Tortorella pregame


Getting set for the Leaves vs. the Rangers (gramatically correct “Leaves”). Same lineup as last night except Lundqvist.

Had a chance to ask Tortorella what has surprised him so far this season.

“I wouldn’t say surprised,” he said. “You have to be happy with how the kids are playing. We have a fairly young team. You look at our lineup and it’s a team that’s been made over from last year a bit, and there’s some youth in there. I guess we’re happy (that) they’re not tentative. … and worried about playing in the National Hockey League at such a young age, and trying to make a difference. That’s what I’m happy with the (whole) club right now, is they’re trying to make a difference and trying to set the tempo. That’s what we’d like to remain consistent at.

“We’re still trying to create an identity. I think we’ve all discussed what we want to be. It’s a matter of doing it … and we still haven’t crossed that ‘consistent’ bridge yet. … Right now they’re finding their way and trying to do that.

“They have done a pretty good job here. It’s how they react when maybe something piles up on them as you go along in a long year here, when they may start struggling and they go into a dip. It’s how are they going to react in those situations, and that’s where we have to try to help them as a coaching staff.”

Somebody followed up and asked about the importance of developing young players in the salary-cap era.

“I think it’s important, you have to develop your own,” he said. “In a cap world, you need to dip into your minor-league system and develop people there. A big core of our team is really that. We have the Staals, teh Girardis, the Callahans, the Dubinskys. They’ve kind o fgone through it, and then you keep adding some youth and live with some of the bumps, then make decisions? Do they sgay here or do they go back down? Like Grachev is down there; we’re trying to get him some minutes there, and I think he’ll be a member of this club before the year’s over. So it’s a constant adding to the development of your team.”

So now I’ve pretty much let you read my column for tomorrow’s paper before I even write it.

One more Tortorella remark on the four-game winning streak:

“We can’t get ahead of ourselves, because as quickly as you start winning and getting a momentum swing there, if you’re not taking care of yourself and doing the right things as a team, you can go for a dip and it’s tough to get out of that.”

Here are tonight’s pregame notes.

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  1. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    interesting comment of Grachev…. Torts must have liked what he saw…. we do have alot of forwards that play in the top 9…. interesting to see if some teams come calling for Anisimov or Grachev down the road.

  2. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Hey Carp,

    I imagine interviewing Torts is always a roll of the dice, you never know when he’ll just pop off and have a profanity laced tirade…. makes it fun though no?

  3. Gift, it’s better than a bland guy who says nothing (like a football coach). Plus he treats me pretty well going back to our days when he was an assistant and I was there every single day.

  4. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) – “interesting comment of Grachev…. Torts must have liked what he saw…. we do have alot of forwards that play in the top 9…. interesting to see if some teams come calling for Anisimov or Grachev down the road.”

    Not really sure what your implying or hinting at when you say calling for anisimov or grachev, but if any team comes “calling” for anisimov or grachev in a trade, the phone will be hung up immediately.. neither of those 2 guys are going anywhere, i am 99.999999999% sure of that, as close as you can come to be completely sure, only bc u never know whats going to happen.. but those 2 guys are our best prospects at forward, theyll be in rangers uniforms for a while

  5. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Rob M,

    just saying i wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers got offers, having Avery back, and Anisimov up, Grachev ready to be called up, and Voros seemingly playing often(Torts seems to like him?) it’s feasible.

    NOT saying i want to see AA or Grachev traded, i think they have tremendous potential and upside, and i hope stay in blue a long long time.


    I love that Torts fires from the hip and says what’s on his mind. I for one respect it, and i’m sure the players do too.

  6. “…you can go for a dip and it’s tough to get out of that.”

    Plus you experience significant shrinkage.

  7. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Voros- 4th line
    Boyle- 4th line
    Brashear- 4th line
    Grachev* (in Hartford)
    Parentau* (in Hartford)

    That’s 12 guys(not counting 4th line)to occupy 9 spots. Not to mention the kids deeper in the system we just drafted (Borque, Krieder)

    It’s nice to have youth, and depth. Trade bait? who knows. 7th D still an issue, though i’m sure Corey Potter would wind up on the roster if someone goes down with an injury.

  8. Yeah, I know what you mean about the rosters. But when you go to the Roster Update section, there is only the first update that they did, and not this new one.

  9. lmao Mako, i replaced the Torts halloween mask face on the desktop with a NIIIIIIIIIIICE photo of MDZ, and I’m in my 40’s!!!

  10. after this year lisin is RFA, higgins UFA, prospal UFA, nobody knows what will happen, but there will be room for Grachev somehow next year to be a regular on this team one way or another, and liek Torts says we could even see him this year, with injuries and slumps and seeing what happens… i think others woudl be used as bait before grachev or anisimov, just my opinion though.. i know what youre sayin just dont see it being either of them, they both showed too much promise from their years last year in AHL, OHL

  11. yea Al’s gotta chill with that heart throb stuff, let the ladies decide that… happy to hear that Voros is the scratch again tonight, without question the right move… but im not gona lie going into yesterday i felt that Vally should play tonight vs. Toronto rather than yesterday, but it worked out… who knows maybe torts really wants this game bc of feeling slighted by burke that wilson is the head coach of USA and not him? idk i just dont see how before yesterday you could make a case for henrik playin vs. toronto and la rather than anaheim and la.. but it worked so lets just keep rollin

  12. Nice interview and post, Sam. Agree with everything Tort said regarding the development, cap situation, etc. We have a VERY smart coach. His intelligence combined with his fresh arrogance could pay off.

  13. lmao Mako…the fiancee will be 30 in january. after elizabeth taylor and zza zza gabor were the original famous cougars…then there’s me, not famous, but appreciate the younger men.

    On that note….LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Maybe we need Deb Placey to come back and determine who is the real heart-throb. Nah, not worth it, haha.

    At least Toskala isn’t a rookie performing poorly, since those are the goalies that give the Rangers real fits. They should handle their business tonight!

    John Tortorella – keeping Drury, Rozsival, and Redden off of the power play seven days a week.

  15. Hockey on the computer, the JETS and MNF on the tv…aaaaaaaaaaaah life is good! WOO HOO MDZ!!

  16. vernacular…GREAT WORD mako!!!

    CCCP, is there gonna be a Russian Coat Check in this game tonight???

  17. Dubi just looked right in to the camera when they were walking out. He had had David Cone crazy eyes of the tiger. HAHA

  18. good evening all. rangers 4-1 brashear/orr 2 fights and voros/komisarek 1 kittyfight. good luck rangers!

  19. lmao @ crazy eye of the tiger David Cone eyes! I loved that guy! Do you have the good one?? Anyone seeing the leafs stream??? I love Canadian commercials….too funny. Did anyone watch the colts game last night?

  20. “When I started my own business, I didn’t know how I’d be able to afford insurance. I just wanted to be able to see my “Personal” doctor once a year.”

    That might be the most aired commercial on television the past few months.

    If you don’t know it, maybe I am wrong, but I would bet money you have all seen that one, a few too many times. Ha.

  21. I dont know how players dont get cut more with skates flying all over the place. Glad they dont though phew!

  22. mako, we should have a night of 10 and 20 dollar words…that’d be pretty funny…each post, someone has to come up with a classy word!

  23. Nasty 1 – I don’t see anything except the freaking NHL Center Ice commercials. They override every break. So freaking annoying.

  24. omg i just heard something i never thought i’d hear…this guy just said the rangers power play has been EXCELLENT lately… WOW! that’s awesome

  25. OMG you would NEVER see Renney put 5 forwards on the ice for a ppg !!

    WTG TORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. del zotto has some freakin shot! holy crap, how many periods last year did they play like this??? or like yesterday??? who are these guys and can we keep em

  28. nice little play behind the net and good shot by dubi tryin to go top shelf short side, that line is really clicking

  29. Anyone watching this game on MSG? Is the transmission all effed up? It was like this yesterday ….


    WAY TO GO WADE!!!!!!!!!!

  30. damnit i am way behind you guys!!!

    Wade Freakin Redden….it must be a harmonic convergence or something

  31. Redden has been playing well all year. WIll never be worth that contract, but hes no longer a liability (thus far)

  32. lmao Shor…. the black hole is beginning to form…oh wait…it’s called the Nassau Colesium…nevermind

  33. Not a great fight, but Brashear got the better, and I was glad to hear the crowd get behind him when he landed a few.

  34. BillyDeeWilliams on

    That’s about how I wanted that fight to go down….relatively even with some big shots, but Brashear seemed to get the edge by a little.

  35. Joekuh - looking for a cinfifewnse boost!! on

    You knew it was coming. I ALMOST wanted to cheer Orr, but gotta cheer for the blue shirt. Good fight though.

  36. WOW, some bombs in that one. lmao @ the smirk. brashear didnt embarrass himself, his best fight of the season

  37. People cheered for Brashear, I thought, during the fight and after … but when they announced Orr’s penalty, plenty of people cheered for him, too. Interesting.

  38. yea sally….i’m feeling kinda weird about that. But didnt disappoint. I wonder what our ORR thought about it

  39. WOW did you see that hit by Lisin!!! If that was full on… he would have put him into 8th ave!!!

    OOOOOHHHH Gabby so close!

  40. daaaamn that woulda been a nice play to watch the end of gaborik was about to do WORK on toskala

  41. This Leafs team is so weird. They have great pressure and play with all kinds of heart, still they look kind of harmless, and Toskala is… well…

  42. So I get home from work, turn on the TV, and the Ranger’s are celebrating Cally’s goal. Then I leave the room for a few minutes to grab a bite to eat and miss Redden’s goal (which happens as frequently as a solar eclipse) and the Orr/Brashear fight that I’ve bee anticipating all day. It’s all about timing.

  43. thanks to whoever posted the link

    dubinsky 2 assists, roughs up komisarek…how long til he gets an a?

  44. hey everybody!!
    finally got to game on tv and computer

    so, Valley got a shutout and
    the King….1 against…..

    do we have a goalie controversy brewing??

  45. thats nobodys fault, lundqvist got tripped up, just unfortunate goal, wish somebody woudl hav got it out or to the boards but too many skates/legs/sticks in the way, lisin almost got it at last second but couldnt follow thru cuz of someones skate..

  46. i’m sure this was commented on earlier but
    Orr vs Brashear.
    inevitable but wasn’t fun to watch.

  47. That goal was COMPLETE BS. How clearly did the Leafs player kick Henrik’s skate out from under him? If he hadn’t tripped him, that would have been an easy save.

  48. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Good period…. Cally got robbed…crappy goal at the end, Hank got tripped…. but no penalty. Shocker.

  49. MDZ with the worst shift so far. Two huge mistakes, and with less than a minute left, thats just stupid.

  50. Not bad…first game I’ve got to WATCH this season.

    This team is more exciting to watch than it is to listen to, and it’s been an awesome radio team.

    …is there a stream that isn’t canadian? I miss my MSG announcers, not that i’m complaining about ANY chance to watch.

  51. It’s gotta be hard for Torts to find everyone ice time..the way the team is playing it is hard to justify anyone getting just 10-12 minutes (on the top 3 lines obviously)

  52. Whoever was carrying the puck… I think Mitchell … down the right side, if MDZ takes the body, the puck probably wouldnt have made it to the front of the net if he had some puck support in the corner. Im not saying its his direct fault… but he’s gotta take the body…

  53. MAKO,

    Thats one of the mistakes I mentioned; the other one being a cross-ice pass during a shift.

  54. damnit, I was waiting for ORR’s take on the Orr/Brashear fight, and he didnt see it???? Oy vey

  55. um… it’s hockey, and it’s also Ron Wilson hockey… muck it out, grind it out, crash the net hockey.

    Play the game and quit crying about goals against.

  56. lol sorry Carp I said Sam

    Selfish retaliation penalty by Dubinsky. I could understand last year or the season before but after the PPs they had this game are you joking me? Maybe that’s part of the reason why you don’t rock an A yet. GROW UP!

    Could Rangers fans be any happier than they are right now with Ryan Callahan? I think Dubi gets credit for the first goal after they review it but Cally made the Dman bug out and score on his own goalie lol. Just got ROBBED on the shorthanded chance on the gloveside. DAMN. Really loving the Cally-Dubi line and special teams.

  57. Brash got the best of Orr’s helmet and tried to take it to the ground early. A tie.

    time for round 2. ding. ding.

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time to turn over a new Leaf !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Brashear vs ORR , what a battle..I Say a tie with the edge going to Brashear.

    Callahan makes Drury look goood!

    Gaborik is so explosive , He could score at any moment.

    Hank lets in another softie? Could look pritty silly having our back up leading the team in shut outs. Flat out embarassing for Hank. Maybe this is what Hank needs.

    Dubinsky sure showed Komaserik with that head lock , even though komaserik called him a pu*sy.

    Redden shot was beutiful.


  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time to turn over a new Leaf !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    You missed the best fight ORR!!! Alot of emotion and it was Donald saying to ORR , I’m in charge here now..not you.

  60. I’m pretty sure I scared half my hall, screaming over the goal against.

    Looked like a trip, but what do you do.

    I’m really happy with Callahan–love him every year, but he seems to be genuinely thriving.

    Orr Brashear fight looks like what we hired brash for. Let’s see how next period goes.

  61. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!! googley eyes GIRARDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no more dog house for danny g

  62. woooo here comes a power play!!! omg, excited for a power play!! what a shift in the thinking!

  63. After MSG did a bit about how Toronto has built up a big team, size-wise, Micheletti was going on for a few seconds about how Toronto doesn’t have any size – which he then clarified by saying “Size as far as skills.”

  64. st0w, when was the last time he made any sense? he tries to be too clever for his own good.

    Sally, you liked that pic of Gilroy on facebook eh?

  65. sally i’ve been trying to find a special pic of dubi for you but i don’t think one exists.

  66. idk if that was a penalty on the play taht avery took a stick to the face, he was on his knees on the ice so cant really call it a “high-stick”, either way its avery, if he was standing straight up probably wouldnt have been called either anyway so no biggie

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time to turn over a new Leaf !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Hank is having his best game of the season. Yeah Mako , it really wasn’t a softie…Rozi did trip him.

  68. damnit mako! i wish i was hearing that!! freakin michelobetti is lucky mdz is 19 or people’d think he was a pedofile

  69. Oh, Linda, he’s never made sense – but it’s always hilarious to hear what kind of random crap comes out of his mouth. I loved it a minute ago when he talked about his man crush on “the next heartthrob” MDZ and Sam was just all quiet, like “….uhhhhhh”

  70. Linda

    You should have seen the pre-game Al Troutface (as you call him) Called MDZ the next heart-throb LOL I was like UMMMMM come again Al?

  71. Counting this game, Rangers D-men have 6 goals so far. They only had 29 all of last season. That’s about 21% of last years production in only 6 games (7% of the season).

  72. st0w, that is so disturbing on SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many levels! someone should make a youtube vid of joe and all the crazy crap that flows outta his cake hole!

  73. sally, i put a link up here on your bday, he looked like he was about 15 though! lmao @ the little man!! you kill me

  74. Linda

    For the record they just did a little clip on MDZ right before the play started and they said it again LOL HAHAHAHAHAH

  75. sally i liked the one of dubs and cally!!! i’m gonna have to ‘borrow’ it for my collection!

    lets get a pp goal here boys!

  76. Mako, that really has got to make all the guys listening feel a bit uncomfy. It’s ok when me sally and laurel talk about that stuff, but for a grown man to be carrying on about another man…thats just wrong

  77. Linda, did you know that yesterday was National Coming Out Day? I think it’s totally cool for Al to be open about his feelings about Del Hotto.

  78. wow, it’s odd to see Cally fan on a shot! and i’m sorry but i’d rather NOT see ANY politician on MNF!!!

  79. Al and Joe…’secret lovers, that’s what we are…’

    I never even heard that mentioned yesterday Sally. I’m glad Al and Joe are bein real! DEL HOTTO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. argh damnit to hell and back again!!!!!!!

    the coach of the jets..some fashion advice..don’t tuck your shirt in and please join LT and Marino on nutrisystem! wow that’s a big man!

  81. omg when in the freakin hell is this football game gonna start??????? this is ridiculous. skeletor, a partner in owning the fins, is singing the anthem…lets GOOOO

  82. enough for a party

    torts is gonna be breaking drurys barbara streisand cd’s~ sloppy 2nd…….heeeheee

  83. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    i’m here…. getting ready to leave work soon and jet home to catch the last couple of minutes…sloppy period, B.S. penalty at the end.

  84. Well at least the Leafs are keeping them honest – – – Hate to be in the lockerroom right now LOL LET ER RIP TORTS!!!!

  85. MAKO, I can’t wait til the Rosens play your team. Things are gonna get ugly… and awesome! Did you see I’m in 2nd to last place? YEAH BABY!

    (okay I promise I’ll stop now)

  86. Sally, I might be in NY around april or may…my nephew’ll be born in march and probably Christening then. We have got to get the boneheads together and meet at TR’s ‘place’.

  87. OMG Antti Niemi let in those 5 goals. Why the hell would the coach leave a rookie in for all those goals in 10 min of the first pd? SOB just KILLED my stats for our league!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. I’m pretty sure it was Huet who started…he’s only played 7:07 and the 3rd Calgary goal was scored at 7:07

  89. HAHAHAHHA Sally cant wait either. Im not to far from you LOL Both my offensive powerhouses are on IR :(

  90. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Thank you Linda!
    I’m pretty proud of it, and happy it wasn’t taken first!

  91. Linda, you have to let me know the dates when you figure it out! That’d be so great to watch playoff hockey with you crazy boneheads!

    Oh man, I’m looking forward to that Kings game.

  92. I dunno man lol…box score says it’s split haha…It could be worse…you could have Fatso like I do…the one year I actually have him he sucks

  93. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    Rangers need some jump in the third… gotta grind this one out…. We looked a little flat towards the end of the second, taking too many penalties.

    C’mon Hank… nail this one down!!

  94. as soon as I know when, I’ll let all of yas know….i bet you thought i’d say the southern version of you guys!

  95. Linda, I can’t make any promises, cause of school and living 7 hours away, but I’ll do my best.



  97. I thought gaborik and gilroy had the ugliest helmets on the team but avery just took that prize, what are they thinkinnnnn when they picked those

  98. i swear Sally, I’ll take up a collection to get you a plane ticket to be there! it’ll probably be the end of May or early June, so maybe you won’t have school to worry about.

  99. WOWOWOWOWOWOWO YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GABBY!!!! GREAT SHOT BY REDDEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! thank you FINGER!!!!!! lmao!!!!!!!!!!! FANKIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. mayers with a run at lundqvist, his skate caught callahans but still he didnt try to avoid it at all, i hope avery or brashear lights him up later

  102. oy i thought it may have been FANKIST..and that’s gotta be a penalty…who’s supposed to be leveling guys bangin into Hank??? Wasn’t it supposed to be brashear????

  103. Linda, I’d love to go out there and visit my friends and family anyways, so I’ll definitely try to work it out. I can imagine things getting really out of hand with all of us together.

  104. total domination on the forecheck and puck control by the 3rd line last shift, lisin, anisimov and staal all with good chances

  105. Mako, he’s gonna be HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE~~ when was the last time the 4th line had a shift??

  106. Lisin has some great skills….

    Sweet moves by GIlroy… would have been sweeter if he didnt lose it LOL

  107. Sally, it’d definitely be a time to remember! We gotta make sure Rick, Jane, Laurel and JOSH are there too!!!!

  108. It would be totally freakin awesome if this kept up all season! Scoring more than 2 a game, decently working power play, young guys playing well……sometimes total domination. How can you not love it? And their conditioning is gonna win them 5 or 6 games alone! WOW~

  109. Linda, that’d be great! Maybe we can celebrate Josh’s 26 bday! We just have to make sure there’s no coat check at 77.

  110. Not for nothing Edmonton is up 5 – 0 LOL So much for 2-1 games for Renney LOL

    and I have to say this is in the top 3 best games Redden has played for them.

  111. no more boring games where they play for the OT or shoot out… LOVE IT SO FAR

    ‘avery takes a healthy run at finger’… that just sounds wrong

  112. mako, i gotta agree…redden has really


    banj, did you just see that mess???

  113. Or not.

    It’s amazing that they’re still moving after yesterday. I get tired just watching.

    FYI, Princess Dubi is being super adorable and silly tonight. Aww!

  114. sally, we got Torts and his torture camp to thank for that! I was waiting to see how they held up in this game, and so far so good. A lil sloppy in the 2nd, but no lazyarses on the team this season

  115. Linda

    Still not worth $6.5 LOL but can you imagine what Leetch would be worth in his prime!?!?!?

  116. he’ll never be worth that money, but at least he’s not a waste of oxygen this season!!

    very funny dde

  117. the only ones who go after anyone are dubi and cally. what exactly is brashear here for?? everyone was sayin he was gonna protect our guys…still waitin for it

  118. holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. googley is better than manson…you all are sayin how danny g has crazy eyes so…

    someone better lay the smack down on that lil punk… hanks been run at least 3 times tonight with NO PAYBACK!!

  120. Avery immediately went to pull him off. Now run Toskala on the PP and stop this garbage before it happens all season.

  121. the last two games they’ve left me breathless! wow, this is how i dreamed of this team playing for YEARS!!!!

  122. aves gets the first star i bet! you’re gonna have to let me know because as soon as the game is over, the feed ends


    I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!!!!

  124. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Time to turn over a new Leaf !!! " ...says Greg L. on

    Jagr…JAGR!! , do you heard that? …Gaborik ‘s coming.

  125. yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    redden had a solid game! i’m really glad to see this play from him. i’m thinkin he was embarrassed by his play last season, and i wouldnt be surprised if torts told him if he didnt step it up he’d be in hartford. Good on you Wade Redden!!

  126. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

    I love this team. I might actually have good things to say about Redden.

    Aside from that one goal… absolutely awesome.

    5 wins, guys!!!!!

  127. Man…. this team is something special. It’s hard to believe how well they’re coming together this early in the season. Very bright future with all the youth on the team, too. It’s a good time to be a Rangers fan.

  128. Something is missing from the power play this year. Oh yeah, it’s the crowd yelling “Shoot!”

  129. agree, kph. Torts “safe is death” go-go hockey is fun, entertaining, winning hockey, and it puts the hustle and drive into the Ranger players. it makes them play to their utmost potential

    all of us posters here who ripped Renney’s hangback boredom hockey were right on the money. getting rid of him was the biggest move that needed to be made.

    even Redden’s play is night and day better since Torts took over

  130. NYRGuy

    HOLY HECK!!! I just opened!!! awesome! What a colossal collapse by Calgary if they do LOL

  131. and only giving up avg of 2 against per game

    when you consider that they are learning a new system, and that system is one which might be prone to giving up chances
    that is very positive

    LOL Al just said his antenna goes up every time Gaborik steps on the ice.. wonder what happens when MDZ does

  132. Pavel, that link was fabulous!! I only read the first page and cracked up…. leafs score 7 goals tonight….lmao!!! i guess on page 43 they are suicidal!

  133. the Torts boot camp conditioning got the guys into tiptop shape, and now they are flying in the 3rd periods instead of wilting

  134. someone actually said on the HF board

    Mac Attack

    Join Date: Oct 2008
    Posts: 549
    vCash: 0
    “Give me Redden at 6.5 over Komisarek at 4.5 anyday!” HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  135. Best game of the season !!!!

    Aves is off to a great start, 2 goals, and 1 assist, in his first two games. Gabby is looking awesome, and has scored all his goals in the 3rd period i think.

    I love this team. Im not jumping the gun or anything, but i didn’t think itd enjoy this team as much as i am. They’re young, they’re fun, and they’re on a five game winning streak !!!

    Make it six in a row !!!!

    Lets Go Rangers, and Eva Amurri boobs !!!!

  136. here’s a post from Pavel’s 2nd link

    Leaf nation and every one else watching should have known this game was over when Wade Redden scored. If he puts one in, you know its that easy.


    lmao how crazy! they sound like we must’ve last season!!

  137. Mako, those leaf guys sound like when i first found this site last season (february) LMAO @ that guy wishing for Redden and his 6.5. I kinda feel bad for those guys!

  138. LMAO@ this:

    Originally Posted by Paris in Flames
    I think Orr is fighting the wrong people. No clue why he didn’t go out in the third and drop the gloves with Toskala.

    His punches would go right through him. ‘-)


    i love that board!

  139. ok i am gettin kicked off the computer for a bit…catchya’s later

    thanks for the links Pavel…good stuff

  140. Pavel, thank you SO much for the links. These threads are HILARIOUS!

    MAKO, I got that game on too.. What a third period it’s been!

  141. What can you say? They look fantastic! They took a bit of a breather in the second but boy did they smoke the leafs in the third. I’m also guessing Torts had some choice words for them as well.

    This is what it feels like to have a real coach again!

  142. haha… me too, MAKO. If the Hawks win, that’s only one team left we’re tied with for first place :D

  143. lol, that Leaf board is priceless. here’s one


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    Originally Posted by RiotAct View Post
    I don’t mean any offense to Leafs fans… but

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen on here in a while!
    You’re not. Our team is awful. Garbage hockey. Easiest team to beat in the league with those pylons and that flopping salmon in net.

  144. WOW what a great 3rd pd. Happy that they made history.

    And not for nothing Ladies and Gents. A good hockey team destroys a team like the Leafs. Not just barely squeak out a 2-1 win to make them look good.

    I have to say it again I LOVE THIS TEAM!

  145. Leetchhalloffame on

    Leafs ran over Henrik 3 times tonight and not one Ranger did anything. That’s gotta stop.

  146. wow what a game…. i thought i called it correctly…. were the Rangers 2-6 on the PP?? SWEET GAME, Avery might be the most exciting player to watch in Hockey!

    These Rangers can flat out play. The D is contributing, (gasp) Wade Redden played a hell of a game(i know it’s still shocking) Gaborik… well he kicks as$!

    certainly not last years Rangers…. 7 goals!!

  147. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    sorry…not sure why the name change didn’t stick….

    ANYWAYS…. that is how you close out a weaker team. The Rangers look like they have that killer instict which was MAJORLY lacking last year. I’m thrilled with how they are playing. I can’t say enough good things.

  148. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    well i’m off to watch Rangers in 60 and relish this victory! See you Boneheads later!

  149. Wow – for a minute, I thought I was watching NHL Classic channel Edmonton Oilers from the 80’s… these guys forecheck like animals and really put pressure on down low when they have the puck!

    Did anyone else think Staal didn’t look so good tonight? He lost some puck battles in our end tonight… usually he’s so good with taking the man along the boards and fishing the puck away from him.

    I know it’s WAY early, but Del Zotto really looks like he belongs (at least offensively). He’s really moving the puck well and making those little plays that open up ice for others in the offensive zone.

    Great effort tonight – and way to kick a team in the throat when they are down. Glad to see we finally have some killer instinct!

    Matt L.

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