Almost gametime (updated)(again)


Ah, a headline that will be outdated in an hour and a half.

Got nothing. Well, except this: Callahan and Gaborik are playing tonight. Probably the same lineup as Monday, with Lundqvist in goal instead of Valiquette. Which means Voros gets Prucha’d (I love that verb).

Martin Brodeur (you guys know him) starts in goal for the Devils.

Enjoy the game.


Update, 5:46 p.m.: Just got the tap from Dave Maloney. I’m going on the radio with him between the first and second periods, on 970-AM tonight.


Update: 6:42 p.m.: Looks like Brashear will be prucha’d. He’s not in warmups. Voros is.

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  1. Somebody asked earlier what the ground rules are for commenting, and since we seem to have an influx of people coming over from other blogs, I thought I’d repeat my response. Since then, it has been suggested you read this list upside-down, because Have Fun should be No. 1:

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    The other rules:
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  2. New verb:

    Lucas and I Avrey’d the blog today. Stirred things up a bit. I had fun. Hope you all did too.

    If not, go home and get your shinebox!


    Im gonna be sending an invite for the league, at some point during the Ranger game, first one who gets to it, has a chance to be NYR. I still don’t know who im gonna be though.

    So keep an eye out.If you got a problem with that. Get your shine box !!

    I was gonna let everyone choose their teams, but since i got rid of the tourney im gonna let everyone choose who ever they want. It’s all aboot who gets to the teams first.

    Im considering taking the Crapitals, and YES, i will listen to offers for Ovechkant, Seaman, and Backlesstrom. It all depends on if VarLAmov, or Three-or-more can get the job done.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devil went down to MSG" ...says Greg L. on

    RAngerssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! yo Carp , great show with the Mouth , I loved it!! You and the Mouth Rock!!

    Rules are great Carp , keep us all in line and boy do we need it sometimes.

  5. ORR

    Just send the invite now cuz i wont be able to get to my PS3 till late night… dont wanna end up with @sslanders!

  6. Who is this “Martin Brodeur” you speak of? Never heard of him. Is he some rookie or something?

  7. Dobri vecher! Geez, this busy work environment isn’t good for my blog involvement. I can’t even catch a new post, let alone Mandelbaum anything. Is anyone at the game? Has anyone seen Marty puting on new oversized diapers? Cause he’ll need ’em once Avery gives him a smile.

  8. Carp !

    I have watched the pregame remarks from the Coach now:
    When was it taped ?? Direct after the morning skate or minutes ago from the Garden ???

    Over here there are very often practice sessions open to fans giving them the opportunity to collect autographs afterwards…Team officials saying here, that they never want to loose contact to their fanbase…

    Is this never happening over there ? Do they have security concerns ?

  9. Koala-
    The Rangers used to have 2 open practices a year open to the public (a small fee went to charity). I took my daughter to almost every one for a few years. That was when they practiced in Rye, NY. Since they moved I don’t think they have “open” practice to the general public anymore. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  10. jcalz5

    no problem.


    Vecher dobri! Kak ono nichego? :)

    Busy, eh? It’ll get busy for me right during the game and i won’t be able to watch it live! Damn homework!

  11. Couple of months ago there was a big discussion over here if they should ban fans in general from practices because it would disturb players in their concentration during the drills…

    But after a couple of days there was huge cryout of fans, that they saying, we always want to have the interactions with our heroes even only for signing some autographes and have some small talk to support them….

    Most of the big clubs over here in Europe practice always behind closed doors, but here in Germany that would not be accepted by the fans and it would trigger big fan protests….

    But in Northamerica that never seems to be important enough to talk about it ?

  12. Carp, while you are on with Dave Maloney tonite can you please give us all a shout-out indvidually please?

  13. >>I know. Prucha’d means scratched.

    Rick, spelling it with lowercase “p” will make it even funnier; it’ll send a few people running to the dictionary.

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devil went down to MSG" ...says Greg L. on

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO , PLum Loco fan???? We need you!!! Where are you today!!??? This is our big show down with your local team man!!! OK I’m sorry for calling the Devil’s a Mickey Mouse organization ,please come back!!! We enjoy all the “hits” you produce on this blog!!!

  15. Redden kept staring at Kotalik’s nose with envy. He kept thinking to himself, “Man, I could get more coke in my system per sniff with a schnoz like that.” Ha, I kid. Wade has been much better this year. I hope he keeps it up.

  16. MSG- We love to show the same things over and over again to fill up time when we have nothing else.

    We have seen this Gilroy things 10000000 times already this year. What is on after the game, Spring of 94? Ha.

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devil went down to MSG" ...says Greg L. on

    RANGER time , is ………………NOW!!!!!

  18. hey gang…i really need you guys to be on point tonight because i’ve had a horrible day, almost quit my job, and sitting here with two large cups of two different kinds of hot chocolate, waiting on pizza, and am still shaking. My blood pressure is through the roof that I think my head is literally gonna explode. The Rangers better kick some major arse buttage tonight… and already, michelobetti is on my last fringe of a freakin nerve!


  19. rick, what are the call letters for the station, I”m gonna try to find it online so i can hear ya again!

  20. I listened to Rick on the Mouth in the wee hours of the morning, he was good. Gave the mouth some Jam as Torts calls it.

    glad to see Brashear sit. He was -3 with 6 mins of ice time last game. pretty sorry.

  21. Leine – CCCP posted a few stream URLs a bit up the page.

    Linda – yikes.. sorry to hear you had such an awful day. Maybe Joe’s man-crushes will lighten your mood a bit :)

  22. LMAO @ ‘soreness’! that could really have us go off on a tangent the likes of which would ……. ok i’ll stop

    Ron “disco” Duguay, Butch “one step from cromagnon Goring, and Ken “Dwi” Daneyko, what a freakin motley crew.

  23. Na hui homework… yeah, i wish! College sucks! Yes, i am a college student! Imagine that… Got microbiology of health & disease test tomorrow at 8am! not fun…

    is there a link for the 970-AM?

  24. Thanks, Linda. I am not sure on the radio station. I know it’s the spillover game because ESPN radio has baseball … Anybody know. I’m sure it was in the newspapers today, but I don’t have any, and i know nobody reads newspapers anymore.

    Don’t know what Mike Mottau is thinking right here.

  25. good luck with that CCCP. My fiancee is in a physics class with a professor who doesn’t teach to the class, but if you go see him before or after, he helps ya. And the grad students/ta’s arent much help either. What’re payin all this money for when they arent teaching you, you’re pretty much on your own??

    Anyone know how I can make some money by just spending my whole day on the internet, NOTHING porn like mind ya!

  26. Avery’s Messier helmet, a bit of missing link protection there eh???

    WTF is going on here????

  27. i’m hoping that early niftiness from gabby wasn’t our only chance of the night ;-), cuz if they lose this game, i’ll be even more pissed off!

  28. im not even gonna comment on how poor were doing. well i just did. bad penalty. kotalik just killed us. no flow to establish with these damn penalties

  29. yea mako. something happened from the kings game to now where they just got way too cocky or what. idk but they dont have that forecheck like they did. wheres higgins and AA? averys the only one with some passion out there

  30. You know what annoys me most about those ads on the glass behind the net?

    They don’t move when the boards move due to a hit. Bothers me to no end for some reason.

  31. for me, most of the time joe talks, he sounds like charlie browns teacher

    i hope these guys get their legs outta the cement and start takin it to the max.

    thank you aves for beatin the peepee outta mottau for me, you knew i was stressed, such a good guy

  32. Mike

    Dont know. Yep… that forecheck that made them the first handful of games hasnt been present in the last 4. That Devs goal was a result of no pressure or forecheck along the boards and Staal & Girardi were completely asleep. No excuses from Higgins, but I can understand AA a little bit… He will come around.

  33. good pk. yes stow. that should build some momentum for us. thank god loco fan isnt here. id have to coat check him. actually, with this bird flu, i sproutedwings, so id have to fly over smog monster style and drop a couple hundred tons of diahrea on him. actually, hes prolly used to that living in his jersey swamp

  34. rozy just dumps the puck in right back to the devs!!! hes fuggin scared chickensquat. good lord get him off to siberia already. he needs to get his nads back. if he even had any

  35. 7-3?? yup. staal has been bad im tellin ya guys. against this offense hes effed up twice!!!! staal is not doing his job. stay the eff in your own end!!! your not an offensive d man. torts- please realize this!!

  36. Even after the turnover, Stall had a chance to stay with the guy going to the net; but he didn’t. This one’s going to be another long night.

  37. yea i got work tommorow. if these guys mail it in, so am i. effin staal and girardi? our top d pair? shutdown pair?? why are they tryin to play offense??? thats why we got gabby and prospal!!

  38. Oy…

    Well, while we’re joining the college kids–I’m a math major and physics minor (so, Linda, if your fiancee has any physics questions, you can shoot them in my direction and I MIGHT be able to field them.

    What is this game? Henrik is NOT playing his best–that first goal against, he looked completely off balance.

    Good luck on the exam, CCCP!

  39. hey guys,right now it’s looking like I may be in NY the week of May 24 and leave to come back to hell on memorial day. where’s sally and laurel.

    TR, do you think you’ll have your own wing at Warren by then??

  40. Have no worries! I’m here. I’m gonna take care of this mess. Lemme get settled with some tea and a hot water bottle first.

  41. hey leine, thanks for that, that’s really cool of ya!!

    grabby, they need some kind of shakeup, i’m just hoping the shakeup that comes is NOT an injury~~

    Aves needs a hat trick tonight, omg i think we’d see freakin diva explode with rage!

  42. games not even close to over, but our 2nd periods have been our worst. maybe now that theyre trailing and playin like crap, they’ll make this a game. if they dont score in the 2nd it’ll be real hard to come back against the trap style. our forecheck has been renny-like lately. guys, just picture this team w/out gabby. holy hell i dare not. hey, nasty1- i think u were on to somethin with the kovalchuk thing. lol. ehh, were still up in the standings, but i really dont wanna see a dejavu of last year.

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devil went down to MSG" ...says Greg L. on

    Take ‘er easy Linda , things will get wayyyy better , ya gots some hot chocolate and pizza waiting …sounds great , too bad the Rangers are playing crappy but this period was like our 2nd period usually so the 2nd comming up will be like the 3rd , so in fact we have 2 third periods comming up in a row…sweet. Snuggle up in yer PJ’s and enjoy the rest of the night!!

  44. that chat freezes all the time! that’s why i only chime in once in a while, besides it usually too hysterical here.

    thanks Greg! i’ll hopefully calm down soon! The sugar/carb load is not something I’m used to anymore, so it’s kinda WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for a while! hopefully by the time the crash comes, i’ll be ready to fall asleep!

  45. five exclamation points? youre getting a little too excited about the devils there tomg. Devils suck

  46. Olga Folkyerself on

    Icetime is all cockeyed. Tortarella’s gonna burn out the #1 line by the All-Star game, if he keeps this up.

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devil went down to MSG" ...says Greg L. on

    Yeah Grabbiepoo I did get it out , Im a snug as a bug in a rug :)

  48. Shor, Gilroy is the new Drury eh???? LLWS for drury, NCAA championship for matty… now he needs a Stanley Cup!!

  49. Sounds like I missed a pretty poopy (there ya go, Carp) 1st period. I thought maybe if I wasn’t watching, Dubinsky would score a hat trick.

    Linda, sorry you had such a poopy day!!! I hope it gets better!!!

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devil went down to MSG" ...says Greg L. on

    Maybe we should triple shift Gabby , kinda like this…

    Prospal Dubinsky Gaborik
    Avery Drury Gaborik
    Lisen AA Callahan
    Voros Boyle Gaborik

  51. JBytes, tonight is mix up night, so the 2nd was the first, the 2nd is the 3rd, and the 3rd is the first. Torts messed with the natural order of things to shake the team up.

  52. Geez, I hate losing, but losing to the Devils is like 10 times worse. They are OWNING the neutral zone. I said this the other day. We have to change up our style a bit to play the Devils. They better step it up in the second and score an early one.

    On a whole other note altogether, I don’t know if any of you are in to the Giants, but former Giants blogger Ernie Palladino now has his own blog, and it is great. It is a lot like this blog, and there are some real good people posting over there. If you are a diehard, or even just a fan of the Giants, check it out.

  53. Nasty, i’d hope that if GOD FORBID, anything every happened with Rick at his job, that maybe he’d make his own blog, with the help of JOSH, and we could all keep meeting there!

    NOT THAT I WANT ANYTHING BAD TO HAPPEN WITH RICK!!! I always send good karma your way Rick!


    i just typed oooh a ppg would be fantastical right aboot now, and i lost the chat and now just lost the effin stream!

    DAMN YOU TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Greg, kinda starting to think that your two thrid period thing is somewhat true. DZ is standing up for Hank. Lets go DZ!!

  56. MDZ layin the smack down!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! torts threw down the gauntlet and MDZ picked it up!

  57. between nothing posting here for 5 minutes, and the stream freezing every 180 clicks, i’m FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaargh

  58. sally, my man has a gun upstairs, i’m about to go get it and shoot something even though i’ve never handled a firearm before

  59. Nasty, you’re right. Ernie rules!

    Linda, I’m going to remember you said that if I ever, you know, get the axe. Maybe I’ll take a couple of Boneheads as partners.

  60. sally, mark your calendar for the week of may 24th! could possibly be headin to NY for that week, and i swear, i’ll send you some money for a plane ticket or amtrak ticket or something!

  61. I’m in shock…. Rozsi has actually had TWO good shifts! In a row! =O And the Rangers actually look alive once again!

  62. Rick, I will move back to the area and help you, i swear to God in Heaven!! as long as my man can go to school and get his degree! Keep me in mind!

  63. Bonehead Blueshirts! I love it!

    Linda, I have to check my school calendar but if I can, I’ll do it!!!

    I like the way the guys are looking, they’ve gotta score somethin soon.


  65. that hockeystreams site is sucking tonight. I have to watch a free pirate site. At least I got to see the second goal.

  66. TORTSARELLI= EVIL GENIUS, messing with the natural order of things, is there ANYTHING this man can’t do??

  67. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Rangers are pressing… looking good now…. WAY TO GO KOTALIK!!!!!!! LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. sorry Rick, this 2nd period has been the only highlight of my awful day!!!

    Mako, Fankist has found his proper placement! This is possibly the best 2nd period they’ve played recently, if not all season. Hopefully they keep it up!!!

    LMAO Sally, but I’m pretty sure my mans forearms are bigger! Oh wait, gotta make sure Joe never sees my dude!

  69. Staal is a giveaway machine tonight. He needs to not try and do so much and just make smart plays. Leave the fancy stuff to DelZ and Gils.

  70. nice second period. MUCH better.

    Relating back to yesterday’s chat–what do we think of Avery today?

    Anybody think Staal might be hurt? My brother seems to think he got clipped in the shoulder earlier this game. He does seem to be having a very off night.

  71. Someone said this a few games back, but Gabby has such a hard tricky shot, that even when he doesn’t score, he makes the goalie bobble it and give up rebounds. He really is a talent.

  72. I come back from roller hockey, and both of my teams were losingggggg, atleast one of them tied

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devil went down to MSG" ...says Greg L. on

    YO MIKEY -POO , what whaz that you said about Gaborik….ohh I see yer foot is in yer mouth and ya can’t say anything hahahahahaa!!!

    Yo Ranger ,yeah , you got it , 1 more 3rd period comming up….I didn’t send you yer league invite yet..after the game I will.

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The Devil went down to MSG" ...says Greg L. on

    I knew Lisin would make the top line ,he just needs to keep attacking!! Gaborik in the morning and in the afternooooon.

    Ok I got this one right :

    Voros Boyle Gaborik

  75. Gaborik has the fastest shot I’ve ever seen in hockey. It’s quick and hard. The goalie can’t set himself and it’s a hard shot and that is why the goalie gives up rebounds. I admit, I never heard much about this guy in Minnesota. I do remember when he scored 5 goals against Henrik.

  76. I was shocked when I witness Boyle skating down the left side of the ice with the puck and beat the defencemen and got a shot on goal.

  77. tomg

    You arent the only one. I “heard” about Gabby here and there… but he is so unassuming. He’s not a name like AO, Kovy, Ciny or Malkin, Voros was right… he is a well kept secret.

  78. Nasty,

    October 15th, 2009 at 10:57 am
    And I agree with jeffluke, Gaborik plays at a different speed than everyone else. His change of pace and decision to go wide over the blueline (he makes at least one move a game where he gets the goalie stretched out thinking there’s a wrap around coming) or go straight up ice to split the D keeps the other team on their heels.
    Last night’s goal and his 2nd in Washington were prime examples of his ability to conceal his decision to continue to handle the puck or pass or shoot. You get other players that completely give away their decision by rolling their hands back or kicking out a leg or putting their head up/down…Gaborik’s body is essentially in the same position before he chooses to do anything right up until the split second he makes his choice.
    And the other thing I noticed, especially last night, not many of his shots that get on net are cleanly handled by the goalie. So even if he doesn’t score he still keeps the play alive by creating rebounds. If you put someone like Graves in his prime or a Tomas Holmstrom to park themselves in front of the net they’d get garbage goals galore.

  79. Do you guy still keep in touch? He is a really good man, and a IMO, his blog is one of the best ones going that covers the Giants.

  80. lmao i’d love to see a baby pic of Richter because i think he HAD that face when he was born and just grew into it!

    if gabby stays healthy for the length of the contract, and performs as he has been, i think you can safely say he was a steal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. for a big guy Rozi has very short skating strides… looks really awkward.

    Girardi -3, Staal -3 Ummmm COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Is it just me or does staal seem like he’s having a worse year than last? what a save from henrik

  83. how does he stop that? but cant vstop the easy ones?? thats what kills me about hank. our offense hasnt really been there though, soi guess a loss is in order. montreal!! here we crawl!!!!

  84. Shot by Rozsival, as usual goes nowhere near the net!

    I don’t know how the heck nobody managed to put the puck in there..

  85. brodeur flops around like Francis in the pool in Pee Wees Big Adventure. that’s his new name, FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCIS

  86. cally looks like he’s gonna spew! i wonder if francisbrodeur would pick out the chunks of food in it.

  87. Capn Clutch is like a piece of driftwood…he’s there but what does he do? Or a tumbleweed, it rolls in and out of the picture, but what is its purpose?

  88. great game boys. where was the forecheck??? where was hank on the cheesiest goal i ever saw? many holes in this ranger team. fast start fading away yet again.

  89. Oh for the love of God… please dont start with the doom and gloom s*it PLEASE. They started flat, we all saw it. Girardi & Staal had probably the worst game in a while. Torts juggled the lines and it sort of worked. There wasnt much sustained urgency in the 3rd. No need for the panic.

  90. I think a lot of the blame goes to Staal and Girardi. Terrible game, although Girardi had that nice pass to spring Kotalik. Cally looked less himself and there were chances that didn’t get buried. Not a terrible game but I thought they had it after a pretty dominating 2nd period.

    Beat Montreal and that will keep it from being a totally lost week, they’re a team in a bit of a funk (beating the Isles doesn’t count).

  91. Ok. Drury can’t work with Jagr. Drury can’t work with Shanahan. Drury can’t work with Gaborik. What exactly does he do? Kill penalties? Whoopee. How about giving Anisimov a chance? At least he doesn’t just glide around flat-footed and chew up the ice time.

  92. He is… when this team needs a “Clutch” goal where is he? Chewing on his mouth piece… Gaborik is more clutch than Drury at this point. For $7.5 million I want to see results :)

  93. I meant terrible game from Staal and Girardi. Overall team game was ok, but the 1st period was bad.

  94. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This is the name of a Devil (from boxscore) playing in tonights’ game:

    *Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond*


  95. Absolutely pathetic. Again, Staal & Girardi were awful, constantly out of position, bad with a puck.Both of them obviously unfit for Tort’s system. In whole,team was totally tactically outplayed by Debbies (coach wise).Just an efforts was not enough, needed execution and it was sadly lack of…Not to be pessimistic but as I said before it will be long,unforgiving season.

  96. mako- then give slats a call and ask him why he gave a 3rd line center that much money. seriously, why dont u see nthat hes not a bigtime goal scorer. he never was!! why does everyone hate on the guy? why not ask why hank couldnt keep this gam,e tied? they didnt deserve that 3rd goal. he makes awesome saves, but cant stop the easy ones. im so effin sick of people gettin on dru for everything. where vwas higgins?? where was staal and girardi on defense? rozy played better than them. im ok that we lost, but iuts almost like u have to fugg with drury because hes the highest paid player.

  97. Mike

    If I had his email or # I would. You have to understand Sather EGO when he signed Gomez & Drury. He threw the MOST amount of money at them so they wouldnt go anywhere else. Im sure his heart was in the right place. Drury was difference maker on Colorado & Buffalo. He just isnt on the Rangers. He’s getting paid SO MUCH MONEY and he isnt the same player that burned the Rangers with 7.7 seconds left. THAT IS WHO SATHER GAVE $7MM DOLLARS TO. That player… not the player who is playing now.

    And Im not blaming Drury for this game. Im asking WHERE WAS HE during the game for his CLUTCH LIKE PLAY? Where was the game tying goal?? He isnt the same player. Plain & Simple. I blame Girardi & Staal for being asleep during the first.

  98. What does Torts expect from a second line of Drury with Cally and Avery? They’re all too similar. No play maker.

    I’m an Avery fan but he’s a good 3rd liner and nothing more. Dude has never scored 20 goals in a season.

    Keep Avery with Anisimov and Lisin and put Kotalik with Drury and Cally. Higgins can work his game out on the 4th line for the time being and PK.

  99. Olga Folkyerself on

    “If you just pay a player enough, he will be a superstar. And if you whip a cat enough, you can make him drag a piano up the steps.”


  100. There is no defense for Drury, he has been an unmitigated (how’s that for a $10 word) disaster of a signing. Sather’s fault, again.

    Let me try to defend him, actually. Maybe he’s carrying his contract money in his gloves and that’s why so many pucks bounce off his stick like it was made of cement. If so, sorry Chris.

  101. Too bad if Drury can’t take being criticized. Jagr carried the team on his back for 3 years, with a coach who asked him not to play defense first, yet he still managed to teach Dubinsky how to improve. Who is Drury helping to improve? Anyone? Jagr got grief if he had a slow period, while Drury takes entire weeks off — he deserves the criticism. Not to mention that even his interviews are slow and flatfooted.

  102. (Sitting In An English Garden) Waiting For The Sun on

    shaky hank makes another appearance. what the hell was that goal? i mean the guy shouldnt have been alone in front like that but…

  103. Sorry, meant to say Renney asked Jagr to play defense first. Great suggestion for one of league’s all time scorers. The Rangers power play has always been better with Drury not on it.

  104. Don’t get me wrong- right team won the game- but it’s interesting how refs swallow the whistle when we finally have a PP. Maybe it’s me but as good a play as it was to spoil Cally’s breakaway- exactly how does that swing of stick on stick differ from the generic “slashing” penalty we see every night? Garbage time penalty sent me into my first profanity laced “ref” tirade of the season- won’t be my last- worst ref’d pro sport including wrestling- and yes I’ve been watching the ALCS>

  105. (Sitting In An English Garden) Waiting For The Sun on

    And what can i say about drury that hasnt already been said?

    I think we are mostly on the same page here. If this guy’s name was “Smith” he’d be in Hartford.

  106. i understand u mako. i do. i just hate that people have their”favorites” and its ridiculous to blame this loss on drury. simple fact is the ranger d and hank got outplayed by a 37 yr old fat bass-turd, and our offense was weak. at the very least,it shouldve went to ot. that 2nd period turned this game in our favor, and as usual, hanmk lets in another softie. what is that his 5th one this season? almost every game. he is amazing ok. i love tyhe guy, but were not gonna score 4-5 goals every night. hes gotta be better, especially this early in the season.

  107. Mike

    Trust me when I say I want ALL the players to earn their paychecks here. But other than a few flashes here and there he hasnt impressed me at all. Granted he had better teams around him when he played for Colorado & Buffalo. There is NO excuse for him this year not to turn it around and make a difference. They have a pretty damn good team this year. All top 3 lines can score, even the 4th can pop in a few. But they need to believe, eat, sleep, breathe Tort’s system or they will have more games like tonight.

    Again, Im not blaming the loss on Drury… I just wish he would have showed up to contribute.

  108. I just don’t understand why we are not all over Christopher Higgins. HE SUCKS!

    We expect Redden and Rozi and Staal and Girardi to never give up a goal against. Because thats there job.

    Higgins job is to put the puck in the net. 2 ASSISTS!!! Is that a joke? Are we really paying this guy. He needs to leave. He doesn’t contribute.


  109. Higgins has been bad too. But MSG spends a lot of time and energy shoving Drury down our throats, and his play here has never been consistent nor exciting. His PR agent is obviously good, or maybe USA hockey is just desperate.

  110. agree kc. and sry guys(mako, linda etc.. ) im just havin a bad night. just found out my best friends kid died of sids. he was 6 months old. but ya all know i love u guysw. u guys are all great people. dont mind me right now. it just kills me my boys kid is dead!!1 i’ll be back later. have agood night guys. sry ok.

  111. hey thanks guys. like i said. im sry for ranting like that. its all misguided anger. u guys are awesome. and we’ll get the habs next game. im gonna try to call my buddy again. make sure he isnt gonna kill himselkf. its so bad for him. thx again. i just found out during the 3rd period. its times like this that make me realize that itws just a game and i get too worked up over it. hey mako, kc linda, and whoever else, once again, im sorrry for beina dick./ i’ll be back tommorow so take care guys,and thx for putting up with me tonight.

  112. Damn Mike so sorry to hear about your friends loss. How tragic!!! Im so sorry. My thoughts & prayers will go out to you and your friends family.

  113. Daniel J and Phish fans –

    Rangers came out to Tweezer Reprise in the 3rd reprise. Pretty cool…too bad it didnt result in a W.

  114. Daniel J and Phish fans –

    Rangers came out to Tweezer Reprise in the 3rd reprise. Pretty cool…too bad it didnt result in a W.

  115. A few things became very apparent during this gamE:

    DEVILS ARE A FAR SUPERIOR PASSING TEAM THAN RANGERS.alsting thepuck when they get a shot

    Staal had the worse game I’ve ever seen him play.

    Rangers still hang on to those wimpy wrist shots, instead of
    really blasting the puck ( like the Devils did constantly.)
    In short…they just don’t shoot hard enough..and often enough.

    There was quite a bit of the reversion to last seasons style this game. An ominous sign.

    I still see no reason for Roszival ( and Redden for that matter) to be getting ice time. Gilroy looked very very hesitant all thru this game. Again outplayed for the most part in center ice. The wunderkinds of early season, look like they could really use some defensive help. Unless there is an immediate about face, they will not long be among the upper crust of the league – other teams look

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