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From the Rangers:

October 24, 2009 – New York Rangers 4, Montreal Canadiens 5 OT (Game #11, Road #5)

* The Blueshirts were defeated by the Montreal Canadiens, 5-4, in overtime tonight at Bell Centre to fall to 7-3-1 overall, including a 3-1-1 mark on the road.
* The Rangers defense corp registered one goal and four points in the contest; Matt Gilroy notched his second goal of the season, and Michael Del Zotto, Michal Rozsival and Dan Girardi each collected an assist; entering tonight’s action, New York led the league in defensemen goals and ranked third in the NHL in defensemen points.
* Rangers rookie Artem Anisimov responded to an early Montreal goal with an even strength tally at 9:22 of the first period to get New York on the board; the goal was his second of the season.
* Ales Kotalik and Matt Gilroy gave the Rangers a 3-1 lead to close out the first period; Kotalik’s goal extended his point streak to three games (two goals and four points), and Gilroy finished with a game-high five shots.
* Marian Gaborik led the Rangers with two points (one goal and one assist) in the contest to improve his season totals to eight goals and 15 points.
* Sean Avery, Vinny Prospal, Aaron Voros, and Enver Lisin recorded one assist apiece for the Rangers; Prospal entered the contest tied for second in the NHL in assists and eighth in points.
* Rangers Alternate Captain Ryan Callahan registered a game-high six hits in 18:14 of icetime; Callahan currently leads the NHL with 48 hits.
* The Rangers recorded 24 blocked shots in the game, led by Michael Del Zotto (five), Dan Girardi (four) and Wade Redden (four).
* Vinny Prospal registered a game-high 15 faceoff wins (15-30, 50%) and led the Rangers with 24:51 of icetime.
* The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, October 25, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
* The Rangers return to action on Monday, October 26, when they will face-off against the Phoenix Coyotes at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.); the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.


Here are the official game summary and event summary.


More on The Big Whistle tomorrow.

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  1. I’m glad they did 20 minutes on battle of the blades instead of airing more than 30 seconds of the tortorella postgame

    thanks HOCKEY night live.

  2. Just throwing this out there, and not that this has anything to do with tonight or the team’s struggles, but does anyone else think that Derek Morris might have benefited from this system? I know he probably cost too much, but I’d take him over Rozi anyday. Just a random thought, he did score the tying goal tonight by rushing the net.

  3. Linda
    Love your pet names for the 4 some. That other guy was… you know… I really wasnt paying much attention if he wasnt. But I have something funny to show / sent you… you can send it to Sally…
    October 24th, 2009 at 11:02 pm
    Check your email Linda LOL

  4. and hey, look at the bright side, we could be leafs or islander fans…

    and pittsburgh finally lost…

    7-3-1 is still a good start…if the guys cut down on a few mistakes, they take these games away

    agree with tortorella for the benchings…this is what we always wanted with renney…accountability…and now we have it, and now people are complaining about it

    you have it one way or the other…benching or no benching…it may have tired the other players out, but neither team had an edge in the third period, and cammalleri absolutely sniped lundqvist on his weak side (that every team takes advantage of nowadays)…he also walked in untouched

    staal has been terrible, girardi too

    like i said a few days ago, staal isn’t and won’t be a #1 in this league…he has 0 offensive instinct, a below average shot, and now his defensive game is getting bad…he’ll be a #2 or 3, but not 1

  5. Rob

    I dont mind benching. But for the CRIMENY SAKES bench Staal, Girardi, Drury… players who are ON the ice for about 7 of the last 8 goals scored. Dubi made ONE bad gaffe and Torts benches him for the rest of the game when they needed a player who throws his body around. Who else besides Cally hits on this team?

  6. agreed that drury needs to sit

    i think having staal/girardi watch a game from the rafters might help too…just one game

    do you agree with the higgins benching?

    dubi made one bad gaffe, but it was the single bad gaffe that lead to an onslaught of montreal to tie the game at 4-4…higgins too with the careless stick

    also – does anyone agree with gabby’s goal tonight makes highlight reels? i mean, to bring the puck up the way he did, stay onside, and have the composure to make that move…wow

  7. and also –

    strip drury of the c and give it to prospal…that guy knows how to work and produce…he is the hardest working guy on the team

    and slap an a on gaborik

  8. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    A little mis-spelt, but i didn’t have much time to spell check (knew you’d be on my heals if i didn’t submit pronto).

    I agree with both benchings.

    I don’t think that goal is hilight worthy, I doubt on ESPN at least. What I like most about it is that he looks like his final move will be to the backhand but that’s actually his shot, he never flicks his stick in a shooting motion, more of a slide of the forearms.

  9. Mako, thanks for those! Stories like that are just insane.

    Torts needs to let Staal go back to playing HIS game.Let him do what he does best and dont try to force him to be more offensive. By doing that, his defense has become offensive!

  10. Dunno about the Higgins benching. He kid is in a terrible funk and as a coach you have to be careful. We dont know if he is a player or man to bounce back & come back like the hammers of hell OR will he get worse. I dont know. I dont know much about him – but I think a conference call from his bother who is NYPD & his dad (FDNY) for a pep talk might do him some good.

  11. true –

    it’s not even the move that’s highlight worthy…it was the little flick he did to bring the pass behind that was behind him in front of him, all the while staying onsides

    who cares about espn, they don’t know anything about hockey :)

  12. ok guys, have a good one. gotta waste 5 hours of my sunday working at the gym! Have a great Sunday, and, like Drury, dont let this loss ruin your Grenada Thanksgiving!!

  13. according to gross, higgins fielded many questions after the game, but dubinsky failed to answer any

    is dubinsky feeling indignant?

  14. how about Sanguinetti and Higgins to Minn Wild for Brent Burns?

    big, aggressive, good young mobile, skilled dman who can also play wing

  15. From Zip

    “Seemed like they certainly finished better than us,” said Chris Drury, “obviously the winner, a big goal by Cammalleri, a great shot. I think the mistakes are fixable, we have to continue to work on our system.”

  16. ok, a few quick things. No panic here, we still have a pretty good record. That being said, the overtime winner would not have been scored if a dman would have stepped up and put cammaleri on his butt. Second thing, if I was torts this is what I would tell staal verbatim “you are sitting in the press box for a game or two because you do not have the courage to drop the gloves and stand up for your goalie” (for what it is worth, I would tell dubi the same effing thing). Hank laying on the ice writhing in pain and dubi and staal (and everyone else for that matter, but they were the two closest) just looking at the guys who did it, sad very das!!! Kudos for boyle going after one of the guys later!!! Lastly, all you who keep saying we are tough enough on d or that staal and girardi are rugged and intimidating enough physically, this game is proof enough to stop that asinine argument/point of view!

    as i’ve said forever here, the biggest flaw in this team is the lack of a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man (we could really use 2 quite honestly).

  17. DeutschRangers on

    I’ll say this also in regards to Prospal. Has anyone ever not seen him with a snarl on his face? I’m impressed with his work ethic, attitude on the ice, and composure against the opposition. Give him an A or a C like Rob F said.

  18. Agreed on Prospal, and Wicky my brother, preach on preacher! Agreed as well. The first time this season that someone farted near Hank, someone should have just dropped the gloves. You need to set a precedent. It simply has not been done, and it sends teams the message that they can do whatever they want in our crease. Should not be one bit acceptable.

  19. AGRRED AGREED!!!! to the last few posts. Even my gf who hardly EVER watches hockey can see this. She says “Why dont they stick up for their best player. what’s wrong with them are they not supposed to fight”

    UGH coming from a 25 yr old woman who knows nothing about the sport, that’s pretty bad LOL

  20. 1. I don’t think Staal pees sitting down, but I think he needs to be more physical.

    2. I think we need to set a precedent to keep people from going so aggressively through our crease. I understand that Dubi took Hank out tonight, but still, the Montreal players were doing what they should have been doing. But, if we can let teams know that there is a price to pay for going hard to our net, teams might think twice.

  21. I am not panicking either, but we really need to tighten up. It is funny, if we could have the “Team” defense we displayed last year, with the goal scoring of this year, we would be one of the elite teams in the league. I much rather this style of play, but we need to tighten up for sure.

  22. Also, it wasn’t a knock on women, the “I don’t think Staal pees sitting down” comment from above. I was just saying that I don’t think he is a coward or anything. Actually, it was a poor choice of words. Sorry ladies. I love women, and I know a lot of tough women. Maybe I didn’t even need to apologize, and maybe you all didn’t take it in a negative way either, but I figured I would just say, “SORRY LADIES” :)

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I agree on running other teams goalies (if they start with Hank) and fighting the skaters who run him, but there was nothing to be done on that play tonight because it was Dubi who bowled him over.

  24. Torts says “safe is death”

    then he benches a guy for not playing safe.


    a few shifts, yes, that would be understandable, but not the entire rest of the game. Torts would rather be a hardass than win games, is what it looks like in this one.

    if he was consistent, and benched Drury and Staal when they screw up, then he would have more cred in his benchings. but to single out certain favorite guys as above the law is team morale deflating.

  25. It looked to me like dbi and the man he was checking hit hank at the same time, either way, you have to just starting dropping them to get the point across to the other team as well as your own goalie and team!!

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    As much as I bash Drury, I have to say that he DOESN’T turn the puck over between his blue line and the red line. That’s a risky place to get fancy and Staal (i believe) tried it last game and tonight Dubi tried it. Torts is holding people accountable and I love it. Obviously it worked for Rozi (who’s game turned completely around) and I hope the same for Dubi because he’s been invisible since game 4 or so.

  27. Playing just well enough to lose the past few games, even if some of them the previous week were actually wins.

    The penalties are killer right now. They just seem to come at the worst possible time. That 5 on 3 goal breathed life back into a team that should have had their backs broken, especially after Gaborik completely took Halak to school

    Higgins highstick wasn’t terrible per se, it was more just a bad play to not actually make contact with the puck rather than being careless. However his overall play since the first couple of games has slipped from good effort and chances that didn’t happen to get buried to aimless play.

    Dubinsky, I’m not sure what exactly he did wrong other than that turnover. Staal had a similar error in the NJ game that came after some blown coverage on a prior goal yet he still saw plenty of ice time.

    I said in the game thread, if Torts thinks giving the likes of Boyle and Voros a regular shift over Dubinsky is going to help them win the game, especially in the 3rd period, then my guess is that he must think making a point to the team/a specific player is more important than winning the game.

  28. Its the 11 game mark, we all know what that means. Time for the 11 game award ceremonies!!

    Marion Gaborik

    Michal Rozsival

    Ales Kotalik

    Christopher Higgins

    Michael Del Zotto

    Sean Avery

    Wade Redden

    Matt Gilroy

    Ryan Callahan

    Vinny Prospal

    Christopher Higgins

    Wade Redden

    PLAYER WHO GOT (the most?) WORSE

    Chris Drury

    Brandon Dubinsky

    Henrik Lundqvist (a few too many softies)

    Donald Brashear

    Enver Lisin

    Special thanks to Boyle and Ansiminov, because I had no idea where to throw them in.

  29. Drury did turn it over from the neutral zone just last game with his flip of the puck while getting off the ice, and it almost cost a goal

  30. Drury,Cally,Dubie & particularly Higgens have to step up their games. Anisimov needs to play more. He’s being wasted on the bench. Gabby could score 40-50 goals this year healthy, but he’s going to cost his team alot of games playing that soft defensively like he did on that overtime goal. Gilroy also missed his check. Henrik, should have stopped a couple. The good news is even thought we’re not playing particular well we should have won the last two games. Still like the original lines before Torts decided to change his combinations. Should we be expecting more from Staal than what we’re getting??? We always seem to get the lesser of brothers; in this case the least.

  31. Nasty Re: your earlier post, you really can’t have both in hockey. This game’s a lot like basketball, in that, the more you score the more you give up and conversely defensively. The secret is to develop a reasonable balance between the two. In closing, yes, we need to tighten up.

  32. Yep it was Gilroy who backed off Cammileri on the game winner.

    hope Torts gives him a talking to

  33. Best- Girardi (Looks bad because superman couldn’t cover all of Staal’s phu cups)

    Worst- Staal!

  34. now with a three game losing streak



  35. Nasty, I thought your descriptions of Staal’s toilet behavior to be very funny! I can’t speak for all the ladies here, but for me, I laughed.
    This from Brooksies article today:

    Imagine the uproar if the Stanley Cup playoffs were officiated down to the level of the umpiring in major league baseball’s postseason. Imagine the outcry of, “The NHL wants the Rangers to win!” if the Blueshirts ever were beneficiaries of bad calls the way the Yankees (among others, to be sure) have been thus far.

    Truth be told, NHL officiating seems improved over the early portion of the season. The referees seem to be allowing the game to breathe thus far. They seem to be operating under more of a common-sense approach as opposed to the coloring-by-numbers method that had overtaken the profession since the end of the lockout.

    Maybe it’s as simple as Kerry Gregson replacing the micro-managing Stephen Walkom as the director of officiating. Maybe the referees are now less concerned about cronyism than they are with doing their jobs.

    Then again, maybe it’s because Bill McCreary finally retired.

    i don’t know about you guys, but to me, the officiating does not seem to have improved one IOTA since last season, even with McCreary retired!!

  36. Like I said a year and a half ago,trade Dubi NOW.before all we get for him is a 3rd round pick.

  37. Look lets get one thing straight once and for all. This is a lousy passing team. The Devils and now the Canadiens have proven this. As many passes that they attempt land with the other team as land with their own. They also DO NOT SHOOT HARD ENOUGH OR OFTEN ENOUGH! All the Renney ites still use that limp wirst shot ( and Redden’s was the coup de grace last night for it sprang that onslaught that won the game.
    Girardi,Staal,Redden, Roszival, still wrist them in. I think that Higgins confidence has been totally destroyed. LQ has been giving up a startling number of soft goals. Torts was the architect of that loss, with Redden on the ice for the OT. And anyone who claims that Redden is the best defenseman on the team, does not have my approval. I seriously doubt that he even belongs out there.

    I’ve touted Mara for several years, and I still believe that he should have been retained.

    I warned just prior to this game, that the Islanders and Canadiens looked very good.But this was Torts loss.

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