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Good late morning. I’m trying to wrap up a few things so I can head to MSG for tonight’s game, which should be interesting given all the history, and given what the Rangers did (or didn’t do) Monday, and given the usual Avery-Brodeur and other assorted rivalry stuff that accompanies Rangers vs. Devils.

I’m sure you read yesterday that Mathieu Dandeneault is on a tryout at Hartford. Both Marian Gaborik and Ryan Callahan (flu) are expected to play tonight.

You can see video coverage of last night’s Lester Patrick awards ceremony — Mark Messier and Mike Richter were honored along with Jimmy Devellano — on NHL. com.

Another of the Class of ’94, Adam Graves, takes questions on Rangers Radio with Jim Cerny today at noon.

Here are the official pregame notes for Devils-Rangers tonight.

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  1. What would you give up from this current Rangers team and prospets in Hartford, to get Kovalchuk? Just curious. Not starting any rumors, but I would be curious to see what people would be willing to part with to get him. We would definitely need to shed salary to make room for him. Just throwing this out there.

  2. If you add a Kovalchuk to this Rangers team. You would have Gabby and Kovy. In my eyes, it is almost like having a Crosby/Malkin or a Ovie/Semin. Two absolute offensive threats. I know there is much more to a team than that, but these two guys are legit, young, and are among the elite in the NHL and the world. You always have Hank in net. IMO if you don’t have to part with TOO MUCH, that makes the Rangers a cup contender.

  3. I know it would be really hard to pull that off, but man, that would be something to watch. Kovalchuk is an absolute elite player, and he is rarely hurt.

  4. Ideally, give anyone not named Gaborik, Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal, Del Zotto, Lundqvist. Which means I’d even send Gilroy, Anisimov, Grachev, etc.

    Realistically, I think Dubinsky or Callahan and Del Zotto or Staal or Gilroy need to be included just to get their GM to stay on the phone.


    You guys see that is going to a subscriber model starting next week? It’ll be free to anyone who subscribes to Newsday or Optimum Online – everyone else has to pay $5 per week. Nice to see the Dolans looking to squeeze more money out of all of us…Zip’s blog is going to take a hit.

  6. Ha, Lucas, are you a new poster here? Are you being serious or sarcastic? Just want to know, before we go to school.

  7. If you were Atlanta would you give him up for anyone but Lundqvist? Atlanta’s need a goalie since they were the flames.

  8. That is a good question RabinNYR. But, he could be had other ways. He is a free agent this summer. We would have to trade players and such to shed salary,and even with the cap, (Yes Lucas), the cap, it could happen.

  9. If we can get rid of Dreary, and Blowzy, i think we can probably get Kovy under contract. I think, im not sure.

    That’s the thing with the Pens, they have Crybaby, and Milkman, and good support with a guy like Kunitz, and Guerin, but who else after that ? Yeah, Staal is good, but they have a bunch of 3rd and 4th liners, on the 2nd and 3rd line.

    They have a good enough D, with a go to guy like Gonchar, but it starts and ends with Milkman, and Crybaby.

    If we can get Kovalchuk next season, by getting rid of a couple of useless overpaid losers, that would be sweeeet !

    But how can it possibly happen, there’s just no way. But it’s a move i will make at some point in NHL10, buahahaha.

    Go Rangers, kill, kill, kill !!!!

  10. Nasty 1,

    How mcuh do you think Kovalchuk is going to get on the open market, considering he is making 7.5 million this year alone and like you said, he has never been injured. 10, 11 million a year?

    what do you plan on doing with Wade Redden and Michal Rozsival?

    I ask again, do you know one thing about the salary cap?

  11. It kind of reminds me of having Lindros, Kovalev, Bure, Carter, and Nedved. To many stars, no one on the same page. It would be fun but would they click.

  12. We could give up whoever and whatever pick/prospects we want for Kovalchuk. It makes no difference whatsoever because we will not be able to pay him unless and *until* one of either Drury, Redden, or Rozsival are removed from the payroll. And save the useless posts of offers with any of those 3 included in the supposed deal for Kovalchuk because ATL will reject it… flat out reject it…. no chance whatsoever… and you’ll look stupid for even posting it.

  13. Seriously, don’t come on here as a new poster, or someone who rarely posts, and start shooting off sarcastic comments. I am well aware of the cap Lucas. And if you look at my post, I asked, “What would you give up from this Ranger team and in Hartford, to get him?”

    What part of that is so difficult? Anyone? Because if Atlanta knew that Kovy had no intention on signing with them, and they had a chance to trade him come trade deadline, I am sure that the Rangers could put a package together that could land him. Other things would have to happen, but it could be done. End of story.

  14. Nasty,

    if there was no salary cap, your question of “who would you give up to get Kovalchuk” would deserve a response.

    The fact that there is a salary cap, only means you are wasting everyone’s time.

    How much do YOU think Kovalchuk is going to get on the open market Nasty?

  15. And I will tell you this right now, and not that I would do it, but if moved money around or down to Hartford, and then offered Atlanta a package of AA, Grachev, and Staal for Kovy, they would do it.

  16. Orr,

    If they already didn’t have the best depth at center in the league with just Crosby and Malkin, Staal puts them over the top. Plus like Detroit in the late 90’s with Maltby, Draper, McCarty, their role players like Talbot (although he’s injured) and Kennedy routinely come up big for them. I’ll admit that the Rangers are probably deeper on the wings as presently constructed but talent is talent no matter where it plays.

    Letang is developing into a pretty good offensive threat and Goligoski looks pretty good too. Orpik is the type of snarly D that the Rangers lack.

    And MA Fleury found his game the last couple of years in the playoffs.

  17. And I love that I am “wasting everyone’s time” Look man, if you don’t want to answer a question, or if anyone doesn’t want to answer a question, then don’t answer it. The fact of the matter is, though on the high side of likely, it is not impossible.

  18. “…offered Atlanta a package of AA, Grachev, and Staal for Kovy, they would do it.”

    Maybe they would. I would never offer that for him, though. We instantly become smaller both up front and on the blueline and basically reduce ourselves to a 1-line team.

    But most importantly, *we still could not pay him* by trading those guys. They do not make enough to free up the ca$h to pay Kovalchuk.

    I do not feel you’re thinking anything through here.

  19. Ovechkin has a 9.5 million dollar cap hit, signed until 2021.

    he got that without ever being a UFA

    Kovalchuk on the open market able to sign a deal with the highest bidder? his contract is going to be unprecedented, and definitely not something that a team with Gaborik, Drury, Redden and Lundqvist is going to be able to take on.


    a waste of time to even discuss

  20. Look man, I am not going to argue about this all day, and yeah, it is highly unlikely, but it isn’t impossible. Would the team be on the crazy side to tie up most of it’s money in only a few players, yes, but it wouldn’t be the first time or the first team to do it.

  21. Lucas,

    I think you may be trying a little too hard, to try and make me look stupid or foolish. Quit while you are ahead man. I have been posting here a long time now, and I am definitely a knowledgeable hockey fan. I don’t feel stupid or foolish for raising this question, nor do I feel that it was a waste of time. There was not much of a discussion going on, so I threw that out there. Do you respond to every post that is posted? Or do you wait for the ones that you don’t agree with and then make it your mission of the day to try and belittle someone? I am just curious?

  22. Regardless of whether it’s this year or next year in regard to the Kovy pipe dream to the Rangers, the last time I looked at the Atlanta roster they list him as LW and in there lies the problem. We truly have no one at center capable of playing with either Gabby today or Kovy tomorrow (if he came here). Dubi, IMHO, is at best a 2nd line center based off his body of work and the rest of the current crew (Dreary, Artie, Boyle and other fill-ins like Prospal)is 3rd line or worse. As talented as Gabby / Kovy are they are they cannot make up the hole at center we have now.
    Add Kovy’s salary cap burden, and we certainly would have to minimally dump either Dreary, or Redden somehow to add at least one competent center to keep one of our curent and possibly future super wingers involved.

  23. As far as I am concerned you are the one who is just refusing to let this go. Yes or no Lucas. If the Rangers moved some players, by either trades or sending people to Hartford, could the Rangers somehow land Kovalchuk? Just answer that question.

  24. I think you like to avoid questions…

    I am very proud of you that you have been posting here a very long time, it’s about he 4th time you told me, congrats.

  25. NASTY,

    NO!!! that is the asnwer to your question.

    you cannot “get rid” of Redden and Drury, so, again, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  26. And just to add one more thing. If there is one GM that could somehow do it, whether we would agree or disagree with how he did it, it is Glen Darth Sather.

  27. And who is to say that one or more of those players couldn’t be moved?
    The fourth time I told you? Hmmmmm, when were the other 3 times?

  28. And I know that those are big “If’s and What’s” and I know that if “If’s and What’s” were “Beers and Nuts” we could have a party. But, it is still not “Impossible”.

    But hey Luc, you seem like a real smart guy, and a nice guy. Why are you putting up so much of a fight man? C’mon Luc? Really? What’s wrong? Are you ok?

  29. considering how insulted you were that I asked you if you knew anything about the salary cap….how angry are you going to get if I ask you whether or not you know Chris Drury has a full no movement clause?

  30. Am I ok?


    but I am on a personal mission to turn around dumb Rangers fans, and you have become my project for the day

  31. Yes, Lucas, Drury and his no movement clause. Players can waive those. If Drury knows that he is not in the teams future plans, and is willing to accept a trade, we could then move him.

  32. I think you’ll see a lot of Zipay’s regular posters move onto here now that they have changed Newsday for the worse….there goes the neighborhood!

  33. Luc, you are fun man. I like your spirit. I tell you what. You are a Sean Avery type. I kind of dislike you, but for some reason I would want you on my team. You never give up, and I like that about you man. I am being serious.

  34. Many of us thought that Gomez was going to be impossible to move, and look what happened there. I am not saying it would be easy, but it is not impossible.

  35. Nasty,

    usually when players negotiate a NMC into their contracts, it means they don’t wanna get traded.

    What sucker do you see taking on Redden, considering he has a no trade clause with 8 teams on it he can refuse to go to, and please tell me where the money is coming from to re-sign Staal and Girardi!

  36. Ok, let’s just say for arguments sake (and I think Lucas and Nasty are doing pretty well on that front) that the Rangers did get Kovalchuk be it by means of extortion (Sather must keep incriminating photos of other GMs, how else do you explain Gomez to MTL) or the ATL GM getting a trade proposal while hopped up on goofballs.

    I think people are making too big of a deal about having an elite center to pair with Gaborik and/or Kovalchuk. Neither of them have ever played with stud pivot and they’ve put up very good numbers regardless. Dubi might not have Crosby/Malkin level talent but that hasn’t stopped Gaborik from putting up more points than games played. I would think Ovechkin would do just fine if he played with Dubinsky and whlie Kovalchuk isn’t quite that good, I have no doubt that you could put Kovalchuk on almost any team and he’d be a strong bet to hit 40. Now of course could he net upwards of 50-60 with an elite center? Probably, but I’d worry about the “who plays center” question vis a vis Kovalchuk if they were able to land him.

  37. I don’t know for sure man, hockey is a game and a business of surprises and the unknown. But there is a sucker born or made every minute. So, it is not impossible. I said it is unlikely but not impossible, and I am sticking to it. You can have your opinion, and I have mine. I really don’t why you can’t just be happy with that.

  38. Who is to say that Girardi or Staal wouldn’t be moved in order to get him? I don’t know. But it is a possibility.

  39. why can’t we just leave the team as is, this team is good enough to give Pittsburgh a run for the division title this year, and then worry about signing Staal and Girardi to new deals over the summer, and not always think we can get the next big superstar everytime they are supposedly available?

    what can’t we do that?

  40. HAHA, nice! I love it. And Luc, I want you to know, that you have been a great sparring partner. I mean that from the heart.

  41. Luc, the one thing that I have agreed with you about is that I am very happy with the build of this team right now too. I definitely am. But the only reason I brought up Kovy was this. I am sick too, of the past ways in which we tried to build a team. Signing whatever high priced free agent was available, even right up to Redden, Gomez, and Drury. But, I do feel that if a superstar elite player is available, Ovie, Crosby, Malkin, Gabby, Kovy, you try your hardest to land one. Those guys are franchise players.

  42. Staal for Kasparaitis, straight up. Don’t even care if he’s not playing anywhere right now.

  43. BillyDeeWilliams on

    If nothing else, this has been highly entertaining.

    I’m willing to look at any deals involving marc staal for a sandis ozolinsh-type player.

  44. We’re not going to get Kovalchuk in a trade, unless there is a 3rd party in the trade that we could unload some salary on. But that’d also mean we’d need to part with some more prospects. Atlanta doesn’t want a cap hit that comes anywhere close to Kovy if they lose him. That’s a fact Jack.

  45. It’s nice to dream but the rangers are not going to get Kovalchuk. Those three contracts, Drury, Redden and Rossival are contracts that can’t be moved unless they were buried in Hartford. It won’t happen and sather still has to sign stall and girardi next year, not happening.

  46. Hey man, I tell you what, I love Staal, absolutely love that he is OURS, and we drafted him, and we are watching him develop. But, and disagree with me, I don’t care, it makes the world go around, if I am GM, and I can trade Staal for Kovy, I do it. Sorry, shoot me. And I know that Staal for Kovy would never be a trade possibility straight up, but you get what I am saying.

  47. BillyDee – Does that mean your looking to trade Staal for someone who got a DWI? Cause I know a guy that would be great for that trade.

  48. None of you has brought up the fact that Atlanta would have to get more than equal salary in return. Kovalchuk is the ONLY guy putting people in seats down in Atlanta. The ONLY way a deal COULD work is if they got a BIG NAME back. A name big enough to fill seats in an arena in the south where they have won how many playoff games??

  49. How about instead of Kovy we try to get a real #1 defenseman. Because Staal doesn’t look like one to me.

  50. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Lucas gets the extra two for roughing.
    Both of ya also get five.
    But it was entertaining (and not too insulting) so no misconducts.

  51. Tom Foolery,

    yeah, definitely Marc Staal, washed up at 22 years old, good point.

    You make Nasty look like Einstein, and I mean that in a good way Nasty.

  52. Well, taking the t virus to work!! Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all of you!!! Here’s hoping fatso gets run!!!!


    You da man!


  53. Pavel,

    you are right, Kovalchuk’s deal will overtake Ovechkin’s as the most expensive in hockey, definitely true

  54. Lucas, stop buying the MSG hype. He will be a very good player. He will not be a #1. Anyway, you are right in that this whole discussion is useless unless at least 1 of the 3 bad contracts is gone.

  55. Tom,

    do you really believe that I am influenced by the “MSG hype” when it comes to my feelings about Marc Staal?

    c’mon now

  56. Damn. This isn’t about who is right or who is wrong. It was about would you want him on the team? Who would you be willing to part with either directly or indirectly to get him? And is it 100% impossible to get him in a Ranger sweater.

  57. Marc Staal is one of the best things to come to the Rangers in the last 10 years for sure. No doubt about that. And he is currently one of my favorite Rangers. But I would still take Kovy on my team over him. That is just my opinion.

  58. This really has been fun. I love debating and having disagreements. I mean that. Gets the blood flowing, the mind working. Good stuff.

  59. Salary cap aside( and yes, Nasty we can sign him, I agree, albeit for high price), consider something else. This team is finally starting to look like a team. Our stars ( Gabi, Hank etc.) are all about the team concept. So is the coach. I’m not sure Ilya is built the same. Great goal scorer, yes. But personality wise, I’m not surre he’ll be a right move.

  60. Nasty,

    I don’t wanna trade Marc Staal for a guy who is becoming a UFA after the season who I don’t feel we will be able to re-sign and fit into our salary cap.

    That’s as kind as I can say it.

  61. OK, that I can agree with to an extent. This team definitely has more of an identity now. No doubt about it. And guys, I LOVE THIS TEAM. I really am happy with who we have right now. I was just saying that there is some talent that you just don’t pass up on. Kovy is a franchise player. He has a winning attitude, he is competitive, he isn’t injured much, he is one of the purest goal scorers out there. Definitely worth considering, IF the deal could get done.

  62. Nasty

    I was trying to ask that Kovy question a while ago. His contract is up this summer and the Thrashers are looking to re-sign him. But Atlanta isnt going anywhere. Again, they would have to drop a big contract to get the $ for him. And with the way Gaborik is playing and what I have been reading about… he seems like a perfect fit for the “C”. Yes its my day dream fantasy to get rid of Drury and take on Kovy’s salary but you are right in comparing that pair to AO/Semin, Cindy/Malkin. That is a perfect 1-2 punch the Rangers I dont think ever had… in terms of phenomenal offensive threat. I mean Jagr/Straka/Nylander were fantastic for the team. But… I dont think it compares bc BOTH players are in their prime ;)

  63. I wouldn’t trade for him unless I was sure he was going to sign with us. C’mon man, you must think I really AM dumb. And for that I will forgive you.

  64. how many playoff series did Kovalchuk and Marian Hossa win together exactly?

    TEAMS win Stanley Cups, that’s what I’d like to achieve anyway

  65. Again, I agree with you there Luc. And I think that putting him on the Rangers would give him the chance to win a cup. Trust me, Hossa and Heatley were like two diamond stud ear rings sitting in a lump of monkey crap at the zoo. They were not going anywhere with the supporting cast. We have a much better supporting cast here. Even if we had to move some people to get him here.

  66. i have a better question…

    if Brodiva was available and was willing to sign with us to be a backup for LQ… would you all start liking the Fat Kid?

    and don’t you dare call me dumb! :P

  67. I can’t imagine it either. I really can’t. But I can imagine this team with Kovy at the same time :)

  68. Sergey Kostitsyn was suspended again by Montreal. Man, he was suspended so many times already he should be looking at life in prison next time around. This time, according to TSN it was related to some physical altercation with Gomez in preseason. How is that for team chemistry?

  69. i sadly agree that staal will never be a #1 defenseman…his hands just aren’t good enough…and hands are something that you always have…not something that is learned

    i want him to be, but i just don’t think so

    he’ll always be top 3

    if his last name wasn’t staal, i don’t think he’d be as hyped up as he is in the first place

  70. realistically, if you think you can land Kovalchuk in some sort of deal with Staal as the centerpiece, everyone is just going to say “get rid of Redden and Rozsival” to make room for Kovalchuk’s new contract.

    OK, so you ahve traded Staal, gotten rid of Redden and Rozi, who exactly is playing defense for this team?

    what is more important to you, to be entertained by Kovalchuk and Gaborik every night? or to win?

  71. Sure I can imagine the team without Staal, it was called the defense of Rozsival-Mara-Rachunek-Malik-Tyutin-Girardi-Strudwick. Now I will go drink heavily.

  72. Getting Kovalchuk is a pipe dream, but that would be so awesome.

    Everyone seems to just assume that he’s definitely going to leave Atlanta. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did, but I think there’s also a chance he’s going to say there. The Thashers have been solid so far this season (4-1-1), they have guys like Rich Peverley and Evander Kane making contributions, and if they don’t move Kovy, who knows what else they might do at the deadline this year.

  73. CCCP, in short- I’d take him as Hank’s back up any day. Liking him is a totally different story.

  74. My point is not to knock Staal. My feeling is that if (and we know they can’t) the Rangers could go after a big money star I think an elite defeseman would be better than an elite foward. I still do not think Staal will be a #1 type to build your defense around on a championship quality team.

  75. I am no fan of either Redden or Rozi, but both are having a very good influence on the development of MDZ and Gilroy.

  76. Tom,

    the Hartford Whalers thought the same about Chris Pronger after two years as you do about Marc Staal.

  77. entertained by Kovy and Gabby!

    This conversation has been drawn out guys. Lets move on. Kovy ain’t coming unless -the Rangers- Sather does some serious wheelin’ and dealin’.

  78. Speaking about Kovalchuk. I would love to see him in the Ranger uniform but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Also, there is a good chance that a KHL team might offer him the same contract he can get here ($7.5 or so per year). The difference is he wouldn’t have to pay taxes on it and in essence will be making $10+ mil per year.

  79. You are so difficult Nasty 1. God. This is why women say “I could never marry a Rangers fan”

  80. Vitaly,

    Kovalchuk will get a lot more than 7.5 million a year as a UFA in the NHL, that is what he is making right now.

  81. I think he will be getting more than 7.5 a year here Vitaly. I am guessing somewhere between 10-12.

  82. Fair enough, Lucas. But when I see that Staal still cannot put an accurate shot on net after 2+ years, that doesn’t strike me as an elite defenseman. And I’m not looking for him to be offensive minded (despite MSG trying to hype that part of his game).

  83. Lucas, even if he gets 10 million here, he can get the same money in KHL. He is a very sought after commodity.

  84. the Rangers have killed off every 5 on 3 powerplay against this season, using two forwards and Marc Staal as the defenseman, every time.

    That isn’t MSG hype, it’s a fact.

  85. Haha I kid. But my girlfriend is starting to get a tad pissed at all the Rangers/Yankees games occupying my time. My solution has been to take her to the Rangers games as often as possible. So far its worked out and she’s a convert.

  86. I am not knocking Staal at all. He is the best dman we have. Hands down. But I still take Kovy over him.

  87. Vitaly,

    I hear ya about the KHL, I just think you under estimated what he could get if he stayed in the NHL, that’s all

  88. CCCP, sign him and make him clean the MSG bathrooms, NEVER wear the jersey.

    I know as soon as I say this he’s gonna screw up. Redden has impressed me so far this season. Not worth the money or the years but he’s become a three million a year defenceman. Last year I wouldn’t have given him three dollars.

  89. I know KHL teams shell out insane amount of money to certain players but their salaray caps are around $25 mil in US Dollars. So that means they can sign Kovy to a $10 mil deal, then pay the rest of the team peanuts.

    Gotta love the irony – a former Communist country’s hockey league, run by a former KGB agent, has a self-imposed class pay structure.

  90. From an interview printed on Puck Daddy last year (Kovalchuk):

    Last year in your interview to Sovetsky Sport you said that you wouldn’t return to play in Russia even for $20 million per year. Have you changed your mind?

    “Once again, all the talk about my future should be postponed until the summer of 2010.”

  91. The way you talk about Staal I would think he deserves a Norris trophy right now. Do you disagree that he needs to be more physical and work on his shot before he can be considered a #1? I would argue he still has much work to do whether he is 22 or not.

  92. Tom, he is 22. He is getting better every year. Defense is the hardest to perfect. I think he is well on his way. Especially with the pressure of NYC and his last name. I think he is doing just fine.

  93. Tom,

    you said Staal “never puts an accurate shot on net” and I said Staal has been the lone defenseman on every 5 on 3 penalty we have killed this season.

    which one of us is exaggerating, and which one of us is stating a fact?

  94. Staal beat MMMAAARRRTTTYYY for his 1st NHL goal and for a back breaking goal in the playoffs, he’s ok in my books.

  95. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Hey all,

    just checkin in this afternoon… i’ll be stuck at work watching the Rangers online until 9, then race home to catch the last of the third.

    I hope the Rangers control of the Devils continues tonight, i’m sure a few of the boys want to rebound after than San Jose debacle.

  96. And you make it seem like he’s single handedly killing off 5 on 3’s. Again, all I’m saying is if we could acquire an elite defensman right now I would do it because I have doubts Staal will be that. I’m not saying he’s not good and won’t be very good. But I would like to see more progress at this point. We were told that Tyutin was can’t miss also. He looked good and then hit a wall.

  97. Lucas, regarding something you brought up earlier, it wouldn’t break my heart if we couldn’t re-sign Girardi. He is a 5-6 D-man in this league at best. Just because he’s young doesn’t mean he will be good.

    Staal, however, is a different story. I agree with some people that MSG try to push him as Larry Robinson already, but I think he is a top-pair defenseman, no doubt and wouldn’t give him up.

  98. correction:

    Fedor Tyutin looked good and then we traded him for a flaky Russian

    lets not do it again

    I actually don’t think Sather would ever trade Staal anyway, this is another topic I feel is just totally moot

  99. Don’t throw it to Bly!!!!!!!!

    Oh no, peel off him now, careful, peel off him.

    Someone go get a medic, we have an injured player on the field.

  100. Come on, Lucas. It was obvious Tyutin was never going to be a top defenseman or he wouldn’t have been traded. For the record, I never said Staal should be traded. I agree he can be a top-pair guy but who’s the guy with him?

  101. Lucas I’m only kidding with you, we’re having a party, I just came home and I haven’t seen you in a long time and I’m breaking your b*lls, and you’re getting f*ck*ng fresh. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.

  102. Nasty,

    you don’t need to constantly apologize, I don’t run to the hills when the conversation gets tough, trust me

  103. Run to the hills when the conversation gets tough? What you talkin bout Willis? When did I run to the hills?

  104. HAHA, what a great movie.

    I wonder if our young D will own Farty again tonight? Then we can see what excuse he will come up with as to why a goal went in, because it can never be because one of our shooters beat him cleanly.

  105. OOOOOHHH you were saying you don’t run to the hills. Got ya. Good man, I am glad you don’t.

  106. you didn’t, I am just saying I don’t run to the hills, so feel free to be nasty or nice to me without apologizing for doing so, capiche?

  107. Hey man, I am always down for a fight, disagreement, argument, whatever you want to call it. I keep it clean. I will shake hands after. It’s all good. I just didn’t appreciate being called dumb or unintelligent for having a certain opinion or asking a certain question. I have said it before and I will say it again, anyone on here is free to post what they want, and people can agree and disagree, that is what a blog is for. But it is all about how you go and do your agreeing and disagreeing. The argument started off kind of sarcastic and nasty, and then got more serious and I thought it was pretty good. I don’t really think it was a fight to win or lose, but more a difference in opinions and I for one can live with that.

  108. Just catching up on the overall thread and just wish to make one comment on something Nasty said a while back
    “This team definitely has more of an identity now. No doubt about it. And guys, I LOVE THIS TEAM. I really am happy with who we have right now.”
    As for me what I LOVE about this team is their record. I am ‘in like’ with this team, but still way too early to know where this relationship is going, especially after the latest ‘date’ last Monday. It was almost inevitable that an incident like that would start a full ‘wort inspection’. For me it has always been the woeful center talent AND the lack of a tough Dman. Short term, like this eveninbg’s soiree, looking to get back to the chemistry of our previous engagements, but another sour performance even with LQ (would he be the equivalent to Viagra? or bad lighting?)could send a few to the (cold)showers. Let’s hope most of us are into the longer haul where we can smooth out the rough spots.
    When the Rangers bring me home to meet the parents (Sather, Dolan) that’s probably when I will bolt.

  109. And Lucas, I wasn’t really apologizing, I was just having fun with some movie quotes and threw your name in to a great scene from Goodfellas.

  110. Tommy DeVito: [about Morrie’s corpse] Hey Frank, let’s chop him up.
    Frankie Carbone: All right.
    [starts to get out of the car]
    Tommy: Where you going? Where you going, you dizzy mother f***er, you?
    Frankie: To chop him up.
    Tommy : At Charlie’s, not here!
    Tommy: Come on, what are you doing? Let’s get the f*** outta here. I oughta let him
    Tommy : F***ing drive. What are you waiting for?
    Frankie : The car’s cold.
    Tommy: Get the f*** outta here! What f***ing warm enough? Get outta here!

  111. On Wall Street when people get ‘sh-t canned’ the word is spread like this “Ya hear about Joe Schmoe, He just got . . . Layla’d”.
    I can still hear Pesci saying “Oh, Sh-t”
    Lot’s of ways to pay homage to a classic

  112. Jason Strudwick's Mustache on

    Kovalchuck is a chump. How about Gaborik and Del Zotto for Igor Ulanov and future considerations? If you want a smooth skating, goal-scoring threat, with dashing good looks to boot, look no further than Igor. He’s your man.

  113. Hey, CCCP, is this anything like the coat-check fracas?

    I think it’s time to stop using the swear words with the asterisks, OK?

    I’m serious. We don’t do that here. Go somewhere else if you can’t keep it cleaner.

  114. This is Karen Hill, I want to talk to you. Hello? Don’t hang up on me. I want to talk to you. You keep away from my husband, you understand me? Hello? ANSWER ME. I’m going to tell everybody that walks in this building that in 2R, Rossi, you’re nothing but a HAW.

    Is this the superintendent?… Yes, sir, I would like you to know that you have a HAW living in 2R. Rossi, Janice Rossi… He’s MY husband. Get your own goddamn man.

  115. Lucas:

    “I get it, hey, I am new here

    I guess you guys really do feed people to the lions around here”

    Ha, yeah man. There are a lot of personalities in here. I guess it is good to know that, and to also know that people are not going to get really mad if you disagree with them, if you take a little less sarcastic of an approach.

    See, there were more people than not who were pretty much siding with you in terms of the Kovy thing being a pipe dream.

    People aren’t going to side with someone just because they have been here for a while-me or not side with someone because they are new-you. It’s all in the approach.

    It’s all in the hip baby, it all in the hip.

    Free shave and a haircut to the first person who tells me what movie that is from.

  116. whoa… i think Zip’s blog just made it over to this blog… all these Jimmy two times and Billy the Shnoze and Tommy the Tuba

    days should get busy for Carp :)

  117. Jason Strudwick's Mustache on

    Happy Gilmore. But ill pass on the haircut, im growin mine out so i can look like mike ricci

  118. Strud’s Stache, YES!!!!!!!!!!! And Ricci? One of the ugliest human beings all time.

    Orr, good point!

  119. Carp,
    I don’t spend a lot of time posting. As much as I would like to, it really takes a lot of time and dedication. If you post you need to keep up and respond, especially to defend a position or finish a train of thought (see Nast 1 vs. Lucas above).
    So the blog-lite for me is to try and get the daily pulse of the fan base in what I feel is the best blog around for that. There are some great posters in here who are truly passionate about their team.
    I will try to respect your rules going forward. I just wish I knew what other ‘taboos’ that are out there. Why don’t you have a ‘Carp’s Compliance Corner’ somewhere and state the XX number of commandments for the newcomers, especially if you are expecting a large influx from Zipay.

  120. Jive,
    where have you work on the Street? My buddies have been all over the place – Goldman Sachs, Neumora, Credit Swiss, among others. They use the term all the time.

  121. Wow!!! Sally, I was just about to post what you said earlier….great minds thinking alike I guess. You all have been at it today, geez! Mad that you haven’t been able to enjoy a glorious day off like me!

    Anyhoo, my pre-game notes:
    Spider, saw the pic. Very funny, thanks.
    Chuck, van as in Van, as in cat…which brings me to….sister blog post on Nasty 1’s Turkish Van is up!…Hey Lucas, if you like cats, don’t hold it against me and go look :)

    Is everybody psyched for tonight!

  122. Jason Strudwick's Mustache on

    Scotty Hartnell hair can only be pulled off if you have curls. Will Ferrell for instance; he could definitely pull off the Hartnell. My dark locks will only allow me to go for the Ricci or a slightly shorter version a la Cryin Ryan Smyth.

  123. I used to feel so bad for Ricci when the fans would chant “ugly, ugly”. That is fuggin horrible. Unless he was a Deb, Flower, Pissburgh Penis, or Islandork. Then it would be great !

    Ricci looks like the guy from Ferris Buellers Day Off. The guy that took Cameron’s car when they dropped it off at the garage.

  124. Jason Strudwick's Mustache on

    Ricci’s face would give me nightmares as a kid. I used to call him mr. potatohead cause it looked like someone had re-arranged his face multiple times.

  125. Chuck, I got it :)…

    AFLY, you’ll notice I took your posts down. Even if the first one was a typo, didn’t belong here twice. If it wasn’t a typo, not cool. You’re a regular and should know better (ORR, you too!)

    Geez guys, I pop in on my day off to say hi and share a post and I have to be the blog police??

  126. a player can only get 20 percent of a teams cap. so kovalchuk can not receive more than say $ 10 mm or a bit more per year

  127. Staal-ing for time on

    Eric Staal has a stanley cup. Jordan Staal has a cup. and yes, Mark Staal will win one in NY too.

  128. Lol, “Sweet hit” i meant.

    “Ricci’s face would give me nightmares as a kid. I used to call him mr. potatohead cause it looked like someone had re-arranged his face multiple times”

    Lol, i used to call him Dark-Man, cause that was the first movie that ever gave me nightmares. And Ricci was the first hockey player to haunt my dreams.

  129. Are people really talking about next offseason and bringing Kovalchuk here, when we are 9 games into the season? Really?

  130. Are people really talking about next offseason and bringing Kovalchuk here, when we are 9 games into the season? Really?


    We lost 2 games, our chance at 81-1 is done…complete failure.

  131. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Ok so I had a busy day at work, just checking the blog for the first time

    Scroll Through Nasty and New kid Lucas’ argument

    Then I get to all the Good Fellas References

    I AM CRYING at my desk

    My Favorite response, and I think everyone on this blog should use it the next time a troll comes on here, should be


    Hysterial stuff ladies and gents

    Seriously, crying fromt he laughter

    LEts beat Fatty tonight and get hank a shutout to rub it in there faces


  132. BillyDeeWilliams on

    eh. I love this blog because there are so many intelligent people here, and it’s really the best place for Rangers talk, but I hate getting the feeling that my mom and dad are watching over what is said. not trying to start a fight…just venting I guess.

  133. BillyDeeWilliams

    How old are you?

    And if you afraid that your mom and dad are watching over what is said…maybe its time to change you blog name…

    im just saying.

  134. BillyDeeWilliams on


    I’m 27. My comment was in reference to Carp and Laurel as watchdogs on the blog.

    Maybe I didn’t state that clear enough, but then again, I didn’t want to come right out and sound like I was
    affronting the editors of this blog.

    …and you certainly don’t have to talk to me like a child. I’ve been reading this blog for 2 years now.

  135. ORR, you get a pass. This time! :)

    CCCP, I’d probably laugh at that if I knew what it meant.

    BillyDee, we just like to keep it clean, that’s all. No censorship here unless you break the general rules of society, know what I mean?

  136. BillyDee, every blog has a watchdog….or at least the professional ones do….Say what you want here. We just want to keep the cursing, sexist, racist and the like comments out of here. That’s all.

  137. Sally

    I’m pretty regular myself, thank you very much!


    we’re cool big boy! :P


    I was saying “hi” to you.

    Lets try that again…

    Zdrasti Laurel! :P

  138. Why do people still listen to Mike Milbury? I don’t get it. His track record for any 2 random seasons on the island make him not worth listening to.

  139. Zdrasti CCCP! How do you say “Good morning (or afternoon) Staal and all” in Russian?!

    My brief time here today has exhausted me. Oh you heads! Off to enjoy rest of my day off pre-game. Later all….

  140. scottsny51, and everybody. The main rules are listed in the fine print below.

    The other rules:
    1) My nieces and nephews, all 13 of them relatively young, read this blog. So anything you think you shouldn’t be saying in front them is unacceptable here. Antyhing you wouldn’t say to your daughter or your little sister, don’t even think of saying it here. That simple. We’ve grandfathered in a few forms of words that shouldn’t be used, but you should be able to figure out the rest of the list.

    2) We don’t put up with imposters who attempt to post as other posters. You get one warning. Maybe. Depending on my mood. Then you get banned. Simple as that.

    3) I do whatever the heck I want in terms of banning people and deleting comments. Don’t like it? Go somewhere else. Don’t like that? Call my bosses. E-mail me and I’ll give you their numbers.

    4) Be civil to each other. You can argue. You can even be infantile. But there’s a line, and again, it should be pretty obvious where it is.

    5) This watchdog bites.

    6) Have fun.

  141. HOw many goals did Kovalchuk score last season. 60?
    Just a thought.instead of getting a guy for zillions that (can) score 60, but
    Isn’t it just as sensible ( if not more) logical to try and pick up two guys who can hit for 30 each?

  142. Hey, CCCP, there’s some kind of international thing going on in the lobby at Grand Central today. I saw the Russian flag hanging there and people were doing all sorts of dancing, etc. Pretty cool.

  143. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    man the blog got a little fiesty today!

    Carp, I have been guilty of disguising curse words, my apologies and that shall be corrected for future posts!

    My thoughts on Kovalchuk… wait and see around the trade deadline. If Atlanta is out of contention by then, Kovalchuk will be on the block, whether it’s publicly or privately…. Their GM will NOT want to let him go to UFA and lose him for nothing. Kovalchuk will call the shots…believe it.

    Oh… and Sather will throw all of NY at him to get him, if such a chance exists…and WE ALL KNOW that Hank and Gabby will be the only 2 never to be in that convo.

  144. Oh, one more rule for the newcomers. Borrow (steal?) information from anywhere on the WWW and bring it here, but you must attribute the source. In other words, where you read it (and from where you borrowed, or stole, it).

  145. Laurel, I am at MSG as we speak. No Tortorella pre-game, I don’t think … he spoke at the skate this morning and usually doesn’t do a second media thing until after the game. I’m going to have a blank canvas up in a little while. Maybe with some info.

    I think we’re going to do some big numbers tonight.

  146. Carp, I am jealous, and I agree…..Heads are gonna roll :)

    All, let’s shed the day and keep the clean slate clean with the game….So happy the blogfather is at MSG!

  147. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Didn’t mean to start up anything with my comment. sorry about that. I guess I just miss the days when everyone wasn’t sucking up to Carp and Laurel. That’s my own personal opinion though, and like Carp said, I can choose to go elsewhere, so you won’t hear anything more from me on it.

  148. Laurel

    well, there are few ways of saying “Good morning (or afternoon) Staal and all” in Russian…

    Privet Staal i vse! (can be used during morning, afternoon or evening)

    Dobroe Utro = good morning
    Dobriy Den’ = good afternoon

    Russians just bought the Grand Central… they were celebrating by dancing. :P

  149. Jay, good idea! I shall put that on my list of “priorities.”
    btw, I’m seeing Bruce again at MSG next month!

    Billy, whatever. That’s just rude. See ya.

  150. BillyDee, I didn’t mean anything by that either. You are certainly welcome to stay and comment as frequently as you like. And no need to suck up to me and Laurel.

  151. Will everyone stop kissing each other’s buttS this afternoon…jeesh!


  152. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    BillyDee is rather sensitive today.

    If he doesn’t like posting here and having retorts to his comments, he’s right, he shouldn’t post here.

    His loss. Tissues are available at any local supermarket or convenience store.

  153. Laurel,

    It is an odd day and it might be “funny” to re-visit this thread.

    You never did respond to my post last week. Go see Bruce, just don’t make it a “priority” over say Rangers/Penquins on 11/28. :)

  154. Patrick….(my brother’s name btw, good one)…I’m with you! My computer is already crashing with this post so I doubt I’ll be able to chat later…Still, love to Staal and all :)

    Carp, hey, speak for yourself :)

    LGR! Go heads….!

  155. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’m going to the game now. Thanks for your intelligent comments Vinny. See you out there.


    Im gonna be sending an invite for the league, at some point during the Ranger game, first one who gets to it, has a chance to be NYR. I still don’t know who im gonna be though.

    So keep an eye out.

    If you got a problem with that. Get your shine box !!

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