Rangers-Leaves in review


Sorry for the late post. Got home from Yankee Stadium well after 3 a.m. I felt like CCCP this morning, only without, you know, the vodka and the fun.

1) The defense corps, overall, seems to have adapted well to the Rangers’ new system, you’d have to say. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve added two young guys who can really play that game and move the puck, and who, by the way, are probably more responsible than Marian Gaborik for the suddenly dangerous power play. And what a difference the PP makes. So that’s nine goals for the D-men, most in the NHL.
2) Brandon Dubinsky’s really starting to look good. It’s funny, you put one superstar on a line with two guys who play hard and smart and, boom, you have a legit No. 1 line. Dubinsky was being criticized and his value questioned during his contract situation during training camp, and Vinny Prospal was lifted, at a bargain price, off the Tampa scrap heap. Together they give the Rangers a No. 1 line they didn’t have last year, when it was either Chris Drury or Scott Gomez centering the top line, and guys like Markus Naslund and later Sean Avery playing No. 1-line minutes.
3) But that makes you realize how great the great teams are. They have two Gaborik types on the top line, and guys like Dubinsky and Prospal on lines No. 2 and 3.
4) Henrik Lundqvist keeps getting set up and bowled down. Here’s this quote from John Tortorella, borrowed from The Daily News’ Michael Obernauer:
“I asked the refs in between periods, ‘What do you want us to do? What do you want the coaches to do in this type of situation when they’re not being called, when it’s not being enforced? We’re eventually going to have to protect him somehow, and we’re hoping that the refs do their job there. This is three games in a row that he’s been hit a couple of times.
“I don’t believe you need to protect him completely from being hit, but some of the hits that are coming on him right now, it’s ridiculous. Something has to be done, or we have to do it our way.”
Obernauer then interjects: “Fair enough, but after three games – two against the same opponent – what are they waiting for?”
5) Game No. 9 for Michael Del Zotto tomorrow. He’s probably staying, huh?
6) Last eight-game winning streak: 1974-75.

Here are the official game summary and event summary.

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  1. Did I get that right?

    Good morning, Carp! Did you survive the cold?

    “blake looks like a cross between an albino and pterodactyl” HAHAHAHA!!!! Also, Don Del Zotto in Tiger Beat was priceless!!!

    Had to celebrate the little man’s goal, but I think I overdid it a little last night. Buh.

  2. Good afternoon, Sally! Yeah, I toughed it out. That albino/pterodactyl line (especially the part where she hoped she hadn’t offended any albinos or pterodactyls) was a classic.

  3. Sally

    good morning and congrats you hooker (borrowing a zzzz line)on being first.

    Predictably, I was carped on my “war and peace” post last thread, so here you go again:

    Bulldog is right on both counts. The d man priority is a bigger issue (no pun intended) by far. Who to give up is a good question….I still firmly believe that rozy needs to go for this team to improve anywhere. Getting rid of him is obviously tougher than most though, so if you get rid of salary, you probably need to get rid of 2 to 3 mil to get a vet tough guy, girardi and a forward like lisin/voros would seem to get it done. I still think the best thing to do is get rid of rozy in a package with sangs. On a side note, a guy like jovo (not my first choice) would be a good fit, not sure about his movement clauses, makes 6.5 mil a year and yo might be able to send a rozy/voros trade to rangers west to get him (draw back is you are now saddled with a 6.5 mil contract). I’d rather have a guy like witt or someone in his salary range (3 mil).

    Course if we just had a rough tough d man like gaustad (i know, he is a forward)from buffalo to take care of guys in the crease we would not have any problems (i kid of course, but he did exactly what you have to do when someone runs your goalie)!

    well, with no hockey on today (we’ve already watched the dvr of the usa canada womens game) and no desire to watch my raiders get beat again (dvr time), guess we are going to a minor league game today then sushi!!!

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to you all!!!

  4. hi, that Yankee game was incredible. Great win. A-Rod’s redemption continues. And how about Mo. Best pitching he’s done since ALCS 2003 Game 7.

    I’m more concerned about Henrik than Gaborik bc if this continues, he won’t last the season. We need to defend him more. A little disappointed in Gilroy, who’s capable of more.

  5. Good AFTERNOON adult beverage guzzling sassy Sally and Rick the icecube! I’m glad you liked my lil Blake line. He’s just a scary looking being!

    DON Del Zotto! sally, that was awesome! He’s gonna make an offer we can’t refuse, like setting that pink jacket on fiyaah!

    Does anyone really think ANY team would take Everlast? And wicky, did you actually mean Brendan ‘Missing Link’ Witt??? Please tell me you did not! But a hard hitting, crease clearing, fisticuff approved d man is what we need.

  6. What do you think about a line of

    Higgins – Drury – Kotalik

    I keep trying to imagine a line that will compliment the Clutch production at center. It seems that the quicker wingers are better served with a quicker center. Higgins and Kotalik seem like they need to set up before effecting an attack. This would give Drury time to make it to the front of the net and deflect a Kotalik Blast or bang in some rebounds . Both he and Higgins can cycle in front. I havent figured out what Higgins role is on a line yet. Can anyone help me out on that?

  7. James,two threads back, asked if we had a nickname for the first line yet and suggested DGP. I think GDP would be better ,kinda like gross domestic product ;-), except hockey related. Gimme Da Puck line?

    Higgins might actually score on that line? He needs to be out on the ice when there’s an open net so he can at least get one and relax a bit.

  8. linda, yes i meant the “missing link”, I know he is not a fave of most here (myself included), but I really think he is a type of guy we need. He is always respected by his teammates and is known as a “team” guy everywhere he goes. He is not a ferocious open ice hitter like gauthier (another fan fave), volchenkov (a free agent at the end of this season..just saying), or kronwall, but will hit and plays physical and certainly stands up for his goalie and teammates. A slower skater for sure, but I do not think we are looking or need another slick skating d man, we need grit and physicality on the back end regardless of its skating ability and speed!! I just think witt would be a good fit on this team (my personal feelings on the guy aside).

  9. well, Wicky, as much as I am not a fan of his, after reading your post, I think I gotta agree with ya. As long as someone’s gonna make guys pay for running into Hank, we gotta think aboot it! As much as I am not a fan of Brashear, he’s here, for two seasons, and we just gotta accept that also.

  10. Poor Carp! You see now why vodka is so important in Russia… it keeps you warmer than love!

    I also wanted to say this… what makes a good story? Is it the one that keeps on coming back…keeps being referred to… i say yes… so, then in the words of Borat, my “Russia-coat-check” story was a great success! Does anyone recall what the other guest blog posts were aboot besides Nasty 1’s story? I didn’t think so… :P

    Russkies Power! Where is my flatware (hammer and sickle) it’s time for lunch! lol

  11. CCCP, did you get hurt patting yourself on the back?? ;-) I loved the Russian coat check story, and Nasty’s story, and enjoyed Mouths post and all, but you do have a point, at least once a week someone used the Russian coat check line! Bravo, my friend, Bravo! You’ve coined a phrase that has become part of the vernacular ( look at that one Mako) of RR!!!

  12. 7 wins in a row. It looks like the Rangers won’t lose a game in October. Keep it coming.

  13. dont jinx it!!! Sharks are gonna be tough, and we got the Devils this week also, which is always a fun game!

  14. Modesty? Ha! I lost my modesty back in kindergarten!

    Right, the Avery flow chart was awesome! Who ever drew that is the awesomest! :P

  15. Ring, ring….this is the front desk with a wake up call for the Chris’s – Dreary and Higgins. Time to wake up now.


    I’m with Linda. Don’t jinx it. Will be fun to see Aves and Marty.

    Torts has to do something about crashing Hank before he gets hurt and our season is done. It defies reason why nobody on the team steps up to that. Is everyone leaving it up to Brash? Brash isn’t on the ice enough to enforce it.

  17. Whoever crashes Hank next is gonna have to answer to the Boneheads! You can’t hide from US, you scallywags!!!

    Izzy, I’m pretty sure I’m not you. But you should be honored, even though I spelled your name wrong.

  18. Who ever crashes Hank next is gonna have to answer to Donny Brashco !

    Oh wait, he’s a pu$$y all of a sudden. I guess one of our important players are gonna have to sit in the box for 5-7 minutes, instead of the useless wimp.

    I really hope they make it 8 in a row. Not only cause it would be the first time since the 70’s, but we’d be able to do it against a team like the Sharks. That would say a lot.

    And the Habs suck. I cant believe Cammilleri scored his first goal of the season. Great move passing on mighty midget. Blowmez still sucks, and the team is going nowhere.

    I love it !!!

  19. A good afternoon to you all.

    Ugh my Giants are losing bad. Im going to hear it tomorrow. Half my office are Dallas fans & I was ribbing them all week. ARGH!

    Seriously, what are the chances of Drury being around next year if he doesnt have a big season this year or live up to all of the clutch hype? Think Sather could pry Kovalchuk away from the Thrashers? =D

  20. Orr,
    Colton Orr is not on the team any more, and you can’t be talking about Brashere the guy who kicked your boy Orr’s ass.

  21. sally

    I agree on the flow chart, but i hear the person who drew it is quite sassy and likes boots (actually I really like the post wicky did, it was awesome…….or wait wicky didn’t do one, he got carped again)!!!!

  22. BULL

    Lol, yeah, he bat the crap out of Orr’s helmet, and now he’s hurt.

    We’re paying a goon a ton of money to turn down fights. I wish they would have hired me to do that, i think id be better. At least id make it funny. Not only that, but i can slip some smashed up Viagra in Dreary, and Blowzy’s Gatorade, forcing them to leave the game, or stick around for massive embarrassment.

  23. Olga Folkyerself on

    To: Glen “Stogypuss” Sather
    From: Ranger Fans
    Re: Drury

    You can’t turn chickensh*t into chicken salad by overpaying for it. Players will not play twice as good even if you pay them twice as much.

    Lindros, Holik, Ozolinsh, Rozival, Naslund, Redden, Gomez, When will you learn?

  24. Yeah, Orr has had a big effect on the Leaves. Orr is supposed to be in his prime, but yet the 37 year old beats him. Doesn’t say much for Orr. He will be out of the NHL in a year.

  25. I have no problem with Brash turning down a fight from Orr last night. The Rangers were handling Toronto and there was nothing to gain from it. I do however have an issue with Brashear not taking some sort of retaliation on Blake or Stempniak for running Hank. Or Brashear taking a cheap charge at McDonald then fighting the first Leaf player that gets to him just to prove a point. Either would have been fine. We don’t pay him for his scoring ability, and given the circumstances of being up 4-1, taking a double minor or major for charging late in the game would have little effect on the result and a big effect on the psyche of the Leafs and future opponents

  26. CARP — re: last post, post-game notes:

    “The 7-1-0 record ties the best start through eight games in team history (1983-84).”

    Last year they went undefeated through something like 11 games, right? What am I missing or forgetting?

  27. Late to the discussion b/c we had dinner with the new neighbors last night and have been fixing the house today, anyway 1st line nickname the Dependable line or long form is The Dependable Goal Production (DGP) line.

  28. It was indeed 10-2-1 last year followed by the downward spiral. I’m a lil concerned about tomorrow. SJ is going to be the best team we’ve faced by far.

    Linda- GDP works for me :)

  29. i think last year it was something like


    then it fell apart because renney is soft

  30. Heh Renney..I’ll leave it at this- Under Renney, a game like last night- (riding a win streak going in on the road against a winless opponent that’s just a mess right now) we probably lose like 4-1. There’s a whole new focus and determination under Torts that we just haven’t had probably since Colie Campbell was behind the bench.

    I can’t wait til we play Edmonton..lol

  31. ^^^^

    allow me to rephrase that. Since we had a team like a couple of the earlier ones that Colie Campbell coached. What we have now probably hasn’t been here since Keenan was. Carp you were on the beat back then- what do you think?

  32. last years 10-2 and 1 start was all smoke and mirrors. this team, I think, is a lot better. better coached, more talented, and better balanced. still, I think they need a play making center, and big physical Dmen.

  33. Campbell was a much better coach than Renney, although i felt Campbell left a lot wins on the table, because he also tended to be conservative. He was a cross between Roger Neilson, and Mike Keenan.

  34. James, I’ve gone over this before and I really don’t want to get into an argument with anybody again, so I’ll just leave it at this: Ranking the Rangers coaches since Roger Neilson was fired:
    1) Keenan (Cup)
    2) Tortorella (who should have been hired the moment Sather took over since he was already the interim coach)
    3) Campbell (seven playoff series in three years, and very responsible for the Game 7 victory over Vancouver as an associate coach)
    4) Renney
    5) Ron Smith
    6) Sather
    7) Low
    8) Muckler
    9) Trottier (good penmanship, though)

  35. Carp,
    were you referring to me about discussing Campbell. I have a lot of respect for him, I just think some of his moves left the Rangers a little short. 1 more cup with that team was reasonable.

  36. Heh fair enough Carp. Thanks for the quick response.

    I think this team is definitely a lot less smoke and mirrors then last year but may be over achieving to a degree. I just feel like there are a bunch of questions that still need to be answered. Gaborik’s health, Del Zottos (and Gilroy’s) consistency throughout a long punishing season. And in general how consistent some of these guys like Prospal and Dubinsky will be this year. I think it shouldn’t be overlooked that Higgins and Drury aren’t doing much in the way of offense despite the solid play away from the puck either. I could go on but I’m sure I’ve said enough for the sake of debate thus far. :)

  37. James,
    I do not think this team has over achieved at all. this is a very talented, well coached team.
    as far as drury and higgins are concerned. I think it is a good thing they have not gotten going yet. they will produce the numbers they have throughout there careers.they will get hot when needed.

  38. Been reading the blog since last summer. Its the perfect haven for ranger fans. I just got xbox live, so if anyone is down to play, my gamertag is Ranger909. Go rangers.

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    The bunch of question you seek James G… that is why we have the regular season. If the Rangers had it all figured out why even play the season? Sure Gaborik injuries , yadda yadda yadda , if I had a Dollar for every time Ive heard that garbage i’d be rich…duh yeah he could be hurt, yeah delzotto and Gilroy will have growing pains, double duh.
    Prospal has already earned his million bucks and Dubinsky is not even close to being a problem if he doesn’t stay consitant.

    We are bloody well sick of player comming to NY for a free ride. Tort’s stops that from happening. Tort’s is #1.

    CCCP , your russian coat check story was funny but don’t flatter yer self too much. Hate to burst yer bubble ,(no offense) people identify you with russian , using the CCCP name and by you being the guy who wrote the russian post and always talks about russian stuff, Im Canadian and I dont talk Canada as much as you talk about russian stuff (which is totally fine)..but anyways , your story was funny and you did “plug it” after and got people to think of it. An old jedi mind trick you used on the blog and it did work. The story “russian coat check” was all you wrote on yer guest blog so it’s not that hard to relate it with you. You still should go down in the “im first” hall of fame , tis impressive.

  40. bulldog- I see you’re point about Drury and Higgins and I can go with that for now. They’ll be needed at some point though because we’ve seen what happens when this is a one line team.

    As far as the overachieving comment I guess that’s not a great word for it because they ARE well coached and have talent and really haven’t played anyone that tough thus far (Anaheim is the exception but even still they were at the tail end of back to back games)

    I’m not trying to bash this team or be negative- don’t get me wrong- I just want to see them level off and still be as solid as they’ve been while getting consistent contributions from key guys. I don’t know if that’s something you can say is ‘in the bag’ at this point.

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Ranger909 ,welcome brother… my gamertag is ZzZz GL ,maybe some night we’ll play . Online I’m undefeated and my pro character is Ranked 1100 .Just saying , there wont be an easy game.

  42. i’m sure you’ll beat me man. I’m not the best player out there. they made it harder to score in NHL 10. I’ll add you later. thanks for the welcome

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Nothing is in the bag for any NHL team James. Being cautious is ok , it not like we are used to being first. We were last year at this time and here we are again. I think “our” team had learnt from that and this time were gonna stay humble but yet confident. I love this team , win or lose but this winning is alot more refreshing. Ahhhhh alot of people are happy again on here and it is great!!!
    First time the Rangers have a bad game ,watch the naysaying pour in…and Plum local fan as well…sigh.

  44. I was here for that whole local fan thing. I was getting frustrated with him and iwasnt even the one arguing with him

  45. ZzZz, i sent you a request. Don’t beat me too bad. Hopefully i get better playing people on live. Let me know when you want to get a game, and i’ll see what I can do. Do you know anything about those leagues. I’m trying to get into one.

  46. “Yeah, Orr has had a big effect on the Leaves. Orr is supposed to be in his prime, but yet the 37 year old beats him. Doesn’t say much for Orr. He will be out of the NHL in a year”

    Lol, who said he would have an effect on the Leaves ? He’s a fuggin goon, i hope you didn’t expect him to turn into a 5 goal scorer. The difference between Orr, and Brash*t, is Orr knows his role. Brash is an old gooey cottage cheese vagina. Worthless !

  47. RAN

    To bad you don’t have PS3. It’s way better.

    I feel sorry for you X-Crap 360 people. Make sure you keep a fire extinguisher next to the close by the system, so when it is overheating, and starts a fire, you can put it out, with no problem.

    Go PS3 !!

  48. haha Orr. I had to send my xbox in for repair too. I think i’ve replaced you as youngest guy on the blog though. Ur comments are awesome. If i feel like skipping comments, i always stop to read yours.

  49. seriously though we need to punish the guys hitting hank. He gets driven through more times than a Starbucks

  50. haha. But now theres also someone with less of a chance with Fox on the blog. She’s closer to your age. Go get her tiger!

  51. “I just feel like there are a bunch of questions that still need to be answered. Gaborik’s health, Del Zottos (and Gilroy’s) consistency throughout a long punishing season. And in general how consistent some of these guys like Prospal and Dubinsky will be this year.”

    There are no answers for any of these questions. Everything will have to be played out in front of our eyes. How can you have answers to Gaboriks health ?? LOL

  52. WOW! dde, classic! you’re too funny! Next you’ll be putting MDZ’s head on the Ron Duguay poster!!! Although MDZ’s more built that Ron ever was!

  53. What’s up Cougar?
    Yeah, but Duguay does a better salchow.
    How about Carp’s head on Megan Fox’s body?

  54. I cant get no love from Greg! Yer one funny guy for a “Pre-Albertan.”

    Sorry kid, if there was ever anything to say aboot Canada i bet someone would’ve brought it up long time ago! :P

  55. Wow, what a sunday, saw the local junior team win a rough game 5 to 2 with 6 players ejected for a line brawl at the end of the 2nd period, had some sushi afterwards, come home and my raiders have actually won….they won a game against a decent team, can’t wait to watch it on the dvr!!!

    About brashear and “not fighting”. He had no reason to fight orr the other night with the rangers in control of the game and the momentum for the majority of the time. I also agree with people that the running of hank HAS to stop!! That being said, it is the responsibility of the skaters on the ice at the time of the running to exact the justice. If brash is not on the ice, he really can not do much (guess he could leave the bench, probably not advisable)! He can not just jump on the ice the next shift and go after someone or the other’s teams goalie if the coach does not put him on.

    I honestly wonder with the propensity torts has for benching guys for bad penalties, I wonder if some of the guys are honestly afraid of retaliating due to losing ice time after that. Now if I’m torts (IF), i say to the boys if hank gets run and any of you retaliate on the perp or the opposing goalie/star players, you will not lose any ice time for it (other than penalty time served) and the organization will reimburse you for money lost from league fines if there are any. Now that is if I was torts, I do not know what he tells them if anything!!

  56. I’m sure that if this keeps happening the rangers will make the opposing players pay. Torts said it himself. Someone posted his quote about those types of plays earlier. More than the enforcers, you’re seeing del zotto try to step in and aves. some jabbing at opposing goaltenders and all around more physical play would send the message and is what i’m expecting. If all else fails, Hank needs to take it into his own hands. Anyways, it’s not going to go along like this for much longer. Something will be said and done.

  57. Carp,
    Any reference to Colin (E-Coli) Campbell will have to start and end with his dismissal of Sergie Zubov. Any chance for credibility ends there, the dumb schmuck. His actions set the Rangers back 5-10 years. D-men like that do not grow on trees. His personal agenda makes unwelcomed to any Ranger alumni gathering.

  58. lol thanks Mako

    That Raider win was SWEET.
    Aside from me being a Giant fan it knocked out a shitload of people in my Survivor pool that took the Eagles.

    Maybe Torts ripped into the team about protecting Hank – then pulled Brash aside and told him to lay low, so he could see who would stand up. More likely it’s his hand. Maybe combination of both. Regardless it needs to be a team effort.

  59. scotty

    Yep, like you I was heart broken when they got rid of Zubov one of THE WORST trades ever I was around for.

  60. I feel sorry for the Leafs. I used to believe an early season visit to the Gah-dens was the first ‘test’ to see if we had the makings of a team. This year was a joke. I don’t believe we played very well last night. In fact a game like that can only build bad habits. It’s like the NY football Giants after the last 4 weeks playing inferior teams.
    Beyond that, being a fatalist, I have a conspiracy theory that Chris (Pooh) Higgins is particularly bent out of shape that he has not lit the lamp yet . . . to the point where he is doing shots of Jameson BEFORE he hits the ice. Take a good look at him, the bags under his eyes, the beard growth so early in the season. This has the makings of the first fallout of the Tort regime.

  61. Higgy has been quoted already saying he wants to break stick after he comes off of the ice. But Torts likes the guy…says he’s done everything right except score.

  62. I am an infrequent contributor to this blog but I love to read what the pulse of the fan base is. I have not yet bought into this years team for a number of reasons, BUT there was one sequence last night where Gabo-Gabby-GOD had the puck in the Leaf zone on the far side and found all by himself some room and put on the stick handling exhibition toward the middle of the ice that just brought a smile to my face. IMHO we have not seen anywhere near the best of G-A-B and when we do there will be a collective dropping of the jaws.

  63. Mako,
    The Higgy stuff was a little tongue and cheek. I like him a LOT but he won’t appeal to the average fan since his skills, so far, will probably go unnoticed. I just don’t want him to press considering the peronal spotlight he is under. He’s a good egg and he deserves good things to happen to him.

  64. For all those Giants fans, wouldn’t you want Torts as your coach? I think a well timed TO after the first two N.O. TDs and the subsequent tongue-lashing could have turned the game around. . . . . OK, wishful thinking but we’ve seen the effect on the ice.

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Higgins is a bust so far , defensivly he is good but as a scorer he lacks. I knew this before we got him but believed all the hype once he came here. Time goes on and he may get 12 goals this year.

    Great games by Ranger909 , guy took the first two at home and I took the last . The “new” Ranger team update is good . I may have to start using them now instead of Chicago. Gotta win 4 to advance!!

    Pre-Albertian!!!???? Thats a LOW blow dude, good one!

  66. yo greg, ur the man. thanks for the shoutout. I doubt we can play again tmro on account of the game but if you can get on earlier than your nightowl usual, we can play on tuesday.

  67. How can you have answers to Gaboriks health ?? LOL

    LOL I never said anything about healing the guy. My point was that it remains to be seen if he can stay healthy over the course of an 82 game schedule. If you want to start the “is this team good enough to survive with Gaborik on the shelf for 15-20 games with a groin injury” debate go for it, I’d be happy to debate it. But please don’t laugh off the point as a result of wording.

  68. MAKO,
    If we were 1-7-0 Higgy’d be crapping in his pants and would be hearing it from the faithful. In any case I would like him to get the first one only because he’s becoming a tad too selfish in the offensive end and I think the opposition is well aware.

  69. Orr….that “cheese” comment was hilarious! Needed that laugh.

    I have faith in Drury. He will score.

    Very happy w team. The speed & scoring is refreshingm

  70. Off to Bedfordshire,
    I don’t believe I am in the minority when I state that the NHL won’t have any real clatiry until after the new year and the end-of-season torunament will be a crap shoot due to the Olympics.
    That said, I would rather be in the Rangers position than others (rock solid goaltending, rookie D-men with great upside, a honest to goodness sniper and a coach who cares).


  71. Izzy

    you’re still up? man your age should not be up so late!

    Sunday was kind of slow. Today will be a good day…i know it.

  72. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    If you want “real clatiry” try dropping a box of marbles down the steps.

    I missed “torunament” earlier. Is an Olympic Torunamment anything like a Marathon?

    And I’m not up late, I’m up early….

  73. I liked zubov a lot, if he were traded for anyone else but ulfie I would have been pissed, but we got ulfie because of zubov so I’m happy we traded him!!!!

  74. Greg L, i don’t know about you but i can care less if Higgins is a bust. We shed a horrible contract in Gomez to sign a top talent in Gaborik, and then got an outstanding D man prospect (and the one in russia as well). To me, Higgins was just a little value extraction from Sather (or possibly even salary dump by Gainey)

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Fonzie jumps the sharks !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    I don’t like Higgins price tag. He is kinda like Kotalik ,expensive but for a reason. We haven’t seen any of Higgins reason’s so as of right now , yeah he s a bust. A bust I can live with cuz everyone else is doing so well.
    Scottsny said it well ” If we were 1-7-0 Higgy’d be crapping in his pants and would be hearing it from the faithful.”

    Very true.

  76. Higgins will game will get straightened out . All is good in Rangerland. Plus Higgins deal is 1 year. if he’s a dog, he gets sent packing.

    Never Lisin’s To Enver Lisin : Torts has #81 Lisin Paying Attention and Paying Dividends Video


  77. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Late to bed
    Early to rise
    Makes you baggy
    under the eyes.

    Tough it out, Stringbean….

  78. Wow, we have…

    12 players who are at least .5 PPG
    2 players more than 1.0 PPG
    4 players at least 1.0 PPG
    3 players between .5 and 1.0 PPG

  79. Tonights game for DirecTV people? on

    Anyone know if the game can be watched online? I’m one of those people who doesn’t exactly have Versus anymore…

  80. Good morning everyone! Wasn’t around the blog much this weekend. Lots of home improvement projects this weekend. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

  81. So far the biggest disappointment has been the lack of Ranger ability to mete out punishment for Hank being run. Glad Torts has finally spoken up. But Hank is our #1 asset (sorry Gabby, Hank plays 60 mins) and protecting him has to be top priority.

    How Brash or even Voros or Boyle (6’7″ and can’t fight, WTF?) have not taken liberties with anyone yet is beyond me? Jason Blake only 5’7″, fine, let Cally fight him. But someone please, step up and F someone up.

    Let’s go boys.

  82. New Newman
    Agreed. The last 3-4 games it seems like every team has the green light. I thought after this last game someone would have popped someone but not yet. Torts is getting pissed and seemed to say, if its not going to be called we will finish things our way…good for him

  83. The Rodent is 100% right. Rozsival IS the weakest link on the blue line. He’s not positionally sound, gets beat often and then commits a stick penalty that puts the team shorthanded, usually at an inopportune time. He costs a fortune. If this team can dump him, we will me MUCH better off.

  84. We have started off the season much better than anyone anticipated, but they way we have won our last two games has made me feel a bit uneasy. If we play the way that we played the last two games against the Sharks tonight, they are going to shove the puck right up our A**es! I know they have started off the season on a so so note, but they are still a lethal team, and one I consider a TOP team in the West. If we fart around with the puck, or let them spend time in our zone, it will end up in the back of our net. We need to play smart disciplined hockey tonight. We need to own the puck and keep it out of out zone, which means, being the faster team to the puck, and winning those battles along the boards. I think tonight, is the first REAL test of the season for our squad. I am not saying our start is a fluke, at all. But what I am saying is that, this team knows it did not play that well for the last two games, and Torts has pointed that out. Now we will see if this team can keep it together, correct things that need to be corrected, and skate was a very talented club, in the San Jose Sharks. I am confident we can beat them, but we won’t if we play like we played for most of the last two games. It really is as simple as that.

  85. Why Valli? They had regular rest for today and an extra day for Thursday. Unless Henrik is banged up from the crease runnings I don’t see why he needs to rest tonight.

    Maybe the Sharks put in their backup tonight. They are in the midst of a two week long roadtrip. Then again they have some easier games against SE teams after tonight so keep Nabokov in against a tough opponent and spell him for the “easier” games.

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