm punching the car, they’re calling it an upper body injury, but theyre being pretty vague. he’ll skate in the pregame warmup and see how he feels.

  12. Was Jason Blake driving the car?

    “Inviting young players to ride with him on buses and train trips.”! Just say no, MDZ, Lisin, Gilroy and the rest. Or maybe Captain Cellphone could lure other young players (Crosby, Malkin, Richards, Parise) on a bus/train trip with him while a game is on between the Rangers and their team. That would work for me.

  13. brash was just standing in the crosswalk and he was going to try and jump over the car whine hank gunned it.

    brash didnt jump high enough and landed on the windshield thus injuring the lamborghini and hurting hanks feelings.

  14. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    quite possibly the line of the day with that Brashear crack!!
    Well played sir!

  15. i hope Brashear isnt sore after beating the crap out of the car that ran Hank.

    P.S. Again, please do not confuse my kindness with weakness. I have retired from being “first”. I felt the need to let the younger generation to enjoy the pride of being “first” poster… besides, Carp offered me a good retirement plan so i took it. But, there can never be another CCCP… you know… like The Captain or The Great One or The King… there can only be one. :P

  16. Off topic at the moment. I think the reason guys like Drury Higgins and Callahan are struggling to score is because they’re trying to do too much of the other stuff. Those guys seem to put a lot of pressure on themselves to make a good defensive play, back check hard, or throw a hit and haven’t been greedy enough with the puck to score.
    I rememebr when I played on club team and was utilized strictly as a pure offensive forward. I had some of the best gaol and point totals in the league when stats came out every week, but once we lost some of our good defensive guys over the years my role shifted to become more of a two way player. But even when we got good defensive guys back on the team over the years it was difficult as a player to get back into that greedy pure offensive player mode, and my point totals showed it. I think that may be what has happened with guys like Higgins Callahan and esp, Drury. It almost like they’re focusing too hard to be those responsible players that try not to make a bad play and aren’t being greedy enough to put up the numbers we know they can or should.

  17. Any truth to the rumor that Gabby is with Dr. Andrews in Alabama? This has been reported on

  18. I know I am WAY LATE with this post, but real life has kept me off the internet till now.

    Was anyone else as amazed as I was when they showed the replay of Avery’s DIVE… I mean when he was tripped? I couldnt believe it. I just knew there were going to be some make up calls for that. I believe that there may be some make up calls for that tomorrow and maybe Friday as well. That was rediculous. I like Aves a lot, he makes me laugh EVERY game at least once. I think the game that he plays with the opposition on the ice/bench is hysterical. That being said, I am also very pleased to see him keep that out of the press and on the ice.

  19. Glad to hear Gabby’s fine. I’m hoping for a similar AJ Burnett like scenario in regard to his injuries. He’s finally hit the big time, hopefully the injuries, as abundant as they were, are a thing of the past.

    Again in regard to his injuries…Gabby’s a much more consistent player otherwise.

  20. Love the Highlander reference CCCP, When i first saw the tape of Gabby bumping knees i wasn’t too worried, but than i remembered that Bure had to retire after he bumped knees with somebody on the Lightning…I’m glad it isn’t a big deal and i agree with you guys, sit him vs the isles, movie AA up a line and put that cone (voros) back on the fourth line and we should be fine against the fishsticks

  21. Oh CCCP don’t underestimate the futility of the Maple Weeps, the Isles at least are masters at getting the Loser Point this season. Don’t forget Gaborik’s old team, the Mild is having a pretty poor start too.

  22. Jlone
    I was more amazed with his inability to hold a puck possession any given time, countless turnovers, uncharacteristic constant lost board fights, not to mention not one sane pass or shot. Not funny, disappointedly scary.

  23. Hank better watch out that the repair shop doesn’t try to tell him that his car needs a new Johnson rod.

  24. CCCP, don’t worry about Fishsticks. They’ll trade their first pick to KHL for Yashin. Unless, of course Oleg Kvasha becomes available.

  25. lol @ johnson rod

    hank knows a puddy…he has to

    actually..he’s a dealership kinda guy..he’s got the money, right?

  26. CTBlueshirt

    True… those teams are as bad as Isles. Maple Weeps are double losers though…even if they sink..they wont get the first overall since they gave it to Boston! lmao!

  27. Has Marc Staal peaked? If so, do the Rangers trade him before everybody else figures that out? Right now he is not what we all hoped, and thought he would be. Staal needs to play with more of an edge to his game, he is not physical, or offencive, he is a finesse Dman. Those kind of Dmen are a dime a dozen.

  28. pa parenteau was called up from hartford. either gaborik’s injury will keep him out, or higgins will be a scratch next game. i think higgins is a scratch, just my opinion.

  29. Beth

    thanks, just curious went to college down there!!

    On the call up subject, the devils will probably recall murphy, wouldn’t it be funny if slats claimed him for half his salary. I would have rather seen soryal called up than PAP.

  30. Good to see Henke is fine and Gabby’s injury isn’t serious. I think PA should play just because its the Isles. While I think they are better than most rate them, they have trouble showing up for 60 minutes. They’ll work hard though, but I think we can get by without Gabby for the game.

  31. Because the Rangers are so good! Right Jonny D.
    PAP, is a career minor leaguer for a reason. Don’t get to excited that he was called up.
    Having said that, he has earned it. He is once again having a great start to a season for Hartford.

  32. send Local fan my way on the radio tonight. I will straighten him out. Tonight 8-10 PM

    The fur is gonna fly with our guest Adam Proteau tonight from the Hockey News , when I pose what drugs the staff on The Hockey News was on when they picked NYR 13th/15 in the Eastern Conference in their pre-season prediction issue.

    I got issues with that issue !

    Tonight 8-10PM

  33. bull dog –
    Staal has played physically at times but not consistently enough. Nasty no, but I’d say you’re off base calling him a finesse guy. He’s only 22 though and dealing with a new system. GM’s around the league would love to have this guy and so should we.

  34. Gaborik will most likely be scratched tomorrow. Unless he is 100%, there is no reason to play him against the Isles. If we can’t beat the Fishsticks this year without him then we are in deep trouble.

  35. it sounds and look to me gaborik tweak his knee when his skate hit a coyote players skate. They showed it after the game on msg. Gaborik will probably miss a few games.

  36. Gabby will sit tomorrow. Even if he didn’t the isles would still get the overtime point. Rangers 3-Isles 2.

    Gabby will play in Minnesota if the injury isn’t that serious.

  37. I would rather have Higginteau playing than Gaboteau.
    Please, don’t underestimate and write off Fishsticks. Almost all their games, even with strong teams were on the edge of winning and were lost just b/c of lack of experience. Their very hard work, enthusiasm and “no pressure” attitude sooner or later will shoot out and I definitely don’t want it happened in game with Rangers.

  38. Gabby will be out for a couple weeks. I am willing to bet $1,000 that the Islanders win tomorrow nights game. Any takers?

  39. Local fan, I’m afraid to ask how you’re gonna get $1000 !
    I was gonna tell how I think you’ll get it, but I respect the blogfather & blogmother

  40. Does anybody think this is a fair trade ?

    Alex Semin, Mike Green, and Nick Backstrom


    Sid Crosby, and Jordan Staal

    This is in NHL10, not in real life.

    I know it wouldn’t happen in real life, but in a video game, it seems kind of fair, doesn’t it. Milkman takes over as the number one center, throw Semin on his wing, and you have a top line center as your 2nd line winger.

    Then you have Mike Green, and Serg Gonchar, two of the top PP QB’s.

    Seems like a good deal to me. At the very least, include, Fleischmann or Knuble, to throw in.

  41. ORR – I’m part of a hockey gaming website and we’ve mentioned their terrible trade logic to the guys over at EA many times. They try to fix it, or say they do, but its terrible. Too many trades and too many star players being moved in a season. They are good guys over there that make the game, but their are some things that they seem to half-ass at times, and trade logic is one of them.

    That is a terrible trade too for the Caps. haha.

  42. greg, sorry i got signed off. i think there was a loose plug. it started workiing but then you signed off. We have enough to beat the isles without gabby if necessary.

  43. I was there last night and when Gaborik was announced as first star, he didn’t come out and some people started booing, then the smart ones got worried, then I come home and see he’s hurt. Didn’t sleep well after that.

  44. JONNY D

    This isn’t against the computer though, it’s in a league with actual people. I figured, maybe this guy would hate Crosby enough to give me him. Semin only has 1 goal in 15 games, and it was a penalty shot. Backstrom is really good, but id rather have the Crybaby. And Staal would give me better depth on center, since im using Laich on LW on the top line. And i only have Morrison, and Nylander after that. Who are both decent.

    Green hasn’t done much for me, so im willing to part with the guy.

  45. Carp, something tells me you’d settle for a third. He isn’t playing tomorrow, no reason to… PAP is a fair call- he’s been the best player in Hartford so far.
    Somebody asked if Staal is playing to the max of his abilities. I doubt that. He hasn’t fully filled up physically yet. In fact, having MDZ and Gillroy helps somewhat too- there is no need to rush him into offensive situations. He is still learning his positional play within the new system.

  46. I agree with the guy who said to let Staal play his game. I really though this guy would be an offensive threat, but he’s the opposite. He has a good shot, which he doesn’t use enough, he shows flashes of offense, but he just hasn’t been his usual self this season, and i think the pressure is getting to him. Let Gilly, and Del Z take care of that, id rather this guy become the typical physical stay at home d-man. Ill settle for that.

  47. Torts is a man of his word. He promised PA a shot and is giving it to him.

    Yeah, definitely no way Gaborik should play against the Islanders, you know guys like Sutton and Witt are gonna hit him hard.

  48. Hey, A LOCAL FAN
    I know, I know…We had an agreement not to give you benefit of attention, but am tempted by the amount. So, where can I get my money? If you dare you win. But you ARE so pathetic lowlife cowardice midget, annoying, pity Mucking Foron, so you will not dare, or will you? Time and place, Sucking Ftupid and I will rid this blog from you for good. Promise!
    With respect to all other blogers, and total disrespect to you.

  49. 4everanger- gee, man, bad day at work? Look for another one, bro.. It doesn’t sound like your coronaries will last long..

  50. Hi guys The Rangers called up JP parenteau from Hartford. I guess incase Gabby can’t play.

  51. ilb2001
    Thanks for concern, bro. Akuna matata for my coronary – I have for a long time all titanium stents. Just exercising my God given rights to be an angry Rangers fan with hatred for Devils and stupidity (in a cold blood, however).

  52. I knew your typing looked familiar, I think “WE” hung out a few times at ebbets field!

    sorry about the omitted word!

  53. Wicky, sorry bro.. I forgot you’re not from here…It’s something on the TV that if you turn off the sound you can actually see some decent hockey games.

  54. Dunno about new culture, but something tells me you hung out too much at Ebbet’s field! Please, no offense intended guys. I honestly have no idea what Ebbet’s field is.

  55. The latest news from Joe Beninati: Apparently James van Riemsdyk is “the only rookie averaging a point per game” so far this season.

    So the goal that MDZ scored against Ottawa that CBC said was Gilroy’s first career goal must really be Gilroy’s…

  56. We need a DMAN that can clear the crease with authority. Too many finesse players on the back end.

    brendan witt fits the bill. sather, call the snow man.

  57. Jason Krog 1.0 was called up to Atlanta today.

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned re-entry waivers with Parenteau. I would think he has to pass through waivers since he idd on the way down to the AHL. I would like to see him play tomorrow since it is against the Islanders, along with Valiquette. Lundqvist probably has a lot on his mind with the minor foot injury and the car boo-boo.

  58. Anyone out there happy with the fact that our fourth line while getting kess than 8 minutes on most nights has scored 5 goals in 12 games (Anisimov may have had one while on the third line – so 4 in 12). I don’t think there were 5 goals all last year. I know that they wont continue on that pace, but we have talent there and with limited minutes they are contributing. By the way I agree that Staal has not developed a two way game in this system, but rather gotten out of position. Hoping Gabby will be fine and lets not jump to any conclusions, this was not a no contact hip or groin injury, this was a Sean Avery situation most likely. Could happen to anyone. PAP is here because he has a nose for the net and is a powerplay one time guy.

    Finally, I was for ever a Renney supporter, mainly because he was our guy and a good guy. I don’t know if the powerplay would be this good under his coaching. But it may be just the horses we have pulling this sled. They are slightly more talented than last years group.

  59. ilb

    Just a little bar/restraunt at the edge of campus. Bently’s was a fully nude strip club off of campus (just kidding, had to say that because beth said she was there alot).


    I’ve heard that somewhere before!

  60. Joe Beninati once said Craig Lockland was the greatest mind in hockey. I hope no one here ever had to watch home team sports out of D.C. It was brutal. Well, then there is Versus.

  61. so how many games does Orr get suspended for pushing the ref? I’ll say 3, only cuz the guy fell on his head ;-)

  62. Great line from New York Magazine sports writer”

    “Last night, he treated the Garden crowd to the full Marian Gaborik experience: two goals, an assist, and an injury. If a Gordie Howe Hat Trick consists of a goal, an assist, and a fight, we suggest this feat heretofore be referred to as a Marian Gaborik Hat Trick.”

    Sometime, folks, truth lies in a joke…I hope this isn’t the case here…

  63. Lol, that was hilarious. He gave a him a baby rub, and the guy went flying.

    Brash*t probably would have broke his wrist if he did the same thing.

    Orr’s the man, he shouldn’t get a suspension. He wasn’t trying to shove him out of the way. If anything he should get fined for putting his hands on an official, but he shouldn’t be suspended. But knowing that retard Colin Campbell, he’ll give him 5 games.

  64. i wonder what would be considered as a Chris Drury hat trick?

    Clutch dump in, a costly give away and another LLWS story?

  65. and sometimes. there’s. nothing. you. can. do

    was this asstoad taking oxygen between every damned word?

  66. Carp – just wondering. have any players ever mentioned to you that they read this blog? if so, did they say it was the best rangers blog or only one of the best?

  67. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Captain Clutch Dumper.

    Krogylchuk (priceless Pavel).

    Gaborik injured? NO WAY! I don’t believe it.
    (Is Heatley still playing…)

  68. i am tellin you… Drury is the shim on the blog!!!! It has to be! That’s why he’s spacey on the ice, he’s actually got a stephen hawking device in his shield that lets him participate on the blog by just blinking the letters. No wonder why he overskates the puck, takes EXCELLENT penalties, and looks like the living dead during his interviews!

  69. The Versus re-writing of NHL history continues: They just showed a caption saying Ovechkin won the last two scoring titles. They all look the same, these Ruskies…

    What does their stats guy have to do to get fired? I know the bar has been set low by their entire coverage, but come on.

  70. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    …what stats “guy?”

    They just pay Maggie the TSN Monkey a few extra bananas to compute those nonsensical numbers. And hey, who can blame her, she has index fingers to cut and paste but without opposable thumbs typing another name is a waste of time.

  71. yup- gabby will score 2-3 goals and then get crunched by witt. out for a month or 2. let him sit. give him a few days to prance around the magical forest with his unicorn family. he can graze on sweetgrass, honeysuckles, dillweeds, etc… let him rest a few days and sprinkle some pixie dust on him, then set him free against minny, and watch him fly!!!

    wookie roar!!! arrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!! yaaarrrrpppp ?(that was for u orr) and heres an ewok chirp- yip yip snarf!

  72. ddebened

    Yeah, I know that’s what they meant, but nobody calls that the “scoring title” do they? Beninati obviously does, since he called it exactly the same thing in a totally separate conversation later on.

    If the monkey gets the bananas, what are they paying Engblom?

  73. lw3h- yea and when ovie scored, they said now he”shares the goal scoring lead with kopitar”. not a word about gabby, even though hes got ten goals also, and has as many points(identical) to ovie

  74. Beninati once said that Olaf Kolzig was Russian after he’d been covering him for 5 years.

  75. Does Beninati still constantly mention Versus every 5 seconds. I have not seen many games with him this year, but last year it was constantly “right here on Versus”, “Hockey Central on Versus”, “5:28 left in the period here at the Garden on Versus.” Lol, anyone else notice that.

  76. Chris from Buffalo on says that Gaborik won’t play tomorrow and is doubtful against the Wild.

  77. A few Beninati terms (I’d think of more, but I need to go to bed):

    fires = shoots
    locks and loads = shoots
    bid = chance/shot
    Welcome to the NHL on Versus = Sorry, this game isn’t available on another network
    A tip of the hat to the hardworking men and women in the Versus crew = Thanks for the stats, monkey boy. Here’s a banana

    If we can extend it to Mike Emrick, he screeches the word “careens” 3-4 times a minute. I think “careens” means “moves”.

  78. CCCP, I love the Drury hat trick. Very nicely done…I think everyone had to laugh after reading that.

  79. shory- i cant even remember all the beninati-isms there are. there so many its hard to kep up.
    5-snakes his way= skates his way
    7-melts it down or closes it down=holds the puck
    9-breezing through=skating through
    10-absorbed a hit=got hit
    11-cage=net, twine=net
    13=blistering=hard shot
    15-the deck=the ice
    16-the paint=crease
    17-bang bang on the outlet=???
    18-“hockey central on versus”=”im a muckin tool and i look like a byfuglien crosby with glasses”

  80. Lol…LW3H, nicely done. Emrick also loves saying waffleboard for the blocker and he loves saying 100 seconds left when 1:40 remains in a period.

  81. lol thanks linda!! ur awesome girl! im out. sucks that gabby cant play against teh wild. we should be able to beat both teams w/out him though.lets see who steps up and fills the huge void left for the next week or 2. hank, we’ll need ya more than ever!! and im out!!! btw, my logging off and going to bed is brought to you by budlight and versus. on channel versus, the home of the versus network, versus. goodnight…from versus!! andddddddd im out

  82. Emrick version:

    pitchforked= any contact of puck with stick
    winds it up= player coming out from behind his own net
    paraphernalia= goalie equipment
    save= mythical goalie action of legend, only achieved by Martin Brodeur, everyone else merely waffleboards it away.

  83. ohh crap adam, i forgot about teh 90 second and 100 ticks remaining thing beninati and emrick say.

    if u guys think of more post ’em. we’ll combine all of them for a little cheat sheet and make a drinkin game out of it. should be fun during dreadful versus games, brought to u by the home of versus,versus!!!! its almsot as bad as espn 8″the ocho” from dodgeball

  84. The reason why Higgins and Cally aren’t scoring is because of their center. He does nothing offensively.

    Torts should shake it up a bit and give Callahan a center who can create something. Drury is brutal offensively.

  85. vogs, according to the link spider provided, drury is considered a GREAT captain.

    are we the ONLY ones who have not sipped from the Drury Kool Aid??

  86. Rangers Report hat trick:

    Bash Ranger player X
    Bash Ranger player Y
    Bash Local Fan for messin’ with your Rangers

  87. the difference is, I’m from NY so i KNOW the word. If ya asked a good ole southern boy, he’d think it was something for his truck

  88. I was at the game last night, did Sam and Joe mention Bill Chadwick? Or did MSG show clips? They acknowledged it on Gardenvision.

  89. Just watched the mtl game again and noticed something on the msg broadcast taht I didn’t on HNIC in the scrum that led to the boyle fight. First thing was the nice elbow by prospal to crank it up. Second and most important to me is courage. I am going to piss a lot of people off by this but it was the courage voros showed. What I mean is the scrum starts and not only does voros jump in quickly (unlike girardi who pulled a rozy and just stayed on the perimeter), but he goes right in for the biggest and toughest montreal player on the ice at the time. Voros isn’t a good fighter, but constantly shows courage by going in after the toughest player on the ice.

  90. Match the Ranger player with the appropriate Ben & Jerry’s flavor:


    Berried Treasure
    Fossil Fuel
    Imagine Whirled Peace
    Phish Food
    Dublin Mudslide
    Turtle Soup

  91. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Nobody had courage like Orr and I will NEVER buy the Brashear move as an ‘upgrade.’ However, with Orr out of NY and Brashear having issues with jock soreness, Voros has either improved or seemed to improve. I agree with ya Wicky.

  92. Wicky, I agree with you 100% on Voros. The guy was hyped to no end to us last year as the “Avery Replacement”. To start the year he played very well, scored a bunch of goals and all was well. Then his play dropped off, he was a punching bag, and he took a lot of bad penalties. I think part of the taking bad penalties was because of him being out of shape. But aside from that, he always was out there sticking up for teammates, even against players much tougher than him. I have never really had a problem with him. And knowing that he worked his tail off in the summer, came to camp prepared and in shape, knows his role on this team, and like Wicky said above, shows courage, I still have no problem with him. In fact, I like him on this team, on the fourth line, if he plays the way he has been playing.

  93. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dubi would have to be “Baked Alaska”
    Brashear would be “Tortoise Soup”
    Drury would be “New York Super Fudge Chunk”
    Avery would be “Jamaican Me Crazy”
    And Rozi would be “Phish Food”

  94. I hope Torts benches Drury next

    Brashear is a terrible hockey player, he’s not looking to make plays, he is looking to kill somebody. He has no idea what to do with the puck.

  95. I thought “melts it down” was a John Forslundism, especially since I didn’t hear it tonight.

    hockey central = studio
    The Great 8 = Ovechkin (new one he was using tonight)

    Anyway, that was a good game and I didn’t mind the announcing too much.

  96. The rangers are averaging 4 goals a game. If we had everyone scoring that Ranger fans think should be scoring we would probably be averaging 8. Players will have ups and downs all season. Hopefully the guys who aren’t scoring now will pick it up, when the others ease off. except for Higgins Zero goals is painful.

    Rangers Revisit Mausoleum Tonight : I Revisit Awful Islander Mausoleum Carnival Video

  97. I wouls sit Gabby (let him rest) and I would play Vally, and give Hank a chance to rest against a crappy team like them.

    Plus, we dont need another incident with the ice girls- LOL

  98. spiderpig- the great 8 hes been sayin the last few games i think or perhaps even earlier, or i just noticed it recently though. i know the last caps game beninati did i heard him say that. its almost sounds like “the grape ape” or the “great ape” . i remember the cartoon grape ape. lol anyway, yea, it wasnt as bad listening, i guess im used to him and whenever he says one of his “isms” i just laugh now, but engblom, jones and patrick are like spongebob,squidward and patrick. theyre so goofy. especially when they try to be funny, or when u see engblom do a little hockey 101 on his telestrater. he thinks hes a hockey professor. all i see is his goofy face and then his yellow mullet/style haircut shaking around violently. and they mention versus sooo many damn times.

    nasty, wick, true- i agree, voros is playin decent and is better than brash right now.

  99. who is off to the Mausoleum tpnight! ILL BE THERE, LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS

  100. Seth,

    Bring ’em hell there tonight. Trust me, you will feel as if you’re at the GARDEN.


  101. Mouth, Higgins isn’t even getting any scoring chances. That tells something about his confidence at the moment. Sitting him for a period didn’t help either, but he deserved it. Looks like it’ll take much longer than he thought. I hope we have that much time.

  102. Da…..Da…..Da……..Da..Da




  103. oh trust me i know, im pumped up for the chicken dance already by these f— idiots… 1 win in OCT, dadddada
    dadadadad daadadadaad THE ISLANDERS SUCK

    im going to get the DIPI chant going tonight, so when you hear

    DI PI
    DI PI
    DI PI

    you know it was started by seth from lohud-lol


  104. i have a feelin that matt moulson kid is gonna be like the isles version of cally. hes a good player. him, okposo,tavares and bailey. bailey never shoots though. hes a passer. moulson we have to watch him and obviously tavares, but for some reason, crap guys like park,and bergenheim or whoever always get goals on us. gonna be a good game. without gabby we can see who will step up and who wont. higgins im expectinmg gets his first tonight! see ya guys after work!!

  105. Don’t forget the “If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands” song they sing.

    I’d encourage Rangers fans to bring miniature/toy lighthouses to the game and hand them out to Fishsticks fans and congratulating them for finally getting their Lighthouse.

  106. Paul,

    You dont have to expect it. It will definately happen. When the Isles are playing well, Madison Square Colliseum is split 50/50.

    Can you imagine the percentage of Ranger fans there tonight. I say atleast 70% Rangers.

  107. Didnt we struggle quite a bit with the Icelanders last year? I think we will embarrass them tonight but i dont want to look past them

  108. LOL- Local Ham- Great Name.

    I agree with you 100%. This is a team the Rabgers “SHOULD” be easily able to beat. Now that being said, we still need to play Tort’s system.

    I am curious to see how weel we play them tonight.


  109. But we all know it oh too well. No matter how one sided the standings are, no matter what place we are in and they are in, they always seem to find a way to make our lives miserable. I hate to admit it, but its true.

    The Rangers should give it all they have tonight. To make a statement, not only to the Isles, but to the league.

    Anyone want to predict the score tonight?

  110. As a Mets fan I could only hope that the Wilpons get sent to jail like that Isles owner did a few years ago. At least they were able to be build a new stadium though.

  111. Why would Gabby practice this morning? He is injured. What don’t any of you get about that?
    I say 2-3 weeks. This reminds me of Avery during the preseason. Anybody else?

  112. Seth,

    I am no expert. I just wish the Rangers were being more up front about this. Even Carp said he thought the Rangers should be more up front. Either Gaborik’s knee is injured or it’s not. If it was not injured he would have practiced yesterday and played tonight. Instead the rangers say “nothing serious”.. great… he doesn’t have a torn ACL but his knee is still injured and he is still a walking injury. Im surprised he doesn’t pull a stomach or throat muscle every time he takes a brath.

  113. I read doctors for dummies book, I know!!!! Gaborik will be out for weeks. (wishful thinking by devil fans and other hockey fans of other teams).

  114. Well the Rangers don’t have to be upfront about the injury because the NHL doesn’t mandate teams give full descriptions about injuries. And they could be seeing if whatever swelling or pain he’s experienced has subsided.


    From Carps Post (Rangers Yotes in Review)

    Please read the last sentence.

    4) I’m sure thousands of hearts stopped when Gaborik limped off—and we hope to have an update today—with an apparent knee injury. Be glad it’s not his hip or groin, as long as it’s not a serious knee injury. I know NHL teams like to fudge info on injuries, but I think the Rangers really, really need to be straight with their fans on this one.

  116. Local Fan,

    Didnt you get enough yesterday. I mean seriously, dont you have any better things to do.

    Go talk on the Devils blogs making beleive you are a Ranger fan. They are more your type of people there anyway.

  117. Like many fans Carp has taken issue with the new injury disclosure rules, but just because he’d like them to be more upfront about it doesn’t mean the Rangers have to or that they will.

    I see both sides of being vague about injuries, from the fan perspective I’d simply like to know how serious it is or not. From the team perspective, why give your opponents a target?

  118. Local Idiot,

    Actually its 4-6 weeks. And it would not surprise me if thats the same diagnosis for Mr. Injury himself….


    Where in New Jersey are you from? Is your Daddy from New york or New Jersey or Ct?

  119. You don’t have stomach muscles Local Fan, nor is your stomach involved in any way in the repiratory system.

    Man the education system in Jersey is seriously lacking. It’d be awesome if you weren’t so dumb, but your level of stupidity makes this like target practice. Keep on lobbing up the ball for us…we’ll keep on spiking em at you.

  120. I would kill myself if I was from Jersey. Born and raised in Queens.

    What trailer park in Jersey are you from?

  121. Sorry to disappoint devil fan, not happening, at least a month. When Elias comes back from his groin problem he will re-injure his groin and be out again for another month, to bad.

  122. Gabby wasn’t seen limping when leaving the trainers room. Given that this is some sort of knee injury that is an incredibly relieving sight. More than likely that means no structural damage and is most likely a bruise. For comparison sake, Avery was limping around when he sprained his knee, which is another generally harmless injury.

    He missed around 3 weeks.

    I’d expect Gabby to miss 2 games for safety’s sake. It’s early in the season against two crap teams.

  123. Gabby wasn’t seen limping when leaving the trainers room. Given that this is some sort of knee injury that is an incredibly relieving sight. More than likely that means no structural damage and is most likely a bruise. For comparison sake, Avery was limping around when he sprained his knee, which is another generally harmless injury.

    He missed around 3 weeks.

    I’d expect Gabby to miss 2 games for safety’s sake. It’s early in the season against two crap teams.

  124. AFLY,

    I guess you are right, but you missed the obvious point. Gabby is a walking injury and we all know it. Great the guy gets 30 points in 20 games this season. What good will that do us?


    Your point makes less then 0 sense. Everybody knows its his knee. Opponents have their target…in fact everything on Gabby is a target..hip..knee..groin…toe nails…
    I think Carp was just being honest and the Rangers should be upfront with Gabbys injury, because Sather gambled the whole season (and 4 more) on this guys health… and he should be fair and honest to the fans with such a risky gamble.

  125. I did some research about New Jersey. The problem with New Jersey is all the Chemical Pollution rising in the air from the New Jersey buildings. That is why New jersey people are annoying, loud and obnoxious.

  126. Local Fan,

    I mean this in the most honest and most disrespectful way possible:

    You need to get off the computer, go into the bathroom of your trailer, take your monthly shower, put on your cousins old clothes, and go to a gas station and get a job cleaning windows of cars that are pumping gas.

    Then maybe you could make something of your Jersey self.

    I for one, have no use for you anymore, although i have to say, I do feel bad for you.

    Your life must really be in the SH!TTER.

  127. How many Devils’ fans does it take to change a light bulb?

    Because of abysmally record breaking attendance numbers at MSG South, officials asked a Rangers’ fan to do it.

  128. Devils,

    Ill send you a picture of my house and we will see if you call it a trailer park. Queens dude?? hahahaha Thats on Long Island no? How gross is queens and how sick do you get evertime you come home to queens. Ugh man. Now i feel sorry for you.

  129. Estemmed bloggers. You are wasting valuable blog time and bypassing good discussion by responding to he who shall not be named.

  130. When I wrote my thesis paper it was on the people who designed the road ways in New jersey. when I drove through New Jersey I couldn’t believe whet I was witnessing. I now know why New Jersey has the highest accident rate in the country.I came to the conclusion that they all seemed to be hallucinating.

  131. I don’t know why keep reverting back to what Carp said in his previous posts. Carp is certainly entitled to his opinion about what he thinks the Rangers should do. However he probably has zero say when it comes to input with what the Rangers will say. Do the Devils consult their fans about how they handle their injury disclosures?

    And I think my explanation makes plenty of sense. The entire league has been taken advantage of the injury disclosure rules with calling their players ailments upper/lower body injuries. Now sometimes it can be more or less obvious based on the circumstances under which a player gets injured.

    In Gaborik’s case it is most likely the knee, but there is some possibility it could be the calf, the ankle or even the foot. They’ve ruled out his main problem area of the groin/hip.

  132. Please………..

    I dont need to see your mommy and daddy’s house. You are putting down QUEENS?

    HA………Now Hear This………..

    A _ _ _ _ from Jersey, is going to put down QUEENS.

    DUDE- i’ll take Jay’s advise. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  133. What good will that do us? Well it will do great things for me when Gabby plays 70-75 games, nets around 45 goals and hovers around the 100 point marker.

    For you, it’ll do you some good around here, because we can all call you out for being blatantly wrong. And given that you crave attention, since you clearly don’t get any in your real life, you’ll enjoy that. Still,you’ll be proven wrong, as you always are, making it sad that the attention you so desire is purely out of hatred. But hey, at least you’re not being ignored like you are outside of the internet, right?

    On the Debbies boards it will be great for you when you post about how great the Rangers are and what a great move it was by Sather taking a chance on Gaborik and all the Debbie’s fan spew the same hatred at you. You can toss gentle insults out about your “new” team sweeping your “old” team in the playoffs, but make amends by noting that even though your new Rangers fan “friends” (who clearly don’t exist) are rude to Debbies fans, you keep quiet out of respect for knowing how it use to feel to be so pathetic.

    So all in all, to answer your question, it will be great for us.

  134. A local fan-

    “I am no expert. I just wish the Rangers were being more up front about this. Even Carp said he thought the Rangers should be more up front. Either Gaborik’s knee is injured or it’s not. ”

    WHY WOULD THEY BE UP FRONT ABOUT IT? HEY we play the game like the rest of the NHL, why would we tell the opposition its his right knee or hip or groin etc- just say lower or upper body injury-do we want the minor leaguers in LI tonight to go after GABBY and end his season…i dont know how severe the injury is-hopefully its not too serious-IMO he should sit out tonight anyway-its REGULAR GAME #13- and we are playing a minor league team-we should be able to get two points and if we lose its not the end of the world-if we lsoe gaborik for a long time that is a BIG BIG DEAL-i just love how you consider the injury to be the same as the one avery suffered? did u happen to see the collision between avery and callahan in tarrytown-were u at the practice? in the locker room? did u have dinner with avery or torts? shouldnt u be worried about what the devils r going to do after martyyyyyyyyy retires?

  135. Carp,

    I did not realize impostering was supported. People obviously get so riled up from my innocent comments that they revert to posting under my name. You should not be our baby sitters and have to take calls from Laurel about how people are reacting at me. You should not have to tell people to ignore me in your posts. Can you please not allow people to post under my name? Thanks Carp.

  136. Devils,

    Do you have a backyard? Have you seen the suburbs in New Jersey? Some pretty large amazing houses with grass and trees. Quite different then the trash where your from I know.

  137. Sorry, I’m bad, wrong name. That was me who wrote the thesis on New Jersey, not A local Fan. To much typing, getting blisters on my fingers, gotta go.

  138. Carp,

    Is it possible for you to take votes to disable a user from blogging here.

    This is getting a little rediculous. I am pretty sure 99% of the people will agree with me.

    Thanks for eveything you do!

  139. voice of reason on

    Another fine example of local’s trolling of fire and ice, this time with a response. Note the similarities. Can we please just ignore local, don’t feed the troll!!

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! McKenna and Cory Murphy in the same off season. Lou really out did himself this summer. JK.

    Just so you know I don’t hate the Devils I just got frustrated with Lou. The devils will always hold a special place in my heart but I am fully dedicated to the Rangers now.

    I hope I can post here and we can have civil discussions about the Devils without the name calling. I do think this current Devils team will make the playoffs.

    Posted by: A Local Fan | September 05, 2009 at 12:58 AM

    @ ALF

    Why do you post here if you are now a Rags fan?

    Please go discuss your YOUR TEAM on another blog and let us Devil’s fans be!

    When YOUR TEAM is in dire need of help and doesn’t make the playoffs because they don’t have any cap space, we Devil’s fans will be laughing like we laugh at you now ;)

    This is the only conversation I will have with you and I am sure the rest of us feel the same way so scram!

    Posted by: DevilsFanForeva! | September 05, 2009 at 07:05 AM

  140. Local Fan,

    What i have as my backyard, you would consider a vacation. This includes my inground swimming pool.

    I dont have to prove myself to you. But to answer your question, i would rather live in a 1 room apartment in Queens, than have a “HUGE HOUSE” in Jersey.

    Trust be buddy, you are barking up the wrong tree.

    Isnt it Nap time?

  141. i am really bummed Gabby will possibly be out tonight and maybe the next game… I know that if it is soreness, then its for the best and their airing on the side of caution, but he is the most exciting player out there and makes the games that much more entertaining watching him! so its a bummer!

  142. a local fan

    if your house isnt in Deal, Englewood, Spring Lake, etc… dont even talk about it. you want to talk property?
    im sorry kid youre in the wrong place to talk about dumb stuff like that.

  143. Quick Question, I like Staal and I know he’s good, and will start to improve this season, soon, hopefully. But, would you take a P.J. Oshie, Cogliano, or Niskanen over him in ’05? Or move up a pick and take Kopitar?

  144. stall wart

    i dont want to link to it. but this blog post is pretty much ruined already. came out oct 22. on you tube. its literally 2 hrs and 30+ min.

  145. you guys are doing exactly what a local fan wants, obviously he is a bored kid who just wants to stir up arguments as is made COMPLETELY evident by the fact he posts on this board as a devils fan and on a devils board as a rangers fan. He is going to say anything and everything to get a rise out of you guys. IGNORE HIM, he’ll go away or atleast calm down his immaturity.

    Anyway, im sure this is a precautionary move, let gabby rest and feel 100% especially with the next 2 teams being.. well sub-par to say the least.. If we lose, we lose, if we win (which we should) it will give these other guys some more confidence for sure.

  146. i can see the blog is gonna turn into all shim all the time with the way you guys can’t seem to ignore him and not respond. you’re allowing shim to ruin it, and that’s a shame. and now, with the possible influx of the trolls from zips blog, it’s gonna go straight to hell, and not only is that a damned shame, it borders on the criminal! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  147. are you kidding on

    linda are you kidding. it is language from people like Orr and even yourself that ruined this blog a long time ago.

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