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Hah! Did you see or hear that Tortorella gave you guys a shout-out!??

Here’s the good stuff from the Rangers:

October 22, 2009 – New York Rangers 2, New Jersey Devils 4 (Game #10, Home #6)

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And here’s the event summary

  • The Rangers were defeated by the New Jersey Devils, 4-2, in front of a sold-out crowd (18,200) at Madison Square Garden.
  • New York have sold out 162 consecutive regular season games, dating back to November 5, 2005 against New Jersey; the last regular season non-sellout was October 31, 2005 vs. Montreal (17,697); including the playoffs, the Rangers sellout streak is now at 176 games.
  • The Blueshirts dropped to 7-3-0 overall, including a 4-2-0 mark at home; the Rangers are 12-3-0 in their last 15 regular season games at MSG.
  • The Rangers converted one of three power play opportunities to extend their streak to eight games (12-33, 36.4%) with at least one goal on the man advantage, their longest since they tallied a power play goal in 10 straight during the 2005-06 season (Mar. 12 – Mar. 29).
  • Marian Gaborik put the Rangers on the board with a power play tally at 1:47 of the second period; he finished the contest with four shots in a game-high, 24:29 of icetime, and is now tied for third in the league in goals (seven) and points (13), ranks second in the NHL in shots (43) and sixth among all forwards in average icetime (21:47).
  • Ales Kotalik led the team with two points (one goal and one assist) in 16:41 of icetime; he recorded an assist on Gaborik’s power play goal, and is now tied for the league lead in power play points (eight) and ranks second in the NHL in power play assists (six).
  • Vinny Prospal tallied a power play assist and won seven faceoffs (7-12, 58%) in 24:09 of icetime; he is now tied for second in the NHL in assists (nine) and sixth in points (12).
  • Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi collected one assist in the contest, and now ranks 14th among NHL defensemen in points (six).
  • Brandon Dubinsky delivered a season-high, 10 hits, and Ryan Callahan registered a team-high, six shots in the contest.

John Tortorella on facing adversity… “I thought we stood up pretty good here tonight, being down 2-0.  Third period, I thought we were playing well. A kind of funny goal goes in on us and we are just not able to score the next one.  This is when you start finding out about your club, when you go through situations like this.  It is a long year, but these are the type of situations where you play your next game…how some guys react.  I am not disappointed in the team as far as how they played.  I thought they made some good plays.  We made some bonehead plays that cost us but I like the way we battled back.  The guys stayed together so we will see what happens when we play Montreal.”

Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game… “It hurts to lose the game.  We came back after the first couple of periods.  They came out pretty strong.  When you lose the puck at the wrong time of the game, it is going to really hurt you.  We came back and played really well in the second half of the game.  It is a tough way to lose a game.”

Chris Drury on the third period…  “Other than the bounce (on the Devils third goal) tonight I thought our third (period) was pretty good. I thought we had good chances. Sometimes you don’t get the bounces you need in the third and you lose the game.”

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  1. hey guys. We all knew this team was mediocore…They won a couple games and we think we won the cup.

  2. Izzy..what are you talking about? LOOK AT OUR TEAM.. you actually thought this team was good?

  3. Haha, nevermind :) Some thoughts on the team and game

    Kotalik is averaging what, 13-14 minutes of ice time and is playing at a PPG pace? I think he should be getting second line minutes just to see if he can produce more at even strength (granted i know most of his points are on the PP but still)

    Girardi has just looked awful these past few games after rebounding at the start of the season, he’s behind only Rozsival for worst D man. He let Parise get behind him on their first goal, and mishandled on the third goal. Had a nice pass to Kotalik though

    Del Zotto has been showing his physical side the past couple games, not afraid to toss his (or what little he has) weight around. Kid will be a stud when as he grows bigger.

    Gilroy has been making a lot of smart defensive plays, as well as Redden.

    Hank has to sharpen his game and stop falling asleep when theres no imminent pressure on him

    I could probably say more but im getting lazy and want to play some poker instead

  4. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    loco fan

    Are you schizophrenic? When you say “our team” just who are you talking about? Jerzey?

  5. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Loco Fan walks into the psychiatrist wearing only Glad Wrap for shorts.

    The shrink says, “Well, I can clearly see your nuts.”

  6. I was at the game tonight. Sitting in Section 5 on the blue line. Of course all the goals were scored on the OTHER end of the rink.

    Anyways, what I did see is that for the Devils 2 goals, our D got caught flat footed / watching the play. The first goal in particular.

    I have Rangers in 60 on – they just showed the Rangers PP goal twice! haha – oops in the production truck.

    I thought the effort was there tonight. Avery looked terrible on the puck. He was getting bumped off it pretty easy behind the net.

    Someone else mentioned this last week, but does Drury EVER use two hands on his stick?

    It looked like we let a Devils player walk out from behind the net on the third goal – did he tip it on the way to Hank? The crowd groaned when he left in that softie.

    Gaborik looked really good this game. He created a bunch of scoring chances and made some nifty moves and passes.

    I think the biggest thing I noticed was that when our forwards get the puck in the slot, they are reluctant to shoot. A couple of times the had a nice lane from just outside and between the faceoff circles and they didn’t pull the trigger. I hope their confidence gets better so they don’t think every rush needs to end in a breakaway.

    Sucks that we lost to the Devils though, I hate them.

  7. (Sitting In An English Garden) Waiting For The Sun on

    “Sometimes you don’t get the bounces you need in the third and you lose the game.”

    Classic Drury. The guy cant even pretend to give a f**k

  8. Everybody here was saying that after what happened in the game against SJ they will come out strong with Jersey. But, no, somehow they were totally unprepared to play. It starts to remind me the last few years with this assistant coach from Edmonton. They were as flat as they could be against their supposed most hated rival! Staal and Girardi just AWFUL, Giggins – did he play at all?? And on top of that Avery has managed to almost loose a fight with this joke Mottau, which in turn gave all the confidence to NJ and after which they score 2 quick goals. Also, please, explain me what was Torts saying that they need more production out of Calli but when asked about our beloved clutchmobile driver he starts to cover him up telling that, no he does some other things. Yeah, wright… Maybe polishing his Cluthmobile!

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devil went down to MSG" ...says Greg L. on

    HEY LOCAL IDIOT , WHY COME NOW? You stayed away before and while we were winning , funny you show up now when we lose .
    Your 1 sentense post show how bright you are. I called you out you pussy before the game and now you show up? GET LOST!!!!!!

  10. Grabachev

    Hey bro, really sorry to hear about what happened. I’m not really much about that prayer stuff, but I do wish you and your buddy all the best through this!!!!

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devil went down to MSG" ...says Greg L. on

    My condolences to yer friend Mike ,Nice to see that your there for him . Your a good guy.

  12. A Local Fan decides to come back now huh? lol

    Unfortunately I’m in Kansas and missed the game (first in 2 years…thank u DVR)…can anyone give a brief synopsis, from a Ranger Fan POV of the game?

  13. *Also, please, explain me what was Torts saying that they need more production out of Calli but when asked about our beloved clutchmobile driver he starts to cover him up telling that, no he does some other things. Yeah, wright… Maybe polishing his Cluthmobile!*


    For the record, Captain Clutch isn’t gonna let this loss ruin my Pomme Day! The first day in the Month of Brumaire in the French Republican Calendar! And the Clutchmobile is already polished! Captain Clutch polishes it every afternoon! Why do you think Captain Clutch is never at any optional practices???

    Now…are you blaming Captain Clutch for Callahan’s lack of production??? Captain Clutch is FAMOUS for my motivational skills! All of Captain Clutch’s wingers have to work a lot harder to score goals when Captain Clutch is their center!!!

    I guess you want to blame Captain Clutch for Higgins playing like a bum too! Wait a second, every winger who plays with Captain Clutch doesn’t produce offensively! Hmmm……..well, there’s an old saying back in Trumbull! You can lead a horse to the Little League World Series, but that doesn’t make it clutch!

    Besides, Captain Clutch is on FIRE! 2 goals in 10 games! On pace for 16 goals this year! What firepower! And if San Jose didn’t score those extra 7 goals on Monday, Captain Clutch would’ve had the CLUTCH game-winner!

    Coach Lunatic is right! Captain Clutch does “some other things”! And Captain Clutch also does “the little things”! Take “some other things”, add “the little things”, and BOOM! You have a 7-3 start!!! Without Captain Clutch’s “little things” and “some other things” too, this team is 0-10 right now!

    /peels off in Clutchmobile

  14. Coyotes win.

    The Rangers deficiencies are on defense. Girardi got burned a few times again tonight. Experience won’t make his feet move faster.

    gaborik looked good? how many shots? 4. And he was a minus 2. He sucked tonight. He can shoot but he can’t create. He needs Dubinsky. He had a couple of nice feeds, but he missed the net.

    We need help, we need Roszival to retire.

    girardi and Staal had terrible nights too. turrible just turrible.

  15. Drury made some good plays tonight. He’s not a fifty goal scorer. He’s a good hockey player.

    most people who criticize him don’t know the first thing about playing hockey.

    He’s not a 40 goal scorer, he is exactly what he always has been. A good defensive forward, sound hockey decisions, a good face-off man. you know Tortorella picked him as Captain right? Why don’t you bitch about Tortorella now?

    how many free agents and yutes comment on how good Chris Drury was for them?

    I’m trying really hard not to say “retarded” right now.

  16. I think Girardi and Staal need to be broken up and given different partners for a while. they seem to have gone stale together, standing around and waiting for the other guy to do it instead of working in tandem.
    they were awful tonight.

  17. “He’s not a 40 goal scorer”

    Exactly! Captain Clutch is on pace for 16!

    “A good defensive forward”

    -10 as a Ranger, but +1 this year!

    “sound hockey decisions”

    uhhhh…Captain Clutch does float around the defensive zone aimlessly a lot, and sometimes Captain Clutch does forget to pick up his man, but how about those clutch dump-ins!

    “a good face-off man”

    49.4% faceoff percentage for Captain Clutch! That’s almost half! 54th in the NHL!

    Captain Clutch loves you Rangers fans!!! You guys don’t let inconvenient “facts” get in the way when you can make up “little things”, “other things” and “intangibles” for Captain Clutch! And I haven’t even won anything here! Not only that, I’m Mr. 7.7 from Buffalo! Ha-Ha! Best fans in the NHL!!!

  18. Drury has certainly not been outstanding, or even great lately. For the amount of money he makes that is a shame.

    I agree Drury doesn’t affect the game in a positive way nearly enough, but he isn’t the reason we lost this game. He really has been invisible. But Chris Drury didn’t cause this loss.

    I don’t even know if he belongs on the second line.

    Torts is promising changes now. Demote Dubinsky? He’s put the puck right on Gaboriks stick so many times it is ridiculous. Maybe he can help another line, but he isn’t the reason that the first isn’t scoring.

  19. The Rangers will be fine, and bounce from this loss. Having said that, it is becoming, pretty clear that this teams major weakness is at center. To be a true contender they are going to need a play making center. Cally is floundering playing with Drury, and he needs an up grade at center for him to score like he can.

  20. Yikes Staal has played some stinkers lately that’s a little worrisome but some of his best talents were positioning and calmness in controlling the puck in his own end. These are things you don’t
    lose overnight but hoping he finds game pronto. Meanwhile like Koala said, MDZ is showing a bit of a physical side of his game. Between that and his PP prowess he’s becoming the best alll around D on the team.

    I don’t know how Gaborik and Prospal could have their minus ratings attributed to their play. The first two goals were major breakdowns in D-man coverage while the 3rd was an unfortunate bounce. Along with PP those two were the primary creators of offense.

    Higgins has steadily slippped since a decent looking start. Frustration maybe but he’s been a non-factor for at least the past 4 games.

    Cally was missing that extra jump he usually provides, flu/cold kept him down?

    Avery is better at the bang bang plays than carrying the puck and scoring from long range.

    Even if he does most of his damage on the PP, Kotalik has become the Rangers best source of secondary offense. I don’t know if that’s good that he’s exceeded most people’s expectations or bad that other players haven’t stepped up. Some of both I suppose.

  21. It will be interesting to see how Staal plays this year. In Torts system, the defense gets worked, and will take a lot of punishment during the season. I wonder if this is having an effect on Staal. He doesn’t look as strong this year. That’s for sure.

  22. maybe if Torts would have incorporated a REAL BONEHEAD play, the way you guys coach, just maybe they’d have had that extra jump.

    Mike, I am soooo sorry to hear about your friends baby. Sooo incredibly sad. Thoughts and prayers going out his way, and your way.

  23. I think that since we have Gilroy and DelZ now, Torts should not put so much pressure on Staal to be more offensive. If the time is right, and it is late in the game and we are up by a few then sure, but he just doesn’t have the prowess that Gils and Delz have. He needs to do what he does best and be a good stay back dman that takes the body and covers his man. He really played a stinker last night, and looked like Redden of last year.

    Even though it was a loss, and a loss to the Devils, it was not a bad game. One bad goal, and the some missed chances for us. The first two Devils goals were things of beauty unfortunately.

    And I will say it again, Zach Parise is an amazing player. Definitely top 10 in the NHL. Every single time he is on the ice he does something. Damn you Jessiman!

  24. I think Staal can turn it around, but I think knowing now that these two new kids can handle that part of the defensive game, meaning bringing offense from the back end, Staal should just stick to what he does best.

  25. thanks everybody. means alot. i will be heading to ny tommorow. sadly, i wont be goin to a game. or meetin any of u guys at warrens. but thanks guys and girls. youre the best.

    nasty- i agree. i said few days ago that staal and girardi shouldnt be trying to play offense. they are clearly losing focus of what they should be doing. if staal scores the few extra goals from trying to be brian leetch, the amount of breakdowns and goals against will be much greater. weve seen it already a few times. girardi too. i think they should be broken up and maybe put staal with gilroy and girardi with redden. wasnt staal and rozy a good combo last year? the offense is gonna have to get the team wins. whenever we score 3 or less we lose. we have to score 4 to win almost every time now. not a knock on hank cuz hes been great most of the time, but between his softies and the d breakdowns and the wussification of a few d men we need even more offense from gabby. i know, it sucks to put all the pressure on him and duby, but most of our other fwds arent doin jack. higgins, drury,cally,avery, AA,lisin all have 2 goals. higgins has none!! put voros in his spot. at least he’ll hit people and try hard.

  26. I turned the game off after the 1st and watched the rest of transformers and beginning of impact. Then tuned in to see the dweebs go ahead and turned off again.
    Dissapointing to say the least!

  27. “Drury made some good plays tonight. He’s not a fifty goal scorer. He’s a good hockey player.

    most people who criticize him don’t know the first thing about playing hockey.”

    he is a decent hockey player with AVG skills but he just cannot handle playing in NY i think the pressure has now officially gotten to him…..he fans on most chances-he had a rebound chance in the second period-everytime the puck mangaged to hop over his stick or he cannot catch the puck clean…..he makes a horrific play with about 8 minutes to go in the second period-I MEAN HORRIFIC-he takes the puck on his red line with limited pressure on him and while his 4 teammates are off to the bench he backhands the puck carelessly barely over the redline-it was like a 20yard lateral and luckily while we were totally caught changing i think Rob Neidermeyer made a worse play by being way offsides on what would have been a clear 2-0 tks to DREARY…Drury has to read the play there get over the redline and get the puck deep-instead he takes two strides and makes a HORRIFIC HORRIFIC play! HE JUST CANNOT HANDLE THE PRESSURE OF BEING THE CAPTAIN OF THE NY RANGERS-luckily this team is talented and you barely recognize him on the ice this season….enough on OUR CAPTAIN or else im going to VOMIT all over my keyboard:

    The defense struggled last night no doubt about it-it is going to happen over a 82 game season…..we had a few chances in the 3rd period but we could not find a way to beat marty…..

  28. but i do like staals rushes. he does have the confidence to carry it in hes just not gifted offensively. i think he could be a much better contributer on offense if he practices his shot and maybe gets some on the pp. girardi too. hes got a good shot. he just needs to be able to get it to the net better.
    also, i think avery was good last night, he still shouldve beat the crap out of mottau, but it seems hes being held back from torts. i havent seen him get other players off their games really. i think torts should give him a greenlight to start causing a little chaos. hes at his best when he does that.

  29. Im biting my tongue from people who are saying “stop blaming Drury for the loss” because not one person on here who is criticizing him said he was at fault for the loss. We all were saying where was he for his “CLUTCHNESS” last night when they needed a tying goal???
    I play division I & II hockey for my rec league here in NYC, so I think I know what Im talking about when it come to Mr. Excellent. Im not taking anything away from his previous successes in Colorado & Buffalo. Here, he isnt playing up to his “HYPE” sure he has flashes here and there but he is about has inconsistent as they come. Of course I would love that other player to show up. The player that Sather THOUGHT he was getting…but in 2.5 years… I dont know if he is going to…

    On that note. Im going to work. Have a good day all…

  30. seth- yea, drury should not be captain of this team. maybe the islanders he coul be a captain there, but no, hes definitely been a disappointment in every year hes played here. i do think he cares alot and wants to be better, but he just isnt. whatever he did in his past, it was always with much better players being surrounded with. idk what torts was expecting out of cally-dru-avery. whers the playmaker and wheres the sniper? cally is not a sniper. aves is not a playmaker. we had a checking line as our 2nd scoring line.

  31. Torts knows Drury is not that good…..i think the lines where shuffled purely becaues of Drury’s play-i do not think Dubinsky was demoted….i think torts said to himself we need more from the second line so lets mix it up a bit and see what happens…Lisin-Prospal-Gabby were ok in the third nothing spectacular….Callahan-Dubi-Avery were decent had some chances….Kotalik-Drury-Higgins-well yes tks for drury the line was invisible for the 3-4 shifts in the third-lets face it who ever is playing with drury looks relatively invisible right now-if you think Drury is having a good start to this season you are mistaken…like i said before this team is pretty talented so luckily u hardly notice him in the offensive zone-you notice him when he makes a bad play on the defensive side of the play

  32. Just because you play hockey doesn’t mean you know any more than anyone else here. A lot of us play hockey. Some with impressive resumes, some who have never left the pond in their backyard. We can all see what Drury is or isn’t doing out there. You could be a paraplegic, living on a beach in St John, whose only experience with ice is in his drink, and clearly see that Drury is nothing more than a solid #2 center who timed the market like no other player in history. . . . .except for Redden.

  33. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    I must be missing the shout-out…. you mean when he said bonhead?? somebody fill me in my brain isn’t functioning right this morning!!

  34. I have a friend that’s a huge Drury defender, he’s bought into the Captain Clutch hype hook, line and sinker despite the mountains of empirical evidence I’ve given him that shows otherwise, especially during his Rangers career.

    The other day he sent me some analysis of his own showing that the Drury was off to his best pace of production in his career based on his even strength after scoring a whole 2 goals in 10 games. I even helped out with his massively flawed analysis using his small sample sized 10 output and said even if you assume he keeps this production up (lofty standards I know) and produces on special teams (given his lack of PP time I doubt it), his best case scenario is 77 points. He’s never scored more than 67 so I doubt that number is achievable.

    I’ll admit, I thought we were getting a player that would do all the little things punctuated with big goals. And in fact in his first season he had a handful of timely goals but the last 2 years the Clutch Mobile has been stuck in neutral if not going in reverse on numerous nights.

    Yes, he wasn’t responsible for last night’s loss but how much has he contributed to the wins?

  35. You could be a paraplegic, living on a beach in St John, whose only experience with ice is in his drink, and clearly see that Drury is nothing more than a solid #2 center who timed the market like no other player in history. . . . .except for Redden.


  36. All I have to say is boring is back. This was the most boring game I’ve seen all season yet. Clog the neutral zone…dump it in…clog the neutral zone…dump it in.
    Local fan welcome back you moron! I now see why you have to like both teams…Devils hockey is almost unwatchable.

    You folks blaming Drury are laughable, I can’t believe your still talking about him. What are any of you going to say that hasn’t already been said…its so F***ing funny!
    IMO Staal’s turnovers cost us the game as well as a cheap goal let in my Hank.

    There is only one player that still pisses me off…B-hole…this guy is “sore” give me a break! Sore from what? His big 4 minutes a night…I thought this schmuck was better than Orr. I see Orr playing hard, doing his thing. Brashear plays 4 minutes a night and he’s sore! Haha! Good Times! Good Times!

  37. Don’t forge Rozsival and Gomez on that list!

    Or for that matter Briere, Brian Campbell and Jeff Finger. There are a lot of bad contracts out there. It’s unfortunate that so many of them ended up on the Rangers but they’re not the only team with overpaid players.

  38. Drury is playing like Drury.. his production the last two years basically matches his career avgs.. He came off one 35+ goal season and Sather awarded him an inflated contract.. Cant hate the guy for cashing his check..

  39. Hey Guys,

    I was away on business in Japan, but I am back now. These last two performances should be what we expect..not the first 7-8 Games. This team is very very mediocore..and we all know it.

  40. Away on business in Japan = nothing to troll about while the Rangers were winning.

    Suddenly your trip ends when the Rangers drop 2 in a row. Impeccable timing.

    We’d take you more seriously if you ever showed up during a winning streak and didn’t play the same game on Fire & Ice posing as a Rangers fan.

  41. We would take you more seriously if you had ANY credibility. Being a Devils AND a Ranger fan makes you the equivalent of a hockey hermaphrodite.

    No one needs that.

  42. CTBlue:

    Were you a Whalers fan and then beacame a Ranger fan or your Daddy was a Ranger fan so your a Ranger Fan?

  43. ugh oh, looks like it is going to be another day of traded unpleasantries exchanged. Should be a good time, ha.

  44. Good morning Staal and all…..I’m catching up here.

    Grabby, I am so so sorry… deep condolences to you and your buddy.

    Sally, what’s this business venture I missed? Whatever it is, I want in.

    Sally/Linda, if you come to NY in May and don’t tell me, I will never post your kitties again!

    Why don’t we all just ignore all “local” fans.

  45. Best- Kotalik (PP guru)
    Worst- Staal (Please just defend until you turn 24, ok?)

    How do Devil fans stand watching that kind of game?

  46. I also think its pretty funny that you guys think Chanting MARTY does anything except get him fired up. I mean look at the guys life time record against the rangers. And if you want to talk about recent history (2 years) why dont you go with the most recent history..LAST NIGHT.

  47. Rabid..
    What do you mean how do Devil fans stand watching these types of games? I for one enjoy watching my team sure you didnt enjoy watching your mediocore team loose but hey, this is the “team” Sather built…

  48. guys, don’t forget the agreement we all came to about local. you’re feedin the troll again! don’t fall into that TRAP!

  49. I’m disappointed they lost, but they played well the last two periods. The Devils defenseman played fantastic and Marty played well for a change this season. I was glad to see the Rangers return to the style in the second and Third that made them so successful a couple of weeks ago.

    I also want to thank all of you posters here at Rangers Report for all the kind words you said about the show I did with Carp. The Positive feedback from you Ranger diehards means a lot to me.

    Ranger Thug Life 1970 :Rangers Put Bounty on Bruin’s Derek Sanderson’s Head

  50. Local-Stop being a retard.

    We ALL know you post as a ranger fan on devil board and a devil fan on this board.

    I’m done with you jacka$$

  51. A Local Fan, we’re only kidding with you, we’re having a party, you just came home and we haven’t seen you in a long time and we’re breaking your chops, and you’re getting freaking fresh. We’re sorry, we didn’t mean to offend you.

  52. Laurel, I’m keeping everyone posted on my possible May plans, especially you and Sally. If I am up, I will be going to a concert at “THE NEW MEADOWLANDS” (if i can score tix), shouldnt be hard for you guys to figure out who that’d be. But meeting a bunch of the boneheads at Warren would be to best part of the trip!!!

  53. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Local Fan likes to play both sides of the fence… he’s a ranger fan when they win, and a devils fan when they win… he’s probably a washington/pittsburgh/detroit fan also… so who cares about his grumblings.

    It’s a young season, and he’s taking his shots where he can, i can’t blame him… at least the devils have a better record than the islanders right local fan?

  54. I think Girardi and Staal can stay together. I think the problem is Staal needs to stick to defense only. He’s trying to step up too much. This season Girardi has a bad game followed by Staal the next game. The positive is most of the time the other seems to step up. Most of the time.

  55. Well since you were “away on business” you probably didn’t see that I changed my name since I moved a little while ago from UESBlueshirt.

    And in case you’re geography is a little off, a significant portion of CT resides right along the NY border and tends to follow the NY teams, just like how northern NJ people follow the NY teams as well.

  56. Lets do a Poll,

    Who here is from New jersey but are Ranger fans because their Daddy’s are Ranger Fans??

  57. Yes, a very good read from Hockey Rodent. I’m glad to have seen it so I get more of a sense of the game, which I did not see. He talks about the Devils’ trap, the Rangers coming back against the trap, and Drury perhaps being injured in secret again.

  58. Nasty,

    I know that reference is from GoodFella’s but how does that make any sense?

    Does your GF/Wife call you nasty for your disgusting pubic region?

  59. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    are you a Knicks/Nets fan also?

    How bout Giants/Jets?

    is your favorite comic villain TwoFace??

  60. For the record. I never claimed to know more than anyone else on here.

    Someone said how can you complain about Drury when we probably don’t play. So, I play I know the game pretty well, I think he’s a good player, but not as good as he was hyped up to be and certainly not that good for the $ he’s getting.

  61. Vinny,

    Actually yes. I like the Yankees and Mets..just the Yankees a little bit more. I like the Nets and Knicks..just the Nets a little bit more. And I like the Giants and the Jets equally and when they randomly play eachother I root for a great game…

  62. Yeah well Local I’d at least respect you if we all didn’t already know how much of a fraud you are. I don’t care if you’re a Devils fan, but at least own up to it. You know I am always willing to talk hockey conducted in a reasonable discourse but showing up only when the Rangers lose or at least after losing to the Devils only paints you as a troll.

    And why is it strange for people to follow a team that their parents/family follow? I believe that’s among the most common ways that fans are introduced to their respective rooting interests.

  63. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    i’d pretend to be shocked if i didn’t anticipate that answer. Your a sports train wreck. But hey… if you want to root for every NY/NJ team in existance…. well knock yourself out! Don’t forget to cheer the Islanders and Sabres too!

  64. CT,

    Its not uncommon for a child to follow what there parents are. That is why I dont understand why all you Ranger fans insist on bringing up the fact that the Rangers have more fans then the Devils. All of your parents are Ranger fans..and their parents are/were Ranger fans. Can you agree that it is so pathetic to come back with “if the Devils win a Stanley cup will anybody be there to see it” after Devils fans talk about their great success over the past 15 years?

  65. CT,

    I now admit I am a full Devils fan, but previously I did like both the Devils and Rangers..just the Devils a little its ALOT more…

  66. “Nasty,

    I know that reference is from GoodFella’s but how does that make any sense?

    Does your GF/Wife call you nasty for your disgusting pubic region?”

    HAHAHAHAHA, I LOVE IT! Good one man. My “disgusting pubic region”

    I am literally crying from the laughter.

    We were having some fun yesterday with movie quotes while you are “in Japan”, and Goodfellas just happened to be one of the movies. Were you really in Japan or were you out for Sushi with Brodeur blow up doll?

  67. Nasty,

    I was in Japan on Business. I am an FX trader..It is nice to be home. Im suprised everybody here didnt consider the rangers Stanley cup champs already…

  68. I am selling 3 tickets for the Rangers v. Phoenix game on 10/26 for face value. They are my season seats. Tickets are $108 per person. I am only selling all three together. They are in section 205, Row C. This is almost center ice. They are absolutely amazing seats.

    If you want them, email me at

    Please do not make counter-offers as I will not take less than face value. It is appreciated.

  69. Cute, I think it is easy to get excited when your team is winning. Nobody here was claiming anything. They have been happy with the play so far, realized that they won a few games that perhaps they shouldn’t have, and get annoyed when they lose. Hmmm, sounds like a fan to me.

    Just curious as to what your purpose is? For real. Like what is your deal? Why do you come on this blog? I don’t really know you well, but it seems like when you do come on here, it is usually just to stir things up. It’s one thing for regulars to have a disagreement from time to time, but it seems that all you do is come on here to be a “not nice person” (THAT CENSORSHIP WAS FOR YOU CARP)

    So I am just curious why you bother?

  70. Mitch,

    If you don’t get any full face value offers would you consider 75 bucks for the 3? Let me know. Thanks man.

  71. He should be banned just for making that stupid offer of $75 for 3 tickets that are over $100 face each!

  72. our defense are going to turn pucks over-that is due to pressure from the opponents-no doubt staal had a poor game and we lost the game because the devils capitalized on our defensive turnovers this is going to happen its a long long season—-we are not going to go 79-3…. but give the devils credit as well as they forced our dmen to turn the puck over-i couldnt see who turned the puck over on the game winning goal (MDZ or girardi) but give the devils credit….

    the problem with the DRURY play with 8 minutes left to go in 2nd period is NO ONE WAS PRESSURING HIM,,,HE HAD TIME IN THE NEUTRAL ZONE and MADE AN EMBARRASSING PLAY-its a play that unaceeptable from any of the sixteen starters in the lineup….watch the play again- i heard from a buddy joe/sam did not comment on it but it was a HORRENDOUS HORRENDOUS play/turnover-it was i guess overshadowed tks to the BONEHEAD miscommunication between the two devils players or as i SAID BEFORE WOULD HAVE BEEN A CLEAR CUT TWO ON NONE AGAINST HANK….these are the plays that piss me off-it we get worn down and beat physically its going to happen we cannot win all the physical battles all the time but we cannot SHOOT OURSELVES IN THE FOOT with MINDLESS plays where we do not sense the SITUATION-ok i need to take a walk TGIF!

  73. (Sitting In An English Garden) Waiting For The Sun on

    sorry (to everybody but LOCAL, i know profanity is frowned upon)

  74. AHHHH yes, drury blaming again. He deserves to be blamed for getting overpaid!!! Does he have off games like every other player in the NHL….YEP. But the way some of you talk, every game we lose by one or two goals is his fault for not being “clutch”. If he scored a “clutch” goal in all the games he was blamed for not scoring that “clutch” goal in, he would be a perennial 50 goal scorer and making 10 mil a year. Give it a rest folks, drury’s stats with the rangers are right along with his career avg (I think JS said that earlier).

    Besides, how many times do you hear drury refer to himself as capt. clutch or just as clutch…ummm never, it is something that everyone else calls him so unless everyone else out there taht knows anything about him or hockey is stupid, maybe just maybe he’s earned it along the way!!

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