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From the Rangers:

October 14, 2009 – New York Rangers 4, Los Angeles Kings 2 (Game #7, Home #4)

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* The Rangers defeated the Los Angeles Kings, 4-2, in front of a sold-out crowd (18,200) at Madison Square Garden to extend their winning streak to six games, their longest winning streak since they won seven in a row from Feb. 1, 2006 to Mar. 2, 2006.
* New York have sold out 160 consecutive regular season games, dating back to November 5, 2005 against New Jersey; the last regular season non-sellout was October 31, 2005 vs. Montreal (17,697); including the playoffs, the Rangers sellout streak is now at 174 games.
* The Blueshirts improved to 6-1-0 overall, including a 4-0-0 mark at home; the Rangers are in the midst of an eight-game home winning streak dating back to last season, and are 12-1-0 in their last 13 regular season games at MSG.
* Vinny Prospal opened the game’s scoring with a power play goal at 3:11 of the first period, and finished with a game-high, two goals and three points; his first tally of the game was his 200th career NHL goal, and he is currently tied for second in the league with 10 points on the season.
* Rookie defenseman Michael Del Zotto collected two assists; he now leads all first-year players in the league and ranks second among all NHL defensemen with seven points (two goals and five assists).
* Marian Gaborik notched one goal to extend his scoring streak to seven games; he is currently tied for the league lead in goals (six) and second in points (10).
* Brian Boyle recorded his first goal/point as a Ranger with the game-winning tally at 2:17 of the second period.
* Ales Kotalik registered two power play assists to extend his point streak to five games (three goals and seven points).
* Henrik Lundqvist made a season-high, 34 saves to record his fifth straight win, his longest winning streak since he won five in a row from Mar. 17, 2007 to Mar. 25, 2007.
* The Rangers do not have practice scheduled for tomorrow, October 15.
* The Rangers return to action on Saturday, October 17, when they will face-off against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Air Canada Centre (7:00 p.m.), in an Original Six matchup; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.


John Tortorella on Marian Gaborik in the third period… “That is where game breakers make it. That is just a great shot tonight. He killed penalties tonight. I thought Gaborik was our best player in all facets of the game. Third period is crunch time (and) he makes another big play tonight. He is that guy that you need to make a big play. Early in the season he has done that for us.”

Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game… “It is not easy playing the third game at home in a row, five wins in a row. You get a little comfortable. That is the way it is. The toughest part is, obviously, the mental part. We know they are a really good team, they showed it, especially in the second period where we struggled. The good part is that we don’t panic. We stay together and we know we can change the momentum of the game.”

Marian Gaborik on Vinny Prospal… “He is a great player. He has been around for a while, for many years. (He is) a great playmaker who works hard out there on every shift and you can see it. He looks for players, he battles hard and it pays off.”

Vinny Prospal on his 200th career goal… “Obviously it is a milestone, but there are a lot of other players who have scored more goals than me. It is something…you go back in time and you think about people who didn’t think you would ever play in the NHL and then you get into that number and it is something that maybe I will look back onto when I am done and I can tell my kids. It is nice, and you get it over with. I remember the first goal I scored here was my 600th point and I tried last year to get that point and get it over with. I am glad my personal milestones are behind me.”

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  1. I am liking Prospal more and more. He is a character guy, and a feisty guy, and you can tell her really cares about this team. Excellent pick up.

  2. Have we REALLY sold out that many games, or is it just cable vision buying back empty seats? I’ve watched Pitt and Wash games via center ice, and THOSE are sellouts, albeit bandwagon fans.

  3. Yeah man, Tampa probably really does feel pretty dumb right now. I have been really enjoying watching these games. Exciting hockey here. FINALLY!!!!!!!

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " King's got Crowned !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    6thhhhh!! OH yeah!! KOOL-Aid!!! Great reporting Rick !!

  5. The Kings were better but our team stuck with it and found a way on a third in four nights. Lundqvist played great. He’s really coming up with timely stops. What else can be said about Gabby? The guy is magic.

    It was real nice to see Boyle score versus his former team. Nice win.

  6. I saw empties behind the net tonight…

    I dont want these wins to come easy. I want them for dominate & fight for ever win. I want the NHL to take them SERIOUS because they clearly DO NOT. AND i was that bulldozing LQ s-it to STOP!!!!!!!

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    This team is pretty amazing. Good seeing Gabby have a very strong game. I’m in disbelief about the GF and the PPG categories… wow.

  8. Where's Pavelich? on

    Prospal looks great.. wants another contract? Higgins has more in the tank .. hopefully to be displayed on the road! We are still missing a hard hitting, crease clearing Defenseman..gee, where have I heard that? Wish that turns out to be Staal.

  9. CTBlueshirt (now available with Gaborik man-crush) on

    Hoo-ah,on my much longer ride home from the game – very awesome to say the least. Went with a colleague of mine that had never been to a Rangers game before. I think I made a new fan out of the affair. He picked up on the sluggish play in the 2nd but recognized the good play of the 1st and Gaborik’s snipe of the 3rd.

    The Garden is alive again, no more R****y stupor, the Rangers play to win.

  10. Just got in from the game! Solid win!

    Side note: I’m sure many of you have but I just had the pleasure of meeting Sam Rosen for the first time. Could not meet a nicer guy in the world. Hell of a guy and we need more like him out there…just wanted to acknowledge him.

  11. Team plays pretty average, team gets key PP goals and a clutch goal from an elite scorer. Was that really the Rangers I was watching?

    Obviously, Gaborik’s groin must be on the point of disintegrating any time now, but great to not only see a goal like tonight’s (vaguely reminiscent of one Jagr scored against the Flyers in a shutout win at the Garden 2-3 years ago, but I digress…) but also his contribution on the PK.

  12. Carp – Did you end up making it to the game tonight?

    Back to TSN’s power rankings which were discussed in the thread yesterday, they are a joke for elevating so many teams so high based on week of play. Their decisions at the beginning of the year had to be rooted in some thinking, so why would a handful of games already change their rankings so drastically? Granted, it is great to be first, but very unrealistic based on expectations coming into the season. Sure, there are many pleasant surprises right now, which you don’t even need me to list, but who’s to say it will continue? I hope it does, but we should not be ranked number one right now.

    There’s also the Kings, Coyotes, Sabres, and Avalanche making great jumps. Nobody thinks the Avalanche can keep this up, and the Coyotes and Sabres are doubtful. There is a combination of so many young and role players on these teams that can give them a good run for a week, like any team can have. Hell, the Islanders played great for a week last year.

    Maybe I’m missing the point of the power rankings, but it says that they reflect the teams in order of who has the best chance to win a seven-game series at that time. ( Yeah, because the Avalanche are going to have a really easy time beating the Capitals.

  13. last your would we ever have thought the rangers would score 12 goals in two games.

    this year is off to a good start

  14. Where’s pavelich

    hmmm….I wonder where you heard that before!!

    Good teams win even when they have bad games!

    So here I go, loved what maloney said in the post game about the type of d man that the rangers needed (sounded familiar). I still think a vet guy is what we need back there, one who has been around for a while (maybe has never won a cup) and plays a very edgy team game and takes a few penalties, but gets the point across with those penalties. I guess the problem with some of those vet guys are their slaries. The two guys that seem to be good locker room guys and team first guys that come to mind are witt and jovo cop (I know you guys are going to kill me for the suggestion of those two, but they would fit well in the room and play a hard style….even if they are slower skaters). gauthier, volchenkov, and exelby are great hitters and may work as well (I know everyone hates gauthier, I really do not think he will ever come here, just trying to give a few names as the TYPE of player we need). Course we need to get rid of the albatross to make any of this happen I think. Crease clearing hard hitting physical d man rant over (for now).

    I like how much dru has taken DZ under his wing (according to joe m on the post game), way to lead!

    Voros may lose most of his fights, but he does not turtle up at the first sign of trouble and goes down swinging (ala a geoff courtnall type), got to respect that!

    Good night mary ellen, good night john boy, good night jim bob, good night peggy sue!!!

  15. Heard this on ESPNEWS, from old CBS2 sports guy Ducis Rodgers: Gaborik has a 14-game point-scoring streak dating to his last seven games with the Wild. He also needs a point in his next game to tie the Rangers franchise record set by Dave Creighton in the 1955–56 NHL season for consecutive games with a point for a new Ranger.

  16. I LOVE watching the team this year. Awesome changes over the summer and great to see rookies that work hard to prove themselves. Also great to see a coach that will bench you if you f*** up unlike pushover Renney.

    If anyone needs tickets, I still have 11 games available in 303. Click my name for details. I’d rather they go to real fans instead of fans of the other team or casual hockey fans that don’t care. Thanks.


  17. Sleep is overrated. I’m watching the Caps game now.

    Sather could’ve had a veteran D-man if he would’ve negotiated a little with Semenov. He almost screwed up on Dubi but enough people talked him out of his nonsensical position.

    Lets hope someone becomes available during the season becuase there isn’t anyone out there right now.

  18. Sather really deserves credit for signing Gaborik over trading for Heatley. I know it’s early, but Gaborik is the real deal. Signing Prospal is another great move. He will never live down the Rozi & Redden deals, but props to Slats for putting together one hell of an exciting team.

    I can see a dilemma on the horizon re: Staal. He is due a raise for sure. I believe Rozi will be demoted for the remainder of his deal, and Voros will be bought out/ demoted as well. I would offer Higgins an extension now before he starts racking up points, and prices himself out of NYR.

    Your thoughts?

  19. Funny.From game recap describing Gaborik goal:”It was the Finnish sniper’s sixth of the season,…”Did not know he was born in Finland. Ha-ha.

  20. Good morning everyone.
    Gabby, deliberately stealth, deceiving, with an amazing vision and sick shot surprise me more and more…as well as Gilroy and Redden being team’s best D pair IMO.

  21. 4 ever- redden and gilroy played good. although gilroy made some great plays, he caused a few turnovers last night. girardi was brutal at points with the penalties. rozy was fine i guess. but what i dont get is whats up with staal? he doesnt sem to be improving over last year. i thought hed be a little more feisty, some edge to his game. hes pretty big, so he should be able to hit much harder than he does. he has made afew uncharacteristicly bad giveaways lately and just doesnt seem himself. i want staal to improve so much. hes the best d amn we got and future of our d corps.

  22. del zotto has ben our best d man so far especially on the pp and hes been solid enough in his own end too. hes really impressed me. his 2 goals may not have been big blasts from the point, but he finds the positioning to be in to get goals and assists. he sees the icewell and is a smart player. the pressure of running the pp that has failed for so many years for a 19yr old is just amazing.

    one thing i didnt like was our d passing up the middle lasty night and yea the boards were covered alot but they gotta skate harder. they looked slow. which very well could be from playin so much lately. but even after playin 3 in 4 nights that 3rd period was still pretty good for a team that wouldve given up the tying goal 30 seconds in last year. its also great to have a sniper like gabby to take some pressure off wih his awesoem goals and pk work.

    lw3h- what makes u think gabbys groin is about to give out? hes been playin awesome. if he wasnt scoring or lookin bad then id think somethin was wrong but when the guy has 10 points in 7 games and scores 3rd period clutch goals every game, u cant think hes in pain and gonna whilt away. he is way more clutch than drury, and dru, while better than last year both him and higgins need to start scoring. kotalik and prospal cant be the go-to guys every night. in 2 games aves already has more goals than dru and higgins.

  23. PAVEL — re: empties

    Those low purple seats are all season ticket holders, and corporate at that. No one has to be sitting in it for it to be sold. They get bought just in case an important client comes to town and wants something to do.

    I know. I agree with you MSG never really “looks” sold out.

  24. It’s nice to see a high quality player sign with the Rangers and then play to his abilities. Gabby has been very good.

  25. -Prospal to me, is doing what Straka was doing for us in the couple of good years he had here. Strong efforts, solid play making and such.

    -It’s nice to see special teams play working in our favor for a change

    -It’s also nice to see some goal support for Lundqvist. In the previous two seasons he could put up just as strong of an effort as he did last night and lose the game 2-1.

    – Food for thought and hopefully Carp can shed some light on this- exactly how poor was the conditioning program under Tom Renney? I understand it’s early in the season but there’s definitely a noticable difference in the teams physical capabilities come the 3rd period. Yes, last night’s 3rd was pretty rough but it was the 3rd game in 4 nights.

    -Some scoring depth…a winning streak that goes more then 3 games… and enough conditioning to get through third periods and to come away with a victory in a 3rd game played over the course of 4 nights..I’d say that’s enough to keep our attention despite the hot start and downward spiral that followed last season.

  26. I remember that one of the strong points of the Rangers early last season was that they were strong skaters. I remember Joe Michiletti saying that Renney had them in great shape, and that explained their strong start last year. Dubi, Voros, etc. all got off to great starts, and then tanked. Leading me to believe that they were not in good shape at all. One thing I fear is that this fast start is just like last year. In all of my years watching hockey, it takes 10 games to get up to speed. So I will give Staal a pass for another week. One thing I noticed is that that quick reverse move along the boards that Stall used in last years playoffs, isn’t quite as quick this season. Again it’s early, but Staal could definitely improve.

  27. You know what I find really refreshing about this team compared to last years, besides the fact that they are fun to watch and goals are coming from everyone, is that all these wins have come in regulation time. Last year many games were won in the shootout. The team had a crappy second period and fell behind, came back in the 3rd to tie the game, didn’t give it their all in the 5 min overtime and relied on Henrik to win the game for them. After about 10 games of that it got really frustrating. It’s nice to see the team give it their all most of the game and not hand out points to the other teams.

    And I really enjoy watching Vinny play. I just love how excited he gets after goals, he’s fun to watch and playing great! He’s become my favorite signing of the off season so far.

    Oh and thanks tomb and Shoryuken on Wade Redden for the sites!

  28. First of all, great win!

    Second, my friends and I have been arguing the Gaborik goal (aside from it being a nasty wrister), I believe he brought himself offsides. Anyone agree? Maybe there is a rule of possession when crossing the line?

    Third, does anyone know how to find the “Time on Attack” or “Time in the Offensive Zone” stat? I am REALLY curious to see how much LA dominated in this category.

    Finally, referencing my last nice is it to see a game that was offensively dominated by the other team turn out good for us? I think it shows our resilience and a true sense of knowing what it takes to win

  29. Nice to see skill back on the team. Grit has its place, but after the incredible boredom of last season’s team, some European flash is much appreciated.

  30. UESBlueshirt (now in CT, soon to be renamed CTBlueshirt) on

    I’d say Staal’s play has been inconsistent, not that he hasn’t grown by the leaps and bounds we were hoping.

    Last night he wasn’t at his best but the game against Anaheim he played a large part in shutting down the Getzlaf line.

    I’d say defensively he’s the D I’m least concerned about. And with MDZ becoming a great point man on the PP it mitigates the limitations of Staal’s offensive game.

  31. Grab
    I’m glad you touched topic about Staal. Totally agree. I was kind of shy to express my deep concern of his lately play, considering his fans adoring and untouchable status. It was scary bad so far in my humble opinion. But, really, we chewed Rozsi with a sh*t(rightfully so) for such mistakes and it frequency. I just hope he has strong enough character to see that and improve, b/c I do believe his hockey base is really healthy.

  32. Rangers 4 Life on


    I’m pretty sure that if you have possession of the puck, you can’t be offsides. I remember seeing players skate in nearly backwards with the puck before and there was nothing called, but I could be wrong.

  33. Good morning, Sally!

    James, I think the conditioning under Renney was average. Not awful by league standards, but not top-shelf, either, and certainly not good enough to play this way.

    As for the attendance, I don’t have any idea how they calculate it, but there have been many, many sold-out games since 1997 in which the place was loaded with empty seats. Maybe they do sell the tickets as walkups, and lots of people with season tickets don’t show up. I don’t know.

  34. CDeck….I thought the same thing that he was going to be called for offsides but apparently it wasn’t.

  35. Good morning everyone here on carp’s mountain!!!

    May you all have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!!!

  36. Great point James (G) I would say that this team plays a more consistent energetic game than last years team. It seems from top to bottom, even the skaters that returned from last year have a lot more energy and it must be their conditioning.

    I also agree that after so many years of bringing in “top talent” and watching them flop my reflex was to think Gabby was going to ok but I am truly in awe of his talent and most importantly his effort. He is relentless on the puck, is a better passer than I thought and has the best shot I have ever seen in a Rangers uniform. Like Sam said last night every time he gets the puck you find yourself getting to the edge of your seat because something good is about to happen.

  37. the way gabby “walked the dog” over the line he was onside. the puck crossed before his trailing leg fully did.

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