Rangers-Maple Leaves


Closing in on gametime. Hope my radio is working in the pressbox at Yankee Stadium. Wish I was home on the couch with the laptop and a sandwich. Or in T.O.

I know some of you think Josh doesn’t exist, but he does, and he’s here at the Stadium, right next to me in the pressbox. See picture (PS, that’s Pete Abraham in the second row; he’s the blogfather who started all this LoHud blog stuff, but now he’s at the Boston Globe).
Photo 9

You might want to click on my name in the bio on the right side of the page. Sort of my nod to Josh. Also, I think I came up with a new verb. See below.

Tonight’s probable lineup, per Andrew Gross:
Vinny Prospal-Brandon Dubinsky-Marian Gaborik
Christopher Higgins-Chris Drury-Ryan Callahan
Sean Avery-Artem Anisimov-Ales Kotalik
Donald Brashear-Brian Boyle-Enver Lisin
Wade Redden-Matt Gilroy
Michael Del Zotto-Michal Rozsival
Marc Staal-Dan Girardi

Also, Lundqvist is in goal. It would appear Voros will be Prucha’d.

Here’s your blank canvas for the game. Please keep me posted. Rangers in 60 will be over before I get out of here. Heck, the Olympics might be over by the time I get out of here.

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  1. LETS GO RANGERS….strive for seven tonight…..i like kotalik on the third line….he deserves a shot up there-im not saying lisin has been bad but with kotalik’s shot he needs a lil more ice time…..lets go blueshirts

  2. 10 minutes to gametime…might need to go shopping and miss the first period. Should have gone before…

  3. Did anyone just see Toronto’s coaching style? Playing dodgeball in practice? Are they really wondering why they are losing? That is absolutely obsurd and I’d be pissed off if I was a Leaf fan.

  4. Heck

    I think they were letting off a little steam & having some fun. Dont think it had anything to do with their actual practice.

  5. saturday night game during football season, which means no Sam, and John Giannone instead, uggghhh

  6. I would, except no chat window shows up. =\

    It does it when I pop the video out, or use atdhe as well, so it is probably something in the video itself unfortunately.

  7. Hopefully they will get rid of it. A few people posted in the topic about it, so maybe he will notice it.

  8. Or, the stream is coming from Stephen king’s house…

    Lame that there’s no window, but still the sound.
    I got nothing.

  9. Christ, this team is even celebrating fights from 15 years ago. WTF is wrong with Burke? This is hockey, not rugby

  10. Toronto trying to use Master of Puppets to get them pumped up. It may take some Slayer to get the job done.

    I love my national anthem, but man I love the Canadian anthem. Beautiful

  11. I never thought I’d hear anyone describe the Rangers PP as “lethal.” My, how things have changed.

  12. that a boy boyle, finally someone gettin peopel out of the crease its ridiculous, jason blake is such a punk

  13. I’m liking the feistiness

    If Cally doesn’t make the Olympic team do the have

  14. Greg L, I’m totally with you. I would LOVE to just see him start slashing people like Marty B

  15. WHAT…THE…..F****! This is just ABSURD! Brashear or ANYBODY needs to just bust some heads. Seriously.

  16. Brashear needs to bulldoze Joey McDonald. Seriously. Full stride from the blue line in, no brakes

  17. Wow… what a shot by Dubi!

    It sounds like a home game except all of those would be DUUUUUUBI’s at the Garden are BOOOOO’s for the Leafs.

  18. what a shot by dubinsky again, couple of beauties this year… usually u’d want to make a pass on a 3 on 1 but their d-man was giving him the shot playing the pass, so i love that dubi shot.. would have never done that last year

  19. Why are we paying Brash*t to turn down a fight against a guy named “Rosehill” ??? Id love an honest answer.

    Anyway, decent period, I still don’t see anyone stepping up for Hank, which is pathetic.

    At least Aves gets it, if you mess with Hank, he’ll mess with McDonalds.

    Brash*t better grow a fuggin pair of balls, and do something, instead of skating around like the doofus he is.

    Dubi’s the man ! Hopefully there’s way more to come from Dubi.

  20. Let’s go Rangers!!!

    Back in time to see the pre-game like I promised from Mohegan Sun
    I can still type which is amazing in itself
    I am really starting to dislike Blake, although my wonderful wife still says I should go easy on him
    Nice start and let’s keep it going!

  21. Ovechkant scored another two goals today.

    I guess not scoring in the last couple of games will do that to you. Scored two in the last game as well.

    I was watching some of the Devs intermission. Torts should really take the “C” from Dreary. Marleau is playing great, and Eliasshole had a great season after having the “C” taken away. Who knows, maybe it will help him.

    At this point, we have to try ANYTHING !! Cause the poor baby’s wrists are healthy, so he has run out of excuses, except for the whole “pressure of being a captain” crap.

  22. Leine – far from it. It’s actually pathetic how much we’re NOT standing up for Henrik. They’re taking all kinds of runs at him, and we’re not doing a damn thing.

  23. I think AO has had multiple points in every single game. Against our boys 0 & -1

    Say what you want.. but they are gonna win the Cup in the next 5 years. All they need is a solid goalie.

  24. st0w

    they arent singling players out… but there are scrums after it happens. Boyle b*tch slapped Blake around… which was pretty funny


    Anybody watching the game on Hockeystreams? I signed up for HD today. Can I make the picture bigger?

  26. MAKO – yeah, I know.. I saw. But I’m just bitter that nobody’s taking an actual stand. A little scrum like that is nothing compared to what they should be doing..


    I don’t get that option if I right click on the video. Where do I find “stream size”?

  28. hahaha… yeam MAKO… He doesn’t even look like a goon anymore, he really just does look like a doofus on skates

  29. how the hell is that not hooking on Komisarek, ohhh my bad its because he took avery down… RIGHT in front of the ref too by the way

  30. None at all.

    Let them crash into Hank, let them camp out in front of the net, who cares, right?

    Hopefully Torts will correct these problems in front of the net.


    Blueshirt in Paris, no, I’m not using Win Media Player. it didn’t open in WMP. How do I get it to open in MP?

  32. Torts must tel the team NOT to stand back and protect this (lead)
    This is not Renney hockey
    We must get the fourth and subsequent fifth goal already!!!!

  33. Brash*t is such a queen. Im trying to get over the guy, but he’s annoying the sh*t out of me. Is this guy really the “Heavyweight” of the league ??

    Embarrassing !

    Anyway, good period, it’s a shame that the D had to act like drug heads, and look like morons half asleep, while Hank did everything he could to keep it 3-0. Gotta wrap up this game like they did last time.

    Seek and destroy !!!

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "HNIC !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Looks like the Rangers defense is providing alot of offense ( sounds alot like last year)

    Delzotto is having a whale of a game and guess what?


    it’s Gaborik time…shhhhhhh!!

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "HNIC !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    ORR , don’t get too mad ,Brashear hurt his knuckles on Colton’s face last game. Brashear is oviously hurt. He can’t fight.

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "HNIC !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    No Carp , im just watching the game and concentrating. HAHahaaaaa!!!

  37. Hows the game Rick… Im not a Yankee fan but hope you’re enjoying the game :)

    Lots of sports action tonight :)

    Who knows about Brashear… guy looks old and slow and if he was that injured…he shouldnt be playing.


    As far as Brash*t’s injury, one of the CBC announcers referenced him being out the other day and said maybe he can’t fight because of his injury. What good is he if he can’t fight?

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "HNIC !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    RANGERS !!!!!Let’s drill these punks where they belong…in the basement !! Celler Dwellers those Toronto MapleLaughs!!!
    HAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!! Kessel deal is look worse by the moment? you got ‘er!!

  40. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Guys, I like a fight as much as the next person, but why? We are winning on their home ice. Why give them the chance to get the crowd back into it and get momentum?

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "HNIC !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    we didn’t want to disclose his injury so that Colton Orr would draw penalty trying to fight him. One thing is..if a guy want to fight you…ya don’t ..you do it at YOUR own call ,not his.

  42. MAKO, freakin’ cold and windy. Yankees up 2-0 through 3 1/2. Burnett has allowed one hit, a bloop off the end of Torii Hunter’s bat in the first inning. Jeter has a homer. Cano an RBI triple.

    But where is everybody? Linda? CCCP? Sally? Pavel has an excuse — bachelor party. The rest of you better have notes from your doctors!

  43. dude, the damn south won’t let me have internet tonight… bring me up to date as quickly as possible before comcast blows up again PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  44. Alex T – I definitely agree, I don’t think he’s good for anything. The argument for him was that he’s an “enforcer” and a tough guy. He’s nothing but a goon, and at this point he’s not even worth that moniker.


  45. Rick, I haven’t had internet connection for 4 hours. I am NOT a happy camper right now and feel like givin Comcast a not so pretty piece of my mind! Damnit!!! At least I can watch the archive of the game once the actual game ends, I mostly missed the banter with you guys!!!

  46. Carp, do they feed you guys? Do they offer a carving station? Or do you have to eat and pay for $8.00 hot dogs and $5.00 popcorn?

  47. Linda, we were wonderin’ where you were! Guess they don’t have full-time Interwebs down there in ‘Bama, huh? ;)

  48. st0w, 4 hours without you guys on game day was absofreakinlute torture! My fiancee was waiting for me to break something!! Comcast better be reimbursing me for the pain and suffering! If people can sue McDonalds for dropping hot coffee on themselves, I’m suing for emotional distress and lack of camaraderie (*Spelled wrong probably)

    So Hank’s been run and Brashleet has done nothing. ORR my be going nuts about it!

  49. ROFLMAO @ hockey night in canada in punjabi!!!!!!!!!! that was awesome

    Josh’s action photo is much better than the senior portrait gracing the blog….please change it to that one!! I’m gonna say Josh is 32 and just celebrates anniversaries of 26.

    Sally is watchin the game at the pub with some buffalonians and her extra sassy boots.

  50. Yalzin, excellent. The photo was the BEST wasnt it?

    So after catchin up I see that lil man and Michael “heartbeat its a love beat” DelZotto have scored, along with Lisin and Staalsie very nice boys!!! What’s Aves done???

  51. Good for Aves, playin a smart game as I predicted in the previous post!!! Has Cally been rakin leaves into the boards??

  52. Yep, Del Zotto’s parents on HNIC tonight. Is that in Punjabi, too?

    Easy win for number seven. Looks like we will still be tied with the Penguins for #1 after tonight. It gets tough next week.

  53. very yummy thank you!! never made the marsala, do you have a good recipe or is it a Mako family secret?

  54. CCCP!!!!!!!!! i was just askin for ya!!

    i think kaspar is on a black op and we wont hear from him for a while.

  55. Bout 2 and a half mins left in the 3rd. man the Leaves (that’s for you Carp) look awful. I’ve never heard their building this quiet aside from the Boos. Rangers are going to need a better effort against SJ then they put up tonight. And they need to stay out of the box.

  56. st0w

    Dont know… I just checked out NHL.com for all of the scores :( I guess we’ll see later…

  57. LOL! I just got a text message from a friend of mine, who’s a HUGE Leaves fan. Apparently he went to high school with MDZ in Aurora, and when MDZ was a freshman, every senior on the hockey team(my friend included) would throw him into the lockers whenever they’d see him.

    That’s a really small world. I bet he regrets it now.

  58. They way this team is playing i just dont see how they can loose!

    Even Rozi is playing good! when was the last time we won 7 straight? I think Gaborik broke the team record for consecutive games with at least a point by a new Ranger.

  59. We STILL need to start clearing out the freakin’ crease. Anytime the Leafs have control in the zone, there are two or three right in front of the net with Rangers doing nothing.

    If there is one portion of this game that irks me, it is that.

    …all of the penalties too, but our boys have been better about that the last period.


    Mako,if its a heirloom like recipe, i understand, but if you don’t mind, that’d be really cool if you’d share it. I sent ya a lil story/joke earlier today.

  61. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well the Canada Hockey night guys had lots of praise for our boys…called them the ‘real deal’

  62. those UPSET FAN bags were pretty shnazzy! I just wear a typical brown paper bag when the Mets play! :-)

  63. lmao Linda – I was going to make a DeFranco reference but I didn’t think anyone would have a clue – damn u old!

  64. CCCP when we I get up to NY (hopefully May or June) and we have the Bonehead Gathering at TR’s place, I’m gonna have you sign my shirt!


    Troutwig said that 90’s night for the Leafs was “LAME” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OOOOOOOOOH I havent checked my gmail Linda sorry…

  66. 4th line scored again! I thought they were only there to prevent goals, you know, like when Betts centered the 4th line.

  67. dde!!!!! That is beyond hysterical! OMG I LOVED Tony DiFranco! Yea, I am old, but don’t look too bad having a 29 year old fiancee ;-)

  68. wooo… Awesome win.. Kinda weak start to it, but I’m glad to see they kept up the effort to the very end. Next stop, MSG vs. San Jose. Gaborik Heatley. Oughta be a good one! G’nite all!

  69. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I still think its funny to hear all the praise after last yeah..Cherry just said you cant play run-and-gun with the Rangers, you are gonna lose….lol

  70. cant get any better in rangerland, unfortunately in the the real world my friend just passed away in his sleep last night at the age of 24, ive felt horrible all day and the first time i felt a bit better was after the rangers win tonight

  71. I think with the offense really pitching AND defense scoring some great goals…LQ’s work load is reduced. He worked and played is @ss off the last few season especially last year. Maybe he wont have that December burn out like he’s had.

  72. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yanks tied 2-2. Carp, you frozen yet?

    Frozen fish? Is that the Gorton’s Fisherman?

  73. coylejam

    So sorry to hear about your friend. Such a sham at young age. Thoughts and prayers for you & his family.

  74. BANJ, I bought a sandwich for $12 and a cup of soup for $5. They were pretty good, but small.

    A friend of mine ended up with two tickets for tonight, and he asked me if I knew anybody who would want them, face value. I asked him how much. He said $350 each. I said, “No.”

    By the way, they walk all over the freakin’ logo in the Yankees clubhouse. Just treat it like crap.

    So what was the final? Who had the goals? Staal, Del Zotto, Lisin, Dubinsky? Anybdoy else? Any fights?

  75. Gabby with 2 Assist, Prospal with an Assist. Avery drew 2 penalties…
    LQ was bumped around a bit in the first. 1st pd was looking nasty, lots of cheap shots & Brash didnt look too good out there.

    MDZ’s mom didnt cry.

  76. damn, i click toronto rangers and get montreal.. wtf!!! i’ve had enough computer trouble today, just gimme my damned game you damn jackasses!

  77. Awesome game. Weak opponent, whatever – I’ll take seven in a row any day of the week. This team is fun to watch.

  78. poor Josh, we just kill him all the time,and he’s probably a really awesome guy. maybe we should….uh NAAAAAAAAAH

  79. Cherry makes me laugh. Its almost like he is Canadia’s profesional wrestling anouncer. He’s such a homer.

    Awesome win! LGR

  80. coylejam – So sorry to hear it. My thoughts, condolences and prayers are with you and the others for whom your friend will be missed.

  81. yes Mako, that was just weird! and its weird watching it without commenting on it with you guys!!!

    lmao@ he’s the last member! we are all just relentless. and exactly what birthed jason blake? he is an odd looking miniman

  82. it almost sounds as if the al/joe cult of del zotto has moved up to toronto! it’s just hilarious.

  83. Rick, excellent tribute to Josh!! you’re too much

    the league needs to start suspending guys who purposely line up and run the goalies.

    blake looks like a cross between an albino and pterodactyl. and if anyone here is albino OR pterodactyl, that was not meant to offend ;-)

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