An eye on Avery


I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game for two reasons. One, I’m going!

Two, it will be interesting to see what this game does to or for the Rangers, after their awful loss Monday to the Sharks.

Mostly I will be interested to see how Sean Avery plays against his old foil, you-know-who. I will be interested to see if this is the game where Avery becomes a difference-maker again. I am not blaming Avery for anything, not at all. In fact, he has been one of the more reliable Rangers so far. But I haven’t seen the guy who was a difference-maker in almost every game he played down the stretch last season. He has only four penalty minutes, to boot.

And I wonder if any of that is fallout from his benching for undisciplined penalties against Washington in the playoffs. I wonder if the fine line that John Tortorella has him walking is too fine a line for him to play the way he needs to play. I wonder if he needs to be more on the edge, needs to cross that line sometimes. And I wonder if the Rangers just have to live with the idea that he will cost you sometimes, but that the sometimes-over-the-line Avery is the really effective one.



The Captain talks about Lester Patrick. Mark Messier, who will receive the Lester Patrick service award along with Mike Richter and Jimmy Devellano, discusses Patrick and the game’s pioneers on Beware, though, if you go to the home page, there’s a picture of The Beard (Paul Mara) and your favorite ex-Ranger Scott Gomez, celebrating a goal in Montreal’s first home win.


I’m going to be a guest of The Mouth on his blogtalkradio show tonight around 9:15. The show runs from 9-11, and his other guest might interest you: Mitch Beck who blogs on the Hartford Wolfpack. Check it out by clicking here, or by pasting this link:

If you haven’t heard The Mouth before, well, let’s just say he’s not your typical “radio” voice.

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  1. Thanks Rick, that pretty much answered the question I asked you yesterday. I think you feel the same way I do about Avery this year.

  2. I think he is holding back a bit. I think that he needs to definitely step over the line a little in order to be at his best.

  3. Dr Fitznicentight on

    Any chance of getting the Yanks game on one of the video screens?!! Maybe that’ll motivate Drury, Mr Huge Yankee fan!
    Looking forward to seeing Avery as well. I hope Brashear steps up his game as well. He’s due.

  4. We should all play a game. It’s called, predict when Valli plays next. Any thoughts? I am guessing either the 30th against Minnesota or the first against Boston.

  5. Avery is still the guy that brings the most emotion on the ice on every shift. He unfortunately has zero benefit of the doubt with the zebras. I wouldn’t mind seeing him play with on the line with Gaborik at some point. Possibly in a blowout game (in either direction) just to see if his penchant for drawing attention opens up some time and space for Gaborik. Which although he doesn’t seem to need a lot of it, would still be interesting to see.

    The Devils have had an awfully hard time scoring goals this year, let’s hope the D returns to respectability and keeps it that way.

  6. Carp,
    Avery’s 4 penalty minutes where some of the dumbest penalties I’ve seen him take in awhile. I don’t mind the “good” penalties but those 2 the other night were bad.

  7. Bad as in he should have known better or bad as in “I can’t believe they call that on him but not someone else”?

    He had one call where he tripped a Sharks player while on the ice after he was cross checked from behind right in front of the ref.

  8. Greg_Section_403 on

    I think Avery is playing just fine right now. He’s contributing and scoring.

    One possible reason why he hasn’t been waling the ‘fine line,’ is the rest of the team has been taking really dumb penalties. When Avery is on the ice, either the Rangers have just come off the PK or are on the PK and pushing the envelope risks putting the team back on the PK (or down 2 on the PK) and that would not be good.

    Maybe if the Rangers could stay out of the box a little more, Avery would be free to be, well, more Averylike.

    Until the team gets some more discipline, I’m fine with Avery playing the way he is.

  9. Good morning, Carp!

    He’s Sean f’n Avery. I can’t love him the way I need to if he doesn’t cross that line sometimes. I’m praying the Rangers don’t hold anything back tomorrow, but especially Avery. Beating the Devils is great, but humiliating them is kind of the greatest thing ever.

  10. I don’t think we are going to humiliate the Devils. In fact, I don’t think it is going to be an easy win. I think we will win, but it is going to be by a goal, maybe 2. The Devils don’t get blown out. Barely ever do they get blown out. That is part of the reason that they are so boring to watch. It is just a game that you have to capitalize on their mistakes. They wait, trap, and capitalize on other teams mistakes. We can still play an uptempo game, but we MUST be smart.

  11. Hey cat people, Princess Dubinsky has a wound on her cheek, I think from scratching. It’s not deep and I’m doing my best to keep it clean. I don’t see any ear mites. Anyone ever had this happen before? Any advice?

  12. Avery on the top line against NJ could be fun to watch. I am sure that would open up the ice for Gabby.

  13. I have a cat. He is a Turkish Van cat, and he is ENORMOUS!!!!! Ever see one? Turkish Vans like the water. When I first adopted him, years ago, I was taking a shower, and he jumped in with me. Crazy right? Usually cats HATE the water. Anyway, just thought I would share. He has the personality of a dog too. I had to buy a small dog carrier to take him places, because the cat carrier I had broke while I was carrying him, with him in it. The handle just broke right off while I had him in Petco for a shot. The customers all stared at me like I am some jerk who doesn’t take good care of my cat, but when they saw him walk out of the wreckage, they were in awe and understood that it was because of the size and weight of him.

  14. Spot on Carp. I think Torts has to let Avery be Avery. He’s making it tough on the guy. It’s by far too thin a line.

  15. Hi folks.. I think Avery’s problem is lack of respect for the refs. He is allways crying to them and he is known to be an embellisher, and a constant cryer. I really think they just plain don’t like him, so he can’t get away with anything, and in turn he only gets obvious infraction calls. He does take the odd bad penality, But I agree with Carp he will take penalitys if he’s playing well. I guess the crying to refs is part of his game also. I just think he would be better off without it.

  16. Avery will take penalties when he’s playing well but he will also draw penalties.
    The entire team has been taking stupid penalties but they seemed so magnified the other night.
    There will be ups and downs all season, especially with all the youth we have. I am interested to see how they respond.

  17. Avery clearly is on a short leash as he is spending too much time trying to draw penalties. He has been down out of the play every time they touch him rather than be that pasionate guy playing through it. If he want to be a rag doll and be out of the play down on the ice with his head down face into the ice I see him as being inaffective.
    I think the line is set way too low for Avery Torts must adjust this and let him go a bit as they guy we all know and love needs to be out on the edge not looking to see if he can force the refs arms up. Right now he is an Olympic Diver getting all 10’s.

  18. Also, I think Avery has to stay on the line with Grach and Lisen. He works best there. Kotalik should move up to the 2nd line with Cally & Drury (didn’t he play with Dru up in Buffalo) and move Higgens to the 4th line. Still need a big D-man to clear the crease and enforce. Also, might consider giving the kid goalie from Hartford some time later on in the season. There is little confidence in spelling Lunqvist with Vally. Not very consistant.

  19. Assuming no injuries, my guess at the upcoming Valiquette schedule:
    10/28 @ Islanders
    11/5 @ Oilers
    11/27 @ Lightning
    12/5 @ Sabres
    12/16 vs. Islanders
    12/31 @ Hurricanes

  20. Maybe Avery is still not 100% with the knee. It’s early to start worrying about him. If he plays recklessly, the refs have already proved that they won’t give him any calls. Let’s not panic after 1 loss. If they lose, badly, tomorrow, then start looking for problems.

  21. Wow! What a way to start the day, with my fave subject! Carp, I couldn’t have said it better myself. And thanks for the pics Kris and Sally! Sally, I think I’ve found a new poster for my house from the ones you sent….can you guess which one?

    Nasty, if you don’t send me photos of that cat, I’ll never speak to you again!

    Sally, you may want to leave Dubi inside until it heals. I wouldn’t be too worried as long as you keep it from getting infected.

    Good morning Staal and all!

  22. I personally think Callahan plays with more intensity than Avery. Not that Avery doesn’t play hard, because he does and does help set the tone, but Callahan seems to do more both with and without the puck every shift. Those two are both the guys that get things going though.

    And also Avery did play with Gabby in the 3rd period last game on a couple shifts. It was pretty cool to watch, but he did his best when he and Callahan were on the same line together.

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Geez. I’m reading all this whining about how Avery’s been a disappointment and taking penalties left and right… But i think Carp said it best. Avery’s been good, but he hasn’t been “Sean f’in Avery!”

    Avery was +2 last game (one of 4 posities, the other 3 being +1). He also had 2 points to bring his season to 5 points in 5 games. Not bad for a guy playing 3rd line time. He had 1 dumb/lazy penalty and he drew another. I thought Avery was best in his first 2 games where he was in the faces of opposing players immediately (namely against Selanne, Getzlaf, and Nidermayer) and I hope Torts realizes Avery needs to have some leash to be effective.

  24. Your going to the game! Is that not your job? No wonder people no longer rely on newspapers for information. Papers are too cheap to actually pay beat reporters to attend hockey games. At this point as a hockey fan I rely on the internet for news and analysis and newspaper only for a game summary.

  25. True Fans,
    Not whining at all, the team is off to a great start. We have lots of young guys who are going to have bad nights…which is fine. Also as an entire team we are going to have not so good nights like Monday…I’m fine with that too. But this team has been taking stupid penalties.

    IMO this team lives and dies by hitting, finishing checks and getting in on the forecheck. Last game it was glaring…I can’t recall one hit from the other night…none. It seemed were were a step behind the entire night. Then the endless turnovers. I am not disappointed at all…in fact the Sharks game provided many teachable moments.

  26. Peace,

    Carp wears many hats, and he does not get to go to all the Ranger games due to other job commitments. He keeps this blog up and running for us, when he really doesn’t have to. Know the facts before you make comments like that.

  27. Peace, not sure if you were knocking Carp or the paper he writes for. If it was the paper, then my apologies.

  28. Avery is starting to play more like a veteran player and less like a petulant kid. His assist in the Anaheim game was perfect – drawing Neidermayer out of position then yapping at him after the goal. Awesome.

    I’m sure we’ll see plenty of the old Sean this season though, especially tonight.

  29. Jason Strudwicks Mustache on

    I like the topic but I gotta say that I’m tired of Avery getting heat no matter how he plays. What makes him effective is that he keeps everyone guessing: he’s a wildcard (for all you Always Sunny fans). If he takes questionable penalties then he’s admonished, if he agitates without taking penalties then he isn’t doing enough. Just let the guy play and get comfortable working under Torts. The only thing Avery should be getting flack for is embellishing and collapsing in anguish every time he takes a slash or a cross-check. He’s starting to look like Christiano Ronaldo, minus the greaseball hair. That said, I wouldn’t mind him taking a little run at Brodeur tomorrow night like teams have been running Hank. Maybe we’ll get a repeat of the epic Brodeur flop.

  30. 22 has it right,
    Avery is still coming back from his knee injury. And the NYR have been on special teams (PK) so much, Avery has yet to get into a rythym. He will be fine. He is too much of a scumbag not to.

  31. well this blog kinda makes my day. along w/ all the avery talk. especially his homepage, thats too funny.

    im very excited for the game tomorrow. i think its a must win. got to see how the team as a whole bounces back from that horrid game the other night.

  32. Rick

    Great post about Avery. I havent had a chance to read all of the comments but we are all on the same page. He is definitely holding back and you cant keep a player like him on that short of a leash. When it comes to his mouth off of the ice yes, when it comes to mouthing off to players during pre-game practice yes – because he should know better – he’s been warned. But he is the absolutely MOST effective when he has that edge, that emotion that we all “love” – when he first came to the Rangers – he hasnt really been that way playing for Torts. He was when he played for Renney….. He is a VERY good player – deceptively good actually. Like Cally during the Sharks game he was one of few players who were giving 100% every shift and was slammed pretty damn hard 2x and I didnt see any player stick up for him…

    He needs to play his game and Torts needs to give him some wiggle room to do that. And honestly, those two calls against him were pretty weak. Lets not forget the punishment he takes that isnt called.

    Really looking forward to tomorrows game.

  33. Rick,

    Have to disagree on Avery. He has been more restrained, but does have 2-3-5 and only 2 penalties. Can’t take penalties, the team cannot afford any more. It’s still early and I’m sure he’ll be more combative as we go along.

  34. Avery is fine. Torts clearly stated (on TV, no less), that Sean is on a short leash. It’ll take some time for both to realize that he needs and can play more on the edge. Avery, btw also didn’t have to play on the edge- why take chances if the team is playing well. That’s maturity. But I agree, the first few games he had no penalty minutes (Lady Bing, anyone?)

  35. Geez, here we go- Savard- broken foot, Gonchar-broken wrist. Core players..Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  36. Gonchar broke his wrist? Wow, he was hurt for the first half of last season, and it really hurt the Pens. I wonder how long he will be out. That is a big blow to them. He is a really good dman, especially on the PP.

    Bad for them, good for us I guess.

  37. Sally, I’ve cats for 32 years. They do indeed scratch themselves silly sometimes. Keep it clean and make sure it’s scabs well. Nasty I’m jealous Turkish Vans are so cool. What’s his name? I’m at my limit with 3 right now if I every get a chance a Turk sounds great. Nothing wrong Avery he has to be good respective of how the zebras rule
    if he played as hard as Cally he would be in the box.

  38. Sally,

    Sorry I missed your post… I had to go back & read everything. Yeah wash his wound with some light soap & warm water. I have a seal point himalayan (He’s an indoor cat) he was at my folks place in PA for 2 weeks last summer & wore a collar. So when we all got home he was scratching himself alot. I had NO idea that he actually had a wound in the middle of his shoulder blades. He was running around house acting crazy, I didnt know what was wrong with him & he started freaking me out, so I brought him to the ER but when the Doc saw him, I noticed that he had tore into his skin with the back claws… I asked him if there was anything special I could put on him & he said no… just keep it close with some non abrasive soap – Like baby soap & warm water.

    Sorry for the long story – hope your Cat is ok :)

  39. Strudwick’s Stache –

    Are you by any chance familiar with a certain man/myth/legend known as Big Papi?

  40. I wouldn’t worry about Higgins, he has been one of the best guys on the ice so far. The lack of points up to this point will soon change. He works hard and he’s a smart player, he will get results. I think he will be a big part of this teams winning record this season.

  41. 1) To Join The Cat-love-fest, I have a miniature Maine Coon at home (she’s about the size of a normal cat, which makes her 1/3 the size of a normal Maine Coon). If your kitty holds still (and my girl’s too skittish to do that), try and keep it clean, and check for any sorts of rashes or wounds/bites that might otherwise be irritating her. Otherwise, see if it clears up (if kitty’s scratching a lot, you may want to consider filing the back claws down until the wound heals–ONLY do this for indoor cats.)

    2) Avery. I have always loved Avery, even in his out of control phase. I think he’s an under-appreciated player, and I think everybody knows about the Unofficial Avery Rules where for any penalty he draws, there are probably 2-3 that could be called the refs ignore. He’s a brilliant player, and I’ve been saddened by his recent invisibility. I think he does need that edge to play the kind of shove in, push hard game he does. However, given the penalty minutes he can get, I can see him limiting his game in light of all the penalties we’ve been getting. I do hope seeing Marty in the net snaps Avery into his usual bad self that we love and every other team hates.

  42. Thanks guys! You are the best! I noticed that she was actually scratching both of her ears a lot, and the other side was missing some fur, so I think it’s vet time. I can’t see any mites so maybe it’s yeast or something. She’s an indoor cat so the only thing she has to worry about is Gomez being super annoying.

  43. I for one hate cats, that said, I think Avery is playing fine, and will continue to improve as the season moves along. He’s only played a couple of games.

  44. Kris, thanks for the Festival Of Avery,and HOLY CARP, thanks to sally i just found my new desktop wallpaper!!! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!!!!!!!!

    Avery will be himself vs the Devils tomorrow night. Torts better not be taking away his “jam” or I’ll throw a water bottle at him! Let Aves be Aves, it’ll all work out in the end. I think he’s a bit smarter then he’s been known to be, but boys being boys, will take the bad penalty every now and then. You know he loves being here!

  45. Fantastic user name. His stache was a little bellshmear-esq.

    Sally – if your cat makes too much noise in your house, I know of a certain product called “Kitten Mittens” that might interest you. Let me know.

    I’m excited to see Aves go at it with Brodeur. It’s not a matter of questions…he’ll have a run in or two or three with fatso.

  46. Linda & Laurel, I’m pretty sure I can guess which Aves pic is your favorite :)

    And what’s up with Gabby missing practice? Anyone know?


    Pretty good read, but somehow it feels like LB & Torts are saying the players are distracted by NYC???

    “”I’m trying to treat this team as a business and give it a more business-like identity,” the head coach said. “We’ve talked about this, how the job comes first and everything else about New York City comes after.

    “The preparation, the meetings, playing the games — that’s what these players are here for. When they take care of all of those responsibilities, that’s when it’s time for them to enjoy what this city has to offer.

    “But not before that.””

    And after reading about Gaborik in the last few lines in the article… He will probably be the next Captain of the Rangers. That is if Sather doesnt brain fart & trade him for George Laraque lol

  48. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    I think Avery is playing at the edge and contributing just fine. Leave him be.

    By the way, I will also be at the game tomorrow night. Stop by and say hello to me and my son. I will e-mail you our seat location.

  49. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Rick ask’s,
    I wonder if the fine line that John Tortorella has him (Avery)walking is too fine a line for him to play the way he needs to play.
    I have thought the same exact thing already. Between the fine line Torts has him on, and the way the officials are calling EVERYTHING on him, you wonder if he is able to play his game. And if this is true, what we are thinking then you wonder how long he will play. He has plenty of other career’s to fall back on if he gets sick and tired, not so much Trots but the officiating. And that would be real sad, but I suppose some of this was brought on by himself. but still he is a fun Hockey player to watch.

  50. I’m not too concerned about avery’s apparent lack of agitation. its only October and he’s only played like 5 games. Not to say these games don’t matter but they have not been the most intense in ranger history. Plus, i do think he did a pretty good job at getting under the ducks’ skin

  51. Sally -you’ll need to get rid of you’re cat. It sounds like she has feline Pruchaitis from being scratched.

    What happened between Avery and John Giannone?? Anyone know the full story?

  52. I hope Avery runs around like a mad man tomorrow night. I wanna see him in Marty’s head. I wanna see him really get under the skin of the devils. He’s been playing well but this is the perfect game for him to get the “Pest” nickname back.

  53. Nasty 1

    My critique is not directed at Carp but at newspapers that do not value hockey. Carp like many others is stretched too far and cannot do the job he would like to do. The result is online resources are more informative. Newspapers need change with the times. Print media is dying a slow death.

  54. Sister blog has new friends posted, thanks to Anthony M.

    Nasty and Leine, I await yours!

    Wish I could be out 4 to 6 weeks

    Peace, we actually discussed this subject couple posts ago. I for one agree that hockey is an under covered sport. Thank heavens for the Report!

  55. Prospal-Dubinsky-Lisin; Avery-Drury-Kotalik, Higgins-Anisimov-Voros, Boyle, Brashear as spares #nyr practice

    Those were lines at practice per Zip.

  56. also per zip, envir lisin just got an apartment in white plains. hahahaha, i gotta keep my eyes out for andy kaufman lookalikes now (i live in WP).

  57. I know Gabby and Cally are home sick, but I wonder if Torts is toying with the idea of flipping lines up. He is definitely know to change things around quite a bit.

  58. I was in NY last week with my 2 youngest grand kids, ages 9 & 13, & I took them to their 1st Ranger game at MSG (Kings). I asked them what they noticed different from the games we go to in Phx, They both said it’s the fans. They loved the fans reaction to every thing that happens at the game. I told them we’re called “boneheads” hahaha
    I had to explain to them why we chant “Potvin sucks” – hahahaha

  59. BTW – I thinks it’s really cool that the Garden has photo booths in the lobby & you can e mail pictures with the Rangers logo behind you. And it’s FREE !!!
    My grandkids must have sent out about 25 e mails.

  60. Gaborik was coughing in his pre-game interview on Monday. Uh oh. Can we give hockey players and children the H1N1 shot first? Then when I’m home sick, I can watch a hockey game! Prioritize.

  61. laurel

    i take full responsibility for all the home losses this year, lol.
    it is rather funny when people come up to em and they are like who are you?
    i just tell em im batman.

  62. Laurel – Thanks. That’s it but there’s not much for details there. It looks like a vid that would’ve done some ‘splainin’ has been taken down.

    Funny, that thread is from a year ago- to the day. Someone referred to Vali as the best backup in the league.

  63. I just checked the link Laurel posted from last year on Avery and Gianone… it was nice going “back in time”

    …Here is what sally had to say on the issue:

    “Sally October 21st, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Avery was just ticked off cause Giannone showed up wearing the same dress.”

    lol funny stuff! I went through some posts and haven’t noticed a single response by Sam in any of those posts even though people were asking him questions…

    Im just saying.

  64. The injury bug is already handicapping the East “elite”. Pittsburgh struggled last year on the powerplay and defensively without Gonchar, out for a month. Boston loses Lucic and Savard for at least the next month. Good for the Rangers….

  65. Swine flu or bird flu?? Mike, r u serious?

    the best way to see which one of two you got is to… check you behind…do you see a little curly pink tail or a bunch of fathers growing outta your butt? :P

  66. Elias should be coming back first week of November & Hossa should be coming back mid-November. My FL team will be firing on all cylinders!!!!

  67. OH CCCP

    The USHANKA works even better when all of the heat is shut off… All the comforts of home for her LOL

  68. I think Avery’s trying to stay more disciplined and play hockey. Ya know, the guy does have some skill. We need him out there and not as much in the box. Plus we have taken an awful lot of penalties lately.

    I don’t have any prob with how Sean’s played. Though it’ll be intriguing to see how he performs against his nemesis tomorrow. Either way, the club needs a bounce back.

  69. Grabachev, have you been hanging out with Rod the Bod? Did he bite you? Seriously, hope you feel better soon though. But stay away from my brain.

    CCCP, man, I’m funny. And I was right too!

  70. iowa is rampant with the swine flu right now. many co-workers calling sick, 250 local kids from school are out sick. i also saw bunch of people outside crawling on all 4’s sniffing around the dumpsters in my apt complex. and making snorting sounds. one of them had tusks coming out the side of his mouth. theres also a big ole gal grazing in the cornfield by the highway. looked like hogzilla

  71. i’ll be ok sally. thx. im having a a friend over for dinner ;)… mmmmmm brains!!!!

    ok no seriously i got swine flu not bird flu. but if i start flying around town droppin deuces on people then watch out!!1 i’ll fly to brighton beach and drop one on cccps coat!!

  72. LOL yeah… 4 months verses 3 weeks LOL Made me chuckle ;)
    I havent seen UKRanger or Travis ( Ranger Blue ) around. Im going to pop over an email to them. Last season, the league I was in 2 ppl didnt take care of their teams and I wish the commish would have dismantled their teams and gave out their players… Kovalchuk & Cindy were on those teams.

  73. hahaha missed u laurel!!! i should visit ya pet blog. i have a pet siamese cat. hairless little ugly thing. lol. big ears, no hair, and expensive!!! i got it for my mother for her b day, but she cant keep it in her apt, so im takin care of it for awhile. i used to have like 3 cats, a dog, 2 lizards. 1 tokay(sp) gecko and a geico gecko! the tokay used to hiss and bite people!! i dont have pics, but my sis whos got pics of me with the cats can send them to me and i’ll send them to u. if u want.

  74. Well Staal and all, been another fine day in headland…..I’m not only out of here tonight, I’m taking a day off tomorrow!!! WHOOO HOOOO!

    Nasty, I’ll check in for your pics though and post at some point.

    I’ll catch up before the game tomorrow….LGR, and Aves!!! Now I’m off to enlarge that picture :)

  75. mako- im facing muddy pucks right now. i havent heard him or seen him here either. i’ll send him an email too. im kickin his butt but i would like carter and spezza, cuz he s got them!!

  76. im takin a nappy. naptime for grabby!! happytime in wonderland. later heads. i’,m glad the blogfather gets to go to the game manana. have fun carp!

    orr- im gettin ps3. my xbox wont read the nhl game and says its dirty or unreadable. my buddy at gamestop told me my x box is probably gonna crap out again. im not sending it in to wait another month and half for them to fix it. ive had it with x box. im turning over to the darkside!! then i will be able to face u and darth vodka(cccp) in some nhl action!

  77. Yeah I just sent them over emails. We’ll see what happens :)

    Im in this “world league” 20 teams and you represent your country. Im USA West (east was taken) and Im #1 over all & I kinda have a sh*tty team with the exception of having Gaborik, Streit, LQ, Khabibulin, Threeormore & Niemi.

    Our league – I cant wait for Elias & Hossa to get healthy LOL

  78. Thanks Sho- That sounds vaguely familiar – definitely fits Avery’s MO.

    They should have him “miked up” on the ice, how funny would that be.

  79. laurel

    i guess it would help if ive seen a batman movie. i wouldnt know what i would “have” to do as batman. if i really was batman i wonder where drury would park the clutchmobile…

    however, i would know who you were cause youd prolly be the only person to say that, lol.

  80. My knuckles are really hurting, i tried massaging my legs, but fell over, and now i gurt my bum.

    So far im having a really tough time in New York. But at least you Ranger fans love me. Without you, i would be lost. But only because im stupid, and don’t know my way around.

  81. Mike

    I didnt want to be the “i told you so” guy… but… x-hoax is the worst. Go get yourself PS3 already and prepare to get pounded!

  82. GRABBY

    Awesome. How soon are you getting it ? Cause if it’s soon, ill wait to start the league. It’s taking a bit long, cause everyone in the tourney is never on at the same time as their opponent.

    When you get it, just let me know your ID.

  83. Does anyone in MAKO’s fantasy league have a spare goalie they are willing to trade? I’m hurting lol

  84. MAKO

    That’s true. The first time i played CCCP, he beat me, but ever since that game, i don’t think he’s beaten me. So you might need aboot 10 games, more or less to get used to it, then another 5-10 games online to get even better.

    I lost track of my record against Ranger Report. I only lost once to CCCP, and i just lost to Opinhead, but that’s cause some idiot in my house was downloading off a torrent site. When ever someone does that, i lag. I had two penalty shots in this game, and it lagged so bad that i couldn’t even shoot the fuggin puck.

    It’s the only thing i hate aboot the PS3 online. But it is free, so you cant complain. And X-Hoax games are just boring.

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    I KNEW THAT IF YA PLAY WITH FIRE , You could fuel it or put it out…..Tort’s put it out!!! THE PLAYOFF MISTAKE IS STILL HAUNTING US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Tort’s never pulled Avery from the clinching game ..we would have beaten those Craps!! Everyone on here , basicly everyone was saying ,,,oh Avery needed a lesson , bla bla bla …lesson this Bi**hes ..Avery is holding back…yeah he is…cuz Tort’s frickin pulled him out in a playoff game and you think Avery has forgotton??Sure Sure valuble lesson but look at him now!!???? Repercussion ..there you have it ,,,for all of you who said Avery deseved it..well here’s what you get for that…a bummed out uninaffective Avery, Happy now?

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    x-box 360 is awsome , Ive played hundered of games online sinse the new game came out and in the lobbies there are tons of games and people playing. Most people who play x-box hockey are committed to spend cash to play , there for less games get screwed up because gamers on the x-box are more serious and the player try to be friendly so they can all play together to win. People who wanna baby sit thier kids , just throw ’em on the “free”ps3 and when I play , I don’t want some 8 year old practicing goaltender when im playing my LW position.

  87. Thanks Sally, I plan to!

    Greg, took you long enough to get here….don’t surgarcoat your feelings, tell us how you really feel (I came back after saying bye just for you!)

  88. X-Hoax will burn your house. When you’re telling the world how great it is to pay for playing online, your house will be burning.

    My question is, you use all your money to pay for online play, will you have enough to buy a new house, muahaha……….buaaahahahahahahahahaha !!!

  89. Orr

    Thanks for the advice. I was checking out the game play on youtube. There are game demos on there… absolutely awesome looking. I posted an unbelievable save from LeClaire from NHL 10 it was soooo sick. Did you ever check it out?

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    HAHA , Thanks Laurel ,ya know I can’t sugar coat ,nice to see ya back.

    ORR , yo , WE WERE UP 3-1 against a crying OV man!!!! Don’t you remeber??? WE HAD THEM , Avery got them soooooo mad at the end of game 4 . We had ’em right there. If you don’t believe it , rewind the tape and look at the Craps faces…they were foiled by Avery!!! Tort ‘spulled him thenext game and we blew game after game , then Avery came back,,,too late Tort’s , too late. Orr , you think after we were up 3 -1 we were done for???? HAHAHA , yeah right , we had them , I’ll never change my tune.

    X-box is an actual pc ,playing game , were play station is for the weaker people ( haha)Online is free because it’s the only way to get parents to buy it for thier kids.

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    They have diferent “coolers” for $25 or $10 to put on yer xbox so it doesn’t get too hot. I watched burnt movies through my xbox from my pc so i dont have to waste dvd’s burning them.If you play for 8 hours straight with out turning it off ,it still wont gett too hot. I play at 12midnight to 8am alot and it never gets too hot. Maybe you have read too much into the fire thing dude.

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    RANGERS play the Devils tommorow , hey that reminds me of something….they have 1 fan!!! Plum Local fan!!!! YAAAAAAAAA!! We get to hear from him again!!!! I can’t wait…M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Sorry Laurel ,but the game keeps us guys outta trouble. Going to the bars and hanging out at friends places can get outta hand. Online hockey , you can play 1 position on a team with other guys playing the other positions from different countries or places. Using a head set , you get to hear people ,bit*h and freak out. You actually get to play with others so it make it more real. It’s like online poker…sometime ya can’t find a game to play with yer buddies or it’s too smokey at someones house …so online is the way to go..

  94. Ok, so many things to comment about since I’ve been missing for a couple of days with a house full of sick individuals. I hope it isn’t the T virus (unless of course milla jovovich is going to show up, then i’d be ok with it)!


    Get well soon bro!!

    NYR 1994

    I might, team foosh


    first of all avery…..he needs to play on the edge or just a bit over to be his most “effective” self. That being said he is not playing badly at all right now. The refs still give him a bit of a bum rap though. I honestly think he should get the other “A” if for no other reason (And I think he does deserve it) than the refs would have to acknowledge him as an alternate captain and talk to him on the ice during games!

    And here it comes….the next topic…d men! First dandenault, a good signing if he replaces rozy permanently (technically just a tryout at this point), not quite the type of d man we “need” right now. Versatile though, he can play forward as well. Someone posted a comment a thread or two ago that we don’t need to be any tougher d men, just for the guys we have to play tougher!!! Ummm, no, will not solve the problem at all. Our guys do need to play tougher on the back end, but none have the “edge” needed to be the type of d man we need. Staal could develop into a pretty darn good open ice hitter, but isn’t there yet! None of them are of the crease clearing, you touch our goalie and i’m dropping the gloves immediately regardless of the penalty I may get or what my coach says afterwards, mentality. I said it last season if staal and (at that time mara) are our “tough” d men we are in trouble (that is not meant as a dis to them nor is it meant to mean they are not tough, but not the kind of tough we need back there) I guess if we rated d men like boxers, I would consider staal and girardi as middle weights, and we need a heavy weight or two back there like a bueke or ulfie.

    On another d man note, i saw a rumor headline about volchenkov on spector’s and I got all excited about maybe the rangers were trying to get him (more of a hitter than a crease clearer to me, but certainly can play with an edge to his game), but it was only about how the sens really want to re-sign him because they like his rough style of play!!

    Thanks all and have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man evening!!!

  95. hhmm…strange… I play games and still manage to go to bars, clubs and still manage get in trouble.
    I guess in C A N A D A life is different. :P

  96. Greg, that answer was…interesting. Thanks for a lot of insight I’m not necessarily sure I needed :)

    Wicky, too late in the day to read the full essay, but I agree on Aves.

  97. I have to agree with zzzzzz on a couple of issues here. Like i said in my war a peace post earlier, avery needs to play just a bit over the line to be at his best, i think torts needs to let the leash out a bit more. The other thing I forgot to mention earlier is when you have a guy like avery on your team playing a bit over the line, it makes everyone else on that team play a bit more on edge and alert. You never know when something he does may bring something in the form of payback on you so you play a bit on your toes more! As far as the ps3 and xbox goes, well the ps3 is pretty cool due to the blueray player (if i’m not mistaken though, it doesn’t play regular dvds…correct???), but we bought a 360 because it was about 150 bucks cheaper and we are poor. It has worked great for us, so i’d say it was a better buy (we have regular dvds).

  98. sorry laurel, trying to control the t virus in the house…i started the post at 1300hrs my time and just got it posted recently!!!

  99. No prob Wicky, just joshing (at 26)….I don’t mean to be stupid, but what’s the T virus?

    And I have to say, it’s so cute when you all say “sorry Laurel..” makes blog mama want to cry :) I do adore my heads….

  100. laurel,

    t virus is from the resident evil video games/movies!

    I really didn’t consider you the blog mum, more like the hot younger sister!!

  101. I am going on to play a little nhl 10 for the 360 right now. If you have it add me, the name is Mr G Money. Don’t laugh at the name. I know it is lame.

  102. Wicky, excellent answer! As for the T virus….oy, and here I was going to wish you well like Grabby. I slap my hand to my head on that one!

    OK, I’m really gone now (Greg, swear)….to those who like the sister blog, check in tomorrow. Got a special Stanley pic I set up just for you….

    See ya pre-Debbies!

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Laurelllllll ,come backkkkk….you can do it!!!! ~~~~~~come back to the pc………..Yeah ,I knew ya probally wouldn’t care about what goes on with online play..this way ,you know if ya like it or not!!! Haahaa. Nasty1 ,Im really only an OTP player but if ya wanna game sometime…sure ZzZz GL

    CCCP , you can
    still get in trouble and play , yes. It HELPS a person from getting in too much trouble is all I ment , you smart aleck haha. How do you type being Pi**ed all the time dude? You can really tell if a guys a drunk when he always mentions that he loves Vodka and the only story he tells , is a story about being drunk….haha Carp was right about the Vodka part too!!! I geuss we both have fun poking fun at eachother …tis cool, hey Mikes sick!??

  104. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Yo Ranger909210 , hows it gowannn dude? I like yer play , too bad ya don’t play OTP , could use ya on my team during the weekend or something. I’m left wing , you be whatever and we’ll get some points. You need like over 500 points(goals\assists) to make top top 1000 world wide , im like 1100 or something.

  105. Anyone watching Sabres-Panthers? I’m trying to imagine how this would sound if Jeanneret and Moller were calling this game together. I think my brain just exploded…

  106. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Congrats Sally , you scholl girl you!!! Sassy boots Sally , what a name. Sabres and Panthers?? Yuck , maybe if Sabres had Drury still?

  107. Moulson. Another kid that retard from the Kings let go. First O’Sully, now Moulson. I hope Boyle can be another one of those guys.


    At that time i thought we’d win. But lets face facts, Hank absolutely blew the series. Whether Aves played or not, Hank blew it, and im sure he knows it. The guy couldn’t stop a puck to save his weeny from being chopped off, and fed to Broduer, with a tartar sauce drizzled all over it. We got lucky in that series.

    Although, if the guys had a full season under Torts last year, and they were as well conditioned as the were this year, and had 82 games of his style, then maybe VarLAmov wouldn’t look so Roy-ish.

  108. BTW – Im getting rid of the tourney. t’s taking to long, and nobody is ever on when their opponent is on, so im gonna skip it, and get it started tonight, or tomorrow. Im not gonna be NYR, so who ever gets the message first, you have a chance to grab them.

    Im gonna put the time of the game up by 6 or 7 minutes, so it doesn’t go to fast.

    But what should the max number of games we play against each other be ? It says it can go from 1-5 each, and there’s 11 of us, and im aboot to get a 12 guy, i just gotta help him figure out how to play online, lo, which means he might not win a game in the league.

  109. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Orr , ya better not say too much about the NHL10 game like I just did ,cuz pritty soon Carp will ban that too!!! SHHHHHH I bet he just saw what I typed too (DoH!!)

    You are correct ,Hank did poop the bed in the series and we lost due to key goals going in which made guys like Gomez quiver with fear. All I’m saying is , we were up 3 -1 Washington sucked worse , we just happen to one up them after we had them down and out.

  110. greg, me and nasty just had a hell of a game. Went into overtime, and i won it close to the end with a good goal from higgy. If only he could do it in real life. I’m down to play on sundays. Usually I can play during the week unless a yankee game or ranger game is on.

  111. greg, lets play right now. Really bored, and the guys that i get assigned randomly are pretty bad. You and nasty are my equal competition

  112. That series is why it can be argued that Hank isn’t a top 5 goalie.

    He doesn’t show up for the playoffs. He’s practically unbeatable in the first round, but the second round he dies.

    He still has a lot to prove.

    I blame him more than Torts, but i blame the whole team. One move didn’t lose the series for us. The team just doesn’t know how to finish, which is why so many of those losers aren’t on the team anymore.

    And what do you mean aboot Carp banning me ? I didn’t even talk aboot boobs yet !!!!!

  113. sally, hotmail or facebook?? we should just get those gamer headsets to talk to each other while commenting in here! OMG could you imagine the hilarity of hearing everyones voices if that were doable?

  114. I’m gonna hop in on this since i don’t want to do my paper…Last year i think the Caps just snapped out of it and blew us away, they were the better team up and down and the better team won. No goalie can carry a team that far especially with high powered O the caps had/have.

  115. wicky,
    just send you a random proposal just counter trade that since i don’t know exactly what you need or want for him.

  116. I’d pay money to hear ORR going apesnnnnitz! That’d just be absolute hilarity because he cracks me up pretty much on a daily basis!

    Hey Rick,the next comment I make that makes Josh laugh, he’s gotta pay some respect and comment on the blog!! I mean, seriously, exactly how many people is he going to run into in life that will put albinos and pterodactyls in the same sentence?

  117. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Yeah Linda ,Me and Ranger090210 had head sets on and it was perty cool. Too bad I had un expected company show up and my dauger was yakking at me while we played and being interuped on a game you can’t pause is fusterating!!

    I’m makin a pizza right now and I was invited to my friends to play him in some versus . I’d rather play OTP or a league ya make up like orr has done. Ill make a league and add Ranger and nasty, well play as we can.

  118. Linda, that’s such a great idea! We should do some kind of video conference chat!

    And I second that about Josh commenting. Does he think he’s too good for us or something?

  119. Sure, you all come back after I leave! Damn you Greg!…OK, quick thought now that I’m back from errand and really signing off…Linda, the pic you’re talking about from Kris is the same one I saw on Sally’s link….I repeat, meow…

    TR, you’re never letting me near him at Warren I bet….

  120. Orr

    You beat me all the time but we play pretty close games…except for one I think.

    I’m in freakin Kansas and am gonna miss the game tomorrow night..SUCKS!

  121. exactly Sally…or maybe he’s just shy? teehee!! I even gave him his own theme song the other night! What else do we have to do to get him to comment??? OK DON’T ANSWER THAT CCCP!!!

    Greg that had to be pretty funny. I know what a few of ya look like thanks to the beard contest and twitter, it’d be funny to have a voice to go with the face. As long as none of ya sound like Michelobetti, the sabres dude, Beninati, Doc, Endzone, or Fishler!

  122. william Peace, you’re not telling me anything I don’t know, and you’re not incorrect. But once newspapers go, that’s when the real news goes. You won’t find jack on the internet in terms of news. All you’ll get is the stuff the teams and leagues want you to get, and nothing more. Where do you think all the Rangers blogs get their info now? Right, they get it from newspapers (and newspapers’ blogs) or they get it from some arm of the team or the league. And newspapers are in big trouble, my friend, and that’s why they (we) don’t staff hockey anymore. Many papers no longer cover other pro sports, either. It’s grim.

  123. sally

    congrats girl, far better than I could have done!!!!

    nyr 1994

    I will check it in a bit!!!

  124. Josh spent most of last week right next to me at work (Yankees) and the last two days right next to me in a golf cart. He’s not too good for us. I do have to get him to post.

    I’m warming up for my blogradio spot with The Mouth. I don’t know if we’ll take calls. See the link in the post up top.

  125. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Hank we Trust !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    OH NOOO ,that damed Beard contest pic is always there to haunt me!!!! BOOOOOOO ,actually my before is better than my after cuz in my after i was perty mad the Rangers lost!!! I showed my evil look of discust.

    Ahhh Laurels back!!! Im outta here soon soon , pizza is almost done..mmmm pizza!!!

  126. Linda, to quote you, LMAO! But that pic of Aves is not to the waist, but below the zone :) ORR, sorry, I give you such crap about Fox, but I guess fair is fair.

    Carp, your in-box must be overflowing with the heads’ non-game night gabbing…(not grabbing or gaboricking…) sorry. Hey, did I just make up a new verb!)

  127. Thanks Wicky! Couldn’t have done it without your help!

    Carp, you’re bumming me out. It’d really cheer me up if Josh told us stories about that time he turned 26.

  128. Sally, THAT was a gift from the God’s also! WOW!!!! It’s good to be a female hockey fan!!!!

    Rick, Josh knows we all dig his dismembered floating 26 year old noggin! I’m sure dde will find a back issued Tiger Beat with his pic on it also! He just has to grace us with his presence. I think he’s waiting until he has enough ammo to get all of us back for the jokes we’ve made about him! Josh, it’s when we DON’T pick on ya that ya gotta worry!

  129. waiting for the eventual ORR post of a link to Megan Fox pics, after that last one Sally put up, you KNOW he’s gonna!

  130. OMG, first time I’ve ever listened to Mouth and Carp’s not even on yet. Cracking me up….and totally plugging Carp. Mouth, I think I want to be on your show.

  131. Nasty, btw, that name is G(as in gatorade type of G). Its pretty cool. U interested in the league that Greg’s gna set up?

  132. LMAO!!!! Mouth is a riot, and here’s our boy Rick! wow i really miss the NY accent, especially when they are talkin about hockey!

  133. omg my cough is killing me and i’m laughin my head off! this is the best thing i’ve heard online in a while!!

  134. The roomie and I make up sports that VS would air. Extreeeme dust bowling!

    CCCP, I think it means Grabby bit you and you’re going to turn into a duck vampire zombie thing?

  135. NYR1994

    You got it for 360 or PS3 ?


    You got better, since the first two games i played against you. I was able to walk all over you, but i couldn’t finish, but now it’s a lot tougher, defensively.


    Me going ape carp is just a lot of whining, a lot of moaning, and a whole lot of Redden-style power snorts.

  136. Redden style power snorts…see i told ya, he cracks me up!!

    We’re gonna have to figure out a way to get ORR into Warren in the spring! It wouldn’t be a gathering without him!

  137. an answer? SOMEONE BUSTING THE GUY WHO RUNS HENRIK IN THE FREAKIN CHOPS!!!!! that’s the answer!

  138. Souray looks like he has horns in that pic. You naughty girls!!!!

    Making us men feel like pieces of meat!!!!

  139. hey sally, i saved that pic and titled it I LOVE HOCKEY! OMG HE’S TALKIN ABOUT JASON BLAKE!!! USE MY LINE!!! lmao

  140. Completely disagree on Avery. He is not coming back. Sean is a top 6 six player and he is more effective in that role than being a pest. What I do agree with is the Rangers need a pest to replace what Avery used to do. That is easier to come by than to find a top 6 performer. Sean’s locker room leadership should have been strengthen once he stopped his antics.

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