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Good morning Staal and all. While Carp sleeps in (so lazy, he hardly ever works :) I thought I’d give you something fresh for the day for now. I robbed this from Rangers web site.

The fans have spoken. Ryan Callahan’s goal, which got the Rangers on the board and on their way to a dramatic victory over the Washington Capitals at the Verizon Center, has been named the Moment of the Week for Week 2 of the NHL season. Callahan’s goal earned 50.6 percent of the fans’ online vote to edge Matt Gilroy’s first NHL tally — a game-winner at New Jersey. Gilroy’s goal collected 42.1 percent of the vote, while Ales Kotalik’s game-winning goal in the 3-0 shutout of Anaheim placed third with 7.3 percent.

So, week 3 isn’t over yet, but why don’t we start our own vote here….I’m guessing Gabby’s goal is going to score high. What’s your Moment of the Week? Mine right now is that it’s Friday and the work week is almost over.


Hey, it’s Carp. Thanks for jumping in, Laurel. I’m headed back for two more (at least, depending on postponements) long, cold Yankee Stadium days. Sorry, but I’m a little out of touch with hockey the last day or so.

I know this is short notice, but Jim Cerny’s guest on Rangers Radio at noon today is Mike Keenan. Check it out here.

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  1. Re-Post:


    Yes Wii Sport’s Resort is definitely a lot of fun. There are so many more things that you can do than in the first one. He will love it.

  2. I see Josh Thomson has a new pic. Not bad for 26. How about Laurel’s pic?

    I think Valle should get the start tomorrow night. He’s done pretty well there, except for the last 10 minutes of the game last year when they blew the lead. Plus, we can’t ride Hank hard with the olympics coming.

  3. Valley should be in there just because I’d rather see the backup get run than Henrik. Plus he’s bigger and I think could easily take care of himself when (not even a question of “if”) things get rough.

  4. It would have to be Henrik. His saves against the Kings won the games for them especially his glove save while on his back. Also can be mentioned his getting run over time and time again and not getting hurt.

  5. Good morning, Sally! Are you going to show us these boots you’ve been talking about?

    Sitting in an English … Great screen name. Thanks. Love and respect right back at ya.

    My moment of the week was playing 18 without a drop of rain on Wednesday. I think the Rangers’ moment was Gaborik’s goal against LA, because it affirms how dynamic this guy is (and reinforces how badly they needed a player like this last year).

    I am going to investigate this whole new-Josh photo thing — how it happened, by whom, and why — today. I will be sitting next to Josh, 26, for about 18-22 hours this weekend at the Stadium.

  6. The moment at which I realized the Rangers had shut out the Ducks 3-0 and then defeated the Leaves 7-2 the very next day, and that our offense is no longer Renney-level anemic.

    That was an awesome moment.

  7. So weird about Josh’s picture. Whodunnit?

    Carp, I’m not sure the boneheads can handle my boots. They’re quite sassy!

    When’s the next game? Do you think the Rangers can make it seven in a row?

  8. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time now (since well before Sam left) and I still love it because of the great following of commenters, but as for the content of its posts, it’s really fallen way off and is losing my attention. I mean, Zipay’s got nuggets of news in every post that occur when, you know, you actually follow and are around the team. That doesn’t occur here very often now (other than when Carp references Zipay’s blog). I realize that Carp’s got other duties, but, frankly, that’s not our problem.

    I’m not trying to be a jerk. I just find it disappointing since I’m a big supporter of this blog and love that it has such a great following. I just find myself tuning in now in order to follow the following and not the actual blog. Seems to me that the tail is wagging the dog when that happens. I hope that in the future Carp is able to focus more on the team.

  9. I think the new Josh has FRINGE like qualities. There should be an investigation, and a petition to return his REAL photo to the blog.

    Extremely off topic but I just gotta blow off steam. Living in the south, people refer to themselves as “good Christian people”, and the Catholics the same thing. Anyway, if you’re going to refer to yourself in that manner, you better LIVE IT ALL DAY LONG, and not let your evil, hypocritical side ever come out! Fake religious people, it’s amazing!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i thought everyone KNEW by now that the blog and the Rangers were not Carps #1 job. Rick stepped in to keep the blog alive, but when you’re bosses have you covering the Yankees for 20 hours over the weekend and they DON’T have you follow the team as Zip and Gross do, you’re not gonna get the nuggets they get.


  11. it’s one of those days Laurel! The fakeness is just out of control!!! I wish I was back in NY where people aren’t afraid to be honest with their like or hatred of each other!!!

  12. Linda – I’ve found that the people who feel the need to proclaim themselves “good Christian people” are typically the ones that do so because they don’t actually walk the walk. They are trying to convince themselves that they are something they are not. People who actually live the lifestyle suggested by any of the major religions because they believe it’s the right way to live usually don’t feel the need to state to the world that they’re a “good Christian/Jewish/Muslim/Whatever person.”

  13. Well, arrived to NY at midnight and I am looking forward to spending time with my family and friends.

    I am looking forward to tomrrows game and I will be at the game on Monday night. It has been awhile since I’ve been to MSG, I just can’t wait to go1!!


  14. Hey ZZZZZ do ya remeber me!!??? You used to use just a few zzzz’s ,now you seem to be using a capital ,then a smaller one…ummm thats my way dude. I hate to complain but ,yeah that kinda plagers me.

    Sally!!!!!?? Your favorite moment was you buying boots!!!!?? ..and ya had to ask whens the next game!!??? Awww come on Sally , are really a Ranger fan or is it your boyfriends team and you follow only because of him
    ? No offense eh.

  15. By the way, Zzzz, not to pile it on, but I just went over to those other blogs and I’m still searching for all those nuggets of news. There are simply days when nothing is happening.

  16. Like I said in my post, I realize that Carp has other responsibilities and so I don’t blame him personally. But ultimately, we are customers (of the blog, of the Journal news etc.) expecting a product (news about the Rangers), and if customers are not getting the product they expect, they are going to buy elsewhere.

    When I go to a restaurant and get bad service, its not like I care about who was late to work and all of the delays they had in the kitchen. I just want good service. This is simple stuff.

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Zzzz, when you send in a check for the blog please let me know. I’m about 4 years behind.

  18. don’t customers usually pay for some sort of goods and/or services?? I figure if it’s free (which it is) I ain’t complaining.

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Zzzz, btw; While Weinman did follow the team ‘full-time’ there were weeks on end that he’d be following golf and there would be nothing here. The summer, nothing here. Sam was great, really was, but Carps’ got a different and (in my opinion) better dynamic getting deeper into the blog to talk to the boneheads. The blog is different now, but I think it’s better. If you don’t like it, don’t let the IE hit you when you close out.

  20. True Fans – you see the ads on this blog right? Do you think they run for free? No, they pay the Journal News for the space based on the number of hits the site gets, i.e., the number of times customers (you and me) tune in.

    Carp, you must have felt that I was right to a certain extent since your first reaction was to say “it’s out of my hands. If I could follow the team full-time I would.”

    Look, I don’t want to get into a war about this. Just wanted to make my point. I’m done.

  21. OMG, has anyone seen out the new Rammstein video? I cannot mention the title of the new single, nor add a link to it here. It will certainly violate the TOS.

  22. There aint no news , the Rangers haven’t played yet!!! Game is Saturday zzzzz then news ,news ,and more news. Hey how come ya don’t complain when Carp puts on like 3 posts in one day at game time? He only has to do just one but usually does a few. He did a few before and after the game and I was thinking it was too much. Thing is….if ya compain about something , ya have to throw in the good too or it looks like yer just bitchin , am I right? Sure Carp doen’t cheer for the Rangers which is odd for someone running a Rangers blog…but hey , we get a real opinion to our team and it’s great!! Plus Carp talks with Torts live..beat that buddy on any other web site.

  23. RangerFaninJersey on

    Hey Carp, don’t worry I follow this blog passionately even if others don’t. It is true though, some days, there is just no news because well, the Rangers are off and there’s nothing to say. Besides that, baseball isn’t over yet which to some of even the most loyal Rangers fans I know means they’re not fully into hockey season yet. I’m a Yankee fan too, but I’m a Ranger fan first, so to me, it’s been hockey season since training camp.

    Keep it up Carp!

  24. Thanks Gravey….Gotta search for that video when I get out of work!

    Du hast is one of my favorites!

  25. I’m still waiting for folks to choose their moments….let’s put down our coffees (apparently too much caffeine out there today!) and resume my original non-news programming :)

  26. lmao, i’d actually pay to come here! Rick, Laurel, 126
    year old imposter Josh, and ALL YOU GUYS (and gals and Sallys new sassy boots) ARE THE BEST!!!

  27. Zzzz –

    This blog keeps growing. If you really feel that way, no need to voice your displeasure here. Go somewhere else with your negativity.

    I’ve been following this blog/posting since about March ’09 and it has gotten bigger and bigger. I’ve got friends who have made their way over here, all based on word of mouth.

    Go follow Brooksy and have fun reading the comments from his followers…its a very easy read considering there are usually 2 or 3 responses.

  28. Zzzz, I am certainly not arguing with you. In fact, I am agreeing to a large extent. What we do here is different than what they do over there. We don’t have a full-time guy to run over to the rink every day and let you know what Brian Boyle’s thinking, or if Enver Lisin is on the third or fourth line. That’s just reality. I do appreciate your concern and your comments.

    But, I maintain, you’re not missing much if you stay here, and there’s no reason you can’t go there for your minor-news fix and come back here for discussion, entertainment, or whatever. We still do it best, or as good as anybody, at game time or when there is legit news.

    beth, you said it best. I think some of those other places will soon be charging for you to find out Brian Boyle’s nickname.

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Zzzzz… so you’re paying for those ads to be posted? Point is, you don’t pay a dime to come read here. Nobody is telling you to leave, we all get along and we all encourage others to come join us. However, there’s a few problems I have with your post. 1) You must not be a ‘long-time reader’ becuase you would have realized Carp isnt paid to blog here and does it as a courtesy. 2) If you have been following, you’d know the dynamic of the blog has changed. 3) If you’re not complaining about the Rangers after a Loss, than seriously, nobody wants to read your whining.

    Send Carp or Lohud an email but save us the time reading you B&M.

  30. Plus, I don’t believe you that you follow this blog because if you did you’d know there is a very distinct set of things we are allowed to complain about. And they are as follows:

    Superimposed ads on the glass
    Renney’s running the team flat
    Redden (though he’s slowly getting a reprieve)
    Captain Clutch
    Brashear (same as Redden, though he’s cool in my book)
    A Local Fan
    Tortorella’s suits/inability to tie his tie

    Things you cannot complain about:

    Higgins inability to finish (he’ll get a goal! lay off him!)
    Letting the young guys play (they’re here finally. give em a chance)
    Carp’s news updates.
    Russians (CCCP is one of our most-esteemed posters)

    Any others to add to the list by our wonderful community members would be greatly appreciated.

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Saturday night !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Sorry Laurel …we got side tracked again. My Moment of the week was when ever Gaborik scored. Every goal seems to be him pouncing on something and the one time we thought Dubinsky scored , Gaborik pokes it in! He has this disgruntled look on his face after he scored .Moment was priceless. Him pumping his fists up and down after that shot he scored top shelf was awsome too.

    Prospal,Tort’s,Avery,Dubi and delzotto’s energy is exciting to watch . Who doesn’t get pumped watching Prospal give it his all!!

  32. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    A F L Y,
    You forgot Joe Michelletti, Last year’s PP and the “NEW” Josh Thomson (who i still believe is an imposter).


    Honestly, I check out Zips blog a few times each day, but not nearly to the extent i’m here! I wish I could get paid for each time I check out the festivus blog, I’d be rich!!

    The blog has expanded beyond the Rangers universe because there are so many regulars who not only are Ranger crazed and have great insights and opinions, but also because we all kid each other about other things we’re into, like CCCP and his Infected Mushroom band, Laurel and Sally with their cats and sassiness, ORR and his NHL10 league and Megan Fox obsession… and so on. Too many great personalities to NOT talk about TOTTNYR (things other than the new york Rangers)!


  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Saturday night !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    TOO bad zzzz , you DIDNT TAKE MINE SERIOUSLY ..go back to your lame zzzz and Stop using it in a way that I do. You talk to the Carp , you talk to us …Carp this fool has no RESPECT for you or us and blows in here to say crap that DUH most of us know already. zzzz , I remember you so go back under the rock you just crawled out from. YOU GOT YOUR ATTENTION now get lost again …only come around here when the Rangers are winning ? You fair weather fan. I’m keeping track of the old washed up posters strolling back to voice some idiotic opinions and it makes wanna puke.

  35. holy crap i think Greg is feister than i am!!!! HEEL BOY HEEL!!!

    And another thing, how did josh get so damned white??? That new pic should be on the side of a milk carton!

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Saturday night !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    The cheque thing was good truefans , yer on a roll like Patrick.

  37. A F L Y (that’s really hard for me to type, for some reason), I don’t think you’re allowed to complain about the Seinfeld comments, or that Wicky wants a crease-clearing defenseman, or people who write “first.”

    See, now we have a scoop that nobody has. Thanks to Staal: Boyle’s nickname is Porkchop.

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Saturday night !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    HAHA , I pulled a Laurel and didn’t leave when I said I was.

    Easy …ok thanks linda , I needed that :)

    Dam Mike never around anymore , guys here all summer and takes off when it’s Ranger season? Dam iowaonians.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m keeping track of the old washed up posters strolling back to voice some idiotic opinions and it makes wanna puke.

    The thought makes me nauseas too concerning some posters returning. Not specifically Zzzzz, but others (and many of you know to whom [plural] i am referring)

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Saturday night !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Funny thing is i’ve had no coffee yet :|

    “Calm down Beavis. You’re gonna soil your drawers.”
    Beavis & Butthead

  41. Well… my moment of the week just got ruined by a “big supporter of this blog”

    I think I figured out why people come here to complain…
    it is because when they go to other so called “better” blogs for nuggets of news they find nothing there, no news and no one to talk to…

    so they run back here to let us know how disappointed they are… and since on OUR blog… there are people and there are discussions, always, and all sorts of information about the team and the NHL, plus more…those “big supporters” feel better aboot themselves since someone heard them crying…


  42. Dont know if you guys have seen this on you tube but its a video of every Kramer entrence into jerry’s apt…

    And i think my moment of the week is the short lived celebration of boyles goal b/c Voros was too busy getting worked in the corner. Can someone get this guy fighting lessons.

  43. Ugh, tomorrow night I am going to be at my brothers house watching his baby because it is his anniversary…looks like I’ll have to tivo the game and watch it late Saturday night or early Sunday morning before the Giants-Saints game.

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And can someone tell this guy the time to fight is NOT when you go up 3-1 on a team that has a four game winning streak at stake and doesn’t need the emotion of a teammate winning a fight.

  45. Oh yeah, and my moment of the week was…watching Gaborik shut out any hope of a Kings comeback in the 3rd period, and then after the game flipping over to ESPN to watch the USA comeback from a two goal deficit to draw their match against Costa Rica in the final minute. That was fun.

  46. Zzzz may not be satisfied, but it seems many people do not share your opinion.

    Chris Drury may not be the 35 goal scorer that some people expect be he still adds something of value and is appreciated.

    Does that make this the Chris Drury of Ranger blogs?

    Sally – you need to make a “these boots are made for walking ” video ala Jessica Simpson

  47. aaww Linda… you remembered the name of my favorite band!! (duh, i only talk aboot it like every other minute!) Did you listen to some tracks? Did you like it? :P

    Its like this… if you come in here shooting… prepare to get shot at.

  48. Dear All,

    Not sure why I put spaces in between the letters to begin with. I take no offense in simply, afly.

    Laurel – I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think its a brief yet solid synopsis of life here on the Rangers Report.

    Carp – excellent additions. can’t believe i forgot about Seinfeld.

    Moment of the week for me, gotta go with the dejected look on the gigantic bearded Maple Leaves (that ones for you Carp) fan in section 316 who was talking trash for the entire time leading up to the game and then subsequently shut up completely after being the Rangers annhilated his team.

  49. I still say Drury would be good on the point on the powerplay, but I guess we have Kotalik for that now. The guy is a good penalty killer, a good defensive minded hockey player. Now if he could just regain his scoring touch I wouldn’t have any problems with him. Who knows, maybe he is waiting for some more clutch goal opportunities before he puts some rubber in the net.

  50. You guys playing NHL 10? Or what? I gotta go buy the new one…maybe I’ll go out and splurge this weekend for it. What you guys playing it on?

    I need to get a PS3 too…so I’ve kinda been waiting to get NHL 10 for that…I want the new PS3 since they lowered the price and made it smaller. I love my 360, but I’d like to be able to play games online for free and play blurays.

  51. ey yo NHL10 guys. i just moved into new apartment so haven’t had much time to play. got the wireless hooked up and am ready to go, will be more active within the next few weeks.


  52. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I thought we were talking about Rangers moments of the week. But being as some of us are talking about personal moments, mine will not come until tomorrow morning. Well I sure hope it does, PA muzzle gun season starts tomorrow at dawn. Yep if I drop a four legged deer this will be my moment of the week and month for that matter. This way I can have some VENISON SPEEDIES, CARP your invited.
    As for my Rangers moment that would be like at game 4 when I decided the Rangers are for real and there first couple of games were not a fluke. Wish me luck and I will be sitting in my tree stand dreaming about the 7 pm puck drop. Cheers all.

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I hope its their win total (his career high for goals is 42, the only time he scored 40+) and truth be told, personal achievements are awesome, but unless its Hank winning the Vezina I would rather catch a few more W’s than a few more personal trophies.

  54. I see some people starting to compare Gilroy & DMZ with most giving DMZ the edge because of his higher point total.

    Anyone know a good site for hockey stats?

    I’m really looking for year to date TOI avgs while SH and on the PP.

    Gilroy is averaging 4:19 more TOTAL TOI per game than MDZ. I was wondering how their PP and SH TOI compared.

    Gilroy also +4 to DMZ’s +2.

    5 of DMZ’s 7 points have been on the PP.

  55. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Laural sorry after I posted I was afraid I might offend. However I am doing some of you a favor getting them out of the roadways for you.
    And my theory is “I don’t kill unless I eat” and believe me I eat.

  56. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    MDZ is less skilled, but understands the game better. He is a very good all-around, first-pass, defensman. Gilroy will be more a Brian Leetch (end to end) defensman. He doesn’t see the game the same way Leetchy, or even MDZ, do and that’s why MDZ is a better 5-unit player; he’s not thinking what can “I do” … he thinks “who can I setup.” Gilroy will floor all of us with his speed and hands, but he is more one-dimensional than multi-dimensional. 6 of one, half dozen of the other. Hard to say who will be more ‘successful’ in the long run.

  57. Word is T Bone doesn’t like his nickname. At least not as much as he likes cool ranch doritos, which are like an explosion of flavah in ya mouth.

  58. Gabby’s goal was sick. But I’ll go with Avery’s first that made it 4-2 touching off a rout. The team wasn’t playing well, allowing the Leafs to hang around. They got the message, dominating the final period. Something that’s been a theme this year except the other night when the three in four caught up.

    My thing about this team is how they respond. So far, so good.


    Good at just about everything, with no glaring weaknesses
    Not flashy
    He’ll run the crap out of people

  60. Orr

    I should be good to play Jive today when I get home from work, I’m pretty sick so I’ll have alot of time on my hands for a Friday night

  61. Maybe Boyles new nickname should be FLAVAH FLAV!!

    Hockeyman, Good luck and I hope ya get your moment of the week/month first time out!!

    CCCP, haven’t checked them out yet but will look for em on youtube. Always looking for some new tunes for the iPod. My daughter’s introduced me to some decent stuff, and I’ll take your recommendation.

    True fans, great post on the B&M, kudos. I guess some people just want to be ultra serious about only talking hockey all the time, and while I love it as much as the next person, I also enjoy lil glimpses into everyones personalities. We’re like a bunch of cousins from the ultimate dysfunctional family! and in CCCP’s and Sally’s case…KISSIN COUSINS :-)

  62. lmao @ Laurel quoting me three times this week! You go girl!

    Have fun on the Deegen Rick, and enjoy the game ;-)

    Hard to pick a moment of the week since there were several that really stood out. As much as I love Cally, Avery and was awed by Gabby’s goal, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Vallie’s shutout! I was impressed. Whodathunk it??

  63. NYRGuy

    Alright, cool. Let me know what happens. Winner gets CCCP, who i just dominated 4-1 !! Buahaha !!


    You got Supahhead in round 1. Did i send you his name yet ?

    Anybody else that has NHL10 for PS3, let me know, gotta get this league started, A-SAP !


    You definitely got to get it. When you do, send me your ID, and ill invite you to the league once i get it started.

    Im strongly considering dropping out of the tourney, im 0-2 with Nyr online, and ive been dominant with the Avs. Although, if i win the whole thing, maybe someone would trade me a decent player for the chance to play as NYR ???

  64. Patrick, if you find the uncensored version, be sure no kids are around!

    This is not a typical music video!

  65. Im not sure. I joined a league for a few secs, all i know is you choose what ever team you want, and you can make trades with each other.

    Ill have to look into it. It would be a hell of a lot cooler if you can choose your own players.

  66. Thanks Gravey….I googled it and read about it being basically a porn video with music involved…LMAO!!!

  67. I am just singing in the rain… just singing in the rain..oh what a glorius feeling, I am happy again….

    oh man sorry I have looked to deep in my glass today, makes me euphorius and cant wait to get to one o´clock in the morning on Sunday when the game will start…:)

    Nice weekend to everyone and especially to Linda and to Uncle are probably most unique writer of Rangers stuff..

    Much kisses from your little KOALA out of Germany :)

  68. Wanted to thank Nasty again for responding to me…I also got him a new Ranger’s hat.

    I’m gonna chime in on Moment of the Week…it’s Avery sticking to Neidermeyer after the goal was scored…but I can’t remember who scored the goal…LOL

  69. FIVE

    It was Artie. And i agree, that was my moment of the week also. Neidermeyer thought he would be doing the league a favor by destroying Aves, but instead he screwed his team, by leaving Artie wide open in front of the net.

    Hilarious !

  70. “If anything, this is the Abdelkader of blogs.” YES! Carp, this is why you’re the best at everything.

    Greg L, lay off. They’re super sweet boots!

    My other favorite moment of the week was watching the Sabres-Red Wings game with all my Buffalo friends. Everyone was mad at me for saying (many times) that the Sabres wouldn’t score 7 goals like the Amazin Rangers… and they came close but I was right.

  71. sorry st0w, in all the commotion I forgot to thank you for a very excellent post!!! I agree with you totally!!!

  72. Ahhh…yes, it was Artie. Thanks Orr. That’s what Avery does best…makes people forget what they’re supposed to be doing, like defending.

  73. Sally you should start taking bets with your Buffalo friends about who will score more points this week, the Sabres or the Bills.

  74. Hey noonan- looks like I got you in the 1st round of our little PS3 tourney. Not sure I’ll be able to play tonight (Yankees game!), but we’ll figure it out. I’ll send a friend request to you next time I get to my ps3 (unless you get me first).

  75. I cant find anything on the fantasy draft for the league. I don’t know if it’s a part of the game .

    Pretty dumb. But this is how EA works. As soon as it seems like the games aren’t getting any better, they’ll throw that in.

    Fuggin EA !!

    BTW – that John McCain guy’s daughter has really big boobs.

  76. Pat, I think people are waiting to see if the Sabres give it their all for this one. Sabres have way more talent, but sometimes they play down to the level of their opponents (sound familiar?). I hope you win your bet, though.

  77. I’d have to disagree. Sabres young kids are a year older and on defense, Myers and Butler look like the real deal, especially Myers. He’s Chara size but is an amazing skater with some speed and better stickhandling ability. If Miller has a good year, they could be up in the top 5.

  78. Thanks Sally…Just looked on their site and read they have split their last 10 meetings…..That’s pretty bad

  79. CTB, that’s mean. People here start sobbing at the slightest mention of the Bills.

    ORR, they’re not good, but they’re not bad. At least they’ve finally decided to get rid of that horrible slug.

  80. I have friend that I used to work that writes in the fan zone section for the Bills official website and I read every week in detailed agony about how much he hates Dick Jauron the coach and Ralph Wilson the owner. The Sabres represent some glimmer of hope for that town. I can only imagine how crushed he was a few years ago when they were summarily beaten by the Sens in the conference finals.

  81. I think there’s something about this town that, deep down, we all kinda like the abuse. It’s hard to explain. Buffalo is just really masochistic. Also, alcoholic.

    Linda, PURE GOLD.

  82. OMG, what the in the world was I typing.

    Orr, I meant that I just saw the picture and yes she does.

  83. ddebened-Read that back during the playoffs last year.
    Pretty screwed up upbringing. Feel bad for the guy!

  84. ddebened – you asked about TOI stats way back up there ^^

    Despite its faults,’s stats section is pretty comprehensive and it has the TOI breakdown for all players.

    For what it’s worth:

    Gilroy has played 19:14 per game
    ES – 15:46
    PP – 2:17
    SH – 1:11

    MDZ has played 14:54 per game
    ES – 10:36
    PP – 4:18
    SH – nada

    On a (kind of) related note, I tried last year to do a sort of adjusted points analysis, taking account of players’ TOI and point production in the different phases of the game – LINK if you have insomnia. Looking back, an interesting name at #1…

  85. Hey Gang…are the Devils still part of this league…I think they’ve played like 1 game so far…its insane!
    Also anyone else notice that our boy/girl Local fan has disappeared again? Did it’s mother take away computer privilages?

  86. Seriously, he did say this. “News?” Whatever….but here ya go. Reminder, this is from Zip. RR holds no responsibility for content, accuracy or amusement :)

    The coach didn’t say it publicly, but Henrik Lundqvist (5-1, 2.35 GAA, .924 save percentage) is expected to start in goal….LW Donald Brashear (soreness), who didn’t play against the Ducks, said he felt “fantastic” and is ready to play…Judging by the combinations in practice, RW Ales Kotalik (3-4-7 and plus-1) will move from the fourth line to the third line with C Artem Anisimov and LW Sean Avery to get some well-deserved even-strength minutes…Either Aaron Voros or Enver Lisin will be a healthy scratch. My guess? Voros.

  87. Laurel I know, I know…
    I just thought that was the big news since people where bitching earlier.
    LOL yeah Sally…whatever…I’m tired…played hockey last night and I’m draggin today…

  88. LW3H –

    Thank you, I assumed and would have the same breakdowns. Cool, that’s just what I was looking for.

    Did you mean to leave a link for something else?

    Thanks again

  89. HECK, thanks for the link. what an awesome ‘homage’ (theres my $10 word Mako) to the game we love. What made it even better, and Sally would agree, was the ZOMBIES ATE MY HEADLINES photo to the left at the bottom of the article!!!

  90. Well all, this has been fun, seriously! but I’m heading off into the sunset. Mom’s last night in town….continue your discussion on, well, whatever the heck you want. Hey ORR, did you hear that your pined-for girlfriend is going to be the face of Armani? Better get ready to start tearing down bus ads :)

    Good afternoon Staal and all! Later!

  91. anybody read this story?
    I love how the NHL is allowing the Coyotes to give tix away… The Players Union should be rioting! With the age of Revenue sharing, it will bring down the bottom line of the nhl revenue and lower the salary cap…
    the NHL allows this and when the Rangers wanted control of their own website they were going to take them to court… Long Live BETTMAN!

  92. My ranger moment of the week was Hanks incredible save against the kings. I actually threw my TV controller at the cat (just kidding!) because I was certain that was a goal. That has to be one of Hanks best saves as a Ranger, it was crazy he made the first save but the point blank slap shot save after was just mind boggling. If he didn’t do that so often I would say it was luck.

  93. Hey friends. Not been posting comments since tuesday. And eventually I found myself crying and shivering in the shower, i.e. I missed you guys. AAAAAAAnyway.

    The kings game has probably already been covered in and out so I wont say anything about that. But I do have one thing that bothered me.


    You I/we love you, so this is just a headsup. The other night when you posted about Brashear being soar and Voros probably coming in for him (during your off-day I might add), you actually did’nt leave a source, which to me seems like a double standard, since you’ve said at numerous occasions that any news should only be “borrowed” with a proper reference source. Just caught my eye, and Grabby agreed with me. Maybe just a slip-up.

    Sorry to be a douche, I just wanted to mention it. Does’nt mean anything.

    Lets go Rangers.

  94. Alex T
    “You I/we love you, so this is just a headsup. The other night when you posted about Brashear being soar and Voros probably coming in for him (during your off-day I might add), you actually did’nt leave a source, which to me seems like a double standard, since you’ve said at numerous occasions that any news should only be “borrowed” with a proper reference source. Just caught my eye, and Grabby agreed with me. Maybe just a slip-up.”

    doesn’t anyone here really care?

  95. “doesn’t anyone here really care?”

    No, probably not. I just got hung up on it. Stupid, I know. But anyway, I just thought I’d mention it since I think it’s important that we all respect the beatwriters.

  96. Laurel,

    You said we’d talk about Bruce sometime so here it is.

    About Bruce. He is gone.

    THAT Bruce is gone. The new one, today, could not catch my interest.

    Throwning a football around a vacant beach parking lot on a cloudy autumn saturday; drinking miller high life and blasting Born to Run out of my friend’s beat-up car on crappy speakers. “…Baby we were born to run.”

    Picture this. 27 years ago. Sitting in my friends basement with about ten people in our circle of friends. We were all over the room; sitting on the floor, on the arm of the sofa; stainding around. His finished basement was his practice room so he had his drum set in the middle of the room. He also had a nice stereo system hooked up. We watched him play every beat of Rosalia in sync with the stereo. Not sure what was more amazing. The song or the performance on drums from my friend Fred.

    I still think “Spirits in the Night” is the best song ever written. Only a close second to “Jungleland”. You know the library. “Incident on 34th street”. “Trapped”. “She’s the one”, “Thunder Road”. “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)”. “THUNDER ROAD”!!!

    Gone – Such a waste. Such a shame.

    Read this. It is from the comment section following the “There’s something about Hockey” entry above. I thought of you when I read it. The author is thanking one of the commenters for some kind words about the article.


    Chad wrote re: There’s Something About Hockey
    on Sat, Oct 3 2009 3:35 PM
    Ohio Pearl:

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I, too, kind of like the fact that not everyone “gets” it. (I feel about my hockey fandom the same way I felt about my Bruce Springsteen fandom before “Born in the USA” and my Apple fandom before the iPod: perfectly content, happy to convert a few individuals to the faith, but wary of what might happen if the floodgates opened…)


    Back then, I was a fan of Bruce for all the right reasons. Today, I’m not. For all the right reasons.

  97. Yeah, McCain’s daughter got in trouble for the picture. Apparently it’s a crime to have big natural boobs, and be the daughter, of some political guy.

    What a world we live in !!!

    Im still nuts over Eva Amurri’s gonzagas. Love them !!

  98. Bleed RW&B

    long time reader of this sight. just curious on who recently returned that made you nauseaus. seems like everyone gets along pretty good here.

  99. Alex T, when I wrote the Brashear/Voros thing it had been widely reported by then, everywhere, and I had also been told the same thing … only I was late to the party because I had played golf that day. If it had only been reported by Zip or Gross, or if that is where I had gotten it, I surely would have given credit.

    I guess what I’m saying is that, once it’s public knowledge, it’s out there for everyone … like if I said that Gaborik is playing tomorrow in Toronto, Zipay and Gross don’t have to credit me for that. Everybody knows he’s playing (isn’t he?).

    So, no, there’s no double-standard. Lift all the info you want. Just credit the source. Those are the laws of the outlaw internet.

  100. Good point Carp. Did’nt mean to aggravate or anything. And I’m certainly not questioning your ethics. You know I love this place… We cool?

  101. Alex T
    I wasn’t trying to tick you off…I just didn’t see the big deal. And it seems lately some people just constantly complain about the blog, even though *they choose to come here*…It would be totally different if we were forced to come here.
    I really meant no harm.

  102. Top ranger moments this week
    1 avery’s 2 goals
    2 prospal’s emotion
    3 carp sstating my crease clearing comments could not be complained about (do I bring that up alot????)!
    4 anyone using abdelkader in any sentence
    5 sally’s methods class, how did the test go btw after all of my great insight?? (actually sally’s boots may have been the #1 moment of the week, but w/o a pic I’m calling total BS)
    6 laurel’s blog and all the awesome banter here from everyone!!

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!!!

  103. Jay, great comment, even though I have issues (naturally), I’ve got to go meet the sister blog’s Mom :) and I want to answer you thoughtfully, so check back tomorrow.

    aren’t the gonzagas a basketball team? I’ll say this: Eva’s acting has improved.

    And thanks to those who chimmed in with their moments…hmmm, methinks me might “borrow” this subject regularly? Alex T, will that bum you out? :)

    Hey Greg, hahaha, I’m gone, then back! Seriously, I’m gone….Later all (and Staal)

  104. oh, an extra that I forgot on my list form above. Being a team first guy that I am this would be #7, but me getting “first” a couple of posts though really rocked!!!

  105. Re: Bruce-born in the USA. I always said he ripped off one of my favorite bands, Riot, who had an album called Born in America, that came out 1-2 years before Bruce’s song.

    My moment of the week was at the Ducks game last Sunday. Me and my buddy were drinking since 12:30, watching the Giants game. During the 1st period of NYR game, with about 5 minutes to go, we said we were definitely going to get beers in between periods, like we always do. Somehow we both passed out and woke up after 2 minutes of the 2nd period. The guys around us were giving it pretty good and we deserved it. We ended up waiting till the end of the 2nd for more beer.

  106. Thanks Staal. And I agree with you, people have whining alot, most times those statements are paradoxes since – as you said – people still participate and read.

    My comment was more of a question, which was quickly answered. I’m the last person to complain about this blog, or Carp, since this is kind of my second home. I see all you guys as friends and fellow fans who make the Rangers “experience” much more enjoyable.

    I really liked the blog back in the Sam-days, and I enjoy even more now, since alot of us regulars have kind of gotten to know each other.

    Wow, this is getting sentimental. Tears… coming… need… red wine… and shoulder… Where are you Grabby?

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