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The Rangers go to Montreal for a game they absolutely need to have. Well, maybe not. But they sure could use it after two straight home losses.

I remember in the pre-Messier days, which also happened to be the Montreal Forum days, when this was as automatic a loss as there was in sports. The Rangers never, ever won in the Forum, and always, always, came away shaking their heads at how the referee (in the one-ref days) would make every call for the Canadiens because it was Hockey Night in Canada. Never mind that the Habs would skate circles around the Rangers.

Anyway, it’s a chance for you guys to see one of your favorite former Rangers, Paul (the Beard Contest) Mara. And one of your least favorite, Scott (or Scotty as he’s known around MSG) (Salary Dump) Gomez.

Staal Wart stole my thunder by posting this. Here’s everybody’s pal, Gomer, denying that he fought Sergei Kostitsyn after a preseason game, and also making his usual bad jokes — which somehow used to crack up everybody over at MSG.


Me, I get to endure another long, wet, cold day at Yankee Stadium, to write an early sidebar nobody will read, and attempt to make impossible deadlines with an updated sidebar in the middle of the night. Not that I’m complaining. But I will also have to miss another Rangers game, so I’m bringing the radio, and I will count on my Bonehead friends to keep me up to date.


The Rangers, by the way, are insisting that Donald Brashear’s soreness is not an injury from his fight with Colton Orr. But we still don’t know what it is.


Just a reminder for those who missed the “rules” the other day, and most of that was in jest, but this one is for real: I don’t want to see cursing on here, and that includes where you use a curse word but use asterisks for a couple of letters. Just for an example: f**k is not going to be tolerated anymore. I’m not putting out a list. I’m just telling you you will be deleted the first time, and banned after that. So don’t do it. Not kidding.


Here are the pre- game notes for tonight.

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  1. congrats ORR!!! Up at the crack of noon I see ;-)

    i am still trying to find that clown picture i posted in april that i said was gomez. I dread the expected intermission interview with him, old mr. wisearse.

    Rick, in regards to the Rules, i’m being serious here, is the 3 letter word starting with a and ending in s, meaning hiney, ok to still use?

  2. LINDA

    Damn it i always wake up at 11 am !!! It’s a curse. Im like Kramer, i have an alarm clock in my brain, and it goes off at 11 every day.

    I was up all night playing some league games against fellow posters.

    Im happy to report, my record is back in good shape, after a couple of unlucky games.

  3. Should be a great game! wonder what type of jokes Gomer is gonna throw at us. Going pointless and -4 would be the funniest thing!

    I dont like Saturday’s… aboot to go to Organic Chem. lab for 4 hours!! i wish i was somewhere warm and friendly! Like Rangers Report!

  4. I am pretty sure that as a collective group we can figure out some more apropriate words to use in place of the “bannable” lingo.

    For example if I wanted to express my disapointment at the Blueliners not being physical enough or shying away from contact. Instead of calling the player a (fillin the blank) I might use a phrase like “Hit him with your purse” or “Stop acting like such a Brodeur”

  5. gregm-section_403 on

    I think the 3 letter word for donkey should be acceptable. IMHO, so should the 4 letter wording beginning in s that means poo. Shakespears used the word and like my high school english teacher said, if its good enough for WS, it’s good enough for her.

  6. I like the blog as is. No need to turn this into Blueshirt Bulletin. BB is borefest city U.S.A.

    Trying to look for more league members, i went into the other blogs, and they were all terrible. The bloggers are just boring, and have no personality. No wonder Local Fan only comes in here, even as a Debby fan, he just cant resist coming to a good blog, even if it’s a Rangers blog.

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I like the blog as is. No need to turn this into Blueshirt Bulletin. BB is borefest city U.S.A.

    Orr, you’re a funny cat… I only say that because I use to read his blog around the time you were banned. Well, that might’ve been the 3rd time you were banned, but i was a reader. LoL

  8. True

    I was on BB too and I know Orr from there. I got a “no-no” email from the tools over there because I called what DeePee & Another player from the Islanders who did that chest bump at the end of a win the q word that means “gay” LOL

  9. I might be late on this, but from the Bergen Record…

    Ranger coach John Tortorella has tinkered with his team’s forward lines for Saturday night’s game against Montreal.
    Look for Brandon Dubinsky to center the team’s third unit alongside Chris Higgins and Ryan Callahan. The Rangers’ top line will feature Marian Gaborik, Vaclav Prospal (playing center) and Enver Lisin, while the second unit will be comprised of Sean Avery, Chris Drury and Ales Kotalik.

  10. That Chicago game was the WORST officiated game I think I ever seen in my 34 years of watching hockey!!!!!

  11. HAHAHAH True

    who knew!?!? When the regulars on BB used to say whatever they wanted LOL Whatever. Dubi & the other tool Jess? cant shine Ricks wing tipped shoes. Now… GO GET YOUR SHINE BOX!

  12. Lol, yeah, everyone was such babies. One time i said Zubrus looked like a Penelope Cruz tranny, and Andy Petite’s love child. And everyone got all whiny cause they thought i said Cruz was ugly.

    Gotta love the BB folk.

    Those were good times though.

  13. The good times ended when they made it a pay site and Jess basically killed everyone whose only crime was not paying $30 or whatever a year to talk on a blog. I remember people just saying that it wasn’t worth it, that there were so many other options, being amiable not nasty. And Jess would rip them and say they were robbing Dubi. LOL whatever man.

  14. Yeah, id like to stick Jess’ head in front of Souray, and let Sheldon slap his head right off his body, and into the nut sack of Dubi.

    Seriously, Dubi is not a guy id want to see in a dark alley. Some people with beards just look like pedophiles, he’s one of them.

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    LW3H may have found the most… ummm… ‘bannable’ name in pro sports. Wow.

    Tom Renney once cursed, just to see what it felt like. (great commercial).

    BTW: Tom Renney did actually curse one time that I can recall and it was at Sidney Crosby. There’s a link on youtube called “Renney Potty mouth.” I’m not making that up either.

  16. Was Carped big time…Re-post:
    Besides obvious desire for win, I also would love Rangers to make a devastating blow to Montreal collective psyche on their turf. Absolutely can’t stand their arrogant, national-hockeyist, living in team’s past fans. Watched couple games in a Bell Centre (I believed at that time I deserve a Purple Heart) like being behind enemy line.
    Probably they would feel the same at MSG, but it doesn’t matter…

  17. I think it’s also funnier when you guys come up with your own words to express the same sentiments as the four-letter words. In the late 1990s, we in the pressbox used the verb Muck, as in “Mucked up” etc. in reverence to the wonderful coach of the era. We used to have a term, borrowed from the military’s FUBAR. Ours was MUBAR (Mucked Up Beyond All Recognition).

    So let’s see how creative you can be.

    How are we turning into Blueshirt Bulletin, by the way?

  18. How about all colorful expressions applying to Hockey Blog, and to re-phrase gregm-section_403 school English teacher: if its good enough for coach JT, it’s good enough for me? Carp?

  19. There were many times Renney cursed. Its just everybody wants to remember him as passive and indecisive. He wasn’t either of those.

    He really did a pretty good job in NY with all of the player development and turning this thing around.

    I’m not saying he’s not a better coach than Renney but I’m not sold on Torts yet especially with his bullying of a sick Callahan, defending Drury, and not giving Anisimov enough ice time. We shall see how this story unfolds.

  20. Oh man, that Chicago game was Crosbyin nuts. I don’t know how Renney could have NOT lost his Crosby. What the Crosby were those refs smokin?

    Good afternoon, Carp!

  21. Good idea, Carp! I have official (almost) Yale t-shirt with “Huck Farward”(eternal rival- Harward). We can use something like that. Let me think..

  22. Rick

    We arent… actually we’re all praising here and you for this being the coolest blog on earth. Blogfather!

  23. Sally, that’s the best use of Crosby ever!!

    OMG LW3H, that poor kid has a horrible name!!

    Between the $10 words and now the new words we’ll be making up, this is gonna be quite a linguistic festival from now on.

  24. Hiiiii Linda! Good news! Spring semester ends in early May! So I’ll be there for sure! I’m soooo Crosbyin excited!!!

  25. i wish I didnt have to get up until 11 every morning! hell, even 8 would be nice! Once the man finally has his degree and I ‘retire’ from full time work, maybe that could happen!

    Riche, your 12:39 post, comedy gold! MikeA, your final statement was excellent, about Cally, Drury and AA. When I saw that Cally comment, I thought, it would have been great if he puked on Torts shoes! Don’t you be talking trash about an under the weather Cally!! Just busts it every game, never takes a game off! If Drury had half of Cally’s energy, he might actually deserve one fifth of his ludicrous salary!

  26. That is Averying awesome sally!!!!!!!!! This is definitely gonna be an event to remember!

    Sharkie, why’d you have to buy a wig? And why would it not be called a collection of hair follicles for the hirsute deprived?

  27. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Is is true about the line changes?

    I love mixing ut all up until a hot streak and then riding a hot line up. But I must continue to insist the Prospal can play frist line wing but not center. If Torts is moving Dubie to line 3 and Kotalik to line 2 with Drury (all of which can make sense for a change) then he should try AA at center on 1 and leave Lisin on line 3.

    Anyhow, Carp, I think the game will be postponed due to rain.

    Lets Go Rangers !!

  28. Hey, CCCP,ill
    After such a stern Carp’s warning does Russian curses qualifies as prohibitive? What we are going to do to express ourselves toward locals of all shades, etc. in our only appropriate way? Oy, vay! Carp, pule-ease! It like to stay mute after goal against…We use it sometime instead of comas.

  29. well, i can understand carp. one kind of mild curse or as they say in iowa(cuss) turns into somethin worse and then after awhile it turns into renny potty mouth fest. and carp is very lenient with most things we talk about here, but i also think it would be even better to do what you guys and carpo suggested by being creative and not act like muckheads. for mucks sake, we are better than that. were muckin boneheads!!! oh muck me, gotta drop a crosby. brb

  30. LOL I thought it was a woman’s only class HAHAHAHAH
    I have good genes when it comes to going bald. Im not even close (thank God!)

  31. im happy with the line changes. although this would be the perfect game to get higgins on the top line. he will be gunnin for his first very hard tonight and how some confidence in him and just put him with gabby and prospal. hes at least gonna get some assists if anything. i think we need a little more size on the top line, maybe not tonights game against the smurfs, but in future games i dont wanna see lisin prosplal and gabby. you need at least duby or a big guy like higgins up there. on the other hand, putting him on the lower lines might let him face easier competition and not so much pressure on him. but whatever it is, hes gotta start producing along with drury and cally.

  32. Mako, you freakin kill me!! You’re the one who started the $10 word thingie!

    Hey grabby, how are you? How’s your friend holding up?
    Raider, hope they get the win for ya!!

  33. ok, off to do some food shopping and maybe make some cookies! Catch yas later! Hope none of you have a brasheary day!

  34. mikeA- torts is obviously more informed of the situations with his nplayers and sees and knows things we dont. i just watching from tv, have seen cally and hes not been too good lately. whether hes sick to the point where his game is being affected, than idk. but dru has no excuse and neither does higgins or aves. all have been just average lately. but ya gotta admit, without gabby on the team, we are probably 2-7 right now. so, the homegrowns are struggling and the usual suspect drury. but the three free agents we signed are our best fwds so far. even kotalik is doing good. i figured they be good complimentary players for dru, cally, duby, higgins, but theyre carrying the rest of the team now. gotta change that soon. and staal should be split up with girardi. they need to be shaken up a little

    oh and thx sally. drop a crosby and crosbybag are great lol

  35. Good afternoon Staal and all! Some random respones…

    • Linda, man, I wish I could have some fresh baked cookies.
    • ORR, I think your first post was the first time I ever totally agreed with you and didn’t have to chastise you for anything. Score! P.S. The RR will never be the BB.
    • Sally, May, yay!
    • True Blue, you used the word cat!

    I love all of the funny creativity today on word usage (being a word girl and all). Carp, maybe a prize for the best euphemism tonight? (see, that’s me being a word girl)

    And most importantly, Spike update on the sister blog.

    P.S. It is so lousy in NY today…any White Plains/nearby folks going out to watch the game tonight?

  36. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Shouldn’t be a Byfuglien deal to keep it clean around here, we will have to collectively articulate our thoughts better when we express our emotions.

    Keep it clean for the kids, i’m with that. Intellegent hockey banter is better than reading a bunch of junk.

  37. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    hey this reminds me of those orbit commercials….

    “what the french, toast?”
    “You son of a biscuit eating bulldog!”

  38. TR – no way is that kid for real!

    If I name my kid NewYork Ranger do you think the Rangers will sign him?

    Linda, YAY SPIKE!

  39. Oh yeah, Wheaton King is a classic. My theory is that his parents didn’t want to put too much pressure on him to play for his hometown team by calling him Brandon, so they took the safer option. Also the most appropriate hockey name since Clive Landbaron laced them up in the 70s.

    Not really the curse replacement angle (and apologies for the advertising), but if mildly amusing NHL-based wordplay floats your boat, I put this together a while back:

  40. hey linda- friends doin much better. i wasnt able to go see him because i couldnt get time off work right now. so many people are out sick with the bird flu. i am getting over it so i gotta work. tryin to check out the blog as much as i can but im workin doubles almost everyday. but ive been in contact with him and my friends from ny are all tryin to comfort him and get his mind off it. im jut worried he is getting drunk everynight and he had a problem with that, so i dont wanna see him fall off the wagon. anyway, im putting my vacation time in for next march. so, i’ll be able to come out and seea game and maybe meet up at warrens and if anything, i know i’ll at least meet TR-808!! hes there so much he could be a stool!! i always liked that line from goodfellas

  41. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V )
    October 24th, 2009 at 2:11 pm
    Shouldn’t be a Byfuglien deal to keep it clean around here

    laurel- i think we have a winner. its funny if u say it the way its spelled, and say it fast, its almost cursing!!,

  42. laurel- thx im ok, i actually never knew or got to see his baby, so its not so personal for me, but hes been my friend since we were 5, and he was so happy for me when my daughter was born, so to have him deal with this, its horrible. i dont wanna bring everybody down here but thx again and he is doin ok considering.

  43. “I lost to Kovy in OT in the Rangers Report league, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I won’t let it ruin my United Nations Day”

    Hahaha. Kovy is undefeated so far i think. Actually he lost connection in one of our games, so that counted as a loss, but that shouldn’t count, so really he should be 3-0.

    Im 4-3 or 5-3

    For anyone who doesn’t know the rules, we play a max of 5 games against each other, so once everyone joins, that should be at least 55-60 games total. I don’t know how the standings work. Hopefully everyone joins, and starts playing some games soon.

    And remember, im considering trading Green, and Knuble, so make me an offer if you’re interested, those two have not been good for me.

  44. Grabachev-I sometimes don’t get Torts. Like the whole you play better you get more time thing is great in theory, but linemates do play a factor as well.

    Cally with Drury and Avery is not going to be very effective because none of those guys are elite passers, Cally and Avery are smaller, and Drury slows them both down skill wise.

    You play Anisimov with more skill guys, you get more out of him.

    Also, I think Cally’s been doing a great job points wise this year. He’s on a fine pace. He’s picked up a few assists in the last few games. He had one off game where he was clearly sick and still nearly got a great deflection goal on old Fatso.

    Avery is a very good 3rd liner and an OK second liner. He worked good with Lisin and Anismov and that’s where he should stay. There’s a reason he wasn’t playing top 6 minutes in either DET/LA and had mediocre numbers in Dallas before the suspension. He’s a jolt of energy. He’s never scored 20 goals and won’t this year.

  45. orr- damn im not gonna be able to get my ps3 until at least a month or 2. make sure u guys include me though. id love to be able to destroy all u guys!! im so good at it, but i havent used a ps controller since the ps2 like 5-6 yeas. i might be a little rusty. i just got the hang of the new controls for x box.

    p.s.- im really only good playing the computer on pro. i can still win on all star, but i have to cheat and do the cross ice one timer in front of the net or i have to use crash the net style and bang in rebounds

  46. NorthCountryRanger on

    Going to the game up in MTL tonight… bound to be in the vast minority there… oh well its my first game of the season since i go to school up in plattsburgh…Should be good fun i’ll check in with stories of french canadian abuse later on…

  47. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I’m on record that the lines will be back to what they were (or relatively close) after they play like poo poo tonight.

  48. BUAHAHAHA !!!

    I was bored, so i turned on Gymnastics on NBC, and what do i hear ????? The voice of our own Al Troutwig !!

    What’s he doing Gymnastics for ?? That’s a little creepy. I can just pictures, him Danekyo, Goring, and Maloney, all in trench coats, and those big spy hats, with newspapers with holes in them, watching those girls do their thing. Muaha ! Pretty lame excuse to miss tonight’s game.

  49. GRABBY

    I don’t think it matters when you join. But in two months, we might be nearly done with all of each other, and nearly in the playoffs, and you’d have to play a sh*t load of games in a small amount of time. But if you cant do that, you can definitely join in the 2nd season.

    Just remember to send me your PS3 ID.

  50. Thanks for the reminder Mako!

    I think I’m gonna miss the game tonight. Don’t hate on me. I’m gonna see if I can use my telepathic powers to follow the game.

  51. Orr and Grabachev and all. You know what words you can get away with and what words you can’t. I think it’s pretty obvious. We can still be relatively crude, irreverent, obnoxious, emotional, whatever, without using the short-list of four-letter words. I like the Crosby’d-up idea.

    And, yes, you can swear in Russian as long as you don’t then give us the definition.

  52. Grabby, so far I’m with you…I’m liking Byfuglien. Sally, I’m never on here during games anyway, but I’ll miss you nonethless. Taking your sassy boots out? Bye heads, have fun, and keep it Byfuglien clean!

  53. By the way, I sure didn’t want to make such a big Muckin’ deal about the language thing.

    I just figured we might be getting some new passengers now that Zip’s charging, and they ought to know this isn’t a Byfuglien’ free-for-all here. Just free.

  54. poor zip is gonna take a hit over there. $20 a month is too much. like someone there posted, if they had an ‘a la carte’ thingie where you just pay for what you read, it’d be maybe doable.

    any rumors of this blog heading down that way Rick?

  55. …note to self, learn many Italian curse words for the blog….

    so Mako, that means the Habs already have a 2-0 lead?

  56. “Byfuglien’ free-for-all”!!!!!!! This is why Carp is the best.

    I’ll miss you too, Laurel! I’m gonna go carve a Vinny Price pumpkin. Wish me luck :)

  57. oh man some strange things happening tonight..The internet rattles a little bit, internet websites are not opening as matches via internet are not availabe over the usual sources and links…

    Is there anyone here on the board, who have similar experiences tonight ?

    I fear, I wont be able to see the game !!!!

  58. Linda, no rumors or whispers yet. I’d be surprised if we did, but not shocked. I think we’re trying to figure a way to survive (and actually make money) without charging, through ads. We’ll see. Nobody has figured out yet. I hear the Post is going to be charging to some degree down the road.

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Who wants to bet that with the team on the road, Brashear is magically healed of his soreness? Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  60. Linda

    AAAAAAAAAH! Good idea… but the blogfather is a paisan too ;)

    Yes they are up right now 3 – 0 LOL

  61. Hi all! From what I’ve read, Cally wasn’t out of gas due to the flu when White caught up to him on the breakaway. According to him, he didn’t know White was catching up to him- he thought he had more time, so he slowed down to get a better shot. Makes sense, I guess.

    Reeshay- Love your post about “taking a Crosby and wiping your Malkin”!

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