Stuck at the Stadium


… for Yankees workouts, then Angels workouts. Can there be anything worse than baseball workouts? And anything less necessary? I mean, they spent two months in spring training, played 162 games, then the first round of playoffs. Do they really need to take ground balls and BP? Plus it’s raining, so I doubt they will even go on the field.

Anyway, that’s my complaint (or one of them) today.

I want to talk some hockey, so maybe later. But I did want to say this about last night. The stat-sheet line I liked about Michael Del Zotto more than two assists were his four hits and two blocked shots.

Two more games to decide if he stays or goes back. Yeah, right.

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  1. nice to see that for a change
    This Week1Last Week22
    New York Rangers 5-1 A tremendous start for Marian Gaborik, who has nine points and a plus-7 rating in five games but, just as importantly, rookie defencemen Michael Del Zotto and Matt Gilroy aren’t looking out of place, which upgrades the blueline corps.
    Key Injuries: None.

  2. Can’t believe I’M NOT FIRST,therfore I’m not better than CCCP, Mandlbaum, etc. How sad!

  3. Who was responsible for drafting MDZ? And I’m not talking about the stooge with the stogie. That man deserves a thank you card, a fruit basket or something.

  4. Can you imagine if he was sent back to juniors? I wonder how quickly this site would permanently crash.

  5. WOOOO HOOOOO…..first, this never happens I’m going to go play the lottery (sorry, not trying to be a sore “firster”). Of course the cost of being first, I got “carped” again on the last thread so here is the repost:

    Good morning everyone here on carp’s mountain!!!

    May you all have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!!!

    P.S. Anyone know how hits staal was credited with last night??

  6. My favorite part about Gabby:

    Gaborik has the most intentionally awkward timing I have EVER seen. It’s amazing. Everyone talk’s about his quick release, but often times the release is highlighted by how long he waits…but it’s not neccessarily just patience… he has a very quirky sense of timing. It’s like he plays at a different time signature than everyone else.

    A few minutes after his goal last night he came in on a 3 on 2, he controlled the puck along the far boards and then slowly sauntered towards center ice at the top of the circles. I watched this and thought “Shoot!…ok…he’s gonna shoot NOW!…no..pass?…Shot?,” and then BAM he smokes a shot just over the cross bar. Nobody on the ice new what was gonna happen because he doesn’t obey the natural flow of the game. D-men don’t know whether to step up, go down, or get in the passing lane, and goalies have to get ready for a rocket of a wrister that will show up when they least expect it. He’s awesome…injury prone or not, I’ve been marveling at his game.

  7. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Only other team keeping pace with us right now is Shittsburg

    and we have more goals for and less goals against, and no overtimes.

    I jsut love the attitude again, take nothing for granted, one game at a time, everyone wokring together for wins.

    And Gaborik is just ridiculous. I was actually laughing at that goal last night. He was so close to being offsides, then WHAM, back of the net


  8. Anyone know of any specific issues Torts had with Prospal when Torts refers to them having their “ups and downs” in the past? Obviously nothing too significant.

    As someone stated earlier, love the emotion when he scores. And the thing is, it’s in a way that it’s not about him.

  9. That Gaborik goal last night made my jaw drop. The casual, slow pace across the blue line. Gently easing the puck from his back to his front. Then suddenly, BAM, perfect shot just under the crossbar on the far side of the net. I think I fell in love.

  10. And it did, huzzah!!!

    My first in person experience with Gaborik was his pre-season debut vs the Wings. He calmly skated around the net and then slipped a beauty of a backhand to Lisin who punched it home. He also made some nifty passes and broke up a partial breakaway. Pretty impressive for a guy who supposedly had a balky groin the week before.

    I next saw him play vs. the Caps in pre-season. His SHG amazed me because he made no effort to deke Three-or-More but instead decided to shoot through him.

    Monday night I was too busy looking for a Gaborik jersey at the team store to actually see his goal vs the Leafs. Sidenote: I said it the other day but at MSG they have a great deal for AmEx card holders, 25% off purchases of $75 or more, I got a blank authentic white jersey with the AmEx discount – which they already sell for $50 less than and then went to the NHL store to get #10 stitched on.

    Last night his little one handed drag reminded me of a kid pulling a toy wagon behind him and then wham! a grown up’s shot.

  11. Carp-

    I know you work your ass off, but you get to hang out at Yankee Stadium to watch the New York Yankees mess around for a couple of hours. I’m sitting at a desk in midtown. You got it made my friend.

    Not the same at all, because I actually enjoy your work, but John Sterling (whom I despise) once actually complained that he was bored during a game he was nnouncing. He whined that “nothing was happening.” I’m listening in the car thinking to myself, “dude you get to announce the yankees for an effing living…you get paid to watch yankees games and talk about it and you’re complaining that you’re bored?!? i’ll take your job!!”

  12. And I agree with jeffluke, Gaborik plays at a different speed than everyone else. His change of pace and decision to go wide over the blueline (he makes at least one move a game where he gets the goalie stretched out thinking there’s a wrap around coming) or go straight up ice to split the D keeps the other team on their heels.

    Last night’s goal and his 2nd in Washington were prime examples of his ability to conceal his decision to continue to handle the puck or pass or shoot. You get other players that completely give away their decision by rolling their hands back or kicking out a leg or putting their head up/down…Gaborik’s body is essentially in the same position before he chooses to do anything right up until the split second he makes his choice.

    And the other thing I noticed, especially last night, not many of his shots that get on net are cleanly handled by the goalie. So even if he doesn’t score he still keeps the play alive by creating rebounds. If you put someone like Graves in his prime or a Tomas Holmstrom to park themselves in front of the net they’d get garbage goals galore.

  13. The Amazing Gabo is so much fun to watch. IDK who was better last night him or Henrik. WHO CARES THEY WERE AMAZING!

    I hope for my love of the Blueshirts and most importantly for the love of the game he stays healthy.

  14. noonan – while the Gabby goal was the highlight, Hank was our savior last night, no doubt about it. We were completely dead for almost the entire 2nd and 3rd periods (our only shot in the 3rd was Gabby’s goal), and Hank was standing on his head all night. A couple of lucky bounces and Gabby’s shot were the only reason we put up 4.

  15. ddebened – issues between Torts and Prospal stemmed from their stint together in Tampa Bay. In summary, what stands out is (during the ’07-’08 season) Prospal had his ice time cut and was demoted off the line with Lacavalier. In the next game he went out and proceeded to score two goals. In the post-game interview, he stated that “it was the biggest moment in his NHL career, and he was pleased to shove it up to somebody’s butt.”, obviously in reference to Tortorella. As you can imagine I am sure from seeing Torts in action, he was not too happy about it…

  16. I saw the game, no need for a recap SCX ;)

    Lundqvist was HUGE in net and very pissed off he was ran into 3 times (last time not Dustin Brown’s fault but was very scary and probably hurt like hell).

  17. I was at the game last night and the most exciting goal was Gaborik’s. It was amazing…like everyone was saying… and you just had that feeling watching him cross the blue line that he knew exactly what he was doing and you knew it was going in the back of the net…really quickly, too.

  18. Rick, any chance of getting someone from the Rangers to state on the record that MDZ is going nowhere? Seriously, this kid is a find and there is no way he’s coming off the roster playing like this. I’d like to hear that definitively from the Rangers though.

  19. Happy Rangers Morning to you ALL!!! I wore my Rangers hat to work today & got lots of smiles. My question is why the hell aren’t the on the back page of any NY newspaper?

    You guys are dead on about Gaborik. It’s like he’s in some hockey zen (as someone put it last night) I always knew he was good… Especially after he lit of LQ for 5 goals… But WOW. I mean just Wow he is really something special.

  20. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I would like to know how a rookie D-man can come in and score goals and make assists and our veteran d-men can not??? Anyone.

  21. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Oh yea about the Gaborik goal I saw him with the puck and then I saw the puck on the oppisite side of the ice (thinking it bounced of the goalie) and then I heard celebration??? HE MUST STAY HEALTHY, WE MUST PROTECT HIM AT ALL COST.

  22. Hockeyman

    dunno… But I dig the way Redden has been playing & was quoted saying last night that he was out of shape last year… So I’m happy he lit a fire under his @ss.

  23. MDZ wasn’t a first rounder for no reason. I know it’s odd to see guys play well at such a young age, but some guys are just that good. Just imagine if Sangs or McDonaugh ever develop into a legit top 4 D?

  24. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    I know it’s been addressed…. but WOW what a shot, and he almost had another one that he fired just high…. this guy is a pleasure to watch.

    When his shot went in last night i said outloud “wow”, My fiance who was in the other room went “What?” to which i replied “Gaborik just scored a sick goal.”

    the Kings outplayed us, and Hank had to steal the first one of the season so far, but he’s up to the task. Can’t let down against the Leafs just because we beat them bad last time, they’ll be looking for payback….speaking of which… i want to play the Pens again… have a funny feeling it’ll be a different ending this go around…

  25. Look, I know it’s October and we shouldn’t get so far in front of ourselves. But this is a damn good hockey team, and we stack up with anyone in this league. This is a fun team to watch. Eyes on the prize, and not only reason to hope: reason to believe.

  26. Leetchhalloffame on

    Carp – Baseball, shmaseball! It’s hockey season and we have Gaborik and a 6 game winning streak.

  27. Jeffluke,

    “different time signature”. Great way to express that!!! I was thinkig the same lastnight but couldn’t describe it anywhere near as well as that!!!

  28. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Bring Beukeboom in… hell if Theo can play in his 40’s, i’m sure Beuke could still lay people out!

  29. CT, I’d have to join the chorus and say Gabby’s goal (of course, anytime Aves comes on the ice is a good moment :)…..I also agree about the runs on Hank. Did you all see how he deflected answering a question about it after the Ducks game?

  30. Beuke’s head is scrambled from concussions, plus he couldn’t skate with a clear head. Do you really think Beuke would be effective in the new NHL?

  31. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    nah i know it’s wishful thinking…. but he’s exactly the type of D-man we need(when he was in his prime of course)
    The type of guy we’ve been lacking since he left. Nobody would go near Hank with a Beukeboom patrolling the front of the net.

  32. I am trying not to get too excited. Because right now I love how the Rangers are playing, however I know it is a loooong season (not as long as the baseball season thankfully) and there are so many things that can happen. The Rangers have been in this position before early in the season, ie. last year. So I guess for the sake of not gettin my hopes up I am trying to relax a little. I know I love how they are playing, and if Gaborik can keep it up…oh boy.

  33. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    good point. Avery will take action i’m sure if needed…. but they also don’t want to take penalties in the process. The refs need to do a better job of enforcing the rules. I know guys want to crash the net… but plowing into the crease is unacceptable.
    That being said…. somebody on the Rangers NEEDS to pummel whoever does that next… send a clear message.

  34. MAKO, on the press coverage, I’ve been whining about that for years. Nobody pays attention to hockey until after baseball, basketball then football season is over, and then only cause it’s the only sport left (until spring training, and then we get bumped again).
    I understand hockey isn’t the biggest of major sports, but in this market, with this team, you’d think it would be different.
    There, that’s my rant for the day (here at least).

  35. They need to trade Sangs before he turns into a Montoya/Prucha. Im not saying the kids gonna be a bust, but you never know, just encase. We got a lot of depth on D, if we can somehow manage to trade Rozi, and put some sort of package including Sangs, and somebody else, and get an actual d-man, who can help out the youngsters, not that they need help, but it’s always good to have a guy who can rally the troops.

    That’s just my opinion, im not jumping ahead here, but i think at some point down the line, a guy like that is gonna be needed. Who that may be, who knows.

    But i love the team, a hell of a lot more than i ever thought i was. Torts is the man, and should have been hired ages ago, this is fuggin hockey !!! Gabby rules, and i hope he stays healthy, and half asses it at the Olympics. It’s crappy timing to have him back from a major injury, playing amazing hockey, but he is probably playing for Slovakia. Not good.

    Love this team though, up and down the roster. I don’t love Brash*t, i just don’t care aboot him, and same with Blowzy. Redden, he’s been decent in my eyes.

    I hope they kill the Leaves again. Make it seven in a row !!!!

  36. On Gabby’s goal, the goalie just felt the breeze, he did not see it go by!

    DZ is for NYC.

    VP is a breath of freah air.

    Henrik is the “King of the Kings”.

  37. Regarding the Dmen:

    I’m curious what they’ll do with Del Zotto. I mean if you want to get technical they don’t really have anyone to take his place if they return him. No one who would put up the effort he has thus far anyhow.

    I think Torts likes him and may lean towards keeping him here but there’s no guarantees I suppose. It’ll be interesting to see how he and Gilroy play as we get past the first 20 games or so.

  38. Laurel,

    I KNOW!! it’s really disheartening…. Jeter farts it’s on the back page, any little thing the Yankees do, it’s on the back page. Rangers will 6 in a row, LQ & Gaborik save the day last night nothing. I would even appreciate if they put something about Gabby back there a play on words with his pic… Nothing. I don’t think they has anything for them last season why they made the playoffs. I usually keep the paper. When they first made the playoffs after the 10 years the clinched on my bday April 5. Actually, it was the 4th but the paper had a great headline “Berth Day” I know they’ve made the playoffs every year after but still, show appreciation for your home town team!!

  39. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    ESPN needs to take it main-stream again. That’ll get more attention for hockey…. the stats they show are an after thought these days, and just to fill time. The only time there is any in depth analysis, it’s the playoffs and stanlet cup finals.


  40. what a fantastic start to the season! six in a row lets keep it up fellas….although i was dissapointed with the crowd last night….i guess the choppy 2nd period (so many whistles, the review of the goals etc might have taken some energy out of the building)

    with regards to the kids :

    MDZ-he makes a great play on the 1st goal, instead of rushing and taking a hard slap shot, he adjusts and takes a wrist shot-aka pass to prospal who makes the deflection look so easy-that was a VETERAN play by MDZ-he really does have great instincts on the offensive side of his game.

    Anisimov-is getting better every night-he was backchecking hard last night and made a few plays that must take for granted-he clugged up the neutral zone a bunch of times and was one of the few forwards who caused LA to turn the puck over in the neutral zone

    Gilroy has been quiet as of late and has made some mistakes but nothing major

    and with regards to CAPTAIN CLUTCH can someone besides me at MSG yell : “HEY CHRIS two hands on the stick” he is not a flashy player-i see him way to often at even strength with one hand on the stick-LETS GO CAPTAIN

  41. Someone needs to have a talk with Joe Micheletti. His broadcasts sound like they are coming from a gay pride parade rather than a hockey game.

    Someone needs to let him know, although I don’t think Ron Dugay is the man for the job…

  42. ESPN did do a good job covering hockey but ESPN still thinks nothing of Hockey. Today there were more highlights from pre season NBA games than Hockey highlights.

    Laurel – Love the Rant!

  43. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    How bout these names…

    Marion my wayward son

    Instigating Avery single time

    Done by Bra-Shear force

    Redden willing and able

    Chef Boyle-ar-dee

    I’ll keep working on it.

  44. Riche’

    Well thank you!

    Hey did anyone catch that move by Lisin last night? They didn’t show a replay of it on tv, but I believe it was in the second period.

    His line was cycling and he skated with the puck into the corner on the near boards and then POOF he had shaken a defender and was headed towards the slot. With no stickhandling sleight of hand! It was all skating, like somekind of partial spin-o-rama. I wish they had shown it again because that was the first time (other than highlights and closing the gap on a forecheck) that I really caught a glimpse of the “one of the best skaters in the league” hyperbole.

    anyone see that move?

  45. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    yea i saw that, it was a sweet move, then he made the pivot and got a good shot off.

  46. I saw the move by Lisin, and was surprised that Sam didn’t use the word “spin-o-rama”, which he seems to want to save for Gaborik. It was impressive.

  47. Jeff

    I did!!! I was pissed they didn’t show it on the replay! It was a sick move. The kid is really good, did you see that cross ice check the other night?!?!

  48. Lisin’s move was brilliant. I think our “third” line is going to shine brightly with Aves out there causing emotion, and Lisin causing sick moving motion, and Kotalik causing some goalie demotion.

  49. Chopper- It is true. Even when their is HUGE NHL news ESPN is not the best source for that information. Your better off searching the internet.

    If NHL went back to ESPN they would need its own channel almost. One just devoted to NHL, but that would never happen…I am just dreaming.

  50. Ok good!

    My roommate and I were like “WHAT THE!?!” in unison! Skated into the corner with the defender on him and all of a sudden the defender is standing all lonely-like on the boards.

    MAKO – Nah, missed that hit… I couldn’t watch both the Leafs and Ducks games. At least he’s hitting!

    Tough to see Kotalik logging time on the 4th line at even strength. I mean, I guess it’s a good problem to have, but still I’m sure he’s less than thrilled with Boyle and Voros.
    Wonder if there’s a 4 million dollar 4th liner in the league?

  51. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    How quickly Prospal won over the fans with his play.
    Kotalik can’t be happy stuck on the 4th line, though he does get alot of PP time.

    We have a good set of forwards, and alot of talent on this roster.

    Kotalik has hit the post twice, maybe 3 times in the past 2 games. Heavy slapper… real good wrist shot too.

  52. Hi all,

    I have been reading this blog for a couple years now but have never posted. But I have tickets for Mondays game v the Sharks. Section 302. Getting sent on business last minute. Will ship them UPS overnight. Looking to get face value $65/ ticket. If you are interested send me an email at Thanks!

  53. MAKO

    if there is a game monday night, and saturday isnt good for you, monday might end up being the better night.
    if not no worries im always there. until the molson runs out.

  54. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    anyone notice how many times Joe brought up Ryan Smyth staying after practice to work on deflections? He spoke about it ad nauseum. Then MSG showed the clip of Higgins working on his shooting a bunch of times. This is getting stupid. LESS FREAKIN REPLAYS. Anytime they give Joe Mich more time to speak, it just ends up being redundant crap.

  55. Vinny…I posted about Joe last night with the replay…He said the same goddamn thing at least 10 times.
    YES WE GOT IT JOE…INTENT TO BLOW THE WHISTLE AND THE PUCK WAS IN BEFORE THE WHISTLE…Showed 5 different angles and said the same exact thing over and over and over.
    I muted it I got so effin annoyed at his voice!

  56. A FLY, I am actually complaining more because I would rather be doing Rangers practice and games and blogging than spending my morning and afternoon and part of the evening A) on the Major Deegan and B) in the bowels of Yankee Stadium.

    I’m not complaining about my job. Not at all.

    Fridayjones, I don’t think anybody wants to sound like an idiot asking that question.

    I’m with Josh right now. We were just discussing when he’s going to actually post here. Seriously. Between us, I don’t think he’s 26 anymore.

    One more thing on that Gaborik goal last night … I think that before he even got the puck he knew he was going to score there. He just casually skated in and fired, like there was no way he was going to be stopped.

  57. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    It’s as if Gaborik lets the other guys go for 2 periods to try and get theirs…. and in the third he just turns it on and says to himself, time to go get one or more.

    Classy play at the end trying to get it to Prospal to complete the hat trick. Gaborik totally won me over.
    But i won’t refer to his explosive speed or make any joe mich man crush comments.

    Boyle’s goal made him the 13th different Ranger to score this season. Wow. Still scoreless is who? Higgins, Staal, Rozsival, Lisin, Brashear, Voros??

  58. LMAO at Brian Boyle and Doritos, his accent is funny.

    Gaborik’s goal reminded me of those old kung fu movies where the guy enters the Shaolin temple school and goes through all these hardships (Gaborik injuries) but then when he is done he freakin’ destroys the bad guys with ease. What a goal, and what a difference one guy on one line can make.

  59. laurel

    i wish hahaha, id get a burger real fast.
    after a while it just became a reason for me not to eat at work at night. just hop a train and i got food, molson and some good hockey convo for the night.

    the choices for food where i am are chinese, chinese, and pizza so… its a great excuse to not have to torture myself with crap food.

  60. CCCP- You hit it on the head. I am amped for the Saturday game Vs. Toronto…it couldn’t come quick enough. I am still a little pissed I am probably going to miss the Monday Night thriller Vs. the Sharks. Effin Versus.

  61. idk if this was mentioned yet, but on espn classic at 7pm they have the game from ’89 where gretzky took over howe as all time points leader. now idk if its 8pm 7 central, but its on 7 here in iowa, so check it out

  62. I’m just messing around Carp. You do an awesome job here and that is an awesome response. I think that’d be a much better assignment as well.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  63. ohh yea, my sister has mediacom(the local cable company like cablevision) and so do i, but i get versus and she doesnt. shes called them and complained but to no avail. i hope i dont lose versus either. as amateurish as it is, its still better than watching online.

  64. Grabachev, Yeah I agree. We can’t get versus cus we have directv. So I am either going to have to watch it online or go over my girlfriends house and watch it on her 40 inch tv…hm, this could be a difficult decision…

  65. Hey, Laurel … my girls (the cats) brought my wife a nice present this morning. A furry, cute, half-dead mouse they found in the house. They were chasing it all night long. Finally the little one brought it into the dining room and dropped it at my wife’s feet as she was having breakfast.

  66. onerangerlove- is your gf a fan or hockey tolerant? my ex wife was the latter. but after awhile she came around and was the biggest prucha fan and jagr fan. she thought jagr was hysterical during his interviews and the way he talked. the only thing she hated was when i would scream and go nutz whenever we scored(which i still and always will do) i woke the baby numerous occasions too which she then made me rock her back to sleep as punishment!! lol. id take the game on tv everytime over online, but only if you can have a good time without your woman getting aggravated from your outbursts or rants like i do!!

  67. Does anyone know the real price of NHL Centre Ice? I know they are having a promotion until Oct. 31 of $160.. but they never say what the price is going to be after that….

  68. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on


    I consider myself very fortunate. My fiance is now a full blown fan, watches games even when i’m not home, and even attended an autograph signing with me. (It was Dubinksy/Callahan and Dubi is her favorite Ranger)

    No surprise that i had to marry her! Here’s to many years of joint Ranger fanhood!!

  69. Adam Z.
    October 15th, 2009 at 10:17 am
    Can you imagine if he was sent back to juniors? I wonder how quickly this site would permanently crash.

    at this point adam, unless we get a vet 7th d man from now until his 9 or 10 games are up, hes not goin anywhere just for the fact that were just at 6 d man minimum. unless we recall a cheaper guy like sauer, or potter, but we already have guys like them on the team now. hes in a very good position because hes got the pp qb job and is doing it very well. his d game, also has been solid. not great but good enough to merit keeping him around. i know that if he wasnt clicking so well with kotalik on the pp he very well couldve been sent down. but no, with 2 goals, 7 points and his qb skills hes efinitely a keeper. its gonna be him and staal as our top pair for years to come. thats pretty exciting.

  70. Crazy|NYR – I had called Time Warner about it here in Cleveland. They said it goes up to one hundred seventy something. So it’s not like a massive difference.

    If you wait and only subscribe for half a season, it’s like $115 or some such. Totally not worth it at that cost, might as well just get the whole season.

    Either way, the cost is spread across four payments. And Center Ice, while at least providing coverage of the games, unfortunately doesn’t provide any pre- or post-game coverage from the various feeds they carry. They are also completely unresponsive to viewer feedback and comments. But they’re also the only game in town, short of streaming the games online. :\

  71. Grabachev, I would put her in the latter column as a hockey tolerant. She can watch bits of it, but not long stretches of it. We go to games time and again (We watched the Penguins steal a game against the Panthers), but overall I think she just doesn’t understand the game enough to like it.

    I don’t know, I know she wont mind me watching it at her place…she just likes having me around no matter what it is we will be doing. Especially if we are watching the Rangers. haha No exceptions. So I’ll probably go with that option.

  72. vinny- yea, thats great man. good for u.see growing up, i was always watching rangers and playing hockey so my lil sis looked up to me and started getting into hockey when she was about 14. she even went to more games than me for awhile. she was a fan during the dark ages during the 7 year no playoff span. it brought me and her together and since shes my only sibling, it was good that we were able to enjoy and have something in common. i always pick on her for getting a malhotra jersey still though, but she doesnt care. she got taht jersey signed by almost every member of those teams from 99 till 03. its great when your sister or brother, and best of all, your spouse becomes a fan of the game and the rangers.

  73. oneranger- yea i hear that. my sis is more of a fan that would rather watch it live. i mean since i moved to iowa, and she and her husband soon followed, ive been much more into the rangers and hockey in general. its almost liek i took it for granted and now wish i could go back just so i could go see as many games as i could. i used to go see the rangers at the mausoleum and probably saw them thre more than the garden. but yea ever since the lockout, ive gotten so much more into it. i syuck with them during the dark ages leading up to the lockout, but i gotta admit, its so much easier being a fan when you arent the laughingstock of the league. no mater what i will always be a fan for life though. i dont know how hockey isnt more popular. its such a fun game and fast exciting spoort. at times, i think im lucky to be a fan of this game. alot of people dont know what theyre missing.

  74. we can’t have hank getting knocked around like a pinata! the problem is there is no real tuff defenseman on this squad, half of them can’t even shave……

    for that matter we aren’t that tuff upfront either, i don’t think 87 is really scares anyone. this needs to be addressed.

    as for the comment earlier about beuke yeah he could play in the new nhl, he was a surprisingly good skater with very good hands. we need a player like him. and some real team toughness. while avery is a pest he can only do so much.

  75. CTBlueshirt-The person responsible for drafting Del Zotto and has been running the drafts from 06-now is Gordie Clark. Del Zotto fell to 20th because there were concerns about his defense and lack of strength but Clark called it nonsense. I wanted John Carlson who the Caps got but so far, so good, Del Z is the man.

    The problem is Rangers fans; if they get a heavy hitting DMan like Garnett Exelby, who will sit? Redden’s playing well, and Roszi’s been better. Exelby will be available at the deadline if not sooner.

  76. carp- i know u love beninati, so heres another of his beninati-isms. instead of goalie, he now calls it “twine-minder”!!! that dude seriously has to stop. its getting to where his words arent even making sense!

  77. LMAO at twine-minder. I hate announcers that force their moronic shtick down our throats, Beninati and John effing Sterling the worst of them. Sterling doesn’t even call a good game. He just goes, “And a base hit.” We can’t see dumbass, you’re on the radio. What kind of hit?

  78. I agree that Hank needs to stop getting run and that somebody on the team needs to do something about it. Honestly, it’ll probably have to be Brashear or Avery, since nobody else really knows how to fight. I agree with Avery not going after the Kings player that ran Hank as he was aware that the Rangers were on their heels and didn’t want to negate the PP. Good move given the circumstances. I propose the next time a team runs Hank, we wait and not do anything immediately. Then, later in the period, we send Brash out not to fight the other goon, but to take a hard run at the opposition’s best player. Maybe vigilante justice will make them think twice

  79. I can’t remeber what team he cheers for…could be Boston.

    Yo Carpppp , ok ok flashback to your first “live video” chat….” Rangers have no talent , there for they have no chance.” You said something like that (we had Gomez ,Zherdev and Naslund.) Maybe you were right ..BUT, I want a reassesment MR!!!

    Sure wish Staal and Dubinsky would lit it up a bit, those two were very visible last year and this year , things are petered down a bit between those two.

  80. Vinny , I’m officially jealous !!! A good Ranger woman is sooo hard to find ,expecially around here (sigh). Good thing you married her , when I split up with my ex 5 years ago..I got to keep ALL the Ranger stuff, so that part is cool.

    Hank being run at is a SERIOUS matter!! If he gets injured , WE are SCREWED. NEXT TIME BLAKE even breathes on Hank ,Nail that sucker next shift untill he drops like a sack of potatoes. THOSE BREAK AWAY POSTS SUCK!!! Should have them froze into the ice the old days!! A player never drove to the net with reckless aband….you know what im saying. I am so Upset about the running of Hank !! Next guy who knocks down Hank gets cross checked in the back of the head “Messier style”

  81. before i catch up i just gotta say, idiot announcers are EVERYWHERE! The dude doin the dodgers phillies just said “right down central” for a strike… are you freakin kiddin me????

  82. CCCP,that photo burned my corneas and made three layers of skin peel off! They are more like Joe and Al though!

  83. In Sao Paulo and just saw someone wearing a Rangers cap … yeah! We’re everywhere … go Blueshirts!

    And, yes, Roszival is still bush-league

  84. OMG IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died!!! dde that is the most hilarious thing ever!!! and he’s even wearing a jacket and tie that belong to don cherry!!! BRAVO my friend!

  85. Just got an explanation on the offside rule during the Caps- Sharks game. You can carry the puck across the blueline skating backwards so long as you are in control of the puck.

    If you were interested.

  86. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    cwgatti, that was something they changed during the 05-06 season or the following season. It’s no longer that you have to go in first, it’s just that the player has possession and they can go in however they want (which I believe makes more sense).

    That youtube link of the kid doing the lacrosse shot is a pretty standard move nowadays. Lots of young kids try it and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kovalchuk or Ovech tried it during one of the skills competitions. There’s a number of variations, but I believe the first was to “lacrosse shot” starting from between the legs. Youtube hockey lacrosse shot to see.

  87. New picture of Josh?! Whats next? He’s gonna tell us that he isn’t 26 anymore?? What is this world coming to!!

    Good eye Linda! Now Josh is smiling on the other side of his face! Josh is a living legend, for sure!


    That MDZ’s styling photo got me cracking up pretty hard! Great job! Pink is his color. :)

  88. CCCP, they should have warned us that they’d be changing Josh’s photo so we could have enshrined the original one! Gotta go in the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH hall of fame!! When I saw it I thought, WHO’S THE NEW GUY!

    now dde, we need pics of Joe and Al with lil curly pigtails and freckles, screamin their heads off for MDZ!!

  89. i want to know where DDE got a July 2007 issue of Tiger Beat! I thought the JoBros looked a bit younger and ‘huskier’. Damn that suit jacket just kills me

  90. Grabachev, what makes you think I hate the Rangers?

    Also, Gary Thorne, former hockey guy, is now doing the baseball playoffs on the radio. One of the pitchers in the Philly game (I think)fell and rolled his ankle.It was plain as day on TV, and the TV announcers were saying it was his ankle, his ankle, his ankle. I went to bed and listed to the next few innings on the radio, and Thorne said the pitcher left the game with a lower extremity injury.

    Twine-minder. We should make up names for Beninati … except most of them wouldn’t meet the standards in the fine print below.

  91. I like that idea Rick!!! i don’t have a name yet, but he does look like one Simon from the Chipmunks. twine minder…damn why must we be forced to listen to the verbal diarrhea these guys exude??

  92. You know you don’t have to be tough to protect Henrik. You just have to be a dirtbag and nail the opposing goalie. If someone gets roughing or goalie interference it’s 2 minutes regardless!

  93. Hey, you know how to get back at teams for running Henrik??
    You score on the power play and destroy them in the game. And we have been doing that constantly. A loss and goal on the scoreboard hurts more than a hard hit into the boards a few minutes later.

    If we continue to score on the PP then teams will stop running him and taking other penalties. Unlike last year, when they would d do whatever they wanted to us and the PP wasnt scary at all.

  94. calhob, that’s all true, but God forbid one of these crease crashing incidents leads to Hank getting injured. The our fortunes lie in Valle and Ochocinco, barring Sather trading for a goalie.

    True, thanks for the pic of josh, i actually saved it so we can all remember him as he was. On the link if you click on see full image, the new pic shows up!!! He’s wearing red in this pic, I should ask him for his business card. (fringe reference, sorry)

  95. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I hope Josh didn’t head over to Weinman’s new blog, this place wouldn’t survive his loss.

  96. carp youre too funny!!.
    anybody remember that first time someone picked up the puck on his stick and slipped it thru the side of the net? he was standing behind the net and scooped the puck and did a lacrosse like wrap-around. who was that?

  97. im goin to bed. glad the habs lost. gotta beat the leafs saturday. i heard they were playing dodgeball on their day off. or kickball or somethin. yea, real good to get them ready to egt destroyed again. how do you in good conscience play effin dodgeball when your team is so freakin bad. are they gonna roast marshmallows and sing kumbuya over a roaring fire tommorow night on acamping trip?

  98. grabachev

    I think the first time a hockey guy did it was the guy from michigan a few years ago……I think!

  99. Twine-minder? Jeez…does that make Monsieur Three-or-more a “goal-granter”? A “bench-rider”?

    My favourite Beninati-ism is the fact that he can’t get through a game without saying “a tip of the hat to the hard-working men and women in the Versus crew” or something similar. The “Versus crew”, of course, being one cameraman, one man pointing a satellite dish out of a car window, an intern and Brian Engblom (in descending order of seniority).

  100. Del Zotto Buy Buy Gilroy Sell !

    Only Joking but Gilroy hasnt been impressive of late also got caughtpinching against the Kings. I’m sure he will be fine.

    Ron Duguay On Canuck Version Of Dancing With The Stars !

    This “Battle of the Blades” appearance makes the Duguay’s Sasson commercial look like a Marlboro man ad.

    Check out the Video

  101. jefffluke

    you are right about Gaborik’s patience. I recalled one time watching him approach, and I thought that he wasn’t really trying. But suddenly when you thought he was gonna get stripped, his hands flick and bingo.It reminded me of pics I’d seen of a shark cruising in a crowd of mackerel, and seemed disinterested, and all of a sudden his tail snapped and wham he had one in his mouth. Scary stuff.

  102. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Concerning the first “lacrosse goal” … the first I know of is Mike Legg for Michigan and that move is now referred to as “A/The Michigan” its slightly different from other “lacrosse” goals because the michigan is from behind the net.

    I just wiki’d the goal and learned that the stick Mike Legg used is now in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

  103. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If you guys are looking for weird shootout goals, youtube Linus Omark. He flips the puck over the goalie like a granny shot. Some of the smoothest moves on youtube are by Getzlaf, Sam Gagner, Datsyuk and Jussi Jokenen. All just have sick hands. Pierre marc-bouchard has a hilight spin-o-rama shootout goal out there too.

  104. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    So why isnt Mike Richter our color announcer?
    October 16th, 2009 at 8:27 am
    He could do it!

    Brilliant!! I think its a great idea.

    “You see what he did there Sam, he changed speeds. He found a new gear. He goes, and goes, and goes, and loses the defensman. That’s the sign of a winner.” Someone shut that man up.

  105. ok cool thanks for the info guys. is it allowed or any other variations of it allowed in the shotout or even during a game? i thought if the chance wasthere, someone would try it if it was legal.

    hey mouth- gilroy is still probably getting adjusted to the skill of the nhl. it wasnt that long ago that he was playing against 18 year olds. but yea, hes kinda slipped under the radar the last week or so. hes got the 1 goal, but so far del zotto is overshadowing him with his play.

  106. he was more effective in the first few games. it seeme in jersey was his best effort offensively. hes gotten some good shots off but he may be trying to be better defensively because he wasnt too good ther a few times already.

  107. ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?! said: “They need to trade Sangs before he turns into a Montoya/Prucha. Im not saying the kids gonna be a bust, but you never know, just encase. We got a lot of depth on D, if we can somehow manage to trade Rozi, and put some sort of package including Sangs, and somebody else, and get an actual d-man, who can help out the youngsters, not that they need help, but it’s always good to have a guy who can rally the troops”.

    Respectfully disagree about the “lot depth on d” assertion.

    The team is only carrying 6 defenseman. Sanguinetti is part of that “depth” if that is what you want to call it along with Potter, Sauer and Heikkinen and is only 21 years old.
    Why give up on the kid? Has that not a problem for the Rangers in years gone past? Giving up on young kids?

    If a defenseman goes down, who do yu bring up to replace him? Potter? Sauer? Heikkinen? Sanguinetti? Do you think they are ready to step in and play adequately at the NHL level?

    What happens if two defenseman go down or one goes down and the other gets the flu?

    McDonaugh is a year away….probably two as he may decide to finish his senior year at Wisconsin.

    Developing depth at defense may be the better description.
    It remains to be seen whether or not the youngsters in Hartford are ready for top 6 NHL minutes.

    Remember, the Rangers had Semenov signed for a veteran presence on the blueline before his wife stepped in and told him to come back to the Motherland. They knew they had to get some more seasoning for the guys in Hartford.

    The longer they wait the cheaper the remaining UFA defenseman out there get and with only a little over a million left on the salary cap and carrying only 13 forwards and 6 defenseman, they are 2 players UNDER the NHL roster limit.

  108. Question for Nasty1…are you the one who said Wii Resort Sports was good? I got it for my husband last night for our anniversary, just wanted to make sure I could keep it.


  109. Not a Brashear fan but if he can’t go Saturday night who will we dress to keep Pat Quinn’s talentless thugs in line?

  110. Rangers offense:

    #1 GF in the East
    #1 GPG in the East
    #3 PP% in the East

    Rangers defense:

    #4 GA in the East
    #2 GAA in the East
    #4 PK% in the East

  111. FiveFootZero,

    Yes Wii Sport’s Resort is definitely a lot of fun. There are so many more things that you can do than in the first one. He will love it.

  112. Blueshirt in Paris on


    Not sure of your point since to me thats the exact reason we should look to move him. There wont be space. We already have 2 rookies on the backline, doubt you will 3 in the near future. And with those 2 contract of ours that aint going anywhere for a while, add in Staal and you got one spot left(the kid wont develop as a 7th d-man).

    Now add that with names you mentioned shows the is depth chart I dont think he is on top off. So this kid might not ever get a shot with us. And in this case it will be ok unlike the time where we just give up and give up on youth. It will mean Gilroy and MDZ were a success. Means the other ahead of hime on the depth chart did well.

    The kid need the space to develop…we might not have that anymore…again, that’s a good thing. Might as well use that strength to help up with our weak wings.

  113. Nasty…thanks so much. He’s got umteen guitar hero’s and just did the but 2 get the Van Halen guitar hero free thing from Toy’s R’Us…so we have 3 guitars now. But out of all the games we have, and we have A LOT, the one that’s the best is the Wii Sports that it came with. Does it resemble that?

  114. TR

    yeah I’d love to come meet up with you & whoever else @ 77 one night. I’ll probably have the gf in tow. She’s not really a hockey fan ( don’t know why she’s Ukrainian ) lol she puts up with it… should be a great time

  115. Nik Lidstrom class Individual and his english is perfect ! AO should take his lead and learn the language, especially if he’s going to be a ” spokesman” to generate new fans to the NHL

    Ron Duguay On Canuck Version Of Dancing With The Stars !

    This “Battle of the Blades” appearance makes the Duguay’s Sasson commercial look like a Marlboro man ad.

    Check out the Video:

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