Devils-Rangers in review


I thought the game against the Devils was much, much better than the one against the Sharks, and if you really look with an unbiased eye (I know that’s probably not happening here) it might have been, as an overall effort, better than some of the sloppy wins.

Here’s my column from The Journal News and today.

Some thoughts:

1) Ales Kotalik earned it, and so now John Tortorella is looking to get him more ice time. Kotalik with Drury is what we were expecting, the old Buffalo connection, and that’s what we were looking at in the third period. Tortorella also called out Ryan Callahan to be better, to not get caught from behind as he did by a diving Colin White (who made a fabulous play to thwart his breakaway), and Christopher Higgins, whose next goal will be his first.

2) So much for that tired, stale notion that fights change momentum. Or maybe this one changed momentum for the visitors, because one of their non-pugilists showed the guts to say “enough” to Sean Avery. I don’t know what Mike Mottau was thinking, or what he must have been thinking (“Uh, oh?”) after dropping his gloves with Avery, but right after the fight the Devils went up 1-0, and then 2-0.

3) Marc Staal and Dan Girardi. Wow. You almost have to try to be that bad. Tortorella, asked to sum up Girardi’s play this seaosn, had just two words: “Very average.” Staal made two dreadful plays on the second goal.

4) Marian Gaborik just makes things happen, like that flurry created when he poked the puck off Martin Brodeur’s stick behind the net.

5) Speaking of Brodeur, this always gets me. He knocked the net off its moorings last night, and play continued, and when the puck went up ice, Brodeur replaced the net. Why do goalies do that? It’s a freebie. If the opponent comes back down and scores, it’s no goal, the net was off. There can’t be an opposition goal until after the next whistle, when the officials put the net back. So why put it back while play is live? Do you think baseball players or football or basketball players would do that?

6) I’m sure you read by now that Tortorella used the word Bonehead. I’m talking to our copyright lawyers as we speak.

7) Does anybody else suspect that Donald Brashear hurt himself in that fight with Colton Orr? He’s missed two games with soreness now, and he was worse than awful against San Jose.

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  1. Good post Carp….Rangers aren’t driving to the net the last few games.
    Drury doesn’t look comfortable either.
    Gotta love Gabrik, he makes things happen.

  2. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Gabby has been a bright spot,
    Hank has been good,
    our D is supsect at times,
    The devils capitalized on their few openings,
    They got one more good bounce than we did.

    Brashear has been useless thus far, Drury seems to be scared to play offense, or be out of place.

    I just hope this losing streak stops at 2.

  3. I like that golies put the net back into place on their own. it’s the honorable thing to do, especially while the puck is in the other end of the rink and you can fix the net without worry that as you’re fixing it, someone is gonna score on you. and i like that some may ask “what would a baseball/football/basketball player do in that situation,” because chances are the answer for all of them would be “they would do nothing” because of the reason you stated. it’s what separates our sport from theirs. that’s why i was so upset when nhl teams started hiring “ice-girls” cuz, as much as i enjoy seeing attractive ladies, i thought hockey was bigger than that.

    but with the whole fixing the net, i like it. it’s honorable.

  4. Good morning, Carp!

    Hey Laurel, I don’t know what business venture I was talking about, but I’m sure it was a great idea.

    I really hope the Rangers start winning again so everyone here stops fighting. Also, I hope they win cause it’s just good when they win.

  5. In my eyes, Higgins is another Dreary. Even though it’s only been 10 games, im already tired of the guy. He was brought in to help offensively. And ive been through this too many times to be patient. How many times in the last two seasons did people say, “his defense will lead to offense, the points will come”, lol yeah, im still waiting for that.

    Id rather have Higgins over Dreary, cause at least Higgins isn’t making a sh*t load of money to play good defensive hockey.

    Kotalik has been a huge surprise. I cant believe how well he’s doing. I was pissed that he was Z’s replacement, but i really don’t care anymore. I don’t think he should have gotten a 3 year deal, but eh. As long as he plays like this all season, in the playoffs, for the next three years, then it doesn’t matter.

    And what the fugg is up with Staal ? Im sorry, he looks like garbage this season. He makes a few good plays, but so far, he has not been good, he just makes stupid decisions. It looks like Blowzy’s influence is getting to him, and Danny G.

    Or maybe it’s jealousy for Del Z !! Dun DUN DUUUUUUN !!

    Also, what happened on the game winning goal ? I know it was redirected, it looked soft, but i didn’t see the replays, was it stoppable, or not ?

  6. Re: Brash

    I think he is hurt. I supported the signing (still do), but it may make sense to look to Hartford for a replacement. I have not followed the Pack this year. Who could come up and do Brash’ job? If there was a kid down there that could add some punch (no pun intended), and he made less $$$, maybe that would give Glen some flexibility in signing a physical blueliner that is sorely lacking.

    And why is Reitz in Europe? he was cheap, physical, and would only be the 7th Dman? Couldn’t he fit back on Broadway?

  7. Rick,

    Please comment on the Drury asinine turnover late in the 2nd period-im going nuts-i keep seeing it over and over in my head!

  8. And i agree, Brash*t is useless, and ill hate him for the rest of his time as a Ranger. I tried to get used to it, and just not care, but i cant. Go to hell !!!!

    Guy gets into one fight with Orr, and he turns into a wimp.

    Lol, i had a dream he got knocked out by Peters last night. It was hilarious.

  9. Rick,
    I apologize. I don’t get to drop hermaphrodite bombs very often.
    Couldn’t help myself.

  10. Carp,

    It would be pretty ironic if Brash was injured by orr.

    Can you explain what you mean about your comment about putting the net back on? So if the Devils would have scored after he put the net back it would have been no goal? If the goal doesnt count why is there not a whistle to stop play?

  11. I’m not exactly sure what piece of equipment in baseball/football/basketball would get dislodged for a player to have to put it back in the first place? Hm, if a football player knocked down the goalpost would he put it back? If a baseball player accidentally uprooted the foul pole? I would love see a basketball player get out there with a broom and dustpan after he shattered the backboard.

    Just kidding Carp, I thought when the net comes off in the defensive zone while the puck is in there they blew the play dead. Then again these are NHL refs we’re talking about so either knowledge of the rule book or the cognizance of knowing when to enforce the rules might be asking a bit much.

  12. Carp,

    Don’t even answer that tool.
    If you don’t know the answer to that stupid question than you obviously don’t watch hockey or know anything about it.

  13. Rick,

    I believe there was between 6 and 8 minutes to go in the 2nd period when Chris had the puck between our defensive blue line and the red line and his other 4 linemates were headed towards the bench for a change and he takes the puck on his back hand without getting over the redline and carlessly laterally dumps the puck which should have resulted in a TWO ON NONE but luckily two forwards on the devils made an asinine play as well and took themselves out of the play by being OFFSIDES….

  14. Carp, that’s true. They sure do know what us fans like. You know what I’d like to see for real though? Skating bears. If they were bear ice girls, I’d probably be okay with that.

  15. Patrick,

    What the hell are you talking about? I am a huge hockey fan and I know that if the Devils would have scored on that breakout it would have been a goal. Unless is talking about why marty even put it back..he should have just left it off in case the Rangers came back and scored?

  16. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    We did stop by to see you around 10 – 15 minutes before the game started. Oh well, the press box was almost completely empty.

    You are so right on to point out that Staal made two really bad plays on the same play that resulted in the Devils second goal. The turnover was bad enough, but to then let that guy slide right behind him for the easy centering pass/redirection, when there was no one else to cover, WTF?

    I love Torts mixing up the lines once they do not work for a while, like 4-5 periods. But I think Prospal is much better at wing then center. I think once he moved Dubie off the first line, he should try any of the other centers instead of Lisin or Avery or any other wing he tried.

  17. If fatty knocks the net off on purpose the only goal that wouldnt count would be if the rangers scored. If the debs scored on the other end it would have counted since our net was on.
    Fatty probably put it back on because he didnt want a penalty.

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Those bears remind me of Malik skating.

    BTW: This is NOT a captain! Well, technically, it is a Captain but a very poor one at that. The game was tied 2-2 and Drury says it was a good period. I will loathe him, his contract, his “clutchness”, his mouthpiece, his “#23 MSG PROfiles” and his stick over the shoulder gingerly waltz to the bench until the day his career is over.
    …Chris Drury on the third period… “Other than the bounce (on the Devils third goal) tonight I thought our third (period) was pretty good. I thought we had good chances. Sometimes you don’t get the bounces you need in the third and you lose the game.”

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    (my point being that if it was a “good period”) you let up NO goals or score more than your opponent. How this guy has the B@!!s to say it was a good period (esp when he played an invisible game) proves he needs to be reunited with Renney.


  20. Patrick,

    Your explanation does not make any sense on why Carp questioned the fact that Brodeur put the net back on..but if Carp is asking why its because the devils were breaking out and he did not want a whistle to be blown. Are you calling him fatty because sean avery called him fatty or you made that up on your own? Pretty original. I guess Brodeur is obese and needs to go to fat camp…he is obviously not skinny enought to own 3 stanley cup rings..and olympic gold the NHL all time winningist goalie and be one shutout away from sharing that NHL record as well..he is too fat.


    Can we work on getting me on the payroll? Hahah

  21. I thought the team did look better. And why is Hank being blamed for the winning goal? I don’t think it was a softy, but instead it was a very good deflection. Why was Zubrus allowed to touch the puck is a different story. Girardi should’ve knocked him down before he even looked at the puck. I hope it’s all just growing pains and Torts won’t let those become real habits. Callahan looked out of gas, he must be under the weather. Gaborik keeps growing, does he not?

  22. How amazing was the devils passing and execution last night? Or was it how bad the Rangers are? I think a combination of both..any thoughts?

  23. Carp,

    Nevermind. I re-read what you wrote about Marty putting the net back. Your right, there is no reason for it, unless he thought the whistle would blow therefore causing their scoring change to be whistled dead.

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    guess Brodeur is obese and needs to go to fat camp…he is obviously not skinny enought to own 3 stanley cup rings..and olympic gold the NHL all time winningist goalie and be one shutout away from sharing that NHL record as well..he is too fat.

    Brodeur owes most of his career to Lemaire, the other defense/trap-first coaches of the devils, Scott Niedermayer, Scott Stevens and 2-3 other very very good defensmen who have played for the Devils. If you can’t see that, you’re blind. Perhaps your fat pads are hanging over your eyes the way Brodeur’s hang off his arms to cover up the 7 hole? If you watch Brodeur on a regular basis you see that his skills are good, perhaps very good. On skill alone, he is not a great goalie and in fact Roy and Hasek were better. They both didn’t have the luxury of playing on ridiculously stacked defense first teams (and Hasek played more than 70% of his career on real crappy teams).

  25. Uh yeah for those first two goals they had some crisp passing but then the Devils offense essentially disappeared for the 2nd period and half the 3rd.

    Marty and Lundqvist both got schooled on breakaways and both had some terrific saves.

    Are you trying to convince us that a team that has yet to win at home and has a goal differential of +1 along with average to poor special teams is vastly superior?

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    October 23rd, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    Nevermind. I re-read what you wrote about Marty putting the net back. Your right, there is no reason for it, unless he thought the whistle would blow therefore causing their scoring change to be whistled dead.

    Your IQ is only matched by the # of lbs Brodeur needs to lose.

  27. True Fans:
    What about the Olympic Gold Medal? Why cant the devils have a good team and brodeur still be good? Sounds like your complementing the Devils system, at the same time everybody bashes it. So what gives?

  28. Carp,

    Seriously-watch that play a few times-i got home from the game and watched it 3-4 times…the careless dump in by drury is a microcosm for the following:


  29. CT,

    Normally you are better then this. I could have sworn Marty and the Devils beat the Canes 2-0 last Saturday to pull brodeur within 1 of tying the NHL All Time Shutout holder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Based on last night i would say vastly superior yes. The devils are still forming..and their all time point leader is getting better and will be back in no time..the rangers are maxed out.. what we saw last night and Monday night.. is what your going to see all season. I very very mediocore team.

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Local Fan, get your clipboard and pencil ready…
    The devils have a great “TEAM” system, especially when they started in 1995 trapping the hell out of the NHL. Nobody knew how to play against that style. They can win with it, but it has ruined hockey for the average fan (making the game boring). I think thats your question.

    My question for you, you keep referencing this great Brodeur “Olympic GOLD medal” and i say what about 1998 and 2006 when Canada failed to finish amongst the finalists entirely?! Where was Mr. Great Goalie then? I also attribute the Canadian gold medal of ’02 to the great players of Canada (in total). No country has more wins or goals scored in olympic history than the Canadiens have. You sound like the idiots who praise Drury for his amazing career, especially when he road 3rd line center to Forsberg and Sakic (lest we mention Roy, Blake, Hejduk) the year he won the cup. Brodeur is good, but he’s had TONS of help and more than the other goalies I mentioned.

  32. A LOCAL FAN-

    I was able to ignore you all summer long and up until this point but PIPE DOWN PAL, “THE RANGERS ARE MAXED OUT” buddy calm urself you won one game at MSG congrats, mazel tov, awesome great for you….THE RANGERS ARE LEARNING THE SYSTEM-THEY ARE GOING TO LEARN EACH AND EVERY NIGHT ON THE ICE, MDZ, GILROY, DUBIE, CALLAHAN, STAAL GIRARDI ARE LEARNING EVERYNIGHT, HENRIK IS A FRANCHISE PLAYER.


  33. So why dont the other teams play the devils style to be successful? Everybody bashes their style, but then say Brodeur benefits from it because of how great it is. Their style won 3 stanley cups and 12 straight playoff appearances. A mini Dynasty if you will………

  34. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    7-3 with 14 points and four games left in the month.

    Game could of/Should have gone to overtime if not for our D letting that bad goal get in on Hank, but as is life.

    I dont like the two losses in a row, but we were never, and neither is any other team, going to win all 82 games of a season. This was a way better game than the debacle against the sharks

    Habs, Coyotes, Isles & Wild

    I say we win 2-3 out of the 4 games.

    Habs are sucking it
    Yotes will be a test, there playing well
    Isles are the Isles
    Wild are medicore at best

    And to LOCAL FAN:


  35. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    They have used it! Many teams have adapted the trap and implemented it, much of it is based on the preference of each coach. And I’m not sure why you haven’t addressed Brodeur’s winning % against Hank (probably around 35%) especially at MSG (where it went UP TO ~18%) NOW? Great numbers huh?

  36. so i see local fan is back. no wonder.

    i feel like ive been missing a lot on the blog lately. ive been extremely busy working on a website for a client. but i have been watching the games and still goin to warren.

    im very confident the rangers rebound in montreal and have a great game against the rangers farm team (hamilton coyotes).

    so how is everyone else doing today?

  37. Yeah because only the Devils have upside and the Rangers are nothing but downside? I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and hoping you really don’t believe in that sort of binary distribution of outcomes.

    I mean let’s ignore the fact that the Rangers have had 15 different goal scorers this season while the Devils have only had only 9 and that includes 2 players that got on the board for the 1st time last night. Or the fact that the Rangers PP clicks at almost twice the efficiency as the Devils or their PK success rate is 10% better as well. Will there be mean regression, of course, but in almost every facet of the game the Rangers have performed better this season and barring a major injury they looked very well equipped to be a pretty decent team.

  38. Seth, I disagree with you on the idea that Drury can’t handle New York or he doesn’t want to be a leader. I maintain that if he made the same money as Kotalik, he’d be fine, in almost everybody’s eyes. The problem is that we expect way too much from an above-average, second-line forward. That’s what he is.

  39. your boy Malik on

    I don’t know if someone already said this, but the reason Maaaattttyyyyy put the net back on is because he knocked it off purposely…….very honorable? NOT!

  40. local fan: Do you have a job? Or a life for that matter? How many times are you going to post 5th grader comments about how great the Devils are on a Rangers site? You’re not proving anything with your lame stats about Brodeur except that you’re possibly 10 and mommy isn’t monitoring your computer time.

  41. I hope Drury does get reunited with Kotalik for a few games. Maybe try anisimov between callahan and avery/higgins and then kotalik drury and avery/higgins/lisin. I do not want to see the top line broken up again. I honestly think right now Drury is our 4th ranked center. I just dont see him adding any value right now besides on the PK. HE does not create offense ok i realize that he is not that type of player thats fine but that line (granted he is not solely responsible-as higgins is struggling) needs to forecheck and cycle a whole lot more. I honestly have seen the 4th line cycle much better than the 2nd line so far this year.

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    MSG (and much of the print on Drury) have also brought this rising backlash upon themselves and #23. Its (the media, not necessarily you or lohud, but more mainstream esp those employed by MSG) really pushed the idea that Drury is “clutch” and scores when the team needs him and I think fans were mis-lead by that and were expecting him to be a scorer. He’s not. He had 2 very good years in Buffalo (67 goals in 2 seasons if I recall), and he’s scored some key goals in his history, but now fans are seeing what Drury really is and MSG’s propaganda really elevated expectations from him to unrealistic heights. The whole “he’s a winner” Little League world series label and even his own 7.7 second goal against us few years back have unfairly portrayed him as a great player. I’ve despised him since the day they started piping that stuff down our throats, mostly because he is over-payed (whether that is cause or effect, i’m not sure) and over-rated.

  43. Chris Drury on the third period… “Other than the bounce (on the Devils third goal) tonight I thought our third (period) was pretty good. I thought we had good chances. Sometimes you don’t get the bounces you need in the third and you lose the game.”

    Dreary needs to keep his stupid mouth shut. This guy just flat out sucks. When the fugg is Torts gonna strip the “C” off this useless douche. Eliasshole steps up his game when the “C” was taken away from him, and Marleau is having a great start to the season after losing it.

    But im sure if it’s taken away from him, he’ll cry to his wife, and he’ll probably play worse.

    Ugh, i cant wait until until the start of the 2012-2013 season, cause he WONT BE ON THIS TEAM !!!

  44. Just looking at some of the other teams stats, Toronto’s PK is at 60%, good lord is that terrible. They need to tie their goalie to the posts like Goldberg in the Mighty Ducks.

  45. Local Fan,

    Unlike other Ranger fans, I will readily give Broduer his due. Clearly he has benefitted from a strong defensive system and some hard nosed defensive players in front of him, but you don’t reach the milestones he has without being great. Although I despise his whinning and flopping, his accomplishments prove that he IS a winner.

    On the other hand, you sir have proved to be a LOSER.

    P.S. – sorry Laurel.

  46. The Rangers might benefit from having a seventh d-man around to put a little pressure on the six guys who know that they are going to play no matter what.

  47. Staal was awful. Pucks bounces over his stick and the give aways are really bad. They have to fix him. The same goes for Higgins. Play him with Dubinsky and let Drury center Prospal and Kotalik.

  48. NYRangersfan,
    No way. I would keep Prospal & Gabby together. I think Drury and Kotalik should stay together (only because Kotalik is deserving more time, and Drury would be the logical center). I like this team, and I think they are damn close to ironing out these lines. Prospal has been great. I believe Higgins will turn it around once he gets his head together. Lisin is exciting.

    I heard someone mention that we can live with this team and a 1st or 2nd rd playoff exit knowing that we will stick with these kids. I agree. I really like what I see. For years people cried to let the kids play. Only now, our kids are for real. I really like this team.

  49. Guys, we had this chat yesterday…remember Carp’s list? and his nieces and nephews? Man, you tick me off sometimes…….close down the locker room please.

  50. Drury is a very mediocre passer and puckhandler. thus, he is useless at center at the offensive end, and hurts his wingers like Cally because he does not get them the puck in good shooting spots in the slot. Drury is a dump and chase player. Drury would be better suited on the wing imo, but, if they must play him at C, then he should be the 3rd line center, because checking center is more his role.

  51. Laurel I have some new pics for you.
    Local, man/girl/it…you are an absolute reject!
    You like Yanks and mets.
    You like the Giants and Jets…
    Did you vote for Obama and McCain?
    How on God’s green earth do you operate?
    You are the epitome of stupidity!
    Go back to Japan…you made more sense over there.

  52. That was a great game last night by both teams. Very fun to watch (after first period).

    Softqvist needs to stop that last one from going in especially with that much time left. Outdueled by Fatso.

    Anyone check out Sean Avery’s website? FIRST THREE PICTURES ARE EPIC!

    Also his shirts look ill. When his clothing line comes out I’m going to get a few.

    Go to the main page and blast the speakers for an ill song!

  53. A few formalities to get out of the way here:


    Thanks, you “carped” me again!!


    Congrats on the first!!!


    Do “cat people” use litter boxes like cats or toilets like people???? Just curious!


    Due to me getting carped (as usual), here is a repost for your enjoyment!

    AHHHH yes, drury blaming again. He deserves to be blamed for getting overpaid!!! Does he have off games like every other player in the NHL….YEP. But the way some of you talk, every game we lose by one or two goals is his fault for not being “clutch”. If he scored a “clutch” goal in all the games he was blamed for not scoring that “clutch” goal in, he would be a perennial 50 goal scorer and making 10 mil a year. Give it a rest folks, drury’s stats with the rangers are right along with his career avg (I think JS said that earlier).

    Besides, how many times do you hear drury refer to himself as capt. clutch or just as clutch…ummm never, it is something that everyone else calls him so unless everyone else out there taht knows anything about him or hockey is stupid, maybe just maybe he’s earned it along the way!!

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man afternoon to all!

  54. Rick,

    Would you say Drury deserves the C?
    If so, because of his past or his has he earned it during his time in NY? Do you believe he is a good captain/leader?

    Do you think he could be performing better? Do you think he excels under the NY pressure?

    Do you think his game has changed (ex. lost a step) since playing in COL, CAL, and BUF?

  55. ORR

    thnx for the freebie! fix your connection dude, it was impossible to play… after like third goal i gave up trying.


    I apologize… i just couldn’t resist! You can remove my comments @1:42

  56. I don’t know why we haven’t all collectively agreed to just ignore local fan. He obviously says things just to get under our skin and it works everytime. Of course, this will never happen because someone is going to always respond to him. Ugh, but in a perfect world, we all would just ignore him. This reminds of me when in high school, a class would try to do a boycott of an assignment or something and try to get everyone in the class to participate. There’d always be those one or two kids that refuse to participate, and do the assignment thus negating the entire effort and making the rest of the class look foolish. it’s gotta be 100% people. so let’s just ignore him, because his mission on this blog is to say absurd things that make no sense just to piss us off. please please please people, let’s collectively ignore him. As for me, this will be the 1 and only time i mention him or respond to him. I’m hoping more join in on the boycott. Seriously guys, just ignore him.

  57. “anyone know when those avery shirts are coming out??”

    It says coming soon and he’s wearing one so I’m guessing soon?

  58. “Speaking of Brodeur, this always gets me. He knocked the net off its moorings last night, and play continued, and when the puck went up ice, Brodeur replaced the net. Why do goalies do that?”

    Because FATSO does that, Carp. Remember him flopping around like a fish last two playoffs when someone skates near his crease? He even flung his helmet off one game and they had to blow the whistle to stop play. For such a great goaltender I have so little respect for this jerk.

  59. LAUREL

    Nope, but ive been trying to get one.


    I wasn’t having any problems until our match, it came out of nowhere. I still cant fuggin believe you got that win. Im off to a horrible start. The same thing happened to Kovy, last night, and i got a free win. But really i only have one win. Im 2-3-0 now. Fuggin ridiculous. I gotta get Green, Knuble, Poti, and Erskine off the team. They just suck.

    Kovy offered me Gonchar, and Staal for Green, and Semin. But that’s not enough for those two.



  61. why doesn’t everyone in msg chant fatso instead of maaarrrtyyy, kinda like faaaaaaatttssssoooooo

  62. True Fans, and Salty, Drury is exactly the player I thought he was when I wrote that the Rangers would go out and spend A-list money on B-list free agents like Chris Drury and Scott Gomez. And people killed me for saying that. They were the best FAs that year. That didn’t make them Sakic and Jagr in their primes.

    And, yes, I do think he’s fine as a captain, respected by his players and his coaches. He’s just not a superstar. And right now he’s not playing very well.

    CCCP, please don’t pull that crap anymore.

  63. Wish I had more info for you wicky; I tried to order a shirt as soon as I saw it. I’ll update this blog when they are available.

  64. Drury should get his C stripped and/or bumped to third line for good. He’s not even that good on the PK anymore!!! The guy is playing with no heart.

  65. noonan


    and re the d men of the rangers from your all caps post. None of them have that crease clearing metality which is the whole problem and why we need a couple more

  66. I don’t think he’s a good Captain. If he says to the players what he says to the media, then he’s one horrific leader. I mean can you imagine them playing a decent period but losing 3-0, and he tells them “We played good, don’t let it ruin your intermission, cause i wont”

    The least this loser can do is step up his games for the playoffs, if NYR makes it. That’s all i ask.

  67. Don Carpeon, I am honored and grateful to be a part of this wonderful community. Please, don’t make me an offer I can’t refuse! Forgive me blogfather!

  68. Either he is injured or he’s lacking what it takes to be the Rangers captain in my opinion. Conditioning and/or Tortorella’s safe-is-death forecheck system not working out for him? IDK.

    He looks like he doesn’t even want to touch the puck anymore especially in the defensive zone. Watch his legs move compared to a player like Ryan Callahan. It’s almost hard to watch.

    Not to be so negative I am just in the foulest mood today.

  69. wicky229,
    The only conclusion I can draw on Drury is…
    Drury is like President Bush…
    Katrina…Bush’s fault
    the economy…Bush’s fault
    the war on terror…Bush’s fault
    A hurricane/sunami at any time, anywhere…Bush’s fault
    So called “Global Warming”…Bush’s fault.
    The bank crisis…Bush’s fault
    the Mortgage problem…Bush’s fault.
    The fact that L.F. Posts on this site…Bush’s fault
    Staals turnover and Hanks bad goal…Bush’s fault…whoops I mean Drury’s fault

    Sorry I just had to do it.

  70. drury’s quieter demeanor is one of the reasons why I think avery is the perfect player to wear one of the A’s.

    I know this is going to set alot of people off, but we have not had a true “captain” type player wear the C since messier. A captain type player to me is an iginla or a lecavalier type player. Drury is the best of the 3 since mess (not best player, best captain type). I just think in the game of hockey, sometimes brutal and very physical, your leader has to be a guy that will fight or throw the body alot when necessary to do those type of things to show the team what it takes to win “at all costs”, the desire, the commitment,to win

  71. We should just go after Vinny Lecavalier. He looks like a zombie playing in Tampa. Ive never seen someone look so depressed while on the bench. Poor guy.

    It would take a hell of a lot to bring him over, but what i line that would be. Prospal reunited with Vinny L, and throw in Gabby on the wing. Oh baby.

    It would never happen though. But that would be fun to watch.

  72. ” I just think in the game of hockey, sometimes brutal and very physical, your leader has to be a guy that will fight or throw the body alot when necessary to do those type of things to show the team what it takes to win “at all costs”, the desire, the commitment,to win”

    That sounds a lot like Ryan Callahan, wicky!

  73. Drury is like President Bush…
    Katrina…Bush’s fault
    the economy…Bush’s fault
    the war on terror…Bush’s fault
    A hurricane/sunami at any time, anywhere…Bush’s fault
    So called “Global Warming”…Bush’s fault.
    The bank crisis…Bush’s fault
    the Mortgage problem…Bush’s fault.
    The fact that L.F. Posts on this site…Bush’s fault
    Staals turnover and Hanks bad goal…Bush’s fault…whoops I mean Drury’s fault


    Ok then, who is Obama? Torts?

    Inherited horrible team from previous not so genius regime … making something good out of it
    Spirited and truthful? Trying to redefine and rebuild respect of the organization? Global warming… definitely not his fault… :P

    its kinda weak, but… it keeps the conversation going

  74. Staal

    great… I mean GREAT analogy!!!!!


    yea it does, but not according to torts (ha ha)!!


    What the hell did you do to get the wrath of the blogfather like that!?!?!

  75. Dios mio, I know the political banter doesn’t get brought up too often on this blog but I hate it when it does. How about it’s a tie, they both did/are doing terrible jobs.

  76. yeah wicky229 i said something aboot his mom… not like a was lying aboot it…but… Don Carpeon did not like it.

  77. there is no difference between the last administration and this administration.

    the last real president got shot in the head when he tried to do something right for this country. the last real republican was goldwater.

    its time for everyone to wake up. its not rep/dem anymore. it hasnt been in forever. open your eyes and ears children.

  78. i have no problem talkin about politics in here, i know some will. i dont care. there are actually some smart people in here when it comes to politics and those people are the people i would love to talk to.

  79. “its time for everyone to wake up. its not rep/dem anymore. it hasnt been in forever. open your eyes and ears children.”

    TR…awesome…I totally agree. Most rep’s are like local fan, they want stuff from both parties…
    CTBlueshirt…at least you admit he is doing a terrible job.

  80. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    i put Crosby right up there with Brodeur in the whiner/diver department.

    Two very talented players… far too talented to be so lame with sportsmanship. The act like Divas on the ice playing a mans game. Suck it up.

    It’s ok to play with passion, it’s not ok to be a baby.
    Marty is setting records… he should try a little humility and appreciation for his team. His interviews are like a game of pass the buck and point the finger when the Devs lose.

  81. From the Simpsons Halloween episode where the two space aliens first pose as Dole/Clinton and then after Homer reveals their true identities they still get elected president and enslave Earth.

  82. marty is one of the most overrated players in the history of the nhl. He has numbers due to being a DECENT goalie on a trap team in a hooking/interference era. Roy is ten times the goalie marty will ever be!!!!

  83. Hasek was better too.

    From a hockey fan’s perspective, Marty does deserve most of the praise he’s gotten. He had great defenses in front of him but ultimately he still had to stop the puck. Does that make him the best of all time just because of his wins and shutouts? No, not at all. He’s been fortunate enough to avoid injury outside of last year as well.

    However his playoff performances since the lockout have been very subpar and even when they were winning Cups he was never the Conn Smythe recipient.

  84. Renney was more like Obama.

    Tortorella believes in this thing called “responsibility” and earning your icetime. Tortorella for presidente!

  85. Wow Carp, you’re hanging out with some rough crowds if you’re getting kicked in the you-know-whats.

  86. politics is like history if you dont learn from it it will repeat itself.

    we could be talking about sean averys first blog post i suppose instead.

    i dont know if it was here where commenter were saying the site and his twitter were fake. its real.

  87. Hey guys i need some help and maybe one of you has some ideas. im going to PA tonight to see my nephew and ill be there through the weekend. anyone know of any site that i can watch the game on. Must me Mac computer friendly. greatly appreciate it. id also would like to start brain washing my nephew now so he doesnt become a flyers or penguins fan! ha. so i can tell him when he gets a little older that he used to love watching the ranger games with me. ha

  88. guys my PS3 wireless stopped working going to have to fix it this weekend. been practicing offline so I’m at least getting better.

  89. ranger909

    i hope so.

    everyone else

    im sorry for going off on the politics. ive been coding all day staring at my pc for 10 hrs now. just got the touch pro 2 (tilt 2 on at&t) and ive been coding twitter programs for that as well as a couple websites here and there. ive been mad @ people on here for talking off subject before so it shouldnt be any different for me.

  90. sorry if this was brought up already…

    JEFF M. we DID collectively agree to not respond to shim who shall remain nameless, but for some reason, almost everyone forgot about the blood vow we all took! I’m a bit disappointed that the guys got sucked back into the black hole that is typing a response to shim.

  91. TR-808

    That’s a hard knock life you got there bro! Twitter coding?? touch pro aka tilt 2 on at&t?? You’re a true OG! :P


    Sometimes dark force is strong!

  92. you must not fall prey to the dark side!!!

    use your jedi powers to repel the dark force lurking in our midst!!

    hey Wicky, did you ever order the Avery Rules t shirt for Mrs. Wicky?

  93. random thought, Steve Phillips has terrible taste in females to cheat on his wife with…sheeeeeeeesh

  94. CCCP, you are a credit to society! so helpful to your fellow man, it brings a tear to mine eyes~

  95. linda

    yes, she really wanted the one the nhl “outlawed”, but she really likes the one you suggested, so a belated thanks!!!!

    I think she has more ranger gear than I do!!

  96. so waitin for Aves shirts to come out… i love that one! Wonder if I can be sneaky and get the man to wear it, just for a pic!!

    beard of wisdom! noggin of power?

  97. wicky be illin!!!

    brashear is sore? maybe he needs a midol and some chocolate! exactly what is he sore from? this is what happens when you sign an almost 40 year old as your enforcer!!!!!! leave that job to younger men, please!

  98. Sally, that’s the second time I’ve word the word shim today. I don’t why, but I find that funny.

    Thanks to VJ and many of you, the sister blog hit a record high on comments on that post! Thanks, it gets so lonely over there….Will be posting a Staal pet update shortly.

  99. the shirt on his site with the crossed sticks on the front and his number on the back is just freaking sick!!!

  100. linda

    yep, it rocks…gonna have to get it in a couple differ sizes, the wife wants it also

  101. just wondering because I was following him and have not seen any tweets from him in quite a while.

  102. I have to check out this shirt….maybe we can all wear it at Warren, embarrass the heck out of TR and then get kicked out!

    New sister blog post on all of Staal’s pets…fab, I must say.

    Heads and gals, I’m outta here for tonight. Let’s all have a good Friday night and renew our peace and respect tomorrow, eh? Phew, today was nuts! (Besides, Carp deserves better and I scratch, as wicky knows :)

    LGR and I’ll chat with ya all tomorrow, I’m sure.

  103. Laurel

    If you are still around, talk about some crazy dogs, I know one of the iditarod mushers and her dogs are insane!!! Insanely cool that is!!

  104. See wicky, this is why Greg makes fun of me….just as I check out….anyway, you should send me pics of them! I love those dogs (huskies Patrick!). I used to feel not so good about the sled thing, but it is what they’re bred for and I haven’t heard any complaints, so there ya go…

    OK, really, logging off :)

  105. he chases a lil black rubber disc on a frozen sheet of ice wearin funny pants and a cool lookin shirt and a helment that makes him look neanderthal

  106. wow, $20 a month to read zips blog. I love readin his stuff, but given Dolan $240 a year while I live in bama just is not gonna happen!

  107. I know Wicky RIGHT!!! Check out the t-shirts. It would have been really cool if there was a play on words for the original 6. Like with that Edmonton logo. That’s pretty cool too….

  108. Hiya Sharkie! how ya feelin today? Did the warm salt water help, or are you just hitting the jack daniels?

  109. LOL Hi Linda,

    Im feeling pretty good. Thank you for asking. The jaw is a little sore still but Im 95% and yes I did swish around warm water & salty ;) You take such good care of your little jaws friend ;) Thank you =D Are YOU having a better day ?

  110. lmao @ lil jaws friend!! thats great!

    much better day today. had a great talk with the boss and he’s gonna try to get me some help if possible. it’s good to know you’re appreciated, no matter what kind of job/career you are in, its always nice to be told you do a great job. and YOU GUYS do a great job!

  111. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " 2 losses in a row , time for re-Hab" ...says Greg L. on

    Come backkkkk Laurelllll ~~~~~~~~come back sister!!!!

    CCCP , bad ,bad ,bad and bad…too bad I never saw what it was but …bad!!

  112. he said TEEF! i’m rollin!!! this blog needs its own tv show! too many funny, witty people on here!

  113. Anyone see Ovechkin get fined, but not suspended, for slew-footing? Didn’t someone recently get suspended 3 games for the same thing? Am I missing something here besides the fact that Bettman won’t suspend a star?

  114. maybe that Buttman has no, hmm, ricks nieces and nephews read this so i gotta keep it clean, i could describe it but then they might ask questions, so lets see, i’ll just say

    buttman has no spaldings! what a coward!

  115. Shor

    I was NOT a slew foot. I just watched the replay of it 3 times….

    ” I AMUSE YOU? WHAT AM I AM EFFIN CLOWN?? ” ;) Glad you and the boss talked it out

  116. Shoryuken

    i think you covered it… Buttman wont suspend a star.

    Is that how they teach to spell Russian in college, with accent? lol

    Repeat after me – ne horosho!


    it was bad… so bad that it had to be removed, then locked… then burnt and then thrown in the ocean!

  117. CCCP

    It was pretty priceless & he deserved it. That tool deserves all of the abuse he gets on here LOL But he should get ignored LOL


    Glad Im not one either =P

  118. Carp, any way you can bring up the petition to get the Sabres off of MSG in Utica/Albany..

    you know…

    30 year old RANGER markets?

    we understand its a money ploy for people to buy Center Ice and on a top ten list of things to do for Carp somewhere between 9 and 10.

  119. cwgatti

    just noticed your post from the first part of this thread about reitz and I agree with you 100%

  120. Panthers up on the Pens 2-0 early in the second period. Penguins are resting Fleury tonight.

    OH no, Dvorak just missed a short-handed breakaway

  121. Yet another game to be blacked out tomorrow night. Again, even if you’re not effected, please sign the petition and support your fellow fans. Imagine how pissed you’d be if you couldn’t see the games (even with Center Ice). They even blacked out the home opener in favor of the Sabres. We’re only 2 hours away from home ice, but 5 from the Sabres! This shouldn’t be happening. I’ll keep fighting this. I hope you guys will help and fight with me. If you are effected, call Time Warner or your local service provider tomorrow night and vent your frustrations. Urge them to put pressure on the NHL to “re-zone” the area and give it back to the Rangers fans that had it for nearly 40 years. If the thousands of pissed off fans out there all called and complained at the same time, theres no way they could continue to ignore us.

  122. Just signed the petition too! I would be absolutely devastated if i wasn’t able to watch Rangers games! I’ll make all my friends and relatives sign the petition too! Good luck!

  123. Thanks for the support, everyone! It’s going to be a push, but I think we can make waves with this petition. Especially tomorrow night when yet another game is blacked out in favor of the Sabres (the third game just this month). I’ll be in the comments section of this and every other blog and forum hoping to find more angered fans that want to be able to watch the game in their own living room.

  124. I think this game will have additional inner plot considering one former “big” little Ranger has something to prove (in his twisted mind), don’t you think? He is their best so far, we have to addmit.

  125. I didn’t hate Gomez when he was here, but his goofy smile got on my nerves, so I thought this was funny from the TSN message board from a Habs fan:

    “Gomez should quit the stand up comedy routine and get serious about playing hard and earning all the money in his big contract.”

    Ha, I guess he is just goofy all the time and everywhere he goes.

  126. Yeah, Nasty. Agree. It is just his character, but he is still a very good on ice (thanks to Slats his paycheck is not our headache anymore) and I’m kind of concern that Dwarfs trio could do some damage to us today with added motivation and physiological help of domestic crowd. It will be interesting to see our team in this “mental toughness” department. I hope we will pass this test and win. Team needs that desperately.

  127. Ahh Gday! just under 8 hours to go.

    According to Zipay’s blog the lines at practice yesterday were:

    ” Lisin-Prospal-Gaborik




    I feel pretty good about these lines. especially lines 1&3. Line 2 has huge potential for grinding out garbage goals. I think Kotalik and Avery will mesh well too. If Drury can clog the middle for those 2 I think we have another scoring line.

  128. Gomez, btw has as many points as Paul Mara so far, so he hasn’t been lighting it up either. But he will be dangerous tonight.

  129. Loving little stories within hockey, I will be greatly disappointed if Higgins will not score his first Ranger’s goal against his former team; he was openly rooted for so long. For him it’s almost “it’s now or never…” considering Torts and fans inpatient expectations. For one thing it will be very entertaining and nail biting game. Can’t wait. My productivity at work is sharply down.

  130. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I’m not sure about these new lines (I’m probably in the minority here)…

    The third line (Avery-Drury-Kotalik) is the only one that looks better to me but time will tell I suppose.

    As far as the d-pairings go I think the change will help. I’d still like to see Staal play his stay at home game with Del Zotto but Torts has his mind set on Staal being an offensive threat as well.

  131. Besides obvious desire for win, I also would love Rangers to make a devastating blow to Montreal collective psyche on their turf. Absolutely can’t stand their arrogant, national-hockeyist, living in team’s past fans. Watched couple games in a Bell Centre (I believed at that time I deserve a Purple Heart) like being behind enemy line.
    Probably they would feel the same at MSG, but it doesn’t matter…

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