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Three straight losses has the Rangers reeling. It’s early, and way too early to panic. But it obviously is weighing on the Rangers, who had won seven in a row — the last three of those just sloppy enough to morph into this downslide.

And now John Tortorella is delivering the accountability he promised when he was hired. He benched Christopher Higgins, and had him in a fifth-line jersey at practice Sunday. He benched Brandon Dubinsky. They both committed ridiculous turnovers in Saturday’s 5-4 OT loss in Montreal.

Accountability is one thing. Kicking people when they’re down is another. And I’m not saying Tortorella is doing that, or that he’s wrong or unjust. Not at all. In fact, I think he’s absolutely right in both cases.

I’m just saying he’s treading dangerous territory with Higgins. Pats on the back didn’t work. Will a kick in the butt help? Or will it deepen his funk and further erode his confidence? We will see.

I think Dubinsky can handle it, though I’m sure that soon some players will begin to wonder why Chris Drury doesn’t get a seat when he’s struggling as mightily as anybody else.


As you probably know, Phoenix is playing some pretty good hockey in the early stages of the post-Gretzky era. GM Don Maloney’s young team won four in a row before losing to the Kings on Saturday, including a win over Boston and an OT victory over Detroit. They were also the only team to beat Pittsburgh in the Penguins’ first 10 games.

So it isn’t just Lauri Korpikoski and Petr Healthy Scratch. 

After tonight, the Rangers’ schedule toughens, with five of six on the road. That includes a semi-home game at Nassau Coliseum, then a trip to Minnesota, a home game against Boston, and then a Western Canada trip including the dreaded Alberta double-dip, once upon a time the toughest two games on every team’s schedule.


So my recent history has gone like this: I was at the Rangers’ loss to the Devils, then the Yankees’ Game 6 rainout, and the Giants’ loss to the Cardinals. Yipee! Fortunately for you guys, I have no plans to go to the Garden tonight because I’m sure I will be on World Series duty starting with the workouts Tuesday.

More later on. See youse.

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Good thing you’re not going to the Garden tonight, it’s 1.30 in the morning! ;)

  2. Maybe one of us could pretend to be Carp (or better yet, Josh) and get a press pass for the games that _The Journal News_ can’t cover! Just don’t ask questions to make yourself stand out from the crowd.


  3. *I think Dubinsky can handle it, though I’m sure that soon some players will begin to wonder why Chris Drury doesn’t get a seat when he’s struggling as mightily as anybody else.*


    If the players begin to wonder why Captain Clutch doesn’t get a seat, I’ll fax them a copy of Captain Clutch’s contract! Wondering done! Problem solved! Ha-Ha!

    Seriously though, Captain Clutch is blindsided! “struggling”??? Carp, you must be looking at your fancy “numbers”, silly “statistics”, or nonsensical “facts” again!

    So what if Captain Clutch only has 2 goals! So what if Captain Clutch’s faceoff win percentage is 49.5%! So what if 7 forwards on our team (including that doofus Voros and “clueless” Lisin) AND Rozsival and Redden have a better plus/minus rating than Captain Clutch! So what if Captain Clutch floats around the defensive zone like a mindless zombie! So what if Captain Clutch helped turn Callahan and Higgins into bums at even-strength!

    It’s all about the little things!!! Like clutchness! Heart! Being a winner! You want some fancy numbers??? Well chew on this stat like a mouthpiece- take away the little things, and this team is 0-11 right now!!!

    Carp, you’re lucky Captain Clutch just checked my bank statement and I’m in a good mood, so I’m not gonna let this blog entry ruin my Austria National Day: Anniversary of the Declaration of Neutrality

    /peels off in Clutchmobile

  4. Just read a swedish hockey blog(- its funny:) I know you have been talking about how Avery is changed and thought you like to know this… A swedish Shark player told the blogger that Sean Avery did not say ANYTHING during the game. No BS… nothing! The swedish player says It nice that Sean has realized he’s a good hockeyplayer and can do other stuff than talk BS. What do you think ????

  5. Btw.. I am new here, been lurking for a while.. Anything I have to do to become a REAL bonehead ? :)

  6. Kris, what can he say to a Swedish guy? “You guys make crummy furniture!” or “Peter Forsberg sleeps with your mom!”
    Most of the Swedish players are so mild-mannered i don’t think he would even try it.
    I think Aves knows who’s buttons he can push and he won’t waste his breath if he knows he won’t get a rise out of someone. He is definately yapping at people, i’ve seen him do it during games.

    p.s. Captain, we all know you do the little things well but every once in a while, please score a few goals to remind us!!

  7. UK…he he, I get ur point. But the swedish player also said he got back at Sean (with a hit?) because of all the he said in the past…And I understood it as he was a bit suprised by the silence. But if you’ve seen him yapping I guess everything is normal.:D

  8. Benching TWO players for an entire period was a mistake. The overshifting caused them to tire out much faster. Higgins has been garbage, but why bench Dubi for one mistake?

  9. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I would say Dubinsky is playing a lot better than Drury. Torts was saying after Saturday’s game if your not contributing on offense then you can’t also be turning the puck over. I saw the turn over in Saturdays game and Dubinsky is at fault but has he done this before and missed them???In my book Duby was doing just fine on the first line feeding Gaborick and Prospal. Why is Torts so hard on Duby, I can undertstand sitting Higgins I think he might need the push. But I thought Duby was doing just fine on the first line. Am I missing something????

  10. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    We’ll see about that ‘clean slate’ theory tonight. Dubi and Higgins should both play with a little extra fire, if they didn’t, i’d be shocked.

    Accountability is good and all, though Dubi is one of our best forwards, and one of the hardest working. Not having him that whole period hurt.

    let us not look past Gaborik’s lazy back check, and lack of effort passing off Cammeleri to Gilroy, who backed up instead of standing up. It was a sloppy play by those two, where is there accountability? Did they get a pass cuz the game was over?

    Cammeleri beat him TWICE with the exact same shot.

  11. Kris
    .. Anything I have to do to become a REAL bonehead? :)
    Yeah, Kris, start using euphemisms when you use a curse (BS including) or you not going to survive first encounter with Carp wording police.

  12. Sad day for us out of towners. The free comcast preview of center ice is over. Back to desperately looking for feeds on the internet! But anyways, Let’s Go Rangers!

  13. Goodmorning Carp and the rest of you boneheads.
    I’m not sure Higgins has much confidence at all right now…there isn’t much to ruin…lol
    If this continues…can anyone see Higgins being sent to Hartford, and Grachev being called up? Would Higgins have to pass thru waivers?
    I’m not saying I’ve given up on Higgins at all but…technically Torts put him on the 5th line…which to me seems a little like Hartford…haha

  14. Kris – So I’m guessing that would be Douglas Murray, since he is the only Swede on the Sharks roster? They really should have disguised it better if they didn’t want to name the player.

  15. The only thing we could do with Higgins is send him down for a conditioning stint. That is the only way to avoid waivers.

  16. I feel bad for Higgins, that guy really can’t find his game and now he’s really in a rut. I think it will take more than one goal to lift him out of it.

    I really hope they don’t lose to Phoenix tonight.

  17. I felt those were 2 different messages: to Higgins, everybody goes through a scoring slump, and we understand that. But then you have to be extra careful defensively. And if you’re not, you won’t play. To Duby- you’re a young, promising player. You have to know when to be creative and when to play it simple. It looked impulsive, but it sounds like they had a few prior conversations. I’m not sure I liked Duby’s response. From what Brooks says, it sounds like Duby has his own opinion on the issue.

    Anyone at the game tonight?

  18. Just how I see that.Avery ONLY questionable value is his unique ability to get under players skin with incredible dirty stuff, which make him fan fave; without that he is just mediocre third liner, only remotely reminiscent of Theo Fleury (for me) with some heart but less talent, who likes himself more than anything else. Very hard task for him indeed, in this Torts accountability era, to keep balance on the edge of doing his “job”, avoiding stupid penalty (also considering his reputation and referees attention), risqué plays and turnovers.

  19. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    After how mnay years of no Accountability from Tom “Im your Buddy” Renney I am glad to see Torts sticking to his word and playing players who he thinks will help us win games.

    Dubi and Higgins, right or wqrong, at least ti sends a message.

    And I guarantee Drury is not above being benched if his plays slips or he makes a stupid mistake. Captain or not, Torts wont give a Sh$t.

    So No Brashear tonight.
    Hank is a MAYBE in Goal
    Higgn slooks liek he’s being banished ot the fourht line for right now
    Voros moved up with Dubi and Cally

    Are these the preliminary lines for tonight?


    Anyone know for sure?

    I would still put Dubi back on the top line.
    I think Propsal is Better at wing even though he can play both positions

    And one of the biggest surprises so far, KOTALIK!!

    He’s a big bastard and fights for the puck pretty much every shift. Looks like he’s taking Higgie’s ice time til he’s out of his funk


  20. Where's Pavelich? on

    I think Torts still holds the Dubinsky’s hold out against him and his mistakes are given some extra weight, esp early in the season (“teaching him how to be a pro”) .. Higgins has just been bad.

    It is early, but I tght Sather pulled a Sather in giving Kotalik 3m for 3 years, but the guy plays…Prospal has been the value play of the year (again, so far)

  21. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I agree Dubi top line center looked better to me.

    As far as Higgins goes… Shut up and play! He’s a big boy and makes a ton of money to do a job he hasn’t been doing. This isn’t little league (sorry Captn Clutch)… Everyone doesn’t get handed ice time. Earn it pal. Please! I’m not sure I can take Voros on 3rd line.

  22. Good morning Staal and all. Should be interesting listening to our Maloney tonight against the other Maloney.

    Hey Izzy, Spiderpig spelled your name wrong. How come you don’t make him life you over his head?

  23. Pavel,I’m totaly agree on Dubi’s benching and wrote about it in previous posts. For the “experts” with something like..”he needed one of those wake up calls and hopefully the benching was it”, I have an answer: Not if it costs a game. This is a case. Sitting him cause a chaos in all lines and most valuable players’ fatigue at the end of the game, their winning goal was direct result of it. Besides, I’m really afraid that sometimes Torts decisions are made more out of impulsiveness, stubbornness and ego rather than game logic and development. If that’s so, it’s dangerous in perspective, if builds up and could lead to players’ subconscious resistance and ultimately to losing team. Hope, I’m just paranoid.

  24. It’s fine to bench Dubinsky, but why did Anisimov, who actually scored a skill goal, as well as forecheck effectively, still get less playing time than Dubinsky who was benched half the game? Especially with rookie defensemen getting plenty of playing time, why wouldn’t Anisimov see more time especially when he’s having a good game, and Drury is playing so poorly?

  25. Thought some of you guys could have a laugh with this article from Sports Illustrated about who will be making the Olympic team:

    Team USA

    Chris Drury: Veteran leadership and a history of coming through in the clutch ensure he’ll be there.

  26. I had the same thoughts 4everanger about Torts trying to prove a point above winning a game. If it was a blow out game then it’s ok, but Dubinsky’s gaffe led to the Habs 2nd goal, not tying goal. And after the game was tied up or starting off in the 3rd period it would have been nice to have a player on the ice that has shown the ability to contribute to the team this season. Instead you see Voros and Boyle out there and there’s not of a chance either of those are going to make a game changing play.

    Not to mention Drury had an unclutch loss of coverage on Montreal’s 1st goal that night (and JoeMich tried to apologize for him by saying a mid-ice bump with another player slowed him down when that exact player he bumped into ended up scoring the goal…so it’s not like that collision slowed the scorer down).

  27. Thought some of you guys could have a laugh with this article from Sports Illustrated about who will be making the Olympic team:
    Team USA
    Chris Drury: Veteran leadership and a history of coming through in the clutch ensure he’ll be there.


    Because Drury has all those international gold medals dangling from his neck.

  28. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So Ber ZIp and Gross:

    Brashear back in
    Voros sits
    Hank starts
    Higgins on line with Dubi and Cally
    D -Pairs the same

    so line look like this:


    I still liked Boyle at Center and Artie centering the 3rd line but I guess Torts knows best!

    Lets go Rangers!!

  29. Torts was just proving that in order for the team to be successful, they need Dubi and Higgins to play hard and play well. They can’t make mistakes.

    The fact is Higgins is a really good player that is just struggling. But for some reason, it doesn’t seem like Torts likes him very much. I don’t know if it’s his work ethic or what, but during the interview he just didn’t sound like he was a fan of his. Dubi he likes a lot and was just trying to show him he needs to step it up.

  30. I also liked Anisimov on the third line. He seems like a smart player, and would say he needs more ice time…4 minutes a night with “the sore One” isn’t going to help him much.

  31. Why doesn’t Anisimov get a better shot than some of the others? It’s not that Higgins just isn’t scoring, he’s generally just invisible — who can even remember him forechecking or hitting anyone? Anisimov has skill that should be developed. If the coaches will let untested defensemen play, Anisimov should be out there more. Find a place for him; it’s not like everyone else is a scoring machine.

  32. How about a line up Kotalik AA Lisin That might be a pretty productive line.

    Avery Prospal Gabby
    Cally Dubi Higgy
    Dru AA Lisin
    Kotalik Boyle Voros

    I don’t hate Brashear as much as many of you do, but I like the way Voros has played this season so far. He has been much better than Brashear has at least.

  33. I agree, give AA more playing time or send him down to Hartford where he will play in all situations. If you send down AA, then you bring up Grachev.

    They are worried about the young D developing, but we need to worry about the forwards too. I don’t like AA on the fourth line. Either give him the third line, or put him in Hartford. End of story.

  34. Higgins just looks lost and “off”. Tell me, have you seen him smile at all? Even once? I mean, I hated Gomez smiling all the time, but damn, the guy hasn’t cracked a smile once. I wonder if he is really bummed about being traded from the Habs, and maybe didn’t want to leave there. Could be in the back of his head and messing with his psyche. Either way, get over it Higgy, and get your head in the game, or ride the pine. I thought he was going to be a slight upgrade from a Cally type of player. I really hope he turns it around. He went from making good plays and almost scoring, to making decent plays, to being invisible, to finally making bad plays and not hustling at all. I hope he can find his game. He did look good in the pre season with Dubi and Gabby. I know you have to earn your ice time, but maybe try that line again.

  35. I had the craziest dream last night. Voros knocked out Tito Ortiz, and then he got back up and he knocked him out again, and then he knocked out his manager, then he knocked out his wife, which is ex-porn star Jenna Jameson.

    It was amazing, he was on his feet the WHOLE TIME !! He didn’t fall at all.

  36. Spiderpig… Its not that they want to disguised it, but the blogger uses funny nicknames for the players and I didn’t know who he ment. He calles Valley -the queeen.(apparently Vallys suggestion:) Most of the nicknames are in swedish eks: torts – tärtan(the cake).

    Carp: I promise to be a good girl! :-)

  37. With the discussion about Drury’s 10 goals against I thought I’d dive into the actual stats a bit deeper. Of Drury’s 10 goals against, 4 were on the penalty kill and 6 at even strength.

    To put that into perspective, I manipulated the stats to find out what the amount of even strength ice time was per goal. Below you’ll find the amount of even strength ice time, number of even strength goals against and the average amount of ice time in mins per goal. The higher the mins/goal, the better but you have to take into account total ice time.

    ES Time Goals Time/Goal
    Voros 37.2 1 37.2
    Callahan145.1 4 36.3
    Avery 89.1 3 29.7
    Prospal 179.4 7 25.6
    Drury 146.0 6 24.3
    Higgins 143.0 6 23.8
    Dubinsky163.1 7 23.3
    Gaborik 178.5 8 22.3
    Lisin 119.5 6 19.9
    Boyle 66.5 4 16.6
    Kotalik 109.8 7 15.7
    Anisimov99.0 7 14.1
    Brashear55.3 4 13.8

    Redden 192.0 5 38.4
    Rozsival155.2 5 31.0
    Gilroy 176.8 6 29.5
    DelZotto134.0 6 22.3
    Staal 185.4 11 16.9
    Girardi 185.5 12 15.5

    My take aways from the stats are that Redden has indeed improved his game, Tortorella calling out Staal/Girardi is deserved and that Brashear should play even less.

  38. Actually Nasty from what I saw coming out of Montreal last year is that Higgins was part of a group of players that liked to have too much fun.

  39. Damn copy paste
    ES Time Goals Time/Goal
    Voros 37.2 1 37.2
    Callahan 145.1 4 36.3
    Avery 89.1 3 29.7
    Prospal 179.4 7 25.6
    Drury 146.0 6 24.3
    Higgins 143.0 6 23.8
    Dubinsky 163.1 7 23.3
    Gaborik 178.5 8 22.3
    Lisin 119.5 6 19.9
    Boyle 66.5 4 16.6
    Kotalik 109.8 7 15.7
    Anisimov 99.0 7 14.1
    Brashear 55.3 4 13.8

    Redden 192.0 5 38.4
    Rozsival 155.2 5 31.0
    Gilroy 176.8 6 29.5
    Del Zotto134.0 6 22.3
    Staal 184.5 11 16.9
    Girardi 185.5 12 15.5

  40. CT Blueshirt. Torts does cut off his nose to spite his face. He’s got to get rid of holding grudges. Could of used Dubie in the 3rd period. Also, be fair, why does Drury always get a pass. The differnce re: goaltending from last year to this year is we would lose games when Lundgvist was playing soft. Now we have more than a 50/50 chance of winning. Our goaltending has’nt distinguished itself at all this year. Still need a big defenseman. Lines: Lisen, Prospal, Gabby are fine, need Dubie to Center Avery & Kotalik, then Higgens, Drury & Cally, with Voros AA & Boyle as the 4th line. Still need to somehow move AA up a line.

  41. Btw, has anyone seen that hit by Richards on Booth? To me it looked exactly like Brashears’ on Betts. Both went for the head. Clean hit my zhopa, folks! I’ll tell all this “clean hits” have been going on for years and terminating players careers! Including the famous “clean” hit by Stevens on Lindros. They all are deliberate hits to the heads. I know it’s not easy to draw the line and you don’t want to take the physicality out of hockey, but common. These guys will be suffering from those hits forever. The league should do something..

  42. JJP,
    I honestly have to say…that’s too much for a Monday…so instead of feeding me numbers…what’s your conclusion…lol

    how bout moving Drury to wing…put Higgins on the fourth line until he shows something. Put AA between Cally and Drury, and have Boyle center “the sore one” and Higgins

  43. ilb…’the sore one’s ‘ hit was blindsided from behind…
    Richards hit was from the side and was with the shoulder…Booth was looking to the other side and got crushed. I hate seeing it, but it was legal.

  44. “Btw, has anyone seen that hit by Richards on Booth? To me it looked exactly like Brashears’ on Betts. Both went for the head.”

    Maybe you need to get your eyes checked. Brashear blatantly suckerpunched Betts when the puck was nowhere near him after play had ended.

    Richards hit Booth with his lowered shoulder who was unfortunately skating with his head down.

  45. loneranger
    October 26th, 2009 at 12:31 pm
    If Brash throws a big hit at Prucha he may injure him

    lone ranger, you forgot to put SELF after him!

  46. This is why the nhl is a joke. Someone please tell me how Richards got a 5 minute major and a misconduct for “intent to injure” and yet will not get suspended. When I hear the name Colen Campbell it reminds me of a colonoscopy. NHL is a joke.

  47. Staal, that is exactly my point. “Legal” is the main problem here. Shoulders, forearm, blatant, from the side. It still is a hit to the head. Most of the time that is exactly where they aim. The head.

    Noonan, please youtube both hits, take a careful look.

  48. One of my only regrets about the Rangers winning the Cup in 1994 was not having Jim Gordon & Bill Chadwick doing the call. Not to slight Sam & JD, because they will always be the best duo in my mind, but Jim & Bill (& Marv & Sal on radio) embodied the Rangers for so many fans of the Blueshirts who grew up in the 1970’s. The times were a lot different… there was no ESPN, no websites, no sports highlights of any type except the five minutes you got at the end of your local news reports (before Johnny Carson came on.)

    I always got the feeling Jim & Bill loved the Rangers as much as I did & I really liked that feeling. I remember listening to their voices after the Islanders beat the Rangers in 1975. I was in tears & I think they were as well.

    In 1979, just as the Rangers had delivered sweet revenge against the #1 seed Isles, Bill got caught up in the moment & seemed to be starting to shout “The Rangers WIN the Stan…” before he stopped himself.

    We never got to hear them call that final moment, but the memories of so many other moments will live forever. RIP Bill.

  49. noonan, richards got called for interference, booth did not have the puck. I’m sorry but it look to me richards directed his shoulder/forearm to booths head.



  51. “noonan, richards got called for interference, booth did not have the puck. I’m sorry but it look to me richards directed his shoulder/forearm to booths head.”

    You may want to look up puck posession rules. You don’t lose posession of the puck the split second it leaves your stick.

    Possession of the Puck:

    The last player to touch the puck, other than the goalkeeper, shall be considered the player in possession. The player deemed in possession of the puck may be checked legally, provided the check is rendered immediately following his loss of possession.

  52. Linda, I had it right. you had it wrong. (Rag doll) Staalwart, that may be the answer for AA.

  53. And just because a player takes a hit to the head, that does not automatically make it a high hit. Booth’s head was down and Richards lowered his shoulder into him. It’s unfortunate he got hurt but have to keep your head up in this game.

    Remember Ruutu’s hit on Jagr in the olympics? You can’t lower your head like that and when you get hit in your head and call it a “high hit”.

  54. JPG30 Agree with you totally on Jim & Bill calling the Cup win in 94. After all the years of crap Hockey it would have been nice. My wife & I had the opportunity of sitting with both Bill and Jim during several Ranger Fan Club Dinner Dances. They were great Hockey people. RIP Bill Chadwick

  55. The boys had better be ready tonight. This year’s ‘Yotes are a totally different, much better team.

    I hope Lisin scores the winning goal against his former team.

    I’d also hope Prucha and Korpikoski get one each… and I’d love to see one of them lay out Brashear with a check.

  56. And I suggest anyone watching the hit to stop watching it in slomo. IDK how you can lay off of that hit.

  57. Laurel

    Did you like the link I posted for ou????


    Are the roster updates on 360 free or do you have to pay for them??


    I hate to see players injured, but it is a collision sport and they happen. I do not think richards hit was “illegal” at all. I also think it is a judgement call by the officials on the ice and some may obviously view them differently than others. One guy may assess a 2 min interference on a hit and another guy a 5 minute major and intent to injure. I thought it was a pretty clean open ice hit! But i also thought the hit on okposo was a clean hit as well!

  58. Richards is playing retarded. He knew what he was doing, he took advantage of Booth, and directed his shoulder, to Booth’s head. Should be a 5 game suspension at the very least, but instead, he doesn’t even get fined. That’s the NHL for you, always saying how they want to eliminate hits to the head, yet, when they happen they do nothing aboot it.

    Idiots. Id like to see Buttman, and Colin collide, Knuble, and Shanny style. Better yet, they should take a ride on the Heatley train.

  59. BTW, I love how Lisin is being given a chance on the top line. He’s got top line talent, and playing with Gaborik and Prospal will get him plenty of points for the time being.

  60. And Eric, if we win tonight does that mean the Rangers are back to being one of the best teams in the league?

    Without the “hot start” (say they went 4-4 over the first 8 games) the Rangers could be 4-8 after a loss.

  61. WASTE

    You get free roster updates on PS3, cause it’s free online play. So even if you don’t want to play online, you can start a franchise with the actual rosters of the season. The next update should include AHL players, so you’ll see Grachev, at some point.

    X-Hoax blows !

    Anybody play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 ? I love those games, MUA 1 was great, and i loved the X-Men Legends games for PS2. It sucks i got the 40 GB PS3, i can only play PS3, and PS1 games, but if i got the 60gb, id be able to play PS2 games on it. It would be cool if you can buy them on the store. Hopefully they do that at some point.

  62. nasty

    thanks, I guess my next question is xbox live free? Sorry, new to this online gaming thing!!

  63. I went to the game Saturday night but drank too many Molsons and could not see straight. However, I was still able to follow Voros around the ice stride by stride the whole game despite my condition.

    Avery needs to start more beef out there and bring this team to life. They were just going through the motions, no real intensity. Everytime that happens in Montreal. I heard Higgins and some others went out downtown Friday, probably were still hungover on Saturday.

  64. No, there is a silver package and a gold package. I forget what the cost is per year though. There are talks about making it free. I think I pay like 40 or 50 bucks for the year. Anyone know?

  65. Xbox live is not free, but costs $50/year which is basically $0 to me.. lol

    Their support is excellent so there’s 99% uptime.

  66. Well, the Silver package is free, but you can’t play online gaming without the gold. The gold is 50. So I guess that answers Wicky’s question. And yeah, I don’t notice the 50 bucks either. I have had a great experience with X-Box Live. I don’t hate the ps3, but from what I have seen and played on my friends. I prefer the 360. It is all your personal preference.

  67. I said my piece on the Richards/Booth hit on the previous entry, but it makes no sense for Richards to argue that Booth was “admiring his pass”, while at the same time that the incident happened too quickly for him to avoid crushing him in the head, so it wasn’t a late hit. If it wasn’t late (and it probably wasn’t), you can’t castigate the guy for still having his head down.

    It could be dangerous to knock Prucha down – he’s scored two goals this year, neither of which while he was on his skates.

  68. Even if the online pay is better than PS3’s, or if you can afford it with no problem. The games and the PS3 exclusives are just so much better.

    Anyone who chooses an X-Hoax over a PS3 is just making a horrible decision. It’s kind of like deciding to chop off your new born baby’s weeny instead of letting him keep it so he can use it, and be happy in the future, and eventually give you grandkids.

    That’s what the PS3 is all aboot. Grandchildren. You buy a PS3, and it’s something you can hand down from one son, to his own son.

    But eventually a PS4 will come out, so it wont make a difference, but at least you can sell it used on ebay, and get at least $150 for it, and put it towards the PS4.

  69. Did i mention that you can watch porn on the PS3 ?? Buahaha, seriously, you can.

    I have this great site where you can watch DVD-like quality movies for free on the PS3, it has nearly every movie, or at least the ones that matter. As well as bootlegs of movies that are in theater’s, but the quality usually isn’t that great.

    The Blue Ray dvd player, is a beautiful addition.

    The PS3 is like my black baby. I love it.

  70. Avery sucks. It’s obvious his fashion career and his entrepreneurial endeavors are his first priority.
    He’d much rather be hobnobbing with the celebrity types than playing hockey.
    He really looks like he’s going through the motions. I hope a mannequin falls on his foot and breaks it.

    Callahan sucks. Torts really needs to strip him of the A. Its clear that he is motivated by an inferiority complex and a need to prove himself.
    Any kind of recognition undermines this. Two rookie defenseman have as many or more goals than he does.
    This slug needs to be stripped of the A and kicked like the dog that he is.

    Lundqvist is way overrated but I won’t get into that right now.

  71. Orr, you have a lot of far-fetched dreams that would be awesome if they were real. Wicky, it costs less than $5 a month if you buy the whole year. if you just want one month, its 7 i think. The best deal is the full year subscription though.

  72. Wow, ddebened
    You’re tough my friend and brutally honest in your opinions. Agree with you on Avery completely (see my post earlier above) and half with a rest of tirade. We are probably rear animals here (with otherwise blind, habitual adoration).

  73. “Xbox live is not free, but costs $50/year which is basically $0 to me.. lol”

    That’s $50 every year you own a XBOX. Do you plan on owning one for more than 2-3 years?

    “Their support is excellent so there’s 99% uptime.”

    Microsoft and “support is excellent” in the same sentence that is rich. Their currency system is a straight up scheme.

    And their support is only “excellent” if your XBOX is under warranty and it breaks. They put out an inferior product and once it’s no longer under warranty you’ll find out why.

  74. “Callahan sucks. Torts really needs to strip him of the A. Its clear that he is motivated by an inferiority complex and a need to prove himself.”

    ^That gave me a good laugh

  75. I finally got my friend to trade in his XBOX and games the other day. He doesn’t even have that many games and got a brand new PS3, NHL10, and Unchartered 2 (which he will not shut up about).

    btw i think my wireless will be fixed tomorrow!

  76. ddbened….cally leads the league in hits….how is that a bad thing? if the whole team had his heart and physicality, we’d have won at least 2 of the last 3.

    our biggest challenge is playing physically. cally is the LEAST challenged on our whole team in that category. wtf are you talking about? i could name about 6 other forwards who have disappointed more than cally.

    i think you are 25% correct in avery, but that guy is tough, a strong skater, and a decent puckhandler. (yes he whines and complains, but he also gets the sh*t kicked out of him by everyone and gets ZERO calls from the refs…ZERO.) u see that assist after he mucked it up behind the boards to feed Kotalik like a Gerber baby? 100% hard work. he wasn’t thinking Vogue or fashionista or whatever you claim.

    and lundy overrated… you you lost me and proved you are more emotional and subjective in your views than objective. 95% of the teams would immediately inquire about trading for him if he was on the blocks. you are a fool to think lundy overrated. i guess every analyst and objective nhl observer is dumber than you?

    the circus is back in town…they are lwaysl looking for more clowns. i will get you a job application.

  77. >>Pandolfo and Martin both out 4-6 weeks for the Debbies.

    It doesn’t seem to matter who’s injured on that stupid team; they’ll just keep on winning by one goal margins.

  78. yes club supersexe still up there in montreal. its actually one of the classier no touch places up there so i did not check it out.

  79. Tortorella needs to stop pushing Staal to be offensive and tell him to just concentrate on defense.
    I don’t think Girardi will finish the year as a Ranger.

  80. ddebened, good one. i believed you. but you’re right. this place is always a happier place when there’s a lot of negativity. Or at least, it’s a busier place.

    I’m delusional, too.

  81. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Im sorry but Richards has been throwing elbows for the last two years

    He did it last year when him and Dubi fought.
    Cant remember if it was on Dubi or Drury, but he def tried to do the same thing

    He so full of Sheet its not even funny
    The guy may be talented, but he’s always looking to throw that extra hit with his arm jsut enough to catch you in the face.

    I used to play with a guy like him, alwyas picking his elbows up at the last minute on hits. And mind you this was not even a league, jsut informal games we’d throw together at the local rink but this schmuck thought it was the NHL

    You know how we took care of it?

    he got the crap beat out of him on ice next game 5 min in, and by a guy prob smaller than Calllahan

    He never played with us again for some reason?

    Ok boys and Girls, LETS GO RAGNERS and lets get the win tonight!!

  82. so, who’s gonna get benched tonight? I say Lundqvist… and Torts wont put Vally in just to prove how strict he can be!

    And they better not skate through the center ice logo either or Torts will shoot fiery foam outta his mouth!

  83. ddebened- it’s a swine flu, bro. Five days of Motrin and you’ll love them all again.

    So who’s at the game tonight?

  84. Lundquist IS way overated. Good goalie? Yes. Great goalie? No way. Great goalies do not get beaten high glove side by the same player twice in the same game.

  85. wicky, I missed the post with the link….resend?

    ddeb, phew! I second Carp. I almost had a heart attack. Good thing I learned the truth before I unleashed my keyboard!

    Been really busy here today and I’m gonna miss the game’s start, but I’ll try to say hi later (unless it’s too sad and I want to pretend there is no game.)

    P.S. Thanks to ilb, a lovely post up tomorrow on sister blog about his trip to Peru.

  86. wicky, OMG!!! I just went back to last night and found it….I wish I could post that on sister blog :) Tears coming out of my eyes that is so funny…..Linda, Sally, you must see…2nd to last post last night….

  87. JOEKUH

    I don’t agree with that. Those two were murdered, and the only way a PS3 can die is by murder, like that scene in Office Space. The 360 can just randomly die for no reason.

    Waste. Microsoft sucks, even though i have a Zune, it’s my 3rd, which pretty much says enough.


    Good, gotta get some games going. Im still number 1 !! Just beat CCCP in a shootout.

  88. Laurel

    But of course, don’t we always know someone when it comes to things like Ayahuasca or other spiritual experiences :P


    i like the “pink curly tail/feathers” reference. I knew I should’ve patent it!

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Roadrunner Vs the Coyote" ...says Greg L. on

    X box rules ,peeps who say other wise are cheap skates. Online is like $12 for 3 months . People don’t just “leave” the game because , ” yeah , it’s free so I’ll just play like an idiot and ruin other peoples games. It happens alot on online . You make people pay and ya get better service. Plain and simple ,kinda like Blueshirt Bulliten….oppps bad example.

    Nasty1 ,yeah I got yer name pending as a friend ,but i’ll give you the league invite right away here.

    Welcome Kris!!!

    Higgins deserves what he gets, you don’t see Prospal,Kotalik,Lisin or Gilroy and Delzotto not scoring. What is wrong with Higgins? He came from an up tempo Montreal team where he was over rated and over-paid ,now when it come time to produce..he just can’t. Send Higgins back to montreal for Kotstisen (how ever ya spell it)

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