The Rangers will go with the same lineup tonight, which means Brashear is scratched due to soreness, not Prucha’d (healthy scratch).

Expect mucho line-juggling after the two straight losses, and the struggles of the second-liners, Drury, Callahan and Higgins (although the captain somehow escapes being singled out by the coach).

I think Drury-Kotalik, which apparently will be one of the starting groups with Avery, is interesting. And Callahan and Dubinsky together could cause problems.

I also expect Gomez to show up big-time tonight. Like he did against the Devils. Especially since he was salary-dumped.

Nothing new at Yankee Stadium. It’s raining. They’re waiting to decide on the game. I’m sitting here.


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  1. Someone needs to put Gomez through the glass tonight!!! But, no one on the team would do that LOL

    Brashear = Soft

  2. Brasheep = 2.8 million dollars worth of quilted northern for riche to clean his malkin after droppin crosbys off at the pool. WHAT A WASTE!!!!!!!! Wonder if he took out his AARP card to get some BenGay for his soreness… sheesh

  3. did you have black jack tacos?

    i have a funny nickname for Brashear, but now that I think about it, it’s a lot like me…NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT. damnit.

  4. weather radar doesnt look too good for the Yankee game, but if MLB and the Yanks want to play the game they will, even they delay the start 3 hours. Looks like your in for a long night Carp

  5. So no more cursing on this blog? Are we worried the blog will crush?
    FFFISHSTICK that!! Just kidding, I’m all for it, it was getting out of control yesterday.

  6. ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!

    poor Rick, in for another long night of cold and spine tingling excitement of baseball in bad weather.

    one other thing, when did people in this country get some damned sensitive? No Rick, I’m not talkin about the no cursing in the blog, and I’m not talking about anyone here at all, its just a general statement.. I grew up in Brooklyn in the, well we won’t go there, and we all called each other every rank out there, i was called every ‘derogatory’ word for Italian you can think of. Now people cry over being called a word. People need thicker skins and a lil sense of humor.

  7. If the rangers win tonight I can hear the Hab fans crying that Gomez stinks. Hopefully the rangers win.

  8. rangers better win. i got my good luck charm with me here tonight. everytime my lil girl watches with me, we win. so have no fear you muckin malkins!!!

  9. i do find it odd that torts hasnt called dru out either carp. hes the captain and has as many goals as cally, avery, lisin. del zotto has 2 more goals than dru and hes a d man!1 even girardi has more goals

  10. I can see me whining about Rossival since I do that every game win or lose but I’ve never complained about Drury.

  11. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Hey Grabs and Linda.

    I’m going to be at HS tonight for sure. Havent been posting in a while. Not to worry though, I’m still here, swedish and fabulous.

    Anybody else feel like this is an important win?

  12. Carp- now that the Yankee game has been postponed pick any object in this room and i’ll lift it over my head!

  13. Ohhhhh, ohhh, Brash*t is suuuch a better hockey player than Orrrr.

    Yeah, tell me that when he actually manages to PLAY A GAME.

    This is what Slats does with his money, signs “heavyweight champs” who get knocked the fugg out, and are nearly 40.

    Unreal. This is just an excuse to avoid LaCrackhead. He doesn’t want to get pounded by LaCrackhead.

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    October 24th, 2009 at 6:13 pm
    what if drury scores 2 goals and rozy crosschecks gomez into his own bench and injures him for the vseason??

    You have half of it, maybe even half and a backwards half.

    If Drury scores 2 goals (and they win 3-2 or something like that) and *GOMEZ* checks Rozi into the bench and injures *ROZI* for the rest of the season then I’ll cheer.

  15. Speaking of bad or not so bad words… Today in Chem. lab we were doing some experiments that if done correctly certain substance should form a clot (key word). One kid in my class didn’t do it right …so the teacher asked him “what do you look for in this test to make sure you did it right?” he couldn’t answer and was getting frustrated… the teacher said “It’s simple… we’re looking for a four letter word here that starts with C and ends with T”
    I barely held myself back on that one…

  16. Gomez needs to be contained. Rangers need to bring their A-Game. pure and simple. this is the first “sorta” must win of the season. It’d be nice if they came up big.

  17. Linda, have I told you lately that I love you :)

    Muck Fontreal! That’s a good one!

    Props to Carp for his Survivor-like assignment, and still blogfathering.

    Alex T…I do. For the team’s mental state if nothing else.

  18. >>Anybody else feel like this is an important win?

    VIP win for sure.
    Gotta get down to basics.

    This game will show what Torts is worth as a coach. Win or lose.

  19. swedish and fabulous! love it alex.

    yea, and why exactly hasn’t captain excellent been called to the carpet? why does torts call out cally and girardi, and on and on, but not drury. Oh, it it because he’s a vet and being called out doesnt work on guys making 7 million a year? Take the C away from him and put him on the 3rd line where he belongs.

    I hate seeing him glide from spot to spot on the ice. He’s got no ooomph. Never looks happy, always looks constipated. Being Captain of the New York Rangers is too big for him. Would I be complaining about him if he wasnt making 7 or 8 million dollars this year? As the captain, yea, i’d still be complaining.

    It’d be nice to see some face off wins tonight, some smart play in the neutral zone, and guys stickin up for Hank.

  20. damn ive gotta drop a crosby. luckily ive got ultra rozy soft malkin paper so i dont hurt my hemsky-roids. damn i think i got a stomach voros. or even kasparaitis disease. muck me!!! ive got a brian butt boyle!!! ouch!! it mustve been the tortarella i ate earlier. ehh, damnit, my dingle- drurys are itchy.

  21. Grabby, ewwwww. even in that lingo, TMI dude.!

    Carp, Linda seems to have some emotions about the captain…perhaps worth a separate post or have we driven that chat to the boards enuf here?

  22. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on


    I’ve been saying it all along. I simply do not get the whole Brashear is better than Orr argument. They are both awful players. Why do you need these players in a hockey team? They dont “protect” top players, they dont make any good plays and they are simply not useful in any particular situation… I mean, i get the whole “grachev needs big minutes to evolve”-thing, but is that enough of an argument to keep a horrible hockey player on a team, and the better one off the team. I dont get it. In europe, we’ve always tried to keep four lines who can produce, maybe one line that is more defencive-minded, but they have to contribute offensively… I will never understand how the Brashears of the world have ice-time in the modern NHL.

  23. *Expect mucho line-juggling after the two straight losses, and the struggles of the second-liners, Drury, Callahan and Higgins (although the captain somehow escapes being singled out by the coach).*


    “somehow escapes being singled out by the coach”??? Here’s a clue- Coach Lunatic’s boss, Senile Slats, gave Captain Clutch $35 million Dolan Dollars and a full no-movement clause! Mystery solved! Ha-Ha! And they call you a reporter! Ha-Ha!

    Carpin’ Clutch, Captain Clutch guesses you probably never played hockey! If you DID, you would KNOW that Captain Clutch brings the little things, some other things, a few medium-sized things, all things considered, and things that make you go hmmmmm! You’re probably focused on silly numbers and nonsensical facts! Like Captain Clutch’s 2 goals! Or Captain Clutch’s 49.4% faceoff win percentage! Or Captain Clutch’s -10 plus/minus rating as a Ranger! You’re letting irrelevant numbers get in the way of what REALLY matters! Like CLUTCHNESS! Intangibles! Heart! Winner-ness! Mouthpiece chewability! Take all that away and we’re 0-10 right now! Try and measure those with your fancy numbers!

    Uh-Oh, look at the time! Captain Clutch skipped pre-game warmups like I skip optional practices! But don’t worry Rangers fans, Captain Clutch will have the boys fired up for tonight! Gonna show them a YouTube clip of Captain Clutch’s 7.7 goal from Buffalo on a loop til gametime!!!

  24. I never thought I’d see the words “Gomez must be contained”. Thanks for that James. Guy never had to be contained as a Ranger, that’s for sure. Alternate Captain Turnover, aka Pillsbury.

    Mako, CCCP, Rick and Sally, I sent you a lil photo of someone I know ya miss….

  25. chris drury- ur too muckin funny dude!!! i was wondering why my dingle-drury’s were acting up!! it was in anticipation of that clutch post!!

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Will you be playing with your twit during the game and posting tweet updates?

  27. holy carp, the better win tonight!! I can’t imagine some of the stuff you guys’ll come up with if they are playin lackluster. Remember, the game is already 2-0 Habs

  28. Chris' need to go on

    2 assists for Higgins in 9 games, so what does the coaching staff do? Move him up to second line. Pathetic.

  29. Goodnight Staal and all….off to watch to game, and am chatting with a friend who is having a way cool night at Pala in San Diego. (www.palacasino.com). I’ve been there. Wish I were there now…LGR!

  30. Chris’ need to go
    October 24th, 2009 at 6:50 pm
    2 assists for Higgins in 9 games, so what does the coaching staff do? Move him up to second line. Pathetic.

    disturbing. maybe the kid gloves extend to him because he does everything else so well? i was serious the other day when I said maybe he needs a game off, to watch from upstairs and just get a different look at things.

  31. *Chris,
    Will you be playing with your twit during the game and posting tweet updates?*


    Chris????? It’s Captain Clutch to you!!!

    No tweeting during games!!! It’s too important! The games are for focusing…on how hard Captain Clutch is gonna party and celebrate United Nations Day after the game is over! Ha-Ha!

    Captain Clutch will leave you with this though!


  32. Come on, suck habs suck! Suck habs suck!

    It’s the Habs! they’ve gone from suck to blow!!!

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2 losses in a row , time for re-Hab" ...says Greg L. on

    Puck trucking fudge , I sure hope we spank these french fries!!!!


    GAMETIME is NOW!!!!!!!!!

  34. Chris' need to go on

    I agree Linda,

    His point totals deserve a benching. The one thing I’ve noticed is when he is on a line, the line that he is not on scores. You can have all sorts of combos with him, but he just does not play well. He gives up the puck frequently and is never in a good scoring area. In my opinion, he is playing much worse than Drury.

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2 losses in a row , time for re-Hab" ...says Greg L. on


  36. Chris Drury
    October 24th, 2009 at 7:01 pm
    damn you to long island chris drury
    flashes no-movement clause at Linda **



  37. *damn you to long island chris drury*


    /flashes no-movement clause at Linda again

  38. Doodie machetto on

    Giannone just said that gomez had “two less than productive seasons in new York.”


  39. I’m out baby! Well, I will be shortly. Still have to write two stories. But the game is postponed.

    James (G), be careful. It might be bolted down.

    There is one acceptable word that starts with F and ends in CK … Firetruck.

    Those Firetrucking Habs …!

  40. Chris' need to go on

    Why are we listening to why Christopher Higgins loves Montreal so much? I dont care about that! You’re playing in NY, put your glory days behind you and play or get out

  41. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    It’s go time.

    There is one acceptable word that starts with F and ends in CK … Firetruck. Also Fiddlestick.

  42. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    And FLICK. Which, if you put the L and I close together, you might get the desired effect.

  43. I hate when Sam isn’t here. I’d rather listen to the game in French. You get that amped up dude going “shavu madee pour vanage mon’ami de Gaborik bon fwaa de gooooooooooooal!!”

  44. Flapjack?

    They just showed a billboard featuring Habs players with the slogan “Je suis Markov/Cammalleri/Gomez” etc. At first glance, I thought it said “Jesus” – “Jesus, Gomez!” being a common thing to shout over the last two years and all…

  45. Oh good a Slovak goalie, hopefully he makes a Crosby in his pants with Gaborik on the ice.

  46. *NIce un-Clutch pick up of the trailer.*


    Uhhh…let’s keep that between me and you! Remember, Rangers fans who actually played hockey know Captain Clutch is defensively sound and responsible!

  47. they just said 4 coming abreast…that’s just funny to hear in a hockey game.

    wow, where are their spaldings tonight. they don’t look ready

  48. Linda, JoeMich said that because Drury bumped into a guy in the neutral zone that slowed him down so much that it created a 3 on 2.

  49. what happened to this team? do they even care? they look worse than ever right now. torts needs to start benchin people. this is unwatchable. its not even against a big tough team!!! theyre midgets!!! holy carp

  50. Maybe Staal should play on the right, Girardi on the left. They seem to have difficulty with the huge blind spot covering the 30 feet of ice between them right now.

  51. “Jesus Gomez”, for a short moment there, I thought Gomez had adopted a Mexican first first name.

  52. NYR1994, they are mesmerized by Mara’s beard. It has a power over them. That and Gomezdaclowns crosbyeatin grin

  53. Doodie- a crease clearing dman has been on most people’s wish lists since 2000. nothing new under the Sather regime.

  54. For the love of God! Most of these guys played with Gomez. He is stopable! I’l like to see Dubinsky step up on him!

  55. i’d like to see dubinsky step ON him. Maybe Voros’ll fight him lmao. its one of those games where we’ll have to entertain each other boys

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2 losses in a row , time for re-Hab" ...says Greg L. on


  57. Wow, what a great shot from a bad angle by Artie!

    Now if only we can get away from the boards when we are in their zone.

  58. Ok much better the past few shifts. The Montreal D is not tough (The Beard non-withstanding), especially after they lost Komisarek and their best puck mover is out. Build up pressure and wear them out.

  59. That last shift was finally a bit better… Avery and Gaborik, interesting combo to have out at the same time

  60. Maybe that #91 really is Jesus Gómez. He just carried the puck over the blueline without immediately turning it over. Can’t be Scott Gomez.

  61. Alex T – yeah, he’s been trying to be a showman the past few games and it’s not working for him

  62. Kotalikkkkkk and in the words of the great Gary Thorne “and mister MO mentum is on the Rangers side!”


  64. Great keep-in by Girardi, excellent pass by Avery, perfect shot by Ales… Much better play now

  65. whoever just said now if we can just get away from the boards in the zone, this is why you put the puck on the boards, to get a goal out of it, the way they just did, great cycling and hard work, girardi makes a SICK play on that puck in the air too, 2-1 good guys

  66. I love how Kotalik always points to the guy who set him up & makes it all about their pass. Awesome! Good job Glenn.

  67. Sean Avery has to score 2 goals in a game for the Rangers to be credited with 1. So if Avery scores 1, the Rangers do not get credit for it.

    There are no penalties for anything done to Sean Avery. Sean Avery shall be penalized for penalties committed against him.

    For penalties committed by Sean Avery, he will receive double the amount of time as the rules for everyone else permit. (High Sticking with blood = 8 minutes)

  68. The last rule change. If Sean Avery puts on a Bruins uniform as a member of the Boston Bruins, he will be treated like a human being and protected by the referees as goaltenders not named Henrik Lundqvist are.

  69. way to come back and forecheck. thanks to the 4th line to give us some energy. what a pass by aves. i swear, he has some damn good skills

  70. the way kotalik shot that puck is how he should have shot it the other night on that gorgeous give and go with dubi and maybe we win that game, he didnt get much on it the other night… its all good though

  71. I dont think Staal and Girardi are playing that great today, despite the great keep by Girardi

  72. Girardi again with a nice keep-in. Maybe he and Captain Clutch have been playing catch lately? He was in the LLWS, you know…

  73. Ha st0w, I’ve never heard about Drury playing baseball can you please tell me if there’s a special on MSG about that?

  74. Finally starting to look like a hockey team again halfway through that period… Took them long enough

  75. yes!!! damn u guys are like 30 seconds ahead of me. thanks!! well at least gilroy got 1. he deserved it. gabby and prospal with more points. 7g-7a for gabby. if he stays healthy this guy could be up there with ovie and malkin in the points race

  76. Yeah i got my white Gaborik jersey on watching this one, the blue Staal’s luck had run out.

  77. Don Cherry looks like mother nature vomited on him! WOW,his mom better stop dressing him! I don’t know whats worse, the jacket or the hat.

    look at what the 2 swedes do, there’s a fight going on and they’re trying to score. HMMM ISNT THAT THE OBJECT OF THE GAME YOU DUMBASS

  78. According to Mr Cherry, Mike Milbury says when penalty killing, “Don’t give it away”. A motto the great man clearly forgot to put into use whenever another GM made him a trade offer.

  79. (Sitting In An English Garden) Waiting For The Sun on

    Duguay is ridiculous

    we’re really aicking kss so far

  80. I’ll bite on Cherry’s topic about Ovie. I agree wholeheartedly. Campbell has to start getting consistent. I often wonder how he still has his job.

  81. That goal by AA and the hard work of our 4th line really woke this team up. I will say this as well. I know we all had enough of Voros last year, and he really had no business playing on our top 2 lines, but he really really worked his tail off in the off season, and you can really see it on the ice too. He is in MUCH better shape. Just look at him. He lost weight, is quicker to the puck, his balance is much better. I will take him on our fourth line no questions asked if he plays the way he has been playing.

  82. Agreed Nasty. Voros has played hard all season so far, and he looks so much better than he did last season. Even if he still can’t fight, he is playing hard, and giving a nice spark for the team that we need from the fourth line. He is putting his body on the line with hits and going to the net.

    Then again, he probably looks good because we are all focusing on Brashear and Rosi. Even Redden has been better than before (but not up to his contract, naturally).

  83. yes grabby, but i dont do the chat there. dont between the game feed and the festivus blog, i dont want anything else up on the screen to distract me.

  84. Linda – Don Cherry is super-entertaining. I remember watching videotapes of his when I was a kid. Hockey fights, goals, all kinds of things. He’s just absurd in every way, it’s hilarious. I love his “I don’t care what you think of me” attitude, as well as how he just seriously minimizes the other guy who does Coach’s Corner with him.

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2 losses in a row , time for re-Hab" ...says Greg L. on

    Great first period …we played it like our 3rd periods , soooo we have two more 3rd periods comming up!!!!


  86. Matt Gilroy: so good, he can score his first career goal while shooting left-handed and wearing #4, his second tonight shooting right wearing #97 (according to CBC anyway).

  87. lmao st0w. he’s so over the top. i wonder if he has his Maple Leaves cufflinks on tonight with his suit from the Mother Nature puked Collection

  88. just think CCCP, if he worked at Target he’d be an assman, you know what i mean rick… assistant manager.

  89. it sounds like this guy is sayin RETTIN instead of Redden. sheesh next they’ll call him ritalin

  90. hahahahah Linda. I bet he did. Probably had has Leafs tighty-whities on underneath the suit.

    I’m really liking Avery’s play tonight, even more than usual. He’s really grinding and making things happen.

  91. damn, why’d ya have to mention his undies????

    i swear the habs coach looks like Grimace

    eeeeeeeeeeew at the bride kissing the grooms dad!! just eeeeeeeeeeeeew

  92. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner in the Luongo running sweepstakes. Repeat winner (offender) Jason Blake just skated right through the back of his head four minutes into the 2nd period – and got away with it.

  93. The fourt5h line actually looks good with AA and Voros

    I hope Brashear is comfortable in the press box or wherever he is tonight

  94. So Perry Pearn is an asst coach for Les Smurfs, their PP this year: 24th in the NHL (16.2%).

  95. bad turnover dubi

    holy crap if he’s hurt, they’re done..

    that’s not freakin good…torts needs to get some of fankists color on him cuz he looks like casper right now

  96. how bad is staal right now??? talk about momentum changer. does staal have a pair? hes playin like a wuss and duby with a bonehead play. lets go youth!!!

  97. Joe McCarthy's Ghost on


    yeah big time. you?

    I used frequent zippay’s blog but have been checking in here more and more since a buddy turned me on to this site. you are a good bunch.

  98. “Gomez gets into the zone… drives to the net, pass…and nobody’s there”

    Boy did we hear that a lot last season.

  99. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You take your arm off your stick and wrap it around another player and it will be called. He knows that, geez, I hope he slips on ice in Montreal and breaks his leg if he’s gonna keep this up.

  100. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Look for Staal to be benched. Could happen with the way he is playing.

  101. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Grabby, i’m waiting for those 2 goals… he’s got me booin’ his asham so far.

  102. “It didnt even hold him. I hate the new NHL”

    The new NHL? I thought it was the same old NHL. Cheat the Rangers. Miss penalties committed against the Rangers. The refs and commissioner learned their lesson from Jagr’s 54 goal season in the 1st season of the “new NHL”.

    WHAT A SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. NHL network thoroughly pissed me off tonight. Center Ice shows that NHL Net will be airing the game. So i record it. I go to watch it and all i see are the Canuks. such male cow feces. Now i am left to scramble and find a stream to watch. sigh. I hope male cow feces is ok.

  104. great goal Gabby.

    cap’n clutch having another miserable game. but it is not allowed to call him out in the press like the other players. but we can.

  105. Olga Folkyerself on

    The Canadian announcers are a lot better that “Everything is Beautiful” Micheletti.

    Gabby scores! Halak that, Montreal?

  106. I just rewound the play, the entire Rangers bench stood up when Gaborik came in on the breakaway, he needs to charge his teammates admission to the show.

  107. wow, drury needs a game in the press box with brastrap. Is Staal hurt? This isn’t like him, to be going 3 games in a row with suspect play. Do ya think Hank plays the 3rd? I’m just worried that he got hurt there.

  108. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Linda, I’ve seen the last couple games you posted that hockeystreams messed up for you and I think that your connection may not be strong enough for the kbps they broadcast, i haven’t had any problems at all on HD.

  109. Joe M. just said he was surprised by the missed too many men on the ice call. I forgot, Joe M. has not seen many games of the Rangers over the last 3 years, Oh wait… He has only uttered that line once a game at least.

  110. I’m confused. Greg Millen keeps referring to Montreal’s “Big Line”, but all I see is Cammalleri, Gomez and Gionta.

  111. the 4th line looks real good tonight. Boyle, AA, and Voros are working hard

    keep sore-head Brashear in scratchville.

  112. it was going great tonight, then boom…gone. i refreshed, closed out, did everything they tell ya to do. Koala had some issues with them during the past week.I’ll just finish this game on atdhe, i’m sure hockeystreams’ll be fine next game.

  113. I had my battles with hstreams tongiht but after two total restarts in the first it has been fine in the 2nd

  114. WOWWWWWW…. NIIIICE save by Girardi… Some of you guys may not like him, but he’s playing pretty darn well tonight, I have to say.

  115. refs are calling to Toronto

    “Do you guys hate the Rangers?”

    Ppl in Toironto “Hell yes!!”

    Refs “Ok, penalty shot it is!”

  116. Henrik is having his obligatory give up a lot of goals game in MTL, whether it’s his fault or not he tends to get toasted up there.

  117. this will be a loss. sry. we are not winning this. effin pathetic. staal go get ya shinebox. drury, go play baseball. its more your speed

  118. it’s not you CCCP, i’ve noticed that too…. and then they show him with his mouthpiece hanging out. I am really starting to despise him.

  119. I wish Torts would just let him be the great D-man he is instead of trying to turn him into something he isn’t.

  120. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    CCCP… the Chris’ are killing us! Drury seems to be on for every goal against. Higgins is -2 and also the guy in the box when the Canadiens score a third so we’ll call him -3 tonight! Geez.

  121. i thought staal was gonna get better as his career went on. hes lookin worse than rozy lately. is he drunk or what? he needs to be sat and bring up potter. hes been horrible

  122. Ok, honestly Torts need to bench Staal. He really has been playing like complete carp the past few games. Constant giveaways and overall poor performance. MDZ is a freaking rook who probably can’t even grow a beard yet, and he’s way outplaying Staal.

    As usual, a lack of defensive presence is killing the Rangers. Half the time they look like they’re just standing around watching the other team.

  123. I liked Staal better when he was more of a stay-at-home type dman. when he runs around trying to pinch too often he is not as effective at all.

  124. the CENTER is supposed to be like a 3 D man out there & cover the rotating player down low. Drury is to slow a skater & should have been sticking with his man. DAMN YOU MOUTHPIECE !!!!!!!!!!!

  125. It’s so exciting to watch Drury’s defensive prowess. Can we put him on the ice more often so he can look intense while Montreal skates around him? His alleged “grit” may in fact be total confusion. His expression never changes anyway so who knows. At least Higgins is picking up the slack. Ha.

  126. and i already hate drury. ive given this guy chance after chance and the benefit of teh doubt but i actually fereakin hate this guy now. hes not even good defensively anymore. if we didnt get gabby, id almost be mad we got rid of gomez. he is so much better than dru. at leasty he has some offensive skill. compared to dru, gomez is like a jedi knight and dru is c3po

  127. I still think they can win this game, the end of the period helps diffuse some of the Habs momentum. Allow Torts to peel the paint off the wall in the lockerroom. Re-establish some offensive pressure as their D has looked as wobbly as the Rangers.

  128. It’s time for Higgins to go to the 4th and Anisimov to get more ice time.

    R.I.P. Bill Chadwick. Surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention.

  129. I’m so sick of Staal getting burned in the neutral zone I’m getting angry.

    Staal doesn’t have offensive instincts and you can’t teach him that Torts. How many goals does it have to cost us before you pull your head out?

  130. I saw two goalie interference penalties last night. A real weak one favoring Pittsburgh. who would’ve guessed.

  131. Dubi did not see the ice for the penalty kill( he kills penalties), or right after the penalty kill.

  132. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Horrible defensive pressure for 5 straight games. And dont even get me started on Higgins.

  133. Dubi was probably benched because it was his turnover in the neutral zone that lead to the second canadien goal, changed the momentum of the game.

  134. Wow
    I can not tell you how much I loved the Big Whistle Bill Chadwick. I enjoyed him and Jim Gorden so much you would not imagine. Many tears are flowing. Sorry.
    I still have many VHS tapes back in the 70’S and early 80’S of them.

    Very bad news but I bet he lived a very wonderful life.

  135. Yeah I think Dubi was in the doghouse for the giveaway on the 2nd MTL goal.

    So one Rangers PP to three for Les Smurfs, sounds about right for a game up there.

  136. Staal is not what we all hoped he would be(yet), right now he is just a good Dmen, nothing special. Girardi has maxed out, and it is time to sell.

  137. when did The Big Whistle pass away? I LOVED that guy. Him and Jim Gordon were the first guys I heard announce a hockey game.

  138. bull dog line

    true that… but why is dubi the only one that always gets punished? I understand that you cannot bench half the team… but you guys know what i mean.

  139. Devils up 2-0 on Pens, and Isles up 2-0 on Washington. We better win tonight, if no other reason that to not have to listen about the other two teams winning on HNL.

  140. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on


    No, it did not. Rangers are playing horribly in their own zone. Prospals penalty just got the score where it probably should’ve been anyway. Too much soft collapsing and no pressure on the boards.

  141. While I’m not against benching Dubinsky, at least let Anisimov spend more time on the ice instead of Drury non-stop. Whatever dumb thing Dubinsky did is no worse than Drury’s many major errors.

  142. if this becomes the regular rountine for the defense expect a move before Christmas. Otherwise Torts may commit murder

  143. Milbury speaks nothing but junk, but if he says something like “Would you trade Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha to me for Roberto Luongo and Olli Jokinen?”, I’m definitely listening.

  144. thanks CCCP, you are a life saver!!!

    he benched dubi for the turnover, but drury keeps gettin his regular shift. wow. as much as i love torts, its more of the same when it comes to ice time and the big money guys not being accountable, except for the game rozi was benched.

  145. I know that we cannot blame Drury for all the goals against or for all the team losses… But he eats up all these major minutes and he is still ineffective

  146. wow, another penalty. torts must be besides himself with disgust. you know exactly what he’s thinking by just lookin at his face. OMG, is there a device out there that can remove the sight of drury from my computer???????

  147. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How is that a trip if the guy doesn’t fall down?! Even the announcers on Hockey Night Live Canada said its a terrible call!

  148. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Finally refs got something right, grabs the stick and then tries to fake a trip/hook i don’t even know. Avery should give him more lessons.

  149. ya know JBytes, it might be the first one in a long time i’ve seen.

    You’re my hero tonight CCCP

  150. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    That pass was so clutch, mark that time on your DVR’s and rewatch it after you watch the LLWS hilights

  151. You know what I dont get. WHY WHY WHY Torts benches Dubinsky for 1 ONE stupid give away and he’s benched. YET MOUTHPIECE HAS NEVER BEEN BENCHED FOR BEING ON THE ICE FOR 3 GOALS!!!!!!!!

  152. I have noticed that thee are a lot of Canadiens on their butts this period.
    It makes me happy.

  153. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    CCCP they boo him because he spoke negatively of Canadians after the Blake incident 2 years ago.

  154. Oh come on, Torterella! Why bench Higgins and keep playing Gaborik? They both were coasting back on that fourth goal.

  155. Seriously, if Torts thinks giving Voros and Boyle ice time over Dubi is going the help the team win that’s pretty asinine.

  156. maybe we need to have our clutch replaced!!!!!!

    lmao @ longer in warmer climates, the dude is in a tanning bed half the day!

  157. I may be gettting ahead of myself but i’m calling that drury scores vs the isles. Its the only team he scores against. that and that european team whose name i cant spell.

  158. lol LW3H good point.

    Dubi and Higgins looked upset… they should go home together tonight and cry on each other shoulder.

  159. A lot of bad passes to nobody tonight, especially this period. Maybe they’re tired? Maybe it’s because they’re playing only 3 lines for half the game?

  160. What an awful giveaway by Prospal. Sometimes I wonder why so many of us care about the team so much when the players don’t seem to so much of the time.

  161. Joe McCarthy's Ghost on

    looks like OT. i would like to a shootout. let’s see what gabs and kots can do

  162. You would think there were bonus’ given out for dropped pucks and giveaways. Maybe a deal with customs?

  163. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    LW3H, he had played in Canada many times after that comment with minor (if any) boo’s and only in Montreal (French Canadien central). This is the comment that made all of Canada hate him and it was the first game after the blake incident:

    “I don’t enjoy hockey-obsessed Canadians,” he told New York reporters. “The [U.S.-Canadian dollar] exchange is not very good right now. And it’s going to cost me a lot of money in tickets for people I don’t even like.”

    That Avery would make headlines prior to taking the ice came as no surprise to the Leafs, who were more puzzled about who he was offending.

    “He hates Canadians? Where’s he from?” asked head coach Paul Maurice. “That’s more of a self-hatred thing. I think it’s great for the game, I really do. If it keeps the attention off the Leafs, that’s all right.”

  164. I wouldnt trade dubi for prucha. I’d give em Rosi. I’d also give em drury and higgins. Heck they could take all 3 for prucha if they want.

  165. No excuse for that goal going in. Hank had a clear view of it. Pitiful game boys. Give up a two goal lead twice. Barf.

  166. thank u rangers for sucking so mu ckin hard yet again. torts, renny, drury, nedved, hank, cloutier, it never ends!!!!!! why do we wsuck so bad!!!!????

  167. Ranger stickchecks on

    Love all the stick checks on that last rush, great job boys what are we playing roller hockey?

  168. Nobody took the body on him. Slack D from all over the ice and bad penalties are now killing the team.

  169. Jeff Beukeboom, both my hands AND my feet and all my cats paws are up in the air… my fiancee is wondering what the hell is going on, as he looks up from his ever so interesting physics homework…

    what a cavalcade of crap that was.

  170. that’s bs benching Dubi who made a glaring error, but has been playing very well most of the season, but never benching that piece of crap Dreary, who seems to be bullet proof as far as Ranger mgmt is concerned

    it is pathetic. I want Dreary gone.

  171. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The goal ripped off one of the pipes, i’m not sure how you guys are saying its a bad goal. I want hank to save it, but it was a very good, if not Perfect shot.

    October 24th, 2009 at 9:50 pm
    Can we blame Drury for that one?
    Ummm, who else would we blame?

  172. Unreal. blow another 2 goal lead with Redden and company watching the best offensive player on their team walk into the zone and pick his spot. 3 game losing streak…about that smoke and mirrors that this blueline WASN’T using?

  173. its not even that we played a good game. w sucked in all aspects. if we had faced a good goalie we wouldve been shutyout. maybe 1 goal by gabby, but wtf??? everyone blew. hank suced too. i dont care how many nice saves he makes, he is so inconsistent. with no help from the manginas on defense. where was our offense in the 3rd? 2 shots? 3???? holy crap they need to do something if kotalik is our 2nd best scorer

  174. torts needs to teach these guys how to freakin HIT SOMEONE!!!!!! same complaint now for a freakin week and a half, noone throws the body.

  175. Yeah and Henrik looked bad on that one and he was in a butterfly on the 5 on 3 goal too.

  176. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Absolutely awful. Noone played up to their standards. Hank was absolutely not to blame for that goal, it was a perfect shot from the slot by their best sniper.

    If this is the defense that we can expect, then the winning streak was nothing but a fluke. Montreal is not that good, and did not play that good either. Rangers – collectively – lost this game.

  177. see the replay of that first goal. Drury JUMPED out of the way to get the Canadian player by WTF!>!>?>!>!

  178. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Grabby, I know you’re upset, but you cant go calling these goals soft. Stop it. Hank didnt loose this game, and he didnt suck. You know it. Defense sucked, all the way through. Oh, and offense too.

  179. This hurts to say, but I think the Dman the Rangers should go after is Witt on the Isles. Big, physical, and mean. Definitely need another center.

  180. hey guys we gota point!!!!! yea!!! rennys ghost is with us!! idk but i dont se anything better from torts than i did renny. clearly, his decision to b3nch our number 1 center bit him in the ass. at least duby can forecheck. this has to be one of torts worst coached games. he told them to sit back in the 3rd. he played scared in the 3rd. what did we have 2 shots on net??? gabby will not save this team. and benchin duby for that play was opk for the 2nd period, but why dont u bench drury/ or staal??? torts is more of the same. more goals, more goals against. same muckin crap. but, at least they remembered theyre jedi training from renny. they got the 1 poiint that will not mess with drurys 10 year anniversary of his hystirectomy

  181. Here’s some things we learned from tonight’s game

    Higgins is not a good player. He is never going to be anything but a third/fourth liner. Takes stupid penalties all the time and never finishes. Totally ineffective. A waste.

    Enver Lisin is not a good player. He does not deserve first line minutes. He is totally out of place there. He can’t ever finish a play and loses the puck all the time. I don’t care how fast he is. He just isn’t good.

    Torts is his own worst enemy. I understand benching Higgins and Dubi for doing stupid things. I applaud him for that. But once it got to the last half of the third, give Dubi another chance. He’s generally a top player. He would have come out on fire. We had a much better chance of winning the game with Dubi playing instead of Boyle and Voros who also are ineffective and never finish anything.

    Someone has to take the body on that final rush. Fundamentals.

    You can’t beat the Refs on a Saturday night in Montreal. Not only the weak calls like the trip on Del Zotto in the third but the fact that the Habs can do anything an get away with it. Constant interference and one hand on the stick.

    A bad game by everyone on the Rangers including Torts. Let’s hope Hank isn’t hurt from that collision.

  182. That was a tough loss. This really doesn’t look like the same team from a couple of weeks ago. The defence really played poorly, except the rookies. I thought the rookies played pretty good. the players all say they bought into tort’s system, that may be true, but it’s plain to see they don’t understand it. The Canadians had guys loose all night. I think torts should come up with some system to get the puck out their own end. The habs played a good game tonight, but the Rangers had them down and let them back in with dumb penaltys and bad defence. well I guess I’ll go watch the Edmonton Calgary game.

  183. alex- ok, i know our d sucked. our fwds sucked. hank lets in 5 goals. but honestly, they were all caused from bad turnovers or crappy defense. torts had them playin scared in the 3rd. i dont know why but they could barely get any forecheck at all. he doesnt trust his d right now this is what happens when you play a soft team, and dont hit anybody!!!!!! they walk right in and score. montreal outplayed us most of the time. sadly our 4th line was our best. drury needs to go. please sather do something with him. higgins, too.

  184. ya know bull dog, wicky brought up witt, i believe it was last saturday. As much as I am not a fan of his, I’m beginning to think you guys are right. Definitely need a dman who is NOT AFRAID TO HIT!!!!!

    Benchin Dubi for the rest of the game was a horse’s ass move. Torts if you want to make a statement, sit freakin drury PLEASE!! Torts hoodwinked himself with his hissy fit against Dubi. I didnt even realize Higgins wasn’t out there til you guys mentioned it. He’s a non entity.

  185. Higgins is close to being a healthy scratch, he has played that poorly. Grachev has 1 goal, and 3 assists in 9 games, so I don’t know if he is an option right now.
    Keenan used to bench Kovalev a lot, but he would all ways set him free in the 3rd period. Benching Dubi for the entire 3rd period hurt the team. Torts over did the benching.

  186. Not ready to put Torts with Renney yet. Torts will get all there is out of this team. Plus he coaches to win, Renney coached not to lose.

  187. Torts never should have benched Dubi for all that time. You wanna make your point across fine… but that just hurts the team. Same like he did with Avery. Sometimes you made a bad decision… Thick headed stubborn Italian… yep we all are sometimes….

  188. bulldog- duby wouldnt have done anything to stop calamari’s goal. its our scared crosby-less defense. they are all soft. except mara. ohh carp, we dont have him anymore!!!

  189. OT, did anyone see that hit by Tuomo Ruutu on Darcy Tucker the other day? Ruutu gets a three game suspension. Yet Sean Avery hurts the feelings of a hockey groupie, and he is punished for months because Bettman finds that outrageous. What disaster will it take for the NHL to wake up to dirty plays? And the Ruutu brothers are a disgrace.

  190. Unfortunately what I was so afraid in earlier post happened literally – Dwarfs trio cause us biggest troubles, Higgins was not a factor at all, Staal&Girardi were again just dreadful.Goal in OT was direct result of exhausting players(including Gabby)you can’t expect them moving fast enough on 4 on 4,after playing demanding intensive forecheck all game with a 2.5 lines.(so to speak).Torts have to find out how to handle his high octane system with this particular bunch of players without wearing them down in a game.Yes, Dubi made a terrible mistake leading to the goal, but sitting him was much worse – distorting very fabric of all lines,ruining any links, and some chemistry making O and D chaotic.May be I’m in minority, but I do believe last 3 games are Torts to blame. I like the guy and hope he is not too stubborn and can analyze mistakes and do the adjustment.

  191. Didn’t you know the C on Dreary’s jersey stands for ‘clutch’ and not captain? And the ‘A’ on Cally’s jersey is because he ‘alone’ is the only one who actually shows up to play all the time.

    Awful performance, Torts needs to really whip these guys into shape. Hope he lights a fire under them before too long. See you all in a few days!

  192. however this season turns out. Good players are WASTED on this team. If they dont get to a conference final or a Cup final in the next 5 years LQ should ask for a trade and Gaborik talent was completely wasted. Well not that it wasnt in Minn.

    BTW did anyone see that hit on Booth. CRIMIMAL!!!

  193. This is how this team is really supposed to look, defensively. Embarrassing.

    I bet my right nut, Higgins, and Girardi will be packaged for a d-man at the deadline.

    It’s scary how bad this team has looked in the last three games. These idiots let a bunch of fuggin midgets skate around them, without doing a thing. Backing up into their goalie like it’s Freddy Krueger skating towards them.

    I don’t know what’s going on with Staal, but he’s looked like garbage. How can he be so bad with the puck this season, when he was so good last year ??

    Dubi. Some of you may jump down my throat for saying this, but im not impressed with this kid at all. He’s shown me nothing special, he’s pretty much the same as last year. He deserved to get benched. He looked like a moron, not only did he give the puck away, but it led to a goal, and nearly led to Hank getting injured.

    And this game is why Hank’s nickname will forever be Softqvist.

    Ugh, i cant believe how quickly things have changed. Sad. They better get their sh*t together.

  194. Chris' need to go on

    As I said at the beginning of this game, Higgins is the worst player on the ice.

    Now, I’m gonna go ahead and say something that I would say wasn’t possibly after last year.


    That felt good to get it off of my chest.

  195. have a good one st0w.

    burn the tape…great idea about trading higgins for a defenseman, but what caliber of defenseman would we get after the not so spectacular display by higgins so far this season

  196. “Burn the tape October 24th, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    I think Grachev should be called up and Higgins should be dealt for a defenseman.”

    Dont tease me, Higgins has been terrible so far but I guess its ok because we got the better end of that deal 10 fold.

    Drury needs to go, hes on pace for 12 goals this season

  197. McDonagh better be the real deal, and Valitenko a solid d-man, or else we got hosed on that Blowmez deal, besides getting rid of his salary.

    I still think we could have gotten a decent roster player in the deal. Id rather have Lapierre than Higgins.

    Higgins might as well start banging Mrs. Dreary, cause he’s basically Dreary, with less money.

  198. Alex T (Idfalk @ Hockeystreams) on

    Ok Grabs. Im with you on all your points! I just dont think any goalie can win with this defense. It’s been beyond criticism for the last five games.

  199. Dubinski’s game is not, nor has it ever been offensive. What he is, is a solid forechecking center, who will chip in some goals along the way, and finish every check. He manages to make a difference in every game he plays in, whether he scores or not.

  200. your right orr.

    Whats more stupid right now? The Canadiens getting tons of fresh canadiens to play for them just because or the Rangers having two shitty tri-state area players on the team seemingly just because

  201. I don’t know the story too well orr, but didnt you already lose one of your nuts in a bet already?

  202. Higgins might as well start banging Mrs. Dreary, cause he’s basically Dreary, with less money.


    i think he’s a bit taller too. anyway, with their scruffy beards and glassy eyed 1000 yard stares, they both look like winos. Sure Torts, overmanage and lose another game.

    If Drury is so mealy mouthed and really is not the vocal leader of this team, Cally needs to stand up in the lockerroom and say something.

    How was the post game show? Any juicy tidbits by Torts?

  203. SHOR

    That last goal, to me was a typical Hank goal. Soft. That’s my opinion.


    He deserved it. Dubi isn’t Crybaby, or Ovechcant. This kid tries to be fancy, and he causes, a goal, and nearly kills the most important part of this team. For that, he shouldn’t even play in the next game.

  204. Orr,
    You were right on about Kotalik being a waste, so who’s to argue with you about Dubinski.

  205. you ugly, you ugly, yo mama said you ugly..

    that pretty much sums up this team for the past 10 days

  206. Torts is on now…

    ‘Higgy is a guy we have been patient with.. the back check on the ice… if you arent on the ice helping us then you are going to lose ice time. There has to be consequence to this. We are going to give the ice time to the guys who put the effort in”

  207. BULL

    Yeah, and who should argue with you aboot your boy Brash*t, who is Rocky in one arm, and Apollo Creed in the other. Fighting champ of the wooooorld, greatest fighting hockey player to liiiiiive !! Don’t act like i was the only one. Pretty much everyone here said he was a waste.

    I admitted i was surprised. And happy. I already said, i thought Higgins would have the start Kotalik is having, and Kotalik would have Higgins start.

  208. The first couple of games Brashear looked good. After that, it went downhill for me. His play really slipped. Dump him in Hartford.

  209. Mako,i’d rather dump him in bridgeport!!


  210. Once he beat up Orr’s helmet, he’s looked retarded.

    Voros is way better than Brash*t. He has more heart, and he’s like a puppy when he skates. Id rather see that, then this big doofus skating like the tin man.

    Id much rather have Nicky Z on that 3rd line instead of Higgins. I just wanna throw that out there. Who knows, maybe next season we can dump him, and get Z back for the amount he’s actually worth.

  211. Cmon Torts. Dubi didn’t give effort? I was watching one shift where he made 4 hits and nice pass to the slot for Higgins.

    I think I know why Prospal told him to him to tick it up his buttress that one time.

  212. Orr,
    Please give us more of your hockey knowledge, please tell us more about how bad Lundquist is, and all the soft goals he gives up.
    And you just can’t get over the fact that the 37 year old, over the hill Brashere, kicked your favorite goons, ass.

  213. The 4 idiots did more news about the Douches on Blades competition than what happened in the Rangers game. It wasnt a press conference by Torts. It looked like he was standing outside the locker room. Nope it was only 1 or 2 min by Torts that they showed. THANKS DOLAN!!!!!!!!!!

  214. BULL

    What are you 80, and blind ? You keep saying that, but ever since that game your boyfriend’s been crying aboot body soreness. Ohhh boo-hoooo. I still laugh that you think Brash*t is a better skater than Orr. Lol, they both cant skate.

    Facts are facts, Hank gives up softies. The game winner, was soft. Cant blame him 100% though, cause he probably thought the D would have backed him up, which they didn’t.

  215. ah, so you get the 4 shmegs then? Doesnt Troutface host that with Disco Duguay, CroMagnon Goring and DWI Daneyko?

  216. Torts is shaping a cup contender.

    Gaborik doesn’t play much defense. That line missed Dubi tonight.

  217. Orr, I’d watch it with the betting. You’re gonna eventually have to use them. You gotta be all man if you want the fox

  218. Orr,
    You have a lot of fight in you tonight, that was fun. You are wrong about lundquist, and I like your loyality to Orr.

  219. Come on Orr. That was a Laser over LQ’s glove hand. If that was Gaborik would we be calling the goalie he burnt weak? Probably not.


    Love your pet names for the 4 some. That other guy was… you know… I really wasnt paying much attention if he wasnt. But I have something funny to show / sent you… you can send it to Sally…

  220. I agree with prettysmart! Another vote for the Excalbur for all reasons mentioned. I have a 9-tray with timer & love it! It’s not a cheap option, but I think it was the best investment & I am very happy with it.

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