Walk with Kings


Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings tonight? I thought L.A. folded when Gretzky left.

Actually, apparently the Kings are pretty good this season, or at least pretty good so far.

We’ll see.

We know the Rangers have been better than pretty good so far, and it certainly hasn’t hurt that ex-King Sean Avery returned two games ago. Speaking of which …

Almost forgot — or did forget — to tell you this scene from Monday night. The guitarist from Phish was at the game and afterwards Avery had him and a couple of his buddies in the lockerroom. And Avery told them, very seriously, not to step on the logo. And so these rock-band types were tip-toe-ing around laundry and equipment, practically falling over, trying to avoid stepping on the logo.

Also almost forgot — and this is a couple of weeks old, because it was in the Sports Illustrated NHL preview issue — to put up the link to my friend Michael Farber’s great story on the Original Six. If you missed it, I urge you to check it out here.

Meanwhile, in case you need something more to keep you occupied until puck-drop, I always enjoy reading the Canadian media’s takes on things, especially when the Maple Leaves (grammatically correct) are struggling: Like this story from Monday’s game.

Or this one.

Or this latest one, after another loss to the Avalanche.

Today’s my day off, which means all I have to do is blog now, write a (non-hockey) column, do an expense report, mow the lawn, watch the game either in person if I can get there, or on TV if I can’t, then blog some more with my Bonehead friends. So the A.M. portion of that “day off” is going to be spent in a meeting with Mr. Titleist, and get this: There is no rain in the forecast!!! Life is good!

I’ll be back this afternoon to post something before the game (and to write a column on my day off … did I mention that already?) and attempt to get to MSG in time. Until then, if you guys see something newsworthy elsewhere, don’t be afraid to steal it and put it up in the comments. Just kidding. Don’t steal it. Tell us where you got it … then steal it and put it in the comments.

Oh, one more thing. I e-mailed with our great buddy, Sam Weinman, on Tuesday. Tried to get him to come to this morning’s meeting, but he already has a similar meeting set up. He is watching the games and reading the blog regularly, and he sends his best. Hopefully he chimes in soon, and often.

See yas.

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  1. Sam’s been reading the blog regularly and not even posting? say it isn’t so. I do not believe it.

  2. Has Sam ever chimed in since he left?
    With Carp mentioning Phish and Nasty with Pearl Jam and Laurel with Bruce……YUUUUUUCK!!!!

    Like Pavel, I’m a metal head straight out of the glory days of the early 80’s.

    It’s nice to have the only complaint of the season is that it’s early. Love Torts and the job that he’s doing. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that he encourages the defense to get envolved and enjoy scoring.

  3. Phish guitarist = Trey Anastasio. I remembered seeing him and thinking a sporting event was a less than likely place to spot him but Phish love MSG so maybe he was enjoying being in the crowd versus performing center stage.

    And to show how little those pre-season rankings mean, ESPN has the Rangers ranked in the top 5 in their latest power rankings, much better than 22nd.

  4. Olga Folkyerself on

    Original Six IS the best- except for Montreal. They have enough Cups. I hope they never win a Cup again!

    Rangers Blackhawks and Detroit have the best jerseys in the league.

  5. I can not stand phish, but what he told them is just another reason to me that avery should get the second A, but only an opinion!!

  6. as I said a post ago, phish sucks, PJ is kinda meh, but Bruce, I mean BRUUUUUUUUCE, seriously is awesome, I’m on fire and drive all night….c’mon awesome!!!! (all IMHO of course)

  7. Sam did chime in on many occasions… remember all the post with complains aboot how the blog was better when Sam was here… it was Sam posting that! :P

    Izzy Mandlebaum

    so you think you better than me?

  8. Rozsival had two goals vs. the kings last year, the nice deke to backhand penalty shot and then the blast on the one-timer in overtime to win the game.. maybe he will look back at that and get some confidence for tomorrow, he defintely has played better after that awful game in washington… if redden can do what he did monday night then why cant rozsival come back and play better, no reason he cant

  9. We’re #1! Whooo-hoo!

    Did any of you see the own goal Komisarek scored today off his helmet? HILARIOUS! Leaves (grammatically correct) sinking early and often!

    Btw Carp, you misspelled “grammatically” lol

  10. “TORONTO – Ron Wilson’s next move to try and wake up the winless Toronto Maple Leafs is to give his players the day off.”

    Renney? Is that you in disguise?

  11. Colton Orr will be wiped out by Thanksgiving. They are making him earn that 4 yr deal real quick, huh?

  12. CCCP, be careful. I may be bolted down.

    cw, that 15-hour Kovalev shift was hilarious. Brings back fond memories of Iron Mike.

    Mouth, sadly, mow the lawn means mow the lawn. Soon to be replaced by shovel the snow, which means shovel the snow.

    Sam did a guest blog or two during the playoffs last year. Hope to have him back during the season.

  13. Greg_Section_403 on

    Loving the fact that the Debbies are #21 in the TSN rankings…not that the rankings mean anything, but still, it’s nice to see. Rangers at #1? Hmmm…interesting.

  14. Good morning, Carp! Have a great “day off”. Can’t wait to see the Rangers take on my hometown hero tonight!


  15. This day is going to drag waiting to get out of work to see game tonight!!!!
    I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to watch rangers games this early in the season!

    It’s GREAT!

  16. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    LOL CW, yeah and today will be a 10 hour day…I do not get overtime, since I am salary…..But, I am looking forward tonight, another test for our boys……..LGR

  17. wow… the leaves have 1 game in the next 10 days – saturday against the rangers. why such a gap in their schedule?

  18. I didnt get overtime either but still worked seven days a week. They lay off the highest paid person first. I’m on vacation baby.

    I’m watching the Ducks game. watched the Leafs game twice already.

  19. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Phish and PEarl Jam both LOVE MSG

    I knwo for a fact Avery is a huge Phish fan, and is probably why he invited Trey into the locker room.

    And off topic but this is coming from a musician, you might hate phish’s music, but they are all unbeleviable musicians.

    Props to Avery for making them not step on the logo!!

    ANd if you dont like Pearl Jam, I meaa come on whats wrong with you?

  20. the scheduling so far this season is horrendous…all the local teams, at least, have like 3 days off then a back to back, then another 3 off, then a back to back

    toronto with 1 game in 10 days? what the hell is going on?

    what happened to the good old every other day rotation?

  21. Trey Anastasio is now a Rangers fan that’s awesome. I saw Avery at one of the Jones Beach shows and at Hartford Meadows. Hope to see him at MSG in December when Phish plays at our house as well!

  22. UESBlueshirt (now in CT, soon to be renamed CTBlueshirt) on

    I agree The Real MikeyNJ,

    I am not a Phish fan on the level that most of their followers are but my brother is really into them and I’ve gone to a few of their shows and they put on performances that are worth every penny. They play substantially longer sets than most popular acts and do great covers. I was at a show where they did a cover of Beastie Boys “Sabotage”.

  23. Good morning Staal and all! Carp, that was a great story about Aves. Wicky, your opinion is not humble at all but dead-on accurate. Mandelbaum, do you not go to sleep until the new post is up?
    Sam, if you’re lurking, hi!

  24. Phish is over-rated. They are talented musicians, but as far as writing actual songs go, they really aren’t that great. If you’re into the whole “let’s jam out for 15+ minutes” than Phish is obviously going to be a band you enjoy. But, in my opinion, when you remove all the jamming and all the hippie flair, all you have left are the songs themselves. and they’re not good.

    Pearl Jam was good back in the day. As far as Bruce goes, gotta respect his writing, but he’s never been my cup of tea. Something about his stiff, rhythm-less guitar playing pisses me off. But I have no problem with him or his fans or his recognition, he deserves all the props he gets. He’s just never been my cup of tea.

    Go team go. Rangers dominate.

  25. LOL @ Bruce. He’s written like 100 songs over his 20+ year career and his act is played it.

    He played with Phish at Bonnaroo and almost ruined the entire festival.

  26. Speaking of musicians, the guys from Tool are amazing musicians. They are not your typical “rock stars” but put on a really really good live show. Seen them a few times now, once at MSG. Bands always seem to step it up a notch at MSG.

  27. I’ll be 10 rows under Sam and Joe tonight!!! Maybe we can tell Joe to stop looking and talking like George Bush.

  28. Laurel

    I “heart” you!!!!!

    good morning carp, sally, grabachev, linda, laurel (of course), beth, cccp, nasty, staal, ues/ct, tr, cw, mako……ok, no offence but this is getting ridiculous. I hope you all have a CREASE CLEARING, hard hitting physical d man day!!!

    Good night jim bob!!!!

  29. The Rangers and Phish, two of my favorite things!

    Jeff M.
    Music, like food and many other things, is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Just because you don’t like Strawberry ice cream doesn’t make it ‘bad’. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion about Phish’s music, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

    Let’s Go Rangers!
    Rock on Phish!

  30. Good morning wicky!!!

    Is something going on with the posting ? I posted something earlier this morning & it never went through :(

  31. nasty – i’ve been to tool at msg too…i wonder if it was the same show

    was it the lateralus release tour? the one where they had like a (seemingly) 40 minute interlude between songs where those weird looking dudes from the schism video climbed ropes around the stage?

    also, maynard has a thing for never showing himself while he’s on stage…and danny carey is a really good drummer

  32. Not really the place for this but Jeff M. and Staal Wart, if you’re not a jamband fan or don’t listen to jambands your not going to get it or be able to decipher the tight structure that compose jam songs, especially Phish ones. Before I started listening to Phish, the Dead and moe. I too thought it was just a loose mess with guys noodling over each other.

    First off, Trey classically composed several of Phish’s “epic” jam songs. These songs strictly adhere to the composition and are quite the opposite of all over the place. They very much play within the lines of these songs and the instrumentation of each component compliments the other rhythmically and melodically. Give You Enjoy Myself, Divided Sky, or First Tube a listen. Trey in fact just played with the NY Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall and performed a bunch of Phish songs.

    People who listen to metal or pop seem to always have the same critique that they can’t pick out the hook in jam songs or they’re too all over the place, but they’re just used to being spoon fed simple aab structured songs. Not that that’s a bad thing (Phish have plenty of songs like this – Farmhouse, Heavy Things, etc.), but it distorts your ability to decipher the structure of a jam song.

    Secondly, they’re definitely not for everyone and they are not one of my favorite bands. But they are all extremely talented musicians and the best at what they do. I have seen Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Warren Haynes, Keith Richards, Santana, Derek Trucks, Robert Randolph, Al Schnier, Chuck Garvey, Mike McCreedy, Steve Howe, Tim Reynolds, John Frusciante, Stephen Stills and countless other great guitarists I am forgetting…but hands down…Trey Anastasio is the most talented, most adaptive (he can play with anyone…just a quick list of people he’s played with – Dave Matthews, moe., the NY Philharmonic, and Jay-Z)and melodically amazing guitarist out there.

    Most of this is just my opinion, if not all of it. But if you can get over the whole “damn hippy” attitude most haters have, you’ll be handsomely rewarded for your time. My favorite bands range from The Doors to Radiohead to Pearl Jam…but Phish is the greatest live band I have ever seen in my life.

  33. UESBlueshirt (now in CT, soon to be renamed CTBlueshirt) on

    What up Wicky.

    So a story from the game the other night, I was moving yesterday (hence the new name) so I didn’t get to post it while it was a little more relevant.

    Anyway, I was in men’s room (this is a clean story I swear) and the game had already become a laugher. I think it was after Avery and Gaborik scored early on in the 3rd. A guy that was at the sink next to me was like “There are a lot of Leafs fans here and the Leafs really s***”. I told him, “it’s worse when the Canadiens are in town”. He then said “I’m a Canadiens fans”. So sheepishly I told him, “well I give you guys credit for showing in numbers and thanks for the Gomez trade”.

  34. AFLY,
    I honestly do like jam bands but could never get into Phish. I have a few albums and have seen them live but…I don’t know what it is. I know others here don’t like them but Widespread Panic has always been one of my favs. IMO they are decent musicians but when put together they sound great.
    I used to like DMB but to me he really sold out and lost his jam-ish-ness? But back in the early, mid 90’s he was great. I actually have bootleg of DMB with Trey…awesome concert in Burlington VT. Another fav of mine is String Cheese Incident.

  35. Rob F,

    It sure as hell was. And Mike Patton’s side band, one of many, called Fantomas, opened and were greeted by many many boos. Ha, and the kind of guy that he is, which I can totally appreciate, goes, “Thanks, a lot of love in the house tonight.” Ha, hilarious!

  36. P.S. Wii Sports Resort is A LOT of fun. My four year old loves it, and I have to admit that I kind of do too. The one that came with the Wii was fun, but man, this one is even better.

  37. i definitely have to agree with A F L Y

    i saw phish in 03 at the coliseum and was easily one of the sickest shows ive ever seen

    most people dont understand jam bands, hell i didnt understand them either, that is until i decided to go see phish on shrooms, now i get it ;)

    whos comin with me?!?!?!

  38. Staal – I hear ya. Not everyone likes the same type of music. And like I said, they’re not one of my favorite bands. I prefer the “heavier” jam bands like moe. and Umphrey’s. That post was more directed at Jeff’s criticism.

    They looked great at Bonnaroo when I saw them this year though and I think it’d be worth giving em another shot, especially at the Garden.

  39. Most aggressive show I have ever been to was Rage Against the Machine, after the release of Evil Empire, at Roseland. Ha, yeah, Roseland. There wasn’t a safe place to stand. It was great. That band at that venue, is something that just doesn’t happen much. I know there are many bands, much more aggressive than Rage, but you have to understand that the level of chaos at that show, and the size of the venue, it was just the perfect recipe for disaster. Good time though.

  40. Nasty – That sounds awesome. I love Rage, but haven’t seen them live. If they were playing at a place like Roseland I’d be afraid that’d I’d get my face smashed in by someone in the crowd though. If I ever see them I’m going to put a cage on my helmet and pop it on for the show.

  41. Nasty 1
    haha aggressive shows can be crazy!
    During Chiropractic school, I saw 311 in a small venue in Davenport IA…holy Sh** it was crazy…had to stop the show a few times.

  42. you wanna talk about rough/aggressive shows…i was here


    and it was literally the most scared i’ve been in my life

    i saw 2 people with their faces ripped open, one person get thrown through a pane of glass, 2 brawls start out with cheap shot blows to the face out of nowhere

    and my friend got hit in the shoulder with a severed goat head.

  43. A F L Y …
    Well said.
    I may have come off a bit nasty (sorry Nasty) with my post, but I hate it when people make judgments about what other people like or don’t like.

    Imagine hearings a little ‘First Tube’ in the interlude before a face-off!

  44. Actually, and you are going to laugh, but another really really aggressive show that I saw was………Weezer, at Toad’s Place. Holy Sh*t it was nuts. I never would have expected it to be.

  45. Kings are a pretty damn good team. Its funny because their best prospects like Loktionov and Hickey are in the minors this year. They’ll be a tough test.

    Also Ersberg is getting his 1st start of the year tonight over quick. So it should be interesting to see if he steps his game up against Henke since he was compared to him 2 years ago and they know each other from the Swedish League.

  46. I saw RATM at Lolla last year. They were awesome. Except I think they’ve gotten a little more cautious in their old age. When the crowd started to swell at the front where the barricades are for the stage, Zach de la Rocha stopped playing and made an announcement to the crowd to take a few steps back because he was afraid people were getting crushed. I thought to myself that 10 years prior he’d be yelling for a bigger mosh pit.

  47. Rob F. I was at the show… Oct 1, 2001… my first Tool show ever. Man I’d kill to see them again.

    Morning all! Predictions for tonight??

  48. and my friend got hit in the shoulder with a severed goat head.


    That takes the cake, once animals parts are involved it goes to a whole other level.

  49. Context, context. Leafs is correct in this context. Just as “flied out to right” is correct in baseball but nowhere else.

  50. Wow, Beth, Rob, and the Nasty 1 all at the same Tool show. Nice. I saw A Perfect Circle at Hammerstein and that was a pretty cool show. Not nearly as hard as tool gets, but for what it was, it was cool. Maynard has one of the best live voices out there.

  51. i like mostly obscure hardcore/metal/death metal bands that don’t play large venues…but lateralus-era tool i definitely made it a point to attend, and still would

    @ UES – it smelled bad and stained his shirt for the entire ride home

  52. Daniel J –

    When Trey was at the Garden the other night they played Down with Disease before they showed him on the center ice marquee. Not the song I would’ve expected them to play if I knew they were going to play a song for Trey. But agreed…First Tube would definitely get Avery fired up, if not the entire team.

  53. Laurel Babcock wrote:

    “Mandelbaum, do you not go to sleep until the new post is up?”


    He wants to be like me! And i dont blame him, i know, i’m handsome! :P

  54. Staal – $70/day because it was a weekend “fest”…this was the last show of the entire festival so nothing really got ruined, but the festival (that used to be annual) hasn’t happened for over 5 years now because of this incident.

    on the whole, it really was a blast because it was basically all of my favorite bands and favorite style of music packed into one weekend (at rexplex in new jersey)

    luckily, there were 4 stages and during the “performance” i posted the youtube link to, fear factory was also playing which drew 80% of the crowd…if there had been more people watching bad luck 13 riot extravaganza (yes, that’s the name of the band), it could have gotten even worse

  55. Rob F.

    Sounds like that show was right after things were becoming “normal” again after 9/11. I’m
    sure people has lots of angst & agression to release. Aren’t goats sacred in the middle east lol
    Weird lol

    Really good test to them tonight. Gotta watch out for Frolov & Kopitar….

  56. Hey guys,

    Pretty cool photos from the Rangers/Kings outdoor game in Vegas back from the 91 preseason…

    Notice Graves wearing #11 weeks before Messier was traded, he wore it in the season opener too.

  57. Mandlebaum!!!

    Oh wait, i mean LL! Do you guys remember the game a few seasons ago when we played in L.A. and Jags ran into a kneeling aves and it looked as if Jags had nearly decapitated him? lol

  58. Does anyone know of a site where I can get a Rangers Theme for my Blackberry Tour? Thanks in advance!

  59. A F L Y…

    DWD…Awesome! A song I never get tired of hearing. Along with You Enjoy Myself, Slave to the Traffic Light, Fluffhead, NICU, Sample in a Jar, Run Like an Antelope, Chalk Dust Torture and many, many others. Gotta go put on some Live Phish right now…

  60. A F L Y
    It just occurred to me the perfect Phish song for Avery…’Punch you in the Eye’!!!!

  61. Moreso than Toronto, this game cannot be taken lightly. Toronto was desperate but no match in skill. LA is off to a great start. The teams are fairly even (statistically) in offense and defense with the Rangers getting the edge in goal.

    LA has added a wrinkle by not starting Quick.

    This will be a good (but tough) game. The one stat I don’t like is that LA is getting better goal scoring from fewer shots.

  62. Sorry, im a bit late for the “I like this band” “I hate this band” BUT…

    Again, if you haven’t seen Infected Mushroom live…you haven’t seen anything… I know, I know… I keep pushing them but… they way these guys bring many musical genres together trough live band performance is beyond anything you have ever seen. I URGE you to go see them live…They are known for a top sound and production quality…

    On their last album “The Legend of the Black Shawarma” they collaborated with Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn, with Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction AND made a killer remix of “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors with original Jim Morrison vocals!

    Here…peep this…


  63. Speaking of all of the music chats… what in the hell is the name of that one new song they seem to play for most of the commercials and interveiws… It’s something to the tune of “Welcome home again… Welcome home my friends… OoOoO ooo – welcome home again.” Cant seem to find it anywhere… No idea of the artist or song. Thanks if anyone can help.

  64. Banj, there are not many Themes for the Tour yet, and I don’t think I have seen any Ranger Themes out there. I have the Tour as well, from Sprint. I have a Ranger Wallpaper, but that is it. If you want it, give me your PIN and I will send it to you.

  65. Ha, go to options>status>and you will see a bunch of info, one of the things you see will be your PIN

  66. Also, if you go to text message someone you can just type mypin and then hit space, and your pin number will automatically appear.

  67. Great to see that Jon Quick isn’t starting for the Kings-
    I don’t know who I would have rooted for. He is my hometown hero from Hamden, Ct. and I have been watching every one of his games since he was called up to the Kings last season.(and way before that too)
    Now its easy…. Let’s Go Rangers!!!!!
    I wouldn’t be suprised if Ersberg gets pulled and Quick goes in, though. But by that time it will be 5-0 or 5-1 or something.

  68. Other guys on the Kings to really watch out for outside of Brown, Kopitar, Frolov, and Doughty are Simmonds and Purcell. They both hold the puck well and have pretty quick shots. If Lewis is in tonight, he’s another young guy that can score. Plus we’ll get to see one of the more underrated fighters in the league, Raitis Ivanans. This guy is a tank.

  69. Banj, I just sent you an invite. Look in your BlackBerry Messenger Contact list. It is located in the Instant Messaging Folder on your menu screen.

  70. Dopplerbob – Ersberg is no joke. Last year he was playing through injuries and never found his groove. He’s healthy now. Two years ago he led the Kings to one of the better 2nd half records in the league. Tonight is not going to be easy, thats for sure.

  71. Jay –

    Since the Kings are not starting “Quick” the Rangers should have a good first period.

  72. Agree A F L Y if you’ve never been to a Phish concert or aren’t into the jamband scene, then you probably shouldn’t say whether or not Phish is over or underrated. That’s like hearing Truckin’ on the radio and saying, “Well the Grateful Dead suck.”

    But I digress. LOL @ anyone who listens to DMB and SCI and bashes Phish.


  73. Not just that, but Ersberg is going up against a fellow Swede. That’s all the motivation he needs. I remember Tellqvist used to take his games against Hank a lot more serious. Mainly cause Hank stole his starting job for Sweden. Buaahahaha !!

    Go Rangers, make it 6 in a row for the first time since who the hell knows when.

  74. i can’t remember the last time i was this excited to watch the rangers play every game

    even when jagr was a beast that one year, they still didn’t have 3-4 lines that posed a scoring threat like this year


  75. Avery is friends with members of Phish? Hmmm. I wonder what he does in his spare time LOL. I had read a few years ago that Avery listens to Tool prior to games. Now that struck a nerve with me because, to me, Tool is one or the most talented bands out there and their live show is just short of Pink Floyd show with all the original members. I don’t expect everyone to like the music of Tool, but if you have a chance to see them live (preferably indoors), I definitely recommend it as it is quite an experience.

    Let’s hope for 6 in a row as I feel this team should be able to beat the Kings and there should be added incentive for both Avery and Boyle to go out there and show the Kings what they gave up.

  76. Tonight’s game will be a good test for the Rangers. No doubt, LA will be up for this contest since they’re playing a team with one of the best records in the league (that’s us!). No doubt also that our Blueshirts will be motivated to keep their MSG record perfect.

    Think Tort’s will keep the lines the same?

  77. Lol, ive been unbanned from BB.

    Still a boring blog, along with all the other i visited. I feel like maybe i should be all Brad Pitt, and Big Lips Jolie, and save these people from these horrible blogs they go in, and adopt them and bring them here.

    How can anyone not want to talk Rangers hockey here. As well as music, and hot woman, and cats. Brilliant !

  78. I’ll be there tonight sec.310 row J about 10 rows in front of Sam &Joe.I’ll be the one with the oldest Ranger’s Jacket in the place.I still have mine from 1978-79 still in good shape too.


  79. Thought that this was supposed to be a NYR blog???

    Keep on topic, people, or this just becomes another trash site of completely random posts… :-)

  80. jeffluke – yeah he’s a freak. not the best skater in the world, but when it comes to fighting, he’s up there with the best of them IMO.

    also I’ll be in 343 as usual with my Baranka jersey. Yes, I got Baranka on my jersey last year with the #21 and also both the Leetch and Graves night patches. I like to go for random players. First I had Dawes before he made it to anything, next was Baranka. I was going to get a #4 Del Zotto jersey over the summer, but I didn’t want to jump the gun. Now I don’t want to join the crowd even though I’ve been talking about this kid since the day we drafted him.

  81. speaking of pets, music and cheese –

    I wonder if playing Gaborik on the PK so much will wear him down. I was listening to HN on sirius radio and they were talking about that. I dismissed it at first but is it a valid concern?

  82. Daniel J –

    Awesome call. It’s too bad they can’t incorporate player-specific songs for guys when they score, sort of like what players come up to bat to in baseball. They could still play the goal song, but if Avery scored and they played the chorus of Punch You in the Eye and everyone yelled that out, it’d be pretty awesome.

    On a side note, when Wilson Betemit was on the Yanks they played “Betterman” by PJ because Eddie sounds like he’s singing “Can’t find a Betemit,” in his bizarre way of pronouncing things. I always wanted them to do the Wilson intro. Duh-duh. Duh-duh. WIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLSSSOOOOOOOOOOON!

  83. lmao @ Henrik Rules…great post!!

    find it interesting reading everyone’s likes/dislikes/opinions on wide ranging topics, makes it more fun!! the banter here is unsurpassed, and by the way

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!! should be a good game tonight! Jealous of you guys that are going

  84. hi all, been busy with work and was at the last two home games so have not had a chance to post recently….interesting that out of our top 10 forwards everyone has a goal besides higgins and he has had 3-4 great chances-i think he has hit the post atleast 3 times so far this season and had our only clean breakaway so far…..i know this has probably been a hot topic but when did jason blake become a dirty player-he crashed into henrik 2-3 times on monday night-that jsut cannot happen!

  85. And getting back to hockey, tonight should be a good test for the Rangers. Both teams with their young core have that nothing to lose, but a lot to prove attitude which I like seeing from the Rangers. Formidable opponents, especially with both teams on the rise.

  86. On YouTube, I was watching the Ivanans fight with Joel Rechlicz of the Islanders on Monday, and the announcers stated that Ivanans was actually told to “bulk down” this summer and lost ten pounds so he could be a more effective hockey player. I’m guessing this is similar to Orr last season. I think this was on the Islanders broadcast, because both broadcasts of the fight are up on the site.

    Remember, Ersberg was the starter for the Kings at the beginning of last season after beating highly-touted prospect Jonathan Bernier for the job. Don’t take him lightly!

  87. You guys ever have one of those (in a Jeff Foxworth vain) you know you’re obsessed with the Rangers when…

    I work in a law firm and one of the cases I’m on relies upon a good amount Tort law. Everytime someone mentions Torts I immediately think of Tortorella, and think to myself, “what the hell does Torts have anything to do with what we’re working on?”

  88. Salty…
    I thought Trey’s problem was more the medicine cabinet variety?

    A F L Y…
    they could replace WIL-SON with RAN-GERS

    chill Bro! Hockey may be a vital part of our existence but there’s more to us than just the Rangers. It’s all good…

  89. UESBlueshirt (now in CT, soon to be renamed CTBlueshirt) on

    Nice, just got tix for the game tonight. Sect 421.

  90. HAHA, some funny comments on that video, but this is my fav comment,

    “Ay yo, Oliver, I’m really happy for you and I’ma let you finish, but Mike Legg had one of the sickest shots of all time”

    That was a pretty crazy goal, but it’s not like you can get away with that in the NHL. Pretty cool that he is in a league with 12 year old players, and he’s only 9.

    I wonder if the Leaves, or the Islandorks are gonna draft him #1 overall.

  91. Didn’t see anyone post it, but from Zip and Gross’s blogs…

    “Big No. 87 skated for part of this morning’s optional skate but coach John Tortorella said Brashear was still experiencing soreness and it would be a game-time decision as to whether Brashear on Aaron Voros skated on the fourth line.

    If Brashear is sore, he could probably use the game’s rest, considering another physical battle with the Maple Leafs looms Saturday in Toronto.”

  92. Daniel J –

    Trey’s most recent habit was more of the medicine cabinet variety, but in the past Trey did have a bit of a “Wade Redden problem” (Sorry Carp, won’t happen again).

  93. Didn’t see anyone post it, so from Gross’s blog:

    “Big No. 87 skated for part of this morning’s optional skate but coach John Tortorella said Brashear was still experiencing soreness and it would be a game-time decision as to whether Brashear on Aaron Voros skated on the fourth line.

    If Brashear is sore, he could probably use the game’s rest, considering another physical battle with the Maple Leafs looms Saturday in Toronto.”

  94. flipppedturtle
    It is just f***ing unbelievable…You are abs. right about signing kid, however I’m afraid we have to be in line for it.(Boston ahead). Very interesting to follow this kid and see what turns for? Thanks for wonderful link.

  95. I wont go nuts aboot that kid, i mean it’s very possible that he can stay that small forever, like a midget. But seriously, there’s a lot of hockey players that can do that, but you put a d-man on them, and they cant do jack sh*t.

  96. ok I’ll send later tonight when I get home from work Laurel. I have a couple to I’d like to send and it’s a pain in the neck from my iPhone

  97. i DON’T KNOW how YOU FOLKS FEEL ABOUT THIS BUT WE WHO ARE CONFINED TO HAVING TO SEE GAMES ON tv RATHER THAN GO TO THE GARDEN, BECAUSE WE LIVE DOWN IN fla, ARE LEFT WITH SOME PET PEEVES re THE tV PORTION OF THE ACTION. ( sorry about the caps…new computer and I keep hitting the caps lock. Bear with me – I’ll master it soon.

    The Ranger announcers. Are these guys the best they could find? Very irksome when we are trying to follow the action and all they do is sideline gab about trivia, when a good play by play would be great. REALIZE THAT ON tv WE DON’T HAVE THE PANORAMA OF THE ENTIRE ICE BEFORE US AND RELY ON THE pbp activity on the ice. All that chit chat at the expense of PBP is really amateur hour at the Garden. And the most over used words in their PBP is “great play”
    ONe of them will see a D man sweep the puck away from an opponent and it becomes a “great play”. If so then this team is chock full of immortals bound for the hall of fame.
    It’s idiotic and childish.

    the Camera work: Are there any other folks out there who think that they’ve seen enough panning of the crowd after a play, fight or scoring effort? Often it happens during a fight when the panner sweeeps the crowd. Look – we’ve been there- done that. We know what a crowd looks like. We want the camera on the ice activity whatever it is. The crowds look the same in Buenos Aires and NYC as they did in ancient /Rome – only the clothes are different.

    Get professional guys, and if you want a clue on a really good pro works his ice action listen to Chuck Kaiton.

  98. By the way….re the “great Play thing…….

    You can probably see 8 games in a row without seeing a truly great play. that comment cheapens the real ones.

  99. A F L Y
    Here’s how I hope tonight’s game goes…
    The Rangers start the game playing like “Birds of a Feather” and get into a “Weekapaug Groove” as they “Run like an Antelope”. The Kings on the other hand are “Crosseyed and Painless” and don’t realize “It’s Ice”, so they “Split Open and Melt”.
    Final Score: NY: 5, LA: 1

    Seriously, I can’t wait for tonight’s game. Ain’t it grand that we look forward to these games, expecting a solid 60 minute effort and a real opportunity to earn two more points? Yeah, it’s still early. And yeah, didn’t we start like this last year? But this year feels different. We may be young, but I like the gritty, determined and professional feel I’m getting from these guys. They’re starting to look and feel like a real TEAM.

  100. Maple Leafs is grammatically correct since plural applied to entire team name. For that reason the actual meaning of the second word (Leaf) no longer has anything to do with tree part growing on its limbs.

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