My friend Zip (who is still free, as in no charge, until Wednesday) is reporting that Brashear is back in, which means Voros gets prucha’d.

Also, that Anisimov centers the fourth line between Brashear and Boyle; Callahan is joined by the doghouse boys, Dubinsky and Higgins, Lisin (the former ‘Yote) plays on the big line with Gaborik and Prospal, and Kotalik stays with Drury and Avery, which I’m interested to watch. The D pairs, for some reason, remain the same.

I like that there’s no baseball tonight, love that it’s NOT  a Versus game, that it’s a weeknight. Should all add up to a big crowd here. We’ll be taking attendance, so be here. Bring a snack and your favorite beverage.  If you’re a few minutes late, that’s OK. If you’re at the game, you are excused until after the game. If you just don’t show up at all, you better have a note tomorrow.

Wonder if Dave Maloney’s radio guest between periods will be the Phoenix GM. They must know each other.

Here are tonight’s pregame notes.

Have fun. But be careful.

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  1. I forgot to tell you this story last night because I was so darn busy, and I hope I don’t violate any of my own rules.

    Halftime at the Giants game and they bring out the dogs who chase frisbees. They’re absolutely awesome, by the way. Except for this one dog, who doesn’t want to chase the frisbees. He wants to chase one of the other dogs. Finally he catches the other dog and just mounts her, right on the 50-yard line and starts humping away, with the cameras from the giant video screen on him the whole time. The crowd went totally crazy (of course, by halftime of a night game, they’re pretty drunk and it doesn’t take much).

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Roadrunner Vs the Coyote" ...says Greg L. on

    OMG Carp , I’m banning you man!!!! EWWWWWWWWW !!! Great story though, glad ya told it.

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Roadrunner Vs the Coyote" ...says Greg L. on

    Here’s my precious repost cuz I got Carped on the last thread like Wicky!!

    * X box rules ,peeps who say other wise are cheap skates. Online is like $12 for 3 months . People don’t just “leave” the game because , ” yeah , it’s free so I’ll just play like an idiot and ruin other peoples games. It happens alot on online . You make people pay and ya get better service. Plain and simple ,kinda like Blueshirt Bulliten….oppps bad example.

    Nasty1 ,yeah I got yer name pending as a friend ,but i’ll give you the league invite right away here.

    Welcome Kris!!!

    Higgins deserves what he gets, you don’t see Prospal,Kotalik,Lisin or Gilroy and Delzotto not scoring. What is wrong with Higgins? He came from an up tempo Montreal team where he was over rated and over-paid ,now when it come time to produce..he just can’t. Send Higgins back to montreal for Kotstisen (how ever ya spell it)

  4. Snarky post, and awesome story Rick,that’s why we luvs ya!

    I gotta get my lucky hot chocolate, and I’m sure Sally will have some nice cold beers!!! Hope we see some smart play from our boys tonight!

  5. Carp, I was at the Giants game and it was the funniest Half Time Show I’ve ever seen. Much better than the time I saw disgrntled Jets fans during the short Brooks Bollinger era pelt the 90s Alt Rock band Better Than Exra with beer and cardboard projectiles. It better be on youtube.

    And as per posts earlier, as per giving Anisimov more ice time; I’m one of his biggest fans and not to put him in the same category as either of these guys yet but remember that Datsyuk was a 4th liner and did 2nd PP unit in his rookie year and Torts started Marty St. Louis on the 4th line in Tampa and as he showed consistency, Torts gave him more responsibility.

    Could Artie use more ice time? Definitely. But it’s soo early in the season and with the way Torts changes lines, I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts PKing and is the 2nd line center at some stretches.

  6. Chuck, I am impressed with you at the top of the hill tonight, and the restraint you showed is commendable for a game show host!

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I wonder if Captain Drury realizes that Captain Morgan basically stole his title and perhaps even the slogan which really only applies to the real captain, who ALWAYS has a little captain in him.

  8. Why is Anisimov centering the fourth line? He played good the other night and isn’t getting enough time. How about sticking Higgins on the fourth line instead?

    Reward Artie.

  9. “Canine humping. Defense. 10-yard penalty. Automatic…FIRST DOWN!”

    (Might be a 15-yard penalty. I’m sketchy on NFL rules.)

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ahah! Even TSN knows that these funny ‘nonsensical’ stats don’t matter. On drury’s player page:

    0 pts in last 2 GP

    Haha. Clutch cannot be measured in points, they know that.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Derek, if you move Higgins down you have to balance out the centers and with Prospal playing center now, Artie would really only be able to play wing (i don’t know if he’s ever done that before) alongside Drury or Dubi.

  12. Carp,
    I guess you are one of the lucky ones as far as the sky goes.
    Anyway…DVR’ing the game to watch after I play a little hockey of my own.

  13. just realized i never got a welcoming from the blogfather. :( LGR. Greg, me and nasty had some good games last night. I’m not buying this play hard = more ice time thing until artie gets some minutes. Greg, btw, the whole ditching the game thing still isnt avoidable on xbox. I was left 4 vs 1 in Halo today. Eventually it came down to 2 vs 1 and i lost by 1 kill. Just saying, even when people pay for it, it doesnt mean they’re classier.

  14. I gotta go help a friend with an order at his print shop. Man, I Crosbyin’ Crosby at being a fan this season! I’ll be cheering our boys on, unfortunately just not with you boneheads. Lets go Little Man!

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Roadrunner Vs the Coyote" ...says Greg L. on

    Ranger909 , Yeah I know …even rich people are jerks.

  16. Nothing like MSG, but you all know that. Didn’t know Prucha is # 16 now. He didn’t get bigger though… People are cheering him.

  17. Brashear hasn’t touched the puck during the warm-ups yet. He is protecting his hands, I’m guessing

  18. I’m really excited to see how our third line does tonight. That’s the crash line there by far. I wouldn’t be surprised if they popped in a couple of goals tonight.

    Lisin on the first line when he wasn’t even good enough for Phoenix? That’s gotta be beautiful for him, even if its only temporary.

    I thought I saw the Phoenix lines somewhere and I didn’t even see Korpikoski on there. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

    I can’t wait for the game. Lets go Rangers!

  19. I wish the game was on Versus. At least I’d get to watch it. I’m in NC and the ride home after the game is a bear. No trains from MSG to Burlington, NC. Since I have to be at work early in the morning do I still need a note?

  20. carp

    i was at the giant game as well. it was pretty funny. and yes the dogs (the ones who actually went after the frisbee) were very good

  21. hey Rick and everyone here!!

    finally have an early night so i can watch the game!!
    hope it doesn’t give me an excuse to watch monday night football….
    just wanted something in regards to Rick’s last post on
    the benching of Higgins and Dubi vs. Drury…
    in the post=game interview Torts said something about contributing in one way or another.
    so Gaborick gets a pass for any defensive deficiencies because he keeps consistently scoring. i haven’t had a chance to watch Drury so i’m guessing it’s more of his defensive game and/or faceoffs and/or playing through an injury…correct me if i’m wrong on this
    the way Torts put
    both Higgsy and Dubi were not getting it done either way. so, it was time to ride the pine and feel shame.

  22. Alright, got both of the computers out. One so I can watch the game full screen, the laptop so I can post here.

    Let’s do this.

  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Roadrunner Vs the Coyote" ...says Greg L. on

    Yo PruBelongsOnTheIce , Go suck an egg!!!! Prucha can go rot in hell man!!!! THIS IS RANGER TERROR-TORY !!! As for today Prucha is ememy #1 and I hope he falls to the ice ,again and again and again and again…and so on and so on and so on…

  24. Rangers win 4 – 1 tonight.

    Prospal, Avery, MDZ & Gabby with the goals.

    Redden 2 assists, Lisin 2 assists.

    PRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the only Yotes goal.

  25. CCCP- enjoy the mirror view… Doubt I’ll post much, freaking iPhone battery. Here they come.

  26. I did not know that Phoenix was good. And the best goaltender in the league?

    Wasnt it a while ago when Bryzgalov was last good?

  27. Evening my dear. Follow up appt with the doc tomorrow at 9. I was in some pain yesterday but all good. IM STRONG LIKE BULL!!!! ;)

    How are you?

  28. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Shouldn’t doggie love stories be on the Paws and Claws blog?

    It’s Go Time.

    FLICK PHOENIX! But I wouldn’t be upset to see Prucha score…

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Roadrunner Vs the Coyote" ...says Greg L. on

    Nasty1 ,ya got yer league invite and Ranger909 has a trade pending…nice to see ya back Kris !!


  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Roadrunner Vs the Coyote" ...says Greg L. on



  31. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Hey all… hope tonight we bounce back…. LET’S GO RANGERS!!

    side note: as a survivor myself, i appreciate the ‘hockey fights cancer’ ties Sam and Joe are wearing.

  32. ALEX!!!!

    lmao Mako, i love that saying. pretty good here thanks. Boys gotta be strong like bull tonight! no softies, get some faceoff wins, no neutral zone turnovers….and it’d be NICE TO SEE THEM CHECK/HIT!!! that’s not askin too much, eh?

    CCCP, i was gonna ask if it was flesh colored! you’re too much.

  33. Wow, how did Anisimov score that? A little spin-o-rama and use the skate of the defenseman. Still think he should be sent down, Nasty? Yeah, I know your point is that he should be on the top three lines or in the AHL, so he should definitely be getting in the top three lines.

  34. Olga Folkyerself on

    That was a nice story on Chadwick in the pre-game. I miss those guys, although I suspect that occasionally, by the third period, The Big Whistle had one too many Shaefer Beers…

  35. Higgins should’ve passed right there to MDZ. Hes trying too hard to score now. See what you did Torts?

  36. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Great goal by Artie, but awful play so far. Some strength along the boards would be nice…

  37. wow, i gotta check into how to fix hockeystreams for me. I’ll do it tomorrow when it’s not a Rangers game.

  38. Why did Anisimov miss his last shift? Dubinsky was playing with the other fourth-liners? Also, Drury and Dubinsky switched spots for their lines’ last shifts.

  39. thanks for the warning Sharkie…i was hoping it’d be later, so he can help me fall asleep.

    Holy carp, AVERY

  40. Captain Sominex. That’s Funny.

    That was an encouraging first period. It looks like everyone is paying attention to detail. They’re all afraid they’re gonna get benched!

  41. linda- is HS workin for ya tonight? it carped out on me and i had to use channelsurf. im gonna try to get my money back from that joke of a site. almost everygame u see people complaining about teh service.

  42. Gotta get back to studying for exams tomorrow and Thursday, but glad to see the boys are stepping up tonight!

  43. Maybe Staal is looking solid cause that scout for Team Canada is here.

    Good solid period. Higgins should center the 4th line, and Artie move up, cause he has more points, and goals than him, with less ice time.

    Hopefully they don’t blow this again. Meed a win.

  44. yea, does dru answer with one word answers at a time? he was so boring. bring gomez back even if we have to hear his lame jokes. this is ny!! we want some personality. damn. some emotion!! i wish he would call himself out and say, “i gotta get the 3rd goal, or, im gonna make sure we keep this 2 goal lead. even if its just a half-hiney prediction, act like u care.

  45. Watching the Isles-Habs to kill time, I really hate how the MTL fans ooh and aah every single rush up ice like it’s an out and out breakaway.

  46. Should I feel bad that Captain Clutch’s interview now means I don’t care in the slightest about the fight against cancer?

  47. Interviewer: “Drury, looks like you guys are paying more attention to detail out there today …”
    Drury: “Well, you know, you just have to go out there and try to get the third one”

    Interviewer: “Drury, are some of the guys scared by some of Tort’s benchings?”
    Drury: “Well, you know, you just have to go out there and try to get the third one”

    Interviewer: “Drury, you look like you’re playing under the influence of Ambien out there …”
    Drury: “Well, you know, you just have to go out there and try to get the third one”

    Interviewer: “Drury, your wife just told me she’s into threesomes but so far has only been able to find two guys to participate …”
    Drury: “Well, you know, you just have to go out there and try to get the third one”

  48. Here’s a question for the media. Do reporters actually think that Chris Drury will have an interesting answer to a question, or are you just hopeful? Is there no one else available to answer questions, or is there a rule that a team captain has to answer questions about Hockey Fights Cancer? Please keep Drury away from cameras and microphones.

  49. Trade for him now Sather! Capt Clutch has two working Clutch foots (even if you only need one to drive the Clutchmobile).

  50. yea he actually put me in a depressed mood now. like now im not as hopeful of us winning just by hearing him. i think truefans said something like that awhile ago

  51. hmmm, I got photos of pretty girls in the stream…Anyone know how to remove them….? Using the stream2watch link from CCCP.

  52. grabby, i changed the buffering on my computer to 45 seconds and it’s better, but someone said all the habs fans are crashing the servers… sheesh, maybe i wont upgrade after all

  53. It seems to be like that should have been a goaltender interference penalty even though he was pushed a little bit, but it’s ok because it happens to Lundqvist, too.

  54. HockeymanRangers on

    Man are the Yotes flat footed or what, they are just standing there watching Prospal score. HA HA.

  55. this is one of their best efforts if not the best of teh season. everybody playing well. hank looks like he could take a nap for awhile back there. redden takin hits and makin good passes. i cant believe im seeing this.

  56. grabby, i ordered your Christmas present today, you’re getting the Redden jersey, ORR’s gettin the Brastrap jersey.

  57. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Wow. Way to come out in with some attitude in the second. What an improvement.

  58. That’s the way! Keep the PK moving, create open ice.

    Thank god we have a good power play this year!

  59. And I switched from my white Gaborik jersey to the my blue Staal for tonight and Gaborik scores twice…anyone want an away authentic Gaborik jersey?

  60. Alex, Drury’s having his typical game, he’s all clutch all the time, you’re just not payin attention to his highly exaulted mystical clutchness

  61. ‘he’s a big strong thick player…” ‘all those bodies in front’ It’s time to hose joe down

  62. “you’re just not payin attention to his highly exaulted mystical clutchness”


  63. well drury put me to sleep with his riveting interview at the first intermission. the guy has NO personality at all

  64. CT, i was just gonna say that! ‘great play by drury’, remember the days when we’d all be shocked to hear that, except with Redden’s name in there? Drury is this years Redden of last year

  65. Rangers were stuck on the ice too long; Staal, Girardi, Anisimov, Boyle had too long of a shift when they couldn’t get the puck down the ice after the first clear; leads to the goal.

  66. i wonder if drury has one of those #1 dad mugs, instead it says “I WON THE LLWS” and there goes the shut out

  67. rangers getting very good chances and are wide open. could be 8-1 by now., higgy cant buy a goal. poor guy but still, u get paid to do a job, gotta get it done. if we were 3-7 he would probably be prucha’d. brash sucks. missed great chance.

  68. Del Zoto pulled a Pronger on that goal against. He should have stayed in front of his net instead of chasing after the guy behind the goal.

  69. Coming up at intermission: Drury gives breaking news that the Rangers will try to get the the three goal lead back

  70. al = jackass obvious, wow i really can’t stand him.

    vinny needs his tan back!!! he’s gettin kinda white!

  71. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    I would not like to look Torts in the eye right now. Are YOU EYEBALLING MEEEEEEE!!!! EAT BEEEENCH!!!!

  72. i wouldnt complain if he was the captain. you can just tell by his demeanor on the ice and during interviews that he’s a leader

  73. olga- labarbera is gonna pitch a shutout. we are gonna fight just to keep this from going to ot. how can you play so good and then act lazy and think youve won already? thats how they looked on the pp. total crap way to finish that period. even if u dont score on the pp, how do u let them score a shorty with under a minute?? i hate those kind of crappy goals. torts needs to seriously start scratching some of these idiots.

  74. MAKO

    I agree, Vinny has massive heart. Dreary is a useless thief. Again, having another typical Dreary game. During his shifts he’s probably thinking what he’s gonna buy for his family next, since he has so much money. Money that he doesn’t deserve.

    At least Wade puts his money to good use. That powder gives him super strength, so he can play good physical hockey, and take a puck to the eyeball.

    Anyway, great start to the period, but pathetic ending. Hank is pure garbage when it comes to playing the puck. The sooner he realizes he cant do it, the better.

    They need to have a strong start, or else this will be Montreal all over again.

  75. that goal is gonna come back and kill us in the 3rd. unless we really tighten it up and play a full period and not take any shifts off or make stupid plays

  76. damnit one of the antichrist’s is on my screen right now, make count bettman go away…and now here’s the rudeass stan

  77. Olga Folkyerself on

    You can’t bench Drury- what would that say about Sather’s skill in getting UFA’s? He makes too much to get benched, besides he’s Captain, AND, he’s won a LLWS!

    Case closed.

  78. troutface just looks wrong. he’s like one of those guys who make you feel like you gotta take a shower after lookin at him, like letterman. they just look like predators

  79. Orr

    LOL Clutchin’ thief!!! Redden has played very well and has made FEW mistakes. Still not worth the money.

    Yeah you wonder why Allaire doesnt work on his puck handling. Richter was horrible as well.

  80. has drury been bad or something?? im watchin a crappy feed but i dont remember him doing anything bad. or is he just being himself. thats usually good enough to get called out,lol

  81. mako- he’ll never be worth the money. i think we all established this awhile ago lol. but yea, hes been better. i predicted he would at least be a little better this year and so far, defensively, he has. offensively, i’ll be surprised if he scores 5. even in torts system

  82. grabby, if i remember correctly, in his first or 2nd shift, he overskated the puck and then kinda just stayed there… wooof

  83. chris christie, first of all, why are jersey governor ads on msg, 2nd, why would parents name their kid chris christie, i wonder if he was bullied in school. thats like naming your kid glen glenn

  84. Grabby

    Yeah…Im impressed with the way he has rebounded. Good for him…

    That hit on Booth was just criminal. He smashed he face on the ice when he was KO’d.

  85. grabby, ORR is freakin hilarious! i loved his “before i got my man voice” line! Comedy gold!

  86. okay. once again computer problems prevent me from hanging with everyone during the game.
    just a couple comments before period 3

    He knocks the puck right into him!!!!!

    the coaches need to break Dubi out of the habit of skating into his opponent!!!! he should around him or through him or
    SHOOT before he gets too close!!!!!

  87. Torts is definitely a fiery, stubborn italian! sometimes good, sometimes not so good. He looked ticked on the bench when it was just him and sully. one day he’ll call out Emo Prince drury

  88. carp,.gabby and hank should never be down on the ice at the same time… the season would be ruined

  89. u could see this team is rattled. they are definitely holding on for dear life. against a better team its probably tied. torts still has much work needs to do.

  90. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Grabby. This has not been an overall good performance. Just really good conversion and a couple of good PPs. You think that first period was good?

  91. damn yous!!!

    and i finally see it!!!!!!!

  92. wow, what a shot! MDZ with another point… gotta love it!!! “heartbeat its a lovebeat’ and speakin of which, where is st0w???


  94. Al Trautwig failed to tell us whether or not the trainer accompanied Gaborik to the locker room.

  95. we aim to please Kris!

    did you know he was a bad singer?! OH SHIP, wtf??? gabby limping… i am not happy! Damn my nostradamus impression earlier!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  96. well, gabbys hurt. 12 games in. byfuglien unreal. it better not be serious. this guy is on pace to break jagrs record and then some. what a shame if hes hurt again.

  97. hey i heard about some guy that was gonna buy the yotes, i wonder if they are talkin about him. i cant remember his name though but who heffin cares, whats up with GABBY???

    oh look capn fantastic in da sin bin…

  98. if thats what it takes hockeyman!

    lmao @ peanut butter, the chunky kind cuz rosy is anything but smooth

  99. and here comes the rangers captain, who stops at the blue line and looks around, bites his mouthguard and yells


  100. how do we have no info on gabby. i lose the feed once the game ends so i gotta count on you guys for the info

  101. mako, i typed something you’d have laughed at but got a message that i was posting too quickly.. THAT was funny

  102. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo its a win!!! FINALLY. that was a long damned week! now whats up with gabby!

  103. damnit, i hope its just a charley horse or something… we can’t afford to be w/o gabsta!

    mako, i thought you’d laugh!

  104. holy carp, skeletor is one of the refs in the football game tonight!!!!!!!!!!! scared the livin carp outta me!

  105. Woooooooo!!!!!!!!! Go Rangers!!! Way to win a hockey game! I hope I didn’t miss out on anything fun over here with you craaaazy boneheads. Hope we kick some Islander’s Crosbys on Wednesday!

  106. what in the blue hell is chuckie gruden laughin at???

    any word yet on gabby guys??

    sally, did you fix vinny p??

  107. i hope its not his groin. if hes out for any length of time, we cannot expect drury and higgins to elevate their games. we will lose alot if hes not playing. im surprised he couldnt even come out for the star of the game announcement. all hes gotta do is walk and wave and skate 2 feet and throw a puck. so hes obviously in some pain

  108. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Roadrunner Vs the Coyote" ...says Greg L. on


  109. hate that they dont stream the postgame stuff… But its a WIN !!!! YEAH! Just hope Gabby is ok. Well, off to bed hope to see some good Gabby news in the morning.

  110. Nah I think he’s going to be ok. Just like Jagr used to leave with the few min left if he wanted to be careful. They are just taking precaution….

    Vinny looks like a young Gene Wilder!!!! LOL

  111. At least Lisin shows he’s trying to learn and speak the language. The same couldn’t be said of a certain “Z” guy who was here last season.

  112. LOL Linda, Vinny’s on his way. I need to work on his eyebrow and mustachio and then take some pictures. Maybe when I get home tonight? I’m watching clips from Slayer’s Fans Rule with my pals, so I’m kinda busy.


  113. mako- thats good to hear. see, with jagr he was a muckin rhinoceros so it’d take a bulldozer to hurt him, but gabbys more like a unicorn. hes amazing. magical, but frail, and elegant.

  114. I was distracted from whatever Engblom was just saying (probably a good thing) by the sight of the back of his head in HD (definitely a baaaad thing).

  115. Best- Prospal- Hustle, Skill
    Worst- Drury- Flat, Glorified Betts

    First time this year I’ve said anything bad about Dru but wow.

  116. HockeymanRangers on

    If anyone gets any word on Gabby let us out of area folks know. I get Center Ice and we do not get post game reports.


    Hey guys.

    Just wanted to tells yous that I’m fine. I actually play large practical jokes on yous. Yous just chills out and enjoy this’ win. Expects more from me next game. Anyways, everyone keeps your heads up and enjoy the next couple off days.

    From yours leading goals scorer
    (No, not Christopher Higgins)
    Marian Gaborik

  118. HAHAHHAHA Linda that’s perfect!

    You’re too funny. Jagr always had issues with his groin & used to wear bottoms of a scuba suit to keep things tight together.

    Dunno looks like his ankle to me. But if you havent noticed… watch how players go after his legs in the future games. Its subtle, but it happens and its NOT coincidence.

  119. As soon as I hear something… I’ll let you all know. Dont know if we’ll hear anything tonight. Perhaps the BLOGFATHER will hear something tomorrow.

  120. anyone know where i can find a seating chart for the new giants stadium??? gotta plot my concert tix

  121. Weird. Dubi is the only player from last year to get a point tonight. Higgins and Gilroy are the only new guys not to. THN can suck it with the bucks and pucks issue and the Rangers at 53% free agents. It’s working so far.

  122. I know…

    On a lighter note. Where is the Clutch post from Mr. Excellent tonight? We can all use a good laugh….

  123. hstreams just quit on me. makes me glad I only paid for a month.

    cant even get their site to load at all

  124. tomb, what is your ‘buffering’ set at?

    mine was set at 5, i changed it to 45 and hockeystreams worked awesome for me the rest of the game

  125. Re: Gaborik, Torts said that he hadn’t talked with the trainer and the game was in hand…doesn’t sound too bad.

  126. i cant even get into hockeystreams right now. it gives me the “cant display website, try restarting” screen. its been all screwey for me tonight. if anybody knows what to do or how to get in to it, please tell me. id like to try to get my money back or at least doa wookie yell at the guy who runs it

  127. He said he “didnt peel the paint off of the walls by screaming, you guys always thinking that… he said how its a hockey game. Said they played well defensively and still has work to do.”

    On Lisin “Kid has great upside to him and his play has improved away from the puck. Will hit and take a hit to make a play”

    On Gaborik “the game was in hand, I havent talked to the trainer yet.”

  128. HAHAHAHAH sorry man…

    I love how when they review Gretzky’s career they hardly ever show him in St. Louis LOL Its just Edmonton, LA & the Rangers LOL

  129. You didn’t know Kane was from Buffalo, hopefully you never drive him around in a cab after a night out…DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?

  130. darn!!!! mako whats it gonna take??? look at my top 3 d men!!! anyway, i bet youre eyin kopitar or ovie pretty tight right now. im 3rd in standings. ok thats all the fantasy talk outta me for good now. i promise

  131. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think torts should have one of those fat red Whammo whiffle bats behind the bench. Anyone makes a big mistake gets a whap with the bat on his helmet. Boink, boink, boink!

    That will keep them on their toes out there.

  132. that sucks about gabby. why cant they just put us at ease and say if its minor or not. i hate to say it, but hes probably gonna miss a game or 60

  133. Mike

    I have Elias & Hossa on the IR :( So my O is pretty spread thin. My 3 Dmen arent too shabby. I always just use 3 and have another forward as back up…

  134. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Wow. What a weird win. Yuck. Great conversion and great PP but lousy on D at times and no real edge to our game. I’m sending my man-love to Gabby right now. My newborn son for the mans health!

    See ya’lls t’morrow. Rock!

    Oh, and for any and all swedish people in here. Heres my thoughts. (Use google translate if you want, Grabbs, go on)


  135. How can Gabby get hurt ? Were they playing Mariah Carey at the Garden tonight ? You know she can rip a groin to shreds with that horrific rat squeal voice she has.

    Anyway, great win, and im glad to see Lisin stick it to his old team. Korpedo looked lost tonight’s, and Pruchs didn’t do much.

    Gotta keep this streak going, and Gabby cant be hurt so soon.

  136. im back!!! alex- im 1/4 swede, 1/4 finn, 1/4 italian, and 1/4 wookie. so, im half viking, half pizza eatin chewbacca. i dont speak or understand anything but english and bad english. sry bro. amyway, i came back for update on gabby. i couldnt sleep w/out knowin if our little unicorn is ok. good news that its not groin, but bad that hes still probably gonna miss games. whether how many is the question.

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