The Big Whistle, Bill Chadwick (1915-2009)


This is an edited version of a story written by John Halligan, the author and long-time Rangers executive, who passed it along to us:

Bill (The Big Whistle) Chadwick, a native New Yorker and the first United States-born official in the National Hockey League and later a popular broadcaster for the New York Rangers, died Saturday, October 24, in Cutchogue, NY. He was 94.

For 16 seasons, from 1939 to 1955, and despite being blind in one eye, Chadwick was one of the best officials the NHL has ever known. He invented and perfected the system of hand signals to signify penalties, and the system is now used by hockey officials throughout the world.

William Leroy Chadwick was born in Manhattan on October 10, 1915. He became an amateur hockey player of some note while attending Jamaica High School, where one of his teammates was John Mitchell, the future United States Attorney General under Richard Nixon. He also excelled at baseball, winning the city championship with Jamaica in 1933 and playing at various times against future Major Leaguers Phil Rizzuto and Sid Gordon.

But hockey was Chadwick’s sport of choice, and he honed his skills on racing skates at Baisley Park and Goose Pond in Queens and at the Brooklyn Ice Palace.
Following high school, Chadwick played under an assumed name at Fordham University. A center, he also starred with the Jamaica Hawks and the New York Stock Exchange Brokers in the Metropolitan Amateur Hockey League.

In 1935, playing for a Met League All-Star Team at Madison Square Garden, Chadwick was struck in the right eye by an errant puck as he stepped onto the ice to face a team from Boston. He spent a week at Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, but doctors were unable to restore the vision in the eye.

Despite the injury, and over the fierce objections of his parents, Chadwick continued to play hockey with the New York Rovers of the Eastern Hockey League. Then, early in the 1936-37 season, he was hit in his left eye by an opposing player’s stick. The injury wasn’t nearly as serious as the earlier one, but Chadwick knew his hockey-playing days were finished.

“Nobody loved the game more than I did, but I couldn’t take the chance of losing the other eye as well,” Chadwick recalled in his autobiography, The Big Whistle (with author Hal Bock, Hawthorn Books, 1974).

In March of 1937, Chadwick was a spectator at the Garden, watching the Rovers in pre-game warm-ups. He was paged over the public address system and asked to report to the penalty timekeeper’s bench. The scheduled referee that afternoon, Ray Levia, was stuck in a snowstorm, and Tommy Lockhart, the Garden’s amateur hockey boss, asked Bill to referee the game. “Where’s the whistle?” Chadwick said.

Lockhart was impressed with Chadwick’s work and soon offered him a full-time officiating position. “My salary was $55 a week,” Chadwick recalled, “which wasn’t bad, but you had to cover all of your own expenses. I worked the northern circuit of the league, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and River Vale, NJ.”

Chadwick soon caught the attention of Frank Calder, the president of the National Hockey League, and late in 1939, Calder asked Chadwick to join the NHL as a linesman. He accepted and became the NHL’s first United States-born official, working his first game at the Garden, the Montreal Canadiens versus the New York Americans. A year later, he was promoted to referee.

“There were some prejudices against me being an American and all,” Chadwick remembered, “but I had the full support of Calder and his successor, Clarence Campbell. Lester Patrick, the Rangers’ general manager, was also a great booster of mine.”

As for his vision handicap, Chadwick often said: Psychologically, I think it even made me a better official because it was always on my mind, so I tried even harder not to make a mistake. I skated harder than the other guys.”

As for the hand signals, Chadwick doesn’t recall exactly when he started using them. “Somewhere around 1943 or 1944 would be fairly accurate,” he told Halligan in a 2004 interview.

“I know it was during the Stanley Cup Finals. There was so much noise that I had difficulty communicating with the penalty timekeeper. So I began using a kind of sign language, touching my leg for tripping, my elbow for elbowing, and so on. That’s how it started.” Chadwick’s signals were not made official by the league until 1956, the year after he retired.

In 1965, at the urging of Emile Francis, the Rangers’ long-time general manager and coach, Chadwick embarked on a remarkable, 14-year broadcasting career, working first on radio with play by play man Marv Albert, and most notably, on television with Jim Gordon for nine seasons.

He called Ranger games with great flourish and more than a few trademark phrases until 1981. “Shoot the puck, Barry, shoot the puck!” he often exhorted defenseman Barry Beck. Others included: “That guy handles the puck like a cow handles a gun” and “He couldn’t put the puck in the ocean if he was standing on the end of the dock.”

“Bill was a natural for broadcasting even though he wasn’t formally trained in it,” said Francis. “He and Jim Gordon got more mail than some of our players. For a native New Yorker to do what he did in hockey at that time was really unbelievable.”

Arthur Friedman, the Rangers’ long-time statistician, dubbed Chadwick “The Big Whistle” in 1969, and the nickname stuck, thanks to considerable usage by Gordon, Albert and Sal Messina. “That nickname made me a celebrity,” Chadwick recalled. “If it weren’t for Artie Friedman, my book wouldn’t have had a title.”

As a referee, Chadwick worked more than 900 regular-season games, plus a record 42 Stanley Cup finals games, including 13 games in which the Cup was decided.

In 1964, Chadwick was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, only the fifth official, and the first American-born official, to be so honored. In 1974, he was inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame, and in 1975 he won the Lester Patrick Award for outstanding service to hockey in the United States.

Chadwick retired in 1988 to Cutchogue, New York, on Long Island’s north shore, about 100 miles east of New York City. “You know how far out on Long Island, I am?” he joked. “When I turn to my left, I see Portugal.”

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  1. Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick were a part of my childhood, as I grew up watching the Rangers on WOR Channel 9. I will always treasure the memories of listening to them during the Ranger telecasts. RIP Big Whistle.

  2. Thanks for the tribute. I associate Bill with the great team of the early 70s. My favorite quote: “the Rangers are skating like cats in a marble hallway!”

  3. Thanks for posting that story Rick, and RIP to Bill “THE BIG WHISTLE” Chadwick. Bill and Jim Gordon were also a big part of me falling in love with hockey, and the Rangers. I loved listening to them call the game, their banter was great, and also learned about the game from them. Bill would always crack me up when he’d say SHOOT THE PUCK BARRY, and all his other little sayings. Funny thing is, his sayings were natural, nowadays, the ‘signature lines’ we’re bombarded with seem so forced and contrived.

    Thanks Whistle, for all your contributions to hockey, and for making the game easy to learn and fun to watch for this fan, and i’m sure, many others.

  4. RIP Big Whistle!!

    I’ve had all I can take with people running our goalie and no one doing anything about it. It’s been going on for too long. The refs won’t stop it and the Rangers haven’t, but something has to be done.

    If it doesn’t stop, sooner or later Hank WILL be seriously injured, and the Rangers season will be effectively over.

    I hate to say this, but there is a solution – the next time Hank is run, the perpetrator should be given a hard cross-check to the mouth. A suspension will result, but it would be worth it because word would spread about the price to be paid for running our goalie. A month or so of a wired-shut jaw will send the message loud and clear.

  5. R.I.P. Big Whistle; for those of you younger who may not be familiar with him, there’s plenty of videos on youtube of 70s/early 80s Rangers as well as Ranger Crisis run by The Mouth which has some great Chadwick/Gordon clips.

    I know we all hate the Islanders, but Henrik needs to get a little Billy Smith in him and start going after ankles. He may get fined or suspended but that’ll put the league on notice.

    The one Ranger who has been doing something about this matter; Brian Boyle. So thumbs up for him.

  6. R.I.P. Big Whistle, 10x the announcer any of today’s lame cliche machines are.

    I’m only 22, so my Chadwick experience is limited to MSG classics, I loved that old playoff game against Buffalo where we won in OT and he screamed, “The hockey game is over! The hockey game is over!”

  7. MikeA, we were discussing that about 8 days ago, I mentioned that Hank needed to start going Billy Smith on people because if he waits for his teammates to do something, he’ll be on the sidelines until April. He really does need to dish out a few whacks over the next few games.

    Rick, any word on Hank? I was scared last night that the hit would have repurcussions today, and was wondering if you’d heard anything about it. Seems like Brastrap and his ‘upper body issue’ might miss another game. I for one do NOT miss him. Unfortunately, Dubi and Higgins has Brashearitis last night and made some bad plays.

    One more question, when does Drury become accountable for his poor choices??

  8. I’ve been saying this for a year and a half trade Dubi now,before he turns into another Prucha and we just get a3rd round pick for him,Higgens we NEVER wanted any way,so he can go too………….

  9. When talking about a jittery goaltender, Bill would sometimes say “He’s as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs!”

    RIP Bill. King Clancy is waiting during the 2nd period intermission.

  10. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I’m with you BalconyBob!!!

    Time for someone on this damn team to do SOMETHING about it!!! In an old school way. Enough is enough.

    As for the game last night… the only words I could come up with is “Chickens with their heads cut off”

    At least is was exciting… all the loose pucks given up, battles lost, weak work against the boards, wide open passing lanes, etc.

    Anyone else knew it was going to be a heartbreaker once we went up 3-1 besides me?

  11. R.I.P Bill Cahdwick. Never heard of the guy until last night, but i did hear him do some games for the old Rangers back in the day on MSG, but never knew the guy.


    To be honest. Im sort of with you on that. I loved Dubi last year, and the year before, but after the carp he pulled this off-season, i lost respect for him. He got greedy. So far he’s not doing anything special, he’s the same player as he was last year. He says he’s working on his shot, yet, he passes up a couple of good opportunities to pass.

    If we can package him for something that can really help us, now, and in the next few years. Im all for it.

    We’ve been screwed out of potential great deals too many times. We could have had Pronger for Prucha, and something else, which i don’t know of. Say what you want aboot the guy, and what Dawes did to him that one game, but he’s a guy that has balls of steel, and would actually stick up for his goalie, unlike ANYONE on this puss team.

    I like Dubi, but i wouldn’t cry if he got dealt. As long as the return is good.

  12. Lundqvist’s games in MTL:

    10/24: L 5-4 OT, 4.79 GAA, .839 SV%

    12/4: L 6-2, 6.00, .846%
    3/17: W 4-3 SO, 2.77, .897%

    2/3: W 5-3, 3.00, .893%
    2/19: L 6-5 SO, 4.62, .844%

    1/6: W 4-3 , 3.00, .875%
    3/27: L 6-4, 8.06, .733%

    10/29: W 5-2, 2.00, .950%
    3/11: L 1-0, 1.01, .958%

    Take out his 1st season and his numbers, even in his wins are pretty poor. Montreal’s first two goals and the game tying goal last night weren’t really his fault. The defense either left him out to dry or in the 2nd goal’s case his own player crashed into him. However he was all the way down in the butterfly on the 5 on 3 goal and while Camalleri’s shot was very well placed it beat Henrik where so many other’s have gotten by him. I know the D let Camalleri walk in untouched but I think it was still a stoppable shot.

  13. RIP Big Whistle. Send us a Cup and a defenseman who will hit somebody in front of the net from up above.

  14. Paul Holmgren is an idiot if he thinks Richards isn’t getting suspended after that hit.

    Philly Flowers, nothing but dirty douchebags. Id like to see Richards get boarded, and his season ended, same ting with everyone on that team.

    Team USA probably will lose Booth now. Eh, doesn’t matter, Captain Clunk will step up and save the day, along with that big retard Tim Thomas.

    Ugh, not looking good for USA.

  15. And good for Dawes, sticking it up Renney’s nice guy poop loop with two goals. Good for him. I hope Pruuuuu doesn’t take out his frustrations on us. That wouldn’t be cool. Fuggin Ortmeyer already did, and Blowmez had two assists last night.

  16. For anyone who cares, the Rodents has a really interesting article today on the gamewinning goal. Describes exactly where Gilroy faulted and how to correct it.

    Rookie mistake, but those will happen

  17. Orr, if losing Booth means USA is in trouble, then they were in trouble to begin with. He’s a decent enough player, but come on we have Canada, Sweden, and Russia to deal with. Personally I like the team, though.

    And Richards will probably get only 1 or 2 games, after all, he didn’t do anything bad like say some mean things about a girl now did he?

  18. SHOR

    Lol, yeah. If he said something aboot Roseanne, he’d probably get a lifetime ban.

    And yeah, USA has a lot to deal with, but if Miller can step up his game, who knows. Booth is a solid player, someone that team needs, cause obviously, Blowmez, and Dreary and the vets wont add much.

    Im looking forward to finally seeing a young team at the Olympics, instead of all those boring over the hill vets.

  19. I’ll be surprised if Richards is suspended. As much as the league (and the players themselves) pay lip service to reducing headshots, these Scott Stevens-type hits – technically “clean”, but nothing to do with separating a player from the puck, more a purposeful hit to the head on a completely defenceless player – are still seen as part of the game and Booth will receive as much of the blame for it as Richards will.

    I like Richards, but he knew what he was doing and it’s not out of character – he took a huge run at Zherdev in a game last year (which let to Girardi getting an instigator).

    Part of me hopes he doesn’t get suspended so we don’t have to listen to the Flyers’ annual victim act whenever one (or usually more) of their players gets told to sit out.

  20. Some more number crunching,

    Drury on ice for GA:

    3 of 5 vs MTL (1 SH)
    2 of 4 vs NJD (1 EN)
    1 of 7 vs SJ
    1 of 1 vs TOR
    1 of 2 vs LA (SH)
    1 of 2 vs TOR
    0 of 0 vs ANH
    0 of 3 vs WSH
    2 of 2 vs NJD (1 SH)
    0 of 2 vs OTT
    1 of 3 vs PIT

    That’s 10 goals at even strength and he’s even on his +/- thus he’s been on the ice for 10 even strength or SH goals the Rangers have scored. All his points (2 G, 3 A) are at even strength. The Rangers have allowed 23 even strength goals, which means Drury has been on the ice for 43.4% of them.

  21. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Sad really what’s going on with Dubi…

    But “We reap what we sow”. He should’ve never held out… never wanted 1st line center cash when no-one would’ve been surprised to see him centering the third line by game 10. I still like the kid but it’s fast becoming “Earn your pay” time.

    I was going to say put up or shut up but he already completed the last part of that apparently.

  22. My Dad has so many vivid memories of Jim and Bill doing games. Just seeing some of the old classic games on MSG Vault makes me appreciate what a tremendous duo they were. Better than Sam and JD IMHO.

    The Big Whistle is an example of tremendous work and dedication. He overcame a deficiency to become one of the best refs ever and a great broadcaster.

    RIP Bill Chadwick

  23. I love that Chadwick line about not being able to hit the ocean. Classic. They had some nice rare videos of him with Dave Maloney and some Shoot The Puck Barry’s last night. I can’t wait for what they have in store tomorrow.

    I know it’s early but if Brashear isn’t going to do his job, there’s a kid in Hartford names Justin Soryal who will take on anything and is a good fighter. He may be young and raw, but he can skate.

    Here’s a clip:

  24. RIP Mr. Chadwick!!!

    Everyone else

    Hmm, all of our d men seem pretty soft and certainly lack that aggressive instinct to go hit a guy instead of always playing backwards (when you have a supposed top 5 goalie and he is doing his job, you should be able STEP UP and bury a guy) or when a guy bumps/AGGRESSIVELY drives the net and your franchise goalie is at injury risk drop the gloves or atleast give him the lumbar treatment so hard he is face down on the ice waitng for the trainer. Sounds to me like we might need a CREASE CLEARING HARD HITTING PHYSICAL D MAN!!!!

    Staal needs to focus on his defencive game and quit trying to run with gilroy and MDZ (or torts needs to quit having him do it), I think it is killing his confidence!

    This d corps has pissed me off for quite a while (if you guys had not noticed). SNAMU or MUBAR!!!!!

  25. MikeA,

    He actually seems to know how to fight instead of just grabbing on trying to tug down. That was a great fight.

    Do you have any clips of his offensive abilities though? Thats what we really need.

  26. Mike A

    I would not mind seeing soryal for a few games for sure. He is a middleweight, so I would not want him only, rather have him and brash, but like to see him up either way!!!

    We need a couple guys with richard’s hitting mentality on our team!!! I see all these non ranger guys delivering these HUGE hits (even if they are borderline clean) and I see atleast a half a dozen rangers in position to deliver those hits every game, yet NEVER do! This team does not have that physical aggressive mentality at all, and it really hurts them!

    I’ll say this about higgins, atleast he was man enough to answer all the questions after the game. I like dubi, but he really seems to be a little pouty kid at times!!

    Avery needs that other A.

  27. What The Heck-Don’t have any clips of him offensively.

    Here’s his stats:

    He has a good wrist shot and is a fast skater as per Hockey’s Future.

    Rangers have a crease clearer in their system; Michael Sauer, but he’s not a Torts guy and will probably get packaged which is sad. He’s a traditional stay-at-home guy. Torts has to stop eating the Clam Chowda, swallow his pride, and give this kid a real chance.

  28. don’t know if anyone posted this yet, but nothing is being done to Richards by the league for his hit on Booth. thoughts?

  29. ….Jim, watching Dave Silk handling the puck is like a cow trying to handle a gun…lol…Jim, I’ve seen Bobby Clarke start a lot of fights but I haven’t seen him finish one yet!!!…you were the BEST Bill!! real Ranger fans will never forget!!!

  30. mike A

    I could be wrong here, but sauer is big and can play physical, but I just don’t see that EDGE to his game we really need back there. Crease clearing ability/style he just reminds me of a bigger version of girardi! Juast an opinion though and I have only seen him the few time he was with the rangers!

  31. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    Agreed on Staal!!! He should be trying to be a shutdown, stay at home beast… not a Gilroy/Del Zotto offensive d-man. We already have two guys like that… their names are Gilroy and Del Zotto.

  32. The last d man I saw in our system with the mentality we need on the blueline was denisov, but he’s gone.

  33. riche

    yep, he can be good offencively, but we don’t need him to be right now, he just needs to work on honing his defencive and hitting skills!

  34. sorry, forgot my manners

    Good morning/afternoon all and have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!!

  35. Id like to strangle Colin Campbell and blame it on Chris Simon.

    Id take anyone over Brash*t. Soryal, Byers, Voros. I just hate the guys guts, and he’s so ugly he makes the Rangers jersey look horrific.

    And ill give Higgins some credit, for manning up, and answering questions. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s still useless. It’s pretty pathetic that Dubi didn’t have the balls to answer some questions, after TR’s story, you really have to look at him in a whole different way. But i can care less how these guys act off the ice, as long as they bring their A-game on the ice. Dubi’s had a lucky start to his career, playing with guys like Jagr, and now Gaborik. He still needs to prove that he can be a good player on his own.

  36. From Zips still free blog:

    Sunday school….
    12:12 PM By Steve Zipay

    Today’s practice was scheduled for noon, but in the wake of the 5-4 OT loss that was dotted with breakdowns, coach John Tortorella called for a meeting at 1:30, so the players won’t be on the ice until 2:15.

    Phoenix, with ex-Rangers Petr Prucha and Lauri Korpikoski, rolls into MSG tomorrow night, and one question is whether Henrik Lundqvist’s right foot will be healed enough to practice. It was jammed into the right post as the net dislodged on the goal that made it 3-2 int he second period last night. He said it was painful for five or ten minutes, and “real stiff” after the game.

    After tomorrow, the Rangers play five of six on the road….

    Back later….

    here’s hoping Hanks ‘lower body issue’ is not fractured or broken. If its not, but still buggin him, i wouldnt be surprised if he didnt play vs Yotes or Isles.

  37. It just makes me sick we traded simon, in 65 games with the rangers he had 14 goals (four effing teen) 9 assists and 225 PIMs!!!!!!!!!!! He scored more goals in 65 games than orr and brash combined since the lock out (just guessing). And he was easily one of the to 3 fighters in the league!!! Like to see someone run hank with him still around!! Oh, and a pretty decent skater for a guy that size, far better tahn orr or brash!

  38. orr- i disagree about duby. hes good to go. he got benched last night because he pissed everyone off with his holdout and torts is gettin him back for it. it should be expected. he wants to be a big timer and all that, and call the shots, get his money before he does anything really, then hes gonna get benched for doing stupid crap. as bad as dru, higgins (who doesnt deserve a benchin now just because his confidence is already shot and it would make him play even worse probably), and staal, who did deserve to be benched, but wasnt, duby was the one that turned the game around for the habs. and he hasnt been producing like he should for a 1st line center. kotalik has more goals playing 3rd line. i say either figure where duby is gonna fit on teh team, cuz hes not a top 3 player, but hes still one of the best forecheckers and energy guys on teh team. hes got good size and strength. look at the first few games. the thing is, he should be producing way more with gabby on his line. and hes not. so, u let him play with cally and avery. they could be a good checking line. the problem with that, is dru is not a top 1-2 center either. prospal is the closest we got. we could use a better center for teh 1st line and a gigantor the space age robot bangin d man. duby was punished for his antics before the season started. he wanted to be the man, and he hasnt produced like he should and caused the momentum changing goal for the habs last night. ohh and orr, let me whisper something to you to make you feel better-“camshafts”(in fox soothing voice). either way, duby shouldnt be traded. hes a good 2nd line center. get higgins and rozy or girardi off tehteam pronto. why am i always saying teh? its the!!

  39. Grabachev

    Good to hear from you bro. Yep, slatipuss made a huge mistake in that vet purge when he traded simon! Speaking of trades, i agree with you on rozy, girardi, higgins (i’d add lisin and maybe even AA, for the right dman, to that group). Love the transformers 2 line, great flick.

  40. 909

    we are getting, don’t have it yet, but will soon and we would be down!!! Does it cost for online play?

  41. no way wick. AA is gonna be great bro. hes got teh size and skill to be a top 6 player for us. he is definitely gonna be great with grachev(who shouldnt be called up yet, as he has just 1 goal in the ahl) in the future. higgins sucks. idk but it seems so many players just cant make it in ny. is it the pressure? no. he did fine in montreal. is it the lifestyle? mabe. is it the coach? no. torts has given him every chance except last night. dru played ok, but still doesnt score. duby is never gonna be anything more than a 20 goal guy. only reason were in 2nd in the division is gabby. and even he sucks at backchecking. torts has to not lose this team so early like renny did. sometimes he can be stubborn but duby shouldve been playing in teh 3rd. hes one of the few who can start and establish a forecheck besides dumping and changing. its really not such a big deal now, but soon this fast start will be over and we’ll be fighting for 8th yet again. we really need a win at home tommorow. phoenix has let in only 17 goals compared to 31 for us. we gotta win tommorow or were really gonna be in bad shape heading out on the road trip

  42. gotta do some work. be back tonight wick. gotta check on my “grabbys grunts team” lol. im up 10-0 on muddy pucks. i see youre doin great too!! :)

  43. Grabachev

    Yes, I agree about AA, but if we could get a stud physical d man for him…I’d probably say do it, but if not he is definitely a keeper!


    good link. I think avery should be on the first line right now with gabby and prospal. Think how much room gabby would get because half the guys on the ice from the other team would be pissed at avery about something (if torts would give him a little freedom). gabby would score 60 goals with that space. Lisin is not that impressive to me, he isn’t horrible by any means, but to me any speed/offencive ability he has doesn’t offset his defencive play or play away from the puck (or lack there of). Another rico fata!

  44. wicky, it does cost money but if you pay for a full year its less than 5 dollars a month. Nasty, if you want to play a little before the yankee game starts, i’m down. I gotta go shopping for a little bit now.

  45. Balcony…I’m with you. Hank needs a Big Whistle (RIP man….I started with you, too, in the 70s/80s….) Carp, I’m glad you posted a long piece on him….we had a way shorter version in paper today.

    wicky, I voted a long time ago to give Aves that A.

    ORR…what the Byfuglien!! The Mouth doesn’t even have your (typed) mouth….

    Last night….heartbreaking.

  46. Greg set up a league for 360. so if you tell him your gamertag, he’s the one that knows how to invite people to that stuff.

  47. Oh heavens….Jay, ignore this, but here is my man (not Aves, not hockey…you figure it out if you’ve gotten to know me). I don’t know who did this and it’s gotten shockingly few hits, but I’ve bookmarked it. Sorry. Slow day, just had to share. Whee! Let’s get down…

  48. Hi Guys.. Torts wants to hope he gets his message across this time. If not it won’t be any picnic Monday night, against a real hard nosed, blue collar Phoenix team. They have been playing well, and have been giving any team they’ve met thus far, as much or more than they can handle, including Crosby and crowd. They will certainly be another big test for Torts safe is death system. A system I really think he needs to rethink. Ya just can’t have it both ways. A high pressure game like that can only work with few turn overs. We all have seen how this outfit is prone to turning the puck over offensively, defence, neutral zone. He may be a while filling those holes. I guess you gotta have faith.

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Roadrunner Vs the Coyote" ...says Greg L. on

    Gaborik couldn’t lift the stick good enough on Calamari (sounds like squid) winning goal. Gaborik kinda cost us the game there.

    Ill be on in 2 hours to play league ,so If Nasty1 or Ranger909 want’s to fire up the season…Im Chicago.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Roadrunner Vs the Coyote" ...says Greg L. on

    Didn’t Simon go animal on holloweg and smashed his face with a cross check? I loved Simon when he was here. He can score ,he played alot with Bondra back in the day and he always could score ,hit and fight. Chris Simon was a awsome Ranger.

  51. Gaborik was guilty of leaving his check more than once last night. The defenceman Gilroy I think it was didn’t play Calamari well, but it was Gaborik that didn’t finish. He just let him go. As good as Gabby is he sometimes only half asses his checks.

  52. Ilb2001 October 25th, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    Malhotra is killing the Flyers. 2 goals.
    and Otrmeyer with the last goal. The announcers were saying that Orts was the best guy on the ice. I didn’t see it, but I definitely heard it.

  53. I grew up with Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick broadcasting the Ranger games. In essence, they were my introduction to hockey and the NHL, particularly to the Rangers. While the two of them were at times cliche’d, they were very entertaining and provided interesting insights into the game. How else would I have known that John D’Amico was “the strongest linesman in the League”. :-)

    Memories are good ones from a time past, before the days of “the NHL on Versus”. Thanks, Bill; I am sure many others share this same experience.

  54. So all this talk about simon got me thinking about the 2004 team and started chuckling to myself about a couple of the brawls they had (and dale purinton, not much of a skater but hell of a teammate and you DIDN’T run the goalie when he was on the ice for sure). WI think it was valentines day when we had that fight filled game with the flyers and nedved jumps into the pile and then comes flying back out like 10 seconds later cracks me up!!! The other one is like a week later when the rangers and isles go at it and barnaby starts fighting asham and then the crowd gathers, best part is hamrlik gets pushe d by simon and turns to start something then sees its simon and just melts into the crowd, somon goes on to throw with somwone else….simon was awesome!!!! here’s the link:

  55. Chadwick and Jim Gordon were part of my adolescense, too. They were a great team. Chadwick’s enthusiasm for the game helped us to be interested in hockey. I believe that we watch sports because of the announcers more than the sport itself….in some cases.
    I think I first heard the phrase, “dent the twine” from Chadwick. I can’t really think of other sayings he had, but I know there were some. And who can ever forget Jim Gordon’s:
    “3 on 2, possible.” Anyway, Chadwick was awesome.

  56. Although a die hard Islander fan I loved the Rangers too. I’m one of those few fans who love ALL NY teams.
    During the NY Islander’s best years from 1980-1984 I would like to quote something the big whistle said on his cable TV show broadcast from Hauppauge Long Island. I was present in the studio audience and Bill Chadwick said the following which made all of our jaws drop, “I think that this NY Islander team of Trottier, Bossy, Giles, Potvin, and Smith is by far the greatest hockey team of all time”.
    Sorry Ranger fans who hate the Isles but I heard it and it is true. Thanks Bill for always telling it like it is even when it’s not going to be popular.
    God Bless the Big Whistle!

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