Mandelbaum v. King


Ha ha! Here’s a real challenge! Go wild. Clean slate for game. Bless you all for chat today pre-game. Now go!

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  1. wow! i did NOT have to adjust for lag time on that post! teehee

    Hey Duker howyadoin?

  2. repost!

    Ugh Linda Im going to send an email to MSG if I have to hear MDZ “heart-throb” lovin’ 2 games in a row will be DISTURBING!!!!! HAHAHA I always thought “Bromance” was a hysterical term LOL

  3. Ahhh, Izzy, getting a tad slow in our old age eh? what are you 85? But a young 85? (I know wrong age, whatever, you get the point).

    Linda, you know I love you more than my luggaage (not an RR fan flick, or mine either, but I love that quote, if you can name it)

    Game time! Gotta go watch….have fun Staal and all!!

  4. there’s a difference between a bromance and openly lusting after someone :-)

    maybe you can tell the gfs family (aka in laws) ya got an upper body injury

  5. Laurel, as soon as i saw it i jumped to the new thread but with the time difference, and being in the south, my computers a bit slow to post ;-)

  6. holy crap that sweet million commercial is awesome!!! i miss great NY commercials!! another ‘pro’ to moving back eh? LMAO @ nobody likes number 2…wow

  7. Oh man, this SUCKS! Tonight’s game is supposed to be the HD game on NHL Center Ice… And the schedule says it’s the MSG feed. But what’s actually there is the LA feed! So I either get to watch the game in HD but listen to the LA announcers… or get the MSG announcers but in SD. Oh well.. guess HD with crap announcers it is… :\

  8. teehee, just saw this on ‘outside the garden’ site…

    how do you compare a guy who can play on your first line to a 3rd or 4th liner….? Besides, he has the best tan in the league—yep, Brad Richards has nothing on this guy!!!!


    we need to make FANKIST shirts with his face on em

  9. why do so many women have that annoying kate gosselin mom mullet hairdo??? please someone make that shrew disappear!!

    LETS GO BOYS, we need a goal here!

  10. comments don’t seem to be posting.

    Linda, the hair is to make the rest of us suffer
    Otherwise, GO DELZOTTO…was that him or Prospal?

  11. Not bad, boysss!

    I’m missing Sam & Joe cause the LA feed is in HD. Linda, you gotta let me know if (I mean when) JM says anything stupid!

  12. Leine, i think you’re on to something! that chick is as annoying as that hideous octomom

    i am gonna send #20 the extra bottle of pro tan we have here!!

    great save HANK

  13. mako, i think josh is toying with us for all the grief we give him, so he holds up our posts.

    I actually think HE is the highlander

  14. we better not let josh know when i’m comin up to NY and we all go to warren with tr… josh might show up and behead us!

    the groins was the best comment ever…what a tool!

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The King Vs The Kings !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOO Cry N Ryan scored , now im cryinggggg waaaaaaaa!!!Dam hes good , someone better clear the crease.

  16. HOORAY for not fearing our own power play anymore! Boo for Ryan Smyth resurgance continuing. Keep it up against other teams though because you’re a good guy.

  17. Colorado Mark, I’m still calling them the Leaves. In Toronto they’re being called much worse.

    Mandlebaum, you may have to go get your father if people are saying “It’s go time.”

  18. Leine – I have the LA HD feed on the TV, muted, with the audio coming from MSG on my computer. :D

  19. i wanna see hank go apeshizzy on someone and totally take em out! where the hell is adam graves when ya need him

  20. Where’s Coco? Oooh Ahhh Oooh Ahhh

    Harrold was pushed a bit by Girardi; I think that’s why his arm came out because he wanted to brace himself, but it came across as an elbow, so decent call.

    WOOT! 5 on 3 that we can actually take “advantage” of.

  21. ok, they gotta score at least two right here so these goofs know, ya take a penalty, the Rangers’ll score

  22. WOW I really like Prospal!!! He has the fire and passion Drury should have…


  23. Actually, it looks like the puck may have gone under the net to get in somehow. At least that’s what it looks like from the overhead. Can’t tell from the inside the net camera.

  24. cally looks rough and tough with that mouse under his eye! LOVE YA!!!!!

    get another one boys!!! Professor Higgy needs a goal!

  25. at this point Mako, i gotta agree with you! as someone said earlier, he’s got the fire our excellent captain should have

  26. i really like Vinny Prospal… i always thought of him as a good player… he is very vocal, which i like, and he seems very comfortable playing for Rangers.

  27. Linda

    HAHAHAHA I said it LOL

    October 14th, 2009 at 7:34 pm
    WOW I really like Prospal!!! He has the fire and passion Drury should have…

  28. Nope. I want Aves to the get the A….Carp, correct me if I’m wrong, or I’m sure the heads will, but this is not the first time the second A has been delayed in its assignment.

  29. lmao Mako, I’m old!! i cant remember all the lil details ;-)
    that’s just askin waaaaaaaay too much!

  30. …So, while the kings announcers bitch about the ruling… I need some advice guys

    Go to archery team practice, or call in sick and watch the game?

  31. i’m pretty sure it was you Sally. It was the game I said i wanted a refund on him. i’ll try to find it later on

  32. i think i’m a lil older than you laurel

    wow, not for nothing but that period seemed like it took forever

  33. Sullivan’s talking about tying people up. Just in case you missed it.

    Linda, I can’t remember doing that, but that doesn’t mean anything.

  34. I hate micheletti……WHY does he feel the need to repeat every goddamn thing 15 times until the game resumes? yes we heard you the 1st time about the goal under review, no need to repeat the same effin sentence 20 times….


  35. omg are you freakin kiddin with askin him about that damned freakin LLWS!!!!!! GET THE HELL OVER IT!!!!!!!! ask him about the time he won the CUP!! that’d mean more

  36. Anyone check out that Blueshirts United? LOL you have to PAY to join the friggen thing…THANKS JIMMY!!!

  37. MAKO, we need to freakin take over MSG and do the interviewing! I am soooo sick of hearin about it! It’s like the every game a Gomez interview! OY VEY!

  38. messier just looks WRONG with hair. oh no mean evil nasty rude freakin fishler

    Mako, I asked the other day if anyone went to it. I was shocked. I think you can message board for free, but wow.. the $1994 package!

  39. WTF moving the isles to flushing? YEA NOOOOOOOOOOO! noone is gonna support that team wherever it moves to in NY

  40. OMG!! I KNOW!!! Now he isnt a Ranger anymore… I hated his “what me worry?!?!?” $8 million dollar smirk / smile. Wanted to punch it right off of his face…especially when they were losing.

  41. Olga Folkyerself on

    Isles going to Flushing?

    What’s the new name? The Flushing Urinals? They can wear white all the time…

  42. asking Drury about his LLWS is like asking me “So Josh, how does it feel to be 26?”… i dont freaking know… as far as im concerned i was born 26!

  43. Explosion in your mouth! I bet some of you here wish that Dubinsky said that? Boyle really has a “hahd” Boston accent. It was more prevalent in the pregame.

  44. Anyone else giggling like a 5-year-old every time Sam says “intent to blow” or am I the only immature moron here?

  45. st0w, i’ve been waiting to hear him gush all night long, nothing yet except his typical annoying banter!!


  46. I love when those kind of goals happen in a video game, but they don’t happen enough in real life. Nice work Boyle!

    So I guess the instigator is unofficially out of the game or something? O’Donnell was slamming Voros before Voros’s gloves were off.

  47. Dustin Brown could have just not kept skating out of control towards the goalie, in my opinion. If he’s out of control, then he should be at some fault.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The King Vs The Kings !!! " ...says Greg L. on


    Brown hit ’em and Higgins did too.. mays well break his leg guys…ffs.

  49. LOL, Sam says he’s taking more hits than Brandon Jacobs. Ahmad Bradshaw would be a better comparison, especially last game against the porous Raiders.

  50. When Brash gets healthy and doesnt take care of the next player who runs LQ Im completely writing him off.

  51. Don’t worry! We have a good Johnson to back him up! (Nah)

    Can we please get Voros to run somebody, anybody once he’s out of the box?

  52. wow that time out didn’t help. this periods taking longer than the first….grrrrrrrrrrr. lifeless

  53. Anyone notice

    “he is big and strong”
    -Joe Michaletti, over and over, regarding the same Kings player.

    He gets creepier and creepier every game.

  54. Linda – but what would we laugh at then?

    Chuck – yup. Let’s just hope Torts gives them a good verbal lashing during the break and they all wake up as a result. So much for Rangers actually playing a full sixty minutes. It couldn’t have lasted forever. :p

  55. “OMG that sounded like someone just zipped up their zipper!!! LOL”

    Lol, i was thinking the same thing. Maybe Joe ripped one, or maybe Sam.

    Or maybe someone was eating cool ranch Doritas. It gives you an explosion in ya mout !!!

    Terrible period. Happy for Boyle though. Good to see him burn his old team.

    Gotta have a similar period like the last two games. Step it up.

    And for the love of god, why isn’t anyone stepping up for Hank. It’s sad, that nobody is doing nothing.

  56. or the commercial for the post game, where it says RANGERS POST GAME AFTER THE GAME…kinda redundant eh?

  57. at this point, who cares about hurt feelings, Hanks gotta go off in the locker room, too bad he’s not like that

  58. Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Rangers locker room right now…

    They need to snap out of it and get back to their game

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The King Vs The Kings !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    ORR , if it dies…it dies. I’ll just buy a new one!!!

  60. Gilroy isn’t looking good with the puck this game – getting muscled off the puck and losing it on a couple of plays in our own end.

    This is a good test for our team – the Kings seem to play a similar style (heavy forecheck) which makes it that more important for the forwards to come back and pick up the opposing D and pressure when it’s in our end!

    We look a little tentative in the second. In the first period we were our aggressive selves.

    Here’s hoping we have a good third period like the last couple of games. Hopefully Torts and Sullivan will make some adjustments between periods.

  61. Uh, ok, that video says it all…. I think we know what happened to Joe’s zipper.. “Intent to blow” :X

  62. its gonna be a sad day when sam retires and we’re left with john giannone and joe michelobetti.

    ok, al is makin me sick to my stomach. what is up with this tool?? Teehee I love the Avery commercial

  63. hi all….reporting from section 309….brutal period crowd is dead….even after the review of prospals goal and boyles goal the crowd was not its usual self…..the kings r very talented their dman are very good at both their defensive and offensive blueline….lets get a repeat of Monday Nights third period and let’s GO RANGERS

  64. Torts better rip in to them in the locker room. Way too much watching things happen there, and they got totally outworked and beaten to every single loose puck. I really hope our third period trend continues, but damn, they really need to wake up right now. The Kings have a pretty decent team out there, and they can cycle the puck with great results. The thing is, so can we, and we better do it better this period, or we will lose this game.

  65. i fell asleep midway through the period…doesn’t look like I missed anything.

    Come on Rangers! Step it up this period!!!

  66. ORR, i hope you are right!!! Giannone is another one of those guys ya don’t want to be stuck listening to every game!

    thanks for the report Seth, fire up that crowd!

  67. sorry the way he went down thought it was his face


  68. Refs, the Avery rule only applies if he’s waving a stick.

    The rule is NOT “don’t call penalties against avery”

    Thank you Gaborik!!!

  69. Gabby was moving like he was in hockey zen, another dimension, and totally at one with the puck.

    He makes it look so easy. So casual.

  70. I’ve been following nhl hockey since the late 60’s and I’ve seen allot of good goal scorers. I’ve never seen such a quick release and accuracy like Gaborik. I saw him get the puck and than the puck was out of the net moving away from the net, insane.

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The King Vs The Kings !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    I love Sather…ooops , I ment Gaborik ,hehe.

  72. If Gaborik can stay relatively healthy through his 5 year deal it will be Sathers best signing since becoming the rangers gm.

  73. wow it’s nice to have a finisher!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at some point every day, i just wish for the guy to be healthy all year!!!

  74. Did he cross the blue line before the puck? Interesting because you don’t see it too often but because he had possesion of the puck he can’t put himself offside.

  75. Jagr for Carter

    THAT was Sather’s best move so far…. that’s like pulling a rabbit out of a baseball hat LOL

    But I am LOVING signing Gaborik =P

  76. The under/over on points this season for Gabs was something like 65. Basically you’re just betting on whether he stays healthy or not.

  77. paulieplatypus: but that’s the rule in the NHL. If the player has full control, his skates can enter the zone, then he can pull the puck in behind him.

  78. I’ll take a win here, but this team seriously hasn’t earned it. Other than the first period, they haven’t been playing much at all. Good thing we’ve got the gift of Gabby

  79. st0w, this has to be the worst 2 periods this team has played since the season started. it’s a renney type period 2 and 3. they gotta spark something here, cuz the crowd sure is not helping!

  80. I will take a win and 2 points any day of the week, and this games isn’t over yet, but I am not happy with this game. Torts is definitely not going to be happy with this game either. We got totally outworked for the better of 2 periods. Not good, and we are not going to win many more games if we play like we played tonight.

  81. paulieplatypus,

    From NHL rule book:

    A player is on-side when either of his skates are in contact with, or on his own side of the line, at the instant the puck completely crosses the leading edge of the blueline regardless of the position of his stick. However, a player actually controlling the puck who shall cross the line ahead of the puck shall not be considered “off-side,” provided he had possession and control of the puck prior to his skates crossing the blue line.

  82. paulieplatypus on

    Not so sure of that Matt, going to have to do a little more research into that? Appreciate the correction if your right though.

  83. paulieplatypus on

    Well Mr. Woolery you might be right about the offsides, especially when your reading right from the NHL rule book… But I’m still not calling sex whoopie!

  84. paulieplatypus on

    Linda, There’s a better chance of Higgins putting Lundqvist in the net than the puck!

  85. oh man, fankist on the post game and i dont get to see it!!! soooo wrong!!!!!!!!

    HEN-RIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEN-RIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The King Vs The Kings !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    WHOOOOOOHOOOOOO , just win baby , ahh yeah !!!!!!! Rangers are lookingggg gooooddd!!!!!!!

  87. damn nashville gettin killed again! oy vey! please dont move them, they are my closest nhl team!

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The King Vs The Kings !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Gaborik should have scored instead of that pass , Prospal was covered. Very unselfish of Gaborik . Way 2 go!!!

  89. Yeah Linda, I think so. Well, glad to have the 2 pts.. Better shape up by Saturday, though! The Leaves are going to be getting hungrier and hungrier with every loss. They’ve got to get a win ONE of these days… I guess maybe when they play the Fishsticks – at least one of their winless streaks will end by then.

  90. here’s hoping a day of rest will be all the guys need! gotta be firing on all cylinders Saturday, the leafs are gonna be desperate.

    Have a good night guys, have fun Sally!
    nice watchin the game/commentin with yas!!

  91. Linda – Yeah, we had too many pretty losses last year. I’m gonna say this is much better.

    Where did the name fankist come from? I missed that one. Whatever you wanna call him, he did a great job today and deserved that number one star. I’m surprised Boyle didn’t receive the number three against his old team. Gaborik will have plenty of games to earn stars in the future.

  92. Spider

    During preseason Prospal was so tan he was ORANGE so I commented to Linda he looked like a cheese doodle but I think she called him sunkist I called him Fanta orange LOL low and behold FANKIST! ;)

  93. the sign of a strong team is to win when you are outplayed. Rangers did that thanks to Hank and some timely goals.

    give the Kings credit. they have a good young team, but could not overcome Henrik’s heroics.

    Gabby’s quick release is deadly.

    let’s hope they can rake the Leaves (a la Carp) again on Sat.

  94. Paulieplatypus:

    From NHL rule book:
    A player is on-side when either of his skates are in contact with, or on his own side of the line, at the instant the puck completely crosses the leading edge of the blueline regardless of the position of his stick. However, a player actually controlling the puck who shall cross the line ahead of the puck shall not be considered “off-side,” provided he had possession and control of the puck prior to his skates crossing the blue line.

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