Getting ahead of ourselves …


The last time the Rangers won eight in a row was 1974-75 … I think that was the team that lost to the Islanders on the J.P. Parise goal in overtime … and 1973-74. The team record is 10 in a row 1972-73 and in 1939-40.

Here’s your blank canvas for tonight.

Hope we do better numbers than the last time we went head-to-head with the Yankees.

See yas.

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  1. Damn you Mandelbaum! I would have had ya but my stupid computer!!! Oh well, ignore my post in last post about putting up a new post. Shame on me for doubting the blogfather.

  2. My priorities are definitely with the Rangers …

    I think the only way out of this “life dilemna” is to marry a NYRangers fan …

  3. I’m excited about tonights game. Even though the Sharks aren’t a super dominant team right now, they are still dangerous and are a great test for this team. The league is starting to notice the Rangers as a potentially contender. Beating SJ tonight helps solidify our spot at the top.

    Should be a good one.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  4. Miami rules!

    I like living in D.C., but Miami holds a special place in my heart … I had a great time growing up there … it’s not an “intelligent” city, but it more than makes up for it with the culture, optimism, and beauty … and it’s much safer than people think …

    Can’t judge it by its airport, though, which is another story …

  5. Mandelb- oops.

    Miami, I gave you some advice on the last post cause I didn’t realize everyone left without me. I think you should ask the girl lots of questions about herself and if she tells you she already told you something, you say you get distracted cause she’s so pretty!

  6. I was trying to beat you….type o this my friend :)….OK, this is fun while my lame drive can handle few comments, but you all are on your own for now until I decide to pop in later (always a chance of that) or for tomorrow’s post-game chat. Gearing up for gametime, maybe with volume off (Versus, blech)

    But wait, quick pre-game poll. I noticed a lot of variations today so what is it” Vally, Valli or Vali….normally I’d go with the Y, but the i goes with his name, and it has to ll’s….I go with Valli (which is what I use, of course)

  7. Anyone else need relationship advice?

    I say hurl. If you blow chunks and she comes back, she’s yours. If you spew and she bolts, it was never meant to be.

  8. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    If you blow chunks and she comes back, she’s yours.
    what if she blows (heheh) chunks? Then what?

    Then you can at least say you are having lunch together…

  9. Eww Sally. That’s them sassy boots talking! And I respect you on the Vally choice…

    OK, seriously, goodbye. Got other slow computer stuff to to before game. LGR!

    Hey Staal, my soon-to-be-up sister blog post might be useful for the farm :)

  10. Yay it’s on VS. I get to watch in my LA-Z-Boy.

    I even got my buddy, a Bruins fan, to watch the game tonight since the B’s won’t be worth watching for a few weeks.

    Vali looked pretty strong against Anaheim and he makes himself really big in net, Kinda scary.

    this will be a good game. the only NHL game on at the time, should gets lots of viewers. Hopefully they can see how good we are and start getting scared.

  11. CCCP

    They are sassy and sessy… But then again. Sally thinks Im a gay latin boy with a lisp LMAO!

    jk Sally ;)

  12. Staal, it’s up. But I feel bad now, I just realized I bumped Carp and RR from the LoHud homepage (sorry Carp! didn’t know you were up there, but you don’t need the help!)

    Sally, you’re not sending people to the sister blog to see your boots and Dubi and Gomez. Hmmm. I may have to re-evaluate our relationship.

  13. HAAAA! Sally, outstanding!!! As Linda would say (where is she?) LMAO!!

    Chuck: the fish are dying!!!

    OK all, it’s go time on the crappy channel. Later. Great fun as always.

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Rangersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss LETS GO BOYSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!game time is NOW!!

  15. Man, VS guys are stupid. They talk about how long the SJ roadtrip is, then say “Rangers at San Jose.”

    Glad you like em, CCCP :)

  16. why in the blue hell am i NOT independently wealthy?!!!

    Hey sassy boys and girls, ready for another raucous game?

  17. anyone else surprised by that kobasew trade? what’s the bruins thought process behind that one?

  18. Chuck, are you Chuck Woolery? As in Team Chuck Woolery that’s gonna get their butts beaten off this week?

    Cally scores 1st.

  19. i’m on the road (good ol’ nashville) — anyone know how i can watch the game live on the net? some sort of streaming site?

  20. Saw that yesterday Sally, still waiting for the ‘poster’

    Is it just me or does it sound like Benidiarrheamounati says ENDZONE when he says that ridiculous ENZO ?

  21. VS’ graphics said this is the third year for Torterella as Rangers coach. Did I lose a year?

  22. lmao that is the first time i’ve seen THAT version of the commercial! “I do alot of stuff but i’m not going to tell YOU! KICK ARSEAGE HANK!

  23. MIKE!!!!! it’s weird watchin them on ‘the bigger screen!” woo hooo MDZ love starting on the telecast already!


  25. ok…i’m just getting written updates from yahoo (never try and watch the rangers on a mac…)

    was that drury or staal?

  26. these refs absolutely SUCK hard this season

    Anyone ever notice the resemblence Brashear has to Dino from the Flintstones?

  27. sorry leine, next time lemme know you’re having dinner and I’ll wait for you to be done chewing!!

    should I order my MDZ jersey NOW???? CALLAZOTTO

  28. Holy crap! Step away for a couple minutes and it’s Captain Clutch and MDZ! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Linda, wait, did you say Drury won the LLWS? No way! Has anyone ever heard that before??

  29. Hi all!!

    Del Zotto is the master of the blue line. Just incredible, never thought he would be this good.

    But seriously these refs need to have their eyes checked, the puck was clearly in play.

  30. st0w didn’t want anyone to feel left out of the awesomeocity that is Captain Clutch and his storied life of being a winner

  31. WAL*MART GOAL CAM??? there are just too many jokes to be made about that, but most would offend people. I’ll be nice! We don’t want another albino pterodactyl thingie

  32. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Grabechev, SJ is 4-3-1. Good is an over statement.

    And your comment about Drury is laughable, thanks for the chuckles.

    October 19th, 2009 at 7:29 pm
    dru is kickin ass tonight”

  33. versus is defintely bush league, but at least i get to see them on something bigger than the computer screen once in a while.


    “heartbeat, it’s a lovebeat, and a lovebeat, is a good vibration.”

  34. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    October 19th, 2009 at 7:36 pm
    why is that laughable? he played great on the pk and scored a goal. but ok, i guess hes been bad. lol

    They were barely 1/6th through the game! He also dominated in warmups i guess! yea!

  35. OMG was that Brashear that was slammed into the glass? wtf why is he on the ice. He really sucks.

  36. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m happy did something, its an improvement, but you sound like Fox when they show the “game changing play of the game” in the 6th inning! Geez, let the game happen.

  37. yea true- exactly. so far hes been great. what i dont get is why everytime somebody gives props to dru, you get all pissy about it. support your team dude. if he makes a bad play yea ok, call him out, but you have nothing but crap to say about him regardless.

  38. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

    OttaawaGh0st is gonna have a funny youtube about that…

    what a mess

  39. Vally should have been a little more aware there. Probly wasnt expecting a shot when it got knocked loose.

  40. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I hate tools who love all over Drury for doing nothing. He’s got his 2nd goal and 5th point of the season, but seriously… ‘kickin ass?’ keep up your solid work.

  41. New poll: who hates tv time outs, and it’s not just versus but they do seem longer there. Ok….I’ve gotten more exercise running between TV and computer than I get at gym….see ya at the end with win, I hope.

    Stop sending Valli bad vibes!

  42. i like how no one even came close to taking the body on heatley on that goal…all fishing with their sticks trying to pokecheck

  43. They slowed down in the period, penalties hurt too but Heatley’s goal was a little of a lucky bounce
    over Staal’s stick but you gotta tie the man up better.

    Shark’s first goal was a bit of a softie though

  44. Blueshirt in Paris on


    Both goals a result of not taking the body.

    Vally is playin like, well, Vally.

    But maybe Henri is bruised up and needs the rest.

    Maybe the guys need the lesson of playing in front of vally not someone that can bail them out all the time.

  45. Thank Brash*t for ruining the period for his team. Stupid idiot cant make a simple play, and it totally ruined Nyr that period.

    The douchebag should be rotting in the penalty box fro five minutes, instead of wasting time on the ice, showing us his fancy skating ability.

    Hate him !

    Hopefully they get it together. Both goals were ridiculous. Fuggin Staal, and Danny G looking like retards on that second goal. Allowing Heatley to go untouched, right to the net.

    And i hope Danny Boyle fires a slap shot, and it deflects out of play, and straight into Benninati’s mouth, so he can shut the fugg up.

  46. I agree. A guy like heatley needs to be taken out of the play. You can’t give him a chance. He’s an allstar with incredible hand eye coordination. That play would work on some. Favorite commercial coming up with the flyers fan and his fantasy. ahah

  47. Still not sure why they chose to start Hank on the Leafs and Vally on the Sharks.

    But this is an intense game (and thanks, CCCP, for the link).

    Brashear’s been invisible, and Dubinsky is still earning that new paycheck. Always present on the ice.

    They did SIGN DZ by now, right?

  48. They should know better. Heatley is a big guy its like trying to knock Jagr or AO off of the puck… he’s 6’3′, 220

  49. lmao, my fiancee just asked me to not dress up like a french maid so i said, will you dress up like a goalie for me…he said, ‘you’d probably say OH SHEEEIT THE GAME, and leave me to watch it’

  50. kind of random but my name on here is my xbox gamertag. I played some games with Greg L. If any of you have 360, add me. I agree on benninati. he says some weird stuff.

  51. what happened to all of the male enhancement commercials. ah. i think they just skipped over one for a cellino and barnes commercial.

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    If Valley can’t handle the Sharks , then , seriously , why do we have him , I’d rather have MacDonald or someone who is actually good. Vally looks tal and has a cool mask BUT , he still sucks , I Hate to say this , but we are gonna need atleast 5 goals to win this thing!!Last year we would have never stood a chance, this year …Hell yeah!!!!

  53. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    our minor leahue goalie shinning once again against a good team. Should have started Hank tonight. Also, bad play by Brashear on that goal.

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    If Valley can win this ,,,I could wipe his slate clean .

  55. Agreed Linda. Who are they trying to appeal to? Quiznos has had some strange commercials lately. $5 footlong just sounds scary to me now.

  56. Blueshirt in Paris on

    enough of this why start vally crap. i think torts knows henrik is a better goalie. he has taken a beating in the past few games. think big picture arm-chair coaches. ;)

  57. Ranger, i swear, every damned time a quiznos commercial comes on, i feel the need to take a shower, they’re DIRRRRRTY!

  58. Linda, your fiance sounds hilarious!

    Chuck W, your team is so ugly, when she sits in the sand on the beach, cats try to bury her.

    Dammit Jed.

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    I’d pull Vally now , bring in Hank and then recall up Johnson tomorow.

  60. i meant CHECK…cuz you actually COULD hit one of them with a puck.

    sorry that goal by Ortie has me all out of equilibrium

  61. Chuck W – your team is so ugly, if you pushed their faces in dough, you could make monster cookies.

  62. holy carp its like Renney has a crystal ball and is oozing his boringness onto this period! Terrible

  63. damnit now THIS ASSHAT is using ‘pitchforked’!!!


  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on


  65. what the hell is with the 2nd periods. Seriously, I don’t know where to rate that quiznos commercial in regards to strangeness. The one where the oven keeps saying to put in it him is up there. I guess b/c theres 2 naked guys in a strange hot tub its weirder.

  66. Nice, another Sharks PP. Hopefully they score so Hank can get it!

    Stupid stupid decision to start Vally against a team like the Sharks.

    Oh nice, is Versus even going to show us a replay of the penalty? Wtf?

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Last year he showed us that he is crap , why do we have to have him in goal!!??? He is oviously shaky in net!!

  68. Johnson gave up a lot of goals in a recent wolfpack game. I don’t think he should replace vally who’s a lot more proven

  69. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Vally in not henrik but they are not playing strong in front of him…shit they got away with these past few games with henrik bailing them out. I have no problem with torts taking a loss against a non conference team to teach them a lesson.


    Ranger,that one is just perverse! we discussed it at length last season. I mean honestly, how many of you have gone to quiznos because of their soft core porn commercials??? Teeehee! Between that and the enzyte…oy

  71. Sharks are flying by. They need to work the puck down low to kill the Sharks momentum.

    That was a CHARGE!!!

  72. duker-0 why would you want them to score?? so hank can get a loss on his record? it wont help us win

    can we get any forecheck at all????

  73. Maybe the thinking was to play Vally against a West team because the points aren’t as important in the big scheme of things?

    We have no versus, sounds like that’s a good thing tonight.

  74. Blueshirt, do you think that is what this is? And if so, why do it at home?

    Why doesnt the ref just blow the whistle as soon as the Rangers go into the zone on ANY scoring chance? Jackasses!

  75. how many hits do they have this period??? Besides hitting each other? What is this mess before our eyes? Freakin period seems like its been going on for 3 hours!

  76. Blueshirt in Paris on

    No I think Henrik is banged up and keeping him healthy is more important then a non-conf game in oct. I dont think he is gonna pull vally cuz a. goes against the whole getting him a rest and b. the team needs a lesson. Lets see how they fight back.

  77. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Linda, Valliquete flirted with Heatley twice, but I dont think you’d say they hit on each other yet.

  78. That should be the last of Avery for the game. Questionable calls or nots I doubt we see him get much ice.

  79. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    First penalty wasn’t avery’s fault, that one was lazy. I bet he gets torched or sat by Torts when he returns.

  80. If I keep hearing about former Rangers playing for the Sharks one more time I’m going to mute the TV

  81. Hopefully Gaborik is calibrating his aim for the 3rd and he pops a hat trick and then gets carried off the ice on the team’s shoulders.

  82. tommy- i think gabs has done alot for this team. maybe its time for other guys to step up and score. cant count on gabby every single game

  83. Linda

    Probably :( I know we are all spoiled … but they can win this if they stick to their game and play smart & starting taking the body again….

  84. Blueshirt, very logical train of thought! That could very well be whats going on. They can ALL see now that HANK is the most important player on this team. He’s the straw that stirs the drink, and they better freakin appreciate him more after this. They also better come out on fiyaaah in the 3rd. Some boneheads are at the game tonight, they better launch some great come back.

  85. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Please don’t ever write Gaborik and “carried off the ice” in the same sentence! My heart skipped a beat because I read it fast and I’m watching on a 90 second delay and feared the obvious.

  86. Mako, seriously have they even throw ONE freakin check this period??? I swear the game clock looks like its going backwards. When did goals become STRIKES??? ya freakin fool

  87. No cross check call again?

    I guess Valli is giving up his next 2 or 3 starts worth of goals?

  88. awful managing by girardi in that game. Brashear has been declining fights. I would say that this would be a good time to mix it up. And if he is hurt, then theres other players who have more ability than him. He’s not scaring anybody. still an awful signing.

  89. Let’s try this again.

    I was wondering about the cross check as well CT.

    Brashear stopped skating. Very lazy play. Can’t do that.

    Then again, all of the Rangers were on the side of the ice with the puck, not paying attention to anyone on the other side.

    Keep playing like this, and we deserve to lose.

  90. with the mix of the a hole VS announcers and the way they are playing I wanna break something!!!!!

  91. this may be coincidence, but so far, every game drury has scored in, we lost. i know we only lost 1, but were not winning this one. unless gabby gets a hat trick and we win in SO.

  92. ThisYearsModel on

    Who is having the worse night? Valliquette or Joe Girardi? I vote for Girardi. He is a complete dope.

  93. Mako, I am developing a torts migraine! I feel like veins and blood vessels are about to start popping! Sheeeeeesh, and Phineas and Ferb doesnt come on until 9!!!!!!!

  94. dde

    If Brashear would have taken his man out along the boards they there isnt a lateral pass….

  95. DZ looks like he is forcing the play in the offensive zone. I hope Torts can regroup them for the 3rd. Half the team looks like they played last night and went to overtime.

    Also its good to see Orty again.

  96. This is painful by the VS guys.

    Valli isn’t really responsible for the shoddy D coverage around his crease but he could do some better jobs with redirecting rebounds to less dangerous areas.

  97. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    you want to talk about a coincidence…

    every night the yankees and rangers have played the same day, if the yanks won, the rangers also won.

    Yanks lost…. Rangers getting their tails kicked.

    Giants lost…. i’m having a rough couple of sports days here.

  98. Linda

    OY VEI!!!!!!!!! I dont understand why Torts didnt pull Valley after the 3rd goal? Or at the very least take a time out an chew on their a$$es. What is going on?!?!?! What’s happening?!?!?

  99. Did i hear the crowd chanting “We Want Orr” ?? Lol, that makes 5,000 of us.

    I still blame this on Brash*t, and now Vally is adding to it.

    SHOULD HAVE STARTED HANK ! The Sharks are one of the top teams in the West, and they’re proving it. These are the games your starter should play.

    Cant pull Vally now. I mean, what’s the point, this is supposed to be Hank’s day off.

    If this big retard Brash*t doesn’t fight Shelley, im gonna forever hate him.

    What a waste of a night, if they lose this game.

    Hopefully Gabby gets a hat trick, and someone wins it for the team.

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie is eatten by the shark !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    It’s all about Valley letting in goals , letting in goals and letting in goals. Least when Hank lets in a softie , he doesn’t look all flustered and rattled. Vally is weak and right now I’d rather have Weekes!!! I like Valley but he sucks , Avery was right all along , seriously Avery knows his stuff!!

  101. cccp, thanks for the link
    sally, nice tat
    i wouldnt want to be in the locker room after that period.

  102. Olga Folkyerself on

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He’s probably in hibernation by now anyway. He won’t know he’s fired until spring.

  103. tomb, the last time that happened was maybe 1992.

    Mako, why didnt he call a time out???????something???? i hope he’s destroying drurys streisand cds.

    Despicable showing in the 2nd. Do they have the talent and testicular fortitude to actually come back in the 3rd and wrestle a victory from the jaws of defeat????

  104. jlone- i doubt torts is even in the dressing room. this is a statement game from him. i cant for the life of me understand why he starts vally in net? the season is 9 games in!!1 how tired can hank be?? thats the only reason i can think of is that torts is trying to stop a bad habit before it steamrolls. and they actually look worse than in TO. so no, they arent playing better because hanks not in net. rozy, brash, and valley are why we are losing. when we were up 2-0, hank wouldve stopped heatleys and probably the 1st too. we probably wouldve went on to win or at the very least get a ot loss. he wouldve kept us in this game. but then you cant teach the guys a lesson. right torts??? why not do it against a weak team? and not at home!!! idk if thats the case but also he hasnt pulled valley. after the 3rd one he shouldve. so that also makes me think hes trying to get this team to play better but they still couldnt forecheck and the sharks got more chances

  105. how is it that Hank is the ONLY GOOD LOOKING MAN in that commercial?????????? The ‘regular people’ look like they were pulled from the line at Joes XXX BBW show!

  106. Not that Brashear is blameless but the guy’s along the boards at the blue line once he’s past Brashear with 4 other Rangers in the zone. More often than not it would be a relativley harmless situation.

  107. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    Sheeesh! Let it go, Stringbean. When they make you coach, you can start Hank for all 82 games.

  108. Orr

    Is that what they were chanting LMAO!!! I was trying to figure it out LOL He looks like a tired, old, punch drunk bum out there. Bench his a$$ and ride Voros. At least Voros would have hit those two players along the boards!

  109. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie is eatten by the shark !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    “You’re a man? Eh heh heh, I don’t think so.”
    “He’s not even a boy.”
    Beavis & Butthead (about Boy George video)

  110. Mako, I”m tellin you Dino Flinstone should not play for a week. Maybe his enzyte and quiznos hasnt arrived yet. What a waste of 2.8 million dollars.

  111. mako, if you get a chance check your email

    so much for Hank’s night off. If you dont have a dependable backup, Hank’s gonna wear out again.

  112. if ever a game in which higgins needed to score its this one. and after he scores, gabby gets 2 late ones and we get to ot. seriously, higgins was supposed to be a finisher. hes scored 1 crappy preseason gopal and thats it!!!

  113. Linda

    I wouldnt play him for a while…. he looks horrible. Funny how he used to run everything on the ice, playing for other teams…. He aged 10 years in the off season.

    Torts why didnt you do this after 3 GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. No, Hank should’ve started this game. As good as Vally is (sometimes), he shouldn’t be starting against the Sharks.

  115. higgins looks like he’s been hitting the bottle lately? He looked pretty good when they signed him, now HE looks like he’s aged also. Get the man a goal and let the puffy face go away!!! He does other things pretty well, but this whole zero goals thing is killin him. WTF WTF WTF

  116. I’m pretty sure the referee lost sight of that puck; whey didn’t he blow the whistle like in the Rangers goal in the first period? Yeah, it’s one of THOSE nights.

  117. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Did anyone see which 2 players were loafing it back? 2 guys just watched the shark skate in.

  118. hey duker!

    if it wasnt for the fact that I cannot stand philip rivers, i’d have the football game on. This is just a complete disgrace. Maybe an asskickin is what was needed for these guys to buckle down again. Hell,I’d be too worried about Torts fire roasting my skin to play as badly as this!

  119. Yeah so no whistle on that save but the one earlier that was clearly loose was whistled dead. Don’t get me wrong there’s more problems here than the refs but they haven’t really been too consistent.

  120. bad enough we are losing, but thats ok with our start.
    why did torts have to take vally out? isn’t the point to give hank a break?

    now my big beef, vs sux!!! i swear i just heard the tv guys on vs say look out for the rangers d to be more active and jump in the play do they research the teams they are going to be calling; REALLY? glad to know you guys pay attn to the league. i could swear that they have been that way from day one.

    vs = tw…………………….THE WORST

  121. “I’m pretty sure the referee lost sight of that puck; whey didn’t he blow the whistle like in the Rangers goal in the first period? Yeah, it’s one of THOSE nights.”

    Seriously. Unbelievable.

    Hi Linda! How’s hockeystreams working out for you? I still have to buy Center Ice before the free trial month runs out :P

  122. Give the Sharks credit though, they tightened up defensively and have given up the body a lot to block shots.

    The Rangers have been hesitant to pull the trigger a number of times to put it on net and get ugly goals.

  123. Well I rather them loose to a good team that to the bottom half of the league. They were just humbled tonight.

  124. Duker, hockeystreams has been great so far! Once I get the extra cash I’ll upgrade to the HD and take advantage of the monitor i just HAD TO HAVE!!!

    you said it Mako, HUMBLING GAME!!!!

  125. Hopefully they will start hitting in the next game.

    We have not seen a physical game in a while on our end. Usually it is just us (and by us, I mean Hank) taking the hits.

  126. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Everyone’s calling this SJ team a “great” team… Child, please. They are barely over .500 and tied for 6-8 in the West.

  127. I dont think anyone is saying start hank all 82 games but I dont think against the Sharks is a good game to start Vally

  128. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Grabby’s right. this winning street wasn’t going to last forever and it was a game where nothing clicked. No bright spots this game.

  129. Did Rosie just cough the puck up in SLOW MOTION?

    It’s hard to get powerplays when you don’t have the puck. It looks like are playing the Renney system of throw the puck up the wall and try and get it back.

    Not many passes are being made or being accepted cleanly.

    By the way, what kind of bug does Eddie O have up his arse? Everytime he opens his mouth, he’s dogging the Rangers. (even when they were up 2-0) Is he still mad that he was a member of the Black Aces and didn’t get to play much?

  130. i agree chris. i dont get what torts is trying to do, but he seems like hes letting them do what they want. no timeout, no goal change when they needed it. smirk on his face when we get scored on. he was so emotional after even a penalty late in the game while up a few goals in other games this year. what the point is he trying to prove?

  131. lmao @ making ovie or malkin look hot. only way that could happen would be if they were on the grill!

  132. Olga Folkyerself on

    Franklin Delano Rosival, is barely moving around on his gumlegs, just like the original FDR.

  133. Haha MAKO! I actually had Malkin down there first and changed it. Mike Ricci’s the worst.

    Hi Chris from Buffalo! WAVES!

  134. i hope they are freakin embarrassed by this game. What a horror show of ineptitude! started off great, but fell apart with what, 9 minutes left in the first?

    There is meaning behind EVERYTHING Torts does. He’s thinkin, you’ll take your asskickin and you’ll like it! He’s an evil genius, he’ll make his point after the game and tomorrow in practice. Some guys should be sitting for the next game, lead by Dino

  135. Tomorrow during practice, Linda? I hope they have a bag skate tonight to round out this fantastic evening.

  136. Yalzin, I like your idea of the bag skate after the game. Wow, can I have that 2 1/2 hours of my life back?? I’ll take the first 10 minutes of the game, but I want a refund on the rest!

  137. Regardless of who he should have started, this team has needed a wake-up call for the last few games. They haven’t been playing like they want it, and they’ve only started to play that way in this third period. This one has been coming for a while, and I hope they use this as a realization that they can’t always depend on Hank or Gabby. The loss sucks. A lot. But it’s only one game, and hopefully they walk away from this and use it to turn things around.

  138. Any websites going to be streaming a post game? I want to hear Tort’s reactions. I’m guessing Versus isn’t showing it.

  139. True, they stopped checkin in the 2nd.

    My fiancee came down from watchin House before and took one look at the score and asked if my head exploded!

  140. That was like the Dallas game last year or the Montreal game where Henrik took the team to task. They will happen, but man do they look ugly.

  141. That was pitiful…I’ve never seen such soft defensive play before…San Jose did whatever they wanted in front of the net ALL night

  142. Hopefully this game will be a wake up call. Regardless of who was in net, the Rangers were outplayed tonight. I’m not ready to jump off a bridge yet however, 7-2 is a great start I can’t wait to see how we respond next game, against NJ no less.

  143. good attitude st0w. maybe torts was thinkin they were getting too arrogant AKA sloppy, and just thought, HMMMM MAYBE A NICE EMBARRASSING LOSS is what they need. Thankfully that Hollweg of a game is done, and hopefully Dino is on the bench for a while, even if that means everlast plays!

  144. I’m nowhere near ready to throw them out. Yes, they had a pathetic game.

    Yes, these things happen.

    But it is Torts job to make sure they don’t come to the rink and not show up like they did tonight. I have no doubt they are getting steamrolled by him just as badly, if not worse, as they were tonight by the boys in Teal.

    The Rangers don’t play physical. This is a detriment to the team. They rarely hit. When there is a hit, all of us notice it because it happens so infrequently.

    I’d say at this point, our lack of physical nature is our biggest detriment.

  145. Wow, what a show.

    I will repost what I wrote earlier today and see how right I was.

    We have started off the season much better than anyone anticipated, but they way we have won our last two games has made me feel a bit uneasy. If we play the way that we played the last two games against the Sharks tonight, they are going to shove the puck right up our A**es! I know they have started off the season on a so so note, but they are still a lethal team, and one I consider a TOP team in the West. If we fart around with the puck, or let them spend time in our zone, it will end up in the back of our net. We need to play smart disciplined hockey tonight. We need to own the puck and keep it out of out zone, which means, being the faster team to the puck, and winning those battles along the boards. I think tonight, is the first REAL test of the season for our squad. I am not saying our start is a fluke, at all. But what I am saying is that, this team knows it did not play that well for the last two games, and Torts has pointed that out. Now we will see if this team can keep it together, correct things that need to be corrected, and skate was a very talented club, in the San Jose Sharks. I am confident we can beat them, but we won’t if we play like we played for most of the last two games. It really is as simple as that.

    Yup, I was right. We could have beaten that Shark team if we corrected bad habits from the last few games. We didn’t. And indeed, the sharks shoved the puck straight up our A**es!

  146. “Everyone’s calling this SJ team a “great” team… Child, please. They are barely over .500 and tied for 6-8 in the West”

    Yeah, what was the final score ?? Right.

    I love Torts, but what the fugg, when he came in, i thought we’d see less of the 4th line.

    Glad to see the fans at the Garden aren’t going soft, and still wont accept Brash*t. That Cottage cheese vagina and Vally blew the game, for the team.

    And the defense played like pussies.

  147. ****SIGH****

    Yeah I’d LOVE to hear what Torts has to say after this game…. But if this is the wake up call they need… so be it. Im good with them 7-2. Im bummed Gabby lost his scoring streak :(

  148. Dreary, and Marleau look like long lost bros. I wish we had Patty instead.

    And Higgins is pissing me off. It’s like Dreary 2.0. Thank christ, fuggin Kotalik is having a good start. I thought it would be the other way around.

  149. what is going on with commercials lately!?!

    anyone getting ANY post game Tortsisms?? He probably ripped off larry brooks’ head and started eating his spinal cord.

  150. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Cottage cheese vagina”?

    Wow! That’s gotta be the worst flavored douche since “Tuna Fish”

  151. LOL LInda Nastyradamus is right LOL

    I think Higgins should stay away from sharp objects & weapons of any nature….

  152. Captain Drury was invisible again — what kind of a captain is he when the other team doesn’t even care about him? At least he’s not killing the power play anymore. But there were too many lousy players tonight. This was probably Tortorella’s sadistic master plan so he could have the fun of torturing them all in practice.

  153. maybe Higgins needs a night off too? Dino should sit, but because its the Devils he’ll be in there to take on that dumbarse. A lot of good that’ll do, Cally’d probably put up a better fight!

  154. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie is eatten by the shark !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Higgins ,Valley and Brashear all suck and should be demoted.

    Callahan Dubinsky Gaborik
    Prospal Drury Kotaik
    Lisin AA Grachev
    Avery Higgins boyle

    If Avery’s getting penaties and Higgins can’t score…

    Ranger909 , can’t right now but if yer still on when I show up . Fur sure plus I gots a new controller today ,excellent!

  155. Im taking my kids to see Where The Wild Things Are, so i wont let this loss ruin my night. I wonder if Donald Brashear, and Mike Ricci are in this film. They are both ugly, wild creatures. It should be fun.

    Time to fire up the Clutch Mobile.

  156. ORR, i can TOTALLY see that! damn that cottage cheese thing is too funny.

    On his way to see Pinky Tuscadero maybe??

  157. great call nasty. i think we all knew this game was comin. good thing its early enough and were still on top in the conference so it will be addressed. even when we were down 3 or 4, they still couldnt do jack. gabby was almost invisible. and if dru scores 1 more goal, im gonna snap11 THANKS TRUEFANS FOR SETTINME STRAIGHT ON DRU YET AGAIN. LOL

    orr- that sharks player vesce looks like a cross between cally and dru. its weird. creepy too

  158. omg, i’ve been calling him tortsarelli so long, i dont even remember his real name!!!!!! WOW, i need a drink!!

  159. wait a minute, when we had that great start last season, dru was on a scoring slump. not 1 goal till like the 10th game or 11th game. we won alot when he didnt score then. now all of a sudden, he scores in 2 games, and we lose both. hes the irish curse!!1

  160. Ok, so we lost. We admittedly haven’t played well since the Ducks game yet managed to beat up on Toronto twice and win against the Kings (even though the Kings seemed to control the puck).

    Lets not all jump off the bridge just yet.

    If there is anything that we should be concerned with, it is that for a puck pursuit team we seem to have some problems with other teams that forecheck as much as we do. We threw a bunch of pucks blindly out of our own end tonight instead of carrying it or making a clean first pass. These are all correctable things – positioning being very important.

    Raise your hands if you’d rather lose this game but beat the crap out of the Devils… ya, me too.

    Correct the problems and beat the Devils!

  161. Lol Grab, good catch. I totally forgot aboot that. Fuggin horrible luck.


    Have you ever eaten cottage cheese ? I never have, but it sounds nasty. It reminds me of a 90 year old woman’s vagina for some reason, also with a mixture of one month old mashed potatoes.

  162. Mako,why are you still watchin them???? I had to turn it off, found something to make me laugh, and as Matt L said, I’d rather them beat the carp outta the Devils!

  163. tough stretch coming – 9 games in 18 days

    a game every other day starting with the Devils

    should have plenty to complain about

  164. not a fan of cottage cheese!!!!!!!! never have been, never will be, especially now that it makes me think of Dino!

  165. The Rangers just played bad, they just played bad. It wasn’t a good game for the team, it wasn’t a good game for all of the guys on the team.

    I have a really big head, but my brains doesn’t fill it out. Huh ?? What was i thinking ? Where am i, who’s house is this ?

  166. Yikes, bad night. And what exactly does Brashear add if he doesn’t fight in a home game when we are getting beaten like that? He should have been fighting at 4-2, maybe 3-2. He turns the puck over for the 2-1 goal too, what a waste.

    And it isn’t that bad if Henke starts, poor game by Vally. Someone said it earlier, he lets goals get to him and things pile up.

    Ploha all around.

  167. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Grabachev, I’m not sure if thats sarcasm (‘thanks for setting me straight’) but that’s kinda the point. I’m excited Drury scored, but did it really matter? Did he really “kick ass.” No! They all sucked. What an awful game to watch.

    Orr, you’re funny. We also lost 9-2 to something like a 28th placed Dallas team last year! Were they “great?” NO! Get your head out here where the sun shines occasionally, SJ hasn’t been great, but we may have helped them turn that corner.

  168. Keith, call me Engy, you know i like it, when you say it in that deep voice. Do you want to go to the Verses dance with me ? I don’t have a date.

    Oh man, i just realized, if i go to the dance, im gonna have to get another haircut. Maybe ill go back to the full on Mullet.

  169. keith- ur website says “verses” its versus buddy. ok. learn to spell retard. are you a singer? are you a poet? are u gonna sing some verse for us? jeez guy, get the name of your employer right. do u work at wal-fart too? or do u get paid to whip and spank gary buttman? no, its bettman. ok

  170. I was hoping to see something on Torts. Besides MMA on next MUHAHAHHAHA I can go a few rounds right now in a cage.

    You are hysterical seriously. I dont know what old lady tastes like but Im sure its not like cottage cheese. You have to get the whipped, its much better than the chunky =D

  171. gonna put on my polyester bell bottoms
    and listen to some “Heartbeat, It’s a Lovebeat”
    to cheer myself up

  172. Rangers need skill and hustle on the 4th line. not big slow crap like Brash!t and Boyle, both minus 3 tonight against the mighty Brad Staubitz. puhleeze.

    if Torts is going to play his 4th line regularly, then he’s got to get more speed and skill on it

    and Valley sprung a big leak tonight. I hope Chad Johnson might be getting a chance if Valiquette keeps playing too deep in the net and giving up soft short side goals too. he was good in his shutout, but seems to have lost the mojo.

    it’s only one game, but it is a measuring stick vs one of the better teams in the league. and the Rangers failed bigtime in this test.

  173. jim- his shutout he made 1 good save. ducks were dead in the water that night.

    linda- i was just jokin. i was more makin fun of keith jones than the poster who said it

  174. GRAB

    Lol, give him a break, he said that he has a big head with tiny brain. He doesn’t know these things.


    That Dallas team was good. Similar to the Flowers a few seasons ago. It was one bad season. They had a lot of talent on that team.

    They’re good. Can they win the Cup ? Who knows, too early to tell, but they’re a good team.

  175. i am goin to bed happy tonight. jujst knowing that brash, rozy and higgins(for not scoring or doin anything else worthwhile lately) are gettin either benched or demoted or traded for some blood pressure meds for torts so they can promote grabchev

  176. Grab, Scandinavians drink vodka to forget sorrows, man. I like cranberry personally.

    Orr, cottage cheese + 90 year old woman= most disgusting image ever. I’ve never tried cottage cheese, but I certainly won’t be trying it now.

  177. damn i mean grachev!!! lol not grabchev. im not good enough to fill in for higgins.even though wed both end the season with the same amount of goals! maybe brash

  178. i always figured old woman would be like old sloppy lasagna.

    shory- i drink vodka too!! but us geats, well im geat, ur norway? no thats another poster. ok, well, u know what i mean!

  179. lol ok so it is true!! well beowulf is geat!!! haa!!! and so is hank!!!! but you do have one thing over me. they have the norway in teh world attractions in epcot center in disney world and not geatland!!! you lucky!!

  180. thank you Shor!!!

    i there was some vodka here right now! need a drink after that game!

    Mako, you are out of control man!!! ;-)

    Hope Sally’s gettin her homework done!

  181. Im so effin pissed!!! The fantasy league a holes have LQ down for 6 GA’s !!! I have him on BOTH my FL teams.

  182. Nastyradamus, LOL. That is great stuff right there! And cottage cheese, damn, I never did like it, but definitely not now.

  183. ok, i have an early meeting at work, so you boys have a good night!

    be thankful you’re not a New York Ranger right now, facing the wrath of torts!!!

  184. Just for the record, I still don’t think the start to our season is a fluke, I just think we had this one coming. I think we will correct flaws in our game, and come out better for it. I don’t hate Brashear like many of you do, but I am not against sitting him in favor of Voros. And, it also didn’t matter who started this game tonight. It would have been the same outcome. Should have just left Valli in for the whole game. That’s my 2 cents.

  185. Not really soft, be he definitely had NO help in front of him. We made it way too easy for them to skate in on us, and they beat us to all the loose pucks. Also, their PP is very talented, and we continued again this game, to take too many penalties. So, we definitely didn’t help our cause tonight.

  186. Well I didnt get a chance to catch anything but the last 12 minutes of this one but I def feel like this was coming sooner or later. Regardless of who was in the nets this is the type of loss a whole team is responsible for. The important thing is that they bounce back against them Debbies. I’m sure Torts had some choice words after this one was over.

  187. Thank God I didn’t watch this atrocity … does anyone disagree that it was total bush-league?

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