Brashear questionable


But you already knew that. Hey, there has to be a headline up there, so unless anybody’s got a better idea, I’m sticking with the old news.

For those just joining us, though, Donald Brashear is reportedly sore and may be given the night off — especially since the Rangers will be seeing Colton Orr again this weekend — and since the Rangers only have one extra player, that would mean Aaron Voros is in against the Kings, who are expected to start their backup goalie, Erik Ersberg.  Henrik Lundqvist starts for NYR.

Here are the pregame notes. I’ll be with you guys throughout the night, though it doesn’t look as if I’m going to make it to MSG.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. to answer a few questions from the previous thread:

    NYEditor, I still say it’s Leaves. But I understand your “context” point. Like, a batter is only a batsman when he is stupid enough to get hit by a pitch.

    BANJ, I’m a solid 14.6. No, I don’t play that much. I just make a big deal of it when I do, and I get really annoyed when I don’t (like when it rains, which it did pretty much every time I tried to play this summer).

    Orr, round ’em all up and bring ’em here. You know they’re welcome.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

    Congrats, Laurel. You think you’re better than me?

  2. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I guess with no Brashear the Kings will be free to run Hank all night long…

    oh wait…

    forget it.

  3. I am insulted that the Kings are starting their backup goalie against us. Let’s hope he doesn’t last two periods.

  4. mmm an Arnold Palmer with sweet tea vodka and diet lemonade sounds good about now… otherwise known as a Booze Palmer

  5. reposting this since I got in at the end of the previous thread…

    A F L Y
    Here’s how I hope tonight’s game goes…
    The Rangers start the game playing like “Birds of a Feather” and get into a “Weekapaug Groove” as they “Run like an Antelope”. The Kings on the other hand are “Crosseyed and Painless” and don’t realize “It’s Ice”, so they “Split Open and Melt”.
    Final Score: NY: 5, LA: 1

    Seriously, I can’t wait for tonight’s game. Ain’t it grand that we look forward to these games, expecting a solid 60 minute effort and a real opportunity to earn two more points? Yeah, it’s still early. And yeah, didn’t we start like this last year? But this year feels different. We may be young, but I like the gritty, determined and professional feel I’m getting from these guys. They’re starting to look and feel like a real TEAM.

    I tried that Arnold Palmer Half & Half after hearing Nasty’s story (still brings a smile to my face) and it’s pretty good!

  6. “I guess with no Brashear the Kings will be free to run Hank all night long…
    oh wait…
    forget it.”

    Lol, and people thought Bras*t was gonna come to his teammates defense. Buahahaha !! I can understand if it’s a one goal game, but we were killing these guys, and nobody did anything. Pretty sad. It’s one thing if it’s a forward, but this is Hank, somebody runs him three times in a row, he should be lucky if his weeny doesn’t get sliced with a skate blade.

    I could have swore i saw Orr challenge Brash*t again, but he didn’t want to. Could be wrong, but im sure i saw them together.

  7. Guys, Ersberg is good. As I said in the last post, he was their starter until he got hurt last year. When he came back he couldn’t find his groove. When healthy, he was drawing comparison’s to Henke as he lead the Kings to one of the best records in the league after the all-star break 2 years ago.

    I watch the Kings pretty much all the time as they are my Western team to watch. The key to winning this game will be shutting down their 3rd line of Simmonds, Handzus, and Frolov. Brown’s line has been pretty quiet and you know what you are getting with Kopitar’s line (lots of scoring). So you have to be careful of letting the third line possess the puck, which is something they do extremely well. All three are very strong on the puck and can cycle it low for whole shifts.

    The Kings play much like the Rangers in the sense that they forecheck pretty hard and try to keep the puck deep in the other teams zone. They are also quick on the counter attack. If Ersberg is back to playing like he did 2 years ago, then this will be an extremely close game and a battle of who makes the last key save. Plus we need to stay out of the box. Their powerplay is extremely good (5th in the league right now) so we can’t take dumb penalties (uh thats for you Voros).

  8. I should mention the weaknesses. Drewiske is a terrible defenseman. Attacking his side of Doughty’s is the best idea. Also I don’t think Martinez is playing, but while he has potential, he’s young and inexperienced. Attacking Johnson helps too as he overcommits a ton.

    This is going to be a great test because unlike many teams we’ve played, the Kings are just as relentless as we are. They don’t stop skating until the final whistle. So I just hope Torts has these guys ready for this one, which I assume he will.

  9. Orr!!…
    Good point. Mayers ran Hank and the officials did jacks*it. The officials should protect the goalies and they’ve been doing a damn poor job of it.

    As for Orr challenging Brash again, what would be gained by our guy accepting at that point in the game?

  10. Orr,
    I’m sure Colton wanted Brashear again, being that he got his ass kicked the first time.
    The problem was Orr could not skate fast enough to catch up to him. I think Orr is even slower this year, if thats possible.

  11. I find it kind of funny that all Toronto has is goons, who can’t add anything to the game…its totally pointless and to me Burke looks like a moron. Add Kessel to the mix and what do they have? 1 injury prone young kid who may be a great player.

  12. so im copying this from

    Lundqvist’s teammate Sean Avery did spend a portion of last season with the Stars, but was traded back to New York and the city where he, too, has forged a reputation as one of the most style conscious NHL players off the ice.

    who did we “trade” for avery the 2nd time?

    heres the article.

  13. We didn’t trade anyone. We got him on re-entry waivers, which I have a whole theory about, but I’m not going there unless you guys want to know what it is.

  14. Voros fighting Ivanas haha. Maybe that’ll be his punishment for taking the lazy penalty that lead to a goal against the Caps. He’s good at fighting players fists with his face I’ll give him that.

    With LA’s formidable heavyweight and Dustin Brown skating around like a madman, hitting everything that moves, Huggybear needed to be in the lineup tonight. Way to answer the bell when needed, Brashear.

  15. jonny d

    exactly what i thought happened which is another reason why i posted it. it was on how do they not know this.

    whats your theory?

  16. All, Staal robbed me, again, by posting sister-blog related material here first (grrr) but in cased you missed it in previous thread, go see why I’m ready to tear my hair out (and I really like my hair).

  17. Rangers 4 Life on


    I haven’t commented in a long time but saw a post about Wawa Lemonade Tea and was compelled to write something. That is some good stuff, Wawa is one of the first stops when I head home to jersey and I usually don’t leave the store without a lemonade tea in hand.

  18. Yeah I know, they screwed that one up. To be honest most of those writers don’t know too much about what goes on with the teams, they just write for the website.

    My theory which is kind of farfetched but not when you think about it:

    Avery wanted to stay in NY and be on the Rangers. Sather knew he couldn’t afford to pay Sean the 4 million he wanted and offered 3.25 mil. They couldn’t match on a price, so what is the best way for Aves to be back in New York?

    Sign somewhere else and get his paycheck. He did that in Dallas. Now how can the Rangers fit him under the cap? Get him off re-entry waivers. So Sean goes and acts up while in Dallas to the point that everyone hated his guts and didn’t want him back (he wasn’t the most liked person here in NY, but most of the teammates got along with him outside of a few). Then the Rangers come to Dallas and Sather actually made the trip to and talks with Hull and crew to try to tell them that he’ll take Sean once they reinstate him. Hull trying to save his job agrees and now the Rangers get Sean for half price.

    Now I’m not saying they did this on purpose, but I can easily see them doing it on purpose. Paying under 2 mil for Avery fit him well under the cap and they were able to go out and sign other players for more money. It’s the reason why we can sign guys like Gaborik and Kotalik along with a few others. So my theory pretty much is that they talked about it 1st and when they couldn’t come up with a deal, that was planned out so that Sean could come back to NY. Plus he signed with a west team so they wouldn’t care if he went to the other conference.

  19. lmao @ Laurel, great opening comment!!!

    OH JOYOUS RAPTURE OF EPIC AWESOMENESS~~~ AARON WK EVERLAST VOROS in the game tonight!! My life has new meaning!!!

  20. Jonny D – Signing Avery on re-entry waivers for half the price was just one of those too-good-to-be-true moments, but luckily for us, it was. Thats it. Otherwise would be waaaaay too intricate and devious of a plan to actually pull off. I mean, c’mon, you really think he thought the “sloppy seconds” line would’ve been the straw that broke the camels back?

  21. too funny @ my comment not showing 5 minutes after it was posted…Josh must be in a bad mood…gonna send him some Sweet Tea and a bag of Rolos!

  22. Brashear can’t be the only guy expected to protect Hank. Maybe next time MDZ can hit the guy with a rolled up copy of Tiger Beat magazine.

  23. Thanks Staal! You are so back in my good graces!

    Linda, which I could join you all and Carp tonight, but it’s not in the cards, sigh. But you know I’ll be back tomorrow….have a grand time heads and LGR!

  24. Laurel, you really need to stop being a BRUCE groupie and get back with the program on the festivus / bonehead/ knucklehead blog supreme!!!

    And hell, if i was still 20, i would NOT have gotten whiplash on the 4th, and I’d have a poster of MDZ on my wall!! Being my age, it’d just be too creepy, since I have a kid older than him.

    Avery scores again tonight, The Professor nets one and the Rangers win 4-2

  25. AFLY – the sloppy seconds comment was just icing on the cake. All the players wanted him gone well before that, and his comments were the icing on the cake. I know its farfetched, but I don’t think its completely unbelievable.

  26. In the spirit of the boozed up lemonade discussion, there’s a cajun restaurant in Massapequa (LI) called Big Daddy’s that makes the meanest Lynchburg Lemonade ever. 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 Jack Daniels, I’m buzzed after 2 of them and I’m pretty much an alcoholic so that’s sayin’ something.

  27. A F L Y

    I need Phish tickets! I’m not willing to barter my daughter … she’s been a Ranger fan since age 8 and a Phish fan since age 10 (favorite song ‘Possum’)… so I haven’t been able to get tix to Phish @ MSG. If anyone has or knows where I can score let me know…

  28. jonny

    hard to explain what i want to say as quick as i have to say it

    more or less the suspension came to be because of a previous “alleged” verbal altercation avery had w/ blake. Howard Berger went on record saying that one of the rangers had told him that he said something about blakes cancer.

    if that never happens avery doesnt get that ridiculous suspension.

    i can not provide a link.

    cant really say much more than that.

  29. Johhny….I figured the same thing when news came out dallas wanted him out and we were looking to get him back.
    Pretty obvious….

  30. Rangers 5
    Kings 4

    Higgins gets 2 and the game winner. Voros falls down face first every shift, mostly on other peoples fists.

  31. Carp- From the last thread: Even though “Leaves” would be grammatically correct, you have to treat it like a proper noun in this case. Since the team name is the Maple Leafs that’s the way it is. It’s like naming your kid Michael and spelling it Mykel. Weird, but the parents (owners) have license to scar the kid for life!

  32. This is gonna be a hard game. Kopitar is an excellent player and I think he has like 6 points in 4 games vs. the Rangers.

    Brown will be forechecking like crazy and watch out for that Ivanavas guy, he’s tough.

    A good test.

  33. I miss blogging during game times but having to watch on the internet until my cable gets hooked up next week makes it tough.. :(

  34. I have to go out for the game and trying to get it on 1050 in northern NJ is a joke. Chicago stations come in better.

  35. lmao @ Wink Martindale, Gene Rayburn, and Chuck with the duration!!! Classic!! AND DONT FORGET ALLEN LUDDEN!!! aristophanes…..RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

    TR, would it be appropriate to say “boom goes the dynamite” each time Everlast makes a spectacle of himself??

  36. Johnny its funny you should say that…I was trying to get the game last week against the cap. I am in Rockaway Twp NJ.
    I was scanning AM radio when I heard the game…but it wasn’t the normal announcers until I realized I was picking up the Washington Caps radio…its so pathetic that 1050 doesn’t reach 30 miles west of the city…

  37. I KNEW IT WAS YOU MIKE~~~ yea, i’ll be there tonight! Have fun with the lil one!! lmao @ bamahugger!! I am no southern chick thats for sure!

    and you guys forgot John Davidson, host of Hollywood Squares!

  38. there ya go ORR, with a nice piece of canadian bacon and some scrambled eggs….


  39. Carp, I asked the handicap question in the previous thread :P

    I’m a 14 myself and have tried all summer to break 80 but no luck. Trying to make that a goal for next summer.

    I’m up in Boston for school so no more golf until next season.

  40. ORR

    not yet, im at work still.. (i work from home so I’m technically home)
    later on tonight ill be on PS3… hopefully jaymz will there as well

  41. Linda, i am not a Bruce “groupie.” Ick….I am a devotee of the the greatest butt, poet and live musician ever. There is a difference. Note it :)

    And I am so of the festivus/head parade? did you not see my response to Carp when he asked if I was better than him? I shall repeat….that’s it (linda)…it’s go time!

    speaking of which, LGR, and for an update on Staal and his best friend, visit sister blog.

    (yay, mom (love her) but she stayed in the city with her friends tonight!)

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The King Vs The Kings !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Colton Orr had looked pritty good in his last few games . He takes a regular shift and is skating like crazy. This guy is not as slow as some say on here.

    Let’s go Rangers and crown these Kings!!!!

  43. Alright. I just finished a game with him, it was an epic !! I won in a shoooootout !

    BTW – Stupid glitch in the game, every now and then i accidentally press triangle, and it cause my player to challenge someone to a fight, and when the other player doesn’t, i get a penalty, and sometimes if it’s the other way around, i still get a penalty.

    Stupid !!

  44. Jonny D
    Sorry, but your “conspiracy theory” is a delirious dream of a drunken donkey, not worth any criticism. Preposterous. Who killed JFK?

  45. Staal Wart I’m a little further west so it’s hopeless most nights. Maybe the L.A. station will come in.

  46. Geez, and he has an office where he can mosh too….oy..

    hey, i know carp said he’s be chiming in but it is technically his “day off”…anyone want a new post to start clean slate for game or not? lemme know….

  47. The Kings are going to bring it tonight. Hope the boys are ready for it. Well ALL know who the TRUE KING IS !!!!

  48. backup goalie in net. at least a 3 goal night for the rangers. 15 more minutes cant wait!!!

    we still down for this saturday? ill probably be there late.

  49. Laurel, you are so out of control :-) you crack me up!!! You KNOW i’m just bustin on you right?!

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The King Vs The Kings !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    HAHA ORR and CCCP , you guys are rookies at NHL10 .yeah Orr that button is board play and it’s also challenging someone to a fight. If you touch that button ,your gonna start face washing a player so be carefull. Too bad you guys didn’t have a real system and had xbox360,then I’d school ya two at the same time on OTP.

  51. TR

    Still up in the air if Im going to be in the city. May have to go upstate to visit with the gf’s family ***rolling eyes*** lol Maybe I can fake an injury!!!

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The King Vs The Kings !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    OK OK guys and fans out there…Don’t panick if Gaborik doesn’t score right away in the first..He can’t go every game with a point can he? BTW where the heck is Mike (grabachev)..yeah man get with it eh.

  53. Greg, Mike was Wink Martindale earlier….he’s got daughter time tonight so he may be here later

  54. Ugh Linda Im going to send an email to MSG if I have to hear MDZ “heart-throb” lovin’ 2 games in a row will be DISTURBING!!!!! HAHAHA I always thought “Bromance” was a hysterical term LOL

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " The King Vs The Kings !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOO Cry N Ryan scored , now im cryinggggg waaaaaaaa!!!Dam hes good , someone better clear the crease.

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