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Laurel here, and I think this is worth a new post. Still time left to listen here. As Carp said earlier…I

>p>I’m going to be a guest of The Mouth on his blogtalkradio show tonight around 9:15. The show runs from 9-11, and his other guest might interest you: Mitch Beck who blogs on the Hartford Wolfpack. If you haven’t heard The Mouth before, well, let’s just say he’s not your typical “radio” voice.

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  1. i swear the next time someone runs Hank, I hope Cally or Dubi take a few swings. That’d be like Shanny fightin Brashear, ya don’t expect it, but it’s so great to see a team guy going above and beyond to get his team going!

  2. I thought the Islanders were for sure going to get a win tonight….

    Heading into the special skills comp.

  3. listenin to 2 dudes from NY talkin about the Rangers, HEAVEN!! Leslie Uggams!!!!!!!! damn Mouth is a riot

  4. its because i’m in da south!! time difference, black hole, rip in the space time continuum….damn!

  5. Shor, thats awesome! Remind me to tell you my WalMart story one day! It’s classic.

    lmao @ mouth “i’d be carppin in my pants”. this is funnier than ANYTHING on television

  6. mouth stalkin rick, it’s takes too much time

    Sleepy from the 7 dwarfs!!!!!

  7. omg maybe he broke a knuckle!!!!!!!!! didnt someone post earlier that his knuckles hurt??? omg this is hysterical!!!

  8. oh alright well my roomate has a 360 and nhl 10 we can play another time so i can set that up

  9. lmao @ it will be soon! poor professor! he’s gotta put down the rotgut and just get a cheapy goal and get off the schneid

  10. im always down i’m a student so i have alot of free time, and im always up pretty late so I’ll be around every day.

  11. they just mentioned our blog on their chat.. about how we’re laugh our tushies off…. this has been the funniest hockey related radio show i’ve ever heard! this could get addicting

  12. quintal they just mentioned him on their chat, that guy was ….. REDDEN BEFORE REDDEN WAS REDDEN!

  13. linda

    I think I saw your computer in wil ferrell’s hands on land of the lost the other day!!


    Speaking of movies, just saw transformers 2 and it was really good!

    Is the show carp is on available to listen to in its entirety later on or tomorrow???

  14. Great stuff!!! The space where my wisdom tooth USED to be is killing me. Need to take my meds & go to sleep. It was a great time to night as always folks! Till tonight

    Ladies.. Dream of Dubi & Avery Sticks & Pucks ;)


  15. Rick, outstanding! that really was awesome! enjoyed it immensely, and the guys in his chat were hilarious!

  16. Feel better Mako!

    Damn, you know they’re gonna talk about Big Dubinsky when I’m up taking care of little Dubinsky in the other room.

  17. carp

    I wasn’t able to listen to the show, but if it is available to listen to in its entirety tomorrow, I will. Sorry, but heard/read you did a fantastic job, so congrats!!!

  18. Laurel Babcock October 21st, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    All, Nasty sent me an awesome array of pics of his Van…check in tomorrow!

    Is it a conversion van, cause that would be awesome. Not sure what it has to do with pets though.

  19. Argh, I know I don’t post her often, but I need to seek some friendly safety online as I an a yankee fan now living in south philly. It’s 12:39 am and I don’t think i’ll be able to go to bed for a couple of more hours because of the drunk lunatics praising the phillies NL championship.

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    You and the mouth , could be quite interesting. Im replaying it now …doesn’t The Mouth sound alot like Howard cosell on crack ?

  21. Haha no one else ever knows what to call us, so they use “Albanians”. Also commonly accepted terms are: “Upstaters”, “Members of the Arctic North”, “Eskimos”, and, my favorite “The people in the really effing cold place”.

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Carp and The Mouth ,you guys ran an awsome show and having you two again talking Rangers hockey is a must!! If we petition you two for the jobs at Versus would ya take it?
    Batman and Robin,Ron Maclean and Don cherry ,Carp and the Mouth!!

  23. I listen to Blueshirt Banter and the Mouth every week. Its just great to hear people talking Rangers hockey. I think with Pauly D’s show theres been a Ranger show every night this week.

    I don’t usually listen to it live, but its like having a Rangers hockey radio station while I click on other things on the internet.

  24. OK guys, I need to sell these tickets: 303, row D, seats 9-10.

    $100/pair. It’s below cost. Someone has to want to go but I just can’t make it :(

    Email me at: steve at blacks4 dot com

    I’m in a day-long company meeting but get emails on my Blackberry. I accept Paypal to this address and can email you the tickets as long as it’s before 5pm when I can step out and get on my laptop.


  25. Let it be known that Orr owns me in NHL 10. It’s been a few years since I had a hockey game, so I need some work. But man, he killed me again.

  26. You guys see that is going to a subscriber model starting next week? It’ll be free to anyone who subscribes to Newsday or Optimum Online – everyone else has to pay $5 per week. Nice to see the Dolans looking to squeeze more money out of all of us…Zip’s blog is going to take a hit.

  27. anyone know if gaborik and callahan will play tonight despite missing practice because of sickness?

  28. Rob
    I belive they will be playing as it has been reported that they shouldnt miss any time and since there has been no news of a call-up from hartford.

  29. “Both Steve Zipay and Andrew Gross, via Twitter, are reporting that Marian Gaborik and Ryan Callahan are on the ice for this morning’s optional skate and should be good to go tonight vs. the Devils.”

  30. What would you give up from this current Rangers team and prospets in Hartford, to get Kovalchuk? Just curious. Not starting any rumors, but I would be curious to see what people would be willing to part with to get him. We would definitely need to shed salary to make room for him. Just throwing this out there.

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