Shark bites


Whenever I think of San Jose, one thing in particular comes to mind: That trip where the Rangers, having a pretty good season as I recall, collapsed. Eric Lindros suffered a concussion (surprise) on a minor collision at center ice, near the boards; and Theo Fleury punched the Sharks’ mascot — he would meltdown further on that trip, “retire” during a game in Pittsburgh, and all of his demons would resurface.

I also think about San Jose being the outpost to which the Rangers banned Adam Graves, getting Mikael Samuelsson in the deal, then getting rid of Samuelsson, and letting Pavel Bure wear Graves’ No. 9.


Anyway, tonight comes a real test, against Dany Heatley, the almost-Ranger, and the boys, on Versus no less. Oh. joy!

Some of my brethren are reporting that Sean Avery is being moved to the second line, in place of Christopher Higgins, on a line with Chris Drury and Ryan Callahan. Maybe that will get all four of them going.

Also, Zipay and Gross reporting Steve Valiquette, off his shutout, will start in goal. I know that annoys some of you, but they have to find games for Valiquette to play and Lundqvist to sit during this Olympic year. It’s a fact of life. LQ will play against the Devils Thursday.

Over at is this story: 100 things to know about the first 100 games of the season.

Here are the pregame notes, from the Rangers.

See yas later.

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  1. Dress Lundqvist in place of Rozi on D. I remember on my youth team one year we had two good goalies so some games the back up would dress as a skater and was one of the best puckhandlers on the team. I’m sure Henrik could commit less mistakes than Rozi.

  2. Because Macky’s Back in town!!! Vally needs to play, rest Lundqvist he has been dodging players more than pucks of late.

    Never Lisin’s To Enver Lisin : Torts has #81 Lisin Paying Attention and Paying Dividends Video

  3. The stats say the Rangers have advantages over the Sharks in these categories.

    Goals For
    Goals against average
    Save %
    Shooting %
    PP %
    PK %

    Everything else is pretty equal.

    This game is all about battle level.

  4. MDZ has far exceeded even the loftiest expectations anyone could have had for him so far. If he can keep it up, we have something really special on our hands. A very very pleasant surprise.

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Torts decisions seem to be based on top/bottom of East/West conference. So if its bottom west (and i was surprised to see Anaheim and San Jose both at or barely above .500) then Valli gets the nod.

    As far as this statement: “Sean Avery is being moved to the second line, in place of Christopher Higgins, on a line with Chris Drury and Ryan Callahan. Maybe that will get all four of them going.”
    …and I think Sean Avery could score more in the middle of Siberia during Polar Bear season than he will on this line.


  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    ‘This game is all about battle level.’

    This game is about making sure a single Joe Thornton pass never makes it to Dany Heatley. That should be 95% of the way towards victory.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Seven game winning streak. Backup goaltender against a potentially explosive offense on a team that has been struggling but should be much better. Rangers have had stretches of bad effort against mediocre teams in several consecutive games. I’ll be at the game tonight.

    Yup, all the pieces in place for a big loss.

  8. Good morning Staal and all. Hey Dood, have a little faith. If nothing else, the second loss has to come sometime… hope is that Heatley gets stopped, if nothing else.

  9. Cross Check Charlie on

    Vali is a capable goalie. He will do fine. He’ll probably need to play more this season than the last two combined.

  10. Hey…question…

    Who among these guys would you vote for for the next President of the US???

    Joe (already looks and talks like Bush…haha)

    I think I’d vote for Al. He would be all business.

  11. Big loss, perhaps. I think that starting Valiquette in a game against a quality opponent, after some so-so play overall lately, presents a great challenge to the skaters. I think it sets up a possible huge victory. If not … well, then Lundqvist is rested and Tortorella has a base for getting things fixed at practice tomorrow. Laurel’s right. The second loss is going to happen sooner or later.

  12. I fully understand that it’s an olympic year and that Lundqvist needs rest. My question is, why not sit him against Toronto, a deep that Vally has owned, and a winless team at that, and get him in there for tonight. The sharks are a force, and this game has loss written all over it, i agree with doodie. You start your best goaltender against the upper echelon teams in order to give yourself the best chance to win, whether its an interconference or same conference game. But, thats the decision, so lets go vally!

  13. Ron Duguay for president. Enacting a national chest hair policy is the number one problem facing our people. The time for action is how. History (specifically, the 70’s) is calling.

  14. Im sorry, but i don’t care aboot the Olympic break. It’s one thing to put him up against the Ducks, but this is the Sharks. Im not saying NYR is gonna be in the Cup finals for sure, but what if they do go all the way ? Wouldn’t you want your starter to know what to expect from the time he faced them ?

    Starting goalies, should always face the teams from the other conference. You only see them once or twice a year, and if you ee them again, it will be in the Cup finals.

    I have confidence in Vally, but this is a game Hank should be starting, no doubt aboot it.

  15. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Torts wants the sharks to score 9 giving him ample reason to send Rozi to catch the next bus to Hartford, that’s why Rozi had the morning practice off as well (none of this “my hip was sore/tired” bologna).

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Orr, I understand your point but I think its better to beat the teams within your own conference. You play them 67 times a year and a potential 21 during the first 3 rounds of the playoffs.

    Western Conference you only play 15 + 7 (if you get that far) and the odds are that you won’t, especially if you haven’t beaten your own Conference during the season. There is some reason to this madness.

  17. Orr…their is nothing… absolutely nothing, that makes me think the Sharks will go all the way…people have been saying the same crap every year…and every year they do great during season…then suck in the playoffs…same story, different year.

  18. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I was traveling a lot for work during that time and didn’t get to see many games or read enough….

    I never quite understood what happened with Graves and Leetch.

    anyone care to fill me in?

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  20. This may be Torts sending a statement to his team… No Hank to bail ur ass out now. Play ur game right from the drop of the puck or else.

  21. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I would think the skaters would be more on there toes and play a more complete game WITH Vally in net, just for the fact that he cant bail them out as Hank would

    I happen to love the call, gives Hank some rest, Sharks wont try to run Vally as fast as Hank (As he gets quite pissy when that happens and is more prone to spear someone), makes the rest of the team not take the night off casue of the insurance Hank brings by being in net.

    I dont think is this is a set up for a loss at all.

    So becasue were playing a supposed “upper echelion” team were going to lose?

    Jesus some of you are never happy, even when were winning.

    Glass half empty so far today, not for me.

    I’m calling it a 4-3 win for the bluseshirts


  22. STAAL

    I know, they always end up having a bust of a year, but im not just saying for them. For all West teams, it should be Hank in net, cause it’s only one game. Vally can start two or three against the garbage teams of the East, that definitely wont make it.

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Whether it backfires, or not, this is the kind of move Renney didn’t have the cajones to make… like calling a timout at 84 seconds into a game, like sitting $13million on the bench while two rookies play the PP, like sitting Rozsival an entire third period of a horrid game, like keeping an entire line together for more than 20 minutes… EVEN IF THEY DON’T SCORE!

  24. Out of conference non rival game-i think it is a good time for VALI to step up and of course it is a good test for him….

    oh and Rick, the only place Drury said be “going” is towards the bench….

    Strive for 8 tonight-LETS GO FELLAS, LETS GO RANGERS!

  25. I came back over the weekend and watched 7 DVRed games in a row. Interesting experience. It took me half of the weekend to see the games, and the rest of it I was trying to erase the stunned look off face. Wtf did you do with this team? The defence that was supposed to be the worst in the league looks like an elite one. Is Wicky still whining about crease clearing dman? Btw, Rozi is playing the best hockey I’ve seen in 2 years and he still remains the worst player on the team. I guess, that’s good news.
    Hank is still our best player. Second best, IMHO is Callahan. Gaborik is much better than I expected. He keeps pretty low profile until he explodes. And his wrist shot is amazing. There was a Russian player named Firsov some time ago (CCCP?) who had similar release. The goalies start reacting after the puck is out of the net..
    And lastly, I didn’t have time to check all previous posts, but I doubt that anyone has seen a local fan lately.

  26. “I also think about San Jose being the outpost to which the Rangers banned Adam Graves, getting Mikael Samuelsson in the deal, then getting rid of Samuelsson, and letting Pavel Bure wear Graves’ No. 9.”

    No doubt about it – both Graves and Leetch should have finished their careers here.

    By the way, this is who we gave up to sign Broshear:

  27. ilb2001

    Yes I am still “whining” and yes we do still need one!!!!!


    Thanks for the links for we non versus directtv folks and I hope everyone has a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day (especially you ilb2001)!!!

  28. I can picture Martina Brodiva diggin in to some Chunky Monkey ice cream after that elimination from the playoffs last season.

    Then standing naked in front of the mirror squeezing his stomach, and thinking aboot Aves calling him “fatso”, and then going on the treadmill for a 5 hour run. While eating bananas and drinking tomato juice.

  29. Orr and True Blue….ack, you’ve got me all confused on which way I want to lean on this one….Carp, what say you?

    ilb, welcome back!!

    I say Carp for prez!

  30. ilb2001

    Welcome back comrade! How are you?

    Seven games in a row?! Nice! Yes, this team is not the team we were expecting…this team is much better!

    Cant wait for the game tonight! I was supposed to be at the Garden for the game but had to give up my ticket… a friend from Odessa is visiting (unexpectedly) so gotta devote my time to her. :P

    Btw, tonight we will see two X-Rangers and one almost Ranger. Malhotra, Jed Ortmyer (good to see him back in the league) and Heatler.

  31. Seems like Vali is getting the Western Conference teams…wouldn’t be surprised to see him play against Phoenix next Monday either

  32. ilb

    I figured as much,that’s why I signled you out for the “special” d man day. Glad to see you back btw!!!

  33. One more observation: I didn’t know Josh Thomson was taking Rangers wins so hard- he added about a year per win to his age so far…

    CCCP, thanks. Totally understand an old friend from Odessa issue. There are priorities in life after all.

  34. Wicky, thanks.. Trust me, it’s really great to be back.

    Laurel, I have some pic{k}s for your sister blog. I need to get my stuff together.

  35. Vally will be fine. I just hope the team shows up since they haven’t played too well in the last 2 games.

    Also the Sharks are good, but I don’t think they are amazing. Outside of the top guys, they haven’t been that impressive. I know they’ve lost to good teams so far, but I don’t think they are a top team like they were.

    Like I said though I hope the Rangers show up for 60 instead of dogging it for most of the game like they did against TO and the Kings, otherwise I could see them losing.

  36. Dunno the score, but it should be interesting. This NEW team surprised us before. And also Gaborik vs Heatley- that should something. You think these guys know who came instead of whom?
    I say we win without overtime again. Gaborik scores. So does Heatley.

  37. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Gabby had 2 against Ovie and the Caps…

    I say he’s good for at least one against Heatley and the Sharks…

    I look for Higgins to play hard and finally end his drought.

    I concur 4-2 Rangers.

    1 PP Goal
    1 EN Goal

  38. agree vally should be played tonight. gives hank 5 days off in btwn starts. would rather lose 2 pts to a west team then a conf team

  39. Right now MDZ is being used in a way that best utilizes his strengths and maximizes his chance of success.
    He’s had nearly double the PP time (34:00 min) than that of the next person (Gilroy with 17:40)
    He’s done a great job of QBing the PP, no doubt.

    But he’s getting lot’s of PP time and he’s playing it while he’s reasonably fresh.
    He is low man in even strength time by a fair margin and he’s played a total of 4 seconds SH.
    His role will grow as Torts sees fit and as required by a long season.
    You should expect fatigue to set in, his confidence and his play may suffer.

    My point is, don’t assume this level of production as a given and don’t get down on him when he hit those “bumps in the road”.

  40. Laurel – I’d like 2 dead mice dropped at my feet as royalty for that headline

    thanks for the nod lol

  41. He’s got to play. Why not non-conference? LQ is going to play vs. Devils Thursday and Montreal Saturday. It’s the perfect time for Valiquette to get a game.


    This is a good point about Montreal. Valli is way too tall so he may not notice that Les Smurfs are actually on the ice.

  42. Look at the schedule. It’s a chance to give LQ a nice 5 day rest before they take on a stretch of 9 games (6 on the road) playing every other night.(starting with the Devils)

    Should be a good test and great for us fans.

  43. Speaking of Cats…I have a “Nasty 1″…
    A few weeks ago Spazz one of my cats brought a fresh chipmunk to the front yard…I didn’t think anything of it. Went out ran some errands. Came home fired up the lawn mower. I thought nothing of it. As I was mowing all of a sudden I heard a thud…and chipmunk parts were all over the lawn.

  44. I think the LQ vs. Vally decision should rest more in the context of any given week’s schedule rather than a conference / non-conf split. For example, if we have back-to-back games, then Vally starts one of them regardless of conference. We have about 15 games against Western teams this year, but Vally is projected to start 20-25 games, so he will be playing some Eastern teams no matter what. And if we have to play a West team in the last week of the season and need some points, LQ will play.

  45. i’m sure a lot of the decision had to do with it being a non-conference game. but maybe some of the decision was made because the team hasn’t been as sharp the past two games as they were the first few. not as agressive, not doing the things we need to do consistantly in order to be successful. perhaps, by eliminating the team’s safety net of having henrik in net, especially against a very respectable team in SanJose, perhaps Torts is trying to get the guys to get back to the way they played early on, out of a “urgency” because henrik won’t be there to back them up.

    that’s not to say vally stinks, he’s a quality backup. but sometimes i feel like the team plays a little more “urgently” without henrik in net. maybe this is torts way of trying to get them to find their game and their agressiveness again. who knows. and i keep putting quotes around “urgency” and “urgently” only because I can’t think up another word there to describe what i’m trying to say. I don’t think urgency is really a factor so early in the season, but I couldn’t think of another more appropriate word to use there.

  46. Is there anyone here that has ever had pizza at “Ozone Pizza” ?

    Don’t go there !!! I went there yesterday, and saw a mouse crawl down the wall. It was horrific. I didn’t know mice were so athletic, it was like spider-man. I saw it a couple of times. Last time i ever eat pizza from there !!!

  47. by the way, I don’t think Tortorella is thinking “this is a non-conference game so it won’t be so bad if we lose it.” In fact, he has to be thinking Valiquette can and will win this game. Because if Valiquette can’t start every fourth or fifth game and win, no matter who the opponent is, then the Rangers need to find another goalie. LQ should play 65 games or so, max. They can’t just throw away the other 17?

  48. I agree with Carp….whichever team it is, the back-up has to be a back-up, and he needs to play.

    Ah, having a basement explains the catch….Actually, even though I live in a 7th-floor apartment, Stanley once caught a mouse in my house. It was a horrible tale I don’t care to relive!

    Stahl….I am losing lunch. ilb, not his fault so no coal in his stocking this year.

  49. yankees, then rangers. if we can get the two wins, then it’ll be a good night. If the rangers play with just a little more of a consistent effort and they continue to control the pace by just attacking, we should be good. Vally can handle the rest.

  50. Orr – Arty has quietly put up 4 points so far. He’s in the top 10 in rookie scoring I believe. He hasn’t been and will never be a flashy guy all the time, but he’ll do some things that surprise you eventually. Plus he’ll quietly get some points.

    Also in regards to the MDZ-Gilroy conversation, people need to remember that DZ is only 19. He has a lot left to learn so he’s being eased into the process. Gilroy is already 25, so he can’t get much better and whatever he plays like now, he’ll probably play like for the rest of his career. He might be a rookie, but he got a late start as a walk-on at BU, built himself up, and isn’t going to really change much. DZ has plenty of time to bulk up and work on his defensive parts of the game.

    Thats why I didn’t get why people saw Gilroy as a Leetch like player when I always thought it was the other way around. Mind you I watched Gilroy almost every game in college since I was up in Hockey East, but even from when we drafted DZ and signed Matt, I always thought DZ would (and still think he’ll) become the better defensemen. He has more upside than Gilroy, he just needs time to develop, which is what Torts is letting him do at the NHL level.

  51. I should also note that I’m not taking away anything from Gilroy as I think he’s a solid defensemen for the team and in the league. But when it comes to who will have a better career, I have no doubts MDZ will even when he has his struggles.

  52. Sitting In An English Garden Waiting For The Sun on

    hello fellas and ladies

    not sure if it’s too late but i would like to play nhl 10 with some of you. did you start a league of some kind? i just picked it up this weekend. i havent gone online yet but i’m feeling pretty good about my skills

  53. I’d put the Sharks in the same boat as the Canucks – quality team with a lot of skill, but way overhyped. Besides, this could probably be considered an important game for the Sharks, so you can more or less count on Joe Thornton being invisible. Nabokov hasn’t been playing well either. That Heatley guy, on the other hand…

  54. Let’s hope the NYRangers don’t bush-league it again tonight … I like what The Hockey Rodent has to write about our bad habits eventually catching up to us (like last year) …

  55. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    I have no problem with Valli playing this game. I see no problem with giving Hank extra rest and keeping him sharp throughout the season.

    Valli is a capable goalie, and has played well in most of his starts.

    We still need to score goals, and still play better fundamental hockey and stay out of the box regardless of who is in goal.

  56. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    I have no problem with Valli playing this game. I see no problem with giving Hank extra rest and keeping him sharp throughout the season.

    Valli is a capable goalie, and has played well in most of his starts.

    We still need to score goals, and still play better fundamental hockey and stay out of the box regardless of who is in goal.

  57. Not sure who I’m liking the least these days: Staal on the farm, blue in paris, or english garden…..I would like mine to be Cup and Me by the Caribbean Sea.

  58. Heatley hasn’t had a point in 3 games if I’m not mistaken. So it’s not like he’s been torching it the whole year either.

  59. Why would you need a link to watch the Yankees? They’re on FOX, unless you’re out of the country.

  60. some people don’t get cable or even own a tv. i have a tv but don’t even own a cable box or even an antennae.

    i recommend going to

    if that doesn’t work just go to ustream and do a search

  61. Thanks guys for the channelsurfing address! Cablevision viewers with the basic package don’t get Versus either. So I hate Monday games on Versus. I see if I like the web better than radio.

  62. So stoked for the game & I think whoever said Torts probably put in Valley so the players don’t have LQ to bail them out is right. Agreed!!

    Gabby should know Nabokov more or less from playing in the WC, but if Thornton & Heatley are neutralized & forecheck hard. They are a shoe in to win.

  63. I’m not getting down on Gilroy – kid can play. But I’d sure like to see him shine a bit tonight.

  64. Laurel Babcock

    I took some pictures of homeless cats that live outside of my building… would you like me to share the pics with you? :)

  65. *Salty* are you around? i have an early Hanukkah present for you. :) Respond and i will post a link for you in my name.

  66. Who Needs Lohan on

    Havent been around much sorry, just had my first child last week…..beautiful baby girl!!!! Anyways just wanted to throw out the possibility that perhaps LQ is a little banged up? I mean he has gotten absolutely nailed the last few games. Its kind of like the 5 minute break you need before you go back for more. Also sends a message to the team that they have to protect him a bit more if this is the case. Also some of you crack me up, just finding ways to be negative. Relax…..

  67. Patrick thanks for the yanks link…
    I don’t know what I have to download…
    Laurel, I’m sorry about “the Farm” you have an open invitation to visit…:)
    LOL sorry Linda,
    Its too much work to change my name every time…it always says Staal Wart and to change it means I have to erase and stuff then type…its crazy!

  68. Jonny –

    IMHO to say Gilroy can’t get much better than he is now is a bit silly.
    A muscle grows when greater demand is placed on on it.
    He is now playing a higher level of competetion and how he responds to it is yet to be determined.
    He didn’t start playing D until he got to BU and by all accounts he’s been a late bloomer.

    I understand MDZ is younger and has more time to develop.

    Let’s hope they both get better & better and have long successful careers as NYR.

  69. Shouldnt have to DL anything, just click on link for yankee game in the listing….I havent used on a pc though…I watch when i have to on a macbook

  70. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Who’s concerned about Anisimov? “quietly productive” at 4 points in an Avg TOI of 10minutes, barely any PP time, 3rd line… that’s not bad for $850K.

    What if that same production (4 points) was from the second line centering ‘captain,’ who’s playing 16.5min a game and at $7.05mil… that’s not “quietly producing” right, that’s a “quiet leader” [puke].

  71. CONGRATZ LOHAN!!!! virtual cigar for you!!!

    True Fans
    imagine the season where Drury, Redden & Rozi are off of the team…
    $19,000,000 comes right off the books :)

  72. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    Don’t order the Ratatouille….

    You won’t find rats at Magic Pan. Dominicans, yes but no rats…

  73. CCCP, sure, send em my way.
    Staal, careful what you wish for :)

    Everyone have a rip roaring evening. My computer at home is too painfully slow to keep up here on a game night, so let me get in the first WHOOOO HOOOO and I’ll catch ya all later.
    LGR (and Valli!)

  74. Valli in goal – good call! He should have played in Toronto too (IMO). The other option, wear Hank out so the Swedes make a quick exit. Then he rests DURING the Olympics just in time for a serious playoff run :)

  75. I think you guys are overthinking Torts’ reasons for playing Vally. He’s playing him because he wants to rest Henrik and he’s confident Vally can get the W. That’s it. He isn’t playing them because it’s ok to lose to a West team or to light a fire under the team to show more effort. Torts likes Valiquette. He has to, or Vally wouldnt be the backup here. Also, alot of people questioned Vally’s start against the Ducks. People said the Ducks were too good and Vally should play the lower tier teams..well look what happened. Valiquette is an NHL goalie..he can play.

  76. Puck…good thoughts.
    Vali is a legit NHL backup who at times in his Ranger career has come up huge, and bailed us out…some will never be happy

  77. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Staal and Puck,

    I agree with you both. Valli has proven time and again he can be counted on when his number is called.

    He’s a great team player, and not selfish, and i’m sure he could start for a few teams around the league, let’s not take him for granted. It takes a humble guy to play second fiddle to Hank.

    It could be worse… our backup could be ThreeOrMore!

  78. Ladies, Gentlemen, I have a critical issue here:

    So I scheduled a date for tonight at 7 (right during the NYR game, which already places me in a bad mood). On top of this, although I like the chick, I can’t for-the-life-of-me remember anything from our initial date (and no, I wasn’t trashed … for some reason, I just cannot remember).

    Anyhow … the only way I’ll get over missing the game is if I end up hooking up to some degree with this chick … except I feel my chances will me severely minimized by my lack of memory. Any advice / suggestions?

  79. ddebened – I’m just saying that Gilroy as an overall hockey player isn’t going to improve much. As I said in my 2nd post, he’s still a quality defensemen and has great speed, but when it comes to having a better career, MDZ will most likely have one just due to the fact that when he’s 25, he’ll have 6 years of experience in the league (which is crazy to think about).

    It’s not hating on Matt as I think he’s a great young hockey player, but moreso just proving my point in the preseason that when comparing to Leetch, DZ is actually more likely to end up closer to him in the stat department.

  80. Yea I think fans are just so comfortable with Lundqvist back there that we get scared when he’s not. Valiquette producers nearly the same average points towards the standings per game than Henrik. Henrik is like 1.3 points per game and Vally is like 1.1. This is from memory so it may not be EXACT. But I remember doing a quick check and it was VERY close.

    So the chances of winning the game aren’t much different.



  82. ddebened – haha. Well Avery was just trying to take a dig at Vally for spending so much time in the AHL. Vally’s performance proves he’s NHL caliber without a doubt.

    Which makes me wonder what Avery & Vally’s relationship is like now. do they even talk? Carp?

  83. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Staal Wart , clean your cookies in yer internet options and then click on this site again, and it wil be blank , then put in yer new name and it will keep it!!!

    Heatley is going down!!! Sharks lose , Ranger win,,come on Doodie , I’ll bet ya!!!!! $20 canadian , keep a tab if im wrong ,me same with you.

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    …actually I have one of those funny american bills over here yeah $20 American!!

  85. yes sir that’s me lemme know if you wanna play a game sometime this weekend. i can’t spend any money as i’m going to Cali next weekend. 8!

  86. Good evening, Carp!

    I’ll be doing homework all through the game tonight, but man, I’m still looking forward to it. I even had a friendly conversation with my archnemeses at school about the game! What next Rangers? Can you end global poverty???

  87. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    well look what happened. Valiquette is an NHL goalie..he can play.
    Someone said it earlier, but Sean Avery is my President and he says Valiquette is a minor leaguer. Sorry.

  88. Just wanted to mention that I am so pumped to have home-grown, young talent playing for our club … so awesome … I hope we continue f’ing up the rest of the league with goals from the Great Gaborik and the Teen Team …

    We are … the NEW YORK RANGERS!

  89. Jonny-

    My contention was with the following:

    “Gilroy is already 25, so he can’t get much better and whatever he plays like now, he’ll probably play like for the rest of his career.”

    I disagree even more when considering the fact he is relatively new to the position.

    It had nothing to do with Gilroy vs DMZ
    Of course, someone 6 years younger has more time to improve

  90. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Miami Pimp

    Tape the game.
    Tap the girl.
    Type some notes.
    Take her to Rangers game next time.

  91. Miami, lordy you are a walking Seinfeld/Curb episode ain’t ya….Maybe Mandelbaum can help you.

    All, don’t know if Carp is at the other game being played today (see how well we communicate in the communications biz) but if he hasn’t put up a clean ocean in which to swim with the Sharks, I will by game time (even though it takes forever from home, that’s how dedicated I am!)

    P.S. Who else hates paying bills. Ugh.


    Carp, referring to Bure wearing 9. I clearly remember your column on that. You said they called Adam to ask him if it was okay of Bure wore 9. And, Adam being Adam, he said sure. You thought it was a travesty and that #9 should be retired. At least, it finally happened.

  93. haha, you guys rock … the responses to my dilemna have been classic …

    I think I’ll take her to a bar where I can watch the game …

    And, yes, I’m a jackassasin

  94. Miami, just ask her lots of questions. If she says she already told you something, you tell her you just get distracted by how pretty she is!

  95. Sally i just peeped out your website. you still on L or is that old link? i look forward to more drawings!

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